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Fri Jul 13 20:48:08 2018 +0000
6d9dcfc36f65c8e6a9793f60f1fb953103dcb94cTom Ritter — Bug 1472304 Add Tests for the MinGW x64 Build
59c05a02dd3fb1eece509eb71c4142cfa4b7fca3Tom Ritter — Bug 1389967 In MinGW, work around a pointer to a function thunk disappearing when we unload nssckbi r?franziskus,dmajor
a779602cc1b55e371b68d611a86e4d666e6a2d65Tom Ritter — Bug 1448748 Disable a bunch of optimized stuff to fix the MinGW x64 Build
65602fd1eb1044806109319a9842e1645e9ac561Tom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Bump MinGW version r?glandium
40f1b1600c4300d2c05036990cc2d947b123a06fTom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add 64 bit MinGW gcc toolchains
00ca01988f387839382db355ec03e15d5d53524dTom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add x64 to the MinGW rust target
78cf921e62f07abc995abf571f82cbe826d33030Tom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add 64 Bit Windows Build Targets
0b4260b76ba21c52c0d78bafb285dcdd92fba840Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: [release] Enable production scriptworkers on comm-beta and comm-esr60; r=me a=release DONTBUILD
5e22edccd73569d0e6a3c9244d6724ffe2aeefeeChris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Fix python unitests r=bustage a=tomprince
1cd2b3238a7e294f569c4e8cb752d6efd1adffe3Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1462294 - remove unused date branch; r=Pike
1c23c04e3d2fbeb4cfd7c8cdc618208921921210Justin Wood — Bug 1301782 - Perform buildN tagging at promote phase. r=aki
e4a3b63242ed5ee88d6789e37891f4ab99e17c1eJustin Wood — Bug 1301782 - Be explicit about what tags to create. r=aki
adc416042808c3a608850b8028d9a1f81ef438fcNick Thomas — Bug 1415868 - fix test-action-callback after rev e2931d904975, r=dustin
1a54c9a15f7b351382e7541def287fad2ee194a8Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1468627 - add docs pointing to ci-admin and ci-configuration; r=tomprince
ecaa62aed082a5a13c5d5015246beae493f45bfdSebastian Hengst — Bug 1469676 - Reduce max-run-time for various build tasks: Increase Linux build max-run-time because they are pgo on beta. r=me a=beta-fix
4179a704b16f0fab97b9e820b917e120eb3b39acBrian Stack — Bug 1465117 - Take two at updating backfill task. Use modifier this time. r=dustin,jmaher
5eded7263b0cedd74820fa07691f21d87054178cMike Hommey — Bug 1469095 - Fix always-optimized jobs after bug 1465181. r=dustin
cb6c49908cfe22caf6e2dabafcd2040f6efac73aGregory Szorc — Bug 1469676 - Reduce max-run-time for various build tasks; r=glandium
2277fa301c70744251227ecead8eab82f62fa604Justin Wood — Bug 1465799 - Set expectations for stub installer to true on beta/release because we always set update channel as such on these branches. r=aki
457225062f010fdcc6fbfd1392e20d2c5e57ba0dJustin Wood — Bug 1465799 - Makes sure that we don't check for a truthy stub-installer value until after resolving keyed by r=dustin
9c5c34a182f6947abc0c520b9184c63a2cb1ba21Gregory Szorc — Bug 1469687 - Handle EXIT_PURGE_CACHES in all run-task tasks; r=tomprince
de01c023e0d8ced1962e6dcdd944d3295820bdc7Nick Thomas — Bug 1469450 - release-update-verify-config tasks failing for 61.0rc, r=aki
25c8d1fe721993c69c5448c0b9b3ec4f30496e8cGregory Szorc — Bug 1469351 - Vendor latest robustcheckout; r=sheehan
8e791fcf8d531c212e5a34965606f9ce0031fda5Justin Wood — Bug 1469308 - Bouncer Submission should use a different treeherder symbol for rc. r=tomprince
c65ffda1fdc3492b4781cf867fe5e16b90be091eSimon Fraser — Bug 1468386 Clean up unused funsize-balrog-submitter image r=mtabara
09eae13133c89f5b21d1b42867c8c4362ea1118aSimon Fraser — Bug 1468386 Don't build funsize balrog image r=mtabara
d7a2e91d94680ba9d681a00b7277f6283c7c4547Bhavesh — Bug 1466098 - Removed test defaults that are set twice. r=marco
cbd3902412cc8468bab72d45d8199759bf486120Ben Hearsum — bug 1458329: update funsize update generator deps. r=sfraser
5b46810b8f6364caa4b782942e3686a3aecb40d0Nick Thomas — Bug 1422471 - EME-free Firefox builds should be included in the checksums files (eg SHA256SUMS), r=aki
1544d0ec5e6c3e4bec3ee2928d64bccaf7a59645Steve Fink — Bug 1467248 - Make the spidermonkey jobs labeled debug be debug builds, r=fitzgen
007f9380e9ad05f973d6aff85d92f76bd0a41e9aDavid Major — Bug 1467284 - Remove the now-unused BUILDER_NAME_PREFIX map. r=aki
77305658bf2762df34b5b77623b3c1b8b0a78aa5Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop now-unused platform config variable. r=catlee
96b91ef8a5b79c25ca1f473422b4e24d2ec78d83Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't allow mar_tools_url to be runtime configured. r=catlee
2ae82b21529a24c897826a2fff4f90fa342918d0Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop unused config upload_branch. r=catlee
d41cb77b974d4aa81fb365c0b6fe77ac4a2794deJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Remove locales_file and locales_platform from desktop and mobile l10n. r=catlee
827eb3185022d91b8a730e9b4f46a7c16c61dc9fJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Clean out actions from multi-locale that are not used. r=catlee
b8759bfe3bfa3c6d7981943711dbca586064b89cJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Cleanup handling of en_us_binary_url. r=catlee
00db32debed5985b45155dba4d7e162558892935Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Remove a bunch of unused l10n config files. r=catlee
1aee96028d346820736e5206cad23e1cf6e4481eJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - pyflake r=catlee
45c43eb254394de287401568d4c50db0e6b0fe45Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - hashType is unsued r=catlee
64b48294566879dd977c43434fc3b1877c8e6772Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - there is no longer a funsize_props action. r=catlee
a98784fde10a800ed847c9ec2693bef326a903dcJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - buildid_section and buildid_option are now unused. r=catlee
8fab7f54582ed600e87612137308ee4e8e95a28dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - application_ini is unused. r=catlee
21e55ae4f101ddef9cb3894bd0a9cc8a5cdbf0f2Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - _mar_dir is unsued r=catlee
b8ed2b36715336f561385a93e815d75c8905abb7Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop some unused runtime config tokens. r=catlee
606fa9834fa44103e42b572a0558005e52667c27Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Noqa the pythonpath magic to avoid warnings about module imports not being first r=catlee
4c064d7f7f7aa2f8d0273d439104350d82c2368dGregory Szorc — Bug 1460777 - Extract GPG keys to standalone files; r=glandium
be0607e0a3e71828ca053f15a417c5a54ae12c10Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1465945 - make retrigger an action with kind=hook; r=tomprince
bdd2b744c28fa6d58252bec989107041e6494d7dGregory Szorc — Bug 1466746 - Install python-zstandard in debian-base; r=glandium
df304cb358fba6601af10c53da348d9b0bd0c3d4Gregory Szorc — Bug 1466746 - Debian packages for python-zstandard; r=glandium
4dbf9778f0948e836c7d90120c0ed0851a657b0cGregory Szorc — Bug 1466746 - dh-python backport for wheezy; r=glandium
62ecdedfbf20b9e2ceb2c9d57ce1990b4c86420dGregory Szorc — Bug 1466689 - Remove gecko-{L}-b-macosx worker types; r=dustin
dd5768ae17e71a873ffc5312bb8befa7f1f1e231Gregory Szorc — Bug 1466689 - Move repackage tasks to gecko-{L}-b-linux worker types; r=dustin
df5da2a468c495a442dee88658ba0e16e41875e8Gregory Szorc — Bug 1466689 - Perform macOS builds on gecko-{L}-b-linux worker type; r=dustin,mshal
968c2ff3b442fd159794a6968cbcbef97087efd2Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Do on-change for too. r=me
473d27282f86ba39596af834d9124ac4efe9d1b2Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused script. r=catlee
61c7b1d638b510ac58fb32c8cb1eea8d82d1f005Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused replace_dict entries and buildid parsing support. r=catlee
74b85be5b31981be1a2bbc3c34852d602b89bd2dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused stage_platform config entry. r=catlee
781fa671670d10452f0ab34413cfc79c452e7a2cJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused tools_repo config entry. r=catlee
6a5f1afc8adb85e68e6e36cb98766aeddbe1633fJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused key_alias which was used for signature validation of android. r=catlee
a86a35702294f373d0e9a808ac1bd94633a4c31aJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused 'appName' config value and config entries for signature_verification_script. r=catlee
b07c677773f640453f97b38c8dc16acfdcfefbb5Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused query_is_release_or_beta now that nothing references it. r=catlee
ac33aa0e914923c21f0d88d1e265df884704af83Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Stop explicitly setting MOZ_PKG_VERSION. r=catlee
5e4fe35eb864363650712a203e678e7512435468Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - query_apkfile_path is no longer used, now that we've dropped balrog logic. r=catlee
18a67a55d0a634e8c26cf1bef605686e35370a13Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - checkout_tools is now unused from l10n mozharness scripts. r=catlee
730ee9c427a5b97c4eb26a0d57b97015564a4ef9Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop unused TransferMixin from l10n mozharness scripts. r=catlee
79f9b81551698c9c7658687c498b177100bcea34Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop l10n mozharness virtualenv support. r=catlee
28ccda500144de1905f3ac5e5a32920bfb20260dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop support for chunking of locale lists inside mozharness. r=catlee
ce80528613738c7563741c5d980e3e95e06f130dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused query_l10n_repo. r=catlee
802653248587247c60240d7df23fb836b78fd954Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - We don't sign android in the repack task, so don't allow us to validate the signature either. r=catlee
076a7962201b14136fb4ad5fdf8c96a718c28422Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - We don't have a taskcluster-upload action anymore. r=catlee
2a5a491de2bca7eca0a566577b5f5f3b1d46d325Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't define submit-to-balrog action nor inherit from BalrogMixin, balrog-props.json is now dead. r=catlee
7aad78068ad3beb43d76a2d1f5243eb741c8c9fdJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of undefined release-config-file option. r=catlee
832039bf28725fa6fa424f889d1c288a71d7095eJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't define {environment,branch,balrog,platform}-config arguments, let us use the --config only. r=catlee
0e73b62c7001624a10746200637e61b48163048bJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unreferenced purge_min_size r=catlee
2c555f6b3efef780a1f1e68b1547310187edfa5eJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't define clobber action for desktop_l10n or mobile_l10n nothing uses it. r=catlee
a1d120409d88cba3a0ee6ae631269ebbf7859247Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Make mar_tools_url always pull from environment. r=catlee
15edd5daee9b51325c5cb5860e837b148649193aJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of user_repo_override which nothing sets. r=catlee
9459dff7cb34ca18f3f43992baebb844955f7c24Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused pull action, and associated repo definitions. r=catlee
d15f5a9c95ace3f90dd47a567546f696ab1de3c8Tom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Simplify `resolve_keyed_by` logic in update-verify-config; r=bhearsum
3ef2c9db6b3c71dd70b79af950552646bb8424fbDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1465970 - make backfill action a hook; r=tomprince
d5e9c45c44e3e2e4efe4b8dc70eeb87e64b1261aTom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release] Don't hard-code firefox in bouncer filenames; r=jlorenzo
f3c82e2f9073ba3da636989edd960e989d0f590aTom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release] Allow passing extra-config to bouncer-check from taskcluster; r=jlorenzo
317e7917337cae0a57dfa285588348166f76d141Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove default_blob_upload_servers r=mtabara
a063c655e31621cf123b50db5fb8c6d75f7e087bChris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove set_property(..., write_to_file) support r=tomprince,Callek
3ce97a572b9b4ef5c9acd4fdbcdd321e468a688bChris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove unused try message handling r=tomprince
175b1351c0487322001afc52d28bc909d03d0d76Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Clean up codecoverage property helpers r=tomprince
7d9a3825fac4a520081d8730ff96ee0364c01185Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: get rid of oauth.txt r=mtabara
34ee6c42ed91b7ac4fc9aa280886ba70775375adChris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Get rid of buildprops.json r=tomprince,sfraser
015f76b75409d2d801bdd0090fc7c72fe6b5540eDavid Major — Bug 1360120: Run Win64 ASan builds and tests on trunk and try. r=coop
dbf92a0a6d81d5de214899781fefd9d07f51a236Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1459274 - update BUG_COPMONENT to represent reality; r=gps
366ea230da392ff72cd3341e9ae1e4fbc924b2e1Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1355482 - Add pushapk documentation r=bhearsum
349c330768faa08086e11fbab2ed85b824f29dbeTom Prince — No bug: [release] Remove lint leftovers in update-verify docker image; r=bhearsum
86c5e182ab3bee703246d1019099b8aef5cdd757Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release-promotion] Show bouncer worker tasks on treeherder; r=aki
23e1795eefb9e6bcc854b6fba807c67638be9a4fTom Prince — Bug 1237182: [mozharness] Remove some obsolete solaris related configuration; r=catlee
a2c7b3e912fe7898b7a3511e208e7bdb8b5d9da2Tom Prince — No bug: [release-promotion] Make promote notification depend on generating checksums; r=mtabara
3d94915888b2c79549043e4e44e620256746b2f9Mike Hommey — Bug 1465659 - Move perfherder extra options from mozharness to taskcluster. r=nalexander
529056125513dbc89cebe3cbbd7c461c2cb22bc4Mike Hommey — Bug 1465659 - Check perfherder options across all build kinds. r=dustin
cd9e4eac65049638886f67d5c6f6de4668be62bbMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1465738 - Use tooltool_fetch instead of manually reimplementing its functionality. r=jmaher
7dfb0339e2f72c85fc36307873cf804da25ba74aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1465181 - [run-task] Remove requirement to run as root on POSIX systems, r=gps
0e963d8d4b9456ee2fd72d2661fa812ba4699ba6Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1465181 - [taskgraph] Stop hardcoding the workdir to /builds/worker in 'job' tasks, r=gps
2b79c911d3310d18728c881c58ff8c43cb48592fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1465181 - [taskgraph] Support use-artifacts with native-engine in run-task, r=dustin
9481847b8fbb62d0412f1f198f3facaa8baeaac8Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [taskgraph] Use beta target tasks on comm-beta/comm-esr60; r=dustin
e50acab50bb9c7a3b133d0f18bbe588159df5cc7Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Add missing inbound and autoland configs. r=bhearsum
6023298efe7df5cddbae3edd9e00336752019fceJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Make l10n onpush tier 1. r=aki
ea93ebe9d3913a63989410f81c3ec9c53374c2e7Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Enable desktop l10n on-push for beta tasks too. r=aki
1b80feb883b6d4aeb6d9295317d421d18ef9e1ccJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Actually enable l10n repacks based on the same push on-change. r=aki
d7c690075b8734cb57705b3928e1c4455ee69346Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Don't ridealong l10n anymore, now that we're going to be per-change anyway. r=aki
4172a91eb0ac0c21563cca31437e4e136102348fJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Do repackage-signing on-change for on-change l10n. r=aki
9db9d239d3a28f13c8d4ccc6031945c02c1bfc8aJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Enforce USE_STUB_INSTALLER when expecting to build the stub. r=gps
234c25512496bb563bd286826fe89290297328f5Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Stub installer attribute. r=aki
a2193af00a83e797a6a9f04eb13927d6c91e3da6Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Do repackage for platforms to support on-change l10n. r=aki
6652cdbedfb463a0a73986914c2c05f3f72dc255Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Add signing for linux/mac, needed for on-change l10n. r=aki
73e1e65f53f46fd715a6ef4f053350a3ab0bc2e8Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Make taskgraph sparse checkout pull the onchange files. r=aki
a1e0d2408ecb29ceaf2e8965730a31d9563bc27eJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Explicitly specify locales to use for on-change l10n for mobile. r=Pike
4081bc12bb60793466eb58b200556f6e2d466f09Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Explicitly specify locales to use for on-change l10n. r=Pike
edccfaaeb2af0455d857882f8f7a4f2852219a1aJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Add a pushlog-id format for l10n on-change routes. r=aki
8ffba0b29db2bf2e4dc6e55478ed72ed7b3fc23fJustin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Stop using old style l10n routes for nightly. r=aki
7c6bed6ebf4e7272c3ee12e3515db037ddcee8b0Justin Wood — Bug 1286092 - Fix mistake with build_date in index routes. r=aki
2a678ed8706762bc955644b5c4b182da61e2389eSimon Fraser — Bug 1452927 Improve logging and retries for partials r=mtabara
5f42505ca060b878f979daac8fbb4064936be325Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release-promotion] Move configuration of version-bump and partial-update flavors to graph config; r=aki
0b3bc8713f513d48b819427311f79f22eb5c8714Chris AtLee — Bug 1465050: Remove reference to config_file_search_path r=marco
5a77c2e895f5dfa2d7b2bc9179d79df96be321f4Tom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Remove debugging print; r=me CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
cc1b9cc3dd645c46a097749451c17fcbdccea62dTom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Pass branch prefix to secondary update-verify config generation; r=me CLOSED TREE
0e07dcc109223e118a737ab643179e611b27008fTom Prince — Bug 1464530: [release] Allow specifying which repository to get the treescript revision from; r=Callek
98f2033c65f34713050f5c272d4ac35a7ab93fc3Tom Prince — Bug 1464530: [release] Use scriptworker scope prefix for treescript workers; r=Callek
9d1ab2b459fe56f93d148d46cfdb5711478f4ef7Tom Prince — Bug 1464530: [release] Add -dev workertype for version-bump; r=Callek
351702f7da79e9068251d56d0ff9060ba5d28888Tom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Pass the repository of the project being built to update-verify config generation; r=bhearsum
c6214241461254c2c756f78323b1fd90279d01f3Tom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Pass branch prefix to update-verify config generation; r=bhearsum
30da0ae2616c1f19feb0ec8a7ee5e68c4f38226cTom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Don't required partials when generating update-verify config; r=bhearsum
f1ab2927b19433d1b1769d0b2623e8a063560fc3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1463711 - Remove clobber step from searchfox builds. r=catlee
339bab379b7ee4e03815c8a7d3ca5d6f9175ce90Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1463522 - include .taskcluster.yml hash in hookId; r=tomprince
9f9ae7cdf33ed48f80c79726ad19ee01ce063e9dDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1463522 - only read .taskcluster.yml once; r=tomprince
5aae1421bbe7f782a3c45197ac281d6e493abc15Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Use release platforms for final-verify; r=aki
abf9101fc499248bccdb8361b282a74691a4ea89Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove BuildbotMixin in favour of AutomationMixin r=Callek
279e17a8a140a7146a7debb608d3978cee7d9c2dChris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove more buildbot references from mozharness r=Callek
6b7f14334ea2e611f74da2039e57d4891336f90cTom Prince — Bug 1462791: [taskgraph] Return list from `generic_worker_hg_commands`; r=dustin a=Aryx
78489002b4abad6e47b2d3c1e348a3810e163c93Aki Sasaki — bug 1355482 - add in-tree signing docs. r=catlee
7db48feb6ffcd3b0dc36ad609209d19c7a54d7e0Gregory Szorc — Bug 1462791 - Remove docker_worker_add_gecko_vcs_env_vars(); r=dustin
241b8b987ea5897e393eae2b897a8907cbd61682Gregory Szorc — Bug 1462791 - Add helper function for VCS checkout on generic-worker; r=dustin
6cadd8d642503147bdf26ff3aea852ceb540d555Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1459181 - Fetch version-specific "whatsnew" on mozilla-release only r=sfraser
f446edb05ebec24fb61251bc96453b2150659c79Chris Manchester — Bug 1463805 - Update mozharness artifact build configs not to include the "clobber" step. r=froydnj
d5f4f67bcb8982ce3521254f1ca4bda17e9db048Tom Prince — Bug 1461784: [release] Only use the partials cache on level 3 jobs; r=sfraser
dd320db5421cc94b1347784d7ba9898826b42945Tom Prince — Bug 1461784: Enable staging releases on try-comm-central; r=aki
fb86737241fa9fb1083a2df971105b132fb741f7Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove mozharness purge mixin r=Callek
97962f5b0aa718c49b45ebe735f09d495b0d1074Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove mozharness blobber mixin r=mtabara
c369798a76a45062dcf72a3def052ba522ff6615Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1463480 - always set task, even for taskgraph-level actions; r=tomprince
0967bae4a9a51a1af9b7d3ea8fa1c73971e7b57eMathieu Leplatre — Bug 1451040 - Download remote settings dumps regularly r=sfraser
268d0e644e2bcfc661fc61ab41e107ed13d9b462Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1461980 - [taskgraph] Add ability to download artifacts from dependencies in run-task script, r=dustin
bc4eacfd95775ff1def022857967de4bda3751c2Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1415868 - change ACTION_TASK_GROUP_ID to be the taskGroupId of the target task; r=aki
1d408582e55f89f69115c8d262b770d4779a387dDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1415868 - remove ACTION_TASK r=jonasfj,tomprince
daa88efc034cbee1d368f467362900f9d83c82b7Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1415868 - include in-tree:hook-action:..{level}-* in decision task scopes; r=jonasfj,tomprince
6966214a07c08ee349f77193bcc0f59e333bf73fDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1415868 - add support for defining actions with kind=hook; r=jonasfj,tomprince
6542f5cc532bd4793df61bcd849877c584176701Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1415868 - Remove support for register_action_task; r=jonasfj,tomprince
4a033838fdc55980e12ebaea19c6664a4504d8ecDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1415868 - add 'mach taskgraph actions'; r=jonasfj,tomprince
7bd02a7d1b56f8f73fe46eac6f0ffbcfce59d4f7Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1462405 - Fix a typo r=callek
5f51fcd01866ee19e3dfcabf8d2fdca78758caa5Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Fix android l10n nightlies a=bustage
10ba3ac7adbcbb463240aefb905fa88807f153d8Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: remove mock(chroot) support r=Callek
769239fe0e8829102384e9d22c9639cacb048a50Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Get rid of taskcluster helpers r=Callek
3ea56e28f2aa5c91e95501e695071075087a5abaChris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Remove unused mapper mixin r=Callek
f2342488ae7bbbe082e7c374e437d1b5b06327d4Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1459980 - google-play-strings: pin mozapkpublisher to 0.7.2 r=gps
e0f80c8f3e7dac385c1dec798d3dd534bb638448Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460470 - Make run-task Python 3.5+ only; r=mshal
f86a907fd2f403f6ccfe0f1b810828e838204f04Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460470 - Change run-task to use Python 3 by default; r=mshal
c0e40f3db223b454ae1ae4516096b3163a4ba33dGregory Szorc — Bug 1460470 - More run-task Python 3 porting; r=mshal
c87d6d0973e2fe4e535d85d4e16cb9cc90261fdbGregory Szorc — Bug 1460470 - Make run-task somewhat usable on Python 3; r=mshal
e9194e7edcadfcb521f663e1fe967d81d64f8346Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460470 - Make run-task compile on Python 3; r=mshal
45d75df67542324732d155ecd79050870d182d58Tom Prince — Bug 1461784: [release] Fix release notification on try; r=aki
94bd6c517ca41105c2ab8016f718458bb7993f67Tom Prince — Bug 1447460: [taskgraph] Use the graph config root to guess find the path to `.taskcluster.yml` in actions; r=dustin
4d61cf6253b9a5ff303223969964c9c09c4840faTom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release-promotion] Use a common target task for firefox and devedition; r=aki
6e8de0294b524b5933268f1f4aca70a0aeee5bb0Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release-promotion] Move configuration of flavors into the graph configuration; r=aki,dustin
b8fb82d55646210a5ce326a18097edc895a7b063Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Use `-release` platforms for top-level balrog tasks; r=aki
095b10b9661e38e00316d1fbf3b7fb4575c0a362Tom Prince — 487c3 Bug 1456234: [release] Use `-release` platforms for bouncer tasks; r=aki
d5a0a17e37bd1b1c18a788f081fdc91dc5643951Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Change update-verify platforms to match the corresponding build platforms; r=aki
7063bb37a47b8008d6311adce28093feac038755Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [taskgraph]: Add a helper for adding a suffix to a possibly grouped treeherder symbol; r=dustin.
4f0802d405e9e867771fc993df2d2dcc81623165Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Removing unused buildbot support r=Callek
9b37047f66a20c572bf339c295039a38f7ce1119Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460475 - Port download-and-compress to Python 3; r=dustin
a9b63fb3fb45e11f91238658775687abac6dd672Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460475 - Use stream_reader API; r=dustin
5844142ca95adf1ed8bfb383f85cabb782c06461Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460475 - Install zstandard 0.9.0 in mach; r=dustin
dbf782051e398cf4747583ce9b8b8b35f05c5d3eGregory Szorc — Bug 1460475 - Upgrade python-zstandard in image_builder; r=dustin
8909a614da16e86ccde52a7d4e202d9677c34b74Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460475 - Install Python 3 on image_builder; r=dustin
f98df5ba720bd04403ad90eb2db9c898b4f5697dTom Prince — Bug 1461784: [release-promotion] Always respect previous graphs, even on try; r=aki
1440c0b9bc70f464296e866b57f220b5ca823e85Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: [release] Use configured scriptworker scope prefix for checksum signing; r=aki
6633a0986a53bdfdb3f4286c6e2c5d6d4c7b5a98Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Rename `beetmover-cdns` to `release-beetmover-push-to-release`; r=aki
b0d0fce48056fbcd799ccbfef3309e7d3032d7e7Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Move `push-to-release` step to release-tasks platform; r=aki
554197d34849cdff575df9464991cb91e3dfbcf9Geoff Brown — Bug 1460411 - Follow-up - diffoscope repo moved; updated url; r=me on a CLOSED TREE
8a60910533f3176b0c98b771b9a0de8155c70275Geoff Brown — Bug 1460411 - Add kvm to desktop1604-test image; r=jmaher
74630af66d0028b3d16b9774354e664673efd6d5Ted Mielczarek — bug 1460243 - don't try to upload symbols for asan-reporter nightlies. r=Callek,tomprince
7abd390667c2e49c8a3601e2749ff69f827a0d43Justin Wood — Bug 1459198 - Set a validation method to make sure notification filters are accurately set. r=dustin
51fa75d6a8efc9ce37ae314a3faba1053a280c24Mihai Tabara — Bug 1453993 - Update repo update owners for releaseduty change. r=sfraser
ec1aaa88e3ba9859bf5b364a8b1969c3cfdcae9dSimon Fraser — Bug 1460906 Fix use of config.params and release_eta r=aki
2f346200eee8f6576823c84526081c34b2b13be2Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460650 - Rename sixgill task name so it has "gcc" in it; r=nalexander
3a17890b842711246689ef6935fedd829767dcc2Chris AtLee — Bug 1237182: Removing unused buildbot support r=Callek
5af8c37f769f7333ea664f2f1882da15d97623f8Gregory Szorc — Bug 1460451 - Add /usr/bin/python3 to Debian images; r=glandium
7ad06a0e62f6268093a782e38134aa8c062120d5Aki Sasaki — bug 1457034 - populate release_partner_build_number. r=nthomas
9378e5ad8c687040d8da829de898aff31ac020a3Aki Sasaki — bug 1457034 - generate `release_partner_config` in `release_promotion` r=nthomas
b9cd43ff425fef8d19a58c1596c92224f7248b18Aki Sasaki — bug 1457034 - re-add partner github code. r=nthomas
ba29ece3ef471c98a4c6fa830b85027610bb8f94Simon Fraser — Bug 1458854 Disable release_eta for rc on beta channel r=bhearsum
edc68b8681576350499a4c1d3ea85ca10d262b29Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Add missing package dependencies to google-play-strings Dockerfile; r=nalexander CLOSED TREE
288c7384afc5856977cfb614d4a4f5c727742d45Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Assert that volumes aren't used on Windows; r=dustin
517056cfe87ff8c602e4a6066782f8a60e2f6473Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Move volume configuration to standalone function; r=dustin
19c305b5e7ad97bd4e684e5f921c2b98c0de6420Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Move cache configuration to standalone function; r=dustin
61f4e86cf4dda449c40367b0965e7fafeab1af80Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Require to run on root on POSIX platforms; r=dustin
a61b0a17c8d7faf49decb2418c4c48783a86e979Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Move closure to module-level function; r=dustin
c024d0795ac074663ac202f619632dfe3c198dd8Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Teach run-task where to find Mercurial on Windows; r=dustin
eb44e3c48e6b72483377e9ae1d2d202e9671288fGregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Make run-task more runnable on non-POSIX platforms; r=dustin
f06666dca910618c28bb7600a48d0004bae1539dGregory Szorc — Bug 1459737 - Move run-task into taskcluster/scripts; r=dustin
7518e46cac11854c2d0ad98780f8830e83c354c7Simon Fraser — Bug 1458855 Change periodic file update reviewers r=asasaki
c9423cd87730524b9d9327ac24c0445f050000c1Aki Sasaki — bug 1403548 - filter out asan on beta+release. r=catlee
9158fb59c72769dc27fff1a09334c087a9bd3ea1Ted Mielczarek — bug 1437577 - allow uploading symbols from any build type on try. r=dustin
c9eae430459f77b1620d5150f6344aef6df12a40Ted Mielczarek — bug 1437577 - preserve treeherder.platform from job into task. r=dustin
a16b4e2ca19aa905a9993cfd9d2da68a2b02e0e9Ted Mielczarek — bug 1437577 - Upload symbols from try server builds to instead of r=peterbe
c23bf868958709b264a0983dd97c4c05e33f400bTed Mielczarek — bug 1353296 - get rid of filter_upload_symbols. r=dustin
1ccaff5a61624f2e36e68ecdd1c98dd62a980d4aBen Hearsum — bug 1455692: add support for limiting locales in partner repacks. r=nthomas
9db70a54f47cc819736da8b6772ba8f17a8585cbMihai Tabara — Bug 1446815 - cleanup in naming beetmover source checksums for consistency. r=tomprince
b5a639d810b82ae1885db83b253198f73bfcdbd4Gregory Szorc — Bug 1459077 - Install known working pip and virtualenv; r=ted
8468d03b8e517eaf03a5bc4d6ae15832331b6317Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: Fix flake8 error; r=me
b7f0f694fe3176934e23205d41b1162c9b52542eTom Prince — No bug: Fix some python linting errors; r=dustin
07a8a1c9de31c54e36c52d906beb3b4fa3e12e76Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release-promotion] Record the root of the graph configuration for use in release promotion; r=dustin
4b7578e2fe18f88dfc650feb5cf0c2db058b8041Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [python] Vendor attrs; r=dustin,ted
169ef85a7eac41c888a8e6b6820ceba9c6488cd2Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [taskgraph] Move `load_graph_config` into `taskgraph.config`; r=dustin
d3adeebde3495996e60d07bb07e392e78998a3f0Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: [release] Update secondary balrog tasks to get scopes based on project; r=aki
c012c6633cf9acecdaa422a45270e8bd0e067937Ted Mielczarek — bug 1442306 - generate a buildhub.json file during packaging. r=gps
c2ff03aaf40316696aa5d9af4f5fdcf3cc4ed29dTed Mielczarek — bug 1442306 - set MOZ_SOURCE_CHANGESET and MH_BRANCH consistently in the environment for mozharness tasks. r=gps
fda201833f1d833a9738fd45a68d693d34a90826Ted Mielczarek — bug 1442306 - move make-buildinfo-file and make-mozinfo-file targets inline into make-package target. r=gps
499adaff0c575ac0db17a9cb5ef7c8c4457ba591Ted Mielczarek — bug 1442306 - move build info.txt generation into r=gps
99307c8739efa4d788300016dbab91eb4d73e947Ted Mielczarek — bug 1442306 - simplify make-buildinfo-file by letting it assume Mozilla CI. r=gps
5017ef9d29d690b7506d5dd98d13feeabf681a41Tom Prince — Bug 1458700: [release-promotion] Add shipping-product list to graph config; r=aki
31e5a218248c71c3cdb6ce9927977d4392d31246Joel Maher — Bug 1458638 - It looks like Skia is no longer being used on talos on windows. r=rwood
84a540beeae9ecaa8c077149f49481455215c10cJoel Maher — Bug 1459273 - remove unnecessary options from taskcluster talos.yml configs. r=rwood
c0747119d1984f085fb8c2625eb49f4db6d2d740Chris AtLee — Bug 1450029: Remove buildbot/buildbot-bridge references from taskcluster r=aki,tomprince
fdd471629c2bed9e50c2a769d071078f6e460d33Nick Thomas — Bug 1459116 - Disable job failed/exception notifications, r=rail
21bc86782f47413c475c2c93bcb069b521ab0817Justin Wood — Bug 1458378 - Make l10n jobs (seen on try) tier 3, since they are more likely than not to fail, because they are different than what we do for Nightlies. r=aki
919d2de9237f844b48ffbfb93a7fe35d1c88d466Justin Wood — Bug 1453033 - Define taskgraph logic for signing and shipping devedition language packs as well. r=aki
c89e13fc3f4721729c32fd23150799ab5ca6d5c5Justin Wood — Bug 1453033 - Do not define shipping-product explicitly, let it be inhereted. r=aki
81e7922c67cc0cba01e992c8918afb057bb8aa2fTom Prince — Bug 1456234: Fix yamllint errors; rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
b2af0e367e3e0be5f6097d983c61c427c2d7031dTom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Use release platforms for source; r=aki
f9a1cf8dbd8db361b1f8b2d47c56a24484d21583Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Unsplit definition of release-source tasks; r=aki
1a6217ac322c21e87b21f1a02dc1f6159bd7ad7cTom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Don't use toolchains in source tasks; r=aki
6811f48f2de349db7560452bd3fcdd552c6ed385Tom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Use release platforms in generate-checksums tasks; r=aki
426ad9dd34bf248ae1bf09cb99063529d8aec079Mihai Tabara — Bug 1446815 - add source shas in release checksums. r=aki a=release
909c1a4834711ec96d8ffccd4629acb6d79d41a7Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1458105 - try more to fetch automationrelevance; r=gps
6166e5e7cabd0136f80627fd488569b29fb91b2aTom Prince — Bug 1421062: Enable production nightly balrog update on comm-central branches; r=me a=me
5303f8cbf750e23ca09a2a4ebcc4713b5e2819d3Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Enable production beetmoving on comm-central branches; r=aki a=me
099c7e07a7ed68d47dbb62a86d1c4c84364b5344Nick Thomas — Bug 1457010 - gpg sign partner repacks, r=aki
b91270dfe0ae602af7b14e8e5549871299de2c19Aki Sasaki — bug 1456620 - chunk mac partner signing. r=nthomas
0b87cd08fff76652c4a2231d8a95eda70c650cfcAki Sasaki — bug 1456620 - move check_if_partners_enabled call. r=nthomas
7e206bf77a77e6e2a3db8aa12998472ac83123d8Aki Sasaki — bug 1456620 - stop uploading public partners to private. r=nthomas
9e98e037421d128d652ec1f1041c7e2a5e59b5eeTom Prince — Bug 1418058: [taskcluster] Add `graph_config` to some actions that were originally missed; r=dustin
96a34dd5b69fd9ca1c944a60bfc4f1d7e7543cf5Gregory Szorc — Bug 1456326 - Use latest decision image for decision task; r=dustin
484416f550b6e67c11019182565521bcf70f24ffGregory Szorc — Bug 1456326 - Bump version of decision image; r=dustin
9b059c32ee129ad3ab5815ae99300cf887ed42f0Gregory Szorc — Bug 1456326 - Trim some fat from decision image; r=dustin
f0138ea3d88e052e53a2cc8e56b6a9b362620500Tom Prince — Bug 1456379: Remove references to `date` branch; r=aki
401b6e9f0c3d1d9e73b0e9c9339cc22503eccc52Tom Ritter — Bug 1455378 Give an informative error message of you try to ./mach pastebin too large a file. r=gps
b34c58259fb657c88d2cf503c12ce525f4258abfJohan Lorenzo — Bug 1455143 - Stop beetmoving deleted testing artifacts r=gps,mtabara
1816dcbb10708384d1d2a054a1bee3918c6459abTom Prince — Bug 1456234: [release] Embed generate-checksums mozharness config in taskcluster config; r=aki
0c53c704e5e853db6a6a4fb178da8a7217ff5d3cTom Prince — Bug 1456234: [mozharness] Process EXTRA_MOZHARNESS_CONFIG even if no files are specified; r=aki
38b55b326dc3f1af2875ec99db7813d01a74f88fTom Prince — Bug 1456175: [mozharness] Remove unreferenced `enable_signing` config; r=Callek
1d71e53a08f54f6b8631c5e8466a7d8bc52ccb91Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Remove support for installing from inscure python sources; r=bhearsum
45da80b27c36adcb13449a08e93adf6dcc49dfe0Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Use https for internal pypi mirror; r=bhearsum
93a90cbaec09208fbf78d205bf77b5c5c8d27835Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Get rid of references to private pypi server; r=bhearsum
faa4fc7359a692d8d2be7b3688a175ba009caebdTom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Get rid of pip configs when they match the default; r=bhearsum
40d18f47de91cf8eb4950bedecbbe9f9aaed56b5Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455127 - Remove --package from; r=ted
9fb31e00970a133666f53db739eb510283674581Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455127 - Remove --properties-file from; r=ted
c74c96364ee26e0018a43aacd98194bad5bbc907Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455127 - Remove functionality for uploading to a server; r=ted
ac6c8987f19d905c40c3f11bc1f79b3364a249ddTom Prince — Bug 1442545: [partner-repack] Sign repacked partner builds; r=Callek CLOSED TREE
724b8f50c5199ac6a093bbac83dbb84aff34a645Tom Prince — Bug 1442545: [partner-repack] Beetmove the partner repacks; r=Callek
054d57d44281ba91b6e3d1f7e545f95e77db20e4Tom Prince — Bug 1442545: [partner-repack] Repackage signed partner builds; r=Callek
bdc52eadc285000a594178a8d39053fb118aab54Tom Prince — Bug 1442545: [partner-repack] Sign partner builds; r=Callek
a7ae40d68068f4d199e2dceeed8330304125236bTom Prince — Bug 1442545: [partner-repack] Add repack partner builds; r=Callek
3fae540beccdc464fb22a0b877bb1d56068294ebTom Prince — Bug 1442545: Allow forcing artifact access to be via private URLs; r=Callek
efa8f3f64f1308faad9a9241c604a735fe0df050Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Don't set virtualenv_modules in talos, since it is unused; r=whimboo
b5231e22ad76ca0c9bcb238293b5e16cc4a11b88Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Don't special case the path to mozinstall on windows; r=whimboo
54e86db0206727abcaf0412098ea156ea222d32cTom Prince — Bug 1452179: [mozharness] Use `python -m easy_install` to run easy_install; r=bhearsum
c730b41b94669084d071d3e92837362ce21a2b23Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: Stop pinning pip; r=bhearsum
6d0308a2de0b59e2f8cf27a7b9fcdc6d9ac18fa8Ben Hearsum — bug 1455061: upgrade releng docker images to latest python + python dependency versions. r=rail
11e4a18c771378feca4a94d5be08a1363fc3dfa7Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455111 - Remove references to ccache from PATH; r=ted
3d64054c7f73ea7b9986f6a5ab446a13e67dede5Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455111 - Remove references to /home/ctlbld; r=ted
1b42f1d1354e7e03a86d5f38512f604f28427552Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455111 - Remove references to /tools/git; r=ted
b2283ee866ce3123ceb5f63cee1cee0938980e38Gregory Szorc — Bug 1455111 - Remove references to /tools/python27; r=ted
ccf631572832967c638b805dcf0db0afa98109feGregory Szorc — Bug 1455111 - Remove references to /tools/python27-mercurial; r=ted
54325cd42a7b6e512934581445f0c2dd0799634dGregory Szorc — Bug 1455111 - Remove references to /tools/gcc-4.3.3; r=ted
2d90604ed96e8c01a31aa8ec1ba9b4ef6b837a76Mihai Tabara — Bug 1447688 - Retire first generation of in-tree beetmover and relpro postrelease scripts.r=rail
b9f0d7e33ea972909d309a7346b338363c0e4e2aSimon Fraser — Bug 1355482 Fix partials documentation code block r=bhearsum
060cec4a7e692687002b14974febe34e2b69cb93Mihai Tabara — Bug 1447688 - Retire first generation of in-tree beetmover and relpro postrelease scripts.r=rail DONTBUILD
5e81e8df1d1abeaf73423b66aa7fd416fdb9be5bTom Prince — Bug 1453885: [mozharness] Allow branch and pool specific options to be found in `--extra-search-dir` paths; r=jlund a=Aryx
0ea4b0b4c41c132938824e640271037a62ab6059Simon Fraser — Bug 1454411 Update stat calls in funsize r=catlee
318212206b50b69e6898ddf8a422d714cfa3a359Ben Hearsum — bug 1355482: document taskcluster releng implementation and release promotion - add missing file. r=aki
6e728075a0890807b34dd8872f5717210b9d4cfcTom Prince — Bug 1418058: [taskcluster] Update actions to take and use graph configuration; r=dustin
e228b2ac3451dd00c0d56e86da607354f77e74a7Tom Prince — Bug 1418058: [taskcluster] Get the `.taskcluster.yml` from the current project; r=dustin
07d69b2282ba134be57fd23483040672581afb86Tom Prince — Bug 1418058: [taskcluster] Load graph configuration for the correct project when running actions; r=dustin
ed970a4681113be4e26512a6429301d8406d1ae0Tom Prince — Bug 1418058: [taskcluster] Add the prefix for the graph parameters of the primary repo to the graph config; r=dustin
13c27d517608af2b6ac7e22bad7787eb3db3c20bTom Prince — Bug 1418058: [taskcluster] Pass a graph_config through action task generation; r=dustin
a6d668e7c66097a54a2dc69fe2b91343b486ca19Tom Prince — Bug 1410255: Use `is_try` in more places; r=dustin
c018a0a933bcfe9fa6634692b834485422f6cc42Tom Prince — Bug 1452179: Default to only using internal pypi; r=nthomas
1fa4dd2b1af77871f991677c4d27ea3ce0be8ee3Simon Fraser — Bug 1355482 Partials documentation r=bhearsum
dec00d3c30382406bd317eef08f06f4e92a36561Ben Hearsum — bug 1355482: document taskcluster releng implementation and release promotion - add in depth balrog docs. r=aki
ac6334f8adba11e22f4b4739358dc95766cc5916Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Enable production signing on comm-* branches; r=aki a=Aryx
98d1b1e56433347a85a49084a532612a81817248Tom Prince — Bug 1451968: Add comm-central bracnhes to taskgraph project aliases; r=dustin
460db8e2c866a27729d33833bc1ff289d08ac319Tom Prince — Bug 1451962; Refactor nightly target task functionss; r=dustin
abd8f8b756ad2dc3b62fc8d4bb2662bdba3ba7faTom Prince — Bug 1451962: Rename `filter_on_nightly` to `filter_out_nightly` in `taskgraph.target_tasks`; r=dustin
470e66e0f30d3df6959177ef056a114274abb0b4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1414921 - Add --geckoProfile to capture profiles from talos tasks to |mach try fuzzy|, r=dustin
d1cc9469c8ba733b020d786ab4e0db45f7dc0361Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1414921 - [taskgraph] Convert to the pytest format, r=dustin
9cd24506e56e5e2da216b552cb304275a39a1279Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Allow configuring the balrogworker to use per-project; r=aki
31cd5d08143aa0d79d55829776b39eb57baebfe1Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Use `Thunderbird` as the product in comm-central beetmover tasks; r=aki
710e7a22121c834e1d93df3871e4b4f3b776d7d2Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Use nightly beetmover config by default on try; r=aki
29b43438f56b82dcb32222472269472aec9d0470Tom Prince — Bug 1421062: Configure beetmover workers via global taskgraph config; r=aki
f0c91b117507747d42d3e35e83fd22b031264ebaChris AtLee — Bug 1442330: Remove android old-id builds r=jlorenzo
a04dd989943ffe8c181d2612f8709c116c6ed6feDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1443974: add a template to run try jobs at 'low' priority; r=ahal
7f0a3e431346a5beb1982f9fc93b8bbf522b717aGregory Szorc — Bug 1449629 - Install Python 3.5 in debian-base; r=glandium
5d446c0d62089d080bcc0e7e5c1bd4ceb535f045Gregory Szorc — Bug 1449629 - Install Python 3.5 in Debian 7 base image; r=glandium
c75a49c78a3fcd4791fc397fc58eb378f35daa5dTom Prince — Bug 1447460: Teach `mach taskgraph cron` to handle configuration in sub-repositories; r=dustin
47b4e13d33121576f11fa89bbabb2593616dca7fTom Prince — Bug 1447460: Mark some obsolete `mach taskgraph cron` parameters as ignored; r=dustin
2f9bfd62b959c53e287b0f6ceb9205997e2ac988Tom Prince — Bug 1447460: Add a slightly more descriptve owner for cron tasks; r=dustin
05fd611f87dfef8da7a228e57bc49e3e41be21b8Aki Sasaki — bug 1355482 - relpro docs: address dustin's review comments. r=dustin
2084f5b8b8f442a1e126d16c18e627a14da929dbBen Hearsum — bug 990689: don't wait for all platforms to finish before running update verify. r=aki
0439fe61fda2b1efd1c6f67037cfcbbcfc45b3f8Simon Fraser — Bug 1379773 Update funsize to allow mar/mbsdiff definitions r=bhearsum
5b055ea068753af259b6bd69c70b58ad72d9a06aTed Mielczarek — bug 1446665 - update sccache to pick up a fix for a PGO build failure. r=froydnj
a24da6e2347bd4cb2f7869c7249dc71b1ec5b5c3Aki Sasaki — bug 1355482 - release promotion doc review followup. r=bhearsum
3953416efafe56231a9367a2e33b4d7adc054878Aki Sasaki — bug 1355482 - add release promotion docs. r=bhearsum
f6cc4efcb405fb07e292ff5393488da87bf864beChris AtLee — Bug 1447760: remove unused build_type mozharness config r=tomprince
c2182f9b31ffb1b9333e8c8f318bf560165c83ecTed Mielczarek — bug 1445631 - update sccache to pick up a fix in the jobserver crate. r=chmanchester
4c7d34f902a2e9b4dcd64388550b275056aa9e4bvprabhu — Bug 1441495 - Removed signing support from mozharness. r=catlee
25ddff794b2181984ac665c3b1610fff3eea015dTed Mielczarek — bug 1445218 - update sccache to 0.2.6. r=froydnj