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Thu Mar 01 22:19:48 2018 +0000
5a59913b34bc4855876a8ec9ac058446d6711a5fMatt Woodrow — Bug 1440177 - Part 7: Don't allocate new clips when flattening nsDisplayOpacity. r?mstange
f119175e79ca494d12ec5ba49e20b12c9e03ada4Matt Woodrow — Bug 1440177 - Part 6: Don't dereference display items during AddPaintedDisplayItem for the LAYER_NONE case. r?jnicol
5190523dd6cf20ccae2d6621204e23e8d23c3d4cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1440177 - Part 5: Don't call GetDisplayItemDataForManager in AddPaintedDisplayItem since we already have it passed in as a parameter. r?jnicol
96a378972755cf43621e9a09e2f92eeeb20ee92eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1440177 - Part 4: Avoid expensive hashtable lookups in PaintedLayerDataTree when we're in an inactive layer and want all items in the same layer. r?mstange
a136e473da15901a9683d5ccf145ade9dc987ebaMatt Woodrow — Bug 1440177 - Part 3: Preallocate a small number of PaintedLayerData objects and only resize the mPaintedLayerDataStack once. r?jnicol
72b4a74dc82abc29eb94bdc464498f22d99707bcMatt Woodrow — Bug 1440177 - Part 2: Combine PaintedLayerItemsEntry and PaintedDisplayItemLayerUserData into a single struct. r?jnicol