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Sat Mar 18 11:54:53 2017 +0000
0182161ae1175067aed85a731f21a7a10e9a3336Jan Henning — replace Gecko customtab tab attribute by generic type attribute
3b0288a5c20aa8f6db3a24b92c5b7ec60fb6e37bJan Henning — filter non browsing tabs from the TabsLayout/TabStrip
8d408ec783e7f26e0e7742748b0782c2f6e10d0aJan Henning — next tab logic should fall back to browsing type tabs if no tabs of the same type are available
28adcc699e75d41af5cb732f8685463b5f64bbe9Jan Henning — separate tab search function by tab type
500a651ae2fd8d01c8150f12e283e8b719013e42Jan Henning — Keep track of a tab type on the Java tab object
5e7031ef88f33036a0eae4c0d7d0933925b385f8Jan Henning — Bug 1346004 - Part 0 - Remove unneeded imports. r?sebastian
10aca376d55e3e02aa084016e83ba3bb3d993311Jan Henning — Local Gradle tweaks