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Thu Oct 06 21:20:18 2016 +0000
2398838bd0764f4eb6590b55ec41c77bc805838aBrian Grinstead — Bug 1304178 - Pref on the new console frontend in nightly;r=linclark
e93ad8202f940c3cd0a8a747f68abf8f74a6027aBrian Grinstead — Bug 1304178 - Use a different node to scroll in old and new frontends;r=linclark
78d7cf8b3079f62bb7dd028a0f2de27a6a75d2cbBrian Grinstead — Bug 1304178 - Reset the splitconsole pref after every test to make sure it gets cleaned up;r=linclark
ba8fe7e276d0a0221c372ab2beaddc2c27000c84Brian Grinstead — Bug 1304178 - Run less code on startup of new console frontend;r=linclark
37f78aca862224d7151c0fcae1ed8373fe11c83bBrian Grinstead — Bug 1304778 - Skip new debugger mochitests on linux 32 debug;r=jlongster
ef345e3b5fa9fabdfd7d0a93ff01ec9c085968dfSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ddf5af982d8b (bug 1282003) for Android xpcshell X3 crash while running test_ext_alarms.js. r=backout
54ed443a6951acc52d169114d5989e61c672d644Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 13db73034f80 (bug 1282003)
1196bb89841328837886df509bb2eca1f8c619d6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1d7748535fa3 (bug 1282003)
7ff5c0b99e1936648eb6209703b8670da757f851Dale Harvey — Bug 1306516 - Fix expected return value from checkForAddons. r=mconley