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Fri Mar 03 20:52:34 2017 +0000
889c5fb8f1a8791863f6c5f84ebcd6dd753cd2c0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1340723 part 3. Fix stylo to properly update styles on the anonymous blocks we create in a block-inside-inline situation when the style of the inline changes. r?emilio
f7ebe1bf7982cb75c233d887104ab9a58a9715f1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1340723 part 2. Call the new UpdateStyleOnOwnedAnonBoxes function as needed from ServoRestyleManager. r?emilio
44247441ff7aa6f70cc07de74e32578a54175918Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1340723 part 1. Add an nsIFrame function that can be called from the stylo restyle manager to update style contexts on anonymous boxes associated with that frame, and a frame state bit that can be used to optimize out the virtual calls. r?emilio