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Wed Mar 16 19:41:48 2016 +0000
d701e11d2cc5b9458697151f01468c34be57df7cDave Townsend — Bug 1257246: Fix some failures in html tests. r?gijs
788dc80bedb969ec7fd54626d2a9d637007fd633Dave Townsend — Bug 1257246: Fix addVarToScope to work in both eslint 1.x and eslint 2.x. r?pbrosset
70f6fa801977779676eb46ee9531022c491b8089Dave Townsend — Bug 1244248: Fix lint issue in test.
4f18cd7a0bc81ce85d0668c86e66156455d9cb84Mike de Boer — Bug 1254104: fix timing issues in browser_bug553455.js, which started perma-failing after fixing docShellIsActive getters in PopupNotifications.jsm. r=Mossop
30e050c04c4e32e77a7fa4afeb05c8c9f1093c30Mike de Boer — Bug 1254104: use docShellIsActive instead of introducing logic that relies on tabbrowser implementation specifics. r=evilpies
2fbf81b363ef3708e4e78bf26e998085a5f8e85bDave Townsend — Bug 1244248: Test that the certificate database is cached. r=rhelmer
043af397fef315bb89edbb63edad2298c5fee6e9J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1254261 - Restore icons by using command button styles. r=gl,bgrins
c0d4bc8df842e781f81bef52581a2416c5e66bc2Richard Newman — Bug 1220184 - Eliminate Gingerbread compatibility. r=froydnj, r=nalexander
06ae85d888e8b112a60cf34fe2f1a305ea92d8c0Andrew Swan — Bug 1245641 - Implement chrome.downloads.erase() r=kmag
562dbcad5a6e32ad1a1bfa544f83c62066cd4dbfMatthew Wein — Bug 1245355 - Add a unit test for tabs.getAllInWindow r=kmag
31f70cb239b384697e7882661b311b6709b1cd15Dave Townsend — Bug 1255520: BrowserTestUtils.withNewTab should just accept a url argument. r=Gijs
72cd7ab94678b6bc2e607702cc398a378a1787a8Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1255966 - Use correct tooltiptext attribute for netmonitor clear button. r=vporof
e5c63c3fb088c0f47becdbf3b2afa5e9576dd9d3bsilverberg — Bug 1254291 - Add schema for the notifications API, r=kmag
c715f7a518276c10ef3ace02ea374a511312ac8aLuca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] add "UnrecognizedProperty" to commands manifest properties. r=kmag
229b9d4e139665815f2339e9a566400517bb2f47Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] use 'UnrecognizedProperty' on browser and page actions. r=kmag
96c02999683fcc53b23aafa0987211a4c0659ffcLuca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] test "UnrecognizedProperty" on content_scripts manifest properties. r=kmag
46794fe72b80b118bcafcf7ce9c830c7c8073a3aLuca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] reusable 'UnrecognizedProperty' type for manifest schema validation. r=kmag
9891272b3f0985a58c1e98b8887619a6e3422af5Luca Greco — Bug 1253565 - [webext] Run event pages as background pages and log warning on persistent manifest attribute. r=kmag