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Wed Oct 29 02:51:31 2014 +0000
050f5af8632303a5b912cde1262deacaac0a96daTom Tromey — Bug 1075072 - Pass debuggerArgs as a string to get_debugger_info. r=ted, a=NPOTB
868e0ac431f818aa13ba821ca96b29c43c6ab254Steve Fink — Backed out changeset b43ed5b85b1a (bug 1075072) because it broke other workflows. a=NPOTB
126419897a473d70b5b67734237c09b43d6eb515Justin Dolske — Bug 1085330 - UITour: Highlight positioning breaks when icon target moves into "more tools" overflow panel. r=Unfocused, a=dolske
1490073aeac62ca65ca3bedc00e48ec6df2254eeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1079222 - deny fullscreen from the forget button, r=dolske, a=dolske
8aa88cc51b8646463201879028f068561a028481Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1083648 - Part 3: Change nsJSUtils::CompileFunction to take an explicit scope chain vector, not just a single scope object, and pass in the right objects in CompileEventHandlerInternal. r=bholley, a=lsblakk
860511ae5a45b5865fb6e02fb8ff2bf911b6aa1fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1083648 - Part 2: Add JSAPI for compiling a function with a given scope chain (represented as a vector of JSObjects). r=shu, a=lsblakk
2cb21f30fa3d345a3c0074309a417eb8c702b3caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1083648 - Part 1: Add a way to pass an enclosing static scope to CompileFunction. r=shu, a=lsblakk
881c8b3944da07325f61b4c808b4bdbe13e3dc6fJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1069552 - Add WebIDE scanner / runtime API. r=paul, a=lsblakk
c11621d7a35ca32a0398e68f4b0a80dca52f32e1Ben Turner — Bug 1087464 - Use the correct ContentParent when Nuwa forks PBackground actors. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
a6414ad2ef81750886f1ddcafa3e36d4597507ecTomasz Kołodziejski — Bug 1069028 - Implement Loop panel footer layout/styling with FxA pieces. r=MattN, a=sledru
32ad158dd41a734e80acfc8693ddc6059dcb25c2Brian Grinstead — Bug 1085745 - Add a way to select the autocomplete popup in CSS based on which input it is opened for. r=dao, a=lsblakk
f42870da259bb3f54b16c86fe8becdafe8787d47Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1085158 - FilePicker.js should use its parent window for the creation of File object. r=bz, a=lsblakk
9046bff55bf966d802b17ed5cc69ceaf21d7e0d7Brian Grinstead — Bug 1075415 - Invert bookmarks chevron with dark lightweight themes. r=Gijs, a=lsblakk
0b91fda29efcd708ca79a803790bfd7b64811e39Mark Capella — Bug 1074787 - Unable to Remove bookmarks via context menu. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
3d7a6ba48e98b9b962e893d90465f79801d4da1bPaul Rouget — Bug 1081093 - Auto-install Tools Adapter add-on in WebIDE. r=jryans, a=lsblakk
0901daef7f2c9db297c78ff10d1f10c6a2875d56Cosmin Malutan — Bug 1086527 - Make sure PluralForm.get can be called from strict mode. r=Mossop, a=lsblakk
318d41dfecf02e5861217a0b9dc860cbf2fe9ae3Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1084997 - Replace '\' in MOZ_BUILD_APP with '/' to eliminate the difference between windows and others. r=glandium, a=NPOTB
ed94bc5a9ace602f80325975d901c0cd92fb1acbRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ed68a14922fe (bug 1054959) for causing bug 1083952.
3ebeb2d211e14cf93698e3be4159996124c86812Justin Dolske — Bug 1088137 - Forget button can fail to clear cookies by running sanitizer too early. r=MattN, a=dolske
1047db8769ae18e88d1c4ca52b36542c7a516f4cJustin Dolske — Bug 1089421 - Forget button should call more attention to it closing all tabs/windows. r=gijs, ui-r=phlsa, a=dolske
37a7b4e8d6771713206a7210fe470c856cdb1b82Benoit Jacob — Bug 1089413 - Only test resource sharing on d3d feature level >= 10. r=jmuizelaar, a=sledru
349413b124b74c2a0696b372ca7cdd628176337dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 922976 - Disable 394751.xhtml on B2G for frequent failures. a=test-only
746e357374f2022020f1bdfba005316ff20587d4Randell Jesup — Bug 1080755 - Push video frames into MediaStreamGraph instead of waiting for pulls. r=padenot, a=lmandel
ca735d24f34ca5e59c04d8b6b4408fe2913b1641Jim Chen — Bug 1066982 - Try to not launch processes on pre-JB devices because of Android bug. r=snorp, a=lmandel
38ef8541c3fc62f79b130751e3be9d61034da900Benoit Jacob — Bug 1083071 - Avoid touching D3D11 at all, even to test if it works, if D3D11 layers are blacklisted. r=Bas, r=jmuizelaar, a=sledru
b60896750450a4cf3177d19db4a871a8292da5e4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 65f38304cc6e (bug 1083071) for bustage.
1d58695aae3283cf8ab33666220f81cc3b1e8aeaEd Lee — Bug 1088729 - Only allow http(s) directory links and https/data images. r=adw, a=sledru
ed16347830a3f9dad63042bed4d9429c039b2237Michal Novotny — Bug 1083922 - Doom entry when parsing security info fails. r=mcmanus, a=lmandel
1b0cb783df318800617081a165582b926e3425feXidorn Quan — Bug 1088467 - Avoid adding space for bullet with list-style: none. r=surkov, a=lmandel
6ca31deef30126242b468f81c3adee778fc27257Randall Barker — Bug 1080701 - TabMirror needs to be updated to work with the chromecast server. r=wesj, r=mfinkle, a=lmandel
65f38304cc6ea07fe306d22794c43e5aa979a292Benoit Jacob — Bug 1083071 - Avoid touching D3D11 at all, even to test if it works, if D3D11 layers are blacklisted. r=Bas, r=jmuizelaar, a=sledru
9f1722745a1889dd674c3537b168e39ecafe0342Mats Palmgren — Bug 1085050 - Remove a DEBUG assertion. r=kip a=lmandel
28cbab4bcfc73984aeba273e7f4b085aadf1f053Ethan Hugg — Bug 1084496 - Update whitelist for screensharing r=jesup a=lmandel
9cf8a756d9a6cd9cfc3ada2fbd67fc86f6a7ef6fAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 1033579 - Add channel to POST calls for Loop to allow different servers based on the channel. r=dmose a=lmandel
611859bcb5ef3fdca6b6e953985447673fc9c19bMark Banner — Bug 1088636 - Desktop ToS url should use not r=nperriault a=lmandel
84b30e8c65ea92f679683696093eeb9a754be600Mark Banner — Bug 1088346 - Handle "answered-elsewhere" on incoming calls for desktop on Loop. r=nperriault a=lmandel
ad29598131d476d482d1ea4c048de7142d7a9904Mark Banner — Bug 1047410 - Desktop client should display Call Failed if an incoming call
745b9e60f83a37483cd535b82a97930ca576c383ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-122 - a=hpkp-update
9ccf53948f02f00577e5274a7a046bc4d7dc618fffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-122 - a=hsts-update
233bff53ae151677767cc23be523690e9934d11dMarkus Stange — Bug 1085475 - Don't attempt to use vibrancy in 32-bit mode. r=smichaud, a=lmandel
e203a2376b264e371515e4b405b235cd81ac6854Benjamin Chen — Bug 1079616 - Dispatch PushBlobRunnable in RequestData function, and remove CreateAndDispatchBlobEventRunnable. r=roc, a=lmandel
4026969d82f45e3f4440d9eea270cf2e081fb6ecMarkus Stange — Bug 1078262 - Only use the fixed epsilon for the translation components. r=roc, a=lmandel
1a848854d46458ec7f49c917befd65670a890863Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 03a54839d256 (bug 1068273) for mochitest-dt orange.
b25b3c530da05bd51ffe96e9716df3a7d9138133Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1070768 - Move XPFE's autocomplete.css to communicator so it doesn't conflict with toolkit's new global autocomplete.css. r=Ratty, a=lmandel
3d6147b9c59e202755335199be2c254500c88e01Paul Adenot — Bug 1078354 - Part 2: Don't try to measure a PeriodicWave size when an OscillatorNode is using a basic waveform. r=erahm, a=lmandel
8bb5349b9b389f426e72d58b8a1242a3bb38abd2Paul Adenot — Bug 1078354 - Part 1: Make sure we are not waking up an OfflineGraphDriver. r=jesup, a=lmandel
2fb177c46e2a13e9bbeac83467e4d33080d6b49dPatrick McManus — Bug 1073825 - http2session::cleanupstream failure. r=hurley, a=lmandel
e91db0975620df005733abe287bbd67998dd6f00Wes Johnston — Bug 1055883 - Don't reshow header when hitting the bottom of short pages. r=kats, a=lmandel
da97b18e9e43674928cfd7ca87fa409cb2bb4afcDave Townsend — Bug 1073315 - Avoid the shims for accessing the session history in the browser. r=felipe, a=test-only
03a54839d256c80c3998373c19e7834c1d82aacaJordan Santell — Bug 1068273 - Remove time-based toggling in web audio editor tests. r=vp, a=test-only
d222568551bff32c97a48ed309833778f41cba1aAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1083045 - Scratchpad tests shouldn't depend on chrome debugging being disabled by default. r=past a=testonly
8c118e9e23c38e0f56da41d6aee0543bfa830a88Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1085628 - Fix browser_880164_customization_context_menus.js against smaller toolbars by synthesizing context menu event on first pixel instead of last one. r=Gijs a=testonly
a1366e157fb151e892f6fd365f8a74017f7033c9Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1083073 - Fix update tests when app.update.silent is true by default. r=rstrong a=testonly
14f066441ebb04ba403b92d8fb1927e0e782305eCosmin Malutan — Bug 1072244 - Correctly throw the exceptions in TPS framework. r=hskupin a=testonly DONTBUILD
613c2dceebb0b1c94e9f4e434b8436b8d1e50fd7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1083071 - Disable D3D11 and D3D9 layers on broken drivers. r=bjacob, a=sledru
e20f288330781d929856b972ba6ff59042bf2bfbNicolas Silva — Bug 1083071 - Backout the additional blacklist entries. r=jmuizelaar, a=sledru
c7e986f4ec720012ec9d2e3f539efdbc32c7569cBrad Lassey — Bug 1084035 - Add the ability to mirror tabs from desktop to a second screen, don't block browser sources when specified in constraints from chrome code. r=jesup, a=lsblakk
5bd4fce1c9ad48d9213d5703bb1d56201175ac18Daniel Holbert — Bug 1081072 - Add reftest. a=test-only
ed6e7b46e77abfc0f221ac1c46ce226ec96c55f4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1081072 - Remove scrollbar opacity transition from b2g content.css file, since it interacts poorly with ScrollbarActivity.cpp. r=fabrice, a=lsblakk
31a5a1aa4b8d134451c0d7d80d795b93321b3141David Keeler — Bug 1083085 - Update where getHSTSPreloadList.js and genHPKPStaticPins.js think Chromium's lists are. r=mmc, a=lsblakk
825b125bba70f6bce6e515d59749c607121447ebwesj — Bug 1070488 - Add files downloaded in private browsing to the Android Download Manager. r=paolo, a=lsblakk
2a88773b9b67205f821deb0ad182588c7361ea38wesj — Bug 1070086 - When files are deleted from Firefox's DownloadManager, also remove them from Android's. r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk
0cc0e528de6c29726b112c9632387b854b615e65Wes Johnston — Bug 1070086 - Move download integration code to its own class. r=bnicholson, a=lsblakk
28707e4653e72d1a74d20a14ec9fdd59a0125386Wes Johnston — Bug 1082224 - Don't block all urls in guest sessions. r=mfinkle, a=lsblakk
5261cbdbd2194d9ee5bb387718fb5dc0a1b83fbbJames Willcox — Bug 1082550 - Fix media decoding on Android. r=blassey, a=lsblakk
d08ed739bc947551b4e66eda43a1cb45d7f7d626J.C. Jones — Bug 1054498 - Report pinning violations by CA. r=keeler, a=lsblakk
dd9b0aedcf05ae8f8ccd2b313b498d2847702930Ben Turner — Bug 1079546 - Rework slice handling for remote blobs. r=khuey, a=sledru
1f25ba89a1cee67330163d57a5296bc97ee23b61Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1081772 - Add back a way to test UITour on origins not whitelisted by default. r=Unfocused, a=lsblakk
9936bcca134f807e9295c6b1db0d0497e3525fecMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1081993 - WinIMEHandler should notify nsIMM32Handler of some notifications even in TSF mode when IMM IME is active. r=emk, a=lsblakk
de32c9a4888da1b596d7b59d380d53294f2954d6Ben Turner — Bug 1080867 - Tighten up threadsafety guarantees surrounding remote blobs. r=khuey, a=lsblakk
935f2c8109fb742ac30b9b1fe6ba109246e7c714Jeff Beatty — Bug 1055501 - Remove my and oc from browser/locales/all-locales. r=Pike, a=lsblakk
140b821a65768ab8f15556180a894e031b122289Jared Wein — Bug 1083396 - Update the Hello icon. r=Unfocused, a=lsblakk
663c38156978ede3fa77282f28e76385e5dcdca1Irving Reid — Bug 1081702 - Check that callback parameters are defined before pushing onto result arrays. r=Mossop, a=lsblakk
28cee61603fada4b58faa767b50d63e487d57e90Martin Thomson — Bug 1083058 - Add a pref to control TLS version fallback. r=keeler, a=lsblakk
1d9623f1fdee9f0d54705f97c43bee98bce0112fMax Vujovic — Bug 1083241 - Call gfx->Paint in PaintFrameWithEffects when there is blending. r=roc, a=lsblakk
ecf3137f24acc8eec1b2ae73781d0195095101f3Garvan Keeley — Bug 1084557 - Stumbler: Remove condition to only build in nightly. r=rnewman, a=lsblakk
aea9af58f4d429d2e96166a46ee1f24ebdd76eecMichael Comella — Bug 1084545 - Update nav button stroke colors. r=lucasr, a=lsblakk
fd789527c8913d1bdfc810e7db992bb51c745884Jared Wein — Bug 1062335 - Loop panel size increases after switching themes. r=mixedpuppy, a=lmandel
29109842cec24a08e135ac1b6bdfaf0ccae75e08Mark Banner — Bug 1081959 - "Something went wrong" isn't displayed when the call fails in the connection phase. r=dmose, a=lmandel
6727bcfd4f865719929a6e85498f288eb2e611e8Jan Beich — Bug 1084140 - Put back mozilla/ArrayUtils.h after bug 1073998: one trivial data array is still left. r=kinetik, a=lsblakk
c75229ca139e01a6c41cf1e3a026583a7fd95015Garvan Keeley — Bug 1084423 - Fix guards to limit wifi and cellular data per location. r=vng, a=lsblakk
c4b405e8f11278ce853c4f0c7b65742c96fb1533Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1084158 - Update pdf.js to version 1.0.907. r=bdahl, r=Mossop, a=lsblakk
bf823df545e3d3e0eca8be59c3107c4109aee286Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1083629 - Use nsHTMLEditor::IsAcceptableInputEvent() instead of nsEditor::IsDescendantOfEditorRoot() for checking if a mouse down event target is in focused HTML editor. r=ehsan, a=lsblakk
7ec4746b298c0fdc2049c4a0f8fa6080e233b9f1Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1070962 - Part 6: IonBailoutIterator no longer inherit from JitFrameIterator. r=jandem, a=abillings
2c3df43383cb59c50fd90a881413773cca2570e5Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1070962 - Part 5: RematerializeFrames no longer use IonBailoutIterator. r=jandem, a=abillings
59bf3da9cb79c1e6bf3f6de3f68f6c09b1397a34Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1070962 - Part 4: JitFrameIterator use BailoutData when it starts on a bailout frame. r=jandem, a=abillings
d6936b07c96e702870768bdd7cf3aba9451af3deNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1070962 - Part 3: Ensure consistent construction of JitFrameIterator. r=jandem, a=abillings
ca143046f0c0e347f012441c570bfb0e38b610e8Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1070962 - Part 2: Remove GetTopIonJSScript overloads. r=jandem, a=abillings
ccdd0dbcd0fc7782f146cbb50069b953f7dad075Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1070962 - Part 1: Register IonBailoutIterator on the JitActivation. r=jandem, a=abillings
153fe1da3d43d0a3b9a28915b71e88c23dd181f2Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 960757 - Fix test_bug656379-1.html timeouts. r=ehsan, a=test-only
55c78df1e28f9ab5dbed93d4ce1e3b4914a0e4cfGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1082002 - Fix urlbar to stay white. r=dao, a=lmandel
427b896f51514d98dcba10618285a324caaf503cJared Wein — Bug 1085451 - Implement new design for Loop's green call buttons. r=Gijs, a=lmandel
6dbac37df938bcf62cb1720c47b5686c08a1e273Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1073316 - CSP: Use nsRefPtr to store CSPContext in CSPReportSenderRunnable. r=sstamm, a=lmandel
edf8cdca3a10c41e61a1f48d9c1599ea800aea3dTanvi Vyas — Bug 1084513 - Add a null check on callingDoc before we try and get its principal. r=smaug, a=lmandel
676409f0e83c5632d059e7b535554e35d437bd7aJeff Gilbert — Bug 1083611 - Use UniquePtr and fallible allocations. r=kamidphish, a=lmandel
67e21c3c700ff09de8df529fe429fa26e2f81090Jed Davis — Bug 1080165 - Allow setpriority() to fail without crashing in media plugins on Linux. r=kang, a=lmandel
7a29843ef4886d2c23e9618e318e97feb707144cGavin Sharp — Bug 1060675 - Only cap local form history results for the search bar if there are remote suggestions. r=MattN, a=lmandel
8145017ace6e94515029460da098c69c2affe0a6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1083668 - Don't set color for menubar when lwtheme is in use. r=dao, a=lmandel
b5a0e9f618a61410c5d2ccf24b3687785a283b00Dão Gottwald — Bug 1075435 - Adjust toolbar side borders for customization mode. r=gijs, a=lmandel
fdd0036a0ae5e5e777d5bb0bb4c3bdf312b1b893Michael Wu — Bug 1082745 - Avoid reoptimizing optimized SourceSurfaceCairos. r=bas, a=lmandel
29275e2e7e21f9d82ce93a8ef12beec5d0632173Brian Hackett — Bug 1077514 - Execute regexps in the bytecode interpreter if the initial JIT execution was interrupted. r=jandem, a=lmandel
9014364077a7aee29809e83a64c6e71beaf4bf8cffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-332 - a=hpkp-update
b84b417ad1d5703d2b00672ddb5c32c3a8b4a94bffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-332 - a=hsts-update
bd565604c98259d333fb2643eab63fb91fcd07a9Steven Michaud — Bug 1069658 - The slide-down titlebar in fullscreen mode is transparent on Yosemite. r=mstange a=lmandel
e49b50024257e8ccbe6f6e416aa9f5dd0b72cb49Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1082986 - Use RefPtr to hold Compositor. r=nical, a=lsblakk
16313092de82b9a93476ab8f0ec79358c17f9adaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7675ce645b75 (bug 1082986) for bustage.
0f206c761e1c67f011ec3cb675e796507e6d58a9Marco Bonardo — Bug 1081297 - Disable UnifiedComplete for Firefox 35. r=ttaubert, a=lsblakk
f84bc950b7b9fc34ca02856cdf9fbf99ad058146Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1083425 - WebSocket should remove its nsIRequest from the docShell when disconnected. r=smaug, a=lsblakk
7675ce645b757974447a11a95edb68112615586aSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1082986 - Use RefPtr to hold Compositor. r=nical, a=lsblakk
2dd8793d1580d8722202804f854277f108946540Ed Lee — Bug 1075620 - Switch to GET for fetch to allow caching of links data from redirect. r=ttaubert, a=sledru
e713f36c81eae936f8d36081f86006f43df72abcChris Manchester — Bug 1066785 - Log a summary of expected and unexpected statuses in the mozlog StatusHandler summary. r=jgraham, a=NPOTB
7e151ae385b91270c950e753e887e2a558e7e787Jeff Walden — Bug 1003997 - ArrayBufferView JSAPI tests. r=sfink, a=testingonlychange
a5e4cb81549489ed8c8566f66bbb57a4342081f1Wes Johnston — Bug 1082201 - Turn off lock screen widget. r=mfinkle, a=backout,mfinkle
15e99df2660c321f3ed556d554394dbf776b8ca0Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1083071 - Change accidentally-used periods to commas. rs=nical, a=bustage
182692cb990e397af22b2d1c2b23188a1a827deeRichard Newman — Bug 1045053 - Part 2: tests for OS locale handling. r=bnicholson, a=sylvestre
d390a8834dde7fae53d999e8f307dfe1a359cf48Richard Newman — Bug 1045053 - Part 1: set intl.accept_languages from Android OS/app locale. r=bnicholson, a=sylvestre
1aebe9ad38c0eec10940b766899f9e28f6e9fc59Richard Newman — Bug 1045053 - Part 0: add descriptive comments for locale handling. r=me, a=sylvestre
745747d29111f0cb57cac4c7185860724a77c033Nicolas Silva — Bug 1083071 - Blacklist device family IntelGMAX4500HD drivers older than 7-19-2011 because of OMTC issues on Windows. r=Bas, a=sledru
c2d9b859f345dfc90a9e6164abb6b98d2d2217caAlan K — Bug 1082970 - Sync no longer shows login failed notification bar on user-initiated sync. r=mhammond, a=sledru
64eb7cf0d472c90bff8ff2b1ab705739d8863eebGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1079707 - asyncresolve can throw. r=alexbardas, a=sledru
c329090c0716ba0aa09dcb671de6a3fb4022bac2Andrew McCreight — Bug 1081415 - Traverse and Unlink nsXMLHttpRequest::mResponseBlob and ::mDOMFile. r=baku, a=sledru
40ea2e0e9385b2fd86cb90514bebe9a3bba826e1Brian Hackett — Bug 1081180 - Undefined reference to JSInlineString::MAX_LENGTH_TWO_BYTE. r=gkeeley, a=sledru
78ac639ebee3656ea0e32cdb35026f33d40a74b5Steve Fink — Bug 1082141 - Typed objects are not ArrayBufferViews (yet). r=Waldo, a=sledru
8949cb909bafc5ea0565e2f60c603dc34b16d152Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1082236 - Relax RTCP timestamp verification in case of steeplechase. r=spolk, a=sledru
58d1381493ffba3d5d19c2183beebdcce2f079fbRichard Newman — Bug 1073010 - Allow browsing from share overlay. r=margaret, a=sledru
e3652317f6f1ad90708ec455e872e095d974d272Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1077084 - Improve DNS cache pruning. r=sworkman, a=sledru
da7bdb2b6ee32a2356e65fb159b773167513de8aJason Orendorff — Bug 1042567 - Reflect JSPropertyOp properties more consistently as data properties. r=efaust, a=sledru
d32a3cd38858591a77cc6881b42000b89f2143d3Brian Hackett — Bug 1080542 - Follow base pointers properly for dependent strings in RegExp.exec stubs. r=jandem, a=sledru
29c18591d6df5d3b001d52068a35225ea221091dNicolas Silva — Bug 1083071 - Add some old intel drivers to the blocklist. r=Bas, a=sledru
1a772db8eb0b5a992715f13768575958a415fd24Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1081794 - Fixing a test for dns request cancel. On e10s, the dns resolver is sometimes faster than a cancel request. Use a random string to be resolved instead of a fix one. r=sworkman, a=test-only
8cd2d57ee2f6960146c505af329abe6451e6aa8aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1083895 - Favicon should not change if link element isn't in DOM. r=bz, a=lmandel
311b9fafc1e6113d7655854378fd8dbbb73f6e17Tomasz Kołodziejski — Bug 1074817 - Handle content preference downgrades for the timestamp column migration. r=MattN, f=mak, a=lmandel
e479d61b8fddf0656c9ebdf5425d4a6eca8f1dcdMike Hommey — Bug 1082323 - Reject pymake in r=mshal, a=sledru
daf0fac79aa058d8d4b560a78f07a04b04074bf9Chenxia Liu — Bug 1079761 - Add 'stop tab mirroring' one level higher in the menu. r=rbarker, a=lmandel
97dc0ff141448b864d4b8ac8263c2db0b02fb5b6Markus Stange — Bug 1081160 - Update window shadows for Yosemite. r=smichaud, a=lmandel
d0081f5a668f5377c5a4b253205aba72dd2a6f8fEthan Hugg — Bug 1075640 - Check for zero length frames in GMP H264 decode r=jesup a=lmandel
e0616172775d96acb185f42e1d61fc637617bb65Randell Jesup — Bug 1075640: Don't return 0-length frames for decoding; add comments about loss handling r=ehugg a=lmandel
4ac7b8d5a301a7033ba2f0c06a04f9afa30fd9aeRandell Jesup — Bug 1070457: downgrade assertion about cubeb audiostreams to a warning r=roc a=lmandel
ed68a14922feb18b720c52b5f1f6d539c34e99aaBrad Lassey — Bug 1054959: re-land "Send Video To Device" feature with fixed test_contextmenu.html, r=gavin, a=gavin, l10n=gavin
9d90f44e658501fb074b2d29547ebc9073639454Mike de Boer — Bug 1013989: change the label of the Loop button to Hello (aurora/beta patch) r=MattN a=lmandel
c278b3312388ea6d7fd4bab49da887e72030c41aMike de Boer — Bug 1084384: support alternate phone number values for Google import. r=abr a=lmandel
81358b1794d15f15ca01feef0a7ee14f82766141Mike de Boer — Bug 1079941: implement to allow searching for contacts by query and use that to find out if a contact who's trying to call you is blocked. r=abr a=lmandel
7855a366fa70833480bce85fecd1c259692a8af0Romain Gauthier — Bug 1079811 - A new call won't start if the outgoing call window is opened (showing feedback or retry/cancel). r=Standard8 a=lmandel
4f00fe5f6247b7ecbdc3186653776c773bfed1beNicolas Perriault — Bug 1048162 Part 2 - Display an error message if fetching an email link fails r=standard8,darrin a=lmandel
f4bae8a46cc9c58594d9a2ea4005898f8b986d0bMark Banner — Bug 1081154 - Loop direct calls should attempt to call phone numbers as well as email addresses. r=mikedeboer a=lmandel
afeeb55003eaadedbbf42b387c1607e8a256167eNicolas Perriault — Bug 1048162 Part 1 - Add an 'Email Link' button to Loop desktop failed call view. r=Standard8 a=lmandel
bcec45c6cf77a40fa9a8f34a3d7336d711109c81Mark Banner — Bug 1078226 Unexpected Audio Level indicator on audio-only calls for Loop, also disable broken low-quality video warning indicator. r=nperriault a=lmandel
7907c5abdae0adb31da74c31de029030bdacbc73Mike de Boer — Bug 1076967: fix Error object data propagation to Loop content pages. r=bholley a=lmandel
ef87188cc41efd8380ac49632aefd3880790fd94Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1079656 - Make the Loop Account menu item work after a restart. r=jaws a=lmandel
616f0c964391ce10ee1938d3b7a642822dc4ac31Mark Banner — Bug 1081066 Incoming call window stays open forever if the caller closes the window/tab or crashes. r=nperriault a=lmandel
b4e49c126ac5da823c19d1f48525f875cbe9bf3bffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-017 - a=blocklist-update
e535e22afe046cb336e4d421bf4b4a0cf18ebc3cffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-017 - a=hpkp-update
9788424d5b630a5b3828d3f4feccfcc9098c36cdffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-017 - a=hsts-update
503bb896411a89458d788279ed5d3abb856fe6cfMike de Boer — Bug 1081061: switch to a different database if a userProfile is active during the first mozLoop.contacts access to always be in sync with the correct state. r=MattN. a=lmandel
65006dd2ec2bd1a39a134a626c509fc376111470Steven Michaud — Bug 1084589 - Fix a Yosemite topcrasher. r=gijskruitbosch a=gavin
39f034a76a1d535e3fcc1c1d675dc4d2fd02f1b4Matthew Gregan — Bug 1080986 - Check list chunk is large enough to read list ID before reading. r=giles, a=sledru
1f3d0612bdba38c0e7aa2b3c5cd4f234bafd7d9bEd Lee — Bug 1081157 - "What is this page" link appears on "blank" version of about:newtab. r=ttaubert, a=sledru
c35d9f79f1ff35799cb0ef6dabc82a4a3c3bd59eBrian Grinstead — Bug 1082108 - Add a button to disable the devedition theme from Customize Mode. r=Gijs, a=sledru
5feb6e3234e5bc3ccea1a91840a18baef2ce81acLuke Wagner — Bug 1082107 - OdinMonkey: Add maximum-length requirement to change-heap definition. r=bbouvier, a=sledru
fc77b3aa02113e2d0067dce643391337aeda199aBenjamin Chen — Bug 1041362 - Modify testcases because during the oncanplaythrough callback function, the element might not ended but the mediastream is ended. r=roc, a=test-only
03683164a10a12cb9941e9e6c055a02f4c6f5d72JW Wang — Bug 760770 - Allow 'progress' and 'suspend' events after 'ended'. r=roc, a=test-only
6cba3d56ecea51865b7b1ef3ac63a3e9ef7e748eLucas Rocha — Bug 1058660 - Don't use top divider on about:home lists. r=margaret, a=lmandel
df199b7b71967df758f53985ade4bdcba0b1cec3Lucas Rocha — Bug 1058660 - Use consistent bg color in about:home's tab strip. r=margaret, a=lmandel
09328e5e49323fe30bb028e558ad359023fa137aLucas Rocha — Bug 1058660 - Use consistent height in about:home's tab strip. r=margaret, a=lmandel
cf046fae62997cffbdbd3f8d32514db814bf8049Lucas Rocha — Bug 1058660 - Draw divider at the bottom of about:home's tab strip. r=margaret, a=lmandel
5a357e17e90e2a9be9a09c15d05ed0ea9534806dMark Hammond — Bug 1069162 - Disable browser_social_multiprovider.js in e10s due to excessive orange. r=mixedpuppy, a=test-only
3544f260bdf6319d0f3f595f11f60f3a4e9b9d81Matthew Gregan — Bug 1079747 - Follow WhatWG's MIMESniff spec for MP4 more closely. r=cpearce, a=sledru
2763449ffb01de50c18cc7733b3f729ccf114165Martin Thomson — Bug 1076983 - Disable SSL 3.0 with a pref. r=keeler, a=sledru
95b84005cd63e56f4d36720062c8fbd9cdc85d17Jeff Walden — Bug 1082662 - Don't crash trying to mark a dictionary accessor shape whose getter/setter field has previously been mutated from a callable to |undefined|. r=terrence, a=sledru
5d9ba2f4685760d73c1872c707ca7c68647b5ca2Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1082142 - Use sstrncpy instead of strncpy in CC_SIPCCCall. r=ehugg, a=abillings
0ca6566292488e44e926a752c51ff44ef3d05bd1vivek — Bug 1071117 - Add support to distinguish organic and inorganic feedback. r=margaret, a=sledru
952539b39a1ee86580cb0be9dbd7c9e0ba068902Michael Comella — Bug 1079693 - When calling waitForText in testAddonManager, only look through visible views. r=bnicholson, a=test-only
e56868e0038b1ae55ac97e4cdafeb235e3427b4eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1081992 - Needs null check at notifying TextComposition of composition event being discarded. r=smaug, a=sledru
fc795bf846a720719b3396b966d00eed5ceeb36aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1081686 - WebSocket can be still accessible once it is disconnected. r=smaug, a=sledru
a06058806b8bf998c3f3a132a8105cfcda0866b9Steve Fink — Bug 1082114 - Fix pre-setData() calls to .available(). r=Waldo, a=sledru
735ab4890a4a3f28e163e59b0051722140671644Richard Newman — Bug 1081948 - Don't use null as an EnumMap key. r=margaret, a=sledru
4a20ef9528b871c02107c0512c25467dbad08e34Jeff Beatty — Bug 1082181 - Add br and eo to mobile/android/locales/all-locales. r=Pike, a=sledru
73ad3cc8886149f16cd9376c7a52a7275c24b206Mike de Boer — Bug 1081130 - Fix importing contacts with only a phone number and fetch the correct format. r=abr, a=sledru
23962a888ef8ae3e8c81d7e68fd4ff25ffed6304Georg Fritzsche — Bug 1079312 - Fix invalid log.warning() to log.warn(). r=irving, a=sledru
b5c326a2f65fecb82530d85eaead230821d10e60Mark Banner — Bug 1081906 - Fix unable to start Firefox due to 'Couldn't load XPCOM'. r=bsmedberg, a=sledru
34f6b3245d5dee7f88f18d0ef2f4711e77a84e57Mike Hommey — Bug 1081031 - Unbust xulrunner mac builds by not exporting all JS symbols (bug 920731). r=bsmedberg, a=npotb
4b51521d72db9ccdf389533b057fde229feebaeeJeff Gilbert — Bug 1079848 - Large allocs should be infallible and handled. r=kamidphish, a=sledru
94a97b7115cbddb1301614c1fdc82f8c067ec7b6Patrick Brosset — Bug 1020038 - Disable test browser/devtools/layoutview/test/browser_layoutview_update-in-iframes.js. a=test-only
a7da5ed1451dbac9cbe999c7e21439bd3a2787fdTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 44cb72be622d (bug 1081135) a=sylvestre
5d8833bdfccd391340e8f760abf5f403b7125b08Joel Maher — Bug 1083369 - update talos.json to include fixes for mainthreadio whitelist and other goodness. r=dminor a=test-only
8cd0eedecef2bdfa08026922f05ee9c083e5a3cfBlair McBride — Bug 1068284 - UI Tour: Add ability to highlight search provider in search menu. r=MattN a=dolske
d56d0157891e97004f6a55b7000a5883917dae77Jeff Gilbert — Backout bug 1066280 for regressions. a=regressions
189ac924dfa6121245d15226ec9e1cc78d962715Randell Jesup — Backed out changesets ef6465b02d0d f749e3f70ffc ecd54a3fbfdd 8f472a850073 (bug 879717)
e5c0de9492d1240ee31e21d584604e262fe0993bTill Schneidereit — Bug 1082202 - Fix propertyIsEnumerable-proxy.js test to run without Symbol available. rs=Waldo a=test-only CLOSED TREE
9f84934ef92003606befcd8ba2d4d8dbaaa4f0beB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
635c6e2ac5b51e40beec507ec5345fb82cd2fd6eSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1081935 - Missing UUID bump. r=gavin a=me
cef3c12c4c348deaec94247b69a53b7d656e1892Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1081935 - Missing UUID bump. r=dragana a=me
12da5c8d4c54c6d0815c84bbb9ff609a9e1efea2Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1081935 - Missing UUID bump. r=smaug a=me
bf2a3f4de752f5cedb4ecd32ae8a718c348ab9dbSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1081935 - Missing UUID bump. r=gavin a=me
b4b34e0acc75560a3d4d908c383103053b9b39ffffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
efbf877af6c8ffa594ca688560bf6f4f12024353ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-aurora 2608561c091a with FIREFOX_AURORA_34_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
4a821e5ce365fbcb5bf1373bba01345a961aa0e4ffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
52107e9535dc407c9aba6aa12d4d705dc8968247ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents dc7bfe925ebd 2608561c091a|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release