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Thu Nov 17 19:58:19 2016 +0000
0317989ddb7500327728087bdb87343419affa64Jared Wein — Bug 1315255 - Add ability for themes to change toolbar icons. r?mdeboer
76094c82d70cebcf7e596a43a96585cf3100d64bMike de Boer — merge m-c to cedar
5b53bda4e10d2cf2a4983cfe1114eda05540584eMike de Boer — merge m-c to cedar
798319d63092cdcd8064f40fc071ca55e8babc58Mike de Boer — Bug 1313325 - support many more theme properties and browser overrides to support more Chrome themes, video files as background for about:home and about:newtab and much more. r=jaws
079d4a6ff68727709e9bbe1e562e92d4ca268c09Mike de Boer — merge m-c to cedar