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Wed Mar 16 19:41:20 2016 +0000
4af24fd9425f336ec1abb649085f454b9b679459Cykesiopka — Bug 1251009 - Remove unused nsICertificateDialogs.notifyCACertExists() method.
06101225c145815ccedd49fb7d1eb4ff2f9596c7Kyle Huey — Bug 1257042: Remove the worker descriptor for PushEvent and PushMessageData. r=bz
b3fe306024110c537755504b86bc4a011b47baa9Kyle Huey — Bug 1257039: Remove the worker descriptor for FileReaderSync. r=bz
464c92d0a8f5663403a5e05201eddfd8d9e11e7dKyle Huey — Bug 1257038: Remove the worker descriptor for WorkerLocation. r=bz
04bc6ea89170fabae71551f128c7c0f195120bbdKyle Huey — Bug 1257032: Make files in dom/workers actually build without unification. r=baku
a45ed9a30bf4158df4fac6e8e096f1df706754faSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6348a779de3b (bug 1245355) for leaking windows and a docshell in its new test browser_ext_tabs_getAllInWindow.js. r=backout
396639988f517bfc4e8a8a6b8afd88e3344a7bf7Benoit Girard — Bug 1256408 - Add graphics microbenchmarking. r=mstange
1123bee884d29108951b6659220665a849d2a7d1Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1254826 - Annotate bug441782-3.html as passing on WinXP. r=ehsan
ffb463de8bab7c924da29b1f315197b2c634c963Jim Chen — Bug 1255586 - Add test cases for more input types in testInputConnection; r=esawin
cf76c73b91dda644c5347ee751560c9894084e9fJim Chen — Bug 1254629 - Let query events fail when content root is wrong; r=masayuki
3d8dff59d0314cfd5d9414aa4fd395fcd74ce5bbOlivier Yiptong — Bug 1239118 - Send prefs to Remote Newtab page using WebChannel r=ursula
2cced5c7c8103067be58d822ee7aa052e193cc43Olivier Yiptong — Bug 1239118 - Export an object named after module in NewTabRemoteResource r=ursula
480b307d65e6d1cd9bd0132884d8b66f3611ba81David Keeler — bug 1236964 - enable Certum Trusted Network CA 2 root certificate for EV treatment r=jcj