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Fri Jan 12 20:59:03 2018 +0000
4a784880cad7f22108a56b141d22a0f80384511fTom Tromey — Bug 1255384 - fix getCSSValuesForProperty for counter-*; r?heycam
96acd76fdf71cfa850a55bc5b6340267f5830234Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 712130) for Android autofocus failures and for failing browser_formdata.js. on a CLOSED TREE
1572cddc9e46271f000627a6f0e259885bf069bcTom Tromey — Bug 1255401 - fix getCSSValuesForProperty result for "quotes" property; r=heycam
52fbf0d6c18c0eda95b107d73af577093e80f9daTom Tromey — Bug 1255401 - fix values allowed for "all" property; r=heycam
dae0996220912b49d69d26759f6a1453abb7d530Bobby Holley — Bug 1398119 - Rearrange NoteDirtyElement for faster bailouts on the same restyle root. r=emilio
af26f7cb29cad6565a58f3be7a6f83c8ad443871Bobby Holley — Bug 1398119 - Add machinery to assert single-threadedness from geckolib. r=emilio
712a1f3ca9ef7dcf41056172ba892dde6f2edb4aBobby Holley — servo: Merge #19753 - NoteDirtyElement optimizations (from bholley:notedirtyelement_optimizations); r=emilio
113f1c4b95643c6dc29f74f704c8de0cace54a80Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Post: Cull unused variables; guard more with MOZ_BUILD_MOBILE_ANDROID_WITH_GRADLE. r=maliu
649e7aa405ca45b2fbf20bf07abd9e1c27cf4b30Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 5c: Work through ResourceUnused lint issues. r=mcomella
c2e51b70519f5c905179bf7ce410b7e98e4cf2d4Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 5b: Work through WrongConstant lint issues. r=mcomella
a371f3ef4312a1e3a6367a9b4e20d32a5c1e27c2Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 6: Fix checkstyle. r=mcomella
db978e2305562e02ebf790e1d8659f1736bd041bNick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 5: Work through various new lint issues. r=mcomella
56538ed998cfdb84d6f648f7234e2180a3b91537Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 4: Use flavorDimensions to simplify {with,without}GeckoBinaries logic. r=maliu
6ff0cdf46a3df61ee10b79b35669bb3193ff78e9Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 3: Make each variant handle source from r=maliu
0e493bacc5e396aba37213caae165c8984dedcbcNick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 2: Update Robolectric to 3.5.1. r=mcomella
23cbcf427745190d86d79cb41b276fdac2120bfaNick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 1: Upgrade to Android-Gradle 3.0+ and build-tools;26.0.2. r=maliu
eda74143389fda91a431246236c1db25f4760892Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Part 0: Add rudimentary documentation about Gradle integration. r=maliu
359fadf9b3e9e8ba433863ca2ba9b67cdbe9585fJim Chen — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Fix CustomTabsSecurityPopup package. r=nalexander
5c64eda20f1e7447ebb3b4f689ea77689dd4d676Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Remove unused HomeExpandableListView. r=mcomella
bffb6a5b78d13240ee3201d273a72a67a56270f5Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Fix checkstyle whitespace error in GeckoHlsPlayer. r=nalexander
43787f4089c39d64bd0955a54d469f374ebd4494Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Update toolchain documents for Android toolchain jobs. r=maliu
9141bbdfd13bc14c8781ebfe0eeb9044f441b716Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Gradle is no longer experimental; IntelliJ not supported. r=maliu
108674372ef790a95db36816d4a63b7d0c96cfc7Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Clear icon disk storage in test. r=mcomella
fb15e1f54987a247d19c149f90fa99048638aa9eNick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Remove unused PerProfileDatabaseProvider. r=mcomella
264476c772102b9cbd4c35d1230da0229f5e866dNick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Fix dangling resource. r=mcomella
d23f467218da9318bd45233227921ada9d079c63Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Don't block Google's maven repository. r=maliu
78576ff98660a4d2b8ad07c043dfbc80be5b0399Nick Alexander — Bug 1411654 - Pre: Teach |mach gradle| to take GRADLE_FLAGS from the command line. r=maliu
83ce7df5790dbd42dc064f9f0d4af7874dbc193aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1403012 - Fix TypeError when running python unittests via |mach test|, r=gbrown
022ee7de00985e0cde5ea633de5dbec4577715c9Evan Tseng — Bug 1428994 - Set dividers' margin-top as 16px to make its above and below space be equal and match visual spec. r=jaws
abb5be3dbdc71cb52a3edfc2a9a6f3a522b0f486Steve Pfister — Bug 1374811: Added title tag and changed the title of the page to URL Classifier Information; r=dimi
b0febafcec421eb8c8fc2e067303882f5c72750cOriol Brufau — Bug 1429271 - Use 'is' to compare so that the obtained value is logged when the assert fails. r=Honza
e7738f07edae521d7459d2ac759416005a4899cddecltype — Bug 712130 - Simplify focus stealing prevention for autofocus. r=bz
3774e90777a793f70cfb492b5a7726c9de098d16decltype — Bug 712130 - Defer autofocus until after frame construction. r=bz
a3cffbfc83950a3453bce4d446f677c6e0c2fbbadecltype — Bug 712130 - Add reftest in case autofocus element is seen after PresShell init. r=bz
ba6c2fff9fd54ca8f836ce3e2f29aaa8a8d65bd2decltype — Bug 712130 - Add reftest to ensure the first autofocus elements gets picked. r=bz
21de927fd6adf57e678e2eac54266af5415cc16bBob Silverberg — Bug 1363860 - Allow WebExtensions to control cookie behaviour, r=mixedpuppy
a3d15c0fe9a8c3e11efbb27d15695c5a623036f9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8c2097e14828 (bug 1429929) for failing browser-chrome's browser_audioTabIcon.js and browser_usercontextid_tabdrop.js
0ecc98bd0822159169d717dbf4c6d2fc4f54e03eSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Do not build bsdiff on Android. The updater doesn't use it (we ship apk directly) r=glandium
7b7725d1d3c34560df5a07b1536bc63182f5846bSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Remove libbz2 files as we were only using it for crc32 as the updater moved to lzma r=glandium
2e95ebdcae6d37cc1b3c3f220b05210f419aea64Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Ship only the crc table from bz2 and use it in the updater r=glandium
47fbcaf5ad059616de22219b12223b798b6b758fSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Update bsdiff to use libz instead of bz2 for the crc algo r=andi,glandium
142001babb39d7cce8b88a2103ba8863fce685adSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Compile zlib as host lib r=glandium
4c0e52aa8c09ebc6be490837dbcf3c28a339c7c1CYBAI — servo: Merge #19752 - style: Use Python's True instead of string for arbitrary Python code in mako (from CYBAI:fix-mako-true); r=nox
392278bcc755c3ea4c65c4ffb8833bd7b92b06ffPanos Astithas — Bug 1429364 - Fix 'Save Link As' context menu option in sidebars. r=Gijs
d97273fcb62f01f5bf9743d441ea0f625e774ff5Jeremy Chen — Bug 1429977 - make comments for BreakAndMeasureText up-to-date (comment-only, DONTBUILD). r=jfkthame
40161b05e29e5561520b8d468c2ccd01b3e1ebd9Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1423541: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in accessible/ r=surkov
0d6cff1374dc6f0863b73eabb899d4fcf918ab26Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1423552: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in hal/ r=gsvelto
3d8b1409f0fe8606c4c80c4215c50b2efb6302cfMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1423556: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in xpfe/ r=njn
7a56ba918a55ab5541b29323e906d621947f0eedBotond Ballo — Bug 1423981 - Disable WebRender hit testing in GTests that rely on the results of hit-testing. r=kats
fc2b357b243e42f4637cbdc029ae2ae1d0cd72c2Botond Ballo — Bug 1423981 - In the WebRender hit test, fall back to the root APZC if WebRender isn't running. r=kats
58ad438f1d3815f83aa04c1fce6d7527cedec1a4Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1423548: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in toolkit/ r=jaws
744a3f069aecde8e9583a15601fd15d85f63360dMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1423551: Use BaseRect access methods instead of member variables in view/. r=jet
785f0ff257ce6718888217bc657b1b4cfaca8159Ashish Verma — Bug 1429716 -Stop resetting border properties for the translation info bar's buttons and menulists.r=dao
392241374af19873a44a7cadb7cf40400424097eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
8c2097e148288b26439cf0aa000b10a6fd82ca11Dão Gottwald — Bug 1429929 - Remove tabbrowser-close-tab-button binding. r=Gijs
4c5b03b42277706d51b489f05dc21592e82f100eDão Gottwald — Bug 1430153 - Warm up tabs in the Ctrl+Tab panel. r=mconley
f345451c208356279254fdf5efa95fbad83abcbdChris H-C — Revert "Bug 1363725 - Change inconsistent occurrence of 'all_child', 'all_childs' to 'all_children' and 'AllChilds' to 'AllChildren' in code and docs." r=Dexter
eb8b800a2c8b0d221b6a22a236b4ec5c6c82fcdfGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #19750 - Update WR (new transaction API) (from glennw:update-wr-api); r=jdm
186c8d28a01b57bfb8d1af2cd47029290802180cDão Gottwald — Bug 1430128 - Remove remnants of the iconsize attribute. r=Gijs
a3e930a4edfd0a1913cfa7d41ee59a0e0aa79ea8Michael Kaply — Bug 1426081 - Migrate legacy search engines to WebExtensions. r=florian
69408f067a9ccde6041ca26449eae32a4011499bMarco Bonardo — Bug 1416041 - Collapse one-offs buttons if only the current engine is active and don't select search settings when collapsed. r=florian
189a02700a27311b5a62def8fa27e1aabd5eca4fJonathan Kingston — Bug 1398169 - Use pref to disable registerContentHandler in non stable builds. r=baku,dao
54e562a94c3cf3da45af5a72bb8c81b5ef5a609fMike Hommey — Bug 1427471 - Set app.update.enabled to false when building with --disable-updater. r=rhelmer
cd2dd542895fa0332959c7a877a2d71a4c6c0ef2Mike Hommey — Bug 1430036 - Don't set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR when building on Debian. r=ted
d80a7ef3d32b3ca1e9dfaf0803c61e752261a4d7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #19747 - style: Add a document state invalidator (from emilio:doc-state-invalidator); r=upsuper
822e3896efed8822e5c2776e7a5873bce63f3e2eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — No bug: Remove some unused functions. r=me
ec9db833ef5b932c483b03f0e3b0cd6632f0f663Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1428906 - Implement Clone() and copy-constructors for nsDisplayTableBlendMode, nsDisplayTableBlendContainer, and nsDisplayTableFixedPosition r=mattwoodrow
2ca9f26c449c5324a50a695209feacbc4e73a274Brindusan Cristian — Merge mozilla-central to autoland r=merge a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
c11b6d76a5acbb81510bb29f36b2d47411917a7bTim Nguyen — Bug 1430009 - Remove reference to externalToolbars in customizableui toolbar.xml binding. r=Gijs
e50d4cdb9fa7b19f8e2643c968ca89d9902b9f8dGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1429709 - make relative SVG links absolute, r=jaws
15b42d200275ca628c605366f45b13711333f558Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Remove Mn test for WebDriver:ElementClear. r=automatedtester
9ab0d72e5e0bdb73f6d0c88a563b2720d839bc5bAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Remove clearElement atom. r=automatedtester
f9f835bce31b7a0f40c2a8e69b83cf8aaf4b4024Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Make WebDriver:ElementClear conforming to standard. r=automatedtester
66f58d8f33559bf9b1f8206a857312641ee1b169Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Add element.isEditingHost and element.isEditable. r=automatedtester
81c470ac944a856185fe683bc2f8da391cbcd27cAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Add element.isDisabled. r=automatedtester
65547df5268495dac490a219679755df75564887Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Add element.isReadOnly. r=automatedtester
1c2ba38f6989bc548a970687a43dc7675aec2791Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Use element.findClosest in element.getContainer. r=automatedtester
9350c2e8e01f8ed1e3fb6f88e291264fa0f68bdbAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Add element.findClosest for finding ancestor by CSS selector. r=automatedtester
4cdb2c2eb4c4739b8d54843d30b09f11418da38eAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Add shorthand for emulating DOM blur event. r=automatedtester
4bf05eb6e9b6ab20685a8edf625a3c946c409ee9Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1354211 - Consider <optgroup> when finding container element. r=automatedtester
c011bb60725113e3da91a813b8ef250cf2109b3dNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1418425) for windows build bustage "mbsdiff.exe : fatal error LNK1120". on a CLOSED TREE
686aaeae4c9239c508f561669a2766b8f9a02d4arohan — Bug 1422035 - Make RegisterEvents assert on children processes. r=Dexter
698ae46fa6340bfc93f5e9f212391bf8bc6feaa5Mark Banner — Bug 1429701 - Enable ESLint rule mozilla/use-services for dom/indexedDB. r=bevis
8b29651a367a0ff830bc64800752a3a6caffa484Ricky Chien — Bug 1409705 - Adding Cu.isDeadWrapper(window) to avoid accessing dead object r=Honza
1fc038162868151da0d94f6cb29d7a8e5a0651a6Tim Nguyen — Bug 1429721 - Ensure all netmonitor columns have a default width. r=rickychien
8154486d3e00cadfe9f22178dd0737817a0c9555Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Do not build bsdiff on Android. The updater doesn't use it (we ship apk directly) r=glandium
d32ae48690a7e62946a6a8ad1e925ffbcbae253fSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Remove libbz2 files as we were only using it for crc32 as the updater moved to lzma r=glandium
772538a846cb867352b46d3d282ed4a4ee301f33Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Ship only the crc table from bz2 and use it in the updater r=glandium
29fd023f999f94365889414c9e968a0f7538b151Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Update bsdiff to use libz instead of bz2 for the crc algo r=glandium
218077e821156a9b9c03eb1e70740558284ad1d0Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1418425 - Compile zlib as host lib r=glandium
74e94759584cda78f2c715bbb8a5c3ab1c524e37Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 76d24a5414eb (bug 1429721) for devtools failure on browser_net_headers-alignment.js. on a CLOSED TREE
ed6f1ea151c1eb56e2d45da039e7694bce70f32aMartin Stransky — Bug 1429021 - Don't try to start DBus service without any application/profile name, r=jhorak
83acad9bf47b7c32947d37f03e60622722c1fd88Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1399897 - Fix console_table mochitest; r=Honza.
914fce4a03e31172958705299a83128633911d48Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1399897 - Restrict the height of console table and add sticky headers; r=nchevobbe
4a9f600f565806c895708e43ffda1baa8d5888fcTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1429979 Part 3 - Use nsClassHashtable::Get() which directly returns the value. r=heycam
0cef7b376e37af3c31efce8323fd3aa52e710c1bTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1429979 Part 2 - Use ranged-based for loop to iterate FrameSet. r=heycam
5fc44817e8338df6fef166e0707e4fc5824353d0Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1429979 Part 1 - Use LookupForAdd() to avoid explicit new nsAutoPtr. r=heycam
76d24a5414eb18d4c3b98fe56e3009e14589d857Tim Nguyen — Bug 1429721 - Ensure all netmonitor columns have a default width. r=rickychien