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Sat Oct 07 09:09:46 2017 +0000
2286c2918d1273d8815703812e444132a608178aDão Gottwald — Bug 1406352 - Remove unused autocomplete-dropmarker.png. r?mak
6b0491f83229a80462793c74825f79b1ec1d9cdaSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
dde44491690467f0b59a942e5565ba5d3eed69deSebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
8095eff05ac94898f4c8bf28340533f5aa7eaf68Ed Lee — Bug 1405539 - Add info doorhanger, collapsible sections and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=k88hudson
63618add0894f613af2a5b7939a60c2251443ddfAndrew Swan — Bug 1405264 Part 2: Use startupData for new langpacks r=gandalf,kmag
1b34e23227f27008c01fd3ccf191808a51c3c68dAndrew Swan — Bug 1405264 Part 1: Add startupData to internal addon representation r=kmag
7cc3f9fd01acb701fec4b872634513c8c59f5f1aTom Ritter — Bug 1403698 Address delete-non-virtual-dtor warnings r=froydnj
aa5b5b65b4f9db0f2adcb66826e899dcd5df45daDavid Keeler — bug 1404824 - add a test for the BE_CONSERVATIVE flag if TLS is restricted to 1.3 only r=mayhemer
c78938f9f8f82a234106c7af3ff8caf1c1881db5David Keeler — bug 1404824 - reconcile inconsistent TLS version range settings by erring on the conservative side r=mayhemer
8ef54b47be709e5bc7861c78d4f825ddc64f0e19David Keeler — bug 1404824 - fix error-handling case of plaintext-layer popping in nsNSSSocketInfo r=mayhemer
645a700843fefbdf5c5dab0ec5f1fc7f13dcaf01Brian Stack — Bug 1406177 - Remove action.yml now that it is unused r=garndt
3d7f66f234ad985b0b5064cb3c0c98e636b48e90Henrik Skupin — Bug 1406150 - Always throw exceptions by using 'new'. r=maja_zf
33181ffec32af337242ce542e31f9ee06ee286d9Dan Banner — Bug 1395890 - Change all ESLint rules that are warnings to errors. r=standard8
518b1b92bdaed92adfccafd06b5a7c760bea4432Rail Aliiev — Bug 1336514 - Publish jsshell-*.zip as part of release r=nthomas
9fc84ba52f31cb8640dd3077585fdd8fc53f7385Jed Davis — Bug 1406233 - Include sys/sysmacros.h for major()/minor() macros in Linux sandbox broker. r=gcp
fb637352a959581a2c7e3fc02b4801e27518761bJed Davis — Bug 1405891 - Block tty-related ioctl()s in sandboxed content processes. r=gcp
e1a3a89200b725a0ddd52f5f7956b2d9a9f8c523Sam Foster — Bug 1400831 - Use a shorter tab-drop-indicator image to fit both default and compact themes, and move its box-align to CSS. r=dao
52565b672351e54dd0d265afc5c3d8388bfa836cTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1398514 - Use slower documents for executeScript_runAt test r=kmag
bd5bda402097fa863b5e8ff295fb69a9978578d8Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1402007 - Use $PYTHON environment variable in test_native_manifest r=aswan
aa16d953827f30a9d0a3c53771adcd5d7ee148a5Prathiksha — Bug 1368460 - Update urlbar in chromeless popups to match Photon style. r=dao
59aef3210d5ed1e162deb95db105a141fbbfcd85Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399500 - Light and Dark themes should use the same toolbar borders as the default theme. r=johannh
c879c334aa296ff2fc0887984907869ca46cc987Nevin Chen — Bug 1368024 - Fall back to 'name' when 'short_name' is missing. r=daleharvey
8b711541ec4652340243bce3bb351f352d39bf2aChristian Holler — Bug 1406081 - Add GCOV signal handlers to JS shell. r=jandem
5ef339233c7157ec3e9b6d4d3c72dba5a0b50277Christian Holler — Bug 1406081 - Make --enable-coverage flag available in JS shell. r=froydnj
6f0a242f6396659626119a40976ffcec08b651a3Mark Banner — Bug 1404126 - Upgrade Follow-on search add-on to 0.9.5. r=past
2c2fbf414099ca5e1369e7619107ce9ca8ba6680Cameron McCormack — Bug 1406275 - Don't assert the status of dirty bits in an unbinding subtree when choosing a new restyle root. r=emilio
2a31dd6fe18fcadd477bdf9dda2867f2656b9be9abhinav — Bug 1385995 - Adding `Copy object` to the context menu which allows to copy the object/variable logged to the console. r=nchevobbe
7ec3c5a446b2254aa0b0e156c973c8eff4d3e4adLouis Chang — Bug 1404770 Part 3 - Remove test case checkbox-radio-auto-sized-ref.html. r=mats
75069e77df5401432a72373e754a5974b264e11fLouis Chang — Bug 1404770 Part 2 - Add test case for testing minimum size of checkbox/radio. r=mats
8d9aa5783cf496c601f4bc33af0e9a69a4af7a6aLouis Chang — Bug 1404770 Part 1 - Return device pixels instead of css pixels in GetMinimumWidgetSize. r=mats
25db67fda0158f2565059b3b9ea40de08051f45dNevin Chen(:nechen) — Bug 1403132 - Orange color when tapping Get started button. r=jwu
d115a21148097e669cd2603284b1e062de95f054Marco Bonardo — Bug 1356758 - Intermittent timeouts in browser_UsageTelemetry_urlbar.js. r=adw
4279ffa1e0da62b01cc292486fced4dedd6df64dPhil Ringnalda — Backed out 9 changesets (bug 1396066) for Windows reftest failures
b67a58f0f804e522035fa02d0f4361e9559dc037Markus Stange — Bug 1406494 - Add a WR_RESOURCE_PATH environment variable that lets you set a resource override path for webrender. r=kats
fdac61c0836c0c0b9e7f9b53fa43530c217eeb23Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #18772 - Backout #18759 on a CLOSED TREE (from upsuper:backout-unshipping); r=backout
8f6d5b585d098c259aaf94a84e19a1a8ef69b6ddEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18763 - style: Check transitions per longhand to know which transitions to keep (from emilio:transition-longhand-id); r=hiro,birtles
fd857fe38c84581b418de95e522a185ae952c9a9Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #18737 - remove android specific workaround (from paulrouget:rm_errno_location); r=emilio
3ff4bc14a234cf57a34d27439dfa20d013ecd66aGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #18766 - Update WR (from glennw:update-wr-drv-op-clip-rad); r=pcwalton
bfcdeca9c054626534fa47bef6d8dec063a034f0Brian Stack — Bug 1405740 - Add a cancel-all action task r=garndt,jonasfj
8cf03b2c66c379c5991a70697d8ac2ccd6da5546Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1324961 - [reftest] Process stdout/stderr separately on Windows, r=gbrown
40ef1df3618bc5ec673464bfac9187f8b62ccae4Johann Hofmann — Bug 1391539 - Show tab separators when hovering tabs. r=dao
c18b5243c8705c4b73319d346e8628ab5dcb9228Oriol Brufau — Bug 1406085 - Only consider array indices to be indexed properties. r=nchevobbe
e41f9295ee00cdc81b39215a7ef5873e92af1e89Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066 another followup. Load input.css from a chrome uri, so it can use :-moz-system-metric. This requires exposing the reftest chrome package to content, but that should be OK. r=bzbarsky
7a22efa8df6be7dcbd014a590efde59f63cea3e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1396066 followup. Fix the expected message to be the right non-ASCII thing, admit that devtools don't use UA-only media features.
73c1519225a0045a63102bad8e2961c76f3a9eadSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b05a80fad5bc (bug 1405539) for frequently failing chrome-3's toolkit/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_chrome_ext_downloads_saveAs.html on Windows debug. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
35ae93cde64d87d7d1251496661f06215e9e64a3Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1405950 - Corrected bug in SurfaceFactory::NewTextClient preventing matching textures from being located in mRecycleFreePool r=jgilbert on a CLOSED TREE
7c205fdf625d653af75c352cea38c86924e482c7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0b70ead3e555 (bug 1405950) on suspicion of causing assertions at widget/windows/WinCompositorWidget.cpp:256 in chrome-3 tests on Windows. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
ed95eea7105cbd422cc0e4c128ca232148843106Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Tentatively fix browser_parsable_css.js. r=me
635746c88630e076d65e5db3347f6cb77e8433a5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Fix bug 418986 tests. r=me
330fc30dc2b0c64c34f3d364d6fe25a3ca0132e3Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 680e3de137fb (bug 1404334) for causing all sorts of tests to try loading and hence a CLOSED TREE.
670665dcd73d9b990afc0677909530c6ef73da4bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1406140 followup. Fix the formatting so the CLOSED TREE is less red.
9eada0c912085c0b9fadfdc5732159c3b485be49Tom Ritter — Bug 1389965 Redefine macros to inline functions to fix MinGW build r=jfkthame
5b41d7a0fe73b5a545e2cef31a89133a9ff038e5Dão Gottwald — Bug 1389462 - Update autoscroll icon. r=daleharvey
45f4d7722995e0b24610bbc173a038ec9cb071f9Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1405602 - add clang-apply-replacements to path used by mach static-analysis. r=sylvestre
34e534c39b37775587ab03605f32d1aa7d67df61Marco Bonardo — Bug 1405687 - Remove some deprecated code from Places related code. r=standard8
0d8b611c0dd24c8bec5da3fae3c55e99b977c93eJan Odvarko — Bug 1404227 - Enhance test for network logs in the Console panel; r=nchevobbe
d798bb059d77ed0badd848ad720d71792d347bfaAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1400889 - Keep constant output channels in MediaStreamGraph. r=padenot
a701f7c8334f814bf16c0b2eadc74b51d81d90beSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1406140 - flake8 consitency r=andi
efaf2e1c8767dbe46c37d22e2561f81ac2e6ae23Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1406140 - Simplify a bit the code to have a single call to build_tar_package r=andi
67bd2a7d97798312b7cf25f87d6be2e4a27d9d55John Lin — Bug 1403849 - p3: add telemetry to record tunneled playback support. r=francois,jya
a7328d336d7249582112bbd6bbffad43c910fdfeJohn Lin — Bug 1403849 - p2: add JNI method for native code to query tunneled playback support. r=esawin
466da7f626efe5434b06a16c85498519979a4418John Lin — Bug 1403849 - p1: introduce IPC method to query tunneled playback support. r=esawin
174a7ea87cc552a5a8d4862033b96b9aba103641Nevin Chen — Bug 1389343 - Make default background grey so it can occupied the entire favicon. r=jwu
b05a80fad5bcdd6066d7f8b4775337a1513cfda8Ed Lee — Bug 1405539 - Add responsive bookmarking, info doorhanger and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=k88hudson
f3e41eff3192312b05f0e3762fdc445b0a58e859Nevin Chen(:nechen) — Bug 1403728 - Remove unwanted padding. r=jwu
0b70ead3e555da343acf9f3953fcfd6612d7ff31Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1405950 - Corrected bug in SurfaceFactory::NewTextClient preventing matching textures from being located in mRecycleFreePool r=jgilbert
32a477bbaf1c077830a0e581e7d1d38c8c9b2f7aXidorn Quan — Bug 1391141 - Reenable test_docload.html on stylo Windows. r=xidorn
0aeea10bdcbe6fd1f8dd2a88c23e9efc734cfc51Ricky Chien — Bug 1389550 - Move help button into category and remove init_dynamic_padding in preferences.js r=jaws
5b1997aeaead8fc245f2f7d2a66aae3f0c5d170dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Remove -moz-physical-home-button. r=xidorn
19c9ea492f5e5aa9f75c57f17ea5fc58cfaa2baeEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Restrict -moz-is-glyph to UA and chrome only. r=xidorn
b9d8e458858413003138a2dac394b06154ffc64cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Restrict -moz-windows-theme and -moz-os-version to UA and chrome only. r=xidorn
87b44ea104078894a35566e7ff7f703414831a6dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Restrict system-metric media features to UA and chrome sheets only. r=xidorn
e5b9aed44133d98fb187b9665cc8d68b9a0fae2eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396066: Restrict :-moz-system-metric to chrome and ua sheets. r=xidorn
a0b6b6ff331354ee30eb4f67dbeb061357c5101fTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1405830 - Reset aStatus before calling nsHTMLScrollFrame::Reflow() the second time. r=dholbert
e7c9f37690bdc188100d4e8c397acce8ffbbe5e0Stone Shih — Bug 1404255 - [Pointer Event] Turn off active state or remove current pointer from active pointers when handling pointercancel. r=masayuki
bdfe95610f086e7c42f024dc4402d50ebecba916Brad Werth — Bug 1406108: Make MediaQueryList iteration no longer copy RefPtrs. r=heycam
ef55498169e2a9ae09ae23c40de1d97fa288d2e1Kyle Machulis — Bug 1405792 - Remove nsIDOMHTMLIFrameElement r=bz
92eef0c075fefcae81e1567d87b33751ed03d4f8Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1405954 - Part 3: Change placeholder colors on URL bar. r=nechen
85adac773f9a457be3f96a49c5a5d7f77a5ba243Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1405954 - Part 2: Change status bar background color to #F9F9FA. r=nechen
465519a6bae71042333a7c4a4500712c48002cddJing-wei Wu — Bug 1405954 - Part 1: Increase progress bar height from 2dp to 3dp. r=nechen
54cfd757151720a8fb59853cd66e11d020cc1965Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1405927 - Change PushGlyphs to take webrender formats. r=jrmuizel
e41db689a6627bc7f6b4641697a8cc82cace496cAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1405927 - Remove TextLayer support from nsDisplayText. r=mattwoodrow
f5d73b59a8dab9e2380a3fd9fd623fde44cfffe8Wouter Verhelst — Bug 1405709 - Add missing await to browser.pkcs11 test suite r=zombie
680e3de137fbdc98e12e244897f8b8dfa5de2d82Andrei Oprea — Bug 1404334 - Change NewTabUtils Bookmarks query to fetch bookmarks with no visits. r=Mardak
5b9c57e699259d4e4903f1d1f4431e71d9e752c9Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1385882 - Intermittent browser/base/content/test/urlbar/browser_page_action_menu.js | Test timed out. r=Gijs
f01862c860c8805bb1230701ec58c13770411659k88hudson — Bug 1405693 - Use dev build of React for Activity Stream if browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.debug is true r=Mardak
acdec618988d182069b392385541849b175c8db9JW Wang — Bug 1405962. P2 - use thread-safe ref counting. r=gerald
8d6aae7d3ebba4a1bb4b46cb5a9281adcafa51a7JW Wang — Bug 1405962. P1 - give MediaCache a thread on which we will run data callbacks from the HTTP channel. r=gerald
2cfbfa84c88048ca52a1ae5373b4b1b231e0a1e8Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 5 - Test that the system extensions dev dir is readable from content. r=bobowen
2e2d6d3b8421f843ba7eba79658fe2367426acaeHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 4 - Add Linux whitelisted directory for system extensions development. r=gcp
9fa8e68af08827a4b597f6ed851b581f4a97efd7Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 3 - Add Windows whitelisted directory for system extensions development. r=bobowen
4d06927fff29302f36d83ffd7c0f60a5a5f80973Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 2 - Add Mac whitelisted directory for system extensions development. r=Alex_Gaynor
2f59f47baabcb2457499dfb810145a0da575994dHaik Aftandilian — Bug 1393805 - Part 1 - Add XRE_USER_SYS_EXTENSION_DEV_DIR XRESysExtDev Key. r=bobowen,gcp
e42d927d6bb2b8a91e321126ff24d3b2d9c07285Cameron McCormack — Bug 1406109 - Return early after selector parsing failure in matches(). r=emilio
2abcdba8a85cd073642df23d850139f9f414b1baabhinav — Bug 1401560 - Make sure console input is focused after opening the console. r=nchevobbe
3549d9c469cfc5c3a014884dd7216377a85482abEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18765 - stylo: Make :-moz-styleeditor-transitioning only valid in UA sheets (from emilio:unship-moz-se-transitioning); r=upsuper
edce9959c364b57b8b77fa2047d3a6be1337138eBrad Werth — servo: Merge #18764 - Change MediaExpressionValue::from_css_value to only accept pixels (from bradwerth:onlyDPPX); r=heycam
97fcd35b0d3792e7305bcb46b303ce409b30d23eBoris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #18767 - Don't assume that inputs to compute_style_with_inputs have any rules (from bzbarsky:fix-inputs-no-rules); r=heycam
9c168c0568fee48a97486184f2b24c2df1e30ed9Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #18760 - Upgrade to rustc 1.22.0-nightly (d7e73e4b1 2017-10-04) (from servo:rustup); r=nox
165034ba1af941c33229f3dc8923e2c503c3a546Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #18754 - Use raw pointers instead of transmute for UnsafeFlow (from mbrubeck:unsafe-flow); r=nox
0f20f21d898166f3678ea5ef3bd25776863564d7Bastien Orivel — servo: Merge #18743 - Bump base64 to 0.6 (from Eijebong:base64); r=jdm
193e35d3d4d9dca08d6451d8493270c7ceaf682bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18759 - stylo: Keep unshipping stuff (from emilio:keep-unshipping-dont-stop); r=upsuper