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Sun Nov 19 21:49:28 2017 +0000
bb6418cb54ab79cceafce0d3f2f37a4332d85139Markus Stange — Bug 1418836 - Add restyle markers in a place that I missed in bug 1350930. r?bz
f2ea6a15b2471db1498dbc68b41af29f85dd69f4Markus Stange — Use early returns in ComputeWidgetInfo.
ca9f6b0d259ccbaedada9868bd9a27ed00e9535eMarkus Stange — fixup move render code out
fdcef92e4c53ac40d13e1b51df2dfb7de96b6934Markus Stange — Move rendering code out into a separate method.
bcf34991cf5ba6ea3d916cc51b18c7bc7d8232fbMarkus Stange — Fixup complete widgetinfo redirect: make methods const
20fdc462ae4b94871e87302af82750a10e5cd0c9Markus Stange — Complete widgetInfo redirect.
359a7dbe86b9db6f2c473c17dfed24bc516e1b6bMarkus Stange — Make DrawTabPanel and DrawResizer take a bool instead of an nsIFrame*.
def8af4e680c26b21e7b929d25c1dc65e8b54e98Markus Stange — Redirect through widgetInfo.
bb6f53cc2f8b9fbf97701603b50bc82f900531dcMarkus Stange — Fixup ProgressParams indeterminate mac dock
d5abcd39b65af2c3b0de12932954b66514bc33d8Markus Stange — Combine DrawTreeHeaderCell params into a struct.
fd53df057a9a5182af24142f0cfc316dc2ba25eeMarkus Stange — Combine DrawProgress params into a struct.
972dfb93242a19c18c6aad478ee099fe5adb3e9eMarkus Stange — Combine DrawSearchField params into a struct.
96f4582588e708ac6f6e91bad787fded29774474Markus Stange — Combine DrawTextBox params into a struct.
402509cc0a77076621def74f416a44ee0bb9ad25Markus Stange — Add an overload of DrawNativeTitlebar that takes a UnifiedToolbarParams struct.
ec3e68822c128003efcee641a454fbcb27857530Markus Stange — Combine DrawUnifiedToolbar params into a struct.
62a36fb7493d4f4b39d84c065823cda97346a25fMarkus Stange — Include the segment type in the SegmentParams.
ea1ff3af20f3d5a06b5a5e4afda595b209feb5f7Markus Stange — Create ButtonParams struct which includes the button type.
3b2b080ef784af107f25fa117c86be1c89218d2cMarkus Stange — Rename ButtonParams to ControlParams.
2ddfcf573b87f9f54f80d9c1f1402125c177303cMarkus Stange — Combine DrawDropDown params into a struct.
a44bbe7561802b259ef382ea460684e3590eb459Markus Stange — Create DrawMenuBackground.
45c0f4e3694ef742e66ad116a670e049477312a5Markus Stange — Combine DrawSpinButton(s) parameters into a struct.
d5b3fb98577b942d30c74dbb3e6b6f814639b679Markus Stange — Combine DrawCheckboxOrRadio params into a struct.
6104429056c59669f9d28fa5ede188a8a912574fMarkus Stange — Combine DrawMenuIcon parameters into a struct.
571133b17b400d3532173e1a8ca0f273767ca197Markus Stange — Create DrawMenuSeparator.
31a7b59938eff603c5cdad39ed1232a9e348d656Markus Stange — Create DrawSourceList.
f47e64177673b08c097c22262ed1ba47ab250a78Markus Stange — Use the isMain variable for both branches.
11567f948ce30bbb15ca852402898bb9255ae609Markus Stange — Move background color drawing into DrawTextBox.
54efb318b05217f0ced61e2b2ccccbad79dde526Markus Stange — Create DrawMenuItem.
1d1c88970ed2786cc619e40c1d11b0a49c5a7777Markus Stange — Create DrawToolbar.
579725b1f81a24181fa7aa8dcb30c8a660c5cddbMarkus Stange — Create DrawMultilineTextField.
2a4e973f13a3ee33f152b2add4535ee4e0768a04Markus Stange — Break out scrollbar track drawing into a method.
6a4f3276bba99f46307010b357c2ad1f81976a18Markus Stange — Don't pass an nsIFrame* to DrawScrollbarThumb.
02387f89f34e60e7525e9489dd214801f51a40b3Markus Stange — Extract scrollbar thumb drawing into its own method.
bd0e85c60249b713dac2f7f2fe8a2daa24ddc6fbMarkus Stange — Don't pass an nsIFrame* into DrawScale.
f5f0337fc09d3f17832f33942477aaf3f15fa7b1Markus Stange — Don't pass an nsIFrame* to DrawMeter.
df935d7713334c860a3582e3a57378c3f00b6861Markus Stange — Don't pass an nsIFrame* to DrawProgress.
74f2f55ce5a12314ab8f7cd6fe9b48c427821f46Markus Stange — Don't pass an nsIFrame to DrawSearchField.
60e829297ac3797879ffd987de4651da3ca60570Markus Stange — Simplify search field cell management and make the "is-within-toolbar" computation eager instead of lazy.
b845d4ac573c072e0230efa7fa5a503a3f2fb7c8Markus Stange — Rename DrawFrame to DrawTextBox and tweak the arguments.
b017ecd123e6ca4fdfa5cd242494658f25edc3fbMarkus Stange — Don't pass an nsIFrame* to DrawStatusBar.
ca136c92abe13a8e27bcccf70f3638eab838fd68Markus Stange — Don't pass an NSWindow* to DrawUnifiedToolbar.
4a39e0f2c83cd95587fde56d74c494676ab143f6Markus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* to DrawSegment.
7373876ff03b7e59a92a3ff8cd18c33687179a8fMarkus Stange — Pass a SegmentType instead of a settings struct to DrawSegment.
4938f6d06fd61d42d59370f6ab004cc00e58ac39Markus Stange — Create SegmentParams struct and use it within DrawSegment.
1eb5fb2a0484aa08464e460fa658a5753db3c63eMarkus Stange — Use DrawButton as the entry point for drawing all push buttons.
7cf062b9159620d03b36b799b4e885873f07cb71Markus Stange — Split DrawAdaptivePushButton into two methods for the two different button styles.
dcaeca705b9399cf5dd9e984cd400a9dd6bda6f8Markus Stange — Pass an NSCellStateValue to DrawDisclosureButton instead of the widget type.
20a85f80989c04acb9234118bd80cb9bcd506485Markus Stange — Convert DrawAdaptivePushButton, DrawHelpButton and DrawDisclosureButton to ButtonParams and ApplyButtonParamsToNSCell.
e8f4087a3e2d5aa27b85987f898e2224bdc14d62Markus Stange — Create ApplyButtonParamsToNSCell and use it in DrawCheckboxOrRadio.
462a2cf7b06bd043a5bfb647d9a6605b50755dbeMarkus Stange — Group some bools in a ButtonParams struct.
778c7955f65d470d483015d1b04b35feec1e3722Markus Stange — Split DrawPushButton into three separate methods.
fb0ed86e361271b049f2c312fc946987d21c746aMarkus Stange — Rename eDisclosureButton* to eTreeTwisty*. We also have NS_THEME_MAC_DISCLOSURE_BUTTON_* and those look different.
80d0f71056bb6223661f7a61eb100d10321c9123Markus Stange — Tweak else if bracing.
d09cc56265da65efe657995a04802773d0bc278eMarkus Stange — Make the same tweak to the default button check for bevel buttons as for push buttons.
325d3b05a98506777ff419c3ff11e94dc3129aacMarkus Stange — Break out tree header cell drawing into a separate method.
366df73b7984510624b69dd4f4f79b8364bbb353Markus Stange — Do the push button rect adjustment in a different place.
313d238f2911e82fd5e436926164b4b183089e46Markus Stange — Add missing break in default push button case.
e94d136a60dc4edc498f17d27bcd35c1a5291328Markus Stange — Remove unused arguments from DrawFocusOutline.
7de2812ccf2d8abec945b48d543a39d166dd3c01Markus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* to DrawDropdown.
e1105a909911367751f04d33d8d24873caae991eMarkus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* to DrawButton.
69c343bc301a8836a2dc69cf6bc4ea66ac8f6099Markus Stange — Make default-ness a button type.
0cba8aba0a57d6eab1dc27d95af4fe3174dea6e4Markus Stange — Stop passing HITheme constants to DrawButton.
f99be44e82b7616b74e4e632b3a9e9fe451125bbMarkus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* to DrawCheckboxOrRadio.
3a6fe43ecd9a568bb0dcd43bb84dd980638c0315Markus Stange — Don't call GetIndeterminate(aFrame) in DrawCheckboxOrRadio.
44510dd0607728f5e7b319fecaa95add7c177188Markus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* to DrawMenuIcon.
6b9e6d9034a81dc35c62b2bda3c8776300d398ecMarkus Stange — Stop passing a mozilla::EventState to DrawMenuIcon.
c28b205ac15d1a68af9208890eede4ae7a95cf8dMarkus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* and HITheme-specific arguments to DrawSpinButtons.
5fee1c4bc67a81e11bd9b7e19bd28a80e4b22f1aMarkus Stange — Stop passing an nsIFrame* to DrawSpinButton.
455e8ec43460f5fcfbed0715da6c92fefce9ababMarkus Stange — Remove HITheme-specific arguments of DrawSpinButton.
5de3291a5a520d05db245b83e5a3a96dc347fc0dMarkus Stange — Make SeparatorAdjustedRect take bools instead of frames.