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Wed Nov 18 03:46:20 2015 +0000
4e359bda2a8c005eedf2ebf972182111094e809eTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1225701 - Update comments in AccessibleCaret files. r=mtseng
3494c4e6c8d3f3093e4080ebbfd207c937b90633Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1225701 - Add comments in TouchCaret and SelectionCarets for their obsolescence. r=mtseng
eb3016abd37db2e6a6d923265047e84b12c0af61Phil Ringnalda — Bug 1223394 - Reenable webspeech synth tests on Mulet now that it has audio support, a=philor
bae1769b53946d864adfd9bd6cfee492f9118d57Gregory Arndt — Bug 1223394 - Use desktop-test image for Mulet mochitests to fix audio issues, r=aus, a=philor