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Tue Apr 03 14:51:36 2018 +0000
e0a2e98f554f48626957c993facf48c3d0be1468Paul Adenot — Bug 1444976 - Trace some initial real-time media stuff. r?pehrsons
b620b6d5c6e46b870805d1bf025c00a93762bb23Paul Adenot — Bug 1444976 - Use the AsyncLog to implement a tracing subsystem for real-time media. r?pehrsons
87f06724cdc14ba9c70e2c19a6bd181f3812b561Paul Adenot — Bug 1444976 - Implement a lock-free asynchronous logging system to be used from real-time audio and video code. r?froydjn
b148cce2e4fb2c49627704dee6335f55d59fb0a5Paul Adenot — Bug 1444976 - Decide how many threads to use in the threadpool using the number of threads the machine can run. DO NOT LAND
26d20dfc505f88ebf5844ee979a0ae499f902fe5Paul Adenot — Bug 1443886 - Bounce dispatches to the main thread on another thread. f?pehrsons