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Wed Jun 01 16:36:56 2016 +0000
86e75f6e008e3532ab1378eb3d268f123d1a1209Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Moved installing of Python into an install_python method in the windows bootstrapper; r?gps
33f7a6fd8c535eac9a6b6ee43e5bba9829486ff9Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Fixed some offending version checks that were inhereted from the BaseBootstrapper r?gps
4a10a70e32ccaf9e1a9b7c254e6a4791de82768cNathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Added installing of Mercurial to Windows boostrapper.
2f6ea6ddd74640b679c3b594c532fb6971455111Nathan Hakkakzadeh — Bug 1275437 - Windows bootstrapper installs necessary system and browser packages that come from pacman. r?gps