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Fri May 25 10:21:09 2018 +0000
3b01e227a0b5bad6e5237f062e9abfd29cffa870Mark Banner — Bug 824502 - When Sync receives incoming queries with folder= in them, add excludeItems=1 to the end to avoid broken queries loading the whole database. r?kitcambridge
0d19efd19ce66d99150a25c00d631b86e839051fMark Banner — Bug 824502 - Fix unit tests for the folder=<id> to parent=<guid> transition. r?mak
17bb5160cb43d6efd658d9483302f6a0e016ebe8Mark Banner — Bug 824502 - Migrate folder=<id> based queries to parent=<guid> for Places' bookmark queries. r?mak
9ff051238dd7f8ec683d9dde11657f3f392efeb3Mark Banner — Bug 824502 - Change folder=<id> to parent=<guid> in Places' bookmark queries. r?mak