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Sat May 28 13:01:27 2016 +0000
4b67433a7edcd8e1ee38998348f4fb549e6c65faRail Aliiev — Bug 1276451 - Do not beetmove stub installer in esr based releases r=jlund a=release DONTBUILD
17d8abb5b1803418ea206cd60fe5386dc8dded98Ben Kelly — Bug 1276271 P2 Verify responsive design UI does not leak when window is closed. r=jryans
55dc8f7c505ce35a04ade9c2f00d0a3dd9dba790Ben Kelly — Bug 1276271 P1 Don't leak windows when response design tool is closed while active. r=jryans
650ba00927b41ceb006f20e86693c7ed262a09ebJan de Mooij — Bug 1274922 part 2 - Give the shell its own EnvironmentPreparer. r=jorendorff
511ad37f594b9984c881724abba96821ccd91716Jan de Mooij — Bug 1274922 part 1 - Remove ShellRuntime::gotError. r=jonco
54abdc6d524e87f3714d90ee2df276caa999b8f5Jan de Mooij — Bug 1276162 part 2 - Remove ContextOption and make frame iterators always see all frames. r=luke
d04a27a81ae928cd3535ffb34595ba5d2248a1e8Jan de Mooij — Bug 1276162 part 1 - Stop skipping contexts in GetScriptedCallerActivationFast. r=bz
0667549f62c0b41938ec448951e1b476ea7e88f5Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b12fe0ea05d6 (bug 1275306) for likely causing intermittent crashes in 13.3.0_7.js. r=backout
8fa26a17137868e2d72a98b294398940855ae8adSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4942b307cf4a (bug 1275306)
86cda9d3eaa2c6ca8c88801f44dcfaff22591ed8Chris Peterson — Bug 1275016 - Rename Endian.h to EndianUtils.h to avoid #include confusion with Android's endian.h stdlib header. r=froydnj
1b661134e2caa95f9c68615202f876995b84ec49Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 619ef5aac05f (bug 1270278) due to jit-test and xpcshell failures.
dfa30f88a5e56529c1c077c5120d6f70d832d294Yura Zenevich — Bug 1275983 - adding relations caching tests. r=eeejay
6e80d6ebb0f9122f779931c3a3a657b8659489e6Yura Zenevich — Bug 1275983 - support proxies in xpcAccessible::GetRelationByType(). r=tbsaunde
ff41a86fc3b395255982059b6e33d7be4e684d84Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276133 part 2. Remove the now-unused aJSCallerContext argument of nsGlobalWindow::OpenInternal. r=smaug
6adda4788ea85da98b68db3762dc1f574054b2ddBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1276133 part 1. Stop using GetDefaultScopeFromJSContext in nsGlobalWindow::OpenInternal. Instead, use the entry global's outer window (if the entry global is a window), which should correspond to the stack-top JSContext in all web-visible cases right now. r=smaug
6210926fe4f3d39d9f8044db8d341bf46968ff16Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276309 part 2. Stop depending on the exact value of nsIScriptContext::GetNativeContext in nsGlobalWindow::FinalClose. r=smaug
eb35c54faae8e690d7c9cbffe1c94b845951ada5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276309 part 1. Stop depending on the exact value of nsIScriptContext::GetNativeContext in the scriptloader. r=bkelly
9c3411213ac7e9fec81f44c97655dfa4ea814eb9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1275698. Get rid of nsScriptSecurityManager::ScriptAllowed and replace it with xpc::Scriptability::Get(obj).Allowed() for better performance and less indirection. r=khuey
d9db24868efdf51ed6b518d7befe6a124c23d6a3Bill McCloskey — Bug 1270628 - Stop using content-child-shutdown observer in nsPerformanceStats (r=Yoric)
577123ff73d3104f3979c123ccfbcc0303a20541Bill McCloskey — Bug 1276353 - Use UncheckedUnwrap in DOMInstanceOf (r=mrbkap)
619ef5aac05fa3dadb656fac5352dc712451c109Terrence Cole — Bug 1270278; Handle OOM better in Debugger::onPopCall; r=shu
764ab2ad75e784d0175f6645c1c2fca4816863afSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 18f02d991078 (bug 956899) for likely causing intermittent crashes in 13.3.0_7.js. r=backout
3c86f1e4bbc95042068ec7b1e2246ab54239e1ceSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 67d13c5fcf84 (bug 956899)
a3a3aa23f4ef145bdc30278e092b77676e00babfSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8aa6b27297b6 (bug 956899)
4224b7714822e13b16c0c6508f3d1b6090bb38a7Daniel Holbert — Bug 1261964 part 4: Bump fuzzy threshold for new reftest, to accommodate extra fuzziness on WinXP. DONTBUILD
0a95ec797d92344f1fbb262c2901a937342a84efDaniel Holbert — Bug 1261964 part 3: Bump fuzzy threshold for new reftest, to accommodate extra fuzziness on Win8.
74f12ae5dbc55caabb5bd546c6f12ce1ed282facAndrew McCreight — Bug 1276318, part 2 - Fix mode lines in ipc/glue. r=billm
94308fa7a31673a90a9741f16a1dd7a6f268bafcAndrew McCreight — Bug 1276318, part 1 - Fix leading tabs in ipc/glue. r=billm
5c73a69cb9eb5aab005d31d601f69abaa792390aWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
643f808c71a13f100163ff22d58d9a7113a2dc2fYura Zenevich — Bug 1275938 - adding state caching tests. r=eeejay
29c8e0e38c6323b674a3a2619a3dd4ec2ba2df27Andrew Swan — Bug 1272425 Fix downloads misc tests r=kmag
7856fc2284735fbca3b33f76eb045c9ad3e8b8c9Seth Fowler — Bug 1207830 (Part 3) - Add a test that downscaling ICOs with AND mask transparency doesn't cause disaster. r=njn
3a61f536f0e6b992ddc587a2d4620e58da3a2fe6Seth Fowler — Bug 1207830 (Part 2) - Add downscale-during-decode GTests for all image formats. r=njn
3b02a890b94e4b1879f0bd8e2361444e17de5dc5Seth Fowler — Bug 1207830 (Part 1) - Make it possible to create an anonymous decoder that downscales. r=njn
2e2085781ab223642bb266ff729a7569fdaf1858Daniel Holbert — Bug 1261964 part 2: Add reftest for downscaling a moz-icon image. r=seth
e079016796cc75f450cdfddf4409c4a69bdfd710David Burns — Bug 1003688: Reenable Marionette scrolling test; r=me
ddd9b902f9e11e0e18709accab05982245e27dbeBotond Ballo — Bug 1267999 - An APZC cannot be checkerboarding if APZ is force-disabled for it. r=kats
d667c7bfcc25d1f3ae4c7e29a5030d223f3eaf5aBotond Ballo — Bug 1273227 - Fix an assertion in TextureClient::Unlock(). r=nical
5483a7f7649caeb0e86035ed2d10572164b3282aBenoit Girard — Bug 1272821 - remove the WebGL feature failure from telemetry. r=jrmuizel
47c611b9a71b2da9716aa1c165afdf0458f856d0Ralph Giles — Bug 1276137 - Update linux tooltool rust to 1.9.0. r=mshal
21263fbfdcc22d62b72836a3bd37c6cadb860704Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1274152: All in downloadable blocklist only means All Windows. r=jrmuizel
69977c5df1c6af2494ba354edf56f9e103fbd24fDaniel Holbert — Bug 1271029: Re-enable test_bug465448.xul in e10s (and b2g) mochitest runs, now that it passes. (test-only)
e2261f30d0a75109526d7108bc6b70b9dc27b831Chris Manchester — Bug 1276037 - Update artifact builds to be able to find Linux taskcluster builds. r=mshal
00e5d65e076c69b71bcecf143bb5bd78ccc8752eChris Manchester — Bug 1276037 - Update routes for linux64 debug builds to reflect that they are debug builds. r=mshal
3bb683963f9886ad13a862e17fe812f2d3cb6b20Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276112 followup. Reinstate a null-check that got lost. r=mccr8
8aa6b27297b6aa94abb63b2430f7879f14dfa86aTerrence Cole — Bug 956899 - Use js::Thread for JS shell watchdog thread; r=jandem
67d13c5fcf841e33734c0568fffa9f7686fd264fTerrence Cole — Bug 956899 - Use Mutex and ConditionVariable to simplify shell watchdog; r=jandem
18f02d991078d01ae91f2b6c6ed1a6520143f2cdTerrence Cole — Bug 956899 - Add comments to ConditionVariable and handle some edge cases gracefully; r=froydnj
4942b307cf4a1784168dd7a6d167a0c7a62c6790Terrence Cole — Bug 1275306 - Part 2: Use a TimeStamp to implement watchdogTimeout; r=jandem
b12fe0ea05d6669181144ad17652cc0d92a81de8Terrence Cole — Bug 1275306 - Part 1: Use TimeDuration for MAX_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL in the JS shell; r=jandem
e97d36a133b711e97b11c5b790b49cdb44efae70Jim Chen — Bug 1272557 - Delay initializing PushService and DLC; r=snorp
1ece2881d7b68ad3119803f1db6d66a4e403c5c7Jim Chen — Bug 1275371 - Don't forward delete on shift+backspace; r=esawin
867bca2fa2a37ab87fa46045a1970d9f6dc23939Jim Chen — Bug 1275371 - Add test for shift+backspace; r=esawin
2870fc2fd1ce033c95e614ffc185625f56cf630emalayaleecoder — Bug 766598 - move responsiveness metric to r=jmaher
00fdf59663db3f4391d5d0aeecf90469ba56d1edDan Minor — Bug 1263621 - Disable test_peerConnection_addTrack.html on autophone; r=bc
87d45d38ab4ae69ce67788899982c7776725cccbNils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1275648: check return value of GetPipelineByTrackId_m. r=jesup
add719ee5b2f0f3475f2aa5f7c4cbdb861b186f7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1268957. Fire an error event on the <link> element when a stylesheet load is blocked via content policy. r=ckerschb
796bb8ece8c3f2ee71b678db88b67f723dd0e514Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276297. Remove the unused WorkerPrivateParent::ParentJSContext function. r=khuey
8834d0097b90392f22d32e4ef41e6eefec7ce26bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1276286. Remove the unused JSContext stuff in nsJSObjWrapper::GetNewOrUsed. r=mccr8
2916205d7ef84ffbc5da9a6c5e16a27df8a3168eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1276292. Remove the unused nsNPAPIPluginInstance::GetJSContext function. r=mccr8
e8af287d0d103d91a7af443f499380ea4844631eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1276112. Stop using GetScriptContextFromJSContext in CycleCollectedJSRuntime::UsefulToMergeZones. r=mccr8
41837def5c6be47bd0b513dd4eec1d52aa93f9d4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276138. Remove the current/safe JSContext getters from nsScriptSecurityManager. r=mrbkap
322c9a78bd3a9f2b1ed0216b5ba437951d3f2504Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1276231. Remove the unused return value of XPCJSContextStack::Pop. r=mrbkap
826c880607a1e78790b3028383a20f429aa85be9Vladan Djeric — Bug 1276304 - Remove unused getHiddenWindowAndJSContext function. r=bzbarsky