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Wed Jan 03 23:25:52 2018 +0000
76f2d740838d2666c2de66f3f0687a66b28f9dabMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Ensure we attempt to activate docShell of current tab after reacting to sidemode or occlusionstate change events. r?billm
f1faa794791a9c620a1cd7a28c67029134d63933Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Expose renderLayers state via nsITabParent and lazily retrieve initial tab states in async tab switcher. r=billm
1c4b1ad28467fc6960eaa7cb744e47dd191b30f5Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - TabChild::MakeHidden shouldn't cause script to run. r=billm
4ca9f692635e3a3a1ec8e626d0db24f2e512ec9aMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Make TabParent's assume they're rendering layers by default on construction. r=billm
4b1e2fb945f1dc4591c56f836a1caa9adeea9eb4Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Add hasLayers to nsITabParent and use it in the async tab switcher. r=billm
874f112e4368a037b4baf02f205198c0f598b5b8Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Stop disabling tab warming in browser_bug343515.js. r=billm
1840908f74a1ccb9aa50ce95d57cf38d5e55efa0Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Fix block comment formatting in nsITabParent.idl. r=billm
f12e8c368807028f88456c1649a46235cd7e8d97Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Make async tab switcher use new nsITabParent renderLayers function. r=billm
0e59b548c6c01d7feaf9f40c282ab2f55e47bab7Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Rename TabChild's notion of "active tabs" to "visible tabs" and move logic into renderLayers. r=billm
873b6b91973b248c5b11ae8a136811a163f94e81Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - When short-circuiting a TabParent::RenderLayers call, still fire the layer tree event if we've been preserving layers. r=billm
3909bfac189a980784fff998c6a71b1b38e7c9aaMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Rename mRenderingLayers to mRenderLayers. r=billm
6c53729ae4b07c67d9e3de99c12e1165a85ffaacMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Add IPC interface to tell TabChild's to render and clear layers, distinct from setting the active state on the DocShell. r=billm