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Thu Jul 20 01:11:37 2017 +0000
0924cda42ae0638d088e08b14b816af89fd84670Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Prepare release beetmover stuff (no reviewer pending rail's tests)
2e3a8b38521699fd519d6adae1f2282c5d130ebaJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Enable windows beetmover for en-US and l10n, side affect of enabling balrog for windows nightlies. r=kmoir
84dae80a7225e0d5fcea8842aecef0179ef0b8c6Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Slight refactor to beetmover-repackage to make windows additions clearer. r=kmoir
e91877e50234609afdc883efe75d55b47b377d37Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Don't list host/bin/{mar,mbsdiff} in global list since windows will need the filenames with .exe appended. r=kmoir
1efbc052fef642baa75037e16c70e81f581ba854Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Run mach repackage for windows l10n, and sign results of windows mach repackage. r=kmoir
e2119d9036e69983bc989e78401329a6dc98db58Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Sign windows l10n repacks. r=kmoir
6dbe6b8a05640930a5ba1103b89898ae3e7a9e64Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Remove target.complete.mar from OSX l10n signing (its signed as part of repackage) and error out if an unknown platform attempts to get signed from l10n. r=kmoir
f582ad4e11e93cb3ef331dd671fa3b30572996a5Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Add tc win l10n to the taskgraph, and don't try to sign it yet. r=kmoir
562292de496d1d8f2edf034e19d91c4fb70d6c82Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Add mozharness configs for Taskcluster win l10n repacks. r=aki
6ce1317e1d51f5ecef1f1429f9cd44947b3511deJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Support Taskcluster win l10n repacks in mozharness scripts. r=aki
2f3fe6100818a72a590fe8e0e3107f821fd616f8Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Build system changes to support taskcluster backed windows l10n repacks. r=mshal
689bb6a8498fb1f1216227048049baec0dae334eJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Enable funsize routes for windows nightly. r=kmoir
8f7b9e092302bf38f1e190fe74d3f9f06bfcabacJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Sign repackaged win artifacts. r=kmoir
a4bf71c09960d7b55723bfb3d760b34642e73f79Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Run mach repackage for windows nightlies. r=kmoir
aee3d31c0bd2fb98be5a3f84535a9713d1da8e9cJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Make repackage task output its artifact to a locale included subdirectory, rather than rely on worker to publish there. r=kmoir
2b8c585e8c0ab817f366f7a1704659656b68cd8fJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Refactor repackage taskgraph code to be more readable and make it easier to add windows. r=kmoir
c08ead65a8804d4f6a741daf923c279721c0f00eJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Support signing windows nightlies. r=kmoir
70c163f649850b4cafc24fd73c06b142a2131837Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Stop using the property 'use-funsize-routes' since we can determine if we want those routes in better ways. r=kmoir
870b3029304e5c1f34ccc49fbd3113c984c13e6dJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Win nightlies should generate and upload balrog_props.json. r=kmoir
7d8736e17232b74983cfa72097a726d1ac1b36c9Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Upload Symbols for win32. r=kmoir
1d2746c1def487c562689e4abd15ceec9d2ff8b6Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Add win32 nightlies as well. r=kmoir
d962204b415411afe1a1d06c7e697034ae72432bJustin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Make artifact path setting more generic for windows worker. r=dustin
1027a4efbc245bbc0d1be711356c16bd1a50d0d5Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Add assertion that there is no space in each action or option passed to mozharness tests. r=dustin
94c796c743e800f2464cd8d65d0f0b9422391f05Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Add support for not passing --branch and --skip-buildbot-actions to mozharness tasks on windows workers. r=dustin
f9ab9c4ea098adfdbd2100565f6ef2974c53a3a2Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Add support for not passing MOZ_SIMPLE_PACKAGE_NAME to windows workers. r=dustin
d161bf70158b648954d4906872ec3fb206cb9505Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Rename the nightly win64 hook to just nightly, support win32. r=dustin
00c9482cd5df898a57ffc72b2822b6c6fcb0fc93Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - Support mozharness actions on windows generic worker r=dustin
4978124e20111a88cc5960c85b805e128729f4c9Justin Wood — Bug 1381577 - DO NOT LAND - changes applied only to date branch
eb1d92b2b6a4161492561250f51bae5bafeda68aWes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge CLOSED TREE
a8885191775ad1f655d2826f8f8e943a9a985f43Wes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge CLOSED TREE
22e24b1ada9431c21c7f1f8a950d68ec94842c83Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset c21ec4c07f82 (bug 1374748) for breaking mac talos a=backout CLOSED TREE
43d31b5d432513ccdb1482e82d6dff321377137eJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #17787 - Store COW strings in CSS parser errors when possible (from jdm:invalidvalue); r=SimonSapin
9fc3f64f258358a93d2b6ea11e931725a8e3e677Jim Chen — Bug 1351170 - 3. Do more to synchronize spans to shadow text; r=esawin
b7909eddfe2659a1d02afe4f416b28a2a21c0b28Jim Chen — Bug 1351170 - 2. Notify selection listeners after adjusting range offsets; r=smaug
7773fb9e0bf35ad416aa2c1f785148e48d50f299Jim Chen — Bug 1351170 - 1. Correctly calculate start offset for non-text nodes; r=masayuki
17e2e2aa8f56546d6749d41266af06b7390df7dbJed Davis — Bug 1376910 - Unshare the SysV IPC namespace in content processes. r=gcp
d11cd5c3fc6f5e1ec439e6d15e3f911f3e967e3cJed Davis — Bug 1376910 - Block syscalls for SysV IPC in content processes. r=gcp
0a4690dfd7b383e2f732210cf8906ce51a5b2433Mark Banner — Bug 1071513 - Enable async PlacesTransactions for nightly builds. r=mak
0da00124af43d44fed96133300ba5e32b0d821a8Andrew Swan — Bug 1374637 Don't show the Legacy Extensions pane in about:addons if it is empty r=rhelmer
4741c5c80880c9825181a7f4e1fec0e139fcf4aadarcese — Bug 1381558 - Remove button gradient in Site Identity door hanger. r=johannh
c21ec4c07f82ec618bf15f9584998b079250a2abJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1374748 - Use regular builds for Stylo via env var. r=catlee
4cc4ef8f7e73bf7c5730577769fb6b516229b4fbDaniel Holbert — Bug 1284888 part 2: Make TextOverflow::WillProcessLines() return a UniquePtr, for stronger lifetime guarantees. r=jfkthame
ded6ed223ce51b170aa42787d31c875810b7f128Daniel Holbert — Bug 1284888 part 1: Annotate TextOverflow as a heap-only final class, to reflect reality. r=jfkthame
46fb0382583cd90f594a3670fbbd6b865e9a6f99Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1382200 - Eliminate LayerMetricsWrapper::IsScrollInfoLayer entirely by inlining it. r=botond
d6f3312bc785064ffad5c8ef6798fe18003c1756Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1382200 - Change implementation of the LayerMetricsWrapper IsScrollInfoLayer to use the metrics flag. r=botond
90b186b95d7532f3ac76be1f8a64448a275d1662Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1382200 - Rename Layer::IsScrollInfoLayer to better capture what the call sites care about. r=botond
fad8cd3c31fd9e093b2346d014bbdd675ad5937dDão Gottwald — Bug 1379938 - Rename the -moz-windows-accent-color-applies media query and make -moz-win-accentcolor available without it. r=jimm
1ee11b9353f9b380118fa572c2979cb50e97ee2bPatrick Brosset — Bug 1378306 - Force update in grid-inspector's reflow handler when nodes have been removed; r=gl
af358ff04adc3044c5620114ad6d1e102cb6cc1fSean Lee — Bug 1379533 - Support the array of addressFieldDetails and creditCardFieldDetails in FormAutofillHandler. r=lchang,steveck
4ff29997348c433308b1b54a3db0b62c0d0aa753jwu — Bug 1379503 - Configure magnifying glass(ImageButton) with transparent background. r=walkingice
1efe09393b6ceae7d72992974580157d99800789sole — Bug 1378853 - Stop using sdk/core/heritage in DevTools reflow actor. r=jdescottes
3351fac5174b5036f7d468766d1575e42c8fcbf4Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1373735 - Skip checking mPrivateBrowsingId in case system principal r=baku
967111e5be01c016ba1332f7985729efc4d07fa2jwu — Bug 1366678 - Highlight substrings in search suggestion/history if they match search term. r=walkingice
b11f89deba4e240ea0cbfafac6d2eb3488e2699aOmar Akkila — servo: Merge #17784 - constellation: Remove unused title attribute from Pipeline struct (from omakk:master); r=jdm
5a4f7cc9980579506b199748c9d5cc1479d527c2Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1353064 - Add-on always prints at 100% due to missing nsPrintSettingsX::GetScaling() impl r=cosmo0920
7289ba6c2ad114c86b9254d3859040e1251dcc7fJan Odvarko — Bug 1378850 - Stop using sdk/core/heritage in DevTools webconsole hudservice; r=sole,zer0
e4c251c24cb0822b0c31615b581354c4662af8b8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1354086) for OSX permaleaks on a CLOSED TREE.
44ca093166f6164b7b790e4e5e760c21cd8121bbRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 68c5012ba344 (bug 1378850) for ESlint no-unused-vars failures on a CLOSED TREE.
9d6754fdaf26f8461210b8660655d68850143827Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1341102 - Fix annotations for cssom/selectorSerialize.html on a CLOSED TREE.
cebef9d84892d7383afc6c4e70ae1202befe4d86Scott Wu — Bug 1337378 - Show today indicator on datetime picker calendar. r=mconley
8c1975262e1adf09015817e39237c5f71cbef269Ionut Goldan — Bug 1358818 - avoid symbolication server for non-Windows platforms r=jmaher
e79bfc74d1495dc1ce78d5a2791169ee6aabfaefJared Wein — Bug 1380585 - Add MOZ_PHOTON_PREFERENCES build-time flag to help with implementing visual refresh of preferences. r=chmanchester,rickychien
5539c828b4d743114656bcc9bdfe6f795861c872Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #17785 - Remove explicit lifetime arguments on a method call (from servo:future-break); r=nox
c783e87dc7fdca7cb1cbb4b267eeadd5d5dfd276Chris AtLee — Bug 1381915: upgrade voluptuous to 0.10.5 r=ahal,dustin
6371d6ad918f864491bc2295d207eb68fb3a38bfJared Wein — Bug 1378784 - Listen for TextZoomChange in addition to the FullZoomChange events to update the zoom UI when the zoom changes. r=dao
68c5012ba344d4e11e7f3cd8eeba184894d90541Jan Odvarko — Bug 1378850 - Stop using sdk/core/heritage in DevTools webconsole hudservice; r=sole,zer0
42880c35739e3e44e7fc29fe8f5d9aaa441f9844Doug Thayer — Bug 1380629 - Check GetTheme result in nsNativeThemeWin r=jimm
f90ff9792bbd66c7462806f5cc959cf73f419184Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1354086 - fix leaks caused by transitionend listeners that hang around, r=mikedeboer
a370f8134644b025274b81b8233641154bfeb2bbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1354086 - fix fonts in overflow menu, combined buttons overflowing in customize mode, r=mikedeboer
87fc17c32c51d5bb78faadfbce71f9c809b9e5e8Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1354086 - update styling of combined buttons in the overflow panel, r=mikedeboer
d627b7b2dea5b619e4f0016687da7ec0f3904503Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1354086 - update styling of normal toolbar buttons in the overflow panel, r=mikedeboer
979385d4c2465dd5b4429d2cdaf349b8670fcc81Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1354086 - always use toolbar icons in overflow panel, r=mikedeboer
b074842173dcf99bb7bc93d3f3c8be31c90baf23Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1354086 - switch overflow panel to using a photonpanelmultiview, allowing webextension views to specify their own size, r=mikedeboer
0f0faf30c690f7f24ab5d51c450b3e1f0255d496Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1381682: Crashtest. r=heycam
6a297d875e0e59a4434f22d3834c04f78d953d9fJan Odvarko — Bug 1378821 - Stop using sdk/window/utils in DevTools; r=zer0
cfb0810a9bf3a9f3bd00a74d84207259d474f74bJan Odvarko — Bug 1378865 - Stop using sdk/core/heritage in DevTools shared webconsole server logger; r=zer0
af4655e3719ae83b55bb4654e3cbcdd496bd4062Evan Tseng — Bug 1373570 - Focus the update button in about dialog once there is one visible. r=jaws
b940bc3aab4891b2180ec757d04646a5500e0a06Evan Tseng — Bug 1324172 - Add css styles for indented descriptions. r=jaws
b3fae55d844b385f959661a85874ec15db5f87e2Mark Banner — Bug 1336806 - Disable animation of the bookmark popup panel during tests to aid timing and avoid intermittent issues. r=mak
78b6e9cdaaa928409000c2c9bffc96f9edf2f883Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
6e838c394c29209babe2fddf658f8e22c7130354Michael Partheil — servo: Merge #17775 - Replace all uses of the style::stylearc alias with servo_arc (from michael-p:rename-stylearc-to-servo-arc); r=emilio
38d46fd3819056f681378c1a58a855d303594eb6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17782 - style: Unify needs_traversal logic (from emilio:needs-traversal); r=heycam
415baa1b3cc0a1f2fe456b7d54d793744e024832Jonathan Chan — servo: Merge #17539 - Simplify <an+b> in selector args when serializing (from jyc:simplify-an-b); r=emilio
5b789f74756c62b57b026232866613dbe78ef93fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #17774 - Prepare some code for future derivation 🌊 (from servo:derive-all-the-things); r=emilio
b10cc6c6704b9ea443788a12e29a1100f2925a5eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17781 - style: Remove bogus assertion (from emilio:assert-not); r=heycam
f9954d5cf6ea0c3d9c8c1a80a72a25f039dbab2bMichael Froman — Bug 1380430 - Backport current RtpHeaderExtension handling changes and RtpStreamId implementation. r=drno