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Thu Nov 16 00:39:30 2017 +0000
942b204a4c0d97576ba2e75c39599b1f8bebe2acNeerja Pancholi — Bug 1417725 - Add -moz-column-span alias for column-span property.
2edca86e7d3f23fceac407be6dea7f065b95c562Neerja Pancholi — Temporarily enable csswg column span tests
31f28eabcf1e8f1e4dff47ae26a7c080d5a649a9Neerja Pancholi — Stop marking single split frame as IB-Split
5fb69eb47f8b3e08ef967a1ad8f952b39397602aNeerja Pancholi — Detect column-span
8142260134099878d68cbe641f0670df0ebb9ba3Neerja Pancholi — Keep CSW inheriting from ContainerFrame
d18ad78aff6ea2962b0791d744aaeacfba13cbe0Neerja Pancholi — Fix continuation creation for CSW
bf74488c60d31cf4a948252a9683c719bb77ff24Neerja Pancholi — Change CSW inheritance to BlockFrame from ContainerFrame
6651d9ef742454d75abc22bcb596a19d0d4a98e9Neerja Pancholi — Correctly reparent split absolute frame list
95c0bd606380c94aac4dcc6fc4bc159f669a17ecNeerja Pancholi — Copy state bits from old block parent to new before old parent is destroyed
e44704fb0b5d82ec5557add0d5de6f9fcaf25719Neerja Pancholi — Set overflow areas and reflow absolute frames
0627435343f6182691a7f7a016bc57ae87e0b778Neerja Pancholi — ISize/BSize fix in CSW reflow
a08ec1b7ef152738b62c855d3770ba3da3a72f95Neerja Pancholi — Height and Width inherit
411c9de81d577e3e6bacb49429a16a3bdbf3718bNeerja Pancholi — Undo BlockReflowContext change where margin is incorrect due to parent passing wrong ISize
9a3d51b58a4f98c52db511e88dfc94f7bcd8c372Neerja Pancholi — Style clean-up in progress
f7d592679711081a3e7da2fab78934880b986d37Neerja Pancholi — Relative positioning for column-span fix
353e1785c714a861cbb65e9899b7f1634696fee2Neerja Pancholi — ColumnSet pseudo-style was fixed to inherit a lot of necessary properties.
ba8500fbd945ff1514ba464da0a3acf85bd74febNeerja Pancholi — AvailableSize, placeholder and continuing frames related crashes fixed
8ff8e91974d48863f466c1059869e54b2402bc76Neerja Pancholi — All crashes fixed
688a4075157c18d2b3238ae2c16117969363e5b3Neerja Pancholi — Fixed AnonBoxes stylo related crash
19cfac8892335208d53353430859e17eca07e594Neerja Pancholi — Copied state bits to new block frames
dc05a58580f4abb6d1db373c08907808a47fbf4bNeerja Pancholi — Transfer floats changed to be used with any float containing blocks (not just top level blocks)
ef10e1f9041c41dead68ef99d1d50c2399696c0dNeerja Pancholi — column-sibling-1a.html fixed
dc34d03c30af8c1e9be4186aefd8c4d1b4e904d1Neerja Pancholi — Don't split float children and transfer mFloats to correct block final parents
7b38898f1d607158040291a77fec5069fbfee290Neerja Pancholi — Handle styling updates for anonymous boxes via Stylo for column-span.
305d7a2cefd481bd168cfd598bb47659e0c12121Neerja Pancholi — Bug 616436 - (For feedback only) Column-span implementation.