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Fri Mar 03 23:48:11 2017 +0000
311fda4fca90e61ed9ff8ccb61f0f5247bc91b58Chris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Use hfs and dmg tools rather than mozinstall to unpack downloaded builds during cross artifact builds. r=mshal
42b10f6efcac82a39c418d642394137be6f3476fChris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Don't perform clang plugin checks in artifact builds. r=mshal
f8ff9c40057824a7db3e47f8aafb728936001c3eChris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Do not include mozconfig.cache in cross-mozconfig.common. r=mshal
32f445dfa5cd19d3d4230217afe5bc8048ddadd4Chris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Unset TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX in mozconfig.artifact r=mshal
2497e1da722d07bacb8b0ce15da8cb61f8946498Chris Manchester — Bug 1314678 - Add variants for OS X cross artifact builds in mozharness. r=maja_zf