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Tue Dec 08 12:55:06 2015 +0000
e9aae9b4442d1f5680afefb0a6de71ad533bfdcbJan Beich — Bug 1231106 - Make BSDs fall-through to ASSERT as well. r?jesup
ce7d49374a03fcf9bdf7c643b61d0d91cf1bff50Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2bdd9ec79799eff3ceec0a318f5a0632d918a527Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
eda90ee631ddfc8b624525d110f988575c39b73bCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
e210d83e26dfcfa4a7c526e8ba5905147d5ddd17B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
a78d912e8928fc12ad52211f554bf571ddcec44aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 1 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
76f7957586237735b8940d0f93fddab305ff7c42B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
177108ae448d687644a443e3d35d6e14a733941aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
90e6a4c7a5479d15fc8860d2f208311acff9947aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
7a095f2ea2471ae0e837e23824789ce831943f22B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 3 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
71ee1fa3d127907688ac5b4d2b5a5fd371fb36adAlfredo Yang — Bug 1224887: new PlatformDecoderModule based on OpenMax IL. r=jya, sotaro
6ea4c940c066d98e1c92cf93e519f6b8b7689717Alfredo Yang — Bug 1224887: add OpenMax IL headers. r=jya
e68851ffbe37a923ce7463b832dbfa23d01988bbNigel Babu — Backed out changeset c798c2576ad4 (bug 978212) for mochitest bustage
7e09a6ccc9d5b9927194ede8de05ac726de53bcaWilliam Lachance — Bug 1230622 - Docs: Suggest people use wptserve instead of mozhttpd. r=jgraham
0f9e4f23c1e66474f5ea12d9f14a1aa1209526d4Bogdan Postelnicu Bug 1230929 - modified the logic in order to prvent null pointer dereference. r=jmuizelaar
a52f9890e2e1b5419d267a71b36205c716fa08daBogdan Postelnicu Bug 1230902 - initialize mSampleRate and mMicrophoneActive. r=cpearce
1208659f1a9710806b9348d3c0ba624c7819f2a8Mike Taylor — Bug 1230426 - Remove support for -webkit-border-image longhand CSS property aliases. r=dholbert
ecdefe80c366986377373daed8b21cafc147a477Bogdan Postelnicu Bug 1230149 - check bigImgIter to see if it's not null. r=jmuizelaar
3394473d21016267c9f430a269c209cf623646bdBogdan Postelnicu Bug 1192982 - increase buffer size, memset it to 0 and then do the right way strncpy. r=jaas
c798c2576ad4228df74ac4dd69c702ebe9e3ecceTobias Schneider — Bug 978212 - Resolved value of grid-template-{columns,rows} in px units. r=mats
2e233e224c0e54b8c85081fae0ff607dbdcb6733Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1192390 - Part 2: Simulcast and RID negotiation. r=mt
3baf48e3f758452c3df3e67b80273cb9f56d3a69Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1192390 - Part 1: Lay architectural groundwork for simulcast negotiation. r=mt r=jesup
56e5d2fe4c19e5ae606acebc40490c9167f9a211Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1006809 - update triggered check behavior to RFC 5245. r+bwc r=mjf
803db6db0f680e066a2e3830cdd22959b07a0459Jonathan Kew — Bug 1230497 - Ignore font fallback in Core Text shaping if it's just for a join-control character. r=jdaggett
87caa5721cd900ab113ba5991e0d7616b84bd076Salah — Bug 1222079. Fix the behavior of Object.getOwnPropertyNames for nsDOMAttributeMap. r=bzbarsky
ae19fb16cb392f557466d5eb527040adb959d2beBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1230692. Fix WebAudioDecodeJob to properly suppress exceptions from its callbacks. r=ehsan
493f9c9164b7b8e38257064b4eb718a16c5546acBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1230700. Make Notification::ShowInternal explicitly suppress the exception from GetPermissionInternal. r=smaug
d25ac738425e8675b6e2af0f570d2d53e3d6d02bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1230704. Change AbortablePromise::DoAbort to not worry about the result of calling its callback. r=smaug
a5c7323533773bb131cc270ba4c53166ac87aa1cL. David Baron — Bug 1230701 - Add test that position does not create a fixed-position containing block. r=dholbert
bb137598c5821b8c28ffc0a8bc4ecac4420dfee9L. David Baron — Bug 1230701 - Make will-change:position create a containing block for absolutely-positioned elements. r=dholbert
c0c2e2df018067a165ff5de407e48acdae35e7b8Chris Manchester — Bug 1230596 - Allow running talos on specific platforms through mach try. r=jgraham
8d8cd6abab67245413e684769b8bc4321a4e2300Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1230863 - Remove unused nsPresContext args from many functions. r=roc.
faacb2337f8e082b60a4b080163a87e931e2fc4bJoel Maher — Bug 1230572 - remove old tcheck2 references from m-c repo. r=Callek
d08afef8b42d1f481dc5f9cca8df35ed0a848836Simon Montagu — Bug 1162813: filter paragraph separators before passing text to SetPara, r=jfkthame
3fcd9e46778851b61a80df69be4c9f59ab46d9daSimon Montagu — Test for bug 1162813, r=jfkthame
d996266433adbb33362e8eaacf32f4fc357e714cJames Graham — Bug 1230963 - Increase the timeout for non-e10s web-platform-tests debug reftests, r=Ms2ger
3075a8f23ed22316f1c0f6a8dabcba52081d2890James Graham — Bug 1230948 - Update web-platform-tests expected data to revision 63bf7b5e1e12b308ba6ed20480ad7dc93afa1943, a=testonly
396461a3f5641cc297bc31c027427596d66cdc14James Graham — Bug 1230948 - Update web-platform-tests to revision 63bf7b5e1e12b308ba6ed20480ad7dc93afa1943, a=testonly
8d891ed3195225c3444f01b1b14324795443c656Xidorn Quan — Bug 1040668 followup 3 - Wrap lang attribute mapping code in NS_STYLE_INHERIT_BIT test. r=dbaron
0f207bd9470f95c2c63234e3e04c88a63514ce83Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1228416: send gnome-session output to an artifact; r=armenzg
f481f8ed45308ee9a4dd449ad158387886e3f3c3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1228632 - Remove inadvertedly added Linux64 debug mochitest-gl. DONTBUILD. r=me
627b01cda561566049d1497f47c8d789948496aaArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1230657 - Make Mozharness check for testPackagesUrl and packageUrl properties before trying to find TC artifacts. r=jlund
1009be1b37ec484d73361487a11ec7cf05d5fb35Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
cb1a697de90dd77aa7e0a9d3e94fedd4a39d6f96James Graham — Bug 1207377 - Add a |mach mozharness| command for running tests locally in mozharness, r=ahal
5a587fbae89b27c66d28b6871cc54fba766958b9Jacek Caban — Bug 1230502 - Don't preprocess xulrunner/examples/simple/content/simple.xul. r=glandium
051f3048f7e70db26fb618ea2b7efec05a307c54Jacek Caban — Bug 1228947 - mingw fixup.