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Thu Jul 07 16:50:45 2016 +0000
b3ea25bd3c4c5184e864f072ed0dd4f431f940bdMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make browser_testOpenNewRemoteTabsFromNonRemoteBrowsers.js wait for windows to be ready before sending them places. r?Gijs
45ffbc613605f861b92c72a2c7573f1d30f8fac3Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Tests in browser_windowStateContainer.js should wait for new browser windows to completely load. r?baku
de73a6a14fe2fb8981621a228174c6c51ac09c9cMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - When putting the initial tab into the restored background state, flip it to non-remote. r?mikedeboer
38a4f196d9332f9e07b32ae942947246f588735bMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Add a test that ensures that proper chromeFlags and nsILoadContext properties are set for private windows. r?ehsan
c2c8771392ec7ee404cc2a5cc27d4434140133b8Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Add a test for chromeflags for new windows from content. r?gabor
1c3bd7515e1704be718d586216bd1418ece5f1b0Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make pageloader assume that initial browsers are remote in e10s mode. r?jmaher
aa910978fc5a5691fef3340851d8420274bd2714Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make Marionette listener ensure that the loaded document is the one that was actually requested. r?ato
d499be753b9161c14e882d65ceefea92b54dccdbMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Fix up some private browsing tests to account for initial browsers being remote now. r?ehsan
b9ffe0ab6e9ca98295b1e7cfea1f98d07b16a064Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Disable browser_contentAreaClick.js for e10s. r?Gijs
abd3648c96a62938ab7c5df284ce6d38ca5056a7Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Update browser_394759_behavior.js to account for initial browser being remote. r?mikedeboer
6d6224e1643b3df230bda13be56ec7a192e120fcMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Update browser_bug495058.js to account for the initial browser being remote. r?Gijs
1eefabd784934a73ff891c6ff669de1e0df4e509Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Update browser_privatebrowsing_downloadLastDir_toggle.js to use add_task and BrowserTestUtils. r?ehsan
ba7849dcfe93d2947fadb745e7703472bd018417Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_async_window_flushing.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
b83c03b6c16c38a7588314e9a783d4c1ad2582e4Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make sure ExtensionContent.jsm has been loaded in the parent process if Extension.jsm is initialized. r?John-Galt
33cc28a55680c836b970c9a5455f7355cd3f7507Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_423132.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
8174446218d17f633acf3eab5fc8f7317d178c5cMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_394759_behavior.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
a6da50f98ba0b28a40ab1e65b5cb874060f92738Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_bug495058.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
c99caea83abdc37edd2720ba8655f98ae9639698Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Add methods to nsIDocShellTreeOwner for sizing the primary content. r?smaug
bbeac2953fde8fa8332808d6476d1266508cc56fMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - ContentParent::RecvCreateWindow should always set an nsresult outparam. r?smaug
4a3b1945ae17e983600748afd9a1d77a2d74012aMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Stop sending the window name to ContentParent when opening a new window. r?smaug
0f8b603781817f58c4664a33429325bc316598e9Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Factor out logic for creating windows for content processes from nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowInternal. r?smaug
6a8bec68ecc5bce856fb22e84e485973dc803a74Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Use nsACString in more places instead of raw strings inside nsWindowWatcher. r?smaug
f5863406863f50f19227fe26e872956d2850119fMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs. r?felipe
15d0e9166b60a52a85417135976d4bb4bd6dd4ceMike Conley — Bug 1278985 - Remove unused URL arg from CreateChromeWindow2. r=mrbkap
63cc31d6cc1c8089590461016ce0b4a2fb77ecbcSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c8700e65f41b (bug 1284440) for causing graphic issues (bug 1285243). r=backout