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Mon Nov 20 22:09:48 2017 +0000
fd1ccdf00ef78b648e033eb1d78d2d25ab675f52Mike Conley — Bug 1367797 - Add reflow tests for adding, removing and switching tabs while the tab strip is overflowed. r?florian
ecf27c343d2011bff77c535fdb13d40d67e71ecfMike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Make TabParent's assume they're rendering layers by default on construction. r?billm
2c2027ce0cc467555986e0d824af80f94e44cf60Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Add renderingLayers to nsITabParent and use it in the async tab switcher. r?billm
150f10436381595f075012f5f480c82890d1de49Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Stop disabling tab warming in browser_bug343515.js. r?billm
b4060b9b0fec0d1c398c753253050449c133be15Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Fix block comment formatting in nsITabParent.idl. r?billm
740e3a74ba5a03e2ffa3e4ff81deda8396c3a3a0Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Make async tab switcher use new nsITabParent renderLayers function. r?billm
e362345fe7eac4bba1b395fff847a5e9cf861032Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Rename TabChild's notion of "active tabs" to "visible tabs" and move logic into renderLayers. r?billm
4ba6516e8a9f9d494105828ad161bf6104c42db9Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - When short-circuiting a TabParent::RenderLayers call, still fire the layer tree event if we've been preserving layers. r?billm
e1cbc000c14bd7150999aa491006748486825df6Mike Conley — Bug 1397426 - Add IPC interface to tell TabChild's to render and clear layers, distinct from setting the active state on the DocShell. r?billm