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Tue Oct 24 21:58:32 2017 +0000
6957434ecb1e16c7e28c0afe0d587f6aaa1de77aTom Ritter — Bug 1406542 Enable PTHREAD for vpx and aom under MinGW because we do in fact have them. r?rillian
470346c4a39dd9fcb329245d243de29fdb231983Tom Ritter — Bug 1411142 Cast enums to int to silence warning about comparing enums of different types
a45a743527469f44e2f63e41c666d1ddf787e8d6Tom Ritter — Bug 1411374 Do not redefine PATH_MAX if it is already defined r?njn
9c1a9c311a2237bd1d408e0477e4a8501ebdf301Tom Ritter — Bug 1407343 Re-enable warnings as errors for the mingw build
0db84e359a879798c2e58ecda21b3a9a2c104258Tom Ritter — Bug 1407343 Do not enable format warnings unless -Wformat is set, doing otherwise is an error r?froydnj
19c3b404390eeeda9789c7f2900df1ffcacf65a6Tom Ritter — Bug 1407343 Allow compiler warnings for MinGW in certain whitelisted directories: gfx, ipc/chromium
425a3b04b049c0a66f14642df28e29e5a6d17e6aTom Ritter — Bug 1407343 Silence multiple classes of annoying warnings