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Tue Mar 10 01:36:33 2015 +0000
8b1050a149548a09ced278be2b416fb4c1ba7efeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1134361 - Hide "tip" to add to reading list in reading list panel on low memory devices. r=nalexander
c186a66948fb6d85848d9c2fe788808c1dd4f825Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1140045 - Re-enable reader parse-on-load for desktop Nightly. r=me
55a98ebede659e1492c81fc648cabe503534c0b3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1138628 - Don't try to find article in reader mode cache on desktop because we don't actually store them. r=Unfocused
db75b48611b58f3be057c6f6f6f18b5c666347d4Mark Banner — Bug 1106941 - Part 2. Firefox Hello doesn't work properly when no video camera is installed - fix incoming conversations. r=mikedeboer
95efe38a63d65243c32aac59cda7b1455c0b85e8Mark Banner — Bug 1140092 - Remove handling of guest calls from the Loop backend. r=mikedeboer
e750aa4fc06c0c78e4adb2ef9bb8a6c26f4381c5Dan Mosedale — Bug 1141229-Improve Hello functional test logging DONTBUILD, NPOTB, r=drno
d164b59f3b94216283f6fa608258c5bc77f24fe6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1129219 - fix learnMoreURL to be a getter so we don't access appInfo really early, rs=bustage-and-Mossop's-advice on a CLOSED TREE
61faee68488e8a051d5f55a53039a05c0b44b4ceMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1140172 - Use a single reader worker instead of spawning infinite workers. r=bnicholson f=Yoric
67afb0cebf9a97ce909530f1617eb272075625d5Brian Grinstead — Bug 1140530 - Show the select frame dropdown by default in Browser Toolbox;r=ochameau
57571c3e196b2eaff6e8c8c7e667cb080665f515Shane Caraveo — Bug 1137900 restrict web activations to https, r=jaws
d0e907163a24a898dafe8f8ed6b484a72e76c49dvivek — Bug 1129171 - Update remote tabs styling on landscape tablets. r=nalexander
ff97bae1edfcfa1636223d9fff681110ca8b1723vivek — Bug 1129168 - Avoid fragment load flicker by explicilty managing back-stack. r=nalexander
ef482a54a912a9804f1326858d7e23de3a5ff6c6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1129219 - add learn more link for EME provider, r=MattN
1a99e078866599e707a54fa7e451fa07637fac9aBrian Grinstead — Bug 1139569 - Optimize update function for element editors in markup view;r=mratcliffe
b2a7cf2a5aa1ec4747aef97567d389322289297aPatrick Brosset — Bug 1123851 - 2 - Tests for the element geometry highlighter; r=bgrins
173ddf175fb8256e79e5c2b79ec846771f04e2abPatrick Brosset — Bug 1123851 - 1 - Element geometry highlighter; r=bgrins
e814223f896b0dbc072d2becdaef1f77e19e5ea4Panos Astithas — Use the correct l10n keys for the event listeners pane (bug 1101196). r=vporof
11282d8746ea8ca07aeaa514d29c5b61d1d310b0Vladan Djeric — Bug 1139752 - Fix null reference in about:telemetry. r=Yoric
912bde581e6e51ad47838ac283ec85e849f394b6Mike Taylor — Bug 1136877 - Collect telemetry on SPS.max_num_ref_frames. r=jya
f07b1abfeaabd0422eeffeacf4a0191b8ed6b9e1Mike Taylor — Bug 1136877 - Collect telemetry on constraint_set flags from decoded SPS. r=jya
6895878594b2399a4410c9c453b75f058c10fb3fMike Taylor — Bug 1136877 - Collect telemetry on constraint_set flags from canPlayType. r=jya
563608e9ff4d7b41ccec3fad021b559bc8b878b7Patrick Brosset — Bug 1107656 - Generate unique prefixes for e10s parent-child server connections; r=ochameau
e98ebcdcf9314acd68ed2213dd24910737ab9990Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team
c5fc760d1401e861224b676bb58b2c8f8cef1862Paolo Amadini — Bug 1140472 - Set an async stack when invoking promise handlers. r=bz
a9e7d74b9f5bde74251f9a826868341b3729c177Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1139548 - Fix Telemetry shutdown for short sessions. r=vladan
b7dfd398210f927f6388efa4c47e92abb76b1462Yury Delendik Bug 1140508 - "Update Shumway to version 0.10.225". r=till
335d3dc298d6606e1858bab3710ef837efbeee1fAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1138323 - Use https instead of http in Heartbeat's browser.selfsupport.url. r=ttaubert
d31eb86fe05c8bc2d84331ed0043ef13026c69c8Stephen Pohl — Bug 1137961 - Check for new GMPs as soon as possible after an update to Firefox. r=gavin
784963e853520164caa46b735c559ccab10797b5Léon McGregor Bug 1130741 - Correct the css class for the Sync TOS text size. r=jaws
37409aced15c32b9ad23ee530ab17a99140e69cePatrick Brosset — Bug 1137694 - Avoid calling content methods directly in browser_net_sort-03.js; r=past
e6839726fe1df0aa5d0ce7450d9972d08aea099cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1140815 - Don't leave .part files lying around after a preferred helper app is used to process a URL. r=paolo,mfinkle
c0aa91aff8e578d5fcf4f9cfe99fd3b9b770af99Richard Newman — Bug 1140243 - Refactor default client name in FxAccountUtils. r=nalexander