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Fri Mar 25 18:32:13 2016 +0000
dc8716f649aa2b8d611f5dfd014d2e53cab3d2eeDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1255644: remove unused task definitions; r?wcosta
ac482faf3373c1909d75ba89ca748f59bee609a2Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 8e8e5cdc1ff4 (bug 1259007) for browser_ext_browserAction_pageAction_icon.js failures
4a3ac7d3049cec8538719b288fd96b3e531cc429Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e40580ed0fe6 (bug 1247396) for Windows builds failing to find sicudt.lib
58c9a586754efb3c052edef401daaed2dba14e88Ted Mielczarek — bug 1259753 - fix some C++ unittests to use ScopedXPCOM to init XPCOM. r=ms2ger
7b04f21506814f59eefd89808a166d593db3d53dBobby Holley — Bug 1259677 - nsRuleNode passes wrong hash key to PLDHashTable when converting child list into child hash. r=bz
06a0c49f1206457a0a30138409a5e770e896f81bBas Schouten — Bug 1258168: Push ClearType compatible clipping layers when the last pushed layer was marked as opaque. r=jrmuizel
e40580ed0fe6fab50f1d8d23747c2cf423d93016Ted Mielczarek — bug 1247396 - drop support for MOZ_SHARED_ICU. r=glandium
8e8e5cdc1ff48176c1ddec999aec28f07e9d1c3d4esn0k — Bug 1259007 - Update for Merge to use only one buffer; r=mrrrgn
542fffb3ce3d941e223a33753539c7c83b32d8f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
4907a0296ff97afd10bd83f05f264149fa770dd3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1259545. Remove the JS_SaveFrameChain bits in CallbackObject error reporting, since they are no longer needed. r=bholley
169b38772095ced5c64868fc80d6185f13514528Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1256720: Remove a bad assertion, and simplify some code. r=drno
6dbd1b04414da30241642900d6c68155115093aaNathan Froyd Bug 1255438 - fix OS X warning bustage and reopen this CLOSED TREE; r=me
95494e68c7221d808062ecfbc7189b2db8cf62cbNathan Froyd Bug 1177488 - use |const char*| for representing async call reasons; r=bz,fitzgen
8d3e9d751d6b6aba2eae47ea683dcd03861bba80Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1259236 - test pc.addTrack of track in constructed stream. r=bwc
bd6af82dc55508b2d4e6afd4bb4301079f4e028fJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1259236 - throw NotSupportedError on pc.addTrack of track in constructed stream. r=bwc
b125b74ee12bc2bb9d1c14cbdf9a35131b779122Nathan Froyd Bug 1255438 - create nsI{Mutable,}Array directly; r=keeler
c9e6dcefcfe85e0613f940d04493add4ec685af8Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1238704: remove special-casing of clobber jobs; r=wcosta
0fad49a543ea673c3e88e89a182cba91efa407a5Patrick McManus — Bug 1259459 - h2 0 length options puts end-stream on headers r=hurley
89303d46895dd5aa02c8f5d0c4abd03dd7e18028Jan de Mooij — Bug 1247312 - Don't generate invalid LDRD instructions on ARM. r=nbp
46b58297c2dee95fea660c3fae987fda7b3e36fbJeremy Chen — Bug 1247777 - Part4.2: add compatible webkit prefixed properties in
b585613bbba13b50b5acb09b5c0d110eb5097cc5Jeremy Chen — Bug 1247777 - Part4.1: replace windows-style line endings with unix-style line endings. r=bz
12839d1c34f919668483f265c31f482e7466f3f7Jeremy Chen — Bug 1247777 - Part3: reftests for -webkit-text-fill-color. r=jfkthame
9ae5ed2b30c29d00df10de222add85b2b36f4607Jeremy Chen — Bug 1247777 - Part2: implement -webkit-text-fill-color rendering. r=jfkthame
bd9c1f492d6c83e985ef09141462acb49a6b68baJeremy Chen — Bug 1247777 - Part1: parse and compute -webkit-text-fill-color property. r=heycam