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Mon Oct 24 16:26:20 2016 +0000
5b60a33869ef7b476ad340c1a400f0c16f9f9ea0Paul Adenot — Backed out changeset 3c7b927f4b0b
fac7c4b729ccd735faa0c4434ae7eede3be95dd6Laszlo Ersek — Bug 1304962 - Fix argument processing in AARCH64 xptcall. r=froydnj, a=lizzard
29a171c7f26dcff9326ffd950e5446ee1f9d0d7bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1311247 - Avoid using unsafe CPOWs in browser_perwindow_privateBrowsing.js. r=mrbkap, a=test-only
f8422ce3d9c6743ef467c1e3394fb83762298a8cDave Townsend — Bug 1311459 - Fix unsafe CPOW warnings in toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/xpinstall. r=rhelmer, a=test-only
41f4ad2acadfef63851abed019bad9b91923b8fcGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1278388 - Re-enable test that was disabled for 50 because the issue causing the failure was fixed in bug 1275089. a=test-only
0f6ce21169761fde4d0d9058984b1ba3c651e6b5ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 2bb6dc758711c00d84246d74b57e5aa6cae4b447 with FIREFOX_50_0b9_BUILD1, FIREFOX_50_0b9_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
328aacd63a389e49956cc34b3be052ffd5f5b519ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
d69e6eb5d19f81e22ddd026857e2b5b7b57d37b5Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1310061 - Avoid interop issues with SHA384. r=mt, a=ritu
79247eb8ce1f6c5e4444c196983cf7630fa62e9cLuca Greco — Bug 1149162 - Remove CPOW shim usage in SDK test-tab test related to tab.readyState. r=Mossop, a=test-only
1ad4ab26875c6512b577f8f6974260fcd76d35b6Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1311588 - Use longer duration to avoid failure on Android. r=boris, a=test-only
00f11e7650b184162dbedf9c82a7917b5c07d216Bill McCloskey — Bug 1211270 - Fix CPOW bug in browser_onbeforeunload_navigation.js. r=mrbkap, a=test-only
e4e6022059e5c35d3b1bbc731b1f68f266302be3Matthew Gregan — Bug 1308418 - Avoid double-constructing owned_critical_section via copy constructor. r=jya a=jcristau
2bb6dc758711c00d84246d74b57e5aa6cae4b447Nicolas Silva — Bug 1088300 - Don't attempt to paint a ClientLayerManager if IPC is down (take two). r=dvander a=ritu FIREFOX_50_0b9_BUILD1 FIREFOX_50_0b9_RELEASE
d4fe6876afeb14bfa005e24b9e47260d9a2b4e1cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1292443 a=dveditz
0cf671e08f5c41c82aa9930dd5084699683d0901Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset fa0189889818 (bug 1306639) for failures in browser_urlbarSearchTelemetry.js a=backout
8ebdcfa6203a25d4c8d8a73daa3342f6a64c1090Michael Froman — Bug 1290049 - only process ice connection state change if new state differs from old state. r=bwc a=ritu
9f719285cd161a538446d0601162b474914e8a14Jan Beich — Bug 1295883 - Chase Linux scroll wheel behavior on Tier3 desktop Unix. r=smaug a=ritu
69c68bce430d468037bc82223acb9ea4155dbc7dbechen — Bug 1304948 - beta: 1.Check the target cue belongs to corresponding TextTrack. 2. Don't run TimeMarchesOn when shutdown. r=rillian, a=ritu
fa0189889818d142c9e7161f72419c9a6c501adfMarco Bonardo — Bug 1306639 - Searching in locationbar by typing something and pressing enter is not accounted in telemetry. r=adw, a=ritu
274a1f17a29aeba2f75f7bf53a931a946c6ab05fAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1307127 - Pass along pageTimeout when polling for ready state from chrome; r=automatedtester, a=test-only
ddd81d1833741eb6972747362174724e4a256f0dJustin Wood — Bug 1305095 - Add a fallback hg fingerprint, supports timeouts in automation and supports local developers who wish to use 'run locally'. r=dustin,gps, a=test-only
a4f0662b4a48280ef2db0862c6081c12ae4254b7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1271182 - Renable browser_aboutURLs.js on Windows. r=RyanVM, a=test-only
419291bc952be4598445b4bbaa7dd0665e994cfeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1310596 - actually import OS.File in the 360se profile migrator code, r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
444760be4952778128a25c687403c2c1c5579746Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1310596 - do not allow errors in reporting migrator data recency to break the rest of the migration, r=mikedeboer, a=ritu
f6ee39199d93be1dd8fc4083d499d5046fcc9b4cMakoto Kato — Bug 1310453 - Check whether aUri isn't created. r=jimm, a=ritu
c5487cf50dbc2052912a75ffc33c5b44d36ed6dfMichael Kelly — Bug 1310146 - Add sync client counts to UITour, r=gijs,data-r=bsmedberg, a=ritu
32fccc1a23928d8908a164ad8446ef0c487bf48dMike Conley — Bug 1309980 - Only enable Simplify Print on early Betas for Windows, and on Nightly for Linux. r=jaws, a=ritu
1a13f8a2fa91546601a086696bb5513e6e8df121Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1306669 - Root an object that lives across ffi_call. r=jonco, a=ritu
899446883f1a57ec782b5c40b34d081ce78e5b72Andrew Swan — Bug 1304392 Fix startup reason for bootstrapped addons that require restart for e10s. r=rhelmer a=ritu
de034e946e3c987d46ad92bef9234df19e5e67d3Randell Jesup — Bug 1300818: bustage fix rs=kwierso on a CLOSED TREE, a=bustage-fix
a70d8dc4e3f9456b2786a51d64405ee624844e90Paul Adenot — Bug 1300818 - Cap latency at 512 frames for some mac models. r=jesup, a=ritu
ec45633dde2acf96a53e10870126ec8f1af44cf6Kilik Kuo — Bug 1150371 - [Part2] DRM UI should not show up when Clearkey is the only one CDM created successfully. r=florian, a=gchang
b68ca93e59e24650c7b268b98ae75a154d20ec3bKilik Kuo — Bug 1150371 - [Part1] - Remove 'Learn more about Drm...' from r-click context menu if it's a MediaElement for clearkey content. r=florian, a=ritu
4f86c8f412bcb7d0cdb17fe6b40f0732ad260c4dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1120279 - Always check if the next frame is available before advancing an animation. r=edwin, a=gchang
38615d5beb633ff9fce844b3e5bac409136523bbRobert Strong — Bug 1309668 - Change app update mar download throttling on release to 0. r=felipc, a=rkothari
5f2813aee171e56a58fdc136a7024a4278fc3767Robert Strong — Test code for Bug 1309125 - Allow configuration of the download throttle via the update.xml. r=mhowell, a=tests
4d6033fadbc589a5f6170803e6af65ed8de5c96dRobert Strong — Client code for Bug 1309125 - Allow configuration of the download throttle via the update.xml. r=mhowell, a=rkothari
60d80f10cbadd3b2299701021bd9beab53a47ce8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1309515 part.2 TextInputHandler::InsertText() should consume current key event when it dispatches composition events r=m_kato a=ritu
5eb505aa477323a9e395c2fb6d86c019c1973615Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1309515 part.1 Add automated tests for Arabic - PC keyboard layout which can input 2 characters with a key press r=m_kato a=ritu
2bcf7a0d6dd030237bb11532a5a9d7be0ecdbcefDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1277895 - Http auth dialog can be cut. r=dolske a=ritu
bc14a6826c3200ff5c6342b4005e15879a7d129aHenri Sivonen — Bug 1293252 - Transfer document quirkiness via the speculative load queue. r=wchen a=ritu
2f3602ef7f015df38f0aed5c6d33864f47762e4fDão Gottwald — Bug 1304617 - Avoid using the ordinal attribute for positioning the Hide / Show Recently Bookmarked menu items. r=mak a=ritu
0df0ba10bc150c1485381f9243d87ccd4dd218b7Makoto Kato — Bug 1287278 - dropmaker-icon direction is wrong in RTL locale on Linux. r=karlt a=ritu
4411f5cae61678ffc2be3556ea708f9dfe9fa727Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1300552 - XMLHttpRequestWorker::EventRunnable must update stateData also after an abort(), r=ehsan a=ritu
0c46713f5b17e943e39866326bd040f639364b8eRandell Jesup — Bug 131050: Pref off audio full_duplex input for Windows on beta r=padenot a=ritu
11ba9af07367fa76691961289d5e46d880a868e8Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1305876 - P2. Do not modify internal data when calculating buffered ranges. r=gerald, a=ritu
2ae1db552424c583c8631429e06cab64a372d508Neil Deakin — Bug 1304243 - Scroll the current item into view when opening a menulist after it gets positioned so that it scrolls properly if the popup gets cropped. r=ksteuber, a=ritu
0616db3d38ab140ff3641e0b3eaa7aedecbcf893Morris Tseng — Bug 1304767 - Deprecate ImageBitmapRenderingContext.transferImageBitmap. r=ehsan, a=ritu
f65f7378763e36b99436af60b0bb52242b28dfdaShu-yu Guo — Bug 1302432 - Fix RematerializedFrame slot tracing. r=jimb, a=ritu
0eb418434f75ee9fdde015cc30dad119e1023ac8Shane Caraveo — Bug 1262705 - Fix root path for microformats test class. r=mkaply, a=test-only
7219e6b8ae728507b485e59490301bbbb38deba6Neil Deakin — Bug 1273371 - Don't use the searchbar for this test, instead use a separate textbox. r=gijs, a=test-only
64bffdab3d1e819b44dc05dc6e5bb63e8dafff6cHenrik Skupin — Bug 1298233 - Skip test for platform buildid in a=test-only
edf1854ea77ebddca4a8ce78526d041aebb1a796ffxbld — No bug - Tagging b7adb2f10487f6f886e047670ba720a248edcb44 with FIREFOX_50_0b8_BUILD1, FIREFOX_50_0b8_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
5302ca3381e460b4de3dbe0d67b442b33be46552ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
fa324ad9a0cb9bc27a2509aef5d220ae46338b8dRandell Jesup — Bug 1310206 - Uplift a few cubeb one-liners to beta. r=jesup a=ritu
3c7b927f4b0bc5fad60390b4fa7d27a05f9f2f1ePaul Adenot — Bug 1310206 - Uplift a few cubeb one-liners to beta. r=jesup a=ritu
42362b3185baaa3c0d82c481f5facd031c7ee993Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1289172 - turn off automigration experiment on beta 50, rs=backout,a=backout
62da552138459e86a7c25b1f2836e410454c5e5cffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-138 - a=blocklist-update
b7adb2f10487f6f886e047670ba720a248edcb44Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1308090, r=jrmuizel a=ritu FIREFOX_50_0b8_BUILD1 FIREFOX_50_0b8_RELEASE
7685b4f9ab3f70a0bbd7693a6df01c871fea9cd2Valentin Gosu — Bug 1302400 - Set docshell UA override for redirected channels in the child r=mcmanus a=ritu
5ffa4de2f3437676a6b54f5cae4ab3af10a6aad6Ronald S. Bultje — Bug 1293996: Workaround AMD hardware related crash. r=jya a=ritu
6bed7eb94f82c7f1bb28604c817d8aa3acdd44b5George Wright — Bug 1307749 - Ensure that we still set filterSourceGraphicTainted and an empty filter when updating our filter in CanvasRenderingContext2D r=mstange a=ritu
4b1f9598c7e13033a550f7a138f51cbb83203bd5Andrew Swan — Bug 1308261 Add hash to options for mozAddonManager.createInstall() r=bz,kmag a=ritu
03e2d6478f09e7b2cc61b0fea81286a31c6d92e4Josh Matthews — Bug 1307185 - Ensure image loads don't short-circuit if the element changed trees since the last load. r=echen a=ritu
f6f63e52c4c70e1ce358e4cf1130b863c651685dJosh Matthews — Bug 1268182 - Allow image loads to short-circuit after selecting a source if the new source URL matches the previous one URL. r=echen a=ritu
c03e51cec3b5f6b8821687c8db8be309727d5470Cervantes Yu — Bug 1266440 - Remove diagnostic funciton mozilla::ipc::AnnotateProcessInformation() that contains PII. r=krizsa, a=ritu
752c1320cca5a9757d0d159a3c8d303160aae0b0Ben Kelly — Bug 1309823 - Forget file descriptors before starting actor destruction. r=billm, a=lizzard
af995f34ee2e5342db8f33ae3d2b9f164ad6273eOlli Pettay — Bug 1309720 - Ensure expected DOM tree operations when calling insertBefore. r=ehsan, a=abillings
6d65311378a748b84f98ede85d2c541addd8f266ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 6efc0964ec62bc4abfdc4cb1dc7cc461c3238634 with FIREFOX_50_0b7_BUILD1, FIREFOX_50_0b7_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
3cde69ef32ec16cecbe93c502f764f7779a36e50ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
4654bfb375e4b83bf3f09a6afa797b4bb5b9fa3fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Bug 1263665 - fix talos g4 perma failures. r=jmaher, a=test-only+permafailurefix
af1c480fc90e3f0467597729ecc0b04b755d1bd0ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-087 - a=blocklist-update
4d0656400d100f93edcf3031cb8ba453c68c092cJonathan Hao — Bug 1309699 - Backout changes in Bug 1279568. r=markh, a=sylvestre
c216304c306bda09e8b8766f692885fa378ddb3cGerald Squelart — Bug 1263665 - Block libav < 54.35.1 - r=jya,gijs,smaug a=al
688d16cc31ada89128bcf1ee0fd81391757f46acPhil Ringnalda — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1309699) for failures in browser_thumbnails_bg_no_cookies_stored.js
6efc0964ec62bc4abfdc4cb1dc7cc461c3238634Wes Kocher — Bug 1309699 - Make super-triple-extra sure we're using the right preference name a=me CLOSED TREE FIREFOX_50_0b7_BUILD1 FIREFOX_50_0b7_RELEASE
7151e87f98cf6342143e2a7c1cc4aca4b9f74a96Randell Jesup — Bug 1309955: Pref off full_duplex audio input on mac for beta rs=jesup a=ritu
a072309812bd8e2f72f963f70090d424e3fe2bcaWes Kocher — Bug 1309699 - Spell the preference name correctly so it works a=me
ef78004ec7d3661c38a66b0cb2652533757fa911Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1306472 followup. Fix the timeout on the html/browsers/browsing-the-web/navigating-across-documents/014.html web platform test. a=bustage
fef39b29f34f5a247532f42563b245b30c94319eJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1307254 - Resolve applyConstraints for screensharing. r=jesup a=ritu
2a05cc73a28ad6b6ce4e4f87b83a9cc3c0a94396Jonathan Hao — Bug 1309699 - Turn on the new pref in browser_thumbnails_bg_no_cookies_stored.js. r=ehsan, a=jcristau
b4314d810229e959aad4afc84e61b2d5ae21bc74Jonathan Hao — Bug 1309699 - Add pref for bug 1279568 to address content crashes in Beta50. r=baku, a=jcristau
24addbfafd8d9c764d1c1603ec9eeb3aa6d6f9b2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1290766 - Return the scroll capture information from the PPluginWidget Create method, instead of using a separate asynchronous method which is delivered later and may race with fast shutdown. r=billm, a=ritu
76da38551dce411d9d2d021853f91a2b63c1df42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1306472 - Back out bug 1268047, because the spec it tried to implement backs the web. r=smaug, a=ritu
c62114e522a36a446300e8b555357934232388b4Edwin Flores — Bug 1292311 - Blacklist nVidia drivers <= 187.45 for frequent shutdown crashes. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
bb1a6a0a53479c19d1920dd6155a84a3e9cd84c1Olli Pettay — Bug 1169287 - Try to make browser_visibleFindSelection.js more reliable. r=mikedeboer, a=test-only
2e702e2a5251c8f316df664fa6bae347fad001abBrian Grinstead — Bug 1302616 - Be more precise when waiting for request in browser_webconsole_bug_599725_response_headers.js. a=test-only
4d0f2d5b85a75093569a37120bf8ee47a156bc9ealeth — Bug 1241209 - Disable test_sqlite_internal.js for Thunderbird OS X. r=Yoric, a=test-only
0b924dbd174b867f669e30b7493e115c0d00243aJeff Gilbert (:jgilbert) — Bug 1306174 - Update tests. a=ritu
63c697ca56e5d69fb83adab137d24662a5340186Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1306174 - Remove ETC support from core WebGL2. - r=ethlin a=ritu
d3c5225273bbeefd6720e37bfda4963405e3f628Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1308605 - Fail with OverconstrainedError on bad constraint. r=jesup a=ritu
3c1a99c272380a2d4acfce87598f6e7cbc17795aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1274633 - remove official branding 'learn more' page, r=MattN a=ritu
f105038b40d9a36154036a376cba9507bb8cabaeGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1274633 - remove windows 10 welcome page, r=MattN a=ritu
59e7d8fe1b93fbb78f0e0cc03bdfb58e0909bce3Olli Pettay — Bug 1308922, ensure expected DOM tree operations when calling prepend, r=ehsan, a=ritu
bb0b632c5045475c9964ce846ae61e2de2c316caJamie Nicol — Bug 1245959 - Remove MOZ_CRASH from GLImage::GetAsSourceSurface. r=nical, a=ritu
0c814006e792416204eaee689831840a7209f648Geoff Brown — Bug 1244707 - Skip test browser_webconsole_bug_632817.js; r=linclark, a=test-only
17cde69505a2d2053604cfbfb9380682cb0c333dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 4e6e75e9e5ed (bug 1309699) for browser-chrome test failures
9646fff5e1c7c54f9f2022c1b7afb55dbc6063b9Jim Mathies — Bug 1267106 - Reftest harness should check readyState and continue if the document state is 'complete'. r=jmaher, a=test-only
4e6e75e9e5ed1547531b3e37a91e24a30210b54eJonathan Hao — Bug 1309699 - Add pref for bug 1279568 to address content crashes in Beta50. r=baku, a=jcristau
0c76efc924acd4b16e64aaaa07fe21462d0f7cfaMichael Kaply — Bug 1309027 - Adjust test weight for Pocket towards non login version. r=Gijs, a=ritu
015d719318b905ae303c8f79e8fd58b6529519ffAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1307791 - nsHostObjectURI must release BlobImpl when the underlying blob URL is revoked, r=smaug, a=ritu
c55113c9de7783dd00974b3cf819813e15449d0aMatt Howell — Bug 1306699 - Only invoke attribution code functionality in desktop Firefox; r=gfritzsche, a=gchang
0db6d766839549102ba72115bdeafb7484a8cbc2Jamie Nicol — Bug 1306371 - Use correct units when calculating displayport danger zone size. r=kats, a=ritu
f500377fea6beae1c6b95d6ef964ff971eee1a26Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1285883: Limit how many frames we will parse to detect HE-AAC. r=kamidphish, a=ritu
1cd295569b2bd7b40cab83c179525fd549c73051Blake Kaplan — Bug 1202623 - Attempt to fix this intermittent orange by removing CPOWs from the test and moving to more solid test infrastructure. r=felipe, a=test-only
9f64850761cb6c55b53b379bfd125140e00033e9Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1303556: ensure owner is always an email address; r=jonasfj, a=npotb
7af7e3f2fb8dde0c3f7f7fd1302ffd05f534c937Mike Conley — Bug 1288606 - Fix intermittent orange by making sure a weakly held nsISHistoryListener doesn't get GC'd before the browser_bug670318.js completes. r=jaws, a=test-only
ed4dbff3f5118dcfe45a5e9739269d753ded8f08J.C. Jones — Bug 1281932 - Fix intermittent u2f tests r=keeler, a=test-only
0d849c4393fed898813a380bffc81f1921e12778Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1277750, fix intermittent bug734076.js test failure on linux64 e10s by forcing a size onto the <img> element loading an invalid URI, r=mikedeboer, a=test-only
e840f66358c4f4145bde6be5c67773d35f76b46dMike Conley — Bug 1260316 - Make TelemetrySession more resilient if content processes have crashed. r=chutten, a=test-only
0f52ce15647e2aed06cc6f451aee237eddca057dMike de Boer — Bug 1303008 - refactor Fennec Finder.jsm integration to always show the correct match count results in the findbar. r=nalexander, a=ritu
b6ac1708ef020e29d3f15030bdc295e57f05fa4aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1302086 - fix devedition issues with toolbar colours, improve styling of bookmarks toolbar items, r=dao a=ritu
a7e12adf2ee01578ba31c928a2e0084c4286bc45Brian Birtles — Bug 1302973 - Store timelines on document; r=smaug, a=ritu
63d6e12ae53374f06ad39535803962a37abcb2c4Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1307100 - Add handlesOffset only if height > 0. r=sebastian, a=ritu
97b73c8ba503bf0fb54136258a8c9653e5b50e9bStone Shih — Bug 1295719 - input[type=range,number] does not fire 'change' event for some key combinations. r=smaug, a=ritu
61f5a6000c752b08ba01a18d64a186d500cb91a4Jared Wein — Bug 1291839 - Change the Narrate input[type=range] to use 'change' events instead of 'input' events because we are not interested in intermediate values of the slider. r=eeejay. r=ritu
da1c556f903c52918b73061c63fe682eb0ee58c6Stone Shih — Bug 1286509 - Range input does not fire ‘change’ event when the range is changed using the keyboard. r=smaug. a=ritu
f25b571379d01af61d001906b4181105c6854740Yury Delendik — Bug 1302069 - Printing canvases at PDF document size. r=bdahl, a=ritu
56222f6a1ae6b388562ccab7a396e8a9ae949d74Andrew McCreight — Bug 1308652 - Part 2 - Only allow nsTraceRefcnt::DumpStatistics to be called once. r=froydnj, a=ritu
1ba0d5139e1af83f80259ba72add3c5d105f9866Andrew McCreight — Bug 1308652 - Part 1 - Remove about:bloat. r=froydnj, a=ritu
3162dbd8214ff8463d6af0503d29ca5b1af3fd8fOlli Pettay — Bug 1306300 - null check nsILoadContext in GetLoadContextCodebasePrincipal. r=baku, a=ritu
108820ff3004557dc1722540bb31beed4b869882Dragana Damjanovic dd mozilla — Bug 1305436 - "Fix issue with Firefox 49 won't start after installation". r=mcmanus, a=ritu
d1ef968d0621b4d2ace3499fcd2ade11f2f5ca2eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1292034 - Improve the controls over when flywheel/fling acceleration kicks in. r=rbarker, a=ritu
16028322f7f5fcbf4169f8796bcf44a83d8c6e77Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1292034 - Update the StackScroller with the elapsed time from the previous fling before starting a new one, so that it doesn't use a stale velocity for flywheel. r=rbarker, a=ritu
1116e0538d0059a0c00662c66a24357e7fe17708Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1292034 - Make the StackScroller flywheel detection code more robust to real user behaviour when flinging. r=rbarker, a=ritu
a34876e25e31baf3044ff0ed6144fa1e04a50494Julian Descottes — Bug 1308998 - remove leaked i variable in browser-test.js; r=mccr8, a=test-only
c1eb14f02fc28acb10cdc50c0053c72a87921dcaffxbld — No bug - Tagging 70abfe99097824fd510544b188f24c588fd6d5a0 with FIREFOX_50_0b6_BUILD1, FIREFOX_50_0b6_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
1bef1ab7d52e52cc53693a80e76dfe9dde8af90affxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
d1b244e09392f8d17ae23403662dedcbce10eea9Tim Taubert — Bug 1304407 - Follow-up to update to point to NSS 3.26.2 a=ritu
79bb587bcd3dcf679d2c65a0afa11834d1a3f1e7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1308627 - Ensure that two-fingered pans scroll the page even if the span between the fingers doesn't change. r=botond a=ritu
70abfe99097824fd510544b188f24c588fd6d5a0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1288997 - We should not broadcast Blob URLs if we have only 1 content process, r=jdm a=ritu FIREFOX_50_0b6_BUILD1 FIREFOX_50_0b6_RELEASE
f48198e165031b2741df8b64367b65a63c17a263Wes Kocher — Bug 1304407 - Update beta to NSS 3.26.2 a=ritu
0c41036b9e63facf1beb52b8ced744d525ca77d1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1308351 - make about:rights web-linkable like about:license and friends, r=mikedeboer a=ritu
52e6d3f9993db0aa688bdb91ea37e03a07d3d068Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1273314 - Let mPrincipalHandle decide uniqueness of a VideoFrame. r=jesup a=ritu
35517b0212e4f1d2993c59b527f9e363e2518acbKris Maglione — Bug 1289273: Resolve URLs passed to windows.create relative to the caller. r=aswan a=al,ritu
3a88afcbfdc410d3b67e051568e53ba8bdfbf823Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1298107 - Remove hardcoded capabilities on OSX that are no longer used r=jesup
3d2ba22eee02c115699d0558d1f3a15a159051b6Jon Coppeard — Bug 1308048 - Ensure off-thread parse task's script is rooted correctly r=jandem a=abillings,ritu
f4385d3a94d43a159e42326ff9ad3615260fa22aHannes Verschore — Bug 1296649: Split ICEntry between Ion and Baseline version, r=jandem a=ritu
99caef326a26a027c42fdf6ac8a28a4d7d76e927Markus Stange — Bug 1293324 - Release widgets from a runnable instead of from an objective C 'performAfterDelay' timer. r=Ehsan a=ritu
f4ae62f16cc7f076762727a17a55b73d43057f8dAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1306784 - Don't set a default panel during fixup migration if all panels are disabled r=sebastian a=ritu
23487c75faf7d5fc53202c2cd1628c7134489587Wes Kocher — Bug 1305120: Aurora+Beta patch. CPU microcode as a separate field in the crash reporter. r=ted.mielczarek a=ritu
c8c31aad61a18cbb9cdb589ef5118da8bab0e3afAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1307779 - Only start long-press timer for back button r=sebastian a=ritu
9c7f589a8f74bc57fe02a85abb4bd5aa352af129peter chang — Bug 1305378 - Check texture is valid before creating a render target, r=mattwoodrow,mtseng a=ritu
6b1a3f769aa6d826bd404750e7af66702ff01214David Keeler — bug 1301407 - ensure PSM is initialized on the main thread before doing a speculative connect r=mcmanus a=ritu
29d25f5224ad918470c049f1991628853e1831cdHannes Verschore — Bug 1299108 - IonMonkey - Make sure we don't compile the same script twice at the same time, r=jandem a=ritu
b35318b86b335200340aad6893828b99c187ad84Bevis Tseng — Bug 1300454 - SendAbort() to parent after IDBTransaction is aborted in INITIAL state. r=janv a=ritu
0de73de7aa9bc333137eafb3f219c584061b8439Axel Hecht — bug 1305206, add an l10n.ini for external references to devtools/client, r=jwalker a=ritu
3576ed3ba47a14f5ce5b8329619a0f2b24ece66bChris Pearce — Bug 1279171 - Add Windows Version checks in wmf::MFStartup() and PDMFactory::CreatePDMs(). r=mattwoodrow a=ritu
372cbe11c92e40200fb25244a9947990ef7093edSotaro Ikeda — Bug 1303301 - Add nullptr handling. r=mtseng, a=ritu
d1699ef21941da9667d6c92236710291652b7199Julian Descottes — Bug 1262668 - update inspector breadcrumbs background and border color;r=helenvholmes a=ritu
a049f0f0b85370df2cf963019611a3f6742dbbf2Chris Pearce — Bug 1239690 - Add vorbis.acm version to the DLL blocklist. r=aklotz a=ritu
bccda1c9035cac3ab92b2484a1989ad4445f3d74Florian Quèze — Bug 1302725 - references alerticon-info-negative.png which has been changed to SVG, r=dao. a=ritu
8db62ddbcfc27b112fce06f0d51009484319eb15Rob Wu — Bug 1290157 - Always pass an array to tabs.executeScript on success r=kmag a=ritu
55334c13f6e0e57237d7995f624960f8449bb4a2Ralph Giles — Bug 1305315 - Revert win32 builders to rust 1.9.0. r=ted a=ritu
6b3607656acc1508c568370faedee953e9ef11b6Jeff Walden — Bug 1303678. r=arai a=ritu
7e1133eb4dbe8a4aebc2d5f648fb877494b01b83vladikoff — Bug 1302846 - Add Test Pilot add-ons to e10s whitelist r=felipe a=ritu
e6bc67cc7d76b0f040220663aac7a208cebedba5Andrew Swan — Bug 1295324 r=kmag a=al,ritu
9f5ef22fc76fcfe7cdd48ab0e6cf8733e4279f30Jeff Gilbert (:jgilbert) — No bug - Mark failing test. a=test-only
109ee76d7cdec816e0f93411678b034eec8116a2Randell Jesup — Bug 1299324: return error if an audio channel is already open until multi-mic support is done r=jib a=ritu
a2a0b43625d2f61a8ced13d3e172caf431264f2bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1304637 - Back out cset 2a69345f4f4e (bug 1287463) and cset ddcceb6bf9a6 (bug 1287666) to fix regression. r=lsalzman a=ritu
199a3d7eafbeef70ee1ead8016dceadb07dfdaa2Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1300946 - Rewrite transform feedback. - r=jrmuizel a=ritu
66081ef243719281e97f8ffbf958edc1a5c59972Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1303879 - Fix BlitFramebuffer and draw validation. - r=mtseng a=ritu
1b1c16064e3ec621e0d07668918f7d7e48d8e347Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1303878 - Fix todos in WebGL. - r=mtseng a=ritu
2c0795d4b1b0e83b31136fd217f9d237dd4d7031Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1289655 - Add primitive restart for WebGL 2. - r=mtseng a=ritu