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Fri Apr 13 04:36:02 2018 +0000
1d93f11cb34a7fa18eec3a7317d6261385602184Markus Stange — Bug 1444432 - Implement screenshot grabbing in LayerManagerComposite. r?jrmuizel
4683c63356a434e5283e82a9b50d0410521ee264Markus Stange — Bug 1444432 - Add Compositor::GetWindowRenderTarget() and implement it for CompositorOGL. r?jrmuizel
744d10d9f0d774e92d7b4d994700793cb66a1f9fMarkus Stange — Bug 1444432 - Create Compositor::BlitRenderTarget and implement it for CompositorOGL. r?jrmuizel
069b79ea3abb0f897472144bc2b57a8dcfe9ce13Markus Stange — Bug 1444432 - Create a Compositor abstraction called AsyncReadbackBuffer and implement it for CompositorOGL. r?jrmuizel
fb0181e1cdb254b78b4c1041601ec95f01b1624bMarkus Stange — Bug 1444432 - Add missing gfx:: qualifiers in TextureClientOGL.cpp. r?jrmuizel
1f2ae4e8b9f4c49eda26973c03a4dcb8bde93e09Markus Stange — Bug 1444432 - Add an #include "X11UndefineNone.h" to GLXLibrary.h after the X11 header include, so that TiledContentClient.h doesn't suffer from a redefined None. r?jrmuizel