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Tue Feb 16 15:52:05 2016 +0000
c9b53332083e78246c1a836bf9ade76a4a0bd040Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1248584 - assert firstMonitorStub_ in ICMonitoredStub in order to silence Coverity. r?jandem
6ea654cad929c9bedd8a4161a182b6189fbeae6aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
53029769feefdb9e01b239c9c9e7bb3b089b1019Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset decfe1d8c927 (bug 1242774) for causing leaks
03fc467e100217768a96fb5adeb0feda7a21ccfbAidin Gharibnavaz — Bug 1235830 - Renaming GetInternalNSEvent to WidgetEvent, in nsIDOMEvent r=smaug
f5df9f4596dc4276676257d98d50707da6f97395Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1242093 - Fix assertion in Downscaler::ClearRow. r=njn
decfe1d8c927d13abaf5105492eb3477f574da6bAlastor Wu — Bug 1242774 - add crash test. r=jwwang.
9eeb24ae183dbbd9965c16b5f5ee995331568ac2ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1248252 - Improper outdated octal constant syntax in M-C tree. Use '0o' prefix. r=dao
d2cb189066ea16c0ff0b0840b5848b5328e49ac6Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1247656: Make sure that remote reoffer does not change the media type of an m-line. r=drno
9d5fa6d7558a415d38b979452c99f65dddc3a667Honza Bambas — Bug 1247432 - Don't do any unnecessary I/O in cache2 after shutdown, r=michal
d11e0cc96a076adb62b9a734843977a13ed56062Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1247299 - Force SavedFrame columns to be 0 in JS_MORE_DETERMINISTIC builds; r=sfink
2ac8a04c4635ab3e2d89d65c71bd2444e5396eddLandry Breuil — Bug 1243493 - Add BSDs to NSPR r=ted
d7ea24c4e34769da77f25161baf4974b68e0361bJan Keromnes — Bug 1241841 - Remove the RootActor's service worker registration listener on disconnect. r=ejpbruel
558e99b7aff02dc8dc6b507473c0ecec886c7d1dJamie Nicol — Bug 1241078 - Only treat items as backface hidden if they are 3D-transformed. r=tlee
63ff40690fcd9d397daad42f38829088ab5ba227David Anderson — Lazily initialize D3D11 mix-blend shaders. (bug 1246388, r=mattwoodrow)
fb7ceaf4b009243423cdaf1077adbb6c609b22e5Mark Hammond — Backout revision 4f941cddcf34 (bug 1243594) for xpcshell failures.
97f2c31df5f5b5c36992a8167e3cdc26fb8748d9Mark Hammond — Backed out changeset 5688da9024b6 (bug 1243594) for xpcshell test failures.
5688da9024b661ebd6db4ef81bd19c59b4d15386Mark Hammond — Bug 1243594 (part 2) - have rest.js automatically encode the request body as utf-8. r=gfritzsche
4f941cddcf34462a4b15694000bf3388e1b00cc4Mark Hammond — Bug 1243594 (part 1) - remove misleading references to utf8 in Credentials.jsm. r=rfkelly
49adf1dee4ddf45d6090c5c7849b512ad8377f6cMark Hammond — Bug 1236372 - increase the size of the synced tabs panel so localized content is more likely to fit. r=Gijs
1ba422314bc61c2cbf657f8c76ffff7e10a9082eMark Hammond — Bug 1247114 - do a one-off move of the synced-tabs button to the panel if Sync is initialized. r=Gijs
438b42019921171cdbcbad79dc216d185cad1b5fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1225842 - Properly send message to update open search state. r=liuche
f7b64f45c4fb8a06514b878dbec85f35654766e0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1245930 - Disable zoomed view on non-Nightly builds. r=mcomella