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Thu Jan 29 19:16:52 2015 +0000
6c6de2647e7ce5b69570b9f92f1412ec67913280Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Fix browser_394759_behaviour.js test. r=?
b65dba8ff0bb6bfeedb01c4a28d56981afa548a5Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Disable test browser_bug880101.js for e10s. r=Mossop.
0d0df9a6f06e693dbe606077a43aa18f205f0adaMike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Fix passing xul:tab in the initialization of a new e10s window. r=?
fa28ae67c2d6e7c047a9f61afc0ff4f1457e18cfMike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Re-enable browser_bug562649.js test for e10s. r=Mossop.
e68c1b9b6137ef05b727820303e35466645aefd6Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Regression test. r=?
5ffa54afef6d186509e597d23258902ceafc1297Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Make TabParent::AnswerCreateWindow force the initial browser to be remote in a new window. r=smaug.
740bb3c01bafd375aae9d8e80a48fd1f587a680cMike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Non-remote tabs and chrome in e10s windows do not handle target=_blank or links properly. r=?
0467412f841399fd79a260848adbc51691a08efcCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
d540a2c56fa60e2feff0644dfaf39852eebc7d2fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
25e1266496bce387e3da6463dc9e9ec1213f450dB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 8 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
bf6dcb43ce7484e5d4ef4493791f201b576bed69B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
bc72bfc05d4e740fb063eeab18fd1cccd75d5cd5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
62696898ad4b570c09ea6b9f6538627d01a4ce62B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
bf810460b38e460741ac999f55c93dd2499bb473B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
147167067e997e065d9dd17016d77adce840c1e9Yoshi Huang — Bug 1126653 - don't send nfc-manager-tech-lost if the foreground has received ontag/peerfound. r=dimi
a72324bb5f9406f3f7be717c86c08dd70c03d36dJamin Liu — Bug 1121404 - Cache addresses of bonded devices and notify adapter properly. r=btian
3091c49631a2bedfab9a5d31fcadbd08788a85a7Yoshi Huang — Bug 1120315 - Part 4: update comments in MozNFC.webidl. r=smaug
f97fb74d8120d8bf80ca995935a889b21a93c32eYoshi Huang — Bug 1120315 - Part 3: notify tag/peerlost when lost focus. r=dimi
4152c86ec943747b5302af28ac6e8d2041a2953cYoshi Huang — Bug 1120315 - Part 2: s/change/changed/. r=dimi
d2c1521073378b77b901d539882e09365885fc2bYoshi Huang — Bug 1120315 - Part 1: revert Bug 1082445. r=dimi
f64e404de9d9319ad98d8fa5762e07173e26bb9bKai-Zhen Li — Bug 1126499 - Move mp4 code into MOZ_FMP4 compile flag. r=jya
ef312b4bc6c8ae5ca64ed7bd3cfb02cb493f6f9fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ce373d10efec5e2728bc4ab68d60f3a0d253cc6bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6b3fe27ff63b1ec5cfb6420d5519828427a95847B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
39f90b8b1edfe6b282cf8e5c21a3a032f6c1dea2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
17393a3e26f5f761c73ca3456f1a1289493ac44fB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
7a58edd93317b88d2206d885c3faf7942ce6291bB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
c45ef02bbe6efc618fcec33df2bf52bcf2e0742fJohn Dai — Bug 1119136 - Contacts can't be imported from some special SIM cards to device. r=echen
9a6de2760e8231839094781b31132797ec37abb0B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
ee59315626c8d6f524d7e6c6c4391e1237ac1602B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
0f94b47943d42ee1e7d40b8100d98c4d056bbb2aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
419d617bf2e524776d7239b1dbd366ae99cf85bdB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
feb3c6c050a565d0c99d6443efa94eeb4c78dc9eWes Kocher — Merge m-c to b2g-inbound a=merge
9c23cecc7d548221a1e82f04cce35e34afdeb85cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
9a4facd2c0740ff3e306abf7b629f77659f36e3eB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
53ed5d94b4c8d01f30fb52fe8e59867bda47a50aFabrice DesrĂ© — Bug 1126047 - Imported apps that specify an origin are not correctly installed r=marco
ee6603c36801768990f8e28349d2cb2907ab9e7cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
13665a5ecc0e205498441655e0902544facc9cecB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
d699259b52366f0d4b0755c18ef5a33b9817ce46B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
c570974d925a7bbc7f2ca27fefb8039fac15373cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
cb09c270e0e4d5f90c0ca89ba0123e0f7e2c8c22Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1116588 - Don't optimize away opacity:0 items if we're building event regions, unless the frame also has pointer-events:none. r=tn
12c67312e4d30f8521e318c014bcdd4fcfbcb821B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2aab0469c1a3476e1e6b8f30357e2d795e0b1f30B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
b7fde990041f82dd747c8fd5c9cad496d6b18b9cB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8cd6618c269083d1855a0b7071853f29825ca164B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
6f36fd4724c5f85a95afd64cdd13327f44eb74bcB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
3068a3993ce6980a1e6f345e04e25448d5e5f4cbB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
26d511f0b77190c3f59c35de66ab6c7f22eaea74B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
0f11aa393655323547b79e78b1e38d6c040eea85B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
2353eab9083ec59a634887023721f28adee580e2B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 4 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
3e1b33613ad8e65c68b0a75f403be47ee016cc97J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1125990 - Repair simulator logs and exit codes. r=ochameau
f0dd5841ef13f8c51d568680d7145ac4c05addf3Jocelyn Liu — Bug 1125702 - Make enable/disable BT and set adapter name certified only for Bluetooth API2. r=btian, r=bz
fd5c7ee88faaf08a0a1c4e6797a5d0df4e2dc263Alphan Chen — Bug 1107146 - [MTP] Add an UpdateEntryAndNotify for modified event. r=dhylands
12ac667d15324d19dc053b634f138381926c1a99Ben Hsu — Bug 1103731 - Part 3: Update the related testcase. r=aknow
422bed2705ee75d95574385aef6bf17321c2ad69Ben Hsu — Bug 1103731 - Part 2: Internal architecture (ril_worker.js). r=aknow
4ff3dd299e6a3061193809c0e77672fdbb78ae94Ben Hsu — Bug 1103731 - Part 1: Internal architecture (TelephonySerive.js). r=aknow
d811a1223f6030322733244d84493ebe1c554578Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
a98d16e6a3b488c51d3757b7cdb131cee9770527Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset e5c85f765f2d (bug 1126739) for bc2 test failures on a CLOSED TREE
341afd35e4ee0620a5e28b2e41e8284fd09b656fHannes Verschore — Bug 1123064 - Fix opt bustage on CLOSED TREE
608f0d854e4fd14c06f7c5e169376ff0180ab43bHannes Verschore — Bug 1123064 - Add default case to fix bustage on CLOSED TREE
fc58ed477ccb9868634bf97eea3c2e6ca1792e76Chris Pearce — Bug 1106776 - Disable mediasource-config-change-mp4-a-bitrate.html Web Platform Test. r=jya
a6cecb2d01ee26df5ac82dbbb2b7012f7aa8783fChris Pearce — Bug 1123535 - Don't hold decoder monitor while calling PreReadMetadata. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
7ee07b0a66b32d660ebfd5f6ef19f1a1d2f6d72bChris Pearce — Bug 1123535 - Enable dormant heuristic for MP4Reader. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
b787a2e8334dfe6792a483c91be33335a4a0783cChris Pearce — Bug 1123535 - Make MP4Reader and WMFMediaDataDecoder support going dormant. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
63bccd7cd93f712693af08413a2326d0a24ebce1Chris Pearce — Bug 1123535 - Run MediaDecoderReader::ReleaseMediaResources on decode task queue. r=jwwang
a607fdc02c5d5b064139f7081e8b9454d74246f6Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1125472 - Reset video request status on reset decode. r=cpearce
176166c0bae9ee2faea56e45f78598219503d9d8Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1124394 - Support WebGL on Core Profiles on Mac. - r=kamidphish
b6b0706f28ff3e6881af9cec7bfb958eeef33853Hannes Verschore — Bug 1125620 - Fix comment about MAX_LINEAR_SEARCHES, r=bhackett
07e3fec694b1e50861134eb465c0bf8e992d3e02ZongShen Shen — Bug 1123064 - IonMonkey: Fold constant numbers in MToInt32, r=h4writer
59a95e8ba6bbabfa6c70c50b9476c01887a600e1ZongShen Shen — Bug 1102187 - IonMonkey: Use NumberEqualsInt32 to check if double fits in an integer, r=h4writer
9ecd3b1a151f6a6207db03d40c2da8524d9e402dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1126808: Mark xpcom/build as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=froydnj
ea243bbbb45cbe9fc30c73df7917a6547cc0aa83Bob Owen — Bug 1126402: Add a pref to enable a more strict version of the Windows NPAPI process sandbox. r=bsmedberg, r=bbondy
e5c85f765f2dbe032c269c8d00dc735c573c014aSeth Fowler — Bug 1126739 - Add locking to SurfaceCache entry points that bypass the public API. r=tn
28a19205f0409884b7203292f737377234f9ec65John Daggett — Bug 1127209 - cleanup downloadable font logging. r=m_kato
9dcf0be77eab2403d14f289c2aa1dfeb0113e9c8Edwin Flores — Bug 1101304 - Test that EME works with CORS - r=cpearce
470dc6922fa24e41ef2a0d612b7187c7ee5f35a6Edwin Flores — Bug 1101304 - Handle CORS in EME - r=cpearce
c49c54cfb1d3b9974e88c3f5337f3ab2140533dbJim Mathies — Bug 1126164 - Avoid setting clip regions on plugin windows if the same clip region was already set. r=roc
d8b23c23b13142ffee445bdc81c514ac27cb9369Benjamin Chen — Bug 1091467 - MediaCodec: Wait fence and release output buffer on other thread. r=sotaro
5e0ad88520ee71a3a71407783a8db8f537cd97a7JW Wang — Bug 752796 - log media element events for debugging. r=cpearce
2eded1bead200d462d3d4090c626e5a482075770Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1121824 - Improve CORS console messages when request is blocked (r=sicking)
0a1c01c0854e5bd25e33997b57d67bbbaeccce50Chris Peterson — Bug 1126376 - Fix non-NIGHTLY_BUILD warnings-as-errors in toolkit/xre. r=Mossop
ec461a53b0842a9accf69a66bb576dd7ef1230faNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1126546 - Make PLDHashTable::keyHash private. r=froydnj.
3f102935baa3032dd3cdfc66c103b0f4eff9adceWes Kocher — Backed out 10 changesets (bug 1126465) for b2g osx build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
e097183cab30800c63e2a376944980bca8142108Matt Woodrow — Bug 1120128 - Implement blacklist for DXVA and blacklist AMD Radeon HD 5800. r=Bas
00630c05fe80f5c199b987cd6f06edfd9a2c6f01Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1127005. Rename CairoImage to BufferedImage. r=kats
66f0f0b2bfd26dc1b5b3b6e5652de923632b8b1bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1124847. Track D3D11 shared texture usage in about:memory. r=bas
fe0c7de37b3234e1a39ab68ce2ed871b23330ea0Aaron Klotz — Bug 1121162: Resume stream listener when async NPP_NewStream returns with failure; r=jimm
e455a355970744eadbc12b9331924599c3f84e3dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1126923: #undef HAVE_STDINT_H (provided by mozilla-config.h) before including vpx headers, since they redefine it. r=froydnj
08786e955d26728b56093376491fcf9d2eab2db2Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Infrastructure followup: inline tracking functions. (rs=djvj)
f3a78ec34fc1156b2e804b1ce20295ee84498a17Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Instrumentation: Track IonBuilder::jsop_setelem optimizations. (r=djvj)
53eb207d659780d247cb12e6a0e93b4e201d7db0Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Instrumentation: Track IonBuilder::jsop_getelem optimizations. (r=djvj)
0a6a3e804c3cd36cdf393d42fb8be2f7f3032adfShu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Instrumentation: Track calls. (r=djvj)
4951b75ba08fee28f902a12735950de4d79bc97cShu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Instrumentation: Track IonBuilder::jsop_setprop optimization. (r=djvj)
98640174ff15813603c8e8aacc312ebeaf838d1eShu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Instrumentation: Track IonBuilder::jsop_getprop optimization. (r=djvj)
c75507637c206ea29d36f29fae51bca427276b52Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Infrastructure: Track Ion aborts. (r=djvj)
898e2414c9b6e4a6b733862ff44805523ca5ce3cShu-yu Guo — No bug - Fix namespace error in jsgc.cpp due to shifted unified source boundaries. (r=me)
98498bec2d96c99f3933ea1d51d15afd04b71b9fShu-yu Guo — Bug 1030389 - Infrastructure: Optimization strategy tracking infrastructure. (r=djvj)
a0a572ab461497b322f730168182495cf550f065Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Use a MediaPromiseConsumerHolder to track subdecoder seeks. r=mattwoodrow
c96bac2df9a427e133899afbde2cb7030b9c2f52Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Factor out the seeking phases into helper methods. r=mattwoodrow
ebe589cc0d920b46f09328a46a7d198e64175e8bBobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Factor out calls to Request{Audio,Video}Data into a helper method. r=mattwoodrow
96e70a10440c1324c7bb4212d64bfc719b2017d3Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Pass consistent arguments to RequestVideoData invocations on subdecoders. r=mattwoodrow
47301816c70588c69b6f3efee62208a53c9f9ba9Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Cancel sample requests when seeks start, disallow them while seeks are happening, and assert against seeks when samples arrive. r=mattwoodrow
dd957ede2d3680020dc0a57af8023613fe63ab14Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Implement the ability to disconnect outstanding promises. r=mattwoodrow
d8045d89bfda2261c70d9f5937b6959f1ea7f450Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Introduce machinery to hold onto MediaPromise::Consumer references, and use it for MediaSourceReader subdecoders. r=mattwoodrow
22aff144837610bf7b1d4feed8019ad868ccd5acBobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Make ThenValueBase inherit from a publicly-usable type, and refcount it. r=mattwoodrow
212c4e3377f84b1c3ebbd59cdd085241de92b0f7Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Don't leave stale value in mPendingSeek when there's no audio track. r=mattwoodrow
408b00141b8222a2d12d4a925bd3c74332095540Bobby Holley — Bug 1126465 - Stop invoking On*NotDecoded when we didn't actually go through the promise. r=mattwoodrow