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Mon Nov 27 20:54:52 2017 +0000
b9f05468dd0cef22561fd89c8da27cc96984900dGabriel Luong — Bug 1369945 - Part 1: Display a split rule view panel in the inspector. r=bgrins
a16f714be5a2e98e4013713ec22716a4a5ebd0b2Matt Woodrow — Bug 1418722 - Mark nsDisplayPerspective items for removal when the inner transform frame gets removed from the frame tree. r=mstange
b97b62055f10362a4791d684f42c9e71ea202d14Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset f7f814a5a957 (bug 1420407) for statis failures S in config/external/nspr/pr/target r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
5d86a025b8ceda6ede45de2746983e339a2558e6Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1404069 - Revert bug 1363372. r=mayhemer
4e5b62d139a83ea164cb4ae52e3a5b60de732a1fJohn Dai — Bug 1407669 - Fix custom element creation hides uncatchable exceptions from the constructor. f=echen, r=bz
f7f814a5a9577b545036f9be69aeb5293d8feda0Kai Engert — Bug 1420407, land NSPR 4.18.1 beta1 (r=me) and remove local NSPR patch that's no longer necessary (r=dragana)
afefcc7ecca06203a0ea46f4f6949ab509911c93Ben Kelly — Bug 1420221 Make workers handle the case when the ClientSource cannot be created during shutdown. r=baku
244c97bc16e3f6b394c0915a4f7b62f97176e4d7Aaron Klotz — Bug 1420276: Add uiautomationcore.dll to blocklist; r=Jamie
b991da77be9242769e1083c5929c78dbc10ebeb3Ursula Sarracini — Bug 1420049. r=Gijs
cec895f7cedad28bea953572480acefd7bec4d08Geoff Brown — Bug 1285678 - Try to use adb root for emulator unit tests; r=jmaher
191a00ee6f9b8fee0ac3ac7ae74adac85169d56aGeoff Brown — Bug 1285678 - Remove auth file before launching emulator; r=jmaher
b85ab2a768181d3d03ff3eb453c3c707656750e4Geoff Brown — Bug 1285678 - Check stderr when running adb commands from android mozharness script; r=jmaher
8d1b81b388d6f7ddc65154bb5bb2e7a77a4329f8Geoff Brown — Bug 1415242 - Update host-utils manifest for osx hosts; r=me, a=test-only
7b7b39119781dc8435ec845f9c94ed4ae2752f4fBen Hearsum — bug 1419778: don't enforce tier verification for buildbot bridge. r=dustin
444fef22c2010fc5365473fb1200e6766b566270Ryan Hunt — Allow painted layers with ancestor mask layers to use OMTP (bug 1419586, r=dvander)