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Wed May 16 18:43:56 2018 +0000
532ef470389002a67f4adfc47bbf356d19caaf9eTom Ritter — Bug 1460668 Bump MinGW to capture the CD3D11_BLEND_DESC fix r?froydnj
624a437e873422b36e40059f2d0d99262841417cTom Ritter — Bug 1460645 Avoid the thread_local keyword for MinGW and instead use __thread r?froydnj
7cc103c81c645a1d0290f7bd193e30733efd23b6Tom Ritter — Bug 1460647 Move big-obj out of Developer_OPTIONS so local MinGW builds work r?Build
8830a942fdbdf818e5bc2dae4a24212d33786ad8Tom Ritter — Bug 1440013 For MinGW build, pass -Wa,-mbig-obj to solve 'too many sections' errors r?glandium
e9061836d4985b020f86df1e694a26c9c5f42021Tom Ritter — Bug 1448453 Update libvpx to have a 64 bit mingw config
5e32a77afd2e9d18b313204665f44d894f97417dTom Ritter — Bug 1448461 Give libaom a x64 MinGW config
93ee1cd14749f6d50bf0786c4399ca177e4dc467Tom Ritter — Bug 1448483 Remove reference and use of ssize_t in CityHash to avoid conflicting definitions in MinGW x64 r?froydnj
66c0cdd3f6f3c08aed3cb790cd917b241b3070a0Tom Ritter — Bug 1448746 Capitalization fixes for MinGW x64 build in the crash reporter (for-esr60)
1effd97adc8f86ff8806d9a487bf7f5dbf06620aTom Ritter — Bug 1449835 Do not compile Windows x64 Crash Test Assembly for MinGW (for-esr60)
20e7038f048f59f73069bf3d140edb3a5d8e5c91Tom Ritter — Bug 1457598 Add MinGW and GCC scripts to the resources of fxc2 and nsis to ensure they get rebuilt (for-esr60)
6ff55811068ad7b9dffb774a1b45651703da447aTom Ritter — Bug 1420350 Enable jemalloc on MinGW r?glandium
d9f6f8ec9de50c16bafd8ef611cefce14ed97be3Tom Ritter — Bug 1460720 Do not define _aligned_malloc - instead define _aligned_malloc_impl and export _aligned_malloc r?glandium
30b6e3ab5f15cde9f9b534db84e504f61aa50afeTom Ritter — Bug 1460882 Disable SANDBOX_EXPORTS for the MinGW Build r?bobowen
efbcc205a0d3562691bf62bb0cb55bb7e891e8ffNick Thomas — Bug 1455337 - followup fix, r=me, a=release FIREFOX_60_0_1esr_BUILD1 FIREFOX_60_0_1esr_RELEASE
f7f40b6cf8cfc0d7a84b585a1e6d27ad14dc06c4Justin Wood callek — Bug 1455337 - Set min version appropriately for language packs. r=gps, a=testing
c9846ca8c38f421be13baa5bf0d479b9637e806fKris Maglione — Bug 1461590 - Lower-case hostnames when adding substitutions. r=smaug, f=dveditz, a=RyanVM
d4ddbb9e06c82bc653f07cab9692254ff28c7b0bTom Prince — Bug 1436662 - Fix Thunderbird support for building windows packages. r=mshal, a=jcristau
0619e26054d753c6e7c90c5e5d2906f3037cff4bTom Prince — Bug 1436662: Remove `installer` MOZ_AUTOMATION stage; r=mshal a=jcristau
f1193936462789453efaf9f07737cf2a95533edfTom Prince — Bug 1436662: Package translated uninstaller; r=pike,mshal a=jcristau
0ff2170567cb3e45bb2f82e21cbc9d0cdfb20939Jon Coppeard — Bug 1449033 - Set new group unknown flag on placeholder prototypes where necessary. r=jandem, a=ritu
423e30150b9a962f5ad50da561b4ab45e4cbd4a0Ricky Rosario — Bug 1458906 - A "Sponsored content" card is wrongly displayed on the first new tab opened, after the "Sponsored Stories" option was unchecked. r=k88hudson, a=jcristau
d5595a55f4c1d19ebbcf5a0206d5937b92137e7eDão Gottwald — Bug 1458956 - Fix selectors for tabbrowser to use -moz-default-background-color as its default background in high contrast mode. r=mconley, a=jcristau
53b88f7b99821a4daf900615e250f2e09eb104f8Botond Ballo — Bug 1457743 - Fix check for entering momentum-scrolling codepath after both fingers are released in a two-finger pan. r=kats, a=jcristau
f8098a5cd01049b989be5a0449e5d62b47c2943cAki Sasaki — Bug 1459391 - Fix intermittent OSX vcversioner install error. r=tomprince, a=test-only
275875c44e45866d23c7a00675847932f6d91321Kearwood Gilbert — Bug 1459362 - Disable WebVR in release on macOS (Backed out changeset 1b24d52edebb). r=smaug, a=jcristau
b20c5c5180a7886d25c138d5577b68f1b112a911Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1458553 - Return of Google Maps all black map with updated Nvidia web driver on Mac. r=Alex_Gaynor, a=jcristau
1496652b66f905579d9967f437bf3123deebea98Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 962248 - Rewrite zoom test to be less terrible. r=dthayer, a=test-only
2d233d3c02be86bbcfc4cfc9c890b092a2b0fb5fJulian Descottes — Bug 1441507 - Fix window focus issue for intermittent browser_shim_disable_devtools. r=pbro, a=test-only
532f68d2f5b442812266fcc1499f1ca4721b0cdeDan Minor — Bug 1456071 - Do not dispatch InsertDTMFTone call to sts thread. r=bwc, a=RyanVM
7ff41cf175dc175adbdd39a8249b22beac6d8c16Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1430215 - Update test expectations. a=RyanVM
7037720f8b6bf6eeab0853c2cdbdd925cadc0f5aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1430215 - Check on the principal in mozilla::dom::CheckSecurityForHTMLElements in case SurfaceFromElement returns an incomplete result. r=aosmond, a=RyanVM
89fe4f852dd226af2be9a3a41fe06449aa4ef23cMozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging e1c89bf28365823de83262354b17801158d9414f with FIREFOX_60_0esr_BUILD6, FIREFOX_60_0esr_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
f7e822f67a4490520630cc8271b948c0fa30d112Aki Sasaki — bug 1408868 - back out the broken portions of cbdef048e40c. r=backout a=release
3274916e9c7be879da3680fa0329a69403abdbf7Henrik Skupin — Bug 1396185 - [wdspec] Fix race condition in test_title_after_modification. r=ato, a=test-only
c06b7fd656fb86b8c5f9e512e9bc592e13bad96bHenrik Skupin — Bug 1396185 - [wdspec] Fix linter failures in r=ato
817f74ad9de08668dbb928632a21a985a65398b8Henrik Skupin — Bug 1396185 - [wdspec] Use shared get_title function for making HTTP requests. r=ato
d8bfa9b99692a46f2875901c63ae5c2796f0f80fHenrik Skupin — Bug 1396185 - [wdspec] Remove unwanted docstring references to the spec. r=ato
eca6dd107bf79270da8093873ea90313f198a55cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge mozilla-release to esr60. a=merge
6b2b6c319ef92c58d0bece02af59cf1553eab609Simon Fraser — Bug 1459185 Fix filter for email in release-notify-promote r=jlorenzo a=release
4a43592f14df511247ffcfde4a850003f274f272Simon Fraser — Bug 1459185 Fix filter for email in release-notify-promote r=jlorenzo a=release
5c4f8510ccf7e32740818dcfb5f87ad1f931d5aeJustin Wood — Bug 1459050 - ja-JP-mac language pack should be submitted to AMO as "unlisted" in all cases. r=aki a=release
42c4c1bc1fa68bf89b6ff9849847063d38bec2c8Nick Thomas — Bug 1459116 - Disable job failed/exception notifications, r=rail a=release
ea1b25ecac779d08090fc630feddad05775808a2Tom Prince — Bug 1456182: [update-verify] Stop creating a virtualenv in update-verify-config-creator; r=nthomas a=release
6475642df0ce4b26e74b9a2088c4be67cbe2115eMozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
4855a5d6748066cc7821e243afd3e7b07bcc5966Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging fb499da47550f9abfa20a93c3830fbf971962e99 with FENNEC_60_0_BUILD1, FENNEC_60_0_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE