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Sat Jul 16 09:33:55 2016 +0000
d4bb40863f05986a1711b2aa507a97cfb8483592Rob Thijssen — Bug 1287258 - include win64 in readonly file deletions; r=glandium
8027432e7f0a0cf52eaec04d72f67c25dd11446aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4c05938a64a7fde3ac2d7f4493aee1c5f2ad8a0aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 4d4289b95a79 (bug 1275591) for causing m-2 Windows 8 x64 opt perma failures in test_bug659071.html
d12f1688d4710d9e31f32b1fcf360539655222c5Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset cf2bb72412a0 (bug 1286955) for hazard failures
dfe216aea3ab80a6fd801096de953de58a793598Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 03362dd7616d (bug 1224664)
c907a44b0c6c820bd0f83fe43f68134734fa67fdCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset dd2d38b7c16b (bug 933378)
8d50699deac13afab27328b99b8ec4ed2a2c5f59Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 1c2bd3bdebd6 (bug 933378)
4a25ec78baeb22a3a2f1861eb40d05a97dc5702cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset b33a9a88daa6 (bug 933378)
a795d0003a443bf30b7d0b169d0913aee4b46adeCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ed38780a242c (bug 933378)
9852c943ba72527613e3b4245247a50f51f3959aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 7fef388bc6cf (bug 1224664)
39cac65eb07c0b386ada98b143ce84bbc671164fDoug Turner — Bug 1286325 - re-enable all geolocation tests. r=blassey
ff5028ff81cb2c1c05b6a440a981c6e426c4801aThomas Wisniewski — Bug 447689 - clean up XMLHttpRequest::Open so XHR readyState=1 events are fired according to spec. r=baku
b1e09b3b77dd0253abb363c2146323393c9c0592Seth Fowler — Bug 1284031 (Part 3) - Remove the FromSourceBuffer suffix from StreamingLexer test names. r=njn
0284587d752d35d2ddf6f2d9983047597ff1e38eSeth Fowler — Bug 1284031 (Part 2) - Add new StreamingLexer tests for zero-length states. r=njn
656d5e742049c4ad966389fa2db3b11bf956c7cfSeth Fowler — Bug 1284031 (Part 1) - Advance SourceBufferIterator in Lex() per-state. r=njn
762323d53afaf171645aa0117bad84ed19842fc9Seth Fowler — Bug 1286161 (Part 2) - Add a GTest suite for SourceBuffer. r=edwin
a6d457ff02be518c5ba3f2d278501e9fbb594069Seth Fowler — Bug 1286161 (Part 1) - Expose SourceBuffer and SurfaceCache constants which are useful for testing. r=edwin
515b58073c4619d3c08391beef75e479b5b896f3Seth Fowler — Bug 1286175 - Allow SourceBufferIterator users to specify how many bytes to advance. r=edwin
6d6a147955f35e2838c0dd10ee98b5bafef15b1bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1287169 - Fix intermittent failure in test_no_dnd.html, r=smaug
7fef388bc6cf208be8015f654bb0415118cda6b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1224664 followup: NS_ASSERT_OWNINGTHREAD needs to be #ifdef DEBUG if our NS_DECL_OWNINGTHREAD is.
ed38780a242cb738c331a9abaf63b94ae325d325Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 4. Change the ErrorResult destructor to suppress the exception, after asserting that it's already suppressed. r=bkelly
b33a9a88daa6663ffbfa84ce5478ddcce898f3d9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 3. Fix the ErrorResult usage in PeerConnectionImpl to not use ErrorResult directly anymore. r=jib
1c2bd3bdebd6999903d931a22c3ae42120baf5f2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 2. Introduce a FastErrorResult class that bindings can use internally instead of ErrorResult. r=bkelly
dd2d38b7c16bee235f273a04626a9cbdb040d228Boris Zbarsky — Bug 933378 part 1. Introduce a TErrorResult class that will serve as a base class for various ErrorResult-like subclasses. No actual behavior changes so far. r=bkelly
03362dd7616d404ea77da256bf5a7245163cc9c9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1224664 - Assert if an ErrorResult is accessed on a thread different than the one it's created on, r=khuey
cf2bb72412a04c4c67aac4b42762464d86fab642Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1286955. Don't use an ErrorResult on multiple threads in the Worker URL implementation. r=bzbarsky
db8491cc618f73adf1778a0209877edcbebd4452Xidorn Quan — Backed out 4 changeset (bug 1284406) for build bustage on CLOSED TREE
a73f1ed7dab078196d0d3da90859c68714520657Xidorn Quan — Bug 1284406 followup 2 - Add back ICU flags in js/src/ for system ICU to fix bustage on CLOSED TREE.
02a57d8120c4c9d474d1ae67b2514a707f30f17bXidorn Quan — Bug 1284406 followup - Remove ICU includes from js/src/ to fix the bustage.
fcfaa7cf4118249e2b1ba8d13bd9f19bc26b11c5Xidorn Quan — Bug 1284406 part 2 - Export ICU headers in include/unicode. r=glandium
b186c22ef65f7bb183d488e2133ad8641a862c36Xidorn Quan — Bug 1284406 part 1 - Move warning suppression of C4577 to global level. r=glandium
9a85c5ad60511900628b7a071f095b2e0fc33dd9Xidorn Quan — Bug 1284197 - Make runnable on Windows. r=glandium
fcb08d92807912a6757b8af58ce05d7d5f1f75e0Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1285751 - Use brandShortName in a notification shown after Sync is connected. r=markh
e5e5a4c74d4c16883b2e478ea5196dc58837411cTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1285658 - Part 2: Use less-erroneous value while calculating border corner dimensions. r=jrmuizel
46e298b95ec13cf4a9f20462089a6f552b3d2db9Ben Kelly — Bug 1286956 Serialize ErrorResult when transferring between threads. r=bz
bf3df70f738edf245f4d1bc9bdc88efd881460e5Seth Fowler — Bug 1286165 (Part 3) - Add StreamingLexer tests for the SourceBufferIterator version of Lex(). r=njn
e2069b87af4c2291c9d2ef391c7759c3464d0341Seth Fowler — Bug 1286165 (Part 2) - Advance decoders' SourceBufferIterator directly in StreamingLexer. r=edwin,njn
ab4ae8b37941493a3ec12506d28fc82ec3bf5c34Seth Fowler — Bug 1286165 (Part 1) - Allow advancing a SourceBufferIterator without an IResumable. r=edwin
8033580f6a1d20abe8635ad724866475631263e6Seth Fowler — Bug 1286170 - Handle move-assignment of SourceBufferIterators correctly. r=edwin
a5c17d3e26c6316d407221e38cd529101cd449b5Seth Fowler — Bug 1286168 - Add a RAII class to initialize ImageLib services in GTests. r=njn
0bb4cf8a575985a1d013097836f1fb8281a7d6a2L. David Baron — Bug 1287011 - Remove preference gfx.filter.nearest.force-enabled. r=gw280
401978e000d8e8819c0ef3a3b5b081e408dc711cSeth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 7) - Clean up remaining references to decoder 'data errors' and refer to them as just 'errors'. r=edwin
9b650c8855c2a64e6194680eee53c53b113e4798Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 6) - Record Decoder telemetry outside of the loop. r=edwin
4840df0f7046913f4582487522b4ff73ceef96c0Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 5) - Replace Decoder::mDataDone with Decoder::mReachedTerminalState. r=edwin
3ddd65b25581c8697d80f18a94f1569bd32df5e1Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 4) - Decide whether we're done decoding by checking if we've reached a terminal state. r=edwin
d22b7fe7acebd24a32a4b3ce52e5deaadc9dd804Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 3f) - Only call PostDataError() outside the loop. r=edwin
5621495f210234a1f8969a883a753675e8ce8a03Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 3e) - Use TerminalState to exit the Decode() loop. r=edwin
42d999dd75fc97d9a81973d0b16ffd6ec3069a69Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 3d) - Rely on TerminalState to decide when to post errors inside the loop. r=edwin
85899fc1c9741db82cc142d639b4462ab52740c3Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 3c) - Replace the Decode() |while| loop with a |do| loop. r=edwin
c6a434794e0e1643af1b564a1a7ccce1ba4b1045Seth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 3b) - Replace the series of |if| statements in the Decode() loop with a |switch|. r=edwin
560ca5d7336ece5f1df1ed44a6fc389895040e7bSeth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 3a) - Don't attempt to keep decoding if we're already done. r=edwin
8c5e700ca1aefa0ff382cbb060b4184a182162acSeth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 2) - Don't call Decoder::PostDataError() from Decoder subclasses. r=edwin
77fe4e663e345389c4260ea573dbf58afa85da1bSeth Fowler — Bug 1285867 (Part 1) - Remove Decoder's notion of decoder errors. r=edwin
86a5424096d537c318dd3d90b9f69c3dc6c85bdbLuke Wagner — Bug 1276029 - Add subset of prio.h to PosixNSPR.h so PRFileDesc can be used in SpiderMonkey (r=terrence)
09461dda5ac8cf17b9504d4997fc851c172fb885Luke Wagner — Bug 1276029 - Baldr: provide alternative path that provides build-id (r=bbouvier)
606e6f6aebe26585dd35c400ce72c3032b5e3378Luke Wagner — Bug 1276029 - Baldr: use process-wide signal-handling-support query (r=bbouvier)
c40efa3603e05cb5a781c4ef74726363e5c0c1e2Luke Wagner — Bug 1276029 - Baldr: change wasm::Compile to take ShareableBytes (r=bbouvier)
7792f6453b843b82835a104cc58674f2de01e947Luke Wagner — Bug 1276029 - Baldr: make Module RefCounted (r=bbouvier)
1665eb58981dbe6aa91c9be1bd4410f3e5843b80Mike Hommey — Bug 1287023 - Allow to use delayed_getattr in more cases. r=chmanchester
8d1b225b7a5a25d2dd8a72b56d7bcdf263ede7feJeff Walden — Bug 1282047 - Trim a loop limit from 5e5 to 1e5 so as to hopefully not time out on cgc builds. r=red, a=KWierso
54e9af18d31426a6474d584add8f487d99848854Leo Gaspard — Bug 1286711 - Warn the user when no tests have run, before the TypeError. r=sstangl, a=KWierso
9747585b294aa8f4be0af335399b4e9e0ea47dfbJeff Walden — Bug 1282047 - Do a recursion check in Proxy::isArray to deal with proxies whose isArray trap recursively consumes too much stack. r=efaust over IRL
7b3f1cc706bdfc764bc7f4f808afc84c4c873c23Jed Davis — Bug 1286324 - Make fork() non-fatal in Linux content sandbox. r=jhector
3bbf5d4f5e79f4d8c1068aa9dd089f44c7b0e759Michael Li — Bug 1286322 - Make xpcAccessibleHyperLink work with proxied accessibles. r=tbsaunde
344f289cc64dcc0f2541563b766d0d3ddd003190Jan Horak — Bug 890908 - Move Negotiate auth off main thread. r=mayhemer
41e1c88227ca0c9c3bcdf5adbc9e915520e58be4Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1276378 - Part 2: Implement PresentationConnection.terminate(). r=smaug
31897a5f4da842246e36435d6a1802b028ebd14eShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1276378 - Part 1: Add terminate command in control protocol. r=junior
09574871d21347b475f63d5751d2408bf3e3e30bRalph Giles — Bug 1286754 - Update tooltool rust for windows builds. r=mshal
7035e4f43546ba0babb41ea0465c7578f297d721Stone Shih — Bug 1261674 - Handle wheel event when mouse cursor is hovered on a focused range input as increasing/decreasing it's value. r=smaug
865803c7d5f8b0b27d869adafee19498d82c9b34Ben Kelly — Bug 1286673 Test sdk/event/dom.js for leaks when used on a closed window. r=gabor a=kwierso
ebc0f45e1ea5455666e7a60ee9668d7b74277a45Ben Kelly — Bug 1267693 P3 Add a test to detect window leaks when using sdk/window/events. r=gabor a=kwierso
9c92ff47d1378e3bb23f4d901ea08f9f425ece7eBen Kelly — Bug 1267693 P2 Avoid leaking windows via event channel closures. r=gabor a=kwierso
d1626b1814ae065d49d9504865884064cfcbfaaeBen Kelly — Bug 1267693 P1 Cache the most recent event in a channel weakly to avoid leaking DOM objects. r=gabor a=kwierso
b1d95b24cade1b252b61cb2f6718724f343a68ebJonathan Kew — Bug 1270954 - When Win10 Anniversary Update APIs are available, enable automatic scaling of the non-client area when a window is on a secondary display with different DPI. r=emk, a=kwierso
2c0a0814add06997075c3326e399466555ee7e3fValentin Gosu — Bug 1277582 - Check if TabChild is still available before calling SendPHttpChannelConstructor. r=billm
f5df71ccaebb6aa84edc8414b2b2e4d5e2903b69Jan Beich — Bug 1285501 - Build linux/ directory on DragonFly, NetBSD and Solaris as well. r=jesup
54af298e7b99675e51d950f277e2529187bdc0f4Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1286744 - Return the empty string from GetAllResponseHeaders() if the XHR failed. r=smaug
e1b1f1362a6c0d09061c06759aa03fb62bf6ab3eJinank Jain — Bug 1238801 - Don't set a timer for the default geolocation timeout. r=jdm, r=smaug
1254b1288956b90865c746f416b387417dea773eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1277274 - Skip browser_responsiveui_window_close.js on Linux debug e10s for being permafail.
0a961f12af55e9e54dfc6fcb3caf4155244c9e5eOlli Pettay — Bug 1286183 - Improve SVGEffects' unlinking. r=mstange