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Sat Apr 22 10:15:05 2017 +0000
b57e73013243baad2679f921ff2288f81272d9b8Rajesh Kathiriya — Bug 1354515 - Removed duplicate ESLint rules in security/manager r?Standard8
42c8a716081e6a8aa33c1e61944f36f6f89245fbSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
9e4df119a7e6c5cb94c964b341a32c8a22d80532Chris Peterson — Bug 1358041 - Hoist some eslint rules from browser/ subdirectories to browser/.eslintrc. r=standard8
22c3bc2c8ce67427f3cb55ddca0748d4d9322d0bChris Peterson — Bug 1358041 - Fix no-aArgs eslint warning about Hungarian Notation in browser/extensions/formautofill/. r=standard8
ff6efb59ef86ec55931c0cbf88da9d6fe0837bf0Nathan Froyd — Bug 1358597 - always make Cargo verbose in automation; r=ted.mielczarek
f19ee0e2d1986a5514da46381c70ee5fb5f0ed1bMason Chang — Bug 1353521. Fix telemetry entry for display item counts to expire sooner. r=bsmedberg data-r=bsmedberg
604ab17daeb86f7e7c110aa620b9c1b6c96b9ceeWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
9b23450ae23c1776a8ad3a5f80377e14dd05a562Kris Maglione — Bug 1358415: Don't trigger reflow just to compute tab geometry. r=aswan
7e83c4c31ee5b906283d09b98489de04442f4570David Major — Bug 1357218: Call SetJitExceptionHandler in child processes too. r=ted
c1db9bb48b283e79f95ad3691b05737128e8088cFlorian Queze — Bug 1358382 - Compute the searchbar panel size and position without sync reflow, r=adw.
68e88b3e0e573392aba1e342b4dfd7bad9ecfeefFlorian Queze — Bug 1356593 - reimplement the search service's ParamSubstitution function to avoid doing unnecessary work, r=adw.
4ad23bc8d5c12134fd61970e56a4b305acfeb16eManish Goregaokar — Bug 1356275 - Decrease allowed write hazard threshhold; r=bholley
d7dabfe415108409c12cf1fd7abf00d83d4dbc59Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #16567 - Avoid pointer-chasing to check whether there are any declarations (from bholley:any_declarations); r=SimonSapin
fb7deea90ec83b3a6cfa37d83998b6c7b1b037acWes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
68798c23a30d97b4fd5c98c15b407c1f71720a41JW Wang — Bug 1356514 - remove the usage of nsContentUtils::IsInPrivateBrowsing() in HTMLMediaElement.cpp. r=Ehsan
184dc928df689bea8008becd8fe6ea2058c028e6Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1349417 - Ignore all calls within InitSystem; r=bustage
91767db31b3fb150a238f2473e362a429b55f682Manish Goregaokar — Backed out changeset 7a7df2395851 (bug 1349417)
bcac887a39dac01c91c394f0e869c2b8e224fe9bBobby Holley — Bug 1358375 - Reftest for refreshing the cached booleans. r=bz
913f76890205bcac167ba0cac1fca1bca252df2cNathan Froyd — Bug 1357556 - define a gecko_debug feature for gkrust*; r=emilio
33d4c888561305b5c97f2697889e7e8e5013c9c1Nick Alexander — Bug 1254355 - Follow-up: Use full paths to match GENERATED_FILES targets. r=mshal
9c187a205fc6a527a9f73a72d69daaba51b163aaManish Goregaokar — Bug 1356275 - Assert that we're on the main thread in the unused and unsafe Gecko_GetFontMetrics ; r=bholley