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Mon Oct 16 14:19:39 2017 +0000
567c1fb3e861bffbd9a48b9026afb1d457a07328Tom Tromey — Bug 1179820 - Remove source map handling from stylesheets actor; r?gl
ad6cfa8e25b6cee04002d60d1482d6083c3f2eb0Tom Tromey — Bug 1179820 - Convert style editor to client-side source maps; r?gl
0957e155142ee8379c6153dd3c51de119b2f16f7Tom Tromey — Bug 1179820 - Log some exceptions caught in the style editor; r?gl
546f37bddd286e0978a93cd096e3889acb45bc89Tom Tromey — Bug 1179820 - Convert the rule view to client-side source maps; r?gl
b137c5a7b11fe1fda64c3782ab01454645af0cbcTom Tromey — Bug 1179820 - Convert the computed view to client-side source maps; r?gl
a52945a497c89cca6b8edb746837218dbd64e61dJason Laster — Bug 1408562 - Update Debugger frontend (10-13). r=jdescottes
b767da767ec5030116f1de62fdd84a4e3c59e946Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1404105 - Sanitize.js must check if QuotaManager returns an error before continuing with cleaning data, r=janv
c49fa16162cb7161e942421f0b7d2f428e46e38cNick Thomas — Bug 1387622 - revert firefox-sha1 alias change, r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
4fd5250dedfcfb133c244992db3019a432cec203Nick Thomas — Bug 1408197 - beetmover fix round 2, r=bustage a=release
ee969734750ace337d13515b00c92703f6577550Jonathan Kew — Bug 1408782 - Force punycode display for IDNs with a <dotless-i, combining mark above> sequence. r=valentin
a52b7ea3d0d4fb3c91bc8d7c3b72d5057fbfb250Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
dc626eeea39a20c3d81375583965014c572c034aJessica Jong — Bug 1404327 - Move CSS font-family property to date/time input so that it can be overriden. r=dholbert
3f2f733d6ab2f45eebcb044b7aa0cc32f2fe4db0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1408607. Make all uses of mWillBuildScrollableLayer conditional on painting to the window. r=mstange
fbbdc0131e3558ccd756655d3f01ae113ca5aa8fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1408607. mWillBuildScrollable only keeps updated during display list building. So change Is(Maybe)ScrollingActive to not use it so they are always accurate. r=mstange