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Fri Aug 04 18:56:25 2017 +0000
50f55e6e851e422381d69ebd5a06ad982685f942J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1385027 - Enable Stylo tests on Windows. r=kmoir
373642434ab16e468bd9f5b6ddcbd090413e3b94J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1385027 - Normalize run-on-projects for Stylo jobs. r=kmoir
56aff9672e81fd8380af97e86e946b3b375b9dfeJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1385027 - Update Stylo test annotations for Windows. r=Manishearth
b48486fff5210dea14d87804ab57c6dc5353ee56Ed Lee — Bug 1386445 - Early about:newtab pages are missing message APIs because RemotePages registers too late. r=mossop
2f39e4fb4ff15c395d6e3af74843070e17933e89Kate McKinley — Bug 1376651 - Pass the nsIScriptElement instead of allocating a string every time r=ckerschb
ec588b600d329b06ce2fc8955699127b571d67eeDavid Keeler — bug 1356623 - remove now-unnecessary CNNIC certificate whitelist r=jcj
ca0419d7845fdc7cd922459cdd0f334eb56a2dfcTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1385864 - Drop invalid optional_permissions from manifests r=kmag
693f52e6fb26721453819c012a8134e694ade503Andrew McCreight — Bug 379797 - Various dump() methods should check browser.dom.window.dump.enabled. r=krizsa
cd62bc7fffe4a0e01621872eee968fe656d04224Sam Foster — Bug 1352075 - Implement new animation for opening/closing the arrow panels. r=dao,mossop
9e8f2f0c7730a682427b8c11d44a166de43a2225Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
f9b9ffb6fea52259bbcf00eca45285a930f0ca59Jim Chen — Bug 1383242 - Properly compare node to traversal range under different modes; r=smaug
274953221bdfcec279aa53c02d1aa96d441a4359Chris Pearce — Bug 1387219 - Remove code WakeLockListener support on XP and Vista. r=aklotz
ebaccd4031d2e487300a24155b8ca57767d028b3Erica Wright — Bug 1383473 - Minor Styling fixes in the hamburger menu. r=Gijs
00b9e03ce554a5a7af93893b26ff5454c0337e8cMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #17923 - Fix fixed position items with parents with CSS clips (from mrobinson:fixed-position-css-clip); r=emilio
95a0b91cbd3432b0b8e8b23b21c2b9628ebd7dbaJulian Descottes — Bug 1387359 - add developer toggle to CustomizableUI even if devtools already loaded;r=nchevobbe
1256610b4f380b2b1b064252ccda925f097b3575Julian Descottes — Bug 1387495 - dt-addon: use window object in webconsole/net/main to load stylesheets;r=jryans
2d15b3c8b58caa1beed80c036d7c43d2f74b7a5aLuca Greco — Bug 1387026 - Fix Android browserAction corrupting legacy Addon menu items on overlapping menu item id. r=sebastian
3af71fa1f3dd1cf6083f84612c2fb99ed765d2fbBotond Ballo — Bug 1386777 - Interpret autoscroll anchor coordinates correctly when there is a device scale. r=kats
044a5b82b056e9fc39c77c4356687343c8777d16Michael Kaply — Bug 1207579 - Make PinSiteDialog public to ensure it can be accessed from r=snorp
ec99e3ba4e7a9ccb960937ac1eb39947a1060cc6Evelyn Hung — Bug 1355451 - Speculative connect to websites on mousedown on awesomebar item. r=mak
989cea1f38209bc964d0dda2b9b9d0485cff6045Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1386161 - [Mac] Remove IOAudioControl Rules. r=Alex_Gaynor