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Fri Mar 03 22:19:04 2017 +0000
88cf978106d15426d0b44ac607502a2d5a474c5bChris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Use hfs and dmg tools rather than mozinstall to unpack downloaded builds during cross artifact builds. r=mshal
0414463110a8b23e3d0b48f460177e99f4352115Chris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Don't perform clang plugin checks in artifact builds. r=mshal
1ff853060f188e67b50f44d9dad7377e4ff15bb4Chris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Do not include mozconfig.cache in cross-mozconfig.common. r=mshal
3c0619fd13cd0a3aa00d69207f512a87a9a06b2bChris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Unset TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX in mozconfig.artifact r=mshal
56826cb5728527e9d19f2c3ca448a62250b03432Chris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Add variants for OS X cross artifact builds in mozharness. r=maja_zf