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Sat Feb 04 00:14:49 2017 +0000
42489748c47919d4ca256894eec6d1dddc09b6cbGregory Szorc — Bug 1336607 - Vendor Rust dependencies required by geckolib; r?froydnj, Manishearth
30185f9bdac54b6975cc2082ce4dcea8d623642aJed Davis — Bug 778201 - Remove nsPluginHost::FindProxyByURL and nsProtocolProxyService::DeprecatedBlockingResolve. r=bsmedberg,mcmanus
3673b9145d9142629ce7cf97f99f1742b4bbc4f5Markus Stange — Bug 1336530 - Re-enable Android tests that were disabled in bug 1298218 and disable the assertion. r=tnikkel
35a6ec627a8dfe4d8106135a5607ffda86c4a3ceDaosheng Mu — Bug 1336287 - Checking OpenVR system is not null before HandleInput(); r=kip
d02ab1fb2cbc43b425c2858d3b70f9ade88cfd65Jared Wein — Bug 1335483 - Compare the user agent value for the select option styling to determine if content has opted-in to custom styling. r=mconley
d66ec372454c676e487da5ba47167a79dcfea001Botond Ballo — Bug 1335958 - Simplify APZ overscroll physics. r=kats
9882b8c0d5fb065503b6d17fc59ad91a21020f10Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1331810: enable sending of 0 size UDP packets in NSPR. r=ted
711aa14e4c4cfe5a39fd3c06ac67c4bb31573375Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e9bc1d6fadb4 (bug 1336445) for failures a=backout
3ad498e9416ce2f11d49a5b4b9690054bad10b29Edouard Oger — Bug 1317667 - Use async bookmark methods in test_bookmark_duping. r=kitcambridge
e6d624b8326b6a9152f30a203bb41c3c66ac0d52Matt Howell — Bug 1336243 - Fix a regression from bug 1324617 in launching the browser post-install. r=agashlin
e9bc1d6fadb4a61c469e3d8d9a0afc8eda7c92f0Henrik Skupin — Bug 1336445 - Don't select the first tab if switch_to_window() is called with a chrome window handle. r=ato
7cf4827bc49d93bc30296a141ba50590b62d2333Mike Conley — Bug 1333223 - Add an unhandled exception handler. r=ted
20044793987e0463f5aeadbaccba210e3a55d2aaDavid Keeler — bug 1335904 - disable EV treatment for TurkTrust H6 root certificate r=jcj
44105ac409045b923a60465d25081dea8b7efceeMatheus Longaray — Bug 1336554 - Add support to e10s-multi for simplified browser tab. r=mconley
2d37b966abedd85da2f6dcf8412407f2e3f9c12cChris Manchester — Bug 1336201 - Do not skip the "get-secrets" step during an artifact build. r=maja_zf
be030db91f007f59dcbd4b51033caee8b2251a8fGregory Szorc — Bug 1322769 - Free the oxidized lizzard, vendor Servo
bcb090b48488e497842b3e94baac8047b4278d94Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #15355 - Update clap, clippy, deflate, flate2, open, unicode-segmentation, owning_ref, parking_lot, phf, quote, walkdir (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=jdm
347b3a2e6844f48c5c379630b8f68a9737a7d166Andreas Tolfsen — servo: Merge #15347 - Upgrade libssl dependency on Debian (from andreastt:libssl-debian); r=mbrubeck
9e2eeb6225568ba26a966389b51c2e052d501039Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15348 - stylo: Remove unused macro_use annotation that warns on nightly (from emilio:unused-macro-use); r=SimonSapin
de2c47d37ae9b3e7b5faa769a852dc604b92128bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15317 - style: Avoid selector-matching when only the style attribute is changed (from emilio:style-attr-restyle); r=bholley
55d241ca39b516c2541bc5eba59f6ea94bf133c5Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15340 - Reject negative value for border-image-width (from upsuper:border-image-width); r=Wafflespeanut
00cf99820fe7d5de832addc52b41b63b737a4157Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15336 - Ignore initial values in text-decoration (from upsuper:text-decoration); r=Manishearth
17434a230223a8b066c660c7e27b98eb8c80373dGregory Terzian — servo: Merge #15333 - update mouse position when receiving mouse wheel events (from mbrubeck:update_mouse_position_when_receiving_wheel_events); r=mbrubeck
3d18a0bffba19b6f3f769efe74b16d495f170b2eVee Satayamas — servo: Merge #13506 - A test case change is added to #13442: Fix #12193 Servo displays upper level Thai character in wrong place (from veer66:master); r=mbrubeck
29191db781226604625a6b6ca19433ca656cb6d4Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #15323 - Ensure that gradients have at least 2 stops (from Manishearth:gradient-stop); r=heycam
ea6248c77f0d4687f1d37d4cce31efe9164a4a43Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #15330 - Update bincode, byteorder, libc (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=jdm
22ebc2d8b7693079ebdda01710afaa6d1e3832f0Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15327 - Add a missing newline in wrap_panic() calls (from servo:missing-newline-wrap-panic); r=jdm
a85503ab3e398c5a305708d35b714226fb31617eMs2ger — servo: Merge #15326 - Root the arguments to callback functions (from servo:root-callback-args); r=nox
3ee3b355026e54515736b35689f33b5da21d18bfManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #15321 - Preallocate in deduplicate_property_declarations (from Manishearth:preallocate); r=bholley
18dd5a9d3858c0d78e0848e058efb0a9025da95cHiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #15299 - Create KeyframeAnimation for empty keyframe rules (from hiikezoe:empty-keyframe); r=emilio,pcwalton
488a6cc4a8989e2c3d155e3e39f9c365483ee04eGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #15111 - Update WR (radial gradients, generate_frame API, mac subpixel improvements, ANGLE shader support) (from glennw:wr-update-generate); r=pcwalton
fb3ec856d7086973447dd2aba15704a0961ed13eMs2ger — servo: Merge #15315 - Improve the readability of dictionaries' new() method (from servo:reformat-dict); r=jdm
7b43d7fb2258a2c2a53632483e1eb204f76f7ab3Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #15304 - Remove 'buildtimetrend' Travis webhook (from servo:buildtimetrend); r=aneeshusa
72077d55923fe349fd60b4e706171b9ce8140381Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15288 - Refactor more stuff in preparation for special handling for restyling using the style attribute (from emilio:style-attr-restyle); r=SimonSapin
9dc8d15160f41ddf12adc1d91cd5ecd1eaa33f77Andreas Tolfsen — servo: Merge #15302 - Update to webdriver v0.20.0 (from andreastt:webdriver-0.20.0); r=Ms2ger
4d3d6db2bbf84cec197210ec912caba9c12a3069Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #15284 - Remove unused builders (from aneeshusa:remove-unused-windows-builders); r=larsbergstrom
da159b43518982c0910b4408573f03dbcf361096Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15300 - Remove unused part of the return value of parse_blob_url() (from servo:blob-fragment); r=Wafflespeanut
271c3517a866a25ed09d91e840039f09b0c44102Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15264 - Always set the Document::contentType attribute in ScriptThread::load() (from servo:content-type); r=nox
5f5a2bb6758111731926fc18bcdb53978a741cb5Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15222 - Update image (from servo:image); r=nox
c2862505687521463891f0a8492fd2dc945a5d22Atheed Thameem — servo: Merge #15294 - Removed unused import (from atheed:unused-import-fix); r=Manishearth
ae237263a1f8ef6f6e767dfc5cdb18085ac66de4Rohit Burra — servo: Merge #14556 - Make Stylist::set_device check stylesheet media queries (from iamrohit7:fix-set-device); r=SimonSapin,Emilio
54159b6c0a24f583b492e09baac4fdc6e0e841e5montrivo — servo: Merge #15289 - Expose interfaces only where they should be. #12415 - Partial (from montrivo:webidl-exposed); r=cbrewster
f2f3cd6ba1ffc13da63ab9a0c55211d9fd6c0042Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #15277 - Update to cargo 0.17.0-nightly (385e243 2017-01-27) (from servo:cargoup); r=emilio
b0b4ab92557d252958d69df39fadda3a0e8e7969Atheed Thameem — servo: Merge #15278 - Parsing "0" as Number for line-height and border-image-outset (from atheed:zero-parsing); r=Wafflespeanut
859843a4d5c0212c0511058f5f4ec801e5600d06Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #15287 - Counter part of bug 1328787 - Stylo: Convert Servo's animation keyframes and store them into Gecko's keyframes (from hiikezoe:css-animation); r=heycam
b96b63c25e249fa44dbd640f9307032eab36ff44Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #15120 - Allow windows to share browsing contexts (from asajeffrey:script-windows-share-browsing-contexts); r=jdm
709e7de69776c3969283f0c5102fd969d3b8f35cMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #15271 - Initialize block_container_inline_size for non-block root flows (from mbrubeck:root); r=notriddle
38fd0562f1cef658779bcb5c735bb6670a0c199eMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #15268 - Make text-orientation:sideways-right an alias for sideways in Gecko (from mbrubeck:sideways); r=upsuper
77f7fd733f82b2166bbff78b98f1d34f8721b627Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15280 - Bug 1334579: Ensure constructors for nsStyleContentData run (from emilio:negative-leaks); r=bholley
4a183a7e33ffb5aa67423a1be616d24713e34b56Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #15276 - Bumped version of rust-mozjs (from asajeffrey:dep-mozjs-0.1.4); r=emilio
eee0049755a520cb21e3767ff18f7750400f5c0fRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #15115 - Introduce the `NoCalcLength` (from Wafflespeanut:lop); r=emilio
2e5cea5fbfc820d802080f70ecaacc2b149a0e48Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15157 - Bug 1332969: stylo: Synchronously do a style update when the device changes (from emilio:bug-1332969); r=bholley
fc8c73a1b77b009b1db058aef980e8e912527086Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15256 - script: Refactor CSSStyleDeclaration and fix some bugs in the way (from emilio:cssstyledeclaration); r=SimonSapin
dbe3d34971cc73165f188f316f17dea0ec1908acAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14971 - Constellation informs script about documents becoming inactive, active or fully active (from asajeffrey:script-track-active-documents); r=cbrewster
688a3b326768a371e2dd17dd10392be5e49ef5d4Marco Concetto Rudilosso — servo: Merge #15269 - Substituing quickersort with pdqsort (from Maaarcocr:master); r=emilio
36fe094fb4bf981cf3f42446be19049869659a2cAndreas Tolfsen — servo: Merge #15246 - Allow script timeouts to be optional and associate timeouts with session state (from andreastt:webdriver-optional-timeout); r=jgraham
4b1b3ec67bcf95babdfc1a0c9d6f79076753ca87Alon Levy — servo: Merge #15262 - dom/document: scripting_enabled can be a bool. #15260 (from alon:master); r=Ms2ger
1f558c549dd3817af2bc24239c48e17072ba7814Andreas Tolfsen — servo: Merge #15245 - Correct capabilities returned by WebDriver server (from andreastt:webdriver-caps); r=jdm
46d7887037727c229269fb22daf6ab852fb4a3d8UK992 — servo: Merge #15243 - Upload MSVC nightlies via MSYS environment (from UK992:windows-builder); r=larsbergstrom
13038ea42307aa082d31e0597d0facedc4955707Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15220 - Kill ServoParser::pipeline (from nox:kill-parser-pipeline); r=SimonSapin,jdm
b596c494d6ce1f594f007358dfe678c5268dc839Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15263 - Update Euclid to 0.10.5 (from nox:euclid); r=SimonSapin
3ddd10e9e88d90782372a5c7e52a6b847ca8784aMs2ger — servo: Merge #15242 - Simplify handling of the referrer policy header in ScriptThread::load() (from servo:refpol); r=nox
442e4778ce3ecc4b241f9318911951b419808baeMs2ger — servo: Merge #15238 - Remove unused InProgressLoad::clip_rect (from servo:clip_rect); r=emilio
23e05ed663cedfe471a7806b980d739925afa5e4Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #15234 - Regenerate bindings and tweak some geckolib code for it (from heycam:bindings-update-19); r=emilio
22f3fa21d06c3bd05e771e55708ade61b7aeb1d6Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #15231 - Remove out-of-date handling for align-self in Gecko builds (from bholley:align_self); r=upsuper
9d2e4544b2ecabc62c8144c530818c3f2e214a8fAlberto Leal — servo: Merge #15226 - Fix text-overflow serialization (from dashed:gh-15208); r=emilio
fe14999e206adbf3bd433384af756dce847c3707Dexter Haslem — servo: Merge #15225 - fix transform: none serialization (from DexterHaslem:fix-transform-none); r=emilio
b2b9462724e353f0a311f550f0a9eba12cb919e5Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #15223 - update url to 1.4.0 (from cbrewster:urlup); r=emilio
7ae0eb6337f6ba3e7be95d696e6fd53b5b56ba40tim — servo: Merge #15187 - Partial - Expose interfaces only where they should be. #12415 (from montrivo:webidl-exposed); r=jdm
a042e6c30232d00476cfc33877533f24d2e715dcMatthias Devlamynck — servo: Merge #15138 - Allow running servo in software rendering mode from ./mach run (from mdevlamynck:software-flag); r=jdm
fc50a559a23609730db4028c3c2f1456c6a89799Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #15178 - Fix serialization of CalcLengthOrPercentage (from canaltinova:calc); r=Wafflespeanut
05321bfcf7b81d7399d224779b93a2657600b4b9Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15212 - Use whitespace to separate params of drop-shadow (from upsuper:filter-drop-shadow); r=emilio
1faaf10cfea191bfd38f6ab8b419af6700b98480Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15172 - Add space before keyword for border-image-slice (from upsuper:border-image-slice); r=Wafflespeanut
e124867d362cbdbc1a6151819545218da83657e3Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15170 - Correct serialization of column-rule shorthand (from upsuper:column-rule); r=Wafflespeanut
80d62feb3262939587dd7f4d5eb4e0b0ef26187fMs2ger — servo: Merge #15179 - Refactor away ScriptThread::alter_resource_utilization() (from servo:alter_resource_utilization); r=nox
59941ce59674a6465cb2a7fd666e312cf92c93ecSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #15183 - Fix parsing and serialization of font-family (from servo:font-family); r=nox
407489790bb3fc4cc351a3f434a5ac1aa45482c6Boris Chiou — servo: Merge #15175 - Interpolate servo animation values and add them to the cascade (from BorisChiou:animation/interpolate_and_cascade); r=heycam
622276ef25a651bde499da96b982b842487b36f1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15216 - Bindgenup (from emilio:bindgenup_); r=heycam
064ee93e77736ff0931f8057ebf697670a0f368aXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15210 - Serialize text-decoration-line to none if nothing specified (from upsuper:text-decoration-line); r=Manishearth
dc55cc11fe9258644d45105fcca1c3d578efe08eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15186 - Re revert the backed out PRs (from servo:re-revert); r=mbrubeck
a54e22261dd928ff600ec95d975063371ac26b7eDexter Haslem — servo: Merge #15174 - make -webkit-text-stroke color and width shorthand no longer sensitive to ordering (from DexterHaslem:15165-webkit-text-stroke-sh-ord); r=SimonSapin
9afc35c1dd88d5839e968653bf00bb39e5bd5b14Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15173 - Fix serialization of border-image-repeat (from upsuper:border-image-repeat); r=emilio
2e8201bd1f9bc2b90ab2191b85134132a5cb226eCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #15167 - Update cssparser to 0.7.3 to get perf improvements (from heycam:cssparser-up-2); r=bholley
0d17e94844cfee715e416aeceb83adc146557472Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #15156 - WIP: Fix missing borders in tables with border-collapse (from mbrubeck:border-collapse); r=notriddle
f5d13b99a0ab451b7f1d189bc9b2fb55bb229caeEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15160 - style: Expose the traversal kind to the style system (from emilio:expose-traversal-kind); r=bholley
7b58090cb1dfd4e403487022f35a05e245156072Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15153 - Put stylo's pseudo-class into a list file (from upsuper:pseudo-class-list); r=emilio
d407bc4d665fb80277fe4fa383fa168f0d97fa37Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #15118 - Use Heap instead of UnsafeCell in DOM reflectors (from jdm:reflector-barrier-crash); r=Ms2ger
40589816acd1c822814e4c2d58c306de7f5b7b81Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #15181 - Make test-wpt-failure smoketest work again (from jdm:wptfail); r=SimonSapin
22807e73e5de8936d1bf55546b03e2c7288c6c97Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #15164 - Revert several changes that broke tests (from mbrubeck:revert); r=emilio
42eabfccaec10644da88c8d5154b098b19db486dRoman Zaynetdinov — servo: Merge #14930 - Implement support for removing stylesheets from their document (from zaynetro:remove-stylesheets); r=emilio
db700be11b744a85f26b5dbb95633ccae203b37fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15176 - Revert "Auto merge of #15136 - nox:mitochondria-finally-makes-it-into… (from nox:the-sadness); r=Ms2ger
706a6539658e553a5666fcbecc24e224c3c4e0d9SwagColoredKitteh — servo: Merge #15145 - Prevent crashing when a link tag has two or more in-flight requests (fix for issue #15101) (from SwagColoredKitteh:issue-15101); r=emilio
265807b5cde2a951af02243e869c5b87c67f0031Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15154 - Update rustc to 1.16.0-nightly (7821a9b99 2017-01-23) (from servo:rustup); r=SimonSapin
3722e15a67cccd2cda32fc4ad71b7d202fb6e706Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15155 - constellation: Cleanup the frame size handler (from emilio:frame-size-cleanup); r=cbrewster
7ba77a2374a35c20d65c2686e704c0a5ea8aee7bGabriel Poesia — servo: Merge #13681 - Fix margin size calculation for TableWrapper (from gpoesia:master); r=mbrubeck
43657bf6458152f8a99e25af3bd99094669f6642Sam — servo: Merge #14141 - Implement home end key scrolling (from samuknet:home-end-key-scroll2); r=glennw
85fa98ddb44a0aafee24571152c2c70ab5d1e5f3Nikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #15129 - Refactor to send iframe resize messages directly from layout thread to constellation (from cynicaldevil:iframe-resize); r=emilio
7163b269559109ccd975be316bd9efd63dd18e18Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15136 - Use mitochondria::OnceCell to store ScriptThread in TLS (from nox:mitochondria-finally-makes-it-into-the-tree); r=jdm
63aaf3f9acb1a061c87f3572f86539f48013575bAneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #15064 - Remove -w flag now that WebRender is always used (from aneeshusa:remove-webrender-opt); r=Ms2ger
95db596f470f3663c6407f38821ff2deca4972adBoris Chiou — servo: Merge #15150 - Update selectors to 0.15.1 (from BorisChiou:update_selectors); r=heycam
534c1a812d355349a86bdb3d361ee8542885f036Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #14978 - Implemented display: inline-flex (from shinglyu:inline-flex); r=notriddle
fad6c9d357894eee05cd6cd11c904590ddc86e9fTawhid Hannan — servo: Merge #15146 - Added compiletest to verify TrustedPromise does not implement Clone (from Verlet64:verlet64/no_clone_trusted_promise); r=jdm
53d07078a7c0b42cdc99d451a0d47abfa56ce226Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15137 - Kill eventdispatcher (from nox:dispatch); r=jdm
43f1e925be4acd067f056e90e0076520ca243668Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #15140 - Regen bindings (from Manishearth:regen); r=emilio
d822c35682e9f377715c0e1c4529864636cd934fkkkkkkkk — servo: Merge #15134 - add font-stretch to font shorthand sub-property (from seankao31:font-stretch-shorthand); r=canaltinova
3c22c7e311e3cf817104d92e8427917ec00749a2Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15133 - Various events-related improvements (from nox:events); r=jdm
1c1740c59404bace470b9045b225d8d6ed1b56e9Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15132 - Improve the end (from nox:load-fixes); r=jdm
e4e8cc664762509710d6fe292868747400c3547dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15128 - Simplify how we handle script scheduling and delaying the load event (from nox:load-fixes); r=Ms2ger
21f4a8184f20d3ff90a63a1c16f2e149997fe1a4Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #15029 - Check all constellation files for panics (from aneeshusa:check-whole-constellation-for-panics); r=asajeffrey
ed8a9ba1edb055e8a2aecb7659ded2ef562756d4Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14646 - Support origins in CSSOM stylesheets (from canaltinova:origin-clean); r=jdm
13586a603cf73bdf4485a29c8b9964aef8658bedMs2ger — servo: Merge #15127 - Privatize RootedTraceableSet (from servo:RootedTraceableSet); r=jdm
3332b30051ed1b83d2f96a3bd3a35bd00b8bcfd4Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #15099 - Remove usage of phf_macros (from servo:phf-no-macros); r=jdm
9df029308f5cab7f36499614231431ff682813dcMs2ger — servo: Merge #15117 - Fix and annotate some FileAPI test failures (from servo:fileapi); r=nox
14d9242883664e36da070e9840eaf237633b359cMs2ger — servo: Merge #15125 - Support dictionaries in unions (from servo:unions-dictionaries); r=nox
1383f4886eaa98d20f3581e7dcbaa09f50ecd0d8Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #14974 - Use Salt for mach bootstrap (from aneeshusa:add-mach-bootstrap); r=metajack
0e346b3529c123b7b505a8c48ca0d7ebcbbc7f48Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #15119 - Add style performance statistics to Servo (from bholley:traversal_stats); r=emilio
dac055ec3a1255b7fc23c279a7e91016c33ebd17Pavel Potocek — servo: Merge #15083 - Fix #14497: WeakMediaQueryListVec assumes its contents are still alive (from potocpav:issue-14497); r=KiChjang
76294d0e3830c45a35845aecd24fab26828f48d4ddh — servo: Merge #15104 - added lets encrypt authority x3 to trusted roots pem (from avadacatavra:letsencryptauth); r=SimonSapin
3a52dfb50c6e0b2f65c7b75b7c694f91c293daadAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15098 - Mark the page source as loaded only after parsing is done (from nox:load-fixes); r=jdm
251f69873724e09de1373446632582ff46e01b01Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15108 - Don't try to get the global of an object while it's being destroyed (from servo:callbackobject-drop); r=KiChjang
92232856f4b2193a5c5043c97dfc5ac30f03b801UK992 — servo: Merge #15035 - Tidy: Report invalid listed ignored directories and files (from UK992:tidy-validate-ignore); r=Wafflespeanut
588809a33cc43bbd13d93ad1e075290defdfe665Dexter Haslem — servo: Merge #15107 - convert less interesting debug! logs to traces (from DexterHaslem:15100-convert-debug-to-traces); r=cbrewster
f49a1efaac288f0ce7e8f8c24a2fe30ca1931028Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #15089 - Reduce allocator churn when parsing property declaration blocks (from Manishearth:less-vec); r=SimonSapin
eacb58edff9325a0c834da5649844a5d56ef0836Vladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #15096 - Implement downloadable fonts on Windows (from vvuk:custom-font-files); r=emilio
8e40c66c1989bc06b73abd012001ea6d75b03cc0Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15095 - Omit the 'ServoUrl()' wrapping in ServoUrl's Debug implementation (from servo:debug-servourl); r=nox
d083caa045704181d17a7cdb732b3362f1911946Permutator — servo: Merge #14839 - Make offset parent queries less buggy (from Permutatrix:iss-12939); r=emilio
59552d9ecdae936f77fbfde4f5eafbce6d27069aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15053 - Return the intrinsic image dimension when the image is not rendered (from emilio:image-width); r=jdm
3868613eee4ab001003aeafc12d6779e7b045c44Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #15091 - Ensure FrameState consistency (from cbrewster:frame_state_consistency); r=asajeffrey
c161b837d8792b5300a0a9e27c885afbad033173Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #15094 - Update WR (driver stall workaround, shared clips, dwrote update) (from glennw:update-wr-driver-stalls); r=emilio
ec01f8819b476cab29cfa24b0a4efc2802c87d88Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15077 - Media query parsing and evaluation in stylo using nsMediaFeatures (from emilio:stylo-medialist); r=heycam,Manishearth,upsuper
e4e4cb5f395594d337a5995fbf06394c53ee859bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15072 - Refactor some things related to script loading (from nox:load-fixes); r=jdm
c3a5180a727e51c5bf7d8ff4f2bd98d91f1793e9Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15090 - Fix initial value of -moz-user-{input,focus} (from upsuper:moz-user-input); r=Wafflespeanut
28d644a4c413b3c40021a2dfabcdcfdb0e161d50Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #15065 - Use Box<CalcLengthOrPercentage> in specified values to avoid bloating inline sizes (from Manishearth:box-calclop); r=heycam
d3c0dccfef0eebc8a023974c5aca13584790930aPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #15074 - Remove browserhtml dependency from components/servo (from paulrouget:removeBhtmlFromComponent); r=Ms2ger
d8022ff88fea03812792e0fcfea00595adf878a6Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15073 - Apply minor dependency updates (from servo:always-be-updating); r=nox
4e049aacf0b7fe36c19d1e3209ed6aa84d76bfb3Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15071 - Fix typo in glue code for page-break-after (from upsuper:page-break-after); r=emilio
4caa79c46db907a12b50331b2e369e9d5d712d18Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #15069 - Update geckolib build-time bindgen build script for recent regex changes (from heycam:bindgen-regex-update); r=emilio
1f1c1d20b6605fa3ee0bd828db9ce88667b7a464Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #14979 - Only create scrolling overflow regions when necessary (from mrobinson:scroll-roots-when-necessary); r=emilio
44e26bb2498634371e490e84d9cb9d02f354df7cJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #15078 - Disable test-unit on TravisCI (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=Ms2ger
8608c05cfb7f8c39091056c379b58a92b948f40dMs2ger — servo: Merge #14936 - Implement the incumbent global (from servo:incumbent-global); r=jdm
007e707da4213ab33f38403af96086eaefa886d5Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #15063 - Cleaning up CalcLengthOrPercentage (from Wafflespeanut:calc); r=heycam
2ef4959cb972dc891d55620426e78fa55ce1f21eMs2ger — servo: Merge #15048 - Update mozjs_sys (from servo:update-mozjs); r=jdm
b10909d7c8f464c0ab6aff81f89b9dda85039f35Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15056 - Never blockify display: none (from upsuper:blockify-none); r=emilio
cbc377a7bc3948cc85e7bcd65c70e67011beb9dfFlorian Merz — servo: Merge #15047 - gfx: Don't mutate the same point multiple times while translating it … (from emilio:click-regression); r=notriddle,emilio
f772137626cc09384089d72600cdf5d24c6df73fMs2ger — servo: Merge #15044 - Remove the dependency on the num crate (from servo:remove-num); r=jdm
0bbc0c08886a9a1c0ca370f2fcf96df8682fc2c5Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #15040 - stylo: support 1-arg CSS.supports() (from Manishearth:stylo-supports); r=heycam
90e00156b6ddca28ab78c60ed3edae877c549408Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15018 - gfx: Use proper freetype bindings (from emilio:freetype); r=jdm
fac257b497e00707c3434318c42dd755a99364a7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #15031 - Bug 1331272: style: Unify restyle-damage display: none checks (from emilio:stylo-display-none-pseudo); r=bholley
d074d2e3060f7224326c4d7b6fd78f3af7b74d3bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #15020 - Do not use the script element's line number for external scripts (from jdm:external_script_line); r=Ms2ger
14f7e74859419c41b0c9f62dc68cbbbf30aeb275Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #14994 - Make WebIDL callbacks permanently rooted (from jdm:callback_rooting); r=Manishearth,Ms2ger
fd12f4ca807bdcc11525ff4ad44fc2c48762727aMs2ger — servo: Merge #15046 - Remove libloading from the list of packages that can have duplicated versions (from servo:libloading); r=jdm
90052edfa5e11ebfbc1de62da600cccc88a35551Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #15039 - stylo: Regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-17); r=emilio
b4411fdff8b13ad83e56fc44e10d9bde5fdd0cffMs2ger — servo: Merge #15042 - Update regex (from servo:update-regex); r=jdm
68e97995f1a7d778dfb22a9418355ada49786d53Ms2ger — servo: Merge #15041 - Update js (from servo:update-js); r=emilio
9a0025a5b2d19311d2135a6a691dcc78f39a9be0Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15038 - Store blink value for text-decoration-line (from upsuper:text-decor-blink); r=emilio
dfeecb83e320eee6ce86710fd9c4b77de447d350Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14995 - Enable codegen-units=4 in debug mode (from servo:codegen-units); r=mbrubeck
1ea6a1517f1cf1d526a2fa7354fd1b25df965ab1Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #15030 - Update WR (version bump, mac fix) (from glennw:update-wr-mac); r=Wafflespeanut
3b35810688937cb681aad5622c38eeb44790114ctyler — servo: Merge #15026 - Max session fix (from tydus101:max-session-fix); r=jdm
bb5dc706f519b98e05af5777fa9dcdf7f8c14169Nikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #15028 - Minor spelling corrections (from cynicaldevil:correction); r=emilio
4436efbda973a79781c28dd3b7016d872ca9df57Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14999 - stylo: Hook property parsing into Gecko prefs (from Manishearth:stylo-prefs); r=heycam
3082074347008904bc387ee3eed111a17ff141e4Matthias Devlamynck — servo: Merge #15023 - Moved tidy's BLOCKED_PACKAGES to the config file (from mdevlamynck:tidy-config); r=Wafflespeanut
1a57527745d16c6f0b1d808a0426c88fead8c67eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15024 - Kill beforescriptexecute and afterscriptexecute (fixes #12446) (from nox:load-fixes); r=jdm
64b63a21d4d106da0cfb4b53a56f54ea7b4c6e12Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15011 - Various script loading fixes (from nox:load-fixes); r=jdm
5d48aa6c298676a99dbba910d8ac78f041886fedHiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #15022 - Animation name fix (from hiikezoe:animation-name-fix); r=heycam
2c1deba467311aa624a8a8dd64f5df412c620781Prudhvi Rampey — servo: Merge #15016 - Documents now fully deactivate when a freeze message is sent (from prampey:doc-deactivate); r=cbrewster
ac037b823c3576d887dd8697aaeed7e72becd577Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14968 - stylo: Store servo computed values for animation properties (from Manishearth:stylo-keyframes); r=heycam,birtles
0886274137a34ed9d062fcaeb690fd57d70676afSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #15013 - Add config to do desktop notifications by running an abitrary command (from servo:notify-command); r=emilio
a31bc544ae4923f60498b5101861a82af93c35afmrnayak — servo: Merge #14940 - Handle crossorigin in Link (from mrnayak:link-cross); r=jdm
c887afc07880d2d532fdbce7c9021ec3138074a9Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #15005 - Fix git author setting for brew upload (from aneeshusa:fix-git-author-setting-for-brew-upload); r=jdm
c752ac1ff5148ee194ccf875f06f0fa18d78a6e7Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #15009 - Don't fire a load event on inline scripts (from nox:load-fixes); r=Ms2ger
ba30bedfb5f08be39b43cc6d353c073a31de320dFabrice Desré — servo: Merge #15003 - Update browser.html to pick up the fix in browserhtml/browserhtml#1263 (from fabricedesre:update-browserhtml); r=jdm
76dfd36216da415b878ed5358476fede4c5921caXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #15002 - Fix filling of two vector fields for geckolib (from upsuper:background-fields); r=Manishearth
638716c8f497802f52e8ab536c348d39726cd197Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14997 - stylo: Various crash fixes (from bholley:bug_1329845); r=heycam
b0927824bf4f44e9ea3db169d73c3edcfb0464e0Michael Howell — servo: Merge #14989 - Fix the incrmental reflow behavior of text-overflow (from notriddle:ellipsis_reflow); r=emilio
f68b57d62d3ac7e3adc39325361a03f52b6a0bafSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14992 - Upgrade to rustc 1.16.0-nightly (2782e8f8f 2017-01-12) (from servo:rustup); r=jdm
b7a2b7192e6e058aa85fae382b285c770be8166fSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14991 - Update to cargo 0.17.0-nightly (6291619 2017-01-12) (from servo:cargoup); r=nox
05dcf64b5ea87b354e080f7e1adb33bbf3428098Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14990 - Remove reflow status from browsing context (from asajeffrey:script-remove-browsing-context-reflow); r=emilio
9963ae21a0c256f98e935333b3fef5d38210212dMs2ger — servo: Merge #14984 - Remove unused needsRooting field from JSToNativeConversionInfo (from servo:needsRooting); r=jdm
218b605bb6482d3f0772b389f87243cd1e8803cfMs2ger — servo: Merge #14983 - Update js (from servo:update-js); r=jdm
2883cdcd0cfc24692d6159ab46638acafd05d59bGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #14977 - Update WR (shutdown api, clip mask segment optimization, render target sizing) (from glennw:wr-update-1); r=KiChjang
18e3e9ff6b671eb32cd306f918081dc3fbb843a5Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #14937 - Read firefox path from environment variable for performance test (from shinglyu:stylo-perf); r=Manishearth
effdb8d4e1a769fe5c97e0c165ef7eef2f58960bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #14973 - Disable test-stylo on TravisCI (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=wafflespeanut
25635ed74643a10941b0fc9094e7bf6eaad227f2karenher — servo: Merge #14963 - Report meaningful line numbers for inline script errors (from jdm:script_current_line); r=asajeffrey
b0316707995965a296514fede530c54d710ac914Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14964 - Remove unnecessary try!'s (from canaltinova:ok-try); r=Wafflespeanut
0f124ce980e4c8266fd49f165cfd463d9c2e82d3Florian Merz — servo: Merge #14291 - Position insertion point in input field with mouse (from fiji-flo:text-input-select); r=pcwalton
b981967a749d266268590b12ada5efa6a477c94aioctaptceb — servo: Merge #14924 - Webgl blend func tests (from ioctaptceb:webgl-blendFunc-tests); r=jdm
f26ad154220232595912eaf4378ff491141725aaManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13972 - ImageMaps: Implemented support for parsing coord attribute to a shape… (from shravan-achar:master); r=Manishearth,emilio,jdm
f4a12150f1d4f61895bd6d969c2a30c2192009afMs2ger — servo: Merge #14961 - Move DevicePixel to script_traits (from Ms2ger:DevicePixel); r=nox
147f4e4a12787ea3450634b4952a2ec5ac4854e0Charles Vandevoorde — servo: Merge #14911 - Handle properly alternate stylesheet (from charlesvdv:alternate-stylesheet); r=cbrewster
2cc96c1490b04dccd55b52ce9027b080ec5ad931Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14959 - Introduce PendingScript (from nox:pending-script); r=Ms2ger
9206f2c5a7a4afa098be6836f2dbadeafb16f9bdXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14956 - Extend supported geometry box value for geckolib (from upsuper:geometry-boxes); r=Manishearth
765e9e22d9c2248c490413fb85605eeda659f4d9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14929 - Update image (from servo:update-image); r=mbrubeck
75f9c6f5209761de05136fc9066f21032e1884e1Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14939 - Add aliases for geckolib for supported properties (from upsuper:add-aliases); r=emilio,Manishearth
1b2f086d1ad7e07649f0402c4821e1f3777414c6Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14943 - Introduce ExternalScriptKind to simplify HTMLScriptElement::prepare (from nox:external-script-kind); r=jdm
0a395e249841107d616822332bf2c26b03c3e01bMs2ger — servo: Merge #14942 - Fix some warnings (from servo:warnings); r=nox
b62924e6cb7089e573fb625b84f42db45a36b10cMs2ger — servo: Merge #14938 - Various cleanup around gfx_traits (from servo:gfx-traits); r=nox
63eb8900674a35c995f01f03b138c6cde3c26c8aMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #14603 - Rework the way scroll roots are collected (from mrobinson:collect-scoll-roots); r=emilio
9c26346ae596a079fc76b78b47f8acc739650f08Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14928 - Unify text insertion when parsing HTML and XML (from nox:insert); r=SimonSapin
d8631378ed8e5bdfd4def98342987e9bd000b799Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #14879 - Stylo: Store animation properties into gecko's struct (from hiikezoe:animation-properties); r=heycam
30d7e5876e5f2888372104f926f791e63abd34bdGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #14933 - Update WR (external events, nested clips bug, non-square texture pages) (from glennw:update-wr-pages); r=jdm
bb9ad8c041cdb99b468a1f0661353aa04cce711ePaul Rouget — servo: Merge #14935 - Add git author (from paulrouget:gitAuthor); r=aneeshusa
239ce83225e7bab0f05311b18b3bdfca405b9adeManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14932 - Expand ~ in --with-gecko for ./mach build-geckolib (from Manishearth:abspath); r=jdm
51ab690dd564a7dd3400f368b2b576f5c5d8a4c4Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14925 - Some cleanup around JS callbacks (from servo:callback); r=jdm
773481e1e52bb5aeaeedee059412e955e09a37c0Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14920 - Correctly handle unserializable shorthand (from upsuper:shorthand-variable); r=emilio
3d3a0334f73bfa77209fae12f17d716bdcb703cabd339 — servo: Merge #14868 - Fix loss of response type information in Fetch API (from bd339:iss14068); r=jdm
22f2b3fbcbef57fdc8a479bf3e465aea89da49fbBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14907 - Give up on hoisting ElementData into the frame and eliminate the concept of consuming styles (from bholley:eliminate_consume); r=emilio
1c2d64b90ab11d0ee1f730d59cabc6080e2c1f59Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14818 - Update WR (first phase of z-buffer optimizations / improvements) (from glennw:zb); r=pcwalton
785904cba0107cbf31b3d8ffd0cef3c9e08806d5Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14789 - Support @supports (from Manishearth:supports); r=SimonSapin
711b089b7cf97cc828c17a10897952d3ff08274aMs2ger — servo: Merge #14927 - Use the typed array APIs in ImageData (from servo:ImageData-data); r=jdm
affe1a63afa4052f06f06c90a331c11a4979497fFrederick F. Kautz IV — servo: Merge #14917 - Renaming default_features to default-features as per Cargo's Manifest Format (from fkautz:pr_out_renaming_default_features_to_default_features_as_per_cargo_s_manifest_format); r=emilio
b2755b5389679be28d2162f80084b056d551e0c7Imanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #14618 - WebVR API Implementation (from MortimerGoro:webvr_api); r=larsbergstrom,emilio,jdm,nox,asajeffrey,cvan
646d4802ba512b1adbcff9b1044859de5f402b01Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #14926 - Move some methods from (from mrobinson:move-display-list-builder-methods); r=emilio
560843a8650407cc818fb6b6bce60676c744ef10Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14922 - Don't inherit all properties for eagerly computed pseudos if there are no matching rules (from heycam:pseudo-inherit); r=emilio
fd3c8e2259828448941f1a12b3bb5ca94915740dCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14923 - Update cssparser to 0.7.2 (from heycam:cssparser-up); r=nox
e9756066279a9ac9512853d8513bad7c8cde489fCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14909 - stylo: update bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-16); r=Manishearth
73214982fcf057f54e13632d74fea2bdf411547aKonstantin Veretennicov — servo: Merge #14914 - docs: alphabetize glossary entries (from kveretennicov:patch-1); r=cbrewster
e4dc130c3d19d8997fd3d8c928da9722ad869963Dowon Cha — servo: Merge #14895 - Added Websocket to RequestMode enum (from dowoncha:request-websocket); r=jdm
86ede4293997b6f0488e914e7e79eacf26704a28Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14913 - Refactor box longhands (from canaltinova:box-longhands); r=Manishearth
b148913a2abe738161b14ae0be1cbca1fe34a6e1Nikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #14648 - Implemented XMLHttpRequest.send(Document) (from cynicaldevil:xmlhttpreq-send); r=KiChjang
be74efd41f605c7e9c78fdc810f309f4c52a2956mrnayak — servo: Merge #14865 - Implement Subresource Integrity (from mrnayak:sri-fetch); r=jdm
73ae6d5540ed47b99557a811e34622b3757731ddKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #14712 - Implement (from KiChjang:css-keyframe-rule-style); r=Manishearth
31fb92d41e13685dd716d8c0f2727a78e4d3af16Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14905 - stylo: support content property (from heycam:content); r=Manishearth
9574c25e06713e519423a635cadebd36686fd5d6Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14899 - Fix serialization of timing-function (from canaltinova:transition-timing); r=Manishearth
7a9eafdc5e4cb380b91957636f417960a6c48c4cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14904 - Allow sharing non-common style affecting attribute selectors (from emilio:non-common-attrs); r=bholley
8aedf3e56dbbcf7662242a54014d26a1a5caf8d7Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14893 - Support property aliases (from Manishearth:alias); r=emilio
2f223dc1fee84740de9cd649fd74346e753bb937Prudhvi Rampey — servo: Merge #14891 - Cleaned up ripples due to MutJS to JS type change (from prampey:bluetooth-cleanup); r=jdm,emilio
a4c263dca68222f41af351437d30cf7a98ceaef6Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14867 - Properly insert text in document when parsing (from nox:a-base-de-popopopop); r=metajack
0fd36aa61607bc8641247801ea7252dc5a6316f8Jure Podgoršek — servo: Merge #14896 - Tidy assignments (from g1smo:tidy-assignments); r=jdm
bb75d1eecf661fde47831928cf192a02e505da70Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14889 - Upgrade to rustc 1.16.0-nightly (6f1ae663e 2017-01-06) (from servo:rustup); r=jdm
424942d26b0508cbb11d96fc215f469771276846Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14883 - Avoid generating literal nulls in DOM bindings (from servo:null-bindings); r=SimonSapin
5eefb2520621433f04fe1d77bd4cb6697a21df26Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14833 - style: Isolate the soon-to-be style-backend-specific code from the media_query module (from emilio:mq-refactor); r=heycam,bz
2164abd410eee9c96aa0755e5c8d9d7f0c2663cdMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14874 - Update url, num_cpus, heapsize, webdriver (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=Manishearth
34541c4ab159d15d0217f2322e60b629493b7476UK992 — servo: Merge #14850 - Appveyor: Use ccache on Windows GNU builds (from UK992:appveyor-ccache); r=larsbergstrom
46b9089169da4befd240326c7d8f41a6a171c2f1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14840 - Implement the entry global (from servo:entry-global); r=nox
7a0758d4b1b1694be2567dcb725e0fc67b02a9f7Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14860 - Index the session past correctly when discarding (from asajeffrey:constellation-index-past-correctly-when-discarding); r=cbrewster
01514330f652b1f88090e3a353c2e688d2462980Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14878 - stylo: Add :-moz-browser-frame pseudo-class (from upsuper:bug1329076); r=heycam
47c713eb1e64f9fb05465ffcb851f0c6b4ca0a3fXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14872 - stylo: Map more Gecko state bits to Servo state bits (from upsuper:bug1328806); r=bholley
06f00f7c9adb01e2229bc31eb85ddea8e5564a21Josh Holmer — servo: Merge #14871 - Use tinyfiledialogs from (from shssoichiro:14862-tinyfiledialogs-from-crates-io); r=jdm
493586530b24d991ebdccc0e1003e0de123e2943UK992 — servo: Merge #14877 - Package: Create ZIP on Windows and fix MacOS nightlies (from UK992:mach-package); r=Wafflespeanut
168b57b0e5500a14c68e8040c0ff57f8df9b711fPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #14403 - Fix brew formula update (from paulrouget:fixBrew); r=aneeshusa
edba63f9322e5c20f710646d6f82ae74b7fbf012Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14559 - Implement browsing context discarding (from asajeffrey:script-track-document-and-bc-discarding); r=cbrewster
2795be09f6fc34f5b74411e0f7b3e90c9e536863Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14866 - Stylo: Disable regex feature of env_logger (from mbrubeck:stylo-env-logger); r=bholley
0842b69a955de37b565d2ddb8d6f2c6f74938db8Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14864 - Remove some unsound JSVal handling in JsTimerTask::invoke (from servo:timers); r=jdm
411f484eea2e4eba6570ae4d9d2471770e2bc85bcharlesvdv — servo: Merge #14863 - Allow cli prefs to have numerical value (from charlesvdv:prefs); r=jdm
aca6309384dde13c7958ca16326c066ece19c61fMs2ger — servo: Merge #14859 - Simplify CallSetup (from servo:CallSetup); r=nox
742e507590d2fa2f747e66531bffc0136ec94862Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14351 - An in-memory RNG that shares its file descriptor (from asajeffrey:servo-rand-share-fds); r=emilio
0951b0e0964a92574ddcbe371ff0e52926e8d441Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14857 - Add support for -moz-top-layer (from upsuper:moz-top-layer); r=emilio
f8efa65177f569d09e3f2ab8ea5cc97622cae7f6Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #14851 - animation-iteration-count property is a number instead of integer (from hiikezoe:float-iteration-count-rebased); r=emilio
92687a59268d009dcf60d1718887514832f1bd08Eric Anholt — servo: Merge #14847 - webgl: implement bufferData (from anholt:webgl-bufferdata); r=emilio
e5f7d79b9ae5378ea7f3b1916a711d6ad5388f06Boris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #14848 - Stop using global initial styles for stylo; the initial styles need to be per-document (from bzbarsky:initial-styles); r=bholley
d3dffc6efd074f4861dc87ebefe749782f77299bAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14312 - Implement discarding Document objects to reclaim space (from asajeffrey:script-discard-documents); r=cbrewster
d2f29018b20a1e142ddde65f75d6b503c10a1a8eJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #14845 - Avoid restyling elements that aren't in a document (from jdm:restyle-ood); r=emilio
ae08b9a03d9b36e2980cc9bbf9ff210bb2c9943cRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #14738 - Properly dispatch keypress event (from Wafflespeanut:keypress); r=jdm
1b1e46d4caf041497cb905cc3bf5e72b7fab6317Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14844 - style: Simplify Debug impl for PropertyDeclaration reusing to_css (from emilio:to-css-simplification); r=SimonSapin
7f309d03fd4baedaba5206e7ab537a11b33a450fJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #14841 - Track stylesheet load's document instead of using element's current document (from jdm:stylesheet_document); r=emilio
b2a4b1399cd6402faae03468bfc64a56b333071fBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14835 - Switch to for atomic_refcell (from bholley:external_atomic_refcell); r=Manishearth
2dcc4adf35e83f1562f1e91a84309eb0bba69d2cManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14827 - Add spec links to all CSS properties (from Manishearth:spec-doc); r=emilio
4b0f5523491aa7388cdc29dc3991f62c9c032c9fBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14828 - Reimplement AtomicRefCell with pure atomics (from bholley:faster_atomic_refcell); r=Manishearth
18cee83f12c201551fd18b130e2952dcce6984ffMs2ger — servo: Merge #14831 - Rustfmt script_traits and net_traits (from servo:rustfmt-traits); r=nox
386648f3bc583d48d4293390f310dcb277bba71aCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14830 - stylo: update bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-15); r=emilio
70710614508f12892bc519fe9b9606a0202be9adAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14686 - Improve dead_code handling a bit (from nox:dom); r=jdm
3506cee1cdcf98e7186aeec771fba4cc1d3b9fabfaineance — servo: Merge #14706 - Allow passing --nocapture argument to test-unit mach command (from faineance:test_unit_no_capture); r=Wafflespeanut
775ee5976f7fcf22b3ce59f4975e0d26403fc207Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #14829 - Fix browserhtml path (from Wafflespeanut:browserhtml); r=UK992
5ec5ea80ce4aaf2d6477b02d0644c24280a3b5b5Matt McCoy — servo: Merge #14784 - Updating http_network_or_cache_fetch to better match the fetch API spec (from mattnenterprise:fetch-api-updates); r=jdm,KiChjang
01269a875a456bd54c429b0a0b7438c5b5017f1aFlorent FAYOLLE — servo: Merge #14825 - Remove useless call to map() in (from fflorent:master); r=jdm
5180574d551984f3b5084bc12b50f2d0bd27663eTeodor Szente — servo: Merge #14817 - Remove duplicate code in mach (from teosz:master); r=Wafflespeanut
56fb1073e3041215f561a41ec2a84170001267c1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14819 - Document most of the remaining parts of the style system, make docs-by-default for the whole style system (from emilio:no-missing-docs); r=Manishearth
17e25ccaa7dfe2f7c7d88878a1fb5ce5f1888914Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14689 - Update to rustc 1.16.0-nightly (4ecc85beb 2016-12-28) (from servo:rustup); r=Manishearth
a2d79d75b62916f22396f2129efe9306480342dbSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14821 - More docs in style (from servo:docs-in-style); r=emilio
1c97a2fc6bc2e28afb68433b79c3b130c9cc6e94Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14790 - stylo: update bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-14); r=Manishearth
c1e0778320354dc1ca219682de75d4aef7fc48b3Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14769 - Update helper functions of StyleComplexColor (from upsuper:complex-color-update); r=heycam
d49420564c12a97db46d7a315085d356ce1f41e0Julien Levesy — servo: Merge #14796 - replace match by if let statements if possible (from jlevesy:jl-match-to-if-let); r=Wafflespeanut
90fb8643e184b7030c49757dfab8ba9dde7035f6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14802 - Document more style modules (from emilio:no-missing-docs); r=Wafflespeanut
5e0c4c1426b65e40625016328414fd1f8d2a707eEric Anholt — servo: Merge #14809 - webgl: Validate enums for blendEquation (from anholt:webgl-blend-enums); r=emilio
2096f0339f0afeb6820fc951745db5e6c1dce61cNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14757 - Fix `overflow` serialization with CSS-wide keywords (from canaltinova:overflow); r=Manishearth
4308461871cdc0a98b57761d749dc8c1118f08a3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14801 - style: Document and force documentation in a big chunk of the style crate (from emilio:no-missing-docs); r=mbrubeck,Manishearth,Wafflespeanut
29665644bcb8aa09ca9ea4648caf97a677860d6aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14798 - Fix rowspan handling for rows that span to the end of the rowgroup (from mbrubeck:rowgroup); r=notriddle
0fdf16676d2756ffa2d54f5cbc7fd6cb752f1835Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14793 - stylo: Support at-import (from emilio:stylo-at-import); r=heycam,Manishearth
228278d0d319013c0ae6169ca1f3ccf8b8ca915aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14800 - Fix an unused variable warning in net_tests (from mbrubeck:warnings); r=Manishearth
8b58f577c79e4bae767720e5f99ed3cc749560a6Raghav — servo: Merge #14794 - Refactor HSTSList to use HashMap (from mrnayak:hsts-refactor); r=emilio
fbfd4758421668a91c8f553214bc5efeea325cb4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14739 - style: Cleanup and refactor how media types are represented (from servo:stylo-mq); r=Manishearth
648717e9a6402d8818029115debb1481f4c05b57Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14792 - Stop allowing unsafe code around thread_local (from servo:tl-unsafe); r=emilio
68a9a0d9bc7885d047c3ae51ceb3255d723949cbCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14776 - stylo: Don't persist styles on elements not in the document (from heycam:not-in-doc-persist); r=emilio
bc6825b20efefb6192c97e12dbc480e44a9788b6UK992 — servo: Merge #14737 - Package: Various improvements (from UK992:package-prefs); r=Wafflespeanut
dde10522b862754ee49c0ae00e06fa66300ef7baXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14768 - Upgrade libbindgen to 0.1.5 (from upsuper:upgrade-bindgen); r=emilio
3965ac1953b2e89bd21740a91c0d9a6eaaddf135Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14647 - Support the 'current' global object (from servo:current-global); r=jdm
fb3cb6e8f720e2772efba1fae1ea4dc87b8e8a72Raghav — servo: Merge #14716 - Implement HSTS fetch step (from mrnayak:hsts); r=jdm
ca6fed9033979a068f0bb4cd2838fc455b0b781dXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14771 - Add support of text-combine-upright for stylo (from upsuper:text-combine-upright); r=Wafflespeanut
5f917bf3682f14940cfbc4d5a2ad3cc8aa0552aePrudhvi Rampey — servo: Merge #14762 - Error handled canvas closing (from prampey:error-handle); r=jdm
aa46f2e5a0e1a78cbf2cd097913a0e72d689691bRaghav — servo: Merge #14760 - Update links to DOM Parsing specification (from mrnayak:update-links); r=jdm
9a191f347bef2fc2dae41243862ccc20084f21b7Nick Price — servo: Merge #14746 - Default is top-to-bottom if unset, not bottom-to-top (from DominoTree:fix-linear-gradient); r=emilio
81ac49a1c7726d97905660ab43a74114c48d9a3cSumant Manne — servo: Merge #14718 - Rewrote websocket array buffer handling to typed array API (from dpyro:websocket-typed-arrays); r=jdm
e084e535672be236f45471143ccfceac54d969ecmati865 — servo: Merge #14346 - Use MSVC toolchain if PLATFORM is defined (from mati865:master); r=UK992,larsberg
83bb24b47d8a4ba9951601c2c0be17d0f229ed67Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14754 - Skip invoking bindgen if no header changes (from upsuper:skip-bindgen); r=emilio
77f675794490dd0d93991975510b385fab061b93Hiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #14747 - Interpolate colors with premultiplied alpha (from hiikezoe:color-interpolation2); r=emilio
46534af8c2a99c22b42221e4f133dbace63ba3e2Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #14124 - Flexbox trace (from shinglyu:flexbox-trace); r=glennw
4af226cf8caa446a7a68b37484fab465d26f9f90Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14753 - Avoid write atoms files when not necessary (from upsuper:atom-gen-update); r=Wafflespeanut
50b3f89cc07050ac88173b769f45a24da24f57feBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14751 - style: Add a special, explicit path for lazy style resolution and use it for getComputedStyle (from heycam:transient); r=heycam
7ad8391097b045c4aed972b1fa8f967c4c451f5cMatt McCoy — servo: Merge #14741 - Reuse the http connector pool between fetches (from mattnenterprise:use-http-connection-pool); r=jdm
a40edc66097890deec8274ff093c374f5eeedf74Roman Zaynetdinov — servo: Merge #14727 - Use typed array in TextDecoder::Decode (from zaynetro:textdecoder-use-typedarray); r=jdm
14bdb85b2c96619dd963451c49524670610ef681deror1869107 — servo: Merge #14744 - Move frame from constellation (from deror1869107:move_frame_from_constellation); r=Wafflespeanut
3f4d3ac3afe2cb29e6d77bab5dfebfda69aede58Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14703 - Add gecko glue for perspective/transform properties (from canaltinova:perspective-transform); r=Wafflespeanut
72029e42297f8a40f102e144a76bd06aa2c803cfCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14743 - stylo: update bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-13); r=emilio
8fd6f32ce95c5636911be74af879832ee7ab8893Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14518 - Fix inline layout of table cells impacted by rowspan (from mbrubeck:rowspan2); r=notriddle
2a4854cb07e3dc8ef9e8dee499704d7b1a62c96dUK992 — servo: Merge #14715 - Tidy: Check Cargo.lock for packages with same version and different sources (from UK992:tidy-check-lock); r=SimonSapin
7d177ab333c5c165b72ae5a788c745b728bf8197deror1869107 — servo: Merge #14736 - Move reg_host from the constellation to net_traits (from deror1869107:Move-reg_host-to-pub_domains); r=Ms2ger
103eba977a4f72c64cf7899e51f0c6040bfb5dcfMs2ger — servo: Merge #14735 - Remove unused ConstellationMsg from net_traits (from servo:ConstellationMsg); r=KiChjang
eb359894c3caeb0899874afdc0261d1a322fc0c1deror1869107 — servo: Merge #14730 - Rewrite Crypto::GetRandomValues to use typed array API (from deror1869107:typed_array_API); r=emilio
e8cee098c4758f328662615a92ae6446a9b0fdf1Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14731 - stylo: Coordinate stylist flushing with gecko, and clean up pseudo-element resolution (from heycam:flushing_and_pseudos); r=heycam
634ac2137263a1cb9fe2a49358c7c42d5a0ee8f6Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14640 - Store unset keyword as specified value (from upsuper:unset-storage); r=emilio
dbb47764a57d15be14db102895ab7911f6c9e960Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14729 - Fix Clark Gaebel's entry in the mailmap (from nox:mailmap); r=emilio
147870850e5ce8b444900fbb11422ebd76d9e558Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14728 - Bunch of nitpicks (from emilio:nit); r=Wafflespeanut
da1352b0dcc50c18df8a127a37468c95d992ebabRoman Zaynetdinov — servo: Merge #14726 - Remove azure(canvas) dependency from canvas_traits (from zaynetro:no-azure-in-canvas_traits); r=SimonSapin
48a0e097def39ab2e6d6d6c358b93476294d7ae0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14725 - Add a mailmap 🎄🎅 (from nox:mailmap); r=emilio
7603b7f99ec802fc869cffef02f41a54e634abb1Roman Zaynetdinov — servo: Merge #14724 - Remove FrameChange::document_ready (from zaynetro:remove-frame-change-document-ready); r=Ms2ger
9d69327d6672120207d2136c7da2435858359eedRohit Burra — servo: Merge #14722 - Check for wss schemes in Cookie::appropriate_for_url (from iamrohit7:check-secure-schemes); r=jdm
cc8dc2adc696a000182bf103323472d2a4415575Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14710 - Mark DOM interfaces as repr(C) (from nox:repr-c); r=KiChjang
198d3fbda074b0b6276099a2857be2b4a43017a2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14721 - Bindgenup (from emilio:bindgenup); r=Manishearth
fb7ebce3652f9a9649970aca827da66cd4269119Ulf Nilsson — servo: Merge #14708 - Update jpeg-decoder to 0.1.10 and disallow duplicate rayon versions again (from kaksmet:update-jpeg-decoder); r=jdm
ae8621232eac4a7201ddf1660f966931c902ca03Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14707 - Pipeline documentation comments (from asajeffrey:constellation-pipeline-docs); r=ConnorGBrewster
29436b0a769b175185e01489e07d2bc6ade1c1ceGregory Terzian — servo: Merge #14701 - update "working on a crate" (from gterzian:patch-1); r=SimonSapin
5ce3a7c52a845edb5a93a043a88eac976067e844Michael Howell — servo: Merge #14699 - Fix an outdated comment (from notriddle:constructive_commentary); r=emilio
dfc3bb45f709990e63d4fb65402018d0950676c7Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14698 - Constellation documentation comments (from asajeffrey:constellation-docs); r=ConnorGBrewster
f8c4216e65487f09ce40b43bdfa1522835c97416Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14687 - Update various crates (from servo:always-be-updating); r=emilio
ad42ad22ec0e7c6a51f93f604ab88fb4892e07bfNick Price — servo: Merge #14623 - #14514 Implement port-based blocking (from DominoTree:master); r=emilio
c90aff3d827221f016a50b7c8b9906bff23e7267Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14668 - Update WR (windows font fixes, ridge/groove borders, scrolling improvements) (from glennw:update-wr-dwrote); r=jdm
e4e77b5d0aeaa9907a500a66df66799b253fd8d5Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #14491 - Add domain and path checks for secure cookies eviction (from KiChjang:cookie-checks); r=jdm
6f479e92d4fedfbfae0c5f64214225e3b63e6387Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14684 - Regen bindings (from Manishearth:regen); r=bholley
78fb9e8c894ad746d4e92be39804294b8625948bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #14679 - Warn when a timer event is processed for a discarded document (from jdm:nowarntimer); r=asajeffrey
52f52e10470b2b5649f96f014a7ede3469fb3ffaMs2ger — servo: Merge #14632 - Use the API base URL in Fetch APIs (from servo:multi-global-fetch); r=jdm
53892ebfac673c13a77ebed39bef9780cdd1ff1eSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14671 - Remove the unused dependency of style to plugins (from servo:style-no-plugins); r=mbrubeck
178353b160202d8423bdea40d12ee16d48bca924Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14662 - Hoist bloom filter into scoped TLS, and remove a bunch of complexity and unsafety from the style system (from bholley:bloom_tls); r=emilio
749d76b8b235ae03cf51903fefdb10ca21c0e271Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #14670 - Rename Windows nightly builders for consistency (from aneeshusa:fix-windows-nightly-builder-names); r=larsbergstrom
2472b1347fe70eb7bbefe585032cb3d1be50aa67Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #14651 - Create windows-gnu and windows-msvc builds (from larsbergstrom:add_msvc); r=aneeshusa
faa34264fba76dc392e3ffbc1ad016358200aecbMs2ger — servo: Merge #11672 - Make the dom module private (from Ms2ger:dom); r=nox
e9d44a75a288c22c8db18b60cd7306890bf4684bZakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14612 - Updating GATTServer's Connect/Disconnect calls (from szeged:connect-disconnect-update); r=jdm
9b7692fd32e1f145e672498e667a6bef4494f9faEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14669 - script: Remove unused function (from emilio:dirty-descendants-unused); r=Wafflespeanut
8010ad9bb1e3e97291a49532f762725b4d5f134bCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14667 - stylo: update bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-12); r=bholley
cc7e2946aa6a88214be37c570a0f7be2dca4371eMs2ger — servo: Merge #14633 - Update Rust to 1.15.0-nightly (71c06a56a 2016-12-18) (from servo:rustup); r=SimonSapin,nox
12250ac495234018fb9401256fa067783342c11bCamille TJHOA — servo: Merge #14663 - Stylo: implement -moz-orient (from ctjhoa:moz-orient); r=Manishearth
f0be16755379c0cb9feabf5c063edcea211ad9a1Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14642 - Use Scoped TLS in the style system and eliminate UnsafeNode usage in the StyleSharingCandidateCache (from bholley:scoped_tls); r=emilio
82e11b3fc9d1fe5a8b413249206161404ce86cbeMs2ger — servo: Merge #14658 - Separate the async bluetooth handling from networking code (from servo:bluetooth-net); r=jdm
21c64f83bbd647be62ea01e1f2a07236a84522f1Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14657 - Remove unused html bluetooth tests (from dati91:remove_html_tests); r=jdm
8aa09a892bdcf79e896af1f1e5643ccc76a41b19Michael Howell — servo: Merge #14652 - Update to quickersort 2.2 (from servo:always_be_updating); r=metajack
444cb6b8e36fc51cc345323a2002e6c9b2517474Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14654 - Change property id of moz-prefixed properties to match their name (from upsuper:bug1311870); r=heycam
c74998394f8ef6926a6340570511d7acda285ef5Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14653 - stylo: Fix assertion for unresolvable url (from upsuper:bug1321176); r=Manishearth
aa4ab6976e5495b389a05e37326ff8bf0188a33fbd339 — servo: Merge #14630 - Use MediaQueryListEvent for media query list change events (from bd339:iss14064); r=KiChjang
86da464d95695dc885c068add7e9e9666f0d4484Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14650 - Update WR (shader cast errors on android) (from glennw:update-wr-shader-casts); r=KiChjang
afc991293b8bee3b27e52128ff9b3e1b2a22a1e8Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14645 - Move {lower,upper}-alpha to extra_servo_values (from upsuper:gecko-builtin-counter-styles); r=heycam
1dfcd30ab73121f531bd96ee70120a7396a48e12Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14644 - Ever so slightly less unstable (from servo:ever-so-slightly-less-unstable); r=heycam
5de39c8afbda88daa6964cadc57d59b58aa9561bConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #14631 - Make datetime just reflect (from cbrewster:datetime_fix); r=Ms2ger
ba8cbade8c3371864cab2c55a8bc79b67e1c3a2fKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #14304 - Implement (from KiChjang:css-style-rule-style); r=Manishearth
b3e1a421b5dfce3df9d18ae9b49d963d3014c584Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #14629 - Revert "Update Rust to 1.15.0-nightly (8f02c429a 2016-12-15)." (from larsbergstrom:revert_rustup); r=nox
0f4177e3b6dca3456a4a85fee5eb6170fafa4fa6Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14481 - Update Rust to 1.15.0-nightly (8f02c429a 2016-12-15) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
4853d6540a1cc9fdf10dc22c085d9abc42a4faaaEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14485 - style: Add a simple rule-tree benchmarks (from servo:rule-tree-bench); r=heycam
bb33d23c9ee93a88a8eec5a67ea57f94659120b1Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14625 - stylo: Add FFI function to make the Stylist realize we have modified style sheets (from heycam:sheets-changed); r=upsuper
c50d3a46f93873a70824c7255f0cebc829a1b00dXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14608 - Use string and nsCSSProperty for stylo CSSOM FFI (from upsuper:bug1323147); r=heycam
e56100dfad502c5ded0b34e7bac34feff12fe0e9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14622 - stylo: Track the last restyle generation properly (from emilio:last-restyle); r=bholley
3dc190bba0df8f370d5c85853cab032baae0b9f2Julien Wajsberg — servo: Merge #14430 - Expose Quirks Mode information in the layout data and code (from julienw:access-quirks-mode-from-layout); r=emilio
8d5c716783f4f358027bedad4a80f317a550fd62Nick Price — servo: Merge #14598 - Fix linear gradient's specified form #13892 (from DominoTree:master); r=canaltinova
c5da2cbe8e856771e7997e6cecd231fc62d4120bRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #14000 - Stylo: Basic support for grid-{row,column}-{start,end} (from Wafflespeanut:grid); r=Manishearth
d0e82adaf0e23134ad9dbed4467d8e90015af9b8Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14593 - Implement GetGATTChildren (from szeged:getgattchildren); r=jdm
525ebfb419d4b5ff17bb8d6f98aa2d59e6da8ea4Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14610 - Simplify style context architecture and make it safer (from bholley:style_context_refactor); r=emilio
2deb15d4217fe12b1b2be27de16eee0e34c3ce10Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14540 - style: Basic @import support (from servo:at-import); r=SimonSapin,Ms2ger
4b742231b72e6aca1bab48b37fecdc937514fad2Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #14589 - Reduce calls into arbitrary code with the ScriptThread::documents borrow held (from servo:harden-script); r=jdm+Ms2ger
55608c0db9f6cbad3c03140a285520e447089444Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14615 - Prepare for @import support (from servo:import); r=Ms2ger
7420de79abae88af1513dbb2b1957299d34a4091Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14613 - Remove unused style::refcell module (from servo:refcell-style); r=nox
5dfaa8b4256380908c2fe85159e406650d30a304Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14609 - Update atoms when build geckolib with gecko (from upsuper:auto-regen-atoms); r=Wafflespeanut
3e278ad505b53807f8591fa997c2fcbf592ef5a8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14605 - style: Avoid ending up with an invalid keyframe when inf or NaN are a… (from emilio:crashtest-bug-1323717); r=SimonSapin
2aa2650d550452708dc570d9e51aa6269830fa48Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14549 - Implement "child text content" concept; use it where appropriate (from frewsxcv:child-text-content); r=Ms2ger
974397ff81151f5cf14e34bb5f9b3a34e6c1dab1Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14526 - Attempt at refactoring and simplifying 'set cookies' operations on resource thread (from frewsxcv:cookies); r=jdm
df53d42238307b1447262b9de74b27c0c967f2daAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14260 - Rename ScriptChan in constellation to EventLoop (from asajeffrey:constellation-event-loops); r=Ms2ger
2f4f2fefb043833269c8b2e579f128d9c692c5d5Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14465 - Make the fetch target non-optional (from servo:http); r=nox
ec7a5867e7aed90b5acb2078a422e3621cb188e4Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14599 - stylo: Don't keep around cached style after one-off style resolutions (from heycam:one-shot-clear-cache); r=bholley
b49cd5c2c287ef95163dcb5ead3c9e0f1a62fb32Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14509 - Implement background-position-x/y (from canaltinova:position); r=Manishearth
a62cdcb41a5c99dcbf73ed90c50151d01d389399Artem Biryukov — servo: Merge #14604 - Bluetooth manager cleanup (from impowski:bluetooth_manager_cleanup); r=jdm
aeb31d25b1a710e739a3e975e81544fd3743094dRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #14601 - Raise warning when OSMesa path is not set (from Wafflespeanut:osmesa); r=emilio
5a1440c3e6b9c5b086b6d37c49444dfe42130de9UK992 — servo: Merge #13650 - Define NATIVE_WIN32_PYTHON environment variable (from UK992:win32); r=larsbergstrom
dca4035eaa262f7de7769f2439ba2e22a9809f36Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14602 - Auto-update in-tree bindings (from upsuper:auto-copy-bindgen); r=Wafflespeanut
bea5a71ca1d5b3100afa36415f39bba0eb549ac7Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14600 - Parallelize build-time bindgen (from upsuper:parallel-bindgen); r=bholley
0247145eb3b70bdf7e89882f1114a0f1893b2119Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14594 - Upgrade to cargo 0.16.0-nightly (16f38c1 2016-12-14) (from servo:cargoup); r=jdm
f8a98d6fefe189332142a2420c6f93cf7c88b06dGregory — servo: Merge #14597 - FIX for Implement scroll transactions (from gterzian:fix_scroll_transactions); r=mbrubeck
ab82f5bf49fdc10831e577ccddd8aa5632a32f11Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14588 - Add logging to font-face loading (from servo:log-font-face); r=jdm
7c4bad74fb17f3a35542979223de3ca59f1dcb76deror1869107 — servo: Merge #14586 - Remove-ResponseAction (from deror1869107:Remove-ResponseAction); r=jdm
f3078fb59bf35db25822eb2acef693b6717d7967Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14581 - stylo: Avoid traversing children of XBL-bound elements during initial styling (from bholley:dont_traverse_xbl); r=heycam
604426a29ac1e5c3a249827767a10eb3f4954475Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14412 - Update WR + gleam (nested clip stack, scroll locations) (from glennw:update-wr-clip-2); r=pcwalton
085b6fff20e8f4124b4fdc42cf671db7ec782105Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14580 - stylo: regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-11); r=emilio
0dfe7146374f72f7f5b5e2c99ff6df6984a81353Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14592 - Remove the util crate (from asajeffrey:util-goodbye); r=mbrubeck
7e5c0e38150c47c90e3b3b90fcab0b31a180423fZakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14567 - Check if represented attributes are cached (from szeged:represented-attributes); r=jdm
36db531c4b8145b0f30eaa4230245725b907c459Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14552 - Replace AdvertisingData with AdvertisingEvent (from szeged:advertising_event); r=jdm
9f5a4f88bf77c4e89885341edf2d869ff74a5540Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14539 - Show the placeholder text for textarea elements (from frewsxcv:textarea-placeholder); r=mbrubeck
c51f5a888776060e01179484d39239e2c0bf70ccCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #14536 - Remove `Constellation::child_processes` (from frewsxcv:constellation-child-processes); r=jdm
4e41c08478bc4f9a78652210436436dbdefae32fSuh Dude — servo: Merge #14561 - font-variant-caps implemented in (from Impally:master); r=Manishearth
c37b67408e8cccf968f80e3f05664767a0ff02a5Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #14587 - Exempt __cxa_type_match as an allowed dynamic symbol (from larsbergstrom:android_exempt_addition); r=Ms2ger
8fb10a3f223485259d33e80b82d279b5f2e49adfMs2ger — servo: Merge #14570 - Remove some dead code related to the old network stack (from servo:resource-thread); r=emilio
4f041c806f946dd5f869d3a05449b71bb6b89210Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14582 - fix feature check for Gecko-specific assertions (from heycam:cfg); r=emilio
93b1445bc137f128bbf05a4c532ad5bd0e4d7169Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14576 - Implement (from canaltinova:keyframes-name); r=Manishearth,emilio
3d8ed74143f3093285641719434a448760406f1eMátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #14530 - Use `android-rs-injected-glue` on Android (from mmatyas:android_injectedglue); r=larsbergstrom
6f7d4c8793785affeae2b8764059111ddded5a3eMs2ger — servo: Merge #14569 - Remove the Rc from ROOTED_TRACEABLES (from servo:ROOTED_TRACEABLES-Rc); r=emilio
e07acb058a3141b0470a51bf9f6dff1a962747b0Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #14359 - Reuse box-shadow code for drop-shadow filter (from shinglyu:dropshadow-refactor); r=Manishearth
92646471f722ff59c5664c03324f17a40c6fc6b1Vladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #14251 - Support build.rustflags in .servobuild (from vvuk:servobuild-rustflags); r=ConnorGBrewster
d08ba3ef73749a1e7362f9826522585f13c071f9Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #14528 - Add C++ runtime shared object to the Android APK (from mmatyas:android_cppruntime); r=larsbergstrom
0b360afbefa1804d88b51a7046a48d9d50971175Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14085 - Implement "list of options" concept on `HTMLSelectElement` (from frewsxcv:list-of-options); r=asajeffrey
e112a04957731eb2d22369cc8ce662b60b55ff44Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14563 - Add asserts to make failure clearer (from upsuper:buildtime-bindgen); r=emilio
0ea1d828c66589d690e55ed98ab927a0a268a318Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14565 - style: Make some removed assertions Servo-only instead (from emilio:assert); r=heycam
fe2de6d7fa7f946d66aaff3acaf16bba29f62ddcCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14564 - stylo: regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-10); r=emilio
c8358873adae876920eea7123fd366e5862c1bc0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14557 - Improve safety or our tracing architecture (from nox:trace); r=jdm
fa3015c1ca613abd88971fdd136384843adde2bfBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14560 - stylo: Fix some crashes on incubator (from bholley:fix_crashes); r=heycam
5e6f51510f8927cd014e93a7c9526da8465612cbGregory — servo: Merge #14470 - Implement scroll transactions (from gterzian:implement_scroll_transactions); r=mbrubeck
5e33ad89062ad67108c7c868e89a8ed938dd6019Ulf Nilsson — servo: Merge #14558 - Update jpeg-decoder to 0.1.9 (from kaksmet:update-jpeg-decoder); r=KiChjang
305b594698effd2428b42ddbaf3f106d2465bcc9UK992 — servo: Merge #14531 - Various Windows installer fixes and improvements (from UK992:win32-installer); r=larsbergstrom
e8918986585b949d02f820d56f78192c0af2ad52Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #14490 - layout: Unify size calculation of replaced elements (from stshine:replaced-size); r=emilio
96e3ae2f1c1a9310b8d64da00d24e47c84827d04Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14551 - Remove legacy items from .gitignore (from upsuper:legacy-gitignore); r=emilio
fe385e305dfcb7554ede8b0caa065f4b20a4b32dNick Price — servo: Merge #14538 - Use LengthOrNormal for column-gap #14297 (from DominoTree:master); r=Manishearth,Wafflespeanut
e9df73b789b447fd084bba53f427ef4b24289f37Sumant Manne — servo: Merge #14498 - Added image-orientation property (from dpyro:image-orientation); r=canaltinova
78635ebabfc9e63971829a549388d1b61a75a503Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14244 - Use build script to generate binding files (from upsuper:buildtime-bindgen); r=emilio
be1f64d5b3475a3f7a959929fe9c507dcaa442a1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14537 - Remove Request::done (from servo:request-done); r=frewsxcv
daaa89ca8da2cf8fa5142c69ba50bcf12b306204Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14535 - Introduce a PropertyId enum and use it instead of strings of property names (from servo:property-id); r=mbrubeck
b5b63ec333ddcb40ac2c321e7e9dda9c79a81bc0Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14436 - Make restyle tracking more granular (from bholley:granular_restyle); r=emilio
834aade043cabd7de06b59c965174667128dc954William Lee — servo: Merge #13845 - Part of #13551 - Create packages under release/debug directories as appropriate (from birryree:package-under-target-profile-dirs); r=aneeshusa
bb6d259f6f5dc49a5ef21de8d9d8177f7ce59413Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14508 - Rewrite determine_request_referrer() to explicitly limit it to the checks it can do (from servo:determine_request_referrer); r=jdm,frewsxcv
fb9d92e36702ac12154a968aae7b3f1d6d16cdf9Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14532 - Remove unused `ExpandToPixelBoundaries` trait from `util` (from frewsxcv:remove-unused-trait); r=Wafflespeanut
fc94a472712b69aea05a8a164c0078949b848687Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14533 - Alphabetize `document.createEvent` `match` list (from frewsxcv:events); r=Ms2ger
088b220230d754d962ef695873042c7cf8ed3f43Jansen Jan — servo: Merge #13489 - Add support for fullscreen #10102 (from farodin91:fullscreen); r=jdm
e9324af352ad6a215543c5d0735ea615fa00c554Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14527 - Remove some redundant code around XMLHttpRequest::document_response() (from servo:xhr-doc); r=Manishearth
a223136e0710da58309496bfea3780224a64b887William Lee — servo: Merge #14051 - Adding linting checks for buildbot_steps.yml (from birryree:tidy-check-buildbot-steps); r=aneeshusa
a8ad02cf3fcec464374c62cd4a926b080936b440Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14510 - Fix doc comment syntax (from frewsxcv:comment); r=Ms2ger
930b8ff5a33bb0580810f54482d338f5c5fc61bbMs2ger — servo: Merge #14502 - Replace an unidiomatic use of filter_map() (from servo:filter-map); r=frewsxcv
cb6d65ef12f3d63d6209f0c87a80dc1ef60f26cfMs2ger — servo: Merge #14501 - Remove LoadError (from servo:LoadError); r=Manishearth
3a76bb01cb1428909c21f372a30341b8421bdac2Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14499 - Add uncommitted lockfile change; fix check script. 🔒 (from frewsxcv:lockfile); r=jdm
81364670e29057d38aeea04189822f8dd45275b6Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14495 - Rename `Reflectable` to `DomObject` (from frewsxcv:reflectable-domobject); r=jdm
6e19e0cad42c3862e0214dbe8bc76029a8cfc964Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14496 - Stop handling a None referrer policy in determine_request_referrer() (from servo:option-refpol); r=KiChjang
7001118ad67bd4f7fdd51bfc91aa05f4f2abb8d9Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14492 - stylo bindings update (from heycam:bindings-update-9); r=emilio
fc96986149fd122cca77e93f2ddfb8462760a30cMichael Howell — servo: Merge #12862 - added dom obj counting to decide sequential/parallel layout (#10110) (from servo:layout-new); r=emilio
edde187964efcaa8bcd2206c3418d20bb2e4f9e9Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14464 - Write tests for CSSOM Interfaces (from canaltinova:cssom-test); r=Manishearth
fab1d9fb2859b62645fae2163166e94ed91b99e6Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #14482 - Fix Android packaging problem (from mmatyas:android_workspace_fix); r=Manishearth
eddbee19edbc8e7cf28bf42a099b77b91856ee6fAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14479 - Added debugging to (from asajeffrey:script-htmliframeelement-more-debugging); r=jdm
03dbb0844fe988ef837223f2691ccae7e526debeMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #14475 - Don't scroll background and borders of overflow:scroll blocks (from mrobinson:backrounds-borders-scrolling-div); r=pcwalton
1ba608da113c7639625000bbb9470c39f6228839Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14471 - adjust display style fixup to handle more Gecko cases (from heycam:blockification); r=emilio
808bf2778f20f6d86934b70d8dffdb4d763f35d4Zakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14468 - Move allowedService and blocklist checks into caching functions (from szeged:blocklist-allowed-services); r=jdm
ba738af8082702f5cefbc7a49ac0a72e81187d50Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14473 - Clean up JSTraceable and how we use it (from nox:raf-safety); r=Ms2ger
66a23e3335fd179dc1efbf1e6c5fab03ee225212Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14429 - Replace Syntax with TypeError in (from szeged:syntax-to-type-error); r=jdm
9d983fda55f42e837de30c159c61524c2e2853dbSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14397 - Upgrade to cargo 0.16.0-nightly (built 2016-12-06) (from servo:cargoup); r=SimonSapin
d98492d1d7ed52e96c4da357476c7a39bc17ff4aMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #14367 - Reimplement scrolling to fragments (from mrobinson:scroll-fragment-point); r=pcwalton
7d8be1b5c36a92e162454f3435ecf96d22f32634Valentin Fokin — servo: Merge #14441 - Move the AttributeInstanceMaps from bluetooth to bluetoothDevice (from szeged:attribute-instance-map); r=jdm
6ffd1a4215b0828a25abb90b8848b0145aa3d7acAttila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14428 - Add missing connection check for disconnect (from dati91:connected); r=jdm
aedda7ae9a21024b39e4589c9f1abdbaf12b6136Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14469 - Fix BluetoothUUID typo (from szeged:uuid_fix); r=KiChjang
072ec4f91670aa29b2b1729955efd91687f215faCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14467 - stylo: Support remaining display property values (from heycam:gecko-display); r=Manishearth
ebd81fd08e0bef9c019af6a8c9a0de966d5a0d55Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14466 - Remove a pointless match block in XMLHttpRequest::initiate_async_xhr (from servo:xhr-match); r=frewsxcv
f42f9eba6e516b7d09e402cfe8aa34d529ce35dbEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14460 - stylo: Use master bindgen again (from emilio:stylo-bindgenup); r=heycam
a5a33df8c52d63aa5cfec4a165c543a729acb953Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14461 - allow the style bloom filter to recover from switch to a node with no common ancestor with the old node (from heycam:bloom-no-common-ancestor); r=emilio
3bff31cb6f5c31fe0b988e3fc655369778f5a091Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14459 - Fix current_dom_depth in sequential traversal. (fixes #14414) (from heycam:seq-dom-depth); r=emilio
afa259cb27c04633ca1db3c5a6354341f60d828eRaghav — servo: Merge #14445 - Redesign CookieStorage and Implement Leave Secure Cookie Alone (from mrnayak:netSecurity); r=jdm
190e7a2c6cf7ac9ce43d7394cad4249d079bd378Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14454 - Add tracking issues for DOM APIs related to 'browsing context names' (from frewsxcv:named-browsing-context-tracking); r=Ms2ger
825d00ebea71397dc0b4c0a4cd86015f386a3982Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14457 - update stylo bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-8); r=Manishearth
ca239fcfa931c379dfc327af16e37358379f0fdaPeter — servo: Merge #14452 - Commit that fixes the issue #11074 by upgrading pip whenever virtuale… (from PeterZhizhin:upgrade-pip-with-new-virtualenv); r=frewsxcv
37bf28cc0b3321d0af8e509b8d8cdf28f53aa993Sijmen Schoon — servo: Merge #14450 - Implement tidy commit message test (from SijmenSchoon:master); r=Wafflespeanut
b1ff3ce9c6253045fda06ecbc6e1fc97dfb24c1fIn-Ho Yi — servo: Merge #14086 - Add DateTime string attribute to Time (from chajath:time-datetime-attribute); r=ConnorGBrewster
07a4d94a1e24724916bb54bb55705c0797f55e6eKimSnj — servo: Merge #14379 - Use software rendering when running servo in headless mode (from kimsnj:run-headless); r=jdm
4f50e004ad0f544691279e5f38f956635eb056c4Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14446 - stylo: Add FFI function to check if a node is dirty (from heycam:should-traverse); r=bholley
a51c57ad04f04d1750fa14c48bfbf8e7c20c66eaXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14421 - Treat top-level number in calc() invalid (from upsuper:patch-2); r=emilio
4857ce0378b01da31058eea726c87b39e9af13a0Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14433 - Implement MediaList interface (from canaltinova:medialist); r=Manishearth
4b37a1f4c00c495a9f1fd9e431ccaea39f64eb8fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14439 - style: Don't pop too much in the bloom filter (from emilio:fix-bloom); r=bholley
8ca89875066827353910fa1b301840f750d30f39J. Cliff Dyer — servo: Merge #14394 - Convert column-width to use Either (from jcdyer:jcdyer/either-column-width); r=Wafflespeanut
347204d95d6ddac7c689b0cf912483c9a58328feThiago Pontes — servo: Merge #14370 - use Either type for UrlOrNone (from thiagopnts:master); r=Wafflespeanut
6e75c58b3876e218c27529a3148aa6e7c908b8b8Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #14418 - layout: Fix some particularly bad cases of spurious reflows leading to script thread unresponsiveness (from pcwalton:infinite-reflows); r=notriddle
2ca07971434160711fa690dfe90db46f52032d94Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14423 - Properly mark application/xhtml+xml documents as XML (from nox:xml-document); r=Ms2ger
fc18c37273eda7200f883473b7409526bb03a592Imanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #14075 - Implement WebGLContext resize (from MortimerGoro:webgl-resize); r=MortimerGoro
03b5be4c3e0b2bdcf2068ea8bb0dae18e7b59375Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13996 - Implement synchronous about:blank loading (from servo:about-blank); r=Ms2ger,jdm,asajeffrey,nox
f8b490f82c8b008a3eb6e54ea8fad6a28cc378ceMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14424 - Remove unnecessary Flow::column_sizes methods (from mbrubeck:flow-column); r=notriddle
d88b2cf18fab270d245590422c54bbcdcfce2955Michael Mokrysz — servo: Merge #14420 - Made http_redirect_fetch error for non-HTTPS. #14069 (from 46bit:master); r=KiChjang
cf7af9f4dfbeb1153aca8a4e94f0ef6951e0357dXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14406 - Add insertRule/deleteRule support for stylo (from upsuper:bug1313293); r=heycam
d608d978ded1dd947191dd8ec708d773d94f5cf8Boris Chiou — servo: Merge #14404 - Use XPCOM string bindings instead of Gecko_Utf8SliceToString (from BorisChiou:Bug1317179); r=Manishearth
e758e3f57135b0e7c7ce189a39ba1fd2e7d383dbShing Lyu — servo: Merge #14147 - Added an option to allow submitting test-perf result to perfherder (from shinglyu:test-perf-submit); r=larsbergstrom,aneeshusa
09b489d087dcefcbb919270fda6a4f7876beb042Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #14413 - Remove misleading section from non-toplevel Cargo.toml (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=mbrubeck
ed2f49cd71538c8922d83008cfd17e9f3028688bZakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14407 - Annotations for WebBluetooth functions (from szeged:annotations); r=jdm
0ae4b2ee67725363cbb790f08ed36263e0f8edd0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14376 - Make WebIDL static items take a more specific global if possible (from nox:specialized-constructors); r=KiChjang,nox
7ec63d91ff9e4fa8d56b2eb03344fe7dd647d084Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14426 - Use intermittents tracker on build.s.o (from Manishearth:intermittents); r=mbrubeck
4af8cecb4c1bd59809a808cd078ca0ab29b9df81Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14410 - Implement 3 more properties for stylo (from canaltinova:stylo-things); r=Manishearth
8b9c40c07fb9aa87c86ca0513e99f02d8735c1bcAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14292 - Update to Rust 1.15.0-nightly (1c448574b 2016-11-28) (from servo:rustup); r=KiChjang
114b6d62d4f684d2e8807e0152705e8e4de4404bManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14399 - Support offset- logical properties (from Manishearth:feat-offset-logical); r=SimonSapin
f660e380f71804918aaf3c231546d0666a948af4Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14393 - WriteValue should return undefined (from dati91:fix); r=jdm
baea68f63634d5490647ddce2a791ee871e84779Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14361 - Implement document.write (fixes #3704) (from nox:write); r=jdm
2d824b07e6d45d3b4630c1c7f013b8856f1847b6Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14384 - Move Arc<RwLock<_>> out from CssRules tuple (from upsuper:cssrules-struct); r=Manishearth
4bb6617420fba373e62d55e1faa1f68aa7d15fd0Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #14386 - Use new DisplayListBuilder improvements in Servo (from mrobinson:display-list-builder-updates); r=glennw
83685ca6f2ece2251d2d2b5d2a9c912377ee68e1Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14395 - Use stylesheet’s base URL and ns prefixes in CSSOM insert/appendRule (from servo:stylesheet-metadata); r=Manishearth
67ad60554ead8135a436d12bee7831fbe935f9b8Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14387 - Add event target for bluetooth (from szeged:event-target); r=jdm
6574308fe6cf3f8acb0a9fddb5147e9fee7af447Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #14194 - Use Selenium for Gecko performance test (from shinglyu:gecko-webdriver); r=larsbergstrom,aneeshusa,jgraham
dd026be7a637ba314f37a07b97b5f64b777430b6Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14400 - Add a log of only intermittents (from Manishearth:filter-intermittents); r=KiChjang
164642cb52ce77caa17802c31f45534cc9ba48eeManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14331 - Add ./mach filter-intermittents for catching intermittents on CI (from Manishearth:filter-intermittents); r=larsbergstrom,jdm
43ba574b3fedc8f7144745fe38564437b9550699Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14353 - Fix the bloom filter stuff (from emilio:fix-bloom); r=SimonSapin
f44fc63cea0937b394f16984026f1a751d7feaa2Zakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14392 - Fix a typo in components/bluetooth_traits/ (from zakorgy:patch-2); r=Ms2ger
af0eabaf7a6521b26df766d708fcfd0aa0771f65Razican — servo: Merge #14383 - Stylo: implement column-rule-style (from Razican:column-rule-style); r=Wafflespeanut
b31a99e8e7d98a679a4c2e93340e283b3e74395fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14381 - Move to Cargo workspaces (from servo:workspaces); r=SimonSapin
56fc6a3f0d27968b4cbcb10ac58c5a76f46e2a57Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14382 - Revert temporary commit used to debug something in #14225 (from nox:revert-garbage); r=nox
24d6ab59a093d72e8aeda94fc4357f9933b19b55Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14355 - Move algorithm for insertRule and deleteRule to style component (from upsuper:rulelist-mutate); r=Manishearth
126347905d872aeaa5b5aa2a8d9c67411268dd49Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14225 - Update js (from servo:update-js); r=jdm,Ms2ger
17458270d9693d168c6b14bdfccbe34886c93948Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14375 - Don't return early from report_pending_exception() if the value is an unexpected object (from servo:error-info); r=nox
84d3efcfbb34ec2dbd9013f9f689b1aa0d016527Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #14373 - Use the ParserContext along with the Parser (from Wafflespeanut:parse); r=emilio
b29078f132699af836917ea09ea3eae9fdc93415Jeremy Chen — servo: Merge #14358 - stylo - implement -webkit-text-fill-color and -webkit-text-stroke (from chenpighead:webkit-text-stroke); r=canaltinova
e4a9510193e62bd9b2de389e34572423bb1ffb67Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14365 - Property declaration block serialization should check for importance (from canaltinova:block-important); r=emilio
41fd3e16f183603a64c9d57fb5f0509f26a0d5d1Gregory — servo: Merge #14192 - implement support for the width query (from gterzian:support_equality_constraints); r=emilio
2761b7a619855c28357d6e4499f0b1739e5e842dMs2ger — servo: Merge #14362 - Simplify the http_loader code (from servo:fetch-http-move); r=Wafflespeanut
2ebae01813c42a19e49dda59395b14807076fc50Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14335 - Add rerun-if-changed for bindings file (from upsuper:stylo-unit-rerun-build); r=bholley
487970795136c909e1ed305d1b7f43fd054e686dBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14300 - stylo: Basic infrastructure for RestyleHint-driven traversal (from bholley:restyle_driven_traversal); r=emilio
454e13d6e77108399c0b73290c2c08ee75793bcdBhavya Bansal — servo: Merge #13969 - html form validation initial steps with test html file (from bbansalWolfPack:master); r=jdm
06154a5beabfd57d2efde69164ec0102c8eb0bf6Boris Chiou — servo: Merge #14357 - Use single_value_to_css in Servo_DeclarationBlock_SerializeOneValue (from BorisChiou:Bug1317178); r=emilio
3d7fba3f53fd3b2ba1fa9a5cb835160720f9aaf1Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14340 - implement StyleSheet.disabled (from heycam:sheet-disabled); r=Manishearth
92421ff0865165fd982558f52ed81e681fda1ad5Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14366 - move Servo_GetStyleVariables definition from the Gecko side (from heycam:variables); r=Manishearth
8d6170c6ba2edafbc8e19872cde6932cced2415fGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #14286 - Update to webrender 0.10.0 (from gterzian:update_canvas_with_offscreen_context); r=jdm
b82c7c6a4659347b70d541cc39415c4b40aeefc8Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14344 - Script thread creating layout thread should use the incomplete loads (from asajeffrey:script-thread-new-layout-use-incomplete-loads); r=jdm
fefdb429c72618179148e69c5b7f938a90b7c4efMs2ger — servo: Merge #14360 - Remove the legacy networking stack (from servo:fetch); r=nox
b5a7d2e046a4542a28c1e6e4995748924cf6a191Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14315 - Rewrite and remove most unit tests for the legacy fetch stack (from servo:fetch-unit-http); r=Manishearth
cdd8780a8507ee8bb37f06f19b48c64b95aa3673Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14356 - stylo: don't match native anonymous content to user/author rules (from heycam:nac-no-doc); r=emilio
09f116c8c2e021d2cf62879f3ccf414e36b77805Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #14341 - script: Fix the scroll to top behavior (from stshine:where-is-the-top); r=mrobinson,emilio
d334362e9defefe12985d668d13f9968cac8f824Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14330 - Implement access to CSSStyleRule for stylo (from upsuper:bug1307357); r=heycam
0e8508d060455b04712106c7db14562146fc2e4dJ. Cliff Dyer — servo: Merge #14347 - Only allow border-image-outset to use non-negative numbers (from jcdyer:cdyer/len-parsing); r=Wafflespeanut
3d20e0dcc018725671497b8743d509b94c983f3aManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14241 - CSSOM: Whole ton of things (from Manishearth:mut-cssom); r=SimonSapin
ea1ea6e767afaeaff5e778bd6858a7f62f1701f9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14345 - Rewrite test_redirect_from_x_to_y_provides_y_cookies_from_y (from servo:cookies-host); r=jdm
d6510e42a58562d47c198f407430a6d58a734a1dAttila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #14276 - Add Start/Stop notifications (from szeged:notify); r=jdm
f9728ca5df34e5add35867554a9aeea2e6794c74zakorgyula — servo: Merge #14277 - serviceData and manufacturerData support (from szeged:service-and-manufacturer-data); r=jdm
81c269b1b43cca7bcf49780bf1fcd26800812fb6Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14316 - Implement parsing/serialization and/or gecko glue for some properties (from canaltinova:stylo-properties); r=emilio
e4c58dae5c934a2735357561170257a50fe2bbb0Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14334 - Remove unused check_bindings (from upsuper:remove-check-bindings); r=Manishearth
255da5dc0bc6d23d8b1ad475c83fb1c390c80aedAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14211 - Share script threads by tab and by eTLD+1 (from asajeffrey:constellation-share-more-script-threads); r=jdm
97d8bc0d18a00d7f3ddaee05620e3d9a64210bf9Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #14296 - Some generic impls for Either<Length, T> (from Wafflespeanut:either); r=emilio
28425cffb7bf7c6eac9e0ffef121144efdbd2ffcJerod Santo — servo: Merge #14287 - Add Changelog episode badge to README (from jerodsanto:patch-1); r=metajack
27e41c7f2ad2e260827f665a265efe806cedd32bSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14320 - Update to selectors 0.15 (from servo:selectorsup); r=nox
635fc4362a296ed178bef1bf5b85422bfe83ace2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14208 - Derive Debug for CookieStorage (from servo:CookieStorage-debug); r=jdm
1edcbee8585714a0ecc59f31cec7bc1028ebbfa7Zakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14206 - Rename blacklist to blocklist in WebBluetooth (from szeged:blacklist-to-blocklist); r=jdm
d9434f058fc55a97ea4efd69031e7d401396e78bShing Lyu — servo: Merge #14218 - Implement drop-shadow filter for Stylo (from shinglyu:dropshadow-review); r=Manishearth
9fd386e81d6919fd06ba61d1834073ec80fd2ce7Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14313 - Allow multiple -Z debug options (from asajeffrey:util-opts-multiple-debugs); r=frewsxcv
20a06f77cf1b5ae29ede7d3c5f93febdb3bbcb37Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14303 - Use msvc toolchain when in Visual Studio env (from upsuper:triple-msvc); r=bholley
12a337814fc42fce40439d841890e5fb3d65dbdfSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14232 - CSSOM: Make Stylesheet fields have their own synchronization (from servo:moar-locks); r=upsuper
0b1c681e03084619ce8d42519cd59f183f92f9e5Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14275 - Remove the dependency of fetch on filemanager_thread::UIProvider (from servo:fm-ui); r=jdm
951542ff44165a4a9a19b9c1708d10f13216d986Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14173 - Report panics using the top-level frame id rather than the pipeline id (from asajeffrey:script-thread-stores-top-level-frame-id); r=paulrouget
e654a9d79b7a6f67c48e2813a03925e75f3e8098Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #13574 - Implement job queue for ServiceWorkerRegistration (from creativcoder:job-iface); r=jdm
ad973d89dae31942d6e0a48d899b057537fd4551Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14268 - Regenerate bindings (from Manishearth:regen); r=bholley
7889a0e6fd8baf1205ed17c4c80c48f73cf614b9Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #14210 - Add missing action in CreateContextualFragment method (from GuillaumeGomez:fragment_node); r=nox
e0734ef3e87ba3f3eda79a56fe8d6d81426d69deLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #14280 - Move along with the other Servo files from components to ports (from larsbergstrom:fix_fake_ld); r=Ms2ger
fd5fb0702412443062e41ad79176b596ae81c400Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14273 - ensure RuleNodes are dropped when Gecko drops the Stylist (from heycam:rule-tree-stylo); r=bholley,emilio
880a28f39fcd54bb5b2b2ad2e5fcaac78b925e4eCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14055 - support cursor property url() values in stylo (from heycam:cursor); r=Manishearth
430216a218cda077d17da6e1e53b49909adb7581Kartikaya Gupta — servo: Merge #14282 - Fix out-of-date link in documentation (from staktrace:doc-fix); r=emilio
5def761b9b1762fa9b316f5c4c92dbb576dd11c3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14278 - style: Don't assert when the final rule tree GC happens in script (from emilio:layout-data-in-script); r=Ms2ger
bab3b47f68350bd534d877b7e31f475d98a32425Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #14274 - Implement range index with the Position enum on ServoUrl (from stshine:servo-url-index); r=emilio
a9a0347dd8721594ee1353b7e496788d321eb01aSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14294 - Rename a few source files (from servo:renames); r=Wafflespeanut
4b1b281874d66bb230da646c962088caed0bc9dePu Xingyu — servo: Merge #13418 - Make document url mutable and implement location.replace() (from stshine:location-replace); r=KiChjang
c1d796b0e1c561788a76ac73672072fa5ca3684fCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14256 - GC the rule tree only when the free list gets to a certain size (from heycam:rn-gc-heuristic); r=emilio
c864d614303038237d62f5bcc5cff2b8e0f7f222Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14284 - Use FnvHasher in http_loader::load (from nox:fnv); r=Wafflespeanut
e1ca4597b0a9d1ddddfe7fa07fd0a4b873384907Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14281 - Run cargo doc in the ports/servo directory (from mbrubeck:mach-doc-fix); r=Manishearth
3d011d0439d29725ee59451213464e72924722e8Lin Clark — servo: Merge #14271 - Add tests for background shorthand parsing (from linclark:13548-bg-parsing-test); r=canaltinova
c63009e27c462afca354b225b6301047d6cd0e31Jeremy Chen — servo: Merge #14227 - Stylo - gecko glue code for font-size-adjust (from chenpighead:font-size-adjust-gecko); r=Manishearth
0b6a653948ba1a6a22a53a556e51ed14921fa58fConnor Imes — servo: Merge #14272 - Fix energy profiling feature (from connorimes:fix-energy-profiling-feature); r=Manishearth
9d91cefb5476e1da0840406029ce219d3d99aef1Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #14270 - Disable the debugger on Android until mio works on Android (from larsbergstrom:disable_android_debugger); r=nox
8d06eca5a3e3007bed97c6df478531fa18f322a3Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #14261 - Prefer Either type for LengthOrNumber (from Wafflespeanut:lon); r=SimonSapin
cbfe4c2e864d60e1ff3d9a75599038dacb9ab6c7Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14250 - Make ServoParser::pending_input hold onto a BufferQueue (from nox:write); r=SimonSapin
2418cfba72c33c5623f6fb4c243c5203819c8240Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14238 - Implement ToCss serialization for CSSRules (from canaltinova:cssom-tocss); r=Manishearth
a268aadd22882ca20d2b507216c50988021c1d92Vladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #14249 - Add -Z wr-record (from vvuk:wr-record); r=kvark
96c5d29970d37ba67cb9ab80577bdabe58454563Dzmitry Malyshau — servo: Merge #14266 - Updated cargo paths for the python script (from servo:kvark-cargo); r=metajack
8be38313f7cc5276e35045ba70a25928daefd4ccEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14246 - Urlmageddon (from emilio:servo-url); r=SimonSapin
241d1acf9ae05d7c5f505ff234c86ed5e42bd7e4Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13917 - Remove usage of 'keyword_list' (from Wafflespeanut:keywords); r=Manishearth
a232281c3d17eff3b7843dded5edb92aaa7ec808Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14214 - Overhaul dirtiness handling in Servo to prepare for the new incremental restyle architecture (from bholley:dirtiness_overhaul); r=emilio
a170342a47705943efa35ebbfa4ff8f11fbe72fbEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14245 - Update rust-cssparser for speed improvements when tokenizing strings and data uris (from emilio:cssparser); r=nox
5eb149d670f67236e015203e69ab94c01b7cec09Abelardo E. Mendoza — servo: Merge #14096 - 11485 make dom methods taking mut js content unsafe (from fflorent:11485-make-dom-methods-taking-mut-JSContent-unsafe); r=nox
637897853905780bcf5563bf7b74b8fe3d45ab4aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14254 - Run cargo doc on libservo crate (from mbrubeck:mach-doc-fix); r=metajack
c540bc5a85a119d84a5fc22b318135d7ea283e6cManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14223 - Delegate logical bitfield setters to physical to fix cascade (from Manishearth:fix-logical-cascade); r=emilio
f4b7c1063b4a49ee918465118627f64dca7d5c18Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14172 - Move the servo binary to ports (from servo:ports); r=jdm
8ef847a24d3d382f614259e3333b1d849207faa8Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14190 - Immutable CSSOM (from Manishearth:cssom); r=SimonSapin
914e8b90e3cbfe8bc91ffe96d0a85e1a93eb4a83Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #14039 - Fix test-wpt and test-css for Windows (from metajack:windows-wpt); r=jgraham
af131bf9d7582fa8988664cf02cb39ed19763d30Agoston Szepessy — servo: Merge #14188 - Added parsing/serialization for text-emphasis-position (from AgostonSzepessy:text-emphasis-position); r=SimonSapin
8754a6f02bacdf57124ac54b1cba02027913c88cMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #14200 - Deal with changes to the WebRender API (from mrobinson:display-list); r=<try>
0a5eae76e3c8a50f0d2b172fe63ffcdd52f3d1e5Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14023 - Storage notifications routed via the constellation (from asajeffrey:storage-notify-via-constellation); r=nox
08012d65dba49870c76553dfb1d30250b37f9496Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14224 - Regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-6); r=shinglyu
19d15bff5d6a3fa9b15527404778a4e822c1d567Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14220 - Regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-5); r=Manishearth
529c507772a09d64315487998c156421beb67333Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #14165 - Supress panics for ProfilerChan sends (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=nox
23de2cbe2ec91dc8ec1a702e884c7d5a242c97c7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13641 - Use rayon to drive parallel layout and styling (from emilio:rayon-style); r=pcwalton
5f5394adc8ac6592687f31d4456396b1db6592f4Zakor Gyula — servo: Merge #14205 - Minor fixes for the WebBluetooth implementation (from szeged:minor-fixes); r=jdm
2bd553ec64624838f952212386bc347b691779cdUK992 — servo: Merge #14193 - Various cleanup (from UK992:win-cleanup); r=vvuk
03f507fcd92a18729cf3fd02119851cfa9f8c3f2Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #14189 - Implement border-image shorthand (from canaltinova:border-image-shorthand); r=Manishearth
e9172f714e6ac1173282adacb3b7633b1106ee6dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14201 - Reorganise ServoParser (from nox:write); r=SimonSapin
40d9cfca3d64ada446866112643673269e60658fMs2ger — servo: Merge #14204 - Remove the network.http.redirection-limit preference (from servo:redirection-limit); r=jdm
d29762ef45e9847a6d72ea23deb83bdf48d24a09Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14135 - Indicate items in doc comments as code-like (from frewsxcv:code-like); r=Ms2ger
79d53bc10f7834d375fc4ad898f064b7de28f28dTakanori Ishibashi — servo: Merge #14199 - Update CSSRule naming from 'CSSRule' to 'CssRule' (from 11Takanori:CSSRule_to_CssRule); r=nox
4e423108cb723ee83c9644d56180e341f3c5f60cManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14104 - Adds scroll-snap-type shorthand property (from iamrohit7:scroll-snap-type); r=Manishearth,waffles
d27bb1f46b5e6ddb8706ebd65db0aad9918f3268Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14187 - Add a few minimal debugging docs (from emilio:rr-docs); r=jdm
e28f21183e390f9ab078255a6cfca3cc0d260cbaEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14174 - style: Refactor and add infrastructure for font metrics in style (from emilio:font-provider); r=Manishearth
384594b35ee44674b49e58a2cf97d2635fe3ee8cAndreas Tolfsen — servo: Merge #14185 - Upgrade webdriver to version 0.15 (from andreastt:webdriver-0.15); r=jdm
66c2a7f27fadbda5c68283beda9d4e8baf27133fVladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #14177 - Update dwrote-rs to pick up non-en-us language fix (from vvuk:dwfix); r=emilio
a7f336da270e02ae7c32d5d780bcbb53902deecfRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #14166 - Allow tidy to run custom project-specific lints (from Wafflespeanut:tidy); r=frewsxcv
a2c4c7bb733cd999af7945c3b4cc210fcc1a89aaJean-Marie Comets — servo: Merge #14184 - Return `KeyReaction::Nothing` for a Tab event (from jmcomets:tab-no-default-action); r=metajack
e7c357e94e3065c10c28efea382865eaa2d4ca41Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #13774 - Finish up the implementation of EventSource (from KiChjang:event-source-constructor); r=jdm
77c07e9b9dadb6ed1abea9281daa645f733331b3Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14181 - Don't unnecessarily clone entire `opts::Opt` structure (from frewsxcv:opt-clone); r=nox
8a703a73f48ce980484a52153749d71301fb1ff8Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14163 - Rewrite some http unit tests with fetch (from servo:fetch-unit-http); r=metajack
4ec8cb57b373966df85bc5179869909f817cf8f0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14179 - script: Ensure script is initialized before running script (from emilio:racy-script); r=jdm
42e2ed5aead91333b4af02eda1628a445137e48bArtem Biryukov — servo: Merge #14178 - Parse trait functions (from impowski:parse_trait_functions); r=Wafflespeanut
c6bf11ef9bee8e2a0254e1e33bdff247d0384025Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #14175 - Separate selector matching from property cascading (from bholley:separate_cascade); r=emilio
5581173b31c71590b3592ed95cc11a942a17f600Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14120 - Support logical properties in style (from Manishearth:logical); r=emilio
24900f6369e28186505a7dd55b51b2f9fa892a16Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14167 - style: Don't assume siblings are alive in the rule tree when removing ourselves from the child list (from emilio:rule-tree-list); r=Manishearth
8fe146766b76952ab3c1eba6bd8bd5e272a7cae6Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #14168 - stylo: support transform (from Manishearth:tmp-transform); r=heycam
4cacff53a6cca42c0b33182de97d9364a150d1abVladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #14153 - Add support for DirectWrite font rendering on Windows (from vvuk:win32-dwrite); r=glennw
0a48433f7d228894a0885b83efebbfa4d1eb7e1cCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #14156 - Update CORS naming from 'CORS' to 'Cors' (from frewsxcv:cors-capitalization); r=KiChjang
7f3395e7062f46fbb833852735de7da8ecbfd315Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14164 - Update html5ever to 0.10.1 (from nox:write); r=Ms2ger
5a0c5ab711fef9f0940d28b869a2170937b64815Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #14142 - Bug 1292275 - Stylo: Fix crash after failed stylesheet load (from mbrubeck:bug-1292275); r=heycam
33a7a80d49a7fddf241419a042982c4d8cfc4559Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #14136 - style: Add a "start_end()" method to LogicalMargin (from stshine:orthogonal-symmetry); r=SimonSapin
26b0d0023cc2fdb8da8a7698f5b96d7d21bae97bMs2ger — servo: Merge #14127 - Make Response::url private (from servo:response-new-url); r=nox
5524b3796fc753c012eb6f33986336acb50ae7c0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13791 - Centralize construction of specified url() values in style (from emilio:lazy-url); r=SimonSapin
01d7ca83748ca4485c4da8776505a24ad12e9e24Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14151 - Clarify assert_cookie_for_domain (from servo:assert_cookie_for_domain); r=jdm
efefb700f28d76d5e6e0a746e3ca7a2ff3a53262Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14159 - Allow empty media query list (from upsuper:media-query); r=Wafflespeanut
40e28253a9b96c90a9a8331663a3663cc7bcf025Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14158 - Regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-4); r=Manishearth
67fb63d1059af9c067e58381fbf4bdc648ead665Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14150 - python: Cleanup run_tests_or_dispatch to avod rightward drift (from emilio:cleanup-py); r=Ms2ger
319951e6a199ab2d37bebb638ecce22954176040Permutator — servo: Merge #14035 - Don't mark the first/last fragment of an {ib} split as FIRST/LAST_FRAGMENT_OF_ELEMENT (from Permutatrix:iss-14030); r=emilio
affcacf6944e87d46d480bcd0d55d488c5ae96e5Raphael Nestler — servo: Merge #14083 - Add redirect_mode to RequestInit (from rnestler:fix_14018); r=jdm
a9cf0bb7f6e20c467f64cca06de75b034602244cNikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #13924 - implemented string-valued text-overflow (from cynicaldevil:text-overflow); r=emilio
e39d52350b622ff39a858b5d01d41613d79534eaJeena Lee — servo: Merge #13802 - Allow Request's Headers to be created with various objects (from jeenalee:request-headers); r=jdm
24b8e98e68d873b5d35f53ab361cd6d411b81acaMs2ger — servo: Merge #14149 - Rewrite some http unit tests with fetch (from servo:fetch-unit-http); r=jdm
5c8b209edbdb8951d0d95f4457e5c880d1fa6875Eric Anholt — servo: Merge #14081 - webgl: out-of-bounds readPixels() fixes (from anholt:webgl-readpix-negative-width); r=emilio
fc7683fdb6615716ab26a80f39ffb4c6cc15306cRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #14049 - Add a generic type for sharing some CSS types (from Wafflespeanut:lon); r=SimonSapin
763f993ca6bf8bc0f62da4ddd647440b77fcd905Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14145 - Update WR - stride support, remove deprecated / unused shaders (from glennw:update-wr-remove-shaders); r=pcwalton
6ac9890a805fc0aa102c25d9faa49106cb45e72fPu Xingyu — servo: Merge #14130 - layout: Mark flex items properly during construction (from stshine:construct-flexbox); r=pcwalton
ea0e2c2cf4a519bfb8b72d625de2872ba84c1e3fMs2ger — servo: Merge #14132 - Derive Debug on devtools_traits types (from servo:debug-devtools); r=jdm
872e122c06bbef67eebbe84994d7379cf6484a3aLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #14143 - Remove the mingw git to fix AppVeyor builds (from larsbergstrom:git_fix_appveyor); r=notriddle
77e4bcc71d7599b8bd8cd451b694f57d1a965a87Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14134 - Fix `./mach clippy` (from frewsxcv:cargo-clippy); r=jdm
6778433efbc0b398ba73c4226b56e12ec28dc0cfMs2ger — servo: Merge #14133 - Log debug messages when devtools is not notified about a HTTP request (from servo:debug-net-devtools); r=nox
6a2cc3e2c234ec24fba8666494d394476cb631d8Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14138 - Pass a borrowed fetch context to fetch() (from servo:fetch-context); r=KiChjang
acfb167e8f788cc5a55c53c88cd4ed210d607e38Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14137 - Implement Debug for Response (from servo:debug-response); r=frewsxcv
98fe2bf20d78f5b3e6a819c2c2e7b44914c95f9aAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14052 - Constellation manages script thread lifetime (from asajeffrey:constellation-manages-script-thread-lifetime); r=jdm
f2bfc5069177d6cb6b2b1f60c3ad5a60ba32a6c9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14131 - Rewrite some http unit tests with fetch (from servo:fetch-unit-http); r=jdm
39c3620d3f9881b4d4dbbcb8f863c5a008da17c0Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #14119 - Address common source of shutdown panics (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=mbrubeck
8cd85a26e26473577ce39e0ec1209b1bd37a6ebfAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #14013 - Script thread with no root document (from asajeffrey:script-thread-no-root-document); r=jdm
5461db6518ee33ddc36c04a1a0a9b0d122fe07fcJeremy Chen — servo: Merge #14125 - #13875 - Implement parsing/serialization for font-size-adjust (from chenpighead:font-size-adjust#13875); r=Manishearth
30cc9f4ec923a5bb7fc43857675aa2c6bf572e47Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #13909 - Webbluetooth Async behaviour (from dati91:promise-queue); r=jdm
e39f28e45f6eccb27a3dd4c4ad2671832803e8bcGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #14122 - Update WR and shaders (initial subpixel AA work) (from glennw:update-wr-subpx); r=emilio
d97c829d771d74129cd09b2e077bd8c91c7a2762Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14129 - Implement HTMLAnchorElement.origin (from nox:anchor-origin); r=SimonSapin
c3f5f9bac23e2ac1aafb66c4faef319729c1eeeePatrick Walton — servo: Merge #14111 - style: Turn the CSS flexible box model on by default (from servo:pcwalton-turn-flexbox-on); r=emilio,jdm
b96bc76b76c90630a73938cb6fcd17276fada9dfXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14121 - Rename media_queries::MediaQueryList to MediaList (from upsuper:medialist); r=Wafflespeanut
1dc43f2bae39c8ffdd42423644395fac75425a2fMs2ger — servo: Merge #14106 - Deindent some of the code in http_network_fetch (from servo:deindent-http-network-fetch); r=nox
33cc8ed60a232e003e907177e6ee0b17e8739bc2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14114 - Start using fetch for the HTTP unit tests (from servo:fetch-unit-http); r=jdm
3b3d58bd2c8574b93091a4952f01ba7ec8b55032Michael Howell — servo: Merge #14100 - Define "display list" (from servo:display_list_glossary); r=emilio
0fced87fe853f062df4c13f3c928c234255fce0eMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #14084 - Don't promote all scrollable regions to stacking contexts (from mrobinson:scroll_root_2); r=glennw
3defb62e98c2ae9e6fb70fec1995882dd2fb1aefBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14034 - incremental restyle: Use more concrete types in the style system (from bholley:more_concrete_types); r=emilio
1a45b7787ad825bc5b895d835b3ca90aba271b88Eddy Bruel — servo: Merge #14110 - Replace rust-websocket with ws-rs in the debugger server (from servo:ejpbruel-ws); r=metajack
bf3d35dd2a8ff35321be71853dd9a74121ca9083Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14105 - Stop unnecessarily wrapping the response argument to http_redirect_fetch in Rc (from servo:rm-rc); r=nox
ce312a7532165b984d88c12e29b466a99123a10eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #14099 - canvas: Cleanup CanvasData and layout and script messages (from emilio:canvas-data); r=nox
bd248d0160f1e5f77abe116d004f0aa7efea20a6zakorgyula — servo: Merge #13918 - WebBluetooth fixes for the wpt tests (from szeged:wpt-error-fixes); r=jdm
212737747389e0c7359182724edd02b3c5809987Yuki Izumi — servo: Merge #14092 - Sort check on JSON (from kivikakk:sort-check); r=Wafflespeanut
7bf83aa43a825e1dc4bcc8e3f4731bab6ab3f2afgurudarshan266 — servo: Merge #14059 - Network Security : Implement StrictOrigin and StrictOriginWhenCrossOr… (from mrnayak:refPolicy); r=nox
bbb0c815f4132fdaa2aaafdf95a55337ee959ef2Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #13740 - Migrated -Z trace-layout to serde_json (from shinglyu:layout_serde); r=jdm
977d4aab5053926f2ae5aa0b5fb5e3f5f4427ff0Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #13930 - Use headless rendering for performance test (from shinglyu:perf-llvmpipe); r=aneeshusa
82c014e4573ddb35efe074b6e4a9a0b1cc6bf6d4Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #14089 - Make use of Servo-specific ToCss everywhere! (from Wafflespeanut:tocss); r=SimonSapin
77290a21f02ad2afb153cb808ce2ec39ebf0b563Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14102 - Update core-graphics (from glennw:update-cg); r=KiChjang
8cde11c50a033b36aa3e0644e2d651c72454510dCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #14097 - Add more event names to atom list; use more `atom` macros (from frewsxcv:hella-atoms); r=jdm
26b1a818648321d2536f4e20bcdcc59e02d07d96Michael Kohler — servo: Merge #14087 - Remove CollectMemoryReports from compositor (fixes #13735) (from MichaelKohler:issue13735); r=jdm
c94ec644752962c842980578b2439b6760981dedMeet Mangukiya — servo: Merge #14090 - Grammatically correct the statement of bluetooth directory (from meetmangukiya:patch-1); r=emilio
1ec6d1349ea985b0cf6308b15b7b5d15ca9320dbNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13989 - Implement border-image-* longhands in stylo (from canaltinova:border-image); r=Manishearth
c4d1732508ad9d9aae86b08eeec861ff30da0130Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14063 - Privatize most of the net crate (from servo:privatize-net); r=nox
fa50ad9d469e76b2e11dde6262db0e48abee3b88Yuki Izumi — servo: Merge #14077 - Refactor style lengths per #13584 (from kivikakk:refactor-style-lengths); r=emilio
ca5e3afb82f0750dd063a323dddf5835237b4936Rohit Burra — servo: Merge #14025 - Add --with-debug-assertions flag for Mach (from iamrohit7:debug-assertions); r=Wafflespeanut
4735595b793d2703bd7ed471b844f71a64e4342eJake Goldsborough — servo: Merge #14066 - remove extra clones from dom event script (from ducks:remove-extra-clones-14062); r=frewsxcv
1fc92d21d0c88dfe22de7538e518a0e38012c852Stefan Schindler — servo: Merge #14082 - Remove unneeded #allow(unsafe_code) (from dns2utf8:cleanup_14065); r=jdm
0b8530a54cdcb45dcf559764c1307b49c60aebd5Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13202 - Rule tree, v1 (from emilio:rule-tree); r=SimonSapin,Manishearth,emilio
295d2465b0c3696e52058e742a9dad18b9b8e6dbMs2ger — servo: Merge #14060 - Remove the direct azure dependencies from gfx, layout and layout_thread (from servo:gfx-azure); r=nox
a0c95e6533472dd76d72bbad840798d13daddd08Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14074 - Manually copy across a shader fix from WR (from glennw:shader-hot-fix); r=pcwalton
6465286743cc7627df70b73c0de0a3a403f1c5eaMichael Howell — servo: Merge #14053 - Make `FlowRef` a newtype (from notriddle:flow_ref_unsafe); r=pcwalton
1b1d50797bdaf185c87fb55634bef0661dc54a48Maciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #14047 - fix getElementsByTagName() (from mskrzypkows:getElementsByTagName); r=nox
1afd4b3393c97d7311945e9cbdb216987e9eac5bSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #14054 - Fix unreachable_code warning (from servo:unreachable_code); r=SimonSapin
44661663a5b516d0df0b5743091b1ed1ff72bb25zakorgyula — servo: Merge #13612 - WebBluetooth Test API and tests (from szeged:test-api-impl); r=jdm
bfa7813a15bc0826309ae3caaa0ffb404995dc36Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14036 - A couple improvements to `EventTarget` event firing (from frewsxcv:event); r=nox
e0fab51018c63d449548ca311ca902e6ac06c7adMs2ger — servo: Merge #13816 - Move some types out of msg (from servo:msg-crate); r=nox
64f5dd1a975fed184993b31147580fa063253b76Jake Goldsborough — servo: Merge #14058 - moving datetimestamping responsibilities from mach package (from ducks:make-upload-nightly-put-datetimes-12128); r=Wafflespeanut
c6b15f29c49e8e00a881fdc2a6a8396bd4069750Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14057 - Update WR, add some key mappings, bind Ctrl-F12 to WR profiler (from glennw:update-wr-keys); r=metajack
73a1282fe6dffae2b191d3a90b06be3f16d5e9dbJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #14045 - Skip dependencyci checks for known deprecated modules (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=larsbergstrom
280a76772665aef28e8db670589f82198fa23b0bXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14038 - Add support for stylo (from upsuper:bug1294299); r=heycam
614acc40ac6df4b83b7a1b9f75c8d16731588c01Olaf Buddenhagen — servo: Merge #14048 - layout/context: Wrap `image_cache_thread` in a `Mutex<>` as well (from antrik:nosync-ipc_sender); r=mbrubeck
8f80645db32d76aed359ca297a38b2ba0ffb0accMs2ger — servo: Merge #14046 - Add a missing newline (from servo:ws-callback); r=jdm
ca98a1cf0f3eadd2de0537dea6d9f6318fb17226Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13646 - Script lookup iframes by frameid (from asajeffrey:script-lookup-iframes-by-frameid); r=ConnorGBrewster
5ff5c620a8f157076ef145fd4e4950def19ec7f2Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #14027 - Remove unnecessary `Box` around `HTMLCollectionElementsIter::node_iter` (from frewsxcv:htmlcollection-iter-refactor); r=emilio
0023bde7004aab68a91d0cfa873d25c2b100f5faMs2ger — servo: Merge #14044 - Split the bluetooth code out from the net crates (from servo:bluetooth); r=emilio
53326691fc825c18fb324fd1a8220983372711bdAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13965 - Check that an iframe is in a document with a browsing context before processing src (from asajeffrey:script-iframe-check-document-browsing-context); r=Ms2ger
c21c9d37ad73bc3a7ffae2e6ebad99504fa61d7dMs2ger — servo: Merge #14042 - Rewrite the data_loader test with fetch (from servo:fetch-unit-data); r=nox
b402cc58a975f6124da29bc5bd9a5ec55a677bd8Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #14043 - Update to string-cache 0.3 (from servo:string-cache-up); r=nox
baf718fdb7a9d29eb3cb66ae7cd9be3e5d253558Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #14041 - Regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update-3); r=emilio
e72716e9f46287328c601d5d07331bb623286aaeAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13813 - Update html5ever to 0.8 (from nox:h5e); r=SimonSapin
d1e896c7c0a5b5e1af1d1d1d20642914730389b7Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14040 - Remove last use of custom derive plugin (from nox:custom-derive); r=Ms2ger
bb4f4088aee670ade83ca1303eb460d530b6ccb7Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #14028 - Update Rust to 1.14.0-nightly (7c69b0d5a 2016-11-01) (from servo:rustup); r=nox,SimonSapin
fc0922331f740a634c0d1ea7fc3d36d52763139aGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #14015 - Update webrender, rust-freetype, servo-freetype-sys (from glennw:update-ft-rft-wr); r=larsbergstrom
b19b2b0f0253f7d7aef5a3616681baed4e7bda9fShing Lyu — servo: Merge #13829 - Layout viewer fixes (from shinglyu:layout_viewer); r=mbrubeck
52f8204eba56d1d131a63b43799880890406d878Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #13453 - Implement matchMedia and MediaQueryList (from metajack:media-query-list); r=jdm
95dbf80ffecd90f5b67575d0d028376722e0c3c1Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #14020 - Fold some DisplayList methods into DisplayListBuildState (from mrobinson:scroll_root_prep); r=pcwalton
b603cad6140f8ca51d36cdf429e795e78254ab2cRohit Burra — servo: Merge #14017 - Parsing/Serialization for scroll-snap-points-* (from iamrohit7:scroll-snap-points); r=Manishearth
0d0319546f11018dd82053e21d4e3b086e7407f9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13961 - Move remaining users of the legacy networking stack to fetch (from servo:sync-fetch); r=jdm
f88eb2f5afad349cf14dbde9884fb56c06a0cb96Ms2ger — servo: Merge #14021 - Remove the unused dependency on azure from gfx_traits (from servo:gfx-traits-azure); r=jdm
45b8ced7f78a17b546c84d319127c5fe23a14b5dMs2ger — servo: Merge #14022 - Update js (from servo:update-js); r=jdm
8d42fd87daadc0d555851bc7853105f346ffdfb9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13742 - Use the fetch stack for documents (from servo:fetch-documents); r=jdm
721a83e481bffd8ca768e5e596be4e6b20ef5920Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #14008 - Make style::context use parking_lot::RwLock (from upsuper:rwlock); r=SimonSapin
4b08d0f79c9966d12a9789bb6ff10e7904adfc67Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13797 - Implement AtomicRef{,Mut}::map (from bholley:atomic_refcell_map); r=SimonSapin
7ff58422c400f2e696ff8dabe33b915057049d0eBobby Holley — servo: Merge #14010 - incremental restyle: Centralize pre-styling setup, eliminate RestyleResult, and drop data for display:none subtrees (from bholley:element_data_management); r=emilio
eda9c16cd1fe124e430ab2c33ed342230e6e6bb1Rohit Burra — servo: Merge #13986 - Make test-tidy check for alphabetical ordering of #![feature(...)] statements (from iamrohit7:tidy-feature-attrs); r=Wafflespeanut
e4edb0ac61992d9e207f9b32b107ed15bfb71070Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #14007 - Update WR - fixes for local clip rect + 3d transformed content (from glennw:update-wr-3d-text); r=pcwalton
393f1d3fd5233494255b55d981607e84427f4d96Mateusz 'Haggus' Mrowiec — servo: Merge #14006 - Removed incorrectly exposed webidl interfaces (from Haggus:master); r=jdm
5ab0fd2dd6822efd47bf67a4d42ef27e6ecf0dfdMs2ger — servo: Merge #14004 - Various gfx cleanup (from servo:gfx); r=glennw
3e93d75d067a3c186be310cdd7e817df7663b453Nikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #13729 - Implemented FileReader::readAsArrayBuffer (from cynicaldevil:readAsArrayBuffer); r=Ms2ger
249114e9953e17f9bf1d159574417a969cc190ffDaan Sprenkels — servo: Merge #13988 - test-tidy: Check for space between function name and `(` (from dsprenkels:tidy-fncalls); r=Wafflespeanut
bbfeca8d809dcb8728492099fa19dc4ff8729a1dPatrick Trottier — servo: Merge #13419 - ServiceWorkerContainer::Promise (from Coder206:swPromise); r=jdm
8fde7c9d3c44486f8f3f78bdb8a1402638c10104Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13999 - Reinstate the wpt lint checking (from servo:tidy-wpt); r=Wafflespeanut
80a51c58c3650b50cd23fd7725fc234686a79dc7Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13966 - Tidying up constellation (from asajeffrey:constellation-tidy-up-again); r=ConnorGBrewster
46cb986ae0d612366c4a4be41d4613517d86c4aeTakanori Ishibashi — servo: Merge #14001 - Fix typo recieve -> receive (from 11Takanori:recieve-typo-fix); r=Ms2ger
777f5c81549e9f7ff80d370b33e80358fcd21c6fGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13990 - Update WR - text + 3d transform fix, android build fix, documentation (from glennw:update-wr-text-fix); r=Manishearth
39c7817824a6f16997c4dd6ca4ccd30af90134d4Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13991 - Regenerate bindings for mozilla-central rev e3279760cd977aac30bd9e8032d3ee71f55d2a67 (from bholley:regen_bindings); r=emilio
707064d4a4abef1616ed2c3aa135d930b9aa6868Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13957 - Track overflow:scroll stacking contexts with ScrollRootId instead of StackingContextId (from mrobinson:scroll_root); r=glennw
80e58da3350c188381eb1e9ea3739d5613c89e98Martin Naumann — servo: Merge #13886 - Adds parsing test for linear-gradient (from AVGP:13837-linear-gradient-tests); r=canaltinova
6246f61ca7bc3e6c00d1ff82080c14ee435b2471Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13983 - glutin: Close the window if the event stream is closed (from emilio:event); r=notriddle
50d7ea9b555efa895035d5acf15bf6ba595a3a68Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13974 - Stop passing now-unrecognized --no-type-renaming to rust-bindgen (from heycam:rm-bindgen-option); r=emilio
ca4eba73915fb8e59308317ff816536832bd073cFabrice Desré — servo: Merge #13935 - Switch glutin to use the version of osmesa-sys to remove a duplicate (from fabricedesre:duplicate-osmesa-sys); r=emilio
5e824991d68bc7a69b9213df90c2386af1aefb65Ting-Yu Lin — servo: Merge #13908 - Use enum BorderWidth as SpecifiedValue (from aethanyc:add-border-width-keyword); r=emilio
4e3e9401e49c29b16ac71b5df551252c2c2d49ecBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13956 - incremental restyle: Hoist most styling functionality from TNode to TElement (from bholley:more_telement); r=emilio
12bcf1890a748124ea633ca8706c6cd973204527Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13959 - Remove some unused gfx code (from servo:dead-gfx); r=nox
ada09f0c0ebd0997e6186048a445ac75abf1c283Mateusz 'Haggus' Mrowiec — servo: Merge #13978 - Implement column-fill (from Haggus:master); r=emilio
e6d6c6308d2207d1e2683d05f7dd6ef750120fe96br — servo: Merge #10942 - Rename to (from 6br:rename_check_no_panic); r=aneeshusa
9fa475f42bce1932727832e624a775cd06a0b678Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #13968 - Remove steps for unused linux-dev-yaml test builder (from aneeshusa:remove-steps-for-yaml-test-builders); r=larsbergstrom
f831ec1b5bfc7d5af63bdb59697f28aaa5cd2f3bMátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13967 - Update gleam to 0.2.24 (from mmatyas:gleam_update); r=larsbergstrom
eea97bd1dfb23813c04efc9e33ce5a413a15cc35Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13945 - Update the Android build system (from mmatyas:android_libcpp_change); r=larsbergstrom,aneeshusa
757a8ecaa3c845cab0707dae7ce8266f12181fd3Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13946 - Update `etc/ci/` (from mmatyas:android_dyncheck); r=larsbergstrom
8dc27904cbe0ee7630a78242c81898d6ae2a6b66Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13951 - incremental restyle: Hoist more stuff to Element (from bholley:more_element); r=emilio
8e5b02086e8439c897243fd18ddca796aa9bd9f6Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #13558 - Fix path to browserhtml in Linux (from; r=shinglyu
42e4816cbb2f9cf71aab630266e9fe5aa1d2501aWill Tange — servo: Merge #13950 - Implement parsing for font-language-override property (from bheart:parse-font-language-override-property); r=emilio
d6065020be6571e238bf44f2f25729dc4e03d87aSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #13960 - Update to selectors 0.14 (from servo:selectorsup); r=nox
ba5f6d8d28c4e3989c4448b88c38f04174d72d0aCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13786 - support url() values in background-image, mask-image and list-style-image in stylo (from heycam:background-image); r=Manishearth
09d595921a298d45cca9c2b3256ebfd7cb76c13bRohit Burra — servo: Merge #13937 - Implements parser/serialization for font-synthesis (from iamrohit7:font-synthesis); r=emilio
105cb99de7a81db4f287aae43efaa86fd93755c6Jason Estibeiro — servo: Merge #13958 - Minor grammatical corrections in docs (from JRodDynamite:master); r=KiChjang
5715901eb610b1886795e567c9320bb8e36a415cShing Lyu — servo: Merge #13955 - Don't check untracked file in tidy (from shinglyu:tidy-untrack); r=Wafflespeanut
b57e3657949c211e6c840f58a997d501f89d393aEric Anholt — servo: Merge #13872 - webgl: Add basic support for framebuffer attachments (from anholt:webgl-fbo); r=emilio
0134fc513d67e35bef8b99dd97515d42de518807Jesse Kipp — servo: Merge #13914 - 13894 Use graphenes in text-emphasis-style (from TooManyBees:13894-use-graphemes); r=emilio
5ea10ac3ed01a140e7e14988476563e5848de9ffAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13949 - Update Rust to 1.14.0-nightly (c59cb71d9 2016-10-26) (from nox:rustup); r=larsbergstrom
6a85e89e3513d2a80299aeb27c15e00107095f29Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13934 - Only traverse elements from style (from bholley:skip_text_nodes); r=emilio
006c63b2753745eb0ad483e75c2d9439c1dd510arwakulszowa — servo: Merge #13910 - Font feature settings (from rwakulszowa:font-feature-settings); r=emilio
600f956c56fd0b0149ad5c3f8c366d9bd7abbd33Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13870 - layout: Rewrite anonymous table code, simplify and fix table intrinsic width calculation, and improve safety of flexbox code (from pcwalton:anonymous-table-rewrite); r=mbrubeck
9940ba91d2fce6386d64af4e7a732ba55a6b0a5fPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13926 - script: Fix issues relating to <iframe frameborder> (from pcwalton:iframe-frameborder); r=emilio
2aac873dfb31a91abb23b50cc66710dd69e77c1aPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13923 - layout: Remove margins from inline absolute hypothetical boxes (from pcwalton:inline-absolute-hypothetical-margin); r=SimonSapin
86e6ad90db5558310ed7c7b03cb954202a89dc81Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13913 - incremental restyle: Introduce StylingMode and deprecate explicit dirtiness (from bholley:styling_mode); r=emilio
c6aa23dda265e80a79979cafd8fe0bb98fbf101dRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #13902 - Prefer auto-generation for some keyword props (from Wafflespeanut:keyword); r=emilio
93271bea02075acf5fda2c65cf8d6c576fa3de69Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13927 - Update WR - texture layers, image mask, profiler, optimizations (from glennw:update-wr-texture-layers); r=emilio
64217c7021189925af31e374180eae11cc61ce0cMathieu Rheaume — servo: Merge #13912 - Remove URL.domainToASCII and URL.domainToUnicode (from ddrmanxbxfr:remove-deprecated-url-methods); r=Ms2ger
5ed2daa3a21bf5f64ec24391fd494cb1a34978f5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13836 - Update mozjs_sys to expose proper locale callbacks (from emilio:js-intl); r=Ms2ger
439ec761ec2ba71557bfd117fb83cbe0819f33e5Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13911 - Use nsACString to pass string params for bindings (from upsuper:bug1312338); r=Manishearth
67100d3f6bc1061f02e04ac441820448c4715ae3Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13900 - Update WR - includes a number of optimizations, bsd build fixes, tidy ups (from glennw:update-wr-more-opts); r=pcwalton
dfb12f90e33d836bdce02ca81c9c03f12986b31aXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13904 - Move RawGecko{Node,Element,Document} to bindings (from upsuper:bug1311598); r=heycam
4fd04c23b6cd2ce93b19d100a836f10a98c5a57dCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #13818 - Implement `selectedIndex` property on `<select>` (from frewsxcv:selected-index); r=KiChjang
cb60dede61ea0e69b9c9e9e9d3c17c9ee6e2c1e6Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13907 - Update libfontconfig to 4.0.2 (from mmatyas:update_libfontconfig); r=Ms2ger
aa6a9370db2a719187924a5a2a2366ad0cdea23fMátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13906 - Update fontsan (from mmatyas:update_fontsan); r=nox
91e8edaae3c53ec53ae5b9553fc9a56ec523b208Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13905 - Update heartbeats-simple-sys to v0.3.2 (from mmatyas:update_heartbeats); r=Ms2ger
a78d9ea96166158cd703812ea9295cd4c955eea9Eric Anholt — servo: Merge #13898 - webgl: texture size validation fixes (from anholt:webgl-texture-fixes); r=emilio
6bc685a3f0340c866f34d943f5696e24c6612b6eMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #13873 - Remove stacking context nesting from WebRender display construction (from mrobinson:remove-nesting); r=glennw
d0ddea7af17411e84f8b9a44ed449adc787b7aeeXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13889 - Use str for bindgen output directly (from upsuper:regen-output); r=emilio
aa57bae4715bbf35f51b6e2a64126a1db711e19dScott Trinh — servo: Merge #13897 - Partial fix for #12415: DOM interfaces (from scotttrinh:dom-webidl); r=jdm
c9b78d30a607becab058a376b0a1b1224aeb4426Atte Lautanala — servo: Merge #13895 - Implement Step 1 of Response API Clone Method (from lautat:dom-response-clone-step-1); r=KiChjang
58c2650fd3c0e0c11a242b0f8a6dcea644311904Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13860 - Implement parsing/serialization and gecko glue for text-emphasis-style (from canaltinova:text-emphasis-style); r=Manishearth,emilio
e9ff695e2b826d3bb378c20263a1b4590c538ff4Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #13882 - Make Response's `Clone()` method to clone headers (from jeenalee:response-clone); r=jdm
bb02254c0f1c97ae623f6a209ca918e360f8f39bMs2ger — servo: Merge #13891 - Move WindowSizeType to script_traits (from servo:msg-min); r=nox
cdd743176cf61f6375301dbb76dd331e34e4f80aRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #13890 - Auto-generate some glue (from Wafflespeanut:glue); r=Manishearth
95c3397bde26071da73726ed3ccd6c1199df5c3eBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13863 - stylo: Rearrange some data structures in preparation for the new incremental restyle algorithm (from bholley:shuffle_data_structures); r=emilio
a41f256faace00f5a0ecbbcba65999280b1d177aMs2ger — servo: Merge #13880 - Move Image and PixelFormat to net_traits (from servo:msg-min); r=nox
909df90f1caddc4b922b05937f369939ac7ba804Jesse Kipp — servo: Merge #13784 - Issue 13363 - Step 1.2 of compiling event handler (from TooManyBees:13363-check-script-enabled); r=Ms2ger
66dea736a35d7870cd314b460e9e140d1919a8a4Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13878 - Move LoadData to script_traits (from servo:msg-min); r=nox
121c429a753fc41eed792d85c7c2106c1fc0ce01Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13848 - Remove concept of Layers from Servo (from mrobinson:remove-layers); r=glennw
f778d6fee54c191e640717baf5780c30d3a61849Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13762 - Implement "reset algorithm" for `<select>` (from frewsxcv:select-reset); r=Manishearth
9c4be769929f0aaff7bc25b1c1c74e0676dbf31bBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13866 - Stop ticking animations on non-dirty nodes during traversal (from bholley:expire_animations); r=emilio
c57538159933d9eb1840437dfa9c9860220dd805Imanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #13840 - WebGL support on Windows (from MortimerGoro:webrender_dispatcher); r=emilio
77625bdc018486f929269c1375f39e34a06648ffMátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13857 - Update libc to 0.2.17 (from mmatyas:libc_update); r=larsbergstrom
b0adfe3261075881114edbf184a4b828993a50f0Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13856 - Remove `android_start!` (from mmatyas:fix_android_start); r=larsbergstrom
fc4e3466876eca41701048173364d06234ffb511Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13843 - Update WR, and copy new shaders (from glennw:update-wr-shaders); r=pcwalton
4e408d9347661981ee1d52ae0939e036deffae55Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13855 - Fix missing `backtrace` build error on Android (from mmatyas:fix_android_backtrace); r=larsbergstrom
086dab4e24a695649101f917a948ea8c5007ee28Dirkjan Ochtman — servo: Merge #13831 - Remove util::ipc module (fixes #12312) (from servo:rm-util-ipc); r=Wafflespeanut
eb02e99bbd413cd81f649e8125448f87f0e6b7daBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13841 - Simplify TNode a bit, removing has_changed from style (from bholley:has_changed); r=emilio
0aabb9842849490bc546828cd8d7d9810caaa1a0Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13839 - Add RwLock in more Arc’d things in stylesheets (from servo:locked-style); r=mbrubeck
d91ddee0338e742965b7091f2420028f15d490a0Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #13795 - Implement CSS filter for Stylo (from shinglyu:stylo-filter); r=Manishearth
76f93beb4137906ccc9c4b176da38995b2128519Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13854 - Avoid some unnecessary clones when handling cookies (from servo:cookie-url-clones); r=nox
a1d2b144b3d2343ad002560bd7cc1771010ee22aCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13851 - Regenerate bindings (fixes #13847) (from heycam:bindings-bitfield); r=Manishearth
0cb77725bc02e10f3d7eef82ea810a0653613d0aXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13834 - Unprefix text-align-last for geckolib (from upsuper:unprefix-text-align-last); r=emilio
712e67e5eed2a211a5d23e9b377cb35d30aa23acMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #13820 - Remove the concept of nested stacking contexts from display list builder (from mrobinson:remove-nesting); r=glennw
7d3de926fd36978070bad312a41e35676c6a95feJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #13827 - Support taking screenshots when a webdriver server is active (from jdm:screenshot); r=Ms2ger
58a6a33410cc52431c7edceec4ec1643da63f516Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13833 - Update (from heycam:bindings-update-2); r=Manishearth
eb5c520c837e167d2fbc82f2a3437dde5d28cdb8Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13804 - Fix radial gradient's <size>/<ending-shape> parsing (from canaltinova:gradient-parsing); r=Manishearth
771b252aa331c383bea7b2c8cd8663b30d3d3c44Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13812 - Regenerate bindings (from heycam:bindings-update); r=Manishearth
6f1f02828cd79d1a7ef54e3df6903adf8788ec21Yuki Izumi — servo: Merge #13815 - README: OpenSSL steps on macOS are for 10.11+ (from kivikakk:patch-1); r=jdm
850701f3723f84b62589815a90bad05714d01aa2Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13814 - Fix style unit tests, move parse_longhand macro to parse tests module (from Manishearth:move-macro); r=emilio
300a352298dba9bcf58c1fb46696bb486e003ec5Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #13614 - Upgrade wptrunner (from jdm:wptrunnerup3); r=Ms2ger
d808994073ec0b8f962400d5a1ebff6bf280f0fcMs2ger — servo: Merge #13811 - Remove unused DisplayItem::LayeredItem (from servo:LayeredItem); r=mrobinson
da6fdd415075a14df20389bfcc9710ed24037a6aMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #13810 - Remove Class from DisplayItem enum names (from mrobinson:names); r=Ms2ger
aa910509fa7ac92d6be502d61a711f2dc9fca8a9Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13809 - Servo side change for bug 1309868 and bug 1309109 (from upsuper:bug1309868-bug1309109); r=heycam
685dfe58df3dd2e2e43d7013be9af89981d64852Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13808 - Update webrender to get clip_shared changes (from glennw:update-wr-clip); r=jdm
2c5e94db60df33c1453b52ecb7eb060021d10282Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13711 - Remove old rendering backend (from glennw:remove-old-renderer); r=larsbergstrom
e5f3601ef06d292cdaa4e2f9bc5ab0e56e5f66a9Scott Trinh — servo: Merge #13803 - Partial fix for 12415 (from scotttrinh:bluetooth-webidl); r=jdm
7658bc87c106db522daee79be4f8ac9765f00160Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13624 - Update osmesa-src to get build fix for old ubuntu machines (from glennw:update-osmesa); r=larsbergstrom
2fe69716030587d656b090878d72d2bc3704a7c4Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13801 - Bump html5ever to 0.5.5 (from nox:h5e); r=jdm
3a43d0ab7fc851bfc7f9babaa7734aad5121fdefShing Lyu — servo: Merge #13432 - Restore the layout trace viewer (from shinglyu:layout_viewer_clean); r=mbrubeck
6a6f046dfa06bfa502ebca87648a31ca7b20c8d1Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13798 - Implement ./mach test-unit --bench (from bholley:mach_bench); r=Wafflespeanut
09a6a664cfca530d287186b32f29c9621b5f4de7Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13783 - Implement `value` property on `<select>` (from frewsxcv:select-value); r=nox
9fc532b90e66f4ff62450f49ba05046f27840257Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13793 - Make use statements in neater (from heycam:cleanup-2); r=Manishearth
167fa855d4debb6ec3ca42bbbe594f34111abdc4Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13792 - Make some lists in neater (from heycam:cleanup); r=emilio
54904a139f02ed8c9fcd518922f5628f87419e26Lucas Lois — servo: Merge #13787 - Removed incorrectly exposed webidl interfaces (from lucasloisp:fix-12415/htmll-htmlo); r=emilio
8307504f0b248d2f1b8910ad6900c1aa109b9f2eGregory — servo: Merge #13785 - switch to using DOMRefCell<VeqDeque<String>> for ServoParser::pending… (from gterzian:use_veqdequeu_in_servoparser); r=nox
d19bd950a1b219dc49ed961cd527a796fc4215a0Scott Trinh — servo: Merge #13747 - Partial fix for #12415: expose Canvas interfaces (from scotttrinh:canvas-webidl); r=Ms2ger
5f2080b8e62c09de111bdf1052b57f7879f30758Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13715 - Factor out a UrlOrNone type for -moz-binding and list-style-image to use (from heycam:url-or-none); r=Manishearth
ac728f8b97ca6f1d1afec41f10f7e5c138cce393Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13756 - layout: Rewrite clipping to be a two-phase process that takes physical border box positions and transforms into account (from pcwalton:relative-position-clip); r=notriddle
fae9a347734a2c005d60ab0b4ee7c7c7564a8c94Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13765 - layout: Make percentages in `top` and `bottom` for relative positions relative to height, not width (from pcwalton:relative-position-vertical-percentage); r=emilio
a0f7690bb1bdf9acec15f4d7032ae2478c586d73Rafael Gomes Dantas — servo: Merge #13703 - Replacing Node.rootNode for Node.getRootNode (from Rafagd:my_changes); r=Ms2ger
ee789bf43dda98c80067f2b3f23e757ec5f796a9Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13772 - Update rust-stable-version to 1.12 (from bholley:version_bump); r=SimonSapin
66c2c2c16ad9269341522579dc8bfd145a92b2a8Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13759 - Implement OwningHandle in style (from bholley:owning_handle); r=SimonSapin
b1a91e2daf1e2b591e45b0931083619c89571bb1Joe Walker — servo: Merge #13751 - Add support for 'font-kerning' in geckolib (from joewalker:font-kerning); r=Manishearth
350d67df366c4180e0da0b36a46de916f1c331a1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13750 - Implement blob url support in the fetch stack (from servo:fetch-blob); r=Manishearth
457acab67c538e26954297b5a127a6a9a5571d9bManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13754 - Add sugar for RefPtr<T>; use for `quotes` property (from Manishearth:refptr); r=emilio,mystor
9ae3571ea622c029bc3a875fbfe8ff9fc46e6850Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13738 - layout: Don't try to vertically align absolutely positioned children of table rows (from pcwalton:table-vertical-align-absolute); r=mbrubeck
233fd3bda074b3e7ce5c30bd094f910c71aed801Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13682 - Integrate stacking contexts into the display list (from mrobinson:push_pop); r=pcwalton
cee68a736bee18ace452d738e190d3cb266b149dFlorian Hartwig — servo: Merge #13755 - Invert conditional and return early from report_pending_exception (from fhartwig:early-return); r=KiChjang
4bbf1703b45d659168eea4241a7eed8d905a9ce6Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #13727 - Fix unused feature warning in build-cef (from mbrubeck:warnings); r=Manishearth
9abe3cef42cd493ae4f02408ca113f8cf01ac4cbPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13737 - resources: Avoid using `:matches` in `presentational-hints.css`, since we don't support it (from pcwalton:expand-matches); r=emilio
77af6523dfdf6565c251384e2235c4ef0c61c51aPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13732 - layout: Use the margin box for vertical positioning of `inline-block` fragments if `overflow` is not `visible` per CSS 2.1 § 10.8.1 (from pcwalton:inline-block-vertical-align-overflow); r=notriddle
681c661b7aac4bbe0682df9d992e0e5b771d230dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13743 - servo: Update glutin to pick the wayland disabling (from emilio:wayland-not-yet); r=larsbergstrom
ee7c311f415008dce6cf0e1153f4cf0f832c7481Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13741 - Remove some unused support for the legacy network stack in script (from servo:fetch-doc-unused); r=Manishearth
8b204978e3e7a5aec48d2c532a399a4074fd7487Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13739 - Make make_enumerated_getter prettier again (from frewsxcv:pretty-enumerated); r=jdm
39c3fc1dcd0f25d3b13cafa7f8a5870f70a3596cJeena Lee — servo: Merge #13733 - Fix Request's Headers to be cloned correctly (from jeenalee:request-clone); r=jdm
3270b6fe6ad91f5edfc1d4d2691a0a5e95094238Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13728 - Setting a devtools timeline marker may fail, due to pipeline lookup failure (from asajeffrey:devtools-set-timeline-marker-may-fail); r=fitzgen
085c36cd4da4e86ad9c3bfe66c141f805216baf9Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13722 - Remove test-geckolib, run test-stylo on travis (from Manishearth:test-stylo); r=jdm
1772a7cd220095aa288f5093d93b07343fb087e1Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13723 - Regen bindings, warning fix (from Manishearth:resync); r=bholley
7667b6c1480a4931f424b982fa767360090c6bdeNamSoo Cho — servo: Merge #13724 - font_variant_position (from NamsooCho:font_variant_position); r=Manishearth
9c339f7972bad5b87662d79c3612ec644c142cd4Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13720 - Add release test-stylo to buildbot steps, (from Manishearth:resync-yml); r=aneeshusa
aa53d9352196e3d283c910edb06cbd430b9a419aPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13705 - layout: Don't touch the inline positions of block children unless they are to be reflowed (from pcwalton:incremental-float); r=notriddle
442b914ad2ee1234e5886f2e58d3c68bb8b54417Aniruddh Agarwal — servo: Merge #13698 - Implement -moz-text-align-last property (from awesomeaniruddh:implement-moz-text-align-last); r=Wafflespeanut
69036a52f7c22bd95d219bb2024cf3b32582535cSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #13640 - Move some of the CSSStyleDeclaration logic to the style crate (from servo:CSSStyleDeclaration_in_style); r=mbrubeck
d8c150f8f5b79ccca41879f99653bc6a017eb1c3Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13697 - Fix missing `c_void` error when building for Android (from mmatyas:android_cvoid); r=emilio
9c34e769e74cf5bccd891a66c3e808ab09dea16fMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #13706 - Update all ports to serde 0.8.11 (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=nox
511bda89a8c6d37fba82d928494c7f22992d9c92Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13694 - Introduce AnimationValue to manage animated properties in Gecko (from emilio:style-animation); r=Manishearth,birtles
1feb891f8bdb0006a6024dd831ac7fe8fc277ad7Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13701 - Vendor nsstring bindings, use for text-overflow (from Manishearth:nsstring); r=emilio,mystor
5da68ed525b14644e70dd41618bce5b2510fff01Scott Trinh — servo: Merge #13493 - Partial fix for #12415: expose WebGL interfaces (from scotttrinh:webgl-idl); r=jdm
0a3f272cd195d0b8b19a8df94d30a36a6b139e6aMs2ger — servo: Merge #13691 - Use mem::replace in take_pseudo_styles (from servo:mem-replace); r=emilio
cd4435e2d8a5ec8acd35431f4ba90f7c16a6799dKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #13056 - Implement transition event and infrastructure (from KiChjang:transition-event); r=mbrubeck
c9bc6b91fbec94a4b33d9c2498ee3b6e65f7c8caCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13692 - Fix return types of Owned<T>::into_box Gecko sugar types (from heycam:into-box); r=Manishearth
20d58356323629b9b7cd3915842f1979810370dcManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13700 - Run bindings tests with whole crate (from Manishearth:bindgen-testing); r=emilio
d844fcce600ece7386e585fc002ee4ef524a8287Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13696 - Add a custom Debug formatter for ClippingRegion (from mrobinson:clipping_region_print); r=emilio
fb24eb654269199c1954f73d415ebc4420d4743bCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13695 - avoid initializing image layers after repeat/origin values have already been written (from heycam:layer-init); r=Manishearth
a8a707b7b5641596e8bce76e41e39056eb0db86fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13647 - Unify all rooting traits under RootedReference (from nox:rootedreference); r=jdm
b44b1bc74fa0d02675fa54d4a45c1cbba0eb20fePatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13602 - layout: Rewrite Servo's `vertical-align` support to match CSS 2.1 § 10.8, and implement `vertical-align: middle` per CSS 2.1 § 10.8.1 (from pcwalton:vertical-align-middle); r=mbrubeck
f578c95613a1c858456ca268ef078a5a6cf1f7f1Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13693 - Correct the unicode codes used for tree printing (from mrobinson:hexadecimal); r=emilio
752a824583bf9b280c2f301c96cbd08b16818343Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13688 - stylo: Use AtomicRefCell for PerDocumentStyleData (from bholley:styleset_refcell); r=Manishearth
947ebc8b43fc8b3c435e02f41042894e040fafc9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13677 - Use the fetch stack for HTMLMediaElement (from servo:media-fetch); r=Manishearth
1fbb397120eb5a59693f454216c3f915bc93aa36Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13675 - Clean up the parsers into a single interface (from nox:servoparser); r=Ms2ger
5704ec2d788109a0495f0b4f4345dc02d678f4feBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13686 - Fix warnings and make style and geckolib #![deny(warnings)] (from bholley:fix_warnings); r=Manishearth
5890b18db1c9bbcd88579d28eb4a28e1aa65cec4Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13680 - Migrate user agent string to `Cow<'static, str>` (from frewsxcv:user-agent-cow); r=nox
048ebe874ed5698f465a027ca6f7685b21641b06Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13685 - layout: Don't use the existing block position as the float ceiling when placing block formatting contexts in the sequential fallback (from pcwalton:block-formatting-context-fallback-placement); r=notriddle
826a79e4f45c3637ecb3331d097043a5f99a6865Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13656 - Refactor style logic to avoid direct access to the node data during the cascade (from bholley:existing_style); r=emilio
860b1202ced2c81b8571b42e10d3099c3bf638aaCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #13679 - Cleanup logic, remove unnecessary allocations in Request API (from frewsxcv:remove-str-alloc); r=KiChjang
5b431b765a37a97f7dca63a23e3674bd6950dee1Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13678 - Remove unused trait method (from frewsxcv:unused-trait-method); r=KiChjang
f1bc617cf9efa95d606489eabca774937ee314a0Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13627 - Pipeline always stores frame (from asajeffrey:pipeline-always-stores-frame-id); r=ConnorGBrewster
66c3a0daf6c6ff3d2b5d79899905a364a0ca36a1UK992 — servo: Merge #13661 - Warn and exit mach if it detects MinGW Python (from UK992:mingw-python); r=Wafflespeanut
058da893151506587793f4159a4af7b840c41d82Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13676 - Remove usage of deprecated `SipHasher` (from servo:no-siphasher); r=pcwalton
671d3032398a9f25c563bb1f0f00d33b4170b15dManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13674 - Implement column-count in stylo (from Manishearth:column_count); r=emilio
8fe6fbd181136b1db84728edf9ac157913219ea7Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13673 - Don't pref-gate properties in geckolib mode (from Manishearth:no-prefs-geckolib); r=emilio
8e35139479b3afc36d3b86119af5763e828e9170Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13672 - Regen bindings (from Manishearth:regen); r=emilio
2f7150c4d168b1451cbb34e9c60f12596e435749Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13671 - stylo: Fix GeckoNode::is_element implementation (from emilio:flag-madness); r=Manishearth
fd6647ab17c628eadf192298863b3c757476f0f0Eric Anholt — servo: Merge #13665 - webgl: Implement uniformMatrix*fv (from anholt:webgl-uniform-matrix-v); r=emilio
70e1478c97a6c66b32a376274cc68e762ef1531eShubheksha Jalan — servo: Merge #13663 - changed set_value() to set() in (from shubheksha:fix/13657); r=Manishearth
4163c1e12906571b3ec403c4a9056bce5620f775Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13649 - Update to Rust 1.14.0-nightly (19ac57926 2016-10-08) (from servo:rustup); r=larsbergstrom
832eb35a76b87809ec3de334268bfbb05822d8d1Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13660 - Simplify logic for writing to stderr (from frewsxcv:stderr); r=emilio
36ae45b6c9620073e86706d7fd173e3339791981Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13604 - Implement all gradients (from canaltinova:gradient); r=Manishearth
55efee3a60a78bd022e520243196facc811cf683Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13658 - Import NS_FONT_* constants for unlocking some easy issues (from servo:font_consts); r=Manishearth
7163744bebb572cfe235b79cab64561f7b0bbeb7Brian Birtles — servo: Merge #13553 - Support creating StyleAnimationValue objects from Servo (from birtles:animvalues); r=Manishearth
f0e206df7035fb12d6a7e42b053b48be30117998Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13651 - impl GeckoStyleCoordConvertible for Au (from Manishearth:au-togeckostyle); r=emilio
8d7052ff588cc078d089338e6512427cc14d1680Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13305 - WebGL IDL and correctness (from emilio:webgl-idl); r=nox,KiChjang
2646fdcf9f6ff11ca391165ce4f22333b016ee23Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13620 - Test that Servo_* functions have the right signatures (from Manishearth:type-assert); r=emilio
b5a5efd08511ba828d07e3beafc2c56b76f920aaBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13655 - Move children_to_process to layout (from bholley:children_to_process); r=<try>
b15991a67080aa2d83d8de13ca94a730041e1595Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13411 - Migrate mime_classifier top-level string to enum (from frewsxcv:mime); r=jdm
9f8539b6ef3282ed82c7f3552a857084e8f8e291Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13652 - Fix capitalization for enum variants (from frewsxcv:variant-naming); r=jdm
03f6994d31faef1cef7f1c7f8c3b62f22b149fcdGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13633 - Send touch events to root pipeline, and allow forwarding to iframes (from glennw:forward-touch-events); r=mbrubeck
1e6eca61e8778162c64aa436bf8578be963c92fcAlexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #13589 - Support SVG element (from splav:SVGElement#12974); r=pcwalton,Ms2ger
aaafef97c958772ec7260c14a840f7d6a8b8b29dRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #13636 - Add 'image-rendering' support and some cleanup (from Wafflespeanut:properties); r=Manishearth
a235117279ca1918a965b8930553a1e6dc0d2084Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13498 - IFrame elements now manage FrameIds rather than the constellation (from asajeffrey:script-iframe-stores-frameid); r=glennw
8ca9059c239001a27f8fbce456f4e3162b5c019eyoyo930021 — servo: Merge #13637 - Make URLSearchParams iterable (from servo:URLSearchParams); r=emilio
26159920024c30ba18cd7877f9064d52a75d98b5Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13634 - Blind attempt to fix #13626 (from servo:bind-attempt-at-windows-fix); r=Ms2ger
ef26bb81b8d8368a5e01156197cf6f9224b9c0dbAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13596 - Get rid of dom::bindings::global (from nox:inline); r=Ms2ger
1cf764acd99a05d75440bfa73b1a32b12c1cf4eeRafael Gomes Dantas — servo: Merge #13617 - Script-generated tests for Servo_* gecko bindings (from Rafagd:my_changes); r=Manishearth
3f9e07ba14298bba0402092a0df66f4db7934d3fGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13628 - Update webrender (new gpu profiler support) (from glennw:update-wr-profiler); r=pcwalton
d60708e950a6ca377121372766f4554b4e5e994dLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #13623 - Update glutin to pick up Windows CreateWindowExW fix (from larsbergstrom:update_glutin); r=glennw
aab24a744ec598711e3a2a2c86380ce45b3dec55Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #13621 - Instructions for building with the MSVC toolchain (from larsbergstrom:add_msvc_instructions); r=metajack
75eb5e296a1be66179f7f5691828dc136e95700fAneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #13611 - Sync Buildbot steps config from saltfs (from aneeshusa:migrate-steps-from-saltfs); r=Ms2ger
4f06a46d436fa9bce9e18d2e499544c328abbb51Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13610 - Allow simulate_mouse_click to work with webrender (from glennw:sim-mouse-wr); r=mbrubeck
f52c1f8e5ec714dc54a2e23b201c04132f8bcca5Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13224 - Make TopTypeId an untagged union (from nox:union); r=jdm
b6fea7b60f24a9432c917d7880f62e9e5a28a035Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13597 - Provide the fetched data to fetch() consumers (from servo:fetch); r=jdm
c9f2b5e830951cae701ce57cfdeea65d5d03bdacSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #13616 - Move PropertyDeclarationBlock into its own module (from servo:PropertyDeclarationBlock_independence_day); r=Ms2ger
3cce2d176a7fe234364c429b7d9918797a0792b6Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13580 - Removed the session history from BrowsingContext (from asajeffrey:script-browsingcontext-without-session-history); r=ConnorGBrewster.
87fc57c8457def5fa65210f7e957998e14dc5ad6Stephen Lester — servo: Merge #13600 - Invert conditional and return early for AddEventListener/RemoveEventL… (from slester:13586); r=jdm
9bb1e7415bd101835a773421b5a5ae288a06c98fLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #13601 - Ensure that SERVO_ENABLE_DEBUG_ASSERTIONS is also used in build-cef (from larsbergstrom:debug_assertions_cef); r=nox
a66c976d84b35e66dc8b2e12515d8631abc6b32fGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13592 - Update webrender (text run + transforms fix) (from glennw:update-wr-text-runs); r=pcwalton
9b0e2ce46a8754165ac62b12253850e15fdf153bShubheksha Jalan — servo: Merge #13585 - Removed duplicate #![feature(plugin)] (from shubheksha:fix/13581); r=jdm
694be2a7cd68aedd4eb04d3735e1cdd58577e1d9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13577 - Squash some build warnings (from servo:warnings); r=jdm
579eff382d8e4bbcb1e9c62215f95b71554238f4Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13569 - Start simplifying FFI ownership sugar (from Manishearth:simpliffi); r=emilio
ada5a662212fdf157561ebd62719bd96fcfd4f1cManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13556 - Add to_css_single_value for serializing a single PropertyDeclarationBlock (from Manishearth:serialize-one); r=emilio
9496a71108fa2f3d9bdd850f6bf6d4b9a7e76826Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13579 - Remove some documentation that is no longer correct (from servo:old-doc); r=Wafflespeanut
0ca85fbb9fbec6913ba1b13c0a3cebf904e8fc53Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13490 - layout: Place inline absolute hypothetical boxes properly during block fragment position assignment (from pcwalton:inline-absolute-hypothetical-metrics); r=notriddle
eae054eecb93e46a401b838b9b176986078a3fbdGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13567 - Minimal Win32 font platform implementation (from glennw:win-fonts); r=larsbergstrom
f21ba7dc7daba775f909d76ced9f76d23ae64d18Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13575 - Use the fetch stack for stylesheets (from servo:fetch-link); r=jdm
9f3e6bd8327037aee32432ebe81de11593110efbAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13572 - Clean up some global things (from nox:cleanup-global); r=jdm
3bdf9c0c11bf51a9ff0fa4ab993d27953530a093Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13472 - Don't log in the middle of mutating a reentrant lock (from asajeffrey:util-remutex-dont-log-while-mutating-lock); r=jdm
b61b4d38b6a156e272afbaba08352c4c76cc7ecfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13387 - Honor SERVO_ENABLE_DEBUG_ASSERTIONS on the build machines (from emilio:debug-assertions); r=aneeshusa,jdm,pcwalton
0e74d9fe18cf1cbbab7d7410027a051f94eac90fSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #13459 - Use parking_lot::RwLock for PropertyDeclarationBlock (from servo:no-arc-heapsize); r=emilio
dcead809bfd4d427052d40f9cd3f21bfe7844980Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13570 - Add support for 'font-stretch' in geckolib (from Wafflespeanut:font_stretch); r=Manishearth
a77c94d6a1d5906fe01a690c3a9564379239afffMathieu Hordesseaux — servo: Merge #13485 - Make readystatechange fire more often (fixes #13481) (from mathieuh:xhr-event); r=jdm
2cdf23d413ab46e29819cf9946c3ab1090933616Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #13507 - Don't leak GitHub tokens when pushing (from aneeshusa:avoid-leaking-github-tokens); r=SimonSapin
9361e16fa6b114d2d4972110381ef53626e9846cMs2ger — servo: Merge #13571 - Simplify fetching code (from servo:simplify-fetching); r=nox
2feb94776118724041cce0a6a0418155c42ab699Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13568 - Remove duplicated definition of 'doc' (from servo:script-doc); r=emilio
975b16d01ec2e1f4d2c8e5f27da13fe6d24e68bdRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #13566 - Add NS_FONT_STRETCH_* consts and regenerate bindings (from Wafflespeanut:consts); r=Manishearth
b08b0a7517f816a6a45c5d87cb82bf5c794f8829Imanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #13208 - Fix WebGL tests & Implement WebGLRenderingContext::{validateProgram, getProgramInfoLog, disableVertexAttribArray} (from MortimerGoro:programinfolog); r=emilio
3c1adde304c06e01eb22151a5cea65c35651021eJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #13562 - Move mako out of wptrunner required packages (from servo:jdm-patch-5); r=jgraham
4452fd689dee270ff16f8015edfd0475401287abLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #13560 - Pick up the updated signpost library for all Cargo.lock files (from larsbergstrom:update_signpost); r=Ms2ger
5560f21b4ab9dbe63d1c85fb3387608c86fc3d92Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13564 - Use correct path for test-stylo (from Manishearth:fx-stylo); r=jdm
121b838652447464fdc5cc7418a8c83307e2530fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13554 - Some cleanups related to globals (from nox:cleanup-global); r=<try>
da6a0f20f9700e5256ab317f153ef7f4090cdc3eBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13520 - Implement AtomicRefCell and use it for layout/style node data (from bholley:atomic_refcell); r=emilio
f835dfdd60afefda17f0afa957bf1e45e3217147Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13541 - Fix origin/clip parsing behavior in mask and background shorthands (from canaltinova:origin-clip); r=Manishearth
018f5161da5cb779a0cfb3c78fb60c841002f04cMs2ger — servo: Merge #13525 - Ignore stylesheet links with an empty href (from servo:empty-href); r=emilio
e653658334853927824c3f29439badc3da275347Gregory — servo: Merge #13447 - Have tidy ensure that the there are no extra files in the webidls folder #13427 (from gterzian:check_webidls_folder_files); r=Wafflespeanut
86a09b72c4b7d9d7dd5f79dc8837d157ee3891a8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13440 - stylo: Remove a bunch of unneeded ool-calls (from emilio:no-ool); r=bholley
c5e706026b1ec79b2e24aae2b0acd5758c8c140fj-koreth — servo: Merge #13545 - Update to include glu-devel for openSUSE dependencies (from j-koreth:master); r=KiChjang
9ff938a6255bef92d605e3ca187bea4e9e95ca93Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13539 - Regen bindings for upcoming resync (from Manishearth:regen); r=emilio
67fc89f48c3063298307a710f8d4f37f50bda6dfTom Huibregtse — servo: Merge #13544 - Rename hyper import and update as HttpMethod (from thuibr:hyper); r=KiChjang
59265d6703c2e2674ad89a47a031c8dda583168fMatt Schmoyer — servo: Merge #13538 - Avoid unecessary loop evaluation on empty lines for tidy check_license (from mschmo:master); r=Wafflespeanut
765784a2ae3370707b4610d26e62a1fbba4872b8j-koreth — servo: Merge #13534 - Update to include openSUSE dependencies (from j-koreth:master); r=jdm
4f02f2afe8514eeeee0992fcc8407148742cd8faGuillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #13537 - Ensure cargo is up to date before running update crate command (from GuillaumeGomez:mach_update); r=Wafflespeanut
744c0280fbc7a904f161043f5505a3e4edd00dccWellington Cordeiro — servo: Merge #13531 - Remove ignore-heap-size comment to enable memory measurement on HashSet (from wldcordeiro:measure-hashset-mem); r=jdm
0e4504ead58e38fcb0afcfb8c0b9a3155294f392Brandon Fairchild — servo: Merge #13527 - Fix typo (from nerith:typo); r=jdm
572d73f701fae0d12c9e38dd45b62dce7f6e218cXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13518 - Move --use-msvc-mangling out from clang flags (from upsuper:patch-1); r=emilio
b23837fa3559538bd3739c7e0644b284cf8b1938Brandon Fairchild — servo: Merge #13511 - Make keyboard shortcut syntax similar (from nerith:doc); r=jdm
7f3c2f8a0ff75825d549c7ef64ed25e0478db844Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13428 - Update WebBluetooth to use Promises (from szeged:wbt_promise); r=jdm
8c1c0e069a3126f7547b5c69664e0d9503079f93Jan Zerebecki — servo: Merge #13467 - Remove same-origin-data-url flag from fetch implementation (from JanZerebecki:rm-same-origin-data-url); r=KiChjang
20676846b781c75a568c408135b57906e842f492Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13519 - profile: Integrate the time profiler with the macOS signpost infrastructure (from pcwalton:signpost); r=larsbergstrom
8490d3ad03045425c0741a9a28ddafe5f9dc96fdUK992 — servo: Merge #13528 - Fix `test-geckolib` (from UK992:test-geckolib); r=Manishearth
c2e967be59e9324e8b7c9e34f67233f5fb83386dKevin Liu — servo: Merge #13513 - Return the error codes instead of implicitly returning None (from nivekuil:master); r=Wafflespeanut
5123797821bdfcdc1d9af12c97875c4228a1d2b7Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13517 - Moved pub_domains to net_traits and did a spring clean (from asajeffrey:net-traits-pub-domain); r=mbrubeck
073ae1e1d1054171c0de26386e38f92bb0257d49Patrick Trottier — servo: Merge #12850 - New folder linux (from Coder206:newFolderLinux); r=aneeshusa
308a13a5f22c0ad6c4574a67cc0af7443bb3cb77Vladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #13488 - Use default console subsystem on Windows for dev builds (from vvuk:master); r=larsbergstrom
1922cd20fa05d58c81d3e71f098bfb68ff7d99adUK992 — servo: Merge #13486 - Fix msvc packages download dir for custom `.servo` location (from UK992:mach-bootstrap-2); r=larsbergstrom
a4a62a6f745e4de68c3cd76a8a7cd81313631df7Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #13478 - Use GL ES3 on ARM devices (from mmatyas:arm_gles3); r=jdm
ed7aae3d3d5415c00f3dbecc1d4905e39dec120cPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13445 - resources: Give button elements `white-space: normal` again (from pcwalton:button-whitespace); r=mbrubeck
bc771291375c34fc3fb3124347ca4e897069ffd7Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13476 - Refactor geckolib atoms regen script (from Wafflespeanut:atoms); r=Manishearth,emilio
9124be2ff314b9cb55ee91338c3a53b232106367Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #13473 - Support letter-spacing in stylo (from KiChjang:gecko-letter-spacing); r=Manishearth,Wafflespeanut
a1844ea01aca296dea0a9bc54208781aae5444a7Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13477 - Regenerate bindings (from Manishearth:regen); r=emilio
b32c66c6487f7197a26924fe4526c8d5a6d39b22Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #13444 - Update mp3-metadata version (from GuillaumeGomez:mp3-metadata-version); r=nox
c89cda4b5c28e375a1c1df7433d8e1434dfd0b77Jan Zerebecki — servo: Merge #13469 - Document how to cargo-update to a specific version (from JanZerebecki:document-cargo-update-precise); r=Wafflespeanut
042660e03661303bbbcaedb50feebd107f0cb640Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13449 - Pass a MutableHandle to fill_property_descriptor (from servo:fill_property_descriptor); r=jdm
4d61566cdbbfbb9927abc862f32d67e2a06b1021Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #13439 - Fix some links in the style doc (from servo:shinglyu-patch-1-1); r=Wafflespeanut
164955232a8734c9dae47841439a3bf4fb34ce95Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13461 - Pass the correct attribute to handle_stylesheet_url (from servo:media); r=Manishearth
e8a71b34c922ee2da331d84231a8e60b3597f031Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13450 - Make use of Servo's border-spacing in Stylo (from Wafflespeanut:border_spacing); r=Manishearth
901376bd662f228eb270df232a0d771b1d1bc6d5Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13456 - Silence some warnings in geckolib (from Wafflespeanut:warnings); r=emilio
a3e40e952fe03fec7681c6e05345a9f71c9a80d0Till Schneidereit — servo: Merge #13508 - Fix codegen for iterable's forEach method (from tschneidereit:fix-sh-methods-codegen); r=emilio
03fdc91db4149e692c59c3255ae2a6fb45e2596fFelipe Lacerda — servo: Merge #13414 - Implement `word-break: keep-all` (#9673) (from flacerdk:master); r=mbrubeck
182b357adca7d3c3b5a591c81cf848abbeed8b63Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13455 - Cleanup the bindgen tools and update their README (from Wafflespeanut:bindgen); r=emilio
ec00ba6cef79d82cd92d66db37caab7c3e153b87Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #13323 - Implement the Fetch method (from jeenalee:fetch); r=jdm
fde9ddf9dd1e30bdbb6352445cef181b9f435d1cMichael Howell — servo: Merge #13401 - Implement sequential fallback to float speculation (from notriddle:master); r=pcwalton
9eaa11d63431e631cf1e475055dae266d8cfb095Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13502 - Fix OS-Mesa discovery in debug mode (from servo:osmesa-debug); r=Ms2ger
2426f04588dad2ae29c0761402a31782c431ab48Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13417 - Simplify stacking context collection (from mrobinson:simplify-stacking-context-collection); r=glennw
e3aa905b693801d09ab779fc66d9405800b1dcc2Malisa Smith — servo: Merge #13345 - implement Body for dom::Response and dom::Request (from malisas:malisa-bodyAPI); r=jdm
07e7e637ca52900ce8bdc848b4726b6b831e4fbdJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #13454 - Fix destination of cp in doc build (from servo:jdm-patch-5); r=aneeshusa
0fff52fd62deb8e45114217ccf0607497a8b7882Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13336 - Implement parsing for mask shorthand (from canaltinova:mask); r=Manishearth
f2662ce61d69c0a29623413a22039f8339caa2cbPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13470 - layout: Improve the interaction between baseline-offset-of-last-line-in-flow logic and inline absolute hypothetical boxes (from pcwalton:inline-absolute-hypothetical-baseline); r=notriddle
345a2902d0a3e4dcbe97c716ff8b32b3afccaf1aManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13415 - Run style unit tests in testing mode, disable some properties in testing mode (from Manishearth:style-testing-disable); r=SimonSapin
9045c1b0b47085f71eba70eb46e381669b956ce6Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13475 - Disable EventSource until it is fully implemented (from servo:disable-eventsource); r=Manishearth
10f05e8aa84516a69fc5fa0ae862e0c716d7f240Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13474 - Switch default renderer to webrender, and update webrender (from glennw:wr-default); r=Ms2ger
ac89fa39d735bd0ddec9a3d1fd5694225503456eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13431 - Update the WebIDL parser (from nox:webidl); r=Ms2ger
96d5cceb016c415bf1685b066e29b6fa2c795527Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13382 - Add OSMesa headless mode, run WPT against Webrender (from glennw:headless); r=larsbergstrom
bd478fc9bb0ee7573e39cd9a48fe7d512981dbf1Jake Goldsborough — servo: Merge #13358 - Form action url 11219 (from ducks:form-action-url-11219); r=mbrubeck
28013ff2fdd1e9008581469ee779e3006e0e320fGregory — servo: Merge #13412 - Invoke failure steps if there's no metadata (from gterzian:failure_if_no_metadata); r=jdm
5d11cf9f0e2a96d17da7fc7cc26ac71110ce5b62Hugo Thiessard — servo: Merge #13406 - Extract panic-catching for JS engine callbacks into a separate function (from Mylainos:issue-13377); r=jdm
e52df73087c8c1e924f4ae87768464f516febaa3Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13425 - Don't crash when #[dom_struct] is applied on an empty struct (from Manishearth:no-crash-empty-dom); r=emilio,Ms2ger
8d0273e26608bdcb61b0cdb86d75b22daf9f087aManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13448 - Fix doc build (fixes #12964) (from Manishearth:fx-doc); r=Ms2ger
f8c4137e5d66f7063564527246876608a0630185Eric Coan — servo: Merge #13422 - Make Assign throw error on invalid url (from SecurityInsanity:master); r=KiChjang
d55ddea8478bbbdbdbf6eecd21e98092d205780bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #13410 - Fix doc build by resurrecting generation of supported DOM APIs.h (from jdm:doc_fix); r=Ms2ger
c3a894f27a880728be7df9c71ec41c40d8b2016bAshwin R — servo: Merge #13405 - Removed support for UTF-16 in TextEncoder (from ashrko619:textencoder-encoding); r=Ms2ger
ddabd73bc67203c386c7ee301d533cd3c2fa7d77Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13346 - layout: Make some major improvements to incremental layout to improve CNN (from pcwalton:cnn); r=notriddle
ff706352fa21d6602b17ef46f0ba15404dd24bb0Florent FAYOLLE — servo: Merge #13407 - #13262 Add a unit test verifying that SpecificFragmentInfo size (from fflorent:master); r=Ms2ger
7c478534aac44bc528d05142706c8154374bac9bAlexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #13380 - Html options collection#13129 (from splav:HTMLOptionsCollection#13129); r=KiChjang
073d722cc9d69b69d8f56203dd48b2ce53c49f5dJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #13433 - Avoid huge numbers of warnings for atom_macro (from servo:jdm-patch-3); r=Ms2ger
9da241b6e985d658eb4c6bb1ce580a26083f72a6Adolfo Ochagavía — servo: Merge #13397 - Return an enum instead of a boolean from dispatch_event (from aochagavia:dispatch-event); r=Ms2ger
72f08a2799128282cd632c068d24faf9990c5921Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13248 - Added etc/ci/performance downloads to .gitignore (from asajeffrey:etc-ci-performance-gitignore); r=shinglyu
4f8b36b62afd23ae6c63aa6079686ec3d3625537CHANG FU CHIAO — servo: Merge #13091 - Create ./mach test-perf command (from zack1030:issue-12792); r=shinglyu
02693af659c458d3e856dcbe278757bb2125868cManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13372 - Merge most of geckolib into style (from Manishearth:merge-stylo); r=emilio
9fb4d727bcd2402d67df3133ff9a3a27a45c3da6Vignesh Sarma K (വിഘ്നേഷ് ശ൪മ കെ) — servo: Merge #13416 - Replace instances of old ServiceWorker specification URL with new one (from vigneshsarma:issue-13408); r=jdm
efa51739bdc1040015848b0d24f4817f4d2a1aa5Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13404 - stylo: Manage servo node data directly from Servo (from bholley:manage_node_data); r=Manishearth
494127064e0008c57c89314612fcb540566545c4Chiu-Hsiang Hsu — servo: Merge #13396 - Added FormData Iterable (from jdm:FormData_iterable); r=jdm
83abe34572dac1c84c87e4f2357e30e52e0e7219Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13389 - Update js (from servo:js); r=emilio
ad944509bfc8073427b4882714801edffb60caeaMs2ger — servo: Merge #13388 - Avoid a possible deadlock in main_fetch's synchronous code (from servo:deadlock); r=emilio
f80d41a83a964db3f17304c1e20c158dcf2cc1bbManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13386 - Run style tests with all properties included (from Manishearth:style-testing); r=emilio
d2ffc4bc5241bf6d32f97d977647273471761b07Hugo Thiessard — servo: Merge #13361 - Report tidy error for space after ( (from Mylainos:issue-13350); r=Wafflespeanut
9993480fdb63369b92a3d3d020803032b6a124c9Jonathan Schuster — servo: Merge #13354 - Style input-text pseudo with user-agent CSS (from schuster:input-text-style); r=pcwalton
1687c1e20a941281c9319fcba929ffe2ddb172eaNicolas — servo: Merge #13312 - Flush style sharing cache on parent mismatch (from 6112:flush-style-cache); r=emilio
1a9a96410c21983894f9e523c37246b91ffe903dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13393 - Update dependencies to use libc++ on OS X (from servo:libcxx); r=larsbergstrom
934656c311016ab142cbbd4775c11eb3295c5f21UK992 — servo: Merge #13383 - Appveyor and Travis fix (from UK992:ci); r=jdm
3a063011d8523c40e0e145c594cbd016ddc8514aNikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #13311 - Correctly gets and sets rel content attributes in linkelement (from cynicaldevil:linkelement); r=Ms2ger
4f8633282f87a8cb03d18192954f7a1d35933de6Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #13356 - Support OpenEndedDictionary (Mozmap) in the Headers (from jeenalee:mozmap-headers); r=jdm
208a2d0a1ed8a9745f763ab5757e3ffcffdce54eManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13228 - Add uncompute functionality (WIP) (from Manishearth:uncompute); r=heycam
3ecf2dc28a94c93a7be2be67ce69e92738acd6ffCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13370 - Rename GeckoArc macro so it sounds like it's useful for already-threadsafely-refcounted objects (from heycam:gecko-arc); r=Manishearth
d751c3c2d311773ee7f57ff4c079e7eedacb69a6Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #13367 - Remove unused Servo_RestyleDocument function (from heycam:rm-restyle-document); r=Manishearth
727cdcc568c4fab23dc27c056867f2802b85db00Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12830 - Implement promise bindings (from jdm:promises); r=Ms2ger
cd24a684a590913c5fc4f4f320695a1ed8fd5a98Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13374 - Allow improper_ctypes in atom_macro (from servo:improper-atoms); r=jdm
b755e8c4250ae5c01da14535ab57db2091807ba5Maciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #13066 - Implement indexed access on select elements (from mskrzypkows:htmlselect_index); r=KiChjang
fd2b9df44d667dc3872306384e7453b25489b1c0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13351 - Update Cargo and Rust (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
646925a7008b5ef457fbe2889569cc636b0f3a9bOfek — servo: Merge #13337 - Implement WebGLRenderingContext::isEnabled (from ofekd:implement-webgl-isEnabled); r=emilio
370b0bd38f7d47f55604b07bda142d2e163df0e0Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #13331 - Add support for background-repeat: space and round (from mrobinson:background-repeat); r=emilio
f58fc8ebdd683601b4d630f4e0a607bcdeb8b867Alexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #13333 - fix JS IndexedGetter and NamedSetter bindings generation (from splav:JS-setters-fix#13327); r=jdm
f463a3bce76d13280bbcbdc1840d89339aaed1a9Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13172 - stylo: avoid traversing non element/text nodes in style and layout (from bholley:display_enum); r=emilio
b5b07ccd7852f0ce7d239a9774734a3e90fb2319Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #12472 - Use fetch infrastructure to load external scripts (from KiChjang:use-fetch-in-script); r=jdm
14be37dbca704a3d1201d7e7935927370ac505e0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13269 - stylo: Use the bindgen rewrite to generate the bindings (from emilio:new-bindgen); r=Manishearth
40b26c9d9c89a0d0301cc685ed82e37b8035ecdfMs2ger — servo: Merge #13332 - Implement the MozMap type (from servo:mozmap); r=jdm
f117f24b42e149a6b778cd3f068db5496896b692Taryn Hill — servo: Merge #13315 - Implement minlength attribute for text inputs (from Phrohdoh:textinput-minlength-13313); r=ConnorGBrewster
a33c53c26dc7700f9be66c5c1b6f640e15e3ee43Tetsuharu OHZEKI — servo: Merge #13349 - Update mozjs_sys to fix the build failure on macOS Sierra (from saneyuki:update-mozjs-to-fix-build-on-sierra); r=Ms2ger
7fb06501b310b8a0dd8dac77424de2fb97632ec8Leonardo Santagada — servo: Merge #13271 - Further improve OSX openssl docs (from santagada:patch-2); r=larsbergstrom
f526caca37c95c5b790555df7ebd14b5ef5668daGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13309 - webgl: FBO support preparation (from anholt:webgl-fbo-prep); r=emilio
c68e5742eeeed6739ddeed2df58aaae733ef08eeYing-Ruei Liang(KK) — servo: Merge #12493 - Implement referrer policy delivery via noreferrer link relation (from TheKK:referrer_policy_dliver_via_rel); r=jdm
07656d9478d88ab82b55ce39ccd07aa2c000b8adManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13335 - Add unit test crate for stylo (from Manishearth:stylo-tests); r=emilio
7e7ce6109e760d9c7a1fff7117748c8eb2a4e6f3Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13334 - Inline push_pending_frame into its callers (from servo:push_pending_frame); r=nox
43d98697e837c3d2855bd0194027486d52ee623cPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #13329 - layout: Make `baseline_offset_of_last_line_box_in_flow()` only check blocks in flow (from pcwalton:last-line-in-flow); r=notriddle
5cc300e93e39c823dc25dbd541d46f34c6e7478cGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13330 - Update webrender (prim cache changes, blend/composite shaders) (from glennw:update-wr-prim-cache); r=pcwalton
9aca543ce0a6b940d946ca7460f7f1b9d1724049Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #13302 - layout: Disable the speculation of block formatting contexts' inline sizes if the block formatting contexts have negative margins (from pcwalton:negative-margin-speculation); r=notriddle
fb74b28403e95625907ff532ddc9a64ae0fa6f92Eric Anholt — servo: Merge #13324 - Update offscreen_gl_context dependency to get webgl fix (from anholt:webgl-default-texture); r=jdm
cd5fec634d97b3ccf2fa19fda672dbc2c9ffc367Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #13322 - Make dummy font implementation conform to API changes (from jdm:msvc-build-fix); r=KiChjang
d47b364b2c0d7858a7a551a4a896113ce5066af8Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #13167 - Replace current session entry when reloading (from cbrewster:reload_replace_current); r=asajeffrey
b2fecf7998ac808779786be85d8dc52550053577Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13320 - Update js (from servo:js); r=jdm
c335360492ef5d362caecbfeb8ad441af1d1f359Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12076 - Make font template data load fallible (from jdm:font-load); r=pcwalton
e316272f14af2f0f7b37c60dd4b2ffcdc29d9befEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13319 - constellation: Minor refactoring to aid legibility (from emilio:constellation-refactoring); r=Ms2ger
35b79e192ad23cd9321c32dbe9d0577e5f56a217Julien Enselme — servo: Merge #13306 - Decode UTF-8 with from_utf8_lossy in DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope (from Jenselme:13247-decode-utf8-with-utf8-lossy); r=Ms2ger
1dcc510b1d608e05e667a31a2f41282fda18cf9dTaryn Hill — servo: Merge #13314 - Update string_cache to 0.2.29 (from Phrohdoh:update-string_cache-to29patch); r=KiChjang
dbcf032de5c6dbd4334f11a3da2d7dcec501d478Arthur Marble — servo: Merge #13307 - Code refactoring (from bubbles231:code_refactor); r=Manishearth
dc8ec4e4eb1a7588fe04dc053540fa2a1e4b67e2jmr0 — servo: Merge #13227 - Pipeline visibility logic change (from jmr0:pipeline_visibility); r=jdm
e2e59b47c07cf52aa3845e106111c80b4b7e72efRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #13292 - Implement ExtendableEvent as base type for ServiceWorker events (from creativcoder:extendable); r=jdm
c9b04982e2f0f4f27690c4581a4effc179a86e48Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #13304 - Don't require `PathBuf` ownership if we don't need it (from frewsxcv:ownership); r=jdm
977f2caa675c38a086eb352483e008e19dc211f4Steve Melia — servo: Merge #12703 - Fix Issue 12343: Add pref-gated methods and test for activatable element (from sjmelia:12343_test_activation); r=Manishearth
675fc277c78fb9a3e6f38563c12a4ffd4d4e18a9Nicolas — servo: Merge #13294 - Fix most typoes for: "referer" -> "referrer" (from 6112:referrer-typo-fix); r=jdm
2c1758d84850de60a44fdef864b67c5abdc81e49Peter — servo: Merge #12202 - DOMMatrix and DOMMatrixReadOnly (from peterjoel:issue_8509); r=nox
65282dde50908346c4b283e5266cb6555e851c35Bryan Gilbert — servo: Merge #13281 - Update basic auth cache to key off of origin instead of url (from gilbertw1:basic-auth-cache-clean); r=jdm
2d8819e94cb5f808abdae1477084d84f9dfd318cNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13188 - Implement matrix decomposition and interpolation (from canaltinova:matrix); r=Manishearth
5eb97091e28d1933bc1df6137a1b65207534774cGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13288 - Update webrender + shaders (from glennw:update-wr-lazy-shaders-scroll); r=pcwalton
8c37d635e5b41bbf32634077dcba35d3900087efTiziana Sellitto — servo: Merge #13280 - Make DOMTokenList Iterable (from tizianasellitto:issue_13019); r=jdm
b4e0977cf468b7eddaabbd80ff18449ddac36351zakorgyula — servo: Merge #13184 - Webbluetooth requestDevice refactor and update (from szeged:requestdevice-refactor); r=jdm
eb78df4e6ca40173f0a67ff2da35e9926a7028d5Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13279 - Update js (from servo:sm); r=KiChjang
f2a6b440fbb644502665a58e93d8efe18573d08bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13278 - Update Rust to 1.13.0-nightly (6ffdda1ba 2016-09-14) (from servo:rustup); r=jdm
780feaa4ebf3528ffab9b7ff3678853b3d2285d9Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13275 - Normalize rotations in computed transforms (from canaltinova:rotate); r=Manishearth
74f0ecf0b28dabb8a1658d44a9c4490d80ca7b3eRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #12910 - Implement postMessage for ServiceWorkers (from creativcoder:swsender); r=jdm
115fb438aa2a6feb67583c8c5977e17d4205980aGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13273 - Update webrender, gleam and associated shaders (from glennw:update-wr-floats); r=jdm
072b35b6305f12c1446cd43d7257a8232600c941Leonardo Santagada — servo: Merge #13225 - Update openssl location for osx homebrew (from santagada:patch-1); r=larsbergstrom
2bd1dbaf51e65527d3029ebad8563cfe79062871Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #11698 - Excise SubpageId and use only PipelineIds (from aneeshusa:remove-subpage-id); r=notriddle
0d125c00454c7056c1b7c1576d7c75d441754a6eMs2ger — servo: Merge #13245 - Correct an unsound optimization in event dispatch (from servo:reset-stop-propagation); r=nox
b37cf0deb644fc8fd16654d5cc588ddeac596483Eddy Bruel — servo: Merge #13204 - Implement a WebSocket server for debugging (from ejpbruel:debugger); r=jdm
7ae899a83e4dff68a289995c405f0ba2ec1d43c0Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #13004 - Update DOM headers `append` and `delete` (from jeenalee:combine-headers); r=jdm
95b2294ee103a8d1537dad756b9404d2070d34daMs2ger — servo: Merge #13230 - Update dependencies (from servo:always-be-updating); r=nox
604658c3f4227d14a4af7015cbbf14722b13b221Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13221 - Resync bindings (from Manishearth:resync); r=emilio
60be4c7dd3a509b09e9474aee7831dcd69361412Sam Wood — servo: Merge #13130 - 'dblclick' event (from samuknet:dblclick); r=nox
1c1eedfe4ae6d7347ace82135345aab025f7a6e2Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13185 - Make console a namespace (fixes #13010) (from nox:namespaces); r=jdm,Ms2ger
282f8f68c70e4f62b01de45c4e4ef7707c49944dManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13212 - Handle None_ => None enum changes (from Manishearth:resync); r=emilio
0f2165a8562c4cb3f81a33c3246d91196882c423Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13213 - stylo: Implement mask longhands (from Manishearth:mask); r=heycam
accda8ba243a1fd7691a0082e74925c3a23d0361Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13215 - Use extend() rather than extend_from_slice() in constellation (from servo:pointless-clones); r=Manishearth
5f65fb55e28fe302094831bcd84dc75329c2d968Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #13214 - Create separate layout trace file for each reflow (from shinglyu:gen_trace); r=SimonSapin
a046e3b8c63dbb212e8e367c2742ee13878fb8e1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13211 - Remove unused derivations from FrameState (from servo:FrameState-derive); r=ConnorGBrewster
fd855096828905debfd578aa6260017b1afb6d53Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #13201 - Properly generate typedef identities in unions (from KiChjang:codegen-typedefs); r=nox
9677d664dc173f9d8ef7fe8ba50d07d6ffa3d927Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #13094 - Put back video metadata (from GuillaumeGomez:the_comeback); r=KiChjang
4cfda76f1f71ee080d10800ef8d57818369902b1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13193 - Implement error reporting for workers (from servo:error-workers); r=nox
baeebf74a83e6b234b831818182f23bd4900b24cManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13200 - Resync bindings (from Manishearth:resync); r=bholley
9db39658edadf80a4429eff968f2cd71bbc5efdcMichael Howell — servo: Merge #13192 - Account for percentages in fixed table layout (from notriddle:master); r=pcwalton
89bfec936a22ef359e7b65a2deae11ff8f16d7c0UK992 — servo: Merge #13205 - Tidy: Fix ordering use statements with braces (from UK992:tidy-sort); r=Wafflespeanut
54be0df52ec3a17d9ff2d85f911dc003b9b8b4b0Malisa Smith — servo: Merge #13058 - Response API (from malisas:malisa-responseAPI); r=Manishearth,jdm
1ee8d667cbfa97f6b5f22563224be558306d1052Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #13175 - Move collapse through margin to the top of block flow (from shinglyu:block-margin-patch); r=notriddle
d958a1041b1befb1d87f1ddcbf6ff74f8da7423eSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #13190 - Update cssparser (from servo:cssparser-up); r=Manishearth
a7001af11ce2892ac6d5ff2eaa2e89891efdffffGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13198 - Update WR/shaders (more AA, VTF mac fix, reftest fixes) (from glennw:wr-update-vtf); r=ConnorGBrewster
f5c0c57f92e6cde5f477d649bf2408b394c90d74UK992 — servo: Merge #12916 - Create `mach bootstrap` based on Mozilla's mozboot bootstrapper (from UK992:msvc-dependencies); r=larsbergstrom,wafflespeanut
6f5a1fc4f7a3125bcdd5aacb852b642d8c8c3ebaAndreas Tolfsen — servo: Merge #13186 - Update webdriver-rust library to 0.14 (from andreastt:webdriver-0.14); r=SimonSapin,larsberg
d929c7450c9164d9f37a60e7bc8323dfb98fdcb1Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #13194 - Extract mutability out of Reflectable trait (from servo:mutreflectable); r=Ms2ger
1f7b391a98edb11d167f1ffaa8e221c26d48ad9fPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #13182 - Fix println section (from paulrouget:fixDoc); r=KiChjang
967e72b3994fb1139aa05801b7989a4b0629efd1Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13189 - Revert "Update WR (various reftest fixes)." (from glennw:revert-vtf); r=Manishearth
595b0b13913d5c7ceb67d7ea8dda9da62e446bb6Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13187 - Update WR (various reftest fixes) (from glennw:wr-update-ref); r=pcwalton
bcca1e4087195a0b026b7a52ea28a2d8cf184315Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13174 - Prepare for error reporting in workers (from servo:error-workers); r=nox
f4fd62827532083d5158e0ac93b54c8514b1234fAttila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #12875 - WebBluetooth Android support (from dati91:android); r=larsbergstrom
75f47b6c87cc20b592232ec1b00d32dc54cfe2caAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13183 - Clean up stuff in bindings::interface (from nox:cleanup-interface); r=Ms2ger
1d2df975fab0858aa527c74fd9ca349bb4606d59Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13181 - Add missing IsCallable checks (from servo:iscallable); r=nox
7b0343928a1a23983c1bd0a98136c27b348616ffGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13178 - Update WR + shaders (dotted border AA, clear fix for empty pages) (from glennw:update-wr-clear); r=nox
a92b16a0a725b37b316c8c819393832fe36ef607Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13180 - Update Rust to 1.13.0-nightly (91f057de3 2016-09-04) (from servo:rustup); r=SimonSapin
e50ba1d6c2e62e945a9c33f741219cbcac4ddeccAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12946 - Etc ci performance run locally (from asajeffrey:etc-ci-performance-run-locally); r=shinglyu
246143c073980800f93e30517f4da5a70c4c9e9fSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #13179 - Remove one level of nesting in `Stylist` (from servo:flatter-stylist); r=emilio
25e56d4816861f26b1008d7d49d3e3bbfcdd1bf9hsinewu — servo: Merge #13081 - make nodeList iterable (from hsinewu:nodelist-iterable); r=Ms2ger
d181fb336ca9c7e3c20dd0e4db1475946cfddfc6Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13173 - Stop using mem::transmute_copy (from servo:transmute_copy); r=Manishearth
52a5c15677dae5b1abeb54b027b3f26d195cc180Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13157 - stylo: support background-size and corner gradients (from Manishearth:background-size); r=emilio
8cf60a0a83a6e3b85651909b7136bde9cf48c00bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13171 - Revert "Remove" (from emilio:mako-is-back); r=SimonSapin
5a3acd297dce91c07abd91a1e78b205b265099acEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12957 - stylo: Don't calculate restyle damage on text nodes (from emilio:stylo-pseudos); r=bholley
cf20387bc93e1c9bc12c7525361d75ed3ebe389cKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #13170 - Update string_cache to 0.2.27 (from KiChjang:string-cache-update); r=frewsxcv
3786e54afb9d0895bbd7ae64d8423985d2d15afeManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12991 - Add sugar for handling borrowed and owned types (from Manishearth:more-arc-safety); r=mystor,emilio
9730f03d46420b9abaf6c7a1b74c13b5723d163bManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13163 - Use conditional compilation for stylo properties; output unimplemented logs for all properties (from Manishearth:conditional-compilation); r=bholley
91e1fd2a1b42746de21413d2587a7e1689a16cecEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13159 - style: Don't incorrectly clamp values in calc that might not be only lengths (from emilio:negative-calc); r=notriddle
067fc8966da76b0baf14652090e353b3da1e0733Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13156 - Dispatch error events at the window object (from servo:report-error); r=nox
dc1237edca67592350012cec5294d0bfbb303b45Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13148 - Don't use mem::uninitialized() for making calc values (from Manishearth:calc-null); r=emilio
34086ab19bfd4cf5044dbf8b1e175065375e29c0Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13160 - Update WR + core-graphics to get mac AA fix (from glennw:wr-update-aa); r=emilio
3829fcecb2fb3ebb08f3627541a6a6da0b0f9d65crypto-universe — servo: Merge #13097 - Mako task (from crypto-universe:mako_task); r=SimonSapin
9c8ec307ea79971fc5e05477d4b42247855a2166Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13122 - Handle specialized serialization of <position> in basic shapes (from Manishearth:basic-shape-position-redux); r=SimonSapin
d4e17e62128b60532ef046afdc991d5e405b10fcEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13121 - style: Properly track whether negative values of calc() are allowed (from emilio:negative-calc); r=SimonSapin
056dd19aa8a525a034f5efa4e07b37833b2f6065Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #13151 - Make sure that mach gets the correct paths of executables in virtualenv (from Wafflespeanut:mach_cleanup); r=Ms2ger
787d4eab10c399164ef754af22cfa44ad7bd3d94Ashwin R — servo: Merge #13145 - Implemented Navigator.cookieEnabled (from ashrko619:nav-cookie-enabled); r=nox
d730fe3fd84ecee8e3e677cf5a60cd176bc38e65Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13146 - Update WR + shaders (switch to untyped UBO for CI) (from glennw:update-wr-soa); r=nox
ced862e8d715d12d50c2cbc97bd78300e15e880cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13110 - Fix incremental restyling under some circumstances due to our bogus use of ElementFlags (from emilio:element-flags); r=SimonSapin
42502fab98dda5e7d6a281115367deb47b35894aBobby Holley — servo: Merge #13147 - Update to fnv 1.0.4 (from bholley:rev_fnv); r=Manishearth
4143708194ff033486abb90e5ee9ab9ed4dfb531Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13134 - Add lots of Arc’s in style, and prepare for using DOMRefCell (from servo:archery); r=emilio
0e82586c8051fe6713b72095b9fce439c50686aeGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13135 - Webrender update (border anti-aliasing, primitive caching) (from glennw:wr-update-caching); r=nox
47ca329945f7b1147186aed6a00f00dd87521034Gabriel Poesia — servo: Merge #12437 - Handle row borders in border collapsing logic (from gpoesia:tr_margin_fix); r=pcwalton
885fe6909dfdfa47c8a1b4e24467ec8571a69cfbJarda Snajdr — servo: Merge #13138 - Console message packets should have a '_type' attribute (from jsnajdr:master); r=nox
22245bbe1c11631271bd1441a62edcec1e910c05UK992 — servo: Merge #13107 - Tidy: Handle empty files (from UK992:tidy); r=Wafflespeanut
231e00d4db605777f1b23aba5d4a660155f9a47dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13100 - Use Option<T> to return from getters (from nox:better-getters); r=Ms2ger
3504927a8005e5538a986dcbf769a87f451c9055Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13132 - layout: Keep track of whether we've deferred the painting of the document due to a script query (from emilio:deferred-paint); r=pcwalton
3fcd631d81f7979e1a5cc6dec75a6609a4d3e2cfedunham — servo: Merge #13113 - bump Tidy version (from edunham:tidy-version); r=emilio
56cfd9cdf362fa14662398c345b705766ed3760fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13075 - style: Allow calc in media queries (from emilio:calc-media); r=SimonSapin
617af3742de748849aa1f8dcceb9babc6c55f4daAlexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #13126 - Html option element.form#13111 (from splav:HTMLOptionElement.form#13111); r=metajack
c644a7739c62a34c71a5b562f4287c91b07f652eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13128 - Fix debug assertion introduced in #13108 by me (from emilio:stupidest-assertion-ever); r=SimonSapin
bc652a81acaf4546e0fe754ff65e5fb5c7830642Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #13086 - Add bindings for nsCSSShadowArray, use for text-shadow and box-shadow (from Manishearth:shadowarray); r=emilio
b37fc9d64839d6db8ceee62ab442ad1dd7e3ae90Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13120 - Update webrender with font size fix (from glennw:update-wr-font-size); r=emilio
dfcb9712c2bb8efabad799bbbc1073f9bf7246baGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13114 - Fix canvas image tests when using webrender (from glennw:webrender-canvas); r=emilio
54bc210408658c7d7b27836cd9e04de7e2267381Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #13116 - Avoid LLVM prepending "_" for msvc32 symbols (from upsuper:msvc32-atoms); r=emilio
c3d3d4fa8f8354f6181cb7a3350bdfb45bc96d8cGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #13115 - Update webrender + shaders (border AA improvements, float packing work) (from glennw:wr-update-pack); r=pcwalton
e1ddd4c27e915a52360da6a4df5164277d467e93Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13108 - style: Don't loop over all the set of dependencies always (from emilio:stupidest-opt-ever); r=bholley
024914991b4d877e200d57c22ed7a0d989679898Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13112 - stylo: Fix incorrect flag syntax in (from bholley:regenpy_fix); r=emilio
c979603e2d019c1fa975ee1336c1598450cae314Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13085 - Update offscreen_gl_context. Fixes #12320 (from emilio:gl-up); r=KiChjang
3df55aa025b388afef9f5a154d1fc75ce78f558dNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #13042 - Handle 3- and 4- valued <position>s in style (from canaltinova:position); r=Manishearth
446125611d2625385e19042d72b2ccc9b06ef3c3Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #13106 - Remove mutex from Trusted (from servo:trusted); r=nox
b1ffa2321bf194d3e3f7e991fad7b3b49e64627bEric Anholt — servo: Merge #13102 - webgl: Add isProgram() support (from anholt:webgl-is-program); r=emilio
3dea0b1bfa15ec6de83b4c80b7e0a258b5861184Eric Anholt — servo: Merge #13060 - webgl: Do validation of glScissor/glViewport(width, height) on the DOM side (from anholt:webgl-invalid-passed-params); r=emilio
9f6f56ae4eaa609cbcc07b2f0e2f3d3aeb223550Michael Howell — servo: Merge #13051 - Fix root flow's size at the browser window's size (from notriddle:root_flow_percent); r=glennw
dd877625cda52204abfb3fbcf8927e6adf9eb279Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13099 - Update webrender (various optimizations, layer fixes and antialiasing shaders) (from glennw:wr-update-opts); r=emilio
3e51e38891b1b9d6c5174c890d48b4c938ce2689Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #13098 - Update cssparser (from servo:cssparserup); r=KiChjang
184b4ef17676339a50d195e8c2a1a165fe666621Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13095 - Update Cargo to 0.13.0-nightly (88e46e9 2016-08-26) (from servo:cargoup); r=metajack
c8766bb71d73c44945968a12a655caa2ccde3d62Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #13063 - Remove static usage at compile-time of GIT_INFO to enable builds outs… (from larsbergstrom:remove_git_info); r=metajack
e1f923ace1e91e8913e01faefb98ccc08ab3ec9dKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #13090 - Update string_cache to 0.2.26 (from KiChjang:update-string-cache); r=Manishearth
e1676ab8fedbebf02e317466a5f28bf31657b215yoyo930021 — servo: Merge #13087 - Need better description for mach subcommands #12402 (from yoyo930021:new); r=Wafflespeanut
9fa37a9633e101cb25d1b619eb22ebc933ab94adAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13055 - Update Rust to 1.13.0-nightly (198713106 2016-08-26) (from servo:rustup); r=metajack
6ccb382676be113d678f247a1f20c51cbd3689bbAshwin R — servo: Merge #13093 - Remove unneeded clone in the style system cache (from ashrko619:cache-element-classnames); r=nox
2ebd2bdeb50654ffd40e02be51e82437bcf0866bChiu-Hsiang Hsu — servo: Merge #13076 - Remove unnecessary clone from ServiceWorkerManager::prepare_activation (from wdv4758h:serviceworker_manager); r=jdm
730093b6ccd1a1e3efef005065ec0f20bc7dc73aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13079 - Update regen script to take into account the bindgen docopt upgrade (from emilio:bindgenup); r=Manishearth
aec432f380fc4a340503c9d3d4d4851ad623eef1Chiu-Hsiang Hsu — servo: Merge #13078 - Added using real pipeline ID value (from wdv4758h:pipeline); r=jdm
781f4ce24115c1d4abbc51659d808037d4280692tp6vup54 — servo: Merge #13070 - Convert imports in generate_imports into one per line, so that it can… (from tp6vup54:master); r=KiChjang
22a56b5e8567e0d3ed61093af73a3c1ac62f4197Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13057 - Remove the JSAutoCompartment from report_pending_exception (from servo:rpe-ac); r=nox
ae084c967c9cca8a7ecae05805ad46006f584cf1Chiu-Hsiang Hsu — servo: Merge #13071 - Solved wrong referrer policy in cors_preflight_fetch (from wdv4758h:cors_preflight_fetch); r=jdm
424f808a8e6a9eefef10d91dc5803dfa4dda487bCHANG FU CHIAO — servo: Merge #13073 - FIX TreeherderClient deprecated param (from zack1030:issue-13047); r=shinglyu
14fd9bd846f761094df40907a85b7d0d6f0d353fEric Anholt — servo: Merge #12934 - webgl: object deletion and bindings (from anholt:webgl-deletion-and-bindings); r=emilio
f31655289ccd0c972a3ba24bda276161bf4d770fhsinewu — servo: Merge #13069 - pass request value instead of constant (from hsinewu:#13025); r=jdm
6e64e5c9344e6e577ffea7f7139b0ac2ad366fdaAshwin R — servo: Merge #13068 - Fixed calling unwrap on an Err value (from ashrko619:shut_down_layout_panic); r=jdm
cd048ad1cac24166560799ad815fc1c638fe5cd7Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13067 - stylo: Regenerate bindings again (from bholley:regen_bindings_again); r=emilio
e1d358d2fb98f53899640ca588da741f927d7316Tetsuharu OHZEKI — servo: Merge #13062 - Make DOMJSClass use JSClass instead of Class (fixes #13031) (from nox:bump-js); r=nox
36fdc6f0edb442a9ad70ece9e3a6c026c2b96325Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #13064 - Add rlib type for linking inside of the Rust staticlib in Gecko (from larsbergstrom:more_stylo_targets); r=metajack
69f002e844b6e1b26da1881e351a4f59e3f674e1Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #13061 - stylo: Regenerate bindings and fix up for nsStyleImageLayers_Position changes in Gecko bug 1295084 (from bholley:regen_bindings); r=emilio
61223248b1509fa12d32a07519bfe0e630f1bd2bBobby Holley — servo: Merge #12911 - stylo: Traverse anonymous children when styling (from bholley:traverse_anonymous_children); r=emilio
598377ee4cede3e5efc534d19381ca85e5213247Michael Howell — servo: Merge #13050 - Fix spelling mistake (from notriddle:tlapd); r=emilio
b4e9b1713ca282941b4e193d62bb8a894aa8d3daEric Anholt — servo: Merge #13052 - webgl: Fix validation of drawElements()'s type argument (from anholt:webgl-drawelements-types); r=nox
f7040799d10a07301a1d58e122effef2bb674dc1Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13044 - Update the WebIDL parser (from nox:webidl); r=Ms2ger
7e961c936de5fb221420cbde2254975379af3685Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13043 - Implement [Replaceable] (fixes #13033) (from nox:replaceable); r=Ms2ger
622700a312cbeb52c0cbeaf07798315df7f30a2eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #13041 - style: Make WorkQueue creation fallible (from emilio:fallible-threadpool); r=bholley
24fe39332dec9f935f3070ef5f1ac82f6204fe05Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12841 - Fix hit testing to take into account nested stacking contexts #12777 (from emilio:hit-test); r=pcwalton
0a908d343078cd91dfe69724f3dec99609e99a7dOfek — servo: Merge #13028 - Implement HTMLDataElement#value (from ofekd:implement-data-value-attr); r=KiChjang
1f49006396296dfefbc76200e3c67372e6d588f9Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13017 - Pass the receiver to get_property_on_prototype (fixes #11600) (from nox:wrong-receiver); r=Ms2ger
709078c4e4e934e9febe21369628627d3e9610d8UK992 — servo: Merge #13027 - Check for license only in Cargo.toml (from UK992:tidy-toml); r=Wafflespeanut
0c66b695f1e48bccc2d69b00a8079f1ccb59b6cbclstl — servo: Merge #12847 - Implements HTMLDialogElement#close (from clstl:HTMLDialogElement#close); r=nox
bf1a8104b68bd5094de4a353513bdae48a3c2f7fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13030 - Improve prototypes of global objects (from nox:global); r=Ms2ger
a9296140e6a1de9fbeadffb8a83ad40d789318b0Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12980 - Fix ridiculous DOM proxy getter performance (from jdm:proxychanges); r=nox
61d177a688e8807e10eeb5e7bc6414755942f786Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13029 - Use &mut Flow more (from servo:flowref); r=nox
3fd4373a34f0a74573f15bc0b97d8b89ad9140e8Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #12998 - Implement iterable for headers (from jeenalee:iterable-headers); r=jdm
fd86563b32d7012e2f729d4ef27da517fb23a916Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12819 - Support pair and value iterable WebIDL bindings (from jdm:iterable2); r=nox
352a3025e6eb583e083ac6ef1da80d2d31a2396dMs2ger — servo: Merge #13016 - Refactor some from_jsval implementations (from servo:fromjsval-interface); r=jdm
74050d9904a14d9ee56aaa836c003a6a85b58c35Ms2ger — servo: Merge #13012 - Stop creating a LayoutContext in build_display_list_for_subtree (from servo:shared-layout-context); r=nox
0aa5f21fb0f3623629e431c289f5bc8aad5cc603Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12986 - Use new name convention for Servo binding functions (from upsuper:stylo-renaming); r=bholley
7726aa94273e4089d329074b7136eca50464922aAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #13014 - Fix step 10 of eventdispatcher::dispatch_event (fixes #11609) (from nox:dispatch); r=Ms2ger
8543546483f959385ee03545ac000eb72f473348Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #12954 - Update rust-mozjs (from GuillaumeGomez:dictionary_error); r=nox
ec8206bee6936158ea26d07e188bc72cb942881bBoris Zbarsky — servo: Merge #13009 - Use JS_SplicePrototype to set the right proto on the global, instead of JS_SetPrototype, since the latter will permanently deoptimize it (from bzbarsky:fix-proto-splice); r=Ms2ger
ccf8f58e1143e4b5023993a1810eeafd761decadChris McDonald — servo: Merge #13005 - Changed first line of script to line 1 instead of line 0 (from cjm00:starting-line-fix); r=Wafflespeanut
42cc8b34d9bfc3c6800f1d647f2109251a25a2f8Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #12935 - Fixed layout flow tree JSON serialization (from shinglyu:layout_json); r=glennw
a30d30f734d7d70a0c14b51b6223117af72beb53Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #13002 - Update wr + shaders for local clip rect changes (from glennw:wr2-update-local-clipping); r=pcwalton
5ef403b9236e24a81392e00603f660f45f6d3a06Alexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #12981 - Inline reconstruct#12602 (from splav:inline_reconstruct#12602); r=notriddle
946ccf307e955497244100de4646f857368a12c0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12997 - Update Rust to 1.13.0-nightly (3c5a0fa45 2016-08-22) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
13304091f9b1d4bbfe164c06a9c283b4d6ab6c4cMs2ger — servo: Merge #12993 - Move the user agent and user stylesheets to layout_thread (from servo:ua-stylesheets); r=nox
a6b48b73eafd88800548881ef12c3055798ca45cMs2ger — servo: Merge #12990 - Remove unused dependency on util from geckolib (from servo:geckolib-the-util-the); r=Wafflespeanut
1bb33573bf05df1f57aa978e87b07ca898d9bb06Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12985 - Remove some unused shaders (from glennw:shader-cleanup); r=Manishearth
7df62b40f0d0d8f07dfc062f4362aea689ddb396TyanNN — servo: Merge #12968 - Do not define Pipeline::setup_common on Windows (from TyanNN:master); r=Ms2ger
5483d2e6a99edeb90d51a779dd6075a500df6438Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #12976 - A few minor cleanups in tidy (from Wafflespeanut:tidy_fixes); r=nox
1083070f741e7ce1a22d391807e4bd50d06388b7Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #12921 - Trigger image.onerror (from paulrouget:imgOnError); r=nox
06dc2cc325db6c68cf36890f33c2c9264a392c71Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12983 - Update glutin to get new OSMesa features (from glennw:update-glutin); r=larsbergstrom
15b420ea45a518918e25759ba7f033a996b656cetp6vup54 — servo: Merge #12971 - Change the separator used in rust path into os.path.join (from tp6vup54:master); r=Wafflespeanut
aeec11f93e77148c002fdd94352f7f3c2f35e0e3Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12945 - Support multiple backgrounds in both servo and stylo (from Manishearth:bgarray); r=SimonSapin
83fb84bf4975973487d8a06840e0b15f02dac5dbXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12933 - Make GeckoDeclarationBlock refcounted (from upsuper:cssom-for-stylo); r=upsuper
3bd953a3df9e45066db474e816d19551b17ffde4Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #12915 - Include "content-type" in cors safelisted request headers (from jeenalee:parse-headers); r=Manishearth
9c76653e2ddb3937373ad7ad9c818c78bf87abb3Keegan McAllister — servo: Merge #12938 - Sanitise web fonts (from nox:fontsan); r=larsbergstrom
a3934a0d1a9563d09b7bc56a574261c2802fefadUK992 — servo: Merge #12956 - Windows MSVC: Define vcvars in mach.bat (from UK992:msvc-vcvars); r=metajack
a26b0004d05e62ee4761f60c9e563606578fbd29Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12970 - Move thread_state to style (from servo:thread-state); r=nox
5b3956922721f9e32a54cf215a51095e1bd19b28Christian Sonne — servo: Merge #12969 - Track only the number of important declarations in a declaration block (from cers:master); r=nox
cdc148903ad5b78752b5f136faeba738cc2d8e2bMs2ger — servo: Merge #12965 - Update various dependencies (from servo:always-be-updating); r=KiChjang
e30abec7536067d297b11195df5faf58c0bd6900Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #12930 - Fix wrong calculation of inline element's block size (from canaltinova:border-bottom); r=emilio
1717e7008dc7264fff9f4235a1f7d7336011a741hsinewu — servo: Merge #12918 - 12902 typedefs (from hsinewu:12902-typedefs); r=Manishearth
281631312857179b36e220bf482b341838d030b5Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12898 - Burn SelectedFileId in fire (from izgzhen:burn-selected-file-id); r=Manishearth
c15133b225c5903b93dbe3682465deb5fe259ce6Ashwin R — servo: Merge #12962 - Cached element class names in style sharing cache with lazy computation (from ashrko619:cache-element-classnames); r=notriddle
72acbb5883be863f468e4b37f076f1725d9cd933Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12932 - Update for webrender API change, and remove webrender specific hack (from glennw:update-wr2); r=ConnorGBrewster
00597eba95e91ad70a1146d9404f3197c371d974Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #12943 - Merge normal and important declarations in style rules (from servo:merged-declaration-block); r=emilio
06402ee1ea3213afd946803dc2bf726506c31a14Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12955 - Use try_borrow instead of borrow_state (from nox:try-borrow); r=emilio
b8725e36ac246b19ab54f907fd063eb15f4c33d8UK992 — servo: Merge #12877 - Tidy config file (from UK992:tidy-toml); r=Wafflespeanut
8eaeb93bfb0265bd780b7fc441e992886c6675c1Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12941 - Update euclid to 0.10.1 (from nox:euclid); r=metajack,emilio
8ac75ca7fcf0081d419a9083399858b87cbfd79bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12861 - Clean up some iterators (from nox:impl-trait); r=Ms2ger
106893ce4e5ed8fa79e85ef37355bbeec2983663Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12953 - Update Rust to 1.13.0-nightly (499484f56 2016-08-18) (from servo:rustup); r=SimonSapin
b04cadabd11d1e4dea9ef0936b8101068f11cbc1Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12947 - Update selectors to 0.11 (from nox:selectors); r=SimonSapin
5fbb421746bdd45da4ccfbac9164cfc17100f61bXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12940 - Include ServoBindingList.h for binding generating (from upsuper:binding-list); r=bholley
61321c134fd91c356f41397e7df04bb1cdbb6df5Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12250 - Add servo version to mac about servo window (from cbrewster:mac_about_version); r=larsbergstrom
f2854774c6b3e7778f03e18bd16a4563680083a5Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12922 - Check PLATFORM for proper toolchain when use msvc (from upsuper:msvc-platform); r=metajack
4cf78194620949eab8dc32480461cb24de0dda57Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12903 - Remove unused imports (from servo:imports); r=nox
84109d55f39c1374033335888637f31dbad364c5Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12878 - stylo: Support clip-path (from Manishearth:clip-path); r=heycam
2f738ecf0d836b8e076946ddb770b23a015a3542Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #12924 - Update selectors to 0.10, with ToCss serialization (from servo:selectors-ser); r=nox
182c86c7153fb227043e76ba6283f9fb3161a52dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12895 - stylo: Improve pseudo element restyling and support the content property (from emilio:stylo-pseudos); r=bholley
0b72fef693580416b4c6fc542520dbbc49182304Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12925 - Update to webrender 0.4.0 (from nox:wr-merge); r=Ms2ger
1063ce638b16c5a57947aa77815adb0e4618f350Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12863 - script: Disable our dependency in ffmpeg until the media madness is over (from emilio:disable-media); r=larsbergstrom
0861ec36640987ad9cc0de27f97dec01b3f3f2d2Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12909 - Add FrameState (from cbrewster:framestate); r=asajeffrey
3967a95755b1b7917a6cd3d7d61ffb71274e957cSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #12906 - Remove some use of FFI in gecko_string_cache (from servo:ffiless); r=emilio
53148dde6135ef48a1035b82c1b5dfbcbc77f79fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12668 - Rewrite the style sharing candidate cache (from emilio:style-cache); r=SimonSapin,pcwalton
1cf3070fd052a90eb21bbe986f2aaccec8047887Vladimir Vukicevic — servo: Merge #11756 - MSVC support for Servo, and CMake builds for native code (from vvuk:servo-msvc); r=larsbergstrom
266e6fc7de565f413ba9207be829ca26121ae616David Raifaizen — servo: Merge #12572 - 10933/shorthands (from craftytrickster:10933/shorthands); r=emilio
0c19f00167c2bbee9696e75137985709dead7872Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12826 - Add safer bindings for dealing with owned Arcs over FFI (from Manishearth:addref); r=emilio,bholley
27e7e5cc53f38a4b9724f422f7db4ac64e52f1ecZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12897 - Improve File API related comments (from izgzhen:improve-file-api-comments); r=Manishearth
a95e7913c1fcfc17faa0ed79b027f812a369141cZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12896 - Improve Blob.Size() speed by avoid reading content (from izgzhen:fix-blob-size); r=Manishearth
e1e842672ebf6a1ff8f88cd7497ee819f97243bbS — servo: Merge #12900 - ./mach throws error on poor connectivity (from pathway27:master); r=notriddle
88cd5d0a55cb3104194d28944104b99f8c492842Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12843 - layout: Make the stacking context take into account the children transform when calculating overflow areas (from emilio:transforms); r=glennw
a68157e4a9b415a325fa7a836ada621d17508bb8Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12887 - Update webrender + shaders (from glennw:wr2-update); r=pcwalton
6f3d33839f4da2a318ae2556a55ab7e827de0dd6Patrick Trottier — servo: Merge #12880 - Added OS Links in Markdown (from Coder206:osReadMe); r=nox,Ms2ger
cbf35bb355998dbfaedb916d5c57e09eb4892740Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12838 - Fix restyling on viewport resize (from emilio:viewport); r=SimonSapin
ee00927a1d41ac0fd34a2e3af2554a8f1468fd14Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12815 - stylo: Use atoms as the pseudo-element back-end (from emilio:stylo-atoms); r=bholley
2db67712b2a87b5c208738a2df29e9112f4456e4Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12893 - Update glutin (from servo:glutinup); r=metajack
295e871b0b449b441fab6ac794e4c0ebd121e2c4Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12890 - Lessen pressure on the thread-local RNG (from nox:rng-pressure); r=Manishearth
d3fceb86ab3b7d6a123f7fe1aa175e044d642feeS — servo: Merge #12870 - ./mach has a formatting error (from pathway27:master); r=Wafflespeanut
a1af297d4ad53c38bdba7e205e19ab0b0b1dbf6ebirkoff.anarchist — servo: Merge #12848 - Fix missing libraries for Windows (from birkoffe:master); r=larsbergstrom
a829f5e2f370c8a0fb71a4c247d547ea8d0b1461Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #12873 - Fix absolute-flow's auto positioning (from shinglyu:abs-margin-patch); r=notriddle,emilio
166e02c3b7a1db2ef2989dc0c2e12fe05909364aPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #12867 - Revert "Enable multiprocess and sandbox" (from paulrouget:noMS); r=emilio
e05f2b1bf65b503c1df93e17043a560fa8f4903dPatrick Trottier — servo: Merge #12860 - Fix iter_arith warning when running ./mach build-cef (from Coder206:iterWarn); r=Wafflespeanut
1edb822b25d4609ab823280ee5e9ee3de2e55055Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #12688 - brew package (from paulrouget:brew); r=larsbergstrom
52d83fdbed019a820f1be570f2b0fda3aab53817Patrick Trottier — servo: Merge #12849 - Fix GFX Warnings (from Coder206:gfxWarnings); r=Wafflespeanut
52b556a50b68405d0aef78c35039d23bffe35b42UK992 — servo: Merge #12781 - Improve tidy's license validation logic (from UK992:tidycheck-rebased); r=Wafflespeanut
94f43f3cbfed1b54c82daefbff718dfc48052735Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12854 - Use impl Trait syntax for Node::child_elements (from nox:impl-trait); r=jdm
a9b2c57d1f147f5317e8bfc4c5ab97551eb0f54eEric Anholt — servo: Merge #12857 - Implement GL_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING (and fix a VertexAttrib1fv typo) (from anholt:webgl-framebuffer-binding-2); r=emilio
fa511d8bdf9530252c8ecbd3a6b1c48b3b91846dMichael Howell — servo: Merge #12839 - Fix a cached style cascade bug that only manifested in sequential mode (from notriddle:11818_sequential_layout_bug); r=emilio
c1b9509be7b04a0267952263d77cfc4c52337df0Jeena Lee — servo: Merge #12851 - Fix step 31 of the Request constructor (from jeenalee:request); r=nox
a8854cb72e4b3a929abeca5698adb6f795094cefAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12846 - Update Rust to 1.12.0-nightly (1deb02ea6 2016-08-12) (from servo:rustup); r=emilio
b9860b026ee43a1cfd859c43d271b6ef477b566fJeena Lee — servo: Merge #12700 - Implement the Request API (from jeenalee:jeena-requestAPI); r=jdm
c867e0247b066cb67a48ad4fbfcb1fbaf06a5abfMichael Howell — servo: Merge #12831 - Add a flag to dump the computed style values (from notriddle:master); r=Manishearth
14f16d3626e039515989bb5b69d38f0403b822c7David Tolnay — servo: Merge #12834 - Remove #[serde(bound = "")] attributes (from dtolnay:bound); r=nox
794d4fbf4c1eaf935403ac31fa41eb30a36c46baMs2ger — servo: Merge #12822 - Update shared_library (from servo:shared_library); r=Manishearth
6cb5c20d54c738bfcc984f20373981ee792eca18UK992 — servo: Merge #12821 - Create `mach fetch` command (from UK992:mach-update); r=aneeshusa
84d0d7bb83813fbd1763fbae1d73fbdefd9f1cc7Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12832 - Copy updated WR shaders (from glennw:copy-shaders); r=glennw
e5a914814ebf8b46c6f483035a2885ac757e3008Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12828 - Update serde to 0.8 (fixes #12659) (from nox:serde); r=Ms2ger
aa7b1288feb658f367d4997b4ccee99bf72078fdRavi Shankar — servo: Merge #12795 - Support 'word-spacing' for geckolib (from Wafflespeanut:word_spacing); r=Manishearth
0c5058d27b3987c227c29bf903951feb19da43baMartin Robinson — servo: Merge #12817 - Update to euclid 0.8 (from servo:euclid); r=nox
024b9af9935d4c86c1d6a6aead18e5fba6fe8487Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12813 - dom: getElementsFromPoint does the hit testing on viewport coordinates (from emilio:hit-test); r=notriddle
4c717742ea7c96cb27ea6f1489fc6ec9a1aa798cMalisa Smith — servo: Merge #12790 - Update bindings generator to support default ByteString values in a dictionary (from malisas:malisa-bytestring-generator); r=Ms2ger
b39a228ec229dd91a973832123b79c8e1af9b98cAlexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #12669 - Inline pseudo elements layout#12367 (from splav:inline_pseudo_elements_layout#12367); r=notriddle
869827791dccd85b682856687610d4a7468aa230Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12816 - Update ordered-float (from servo:always-be-updating); r=Wafflespeanut
144cd4a955a9f675eaefd8646c208d95ed6af41cmsreckovic — servo: Merge #12787 - Update with further openssl instructions (from msreckovic:patch-1); r=larsbergstrom
3c16740a69d9414fa2b6d16e59a994e1e0577d0ePaul Rouget — servo: Merge #12812 - browserhtml update (from paulrouget:bhtmlup); r=jdm
48d70a3b372b6eefc472d3ac777bc9fd47b82343Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12757 - stylo: Stop restyling display: none elements, remove the has_changed hack that made us use ReconstructFrame unconditionally (from emilio:stylo); r=bholley,pcwalton
a598e41b2e1bb6899342de7f1916feb4e7391d9eAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12657 - Print backtraces for panics, even if the constellation has closed (from asajeffrey:panic-backtrace-println); r=nox
ebbbf889efa6cfb5f7d3fde57a423f0f376e919aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12777 - layout: Take into account the client point for fixed positioned stacking contexts (from emilio:hit-test); r=pcwalton
e3357211bdda25d90ee7460c74fcd1fae434686eBobby Holley — servo: Merge #12803 - stylo: regenerate bindings (from bholley:regen_bindings); r=emilio
df060f73b3b35a08c08496eb168b0448fd85abc0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12800 - Enable canvas_over_area.html (closes #8311) (from nox:intermittent); r=jdm
471678b736af3c35d1736d23eb9767b2538a8cc0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12796 - Enable hide_layers2.html (closes #8769) (from nox:intermittent); r=jdm
e94b60610d268a9a26b9ae4161930db476efdba4Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12780 - Add XHR support for FormData and related fixes (from izgzhen:xhr-file-upload); r=Manishearth
674050d1dcf963fb7f13ba4963505a452a1dd9ceEric Anholt — servo: Merge #12794 - webgl: Validate that depthRange near <= far (from anholt:webgl-depthrange-validate); r=emilio
63a0345638db416f018aa0c7bac82a41e4e6e970Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12782 - WR2 does not require the stencil buffer, so remove it from window pro… (from glennw:wr-stencil); r=pcwalton,emilio
31aa4edcc2e4fd953f64d0cdb2fefa5f7894d871Michael Howell — servo: Merge #12629 - Intermittents (from notriddle:intermittents); r=aneeshusa
8db6e8820f39f306979bc7b7c8093f4a479420dfSimon Martin — servo: Merge #12576 - Issue #12421: tidy should also check .html files (from simartin:issue_12421); r=jdm
db13dfd0cfa9ee8de452d6083c2d5bdda74585afSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #12571 - Update to selectors 0.8.2 (generic over atoms) (from servo:selectors-generic-atom_); r=bholley
8447964c3f698df5ddf0cdcc689702d7dfa3776eAlexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #12760 - Inline split fixes#12699 (from splav:inline_split_fixes#12699); r=notriddle
703c3bfa19f8a99a2d91e6bfedc0676c2beb7406Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #12783 - Prefer length and percentage for word spacing (from Wafflespeanut:word_spacing); r=Manishearth
3113bc024ae00c102f48b4b49e4c15574dcbb1daAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12768 - Fix interpolation of CalcLengthOrPercentage (fixes #12765) (from nox:fix-transition); r=SimonSapin
8ec8c863e0c22356984bf559a52dcc6cfc859021Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12779 - Remove some unused WR1 shaders, copy new shaders, update WR hash (from glennw:wr-shaders-tidy); r=pcwalton
76b64a3a0c4f4ea2638dcbeb6d2b4c0058c2d74bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12772 - Avoid a common formatting problem in pull requests (from servo:jdm-patch-2); r=Manishearth
38394416348100d8a10f067c78386a75160cc03bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12770 - Use expect calls to investigate #12540 and #12288 (from nox:intermittent-study); r=SimonSapin
1ecf471c679d370732a20c27189d8746af6893b3Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #12742 - Simplify and extend trans-stacking-context subpixel accumulation (from mrobinson:off-by-one-ng-2); r=pcwalton
f1ac3e8ac9e8ff25ed07f6ab7c39b145a106f520Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #11107 - Bug 10452 - Page Load Time Test Runner (from shinglyu:servo-perf)
aac1e5c61fc01e735bd1365e601b8086a28a0b37Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #12754 - Fix unexpected freeze of flex item (from stshine:no-divide-by-zero); r=pcwalton
fbff82db52716111ef49973d0185f1c63e647941Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12751 - compositor: Send animation ticks to layout even if there are script animation frames (from emilio:transitions-raf); r=pcwalton
3478aa8b5033c884bdb72670183941a31e3833ddMason Chang — servo: Merge #12740 - Update readme to tell users how to overcome compile error on OS X (from changm:readme); r=pcwalton
324e067acd6c7a79a24779001920d42bbe88c9eaAneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #12736 - Add more shell script lints (from aneeshusa:prohibit-backticks-in-shell-scripts); r=Wafflespeanut
9603ffe5b58e52359fd6bada0f914b5ad0c04155tsawada — servo: Merge #12755 - Fix flag compose in (from tsawada:patch-1); r=ConnorGBrewster
685103c088c040cf89c77a0892c7e10eff56b698Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #12750 - stylo: Use AtomicUsize to store our initial computed values (from bholley:atomic_ptr); r=Manishearth
16c5530fdf715a972d8ff8fb8268da2341c7a1c6UK992 — servo: Merge #12752 - Run git commands only with mach build (from UK992:mach); r=metajack
c4aefdcee7d19bd49f40ac50619a78747ac91568Mason Chang — servo: Merge #12741 - update servo to use webrender shaders (from changm:shader); r=ConnorGBrewster
56ae03cea27ee511ee3004e5455661866f0787c3Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12712 - Update Rust to 1.12.0-nightly (545a3a94f 2016-08-04) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
10e1244add2ce7a1899898a4c6db52aa99440646Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12680 - style: Add support for parsing and serialization of <basic-shape>s (from Manishearth:basic-shape); r=SimonSapin
4897509be7702a79e84ff51bb8e5032aa986077aAnton Ovchinnikov — servo: Merge #12244 - Create .tar.gz package deterministically using Python's "tarfile" (from rev112:package-repro-pure); r=aneeshusa
95566ed2fe0f1035e78ccc8e09fa1ac395bee16cPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #12708 - Enable multiprocess and sandbox (from paulrouget:multiprocessAndSandboxForBhtml); r=metajack
78afeb8f7edf9e7498738ba9fb39993b3e7dea3cJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12734 - Update mac prerequisites for libavformat requirements (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=ConnorGBrewster
ff1c81f8f07cfe087c102c34c0fb03f409375c64Jim Berlage — servo: Merge #12295 - Add linting for shell scripts (from jimberlage:12158/shell-linting); r=aneeshusa
6d2a4589c4070b7447a970d8c7079d122ff9cf80Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12733 - Print thread name and file location when panicking (from nox:panic-location); r=jdm
dc8ec0241b68a75eeffe8eeddff41e44795ba46fJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11161 - Implement same-origin Window.postMessage (from jdm:postmessage2); r=Ms2ger
675ca88795a7211bed660a64a7ecd90a03b74477Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #12731 - Browserhtml update (from paulrouget:bhtmlupdate); r=nox
dbf44fe0ed8b6f8805c713317d8b43131ef304bdXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12728 - Remove unused libc dependency for windows in style (from upsuper:fix-libc-unused); r=emilio
a27935a5daef8108a4a9644de77550f460589cc7Mitchell Hentges — servo: Merge #11318 - Compute tag_name a maximum of once per document owner (from mitchhentges:1471-cache-tag-name); r=nox
7de7cb996e69f9db3e0441cdad0546541a2da5afRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #12682 - Dispatch lifecycle events to service worker object and refactor html tests (from creativcoder:fire-fetch); r=jdm
b7da34869627e392802cb6f10a1f793661b58472Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #12720 - Add ffmpeg file dependencies to the MSI (from larsbergstrom:ffmpeg_dependencies); r=metajack
ec09d7ccb461c62b46c4168f2f6ce7cd04b7ea9bMason Chang — servo: Merge #12723 - Update cargo webrender dependencies to include fixed border colors (from changm:cargo); r=glennw
db7be3dee0adac16d1e76fa8f613701ee0b6e2b3Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12685 - Implement history.length (from cbrewster:history_length); r=asajeffrey
8c0b61a2f4a4a86af64e1a7acb888b9e18b4a4e0Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #12725 - stylo: fix leaks, and accept null in Servo_InheritComputedValues (from bholley:fix_leaks); r=emilio
1f1fe0aa5f631d3ebac44d43e635f82f1447cb32Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12645 - stylo: Allow computing change hints during the traversal (from emilio:stylo); r=bholley
51c17be9c6d5eeb0357ad91c7635ca0c08dfcb7dMike MacDonald (crazymykl) — servo: Merge #11919 - Fire load event for external stylesheets, enforce Content-Type checks (from crazymykl:fix-style-load-events); r=Ms2ger
af0ad17724919af3ab7997eeb610b0f9c492a8f9Steve Melia — servo: Merge #11726 - Issue 7720: Add target selector and update when scrolling to fragment (from sjmelia:7720_add_target_selector); r=mbrubeck
24a0fd5dbb0e2048c04194fd684370c594229f60Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12716 - Update WR to fix extra printlns (from glennw:update-wr); r=larsbergstrom
77f47f0e6dd122b241e34ca0e8be182830a11f7dPu Xingyu — servo: Merge #12330 - Implement flexible box layout for row container (from stshine:flexitem); r=pcwalton
cb348c144a72108f605efe377b4a405e9141f091Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #12711 - Update webrender, copy new shaders, pin ipc-channel (from servo:wr-wr-next); r=Ms2ger
7c845ce5f2c6cf6e10581b689dd99f678cf88e3aZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12684 - Add cancellability to file manager load and related refactoring (from izgzhen:cancel-file-manager); r=Manishearth
fd4b3b2bc96a3ea88d74bcabb3c0f201ea015878Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #12691 - Parse style sheets with a real base URL in geckolib (from heycam:style-sheet-base); r=bholley
cf3c934f0b9904f3ea3531de0673441a8059a5aeMs2ger — servo: Merge #12692 - Simplify add_or_replace_pipeline_in_frame_tree (from Ms2ger:add_or_replace_pipeline_in_frame_tree); r=metajack
c7f7e82aff1879dbeaf4a74e960874122b8cdb1eZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12536 - Add form submission for file type input and related fixings (from izgzhen:form-file); r=Manishearth
034b1f17572b7babd1f9e6c342c0ba90705928adRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #12557 - Bring back run_with_memory_reporting in serviceworkerglobalscope (from creativcoder:sw-scope); r=nox
32e5fd1519c7de967d0de7b45551c85496c3451fZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12579 - Fix FileAPI's refcount implementation (from izgzhen:fix-fileapi-ref); r=Manishearth
8155914691f1d9d5ee20da80b249f7ab574dfe66Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #12689 - Fix unused variable warning (from heycam:warning-fix); r=Ms2ger
7d03cd8d0c5d27295d5bb43960560c929e6ee583Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #12651 - Add support for background-position in geckolib (from heycam:background-position); r=Manishearth
0d7d11450c6adb2e234aaa5b8b774ffad53f82e7Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #12683 - Update video-metadata crate version (pkg-config support) (from GuillaumeGomez:up_crate); r=larsbergstrom
76ee5e4a62e6937000e7d0dd0ab6b4806357dd9aJohann Hofmann — servo: Merge #12679 - Prevent injection vulnerability in image page (from johannhof:image-inject); r=Manishearth
18a08701e22c5c0c6917c5fac53d8cfd4447266eMs2ger — servo: Merge #12678 - Update png (from servo:always-be-updating); r=jdm
048aac65573bb566b2e9dc804fa8e6f069742a1cLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #12661 - Add missing libraries for Windows (from larsbergstrom:ffmpwg_windows); r=metajack
e546b71e8fba5e72a8b6d5759a7964b0f67c58c7Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12677 - Remove unused inline_size_of_preceding_{left,right}_floats fields from BlockFlow (from Ms2ger:unused-float-sizes); r=Manishearth
6785c4ec444f2b427f03ec59d9263e023ca1e10dZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12663 - Add FileReaderSync skeleton (from izgzhen:file-reader-sync); r=Manishearth
99e199a1e86d2355b1a04bdc112aa075bd6ec235Samuel Harrington — servo: Merge #12667 - Remove dead code from (from samlh:patch-1); r=emilio
d0c69e368752e5f338f83f59460a6f91eef407b3Malisa Smith — servo: Merge #12634 - Headers API constructor and methods (from malisas:malisa-headersAPI); r=jdm
60800b3100008abe7509d11022d39d075eae6c04Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12660 - Update Cargo to 0.13.0-nightly (f1bbc08 2016-07-29) (from servo:cargoup); r=larsbergstrom
1412dadcb1c89ca7acd1ee94d8396d6bf5f7e003Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #12186 - Implement video-metadata check (from GuillaumeGomez:video-metadata); r=larsbergstrom,jdm,KiChjang
0f4557f79f7ac3e3fa3d061aaf03629daa899cc5Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12653 - style: Split into specified/computed module files (from Manishearth:split-values); r=SimonSapin
ee8418c17874e482ae3ea2a5b77aebd39d98cc32Michael Howell — servo: Merge #12642 - Use explicit height of inline-block fragments (from notriddle:textarea_height); r=asajeffrey
674f2f3db4ef99e4b4a0bfe0ba7c5ed807a86266Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12637 - Replaced mutex in constellation logging by a reentrant mutex (from asajeffrey:constellation-use-reentrant-logging-mutex); r=emilio
d227a0ff29077f2da651154e73e052d53c7067f4ddh — servo: Merge #12502 - Added devtools support to fetch for XHR (from avadacatavra:devtools); r=jdm
3be27b30aaa583b4032250cbe56a9a25732336e1Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #12650 - Add python3 licence check template (from shinglyu:py3-tidy); r=Wafflespeanut
a6c164e7a941953424f7470b5a565bf6e4e11201UK992 — servo: Merge #12640 - Add link arguments to test-unit (from UK992:windows-link-args); r=jdm
e34e1364c1bfce9fa8ab4398fdec136314c82709nc4rrillo — servo: Merge #12635 - Extracted common parts of the starting content process (from nc4rrillo:refactor-spawn-multiprocess); r=Manishearth
ae91243180b1811bd139182b58765ead31b9db3eMs2ger — servo: Merge #12649 - Some fixes to the script crate (from Ms2ger:update-script); r=Manishearth
902064d3c4eac49c79a29dde881782fa092518ccManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12631 - stylo: Use unsafe accessors for coord data (from Manishearth:stylo-unsafe-coord); r=bholley
5837a313b82158b6e398130609cceda47180e255Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #12648 - Store UrlExtraData in {specified,computed}::Image::Url (from heycam:store-extra-data); r=Manishearth
5fedc2d86e9428b6671300afef7256edc2a8e6bbBobby Holley — servo: Merge #12643 - Flush stylist before manually querying style via Geckolib (from bholley:flush_stylist); r=emilio
5700ff79e247ea852b7656b04ac9afbbcd1333f5vrod — servo: Merge #12620 - Implement HTMLLIElement#value (from vrod:add-htmllielement-value); r=KiChjang
cb103e8a82b152b0d32105a87b98fd20a02cd867Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12639 - Send logging messages even if the channel lock is poisoned (from asajeffrey:constellation-logging-when-poisoned); r=metajack
819ce889f1c0c3804c1abbc7327f952782de1613Bob — servo: Merge #12632 - account for sign in double parsing (from bobthekingofegypt:signed_parse_double); r=KiChjang
0431252547f6bf484574143e25117c2e720d0306Michael Howell — servo: Merge #12623 - Complete animations whether or not cascade needs done (from notriddle:master); r=emilio
dfff54cf3405218bec4a7079509efb6530ce1dabMaciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #12617 - Partial fix for #12415: expose interfaces of some HTML Elements (from mskrzypkows:expose_interfaces); r=Ms2ger
a42af065b8c30eee5feaf85e41ceb163efcfb13cJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12621 - Attach more signals to the backtrace signal handler (from jdm:sigabrt); r=emilio
b425092ab9a3e7405b55b096e605dcd599c2a00azakorgyula — servo: Merge #12556 - Refactoring the WebBluetooth html tests (from szeged:htmltests); r=jdm
d59aae8f0362c90629d3711c18e961989e52d90cMs2ger — servo: Merge #12255 - Update SpiderMonkey to m-c bcf4ff0c3eef (from servo:smup); r=jdm
e71a9c91cd9289120f62d100fae2b5dec35ee64azakorgy — servo: Merge #12538 - Refactor Bluetooth error handling (from szeged:error-refactor); r=nox
b66411cd7c2160735dc4132a5806a72b954eb71cAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12615 - Remove use of opts::use_webrender in layout_thread (from nox:die-opts-die); r=Ms2ger
bc3fcf432e12944fe7c8cf4f39656e081b8ed2adzakorgyula — servo: Merge #12603 - WebBluetooth writeValue new Step (from zakorgy:write-value); r=KiChjang
963d8122dddf79f8190dc1e3e090dae7860c8d35Sergey Alexandrov — servo: Merge #11850 - Fix PaintContext page_rect due to display list origin (from splav:box-shadow#11662); r=glennw
4931c9df27ee3f3eb19d1a7a30a93c5c81e637b2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12563 - stylo: Improve restyling performance (from emilio:stylo); r=bholley,jdm,pcwalton
5f253b091ef429f8baef0145ee967e88646c8f19Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #12627 - Fix missing namespace in Windows manifest (from metajack:win7-manifest); r=jdm
d71327d98e9bb7ddfda9f842d6fce46878629f47mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11889 - send requests that are redirected to devtools (from mrmiywj:report-redirected-request); r=jdm
d06c5dd38dcdee5543e78b55b9962e273ddef70aGuillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #12594 - Add DeleteRow method (from GuillaumeGomez:remove_row); r=Ms2ger
06661b0377af9ae3f94bd692e7ddba73d8104077Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #12605 - Fix font metrics and switch to windows subsystem (from metajack:win-app-fixes); r=larsbergstrom
6c5c1473dacd6ec98a81a3af77f51716cc5ab518Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #12543 - Accumulate subpixels through stacking contexts (from mrobinson:off-by-one-ng); r=pcwalton
d717781d7084dac585b938eb3dcc9fa6297c46b9Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12612 - Remove use of util::opts from net crate (from nox:die-opts-die); r=Ms2ger
258d7275c4e6615b749af905af6db34f1d5210b0Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #12608 - Update anonymous box list (from bholley:sync_anon_box); r=emilio
b43b28b4a31ad1a05b6680e3fb26b46d88f1fcf6Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #12582 - Make the service worker send custom response (from creativcoder:sw-fetch); r=jdm
77c49fc5ce18f89f7d6e6a1eff1b78510fb1efd2Adam Casey — servo: Merge #12593 - Fix table vertical alignment (middle, bottom) (from adamncasey:table-row-cell-height); r=pcwalton
a2e8e9dfd4356353e60a4f29106c62465b2de7b4Eduard Burtescu — servo: Merge #12586 - Update Rust to 1.12.0-nightly (9316ae515 2016-07-24) (from servo:rustup); r=nox
31b4597627773b30d1503fda29a51d466115db54Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #12606 - Fix windows msi directory (from larsbergstrom:windows_msi_directory); r=metajack
7fa24f01bdb7399fc30c656473d9bdbb54225978Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12599 - Resync stylo bindings (from Manishearth:sync); r=heycam
0ce84f875f2b3a191cdf4ac41427adf750bb11b3kilobtye — servo: Merge #12388 - Let textarea wrap lines (from kilobtye:textarea2); r=pcwalton
de0aee4b1421860bb26044a29ab452fe75230c03Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12577 - Chunked ReadFile from file manager (from izgzhen:fm-chunked); r=Manishearth
8157803c6bd85f01b0e2142d1f9d7b894fd1c559David Raifaizen — servo: Merge #11791 - Pipeline lookup in webdriver (from craftytrickster:11712/pipeline-lookup); r=asajeffrey
d2156242e9cf5b9916ac62c59fa2f32e62641c2bMorris Tseng — servo: Merge #12501 - Implement DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.close (from mephisto41:worker-close-impl); r=KiChjang
2f05d0193c0df07b06ad75b714a587c80bb3d00dJack Moffitt — servo: Merge #11967 - Add Windows packaging to create an MSI installer (from metajack:windows-package); r=larsbergstrom
26dcf6c717d198d35b9a1eb4204f4dd02d2fdbf1J. Ryan Stinnett — servo: Merge #12547 - Allow running WPT in Firefox (from jryans:wpt-firefox); r=jgraham
5fd0bd2ecf2caffcec254923eec2d34b6707529cUK992 — servo: Merge #12588 - Support tinyfiledialogs on Windows (from UK992:tinyfiledialogs); r=jdm
fcf351252f16ae40bd95c8ad5eba9e9df166a745Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #12578 - Document Windows installation hacks (from larsbergstrom:windows_deps); r=metajack
0a08a372ea6d0e5204d84dfd9a7f4b9ab600a34cDirkjan Ochtman — servo: Merge #12560 - Hoist retrieval of layout_threads from opts into Constellation (from djc:layout-threads-hoist); r=emilio
f38d26f474f9e81630528ab6fa6ad7cfcb52b314UK992 — servo: Merge #12573 - Appveyor: Downgrade GCC to 5.4.0-1 (from UK992:appveyor-fix); r=larsbergstrom
e764dc9dbc8dbb0b7955bac3014f562ff0a6cb87Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12567 - Return failure if the tidy self-tests fail (from servo:tidy-self-test-result); r=jdm
7c879c6a3365748f4018d1c1166c8a76916fe29eSimon Martin — servo: Merge #12565 - Issue #12564: Fix "./mach test-tidy --self-test" (from simartin:issue_12564); r=Ms2ger
321518cbd3d3937b996880f80c54bc5366f3f4b6Nikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #12570 - Implemented name for Runnable trait in WebSocket Runnables (from cynicaldevil:impl-websockets); r=SimonSapin
79f919309daca97fb44f57df3c3ea31cf3fe2a1bKuba Birecki — servo: Merge #12566 - Partial fix for #12415: expose interfaces only where necessary (from ice9js:fix/expose-interfaces-only-where-necessary); r=Ms2ger
0df3d53f6451769da7830ffd30046f99e67f9c2eKuba Birecki — servo: Merge #12537 - Partial fix for #12415: expose interfaces only where necessary (from ice9js:fix/expose-interfaces-only-where-necessary); r=Ms2ger
4fff433d8304cd9094767565dcb4044e6674bcfeJean SIMARD — servo: Merge #12530 - partial-fix #12415: incorrect exposure of Window,Worker in webidl (from woshilapin:fix-12415/htmltable); r=jdm
f5ba391915d5955a1d5e5c06a8f0bc480dd3a1baJean SIMARD — servo: Merge #12526 - partial-fix #12415: incorrect exposure of Window,Worker in webidl (from woshilapin:fix-12415/htmlp-htmls); r=jdm
c5b2df42cc2597371a2a113f0e9023511c542500Jean SIMARD — servo: Merge #12533 - partial-fix #12415: incorrect exposure of Window,Worker in webidl (from woshilapin:fix-12415/htmlt-htmlv); r=jdm
dcfc8c3cbd73cec1b952c90f296a729483e1b942Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12552 - History interface Go, Back, and Forward (from cbrewster:history_interface); r=asajeffrey
a2215c75c4c5c781961ea3be033afb7f70bb5ca2Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12559 - Generate multiple DOM bindings in parallel (from jdm:parallel-codegen); r=Ms2ger
ffd969183f3a02766db9f77ee27d49758ec5d96cZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12544 - Patches of File API (from izgzhen:patch-file-api); r=Manishearth
ac567e491db5f61b0e4c61c2430f603b26a93a6bConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #11866 - Implement joint session history (from cbrewster:joint_session_history); r=asajeffrey
658ef2031b62490c4665a4b19bb624272460cf03Malisa Smith — servo: Merge #12546 - Union types now allow ByteString (from malisas:malisa-bytestring-unions); r=KiChjang
6bbba3a67511db235ec2509ba9ffe13f2ee0fcb1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12469 - style: Rewrite the restyle hints code to allow different kinds of element snapshots (from emilio:stylo); r=bholley
a3a43f2ec02cad0f8381d772a6891a0f43d39f8aJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12545 - Update ipc-channel (from jdm:ipcchannelbump); r=metajack
c52144012094fa6c89c3b594b819d3ba02e7cbebJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12541 - Support sequences of sequences in generated bindings (from jdm:seqseq); r=nox
423ec8d6f2176635425691d883c81308a59633ebJohann Hofmann — servo: Merge #12539 - Improve page load error information (from johannhof:error-page); r=jdm
9eae875626b805c8a5e4389cedb7aab5a66ebd6fAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12511 - Added test-tidy for dependent licenses (from asajeffrey:test-tidy-dep-licenses); r=larsbergstrom
21660f6e86ad6301eb1f5927b329b8e548c3a5f8Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12468 - Removed panic channel, replaced by integrated logging and issue reporting (from asajeffrey:constellation-remove-panic-channel); r=emilio
5c19793bc963013b5b3d7346957d9e800edf20cbRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #12518 - Remove expect calls in service worker manager thread (from creativcoder:swm-fix); r=nox
68c3eb970558c77a6e521864644d57dabc2d297dManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12535 - Use Result instead of panicking when the resource dir can't be found (from Manishearth:try-resource); r=KiChjang
75547de353adcc064e99149a1190d382e9d9482fManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12521 - Introduce safer layer of sugar for nsStyleUnion (from Manishearth:safer-coord); r=bholley
5f5140999b0daecd716ddfee29b4d5cf80916d32Mason Chang — servo: Merge #12514 - Issue 12396 to add developer documentation to readme (from changm:issue12396); r=SimonSapin
5e6e58e3b087266c5a856446f2a87cb2d44d6d64Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12522 - Update cargo (from servo:update-cargo); r=metajack
9a892b1c7c7b04a342e32ba1e0a035a5cfcb328aMalisa Smith — servo: Merge #12467 - Add the append method for the Headers API (from jeenalee:jeena-headersAPI); r=jdm
d5bc08d63cda10e5425755936cd568620d2d9c43Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12392 - style: Add support to test animations programatically (from emilio:test-animations); r=SimonSapin
ca8a82d258416e7e0c64f71703e4d485d6487190Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #12507 - Remove clipboard crate to due disallowed usage of GPL code (from larsbergstrom:remove_clipboard); r=metajack
a098b453c3d8f4ba631bfeb9e62a9ddc5400f6aaDirkjan Ochtman — servo: Merge #12490 - Remove dependency on util::opts from canvas crate (from djc:canvas-no-opts); r=jdm
ad70a7e7ca359388f5f413165d033908b760d504Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12517 - Resync bindings (from Manishearth:sync); r=heycam
6660b1a071d68579aa2922e6e225323cde5f8fcaJeremy Chen — servo: Merge #12510 - Upgrade mozlog package from 3.0 to 3.3 (from chenpighead:update-mozlog); r=metajack
bd9a1a5e45a88a8b8497f8072a3c458a655bc503Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12426 - Allow window elements as well as iframes to the the target of mozbrowser events (from asajeffrey:mozbrowser-event-targets); r=SimonSapin
c240fafa26f6fdedc44dd6c3a7f3d172536e6b87Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #12515 - Make the style crate more concrete (from servo:concrete-style); r=bholley
90c92334a916642e221b3ff3c4477f60bf226a90Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12500 - Expand the documentation for DOMString (from Ms2ger:DOMString); r=nox
02cdb0067389c06511d1cfd947aeab278089c28eManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12465 - Add bindings for calc() (from Manishearth:stylo-calc); r=heycam
94ac355919ffc98cb52d6ae979dce8c1d739489eMs2ger — servo: Merge #12506 - Rewrite a line in geckolib's to fix the build on windows (from servo:geckolib-win); r=larsbergstrom
ba4ce83455886a577ddbb67a0fb9da27b37e2d68Johann Hofmann — servo: Merge #12457 - Expose Worker interfaces only to Worker (from johannhof:worker-global); r=Ms2ger
363e28d2fe925baebb48fd29b47692bc83bf04d0Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12499 - Sync stylo bindings (from Manishearth:sync); r=emilio
a10a7715cbd64cd9a871f41e9bd777c99a72c657Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12498 - Support generating bindings for MSVC (from upsuper:msvc-bindgen); r=emilio
36e17c2aa0c2f12c0fc85cfdd2e4a35e5d4134a6Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #12487 - Add FFI glue for Gecko to implement 1-arg CSS.supports() with stylo (from heycam:supports-ffi); r=emilio
a5e0f2d09bb4770fddbd9d18eaec12847ad7a3ffGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #12497 - Update WR to get fix for texture atlas assert (from glennw:wr-update); r=emilio
ea2007bc86db421ea48c3196ce8568eb1cb1d0e2Kuba Birecki — servo: Merge #12495 - Implement Runnable trait name method for PauseIfNotInDocumentTask (from ice9js:implement-runnable-for-PauseIfNotInDocumentTask); r=KiChjang
3404b060380d06b098ea8ef0fddd7867a618e030Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #12361 - Blockify elements in a flex container (from stshine:blockify-flex-item); r=pcwalton
cac4858a2384ddd9b60d0669d2a47467d7c8d0b6Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #11727 - Integrate service worker manager thread (from creativcoder:swmanager); r=jdm
8758837f89025f4f7e73b9b5db85047abd073271Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #12488 - geckolib: Support parsing style="" attributes longer than 255 characters (from heycam:style-len); r=SimonSapin
c15b2ba0f888b3c2286138c856f47205c5146a88Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12400 - Fix Blob type-string (from izgzhen:fix-type-string); r=Manishearth
2de25a8b8e9996cd18083ad2e59f5bbcdfef90d5Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #11890 - Bug 10104 - Only restyle nodes that uses viewport percentage units on viewport size change (from shinglyu:viewport-percent-recalc); r=mbrubeck
dfe1e28673f01967eb9156244a4acce2707fa2ccAravind Gollakota — servo: Merge #12484 - Temporary fix for mach test-{wpt, css} issue with wonky paths (from aravind-pg:mach); r=ConnorGBrewster
e4d6e8f0dbc516b015993510a72dffe06e881c7fZbynek Winkler — servo: Merge #10618 - Ensure virtualenv activates (from zwn:fix-windows-build); r=larsbergstrom
40d7e6f72ce3dd8fe7c8fc94b2d807bfcfd02763kilobtye — servo: Merge #12364 - Make textarea scrollable (from kilobtye:textarea); r=jdm
d757a178f7fcfaf1c91591832020902dd6630bfeJean SIMARD — servo: Merge #12480 - Build failing because of unspecified dependency for html5lib (from woshilapin:fix-12480); r=larsbergstrom
7e4229d7b11b1b6f586b92861d2f3e27438282ceMs2ger — servo: Merge #12471 - Cleanup HTMLScriptElement::execute() (from Ms2ger:script-exec); r=nox
147f08f69f65df94bdfbff7f76d0834c200ca2dcJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12470 - Place apis.html in the same place as css-properties.html (from servo:jdm-patch-2); r=Manishearth
06a3525560321ad6f69dc7ede4035c73f8ef2cdeManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12458 - Cleanups in autoarray helper (from Manishearth:style-gecko-only); r=emilio
2f5db0f9f6e0e800de7b5a997428004b91233bdcJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12451 - Generate a list of supported DOM APIs from parsed WebIDLs (from jdm:generate-dom-apis); r=Ms2ger
a26977fad24652d68810b6936efa2af6a1fc1574Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #12464 - Remove fn start_sending_sniffed (from aneeshusa:cleanup-start-sending-sniffed); r=Wafflespeanut
d90b7d6759ec7465e6cf29a5e65c9b4ab954d973Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11841 - Send log messages to the constellation (from asajeffrey:constellation-logging); r=Manishearth
e66960190602fa8d7dae526888bf7a6dc79012b0Aravind Gollakota — servo: Merge #12441 - Implement referrer policy delivery by header (from aravind-pg:referrer-pol-header); r=jdm
835d778310cbdf9d79394df86babb64cdf542a4eConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #12137 - Check for Resources on case sensitive filesystem (from cbrewster:resources_case_sensitive); r=aneeshusa
fe21c09a9d2329676f267754758ae954af79b03fAndrew Mackenzie — servo: Merge #12461 - Add a keyboard shortcut (Command + Q on Mac or Control + Q on other O… (from andrewdavidmackenzie:enable-quit-keyboard-shortcut); r=ConnorGBrewster
4927f334e679b21870815bae58a51edc50106c96Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12463 - Replace any errors caused by content-provided URLs by warnings (from asajeffrey:url-errors-should-be-warnings); r=Ms2ger
d0becf5b5cb8829ec2817ecf26c3b3f68614057dZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12440 - Put Blob URL online (from izgzhen:blob-online); r=Manishearth
e4d67f5de3726158dba798aefa1ba6e7e3040dadJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #12449 - Add a manual test for measuring DOM binding performance (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=Ms2ger
b9276f6929ab7fffda2faa73e7b9c4f13d819154Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #12442 - Implemented page-break-before/after for Stylo (from shinglyu:stylo-page-break); r=emilio
78fb6b922b54ea8c3bb9ff60430e7596f24123dfNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #12416 - Implement Document.referrer (from canaltinova:referrer); r=jdm
a7c03f88a4e41c5560dcb8a02f459be48b8d272bKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #12448 - Implement file reading task source (from jdm:file-reading-task-source-2); r=KiChjang
05265d8e1e5284f431932ecae3db2ccc1ecaf05bAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #12447 - All our Cargo.toml files should contain an MPL-2.0 license field (from asajeffrey:license-mpl-2.0); r=frewsxcv
ae410d3fd19abb2e8570e181cf3f25100071aa32Andrew Shu — servo: Merge #11604 - Mach re-dispatch test-wpt and test-css based on path (from talklittle:mach_test_wpt_paths_10883); r=jdm
f3eb0768d9783300be4a08401d3c9fbf6b8a5170Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12444 - Improve the readability of the script fetching code (from servo:fetch-script); r=jdm
4107522a0fa67b7876745d59cab8893007d17b63zakorgy — servo: Merge #12445 - Remove some unnecessary pub modifiers (#50) (from szeged:pub-remove); r=jdm
b6797748ba864b9d9c019e7f9d22d643cff345b8Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11851 - Add support for gecko-only array values; use for stylo (from Manishearth:stylo-autoarray); r=emilio
e81a3fd3aad8b1ac2712f57467baa95ce4f37a29Kuba Birecki — servo: Merge #12443 - Inline DOM element creation into box expressions in components/script/dom/ (from ice9js:cleanup/inline-dom-element-creation); r=Ms2ger
00ec7947707f2e724f846e23930529df91424ab2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12339 - stylo: Implement dirtyness tracking for stylo (from emilio:stylo-node-dirtying); r=heycam
1c38e935347aff1eca252faf750c371dfd0bbb84Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12438 - Enable more DOM bindings inlining opportunities (from jdm:jsinline); r=metajack
ee2131773a31112f269ab1ac302a158074bf56d1Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12404 - Clean up task sources and make all tasks cancellable (from cbrewster:task_source_cleanup); r=asajeffrey
1b2e6597679212c661346c6d76bd033b22b751c6Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12432 - Update fnv (from servo:fnv); r=nox
d9cfedf9c79454a62f12a8c2a6dbdef9ec0257aaKuba Birecki — servo: Merge #12431 - Remove unnecessary 'unwrap' calls from ImageCacheThread (from ice9js:fix/remove-unwrap-calls); r=Wafflespeanut
129d46cbb8217b998ffde3c7b2df3ce5d5af11f4cjkenned — servo: Merge #12429 - Remove assert statement from window (from cjkenn:12412); r=Ms2ger
e81f5093b956a7349b201512cde602b97947e945Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #12419 - Replace AdjacentPosition::parse by TryFrom (from GuillaumeGomez:try_from); r=Ms2ger
1a9c71f32b8f2fec124e9182f416eec429787135Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12418 - WebIDL update (from emilio:webidl-update); r=Ms2ger
413d60265ae9b7cfdf33bb81161edaecff59c6b2Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12427 - Generate atom bindings for msvc (from upsuper:msvc-atoms); r=emilio
1c10c2c3ec8dc542be86929e10364590e11989e1Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12406 - Refactor FileAPI implementation (from izgzhen:refactor-file); r=Manishearth
6ad159ec3b5998745e905573a79b25c2cfd30bc9Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12301 - Take selection direction into account when setting selection (from cbrewster:selection_direction); r=asajeffrey
40a5a9a1f0832cebfe70a947f767216bf4f96b75Simon Martin — servo: Merge #12365 - Issue #12071: Don't submit forms when typing Tab on an input (from simartin:issue_12071); r=KiChjang
b3c359d819abbd4ad662fbdc67406224851509aaAravind Gollakota — servo: Merge #11978 - Add "origin" and "same-origin" referrer policies, replacing "origin-only" (from aravind-pg:new-referrer-pols); r=jdm
008f21a1af9b8837d429dc97c4fca9b0d03294dcManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12409 - Update clippy, improve clippy integration (from Manishearth:clippy); r=nox
13c229252cb232ad681bf137932e8e981e5ed7a2Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12395 - Avoid calling JS_WrapValue for same-compartment DOM reflectors (from jdm:nowrap); r=Ms2ger
4cf6f82abd578c726c3fcf93603b1d55837f1718Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12353 - Implement [Exposed] (from Ms2ger:expose); r=jdm
72a6d1d542c8887f28e2450770e2e28cda1f9211Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12366 - Bump ipc-channel to 0.4.0 (from nox:ipc); r=emilio
f87b778a0ab81a8922ae097af97b679932698b6dPu Xingyu — servo: Merge #12382 - layout: Clear non-inherited properties on anonymous block (from stshine:anonymous-block); r=SimonSapin
ea54ae986cb86c44fc02dbc58989b94e21d41500Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12377 - Build geckolib with MozillaBuild on Windows (from upsuper:build-with-mozillabuild); r=metajack
17b8ffb25298fec85449c5433b29ca47952b24afPu Xingyu — servo: Merge #12371 - Treat flex flow as block in float calculation (from stshine:flex-block-flow); r=notriddle
3ded78fb2d5dd266ba7d71d429c349ea586c3b04zeusintuivo — servo: Merge #12383 - Rename SharedKeyboardAndMouseEventInit to EventModifierInit (from zeusintuivo:feature/11611); r=nox
8551316e593d934a1ff14b8450f1b8cdb6fa7009Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12386 - Build geckolib on travis (from servo:geckolib-travis); r=nox
cb6923820128413dd555792fe406d627e01c6bd8Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12385 - Move arc_ptr_eq to style (from Ms2ger:arc_ptr_eq); r=SimonSapin
c8cc73d97c7f263097f7bb22915aac9e3433ea4fMs2ger — servo: Merge #12381 - Move some unit type definitions to style_traits (from Ms2ger:units); r=nox
a21320fcf1c0b9f988c437324e9c7d356ad3dc97Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12370 - Fix line-breaking with white-space: pre-wrap/pre-line; (from emilio:wrap); r=mbrubeck
f0cb90d770d37c060f97e4b5c75f98b8afa912f5Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12378 - Add FileID validity setting/checking logic to Blob URL implementation (from izgzhen:blob-url-revocation-fix); r=Manishearth
219897364e938a9fff090c792d8c214020aac0fdsappharx — servo: Merge #12376 - add Runnable::name() implementation for PlannedNavigation #12333 (from sappharx:master); r=ConnorGBrewster
dc704a5b6f360f16601ed4e43a4aafc811380e36Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11750 - canvas: Deallocate WebRender images on canvas (from emilio:canvas-leaks); r=glennw
491fa0189d2f2fdc3c7adebcd33ad34b7a1e03c4Owen Coutts — servo: Merge #12318 - [tidy] prevent duplicate json keys (from tallowen:tidy-features); r=frewsxcv
73297239860163815a52511e7931ad36120a467bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11744 - webgl: Unlock WebRender by default by adding a readback based fallback to WebGL context creation (from emilio:wr-default); r=glennw
51936ddb59b9697f6a5eea3e73632c2d1e518057Michael Howell — servo: Merge #11873 - Rotate animation (from notriddle:rotate_anim); r=glennw
232581f39b593de884b55fe616e6ce1569d2b8c0Gabriel Poesia — servo: Merge #12375 - Implement Runnable::name() for ImageResponseHandlerRunnable (from gpoesia:master); r=KiChjang
383b98548e4b848e35322e195dff638072fa2da0Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12374 - Improve performance of HTMLDivElement constructor (from jdm:jsup); r=Manishearth
ecde55b759e76a71bc976953b6dba60667a086c2Nikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #12373 - Implements name method for FilerReader event from trait Runnable (from cynicaldevil:impl-runnable); r=KiChjang
5a7c007205a3980b9d10888080c3f7d6592ed013MovingtoMars — servo: Merge #12368 - Implement Runnable trait name method for FireSimpleEventTask (from MovingtoMars:task_name); r=KiChjang
e8dc9cddc733cf70001a0c854a382fbe4c97be4fPierre-Alain Bandinelli — servo: Merge #12360 - Add name method for Runnable trait in DedicatedMediaSourceFailureTask… (from pierre-alain-b:master); r=Wafflespeanut
2d03d4ec09cd9cc35dd706ffd4fa6c215c8c465aZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12344 - Add ability to WPT-test file uploads and fetches, fixes #12322 (from izgzhen:set-file-js); r=Manishearth
114ca683c89eb6a5cba37d40bd7fe9d66f2093bbZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12268 - Spawn threads for requests in file manager (from izgzhen:fm-spawn); r=Manishearth
bb5382186dcf734c95422fcaef58d752ba7b0815Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #12319 - Use a stable compiler for build-geckolib (from servo:stable-geckolib); r=larsbergstrom+SimonSapin
b6b103551d8579b645e159e6b969aa2c7cbda559Michael Howell — servo: Merge #12293 - Correct negative margins in centered table cells (from notriddle:margins_in_tables); r=mbrubeck
1e1b6706a4c8f1032bf6894686c794b28fba26c9Xidorn Quan — servo: Merge #12338 - Fix geckolib build for Windows (from upsuper:win-geckolib-fix); r=bholley
a77e642115df79703e77c50ce47f4ccaaca75bf7Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #12277 - Make network listener runnable cancellable (from cbrewster:network_listener_cancellable); r=Manishearth
d1ccc5b02bd171c220a7b136305ceac977274c19Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12311 - Move the cache module out of util (from Ms2ger:cache); r=nox
45b905a7cbbe67fbce1f5e9f429f6127cdb1eed3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12118 - style: Add support to the animation shorthand and fix parsing of animation-name (from emilio:animation-shorthand); r=SimonSapin
e32e3826568bbfe61354d7c2080aa9f2400dd9d7Steve Melia — servo: Merge #11781 - Issue 8719: Add basic support for :active selector (from sjmelia:8719_support_for_css_active); r=Manishearth
b3a21401450396975119672f12449ea60fa3e564Changwan Hong — servo: Merge #12342 - Add name method for Runnable trait into DetailsNotificationRunnable (from ChangWanHong:trivial); r=KiChjang
1adb1060e3a30f45f1e710f65c895239c7726bf2Andrew Savchyn — servo: Merge #12340 - Add name method for Runnable trait in DocumentProgressHandler (from Scorpil:document_progress_handler_runnable_name); r=KiChjang
df64ad0ca6ba636c171c48ddd2d50f9b7236010cTshepang Lekhonkhobe — servo: Merge #12266 - Update (from tshepang:patch-1); r=nox
0e57e70420553f547097dae82b1f680b69c6ce06Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12254 - Cleanup and update (from servo:org); r=jdm
ee1ff2c80eef2434df9901d98fb790db572eb55bBobby Holley — servo: Merge #12329 - Geckolib: Trivial binding regeneration (from bholley:binding_regen); r=emilio
fc474fa7234e21b292fd4f0d6952ea9ca81b7b81Malisa Smith — servo: Merge #12327 - Profile stats (from malisas:profile-stats); r=jdm
3ad22df5e53805afc25009d7eca72cd5794531d6Owen Coutts — servo: Merge #12317 - [tidy] Test json parsing functionality (from tallowen:add-tidy-test); r=jdm
c851afd334003550ef8e8cf2f85458ebbec601cfNikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #12313 - test-tidy command now ignores files in subdirectories of ignored dirs (from cynicaldevil:tidy-test); r=Wafflespeanut
37b7513b4c2ed40e1769595956655852b70ac81azakorgyula — servo: Merge #12309 - Add missing steps to descriptors writeValue function (from szeged:descriptor-functions); r=jdm
ccd6c8cbd829b4dece6dd421ebe329d4f64d48b2gozala — servo: Merge #12302 - Update browserhtml version to 0.1.15 (from Gozala:bhtml@0.1.15); r=ConnorGBrewster
ee01a50543f71a61fbdbd15622eca3b9429cb034Jim Berlage — servo: Merge #12299 - Fix up shell scripts (from jimberlage:fixup-scripts); r=emilio
ce48f125d31f532186fa0d2719a4e11c213270a8Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #12294 - Update num_cpus, libc, openssl, threadpool, smallvec, string_cache, gleam, gl_generator, x11 (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=KiChjang
17dea28dd5dd62710b02d6f4079cb601fcd1eb5cConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #12292 - Consolidate runnable variants on DOMManipulationTask into a single Runnable variant (from cbrewster:runnable_variant); r=KiChjang
f60fe1b78695a78eeafe6fdd14897a35d3df812eMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #12291 - Bail out gracefully on malformed kern table headers (from mbrubeck:font-panic); r=Wafflespeanut
0fae6524fcb2f0996cf5de598b4954de18a85bdaMs2ger — servo: Merge #12272 - Reuse report_pending_exception in CallSetup (from Ms2ger:report); r=jdm
166868446ad200adbad776513046219f128c3064Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12289 - Properly check storage size against QUOTA_SIZE_LIMIT (fixes #12247) (from nox:slate); r=Ms2ger
2a6eaebef290183a564057d0321cd47a59d3d106Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12275 - prefs: Make the preferences be guarded by a RwLock instead of a Mutex (from emilio:prefs-rwlock); r=jdm
c3ddb9ae5993c5b43d3feb3f3fc8717d8faa55cdAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12287 - Remove util::breakpoint (from nox:die-util-die); r=KiChjang
f7d84d94614f61af6199595f0c272219b0465ee8zakorgy — servo: Merge #12261 - Missing steps of Characteristic's readValue, writeValue functions (from szeged:gattcharacteristicfunctions); r=jdm
89ae101a76432c988d697582abd1c24e733c32a8Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12208 - Continue loading font-face sources on missing local font (from nox:fontloading); r=metajack
994e37316576a4e95300a6d9c30fcd95195c098fMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #12271 - Fix installation location for downloaded std packages (from mbrubeck:host_triple); r=emilio
e54db68c63dc7da24b9ff45b70bbaf29c30ab584Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12267 - Don't warn about reopening a crashed Servo window on Mac (from Manishearth:nocrash-plist); r=metajack
3183b3611761536bb0d0c4daefa0d79aa7bd55e6Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11950 - Support non-QWERTY keyboards (from jdm:keylayout2); r=emilio
40cd84ff76b228f45bbe92c27552d34a697b3d54Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #12233 - Make text decorations have the same color as the text if no shadows are present (from KiChjang:underline-color); r=emilio
5d03948225c38a2301d625599380c82b4aa94595Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12212 - stylo: Move all binding-generator logic code to a python script (from emilio:stylo-regen-script); r=bholley
db44c632efefa2fc08817328c4833a6d36362fa4Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #11948 - Support 'flex' and 'flex-flow' shorthand properties (from stshine:flex-shorthand-properties); r=emilio
35df17e12eb15665b4b9822417d3b5457982f947Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #11886 - Refactor attribute handling to avoid marshalling attributes from Gecko into Servo (from bholley:attr_refactor); r=SimonSapin
0563b21dfecef0e2f3f04f56f4f108a5dcbe85ecSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #12263 - Make geckolib possible to build on stable Rust (from servo:stable-geckolib); r=nox
71c5a69870bcac681dd6ecb31f131118138ad51fManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #12003 - Don't crash when <img> fails to parse its src (from Manishearth:no-crash-url-parse); r=jdm
4a254bb5384a6edf018572cae048d1789e17c258mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11794 - when window gains focus, update mouse coordinate (from mrmiywj:update-mouse-coordinate-when-focus); r=KiChjang
04ad679bc57ca697b4cb05e5e571cf4c455c2503zakorgy — servo: Merge #12260 - Timeout for GATTServer's connect, disconnect methods (from szeged:gattserverfunctions); r=jdm
08f7a9ed15e4028cd78c612507846c00b3776cc7Gabriel Poesia — servo: Merge #11945 - Add mach build-stable to build with stable rustc (from gpoesia:master); r=SimonSapin
99b7e25ae93041d8d27461d032affcf878bd2968Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12258 - Remove DataSlice, fix #12249 (from izgzhen:remove-data-slice); r=Manishearth
6486ff65e1b102d87eb474ddeb252af571a83a33Tetsuharu OHZEKI — servo: Merge #12205 - resource: Remove the duplicated config from pref.json (from saneyuki:prefs-cleanup); r=frewsxcv
7e66b097cb0e75d635b3ea772f4f463a45548c74Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12256 - Move some stuff from util to style (from nox:die-util-die); r=Ms2ger
3635939416fb2c86742e60beb73746a3ee736f4bMs2ger — servo: Merge #12216 - Move some types from msg to script_traits (from servo:msg); r=jdm
25f3bfe1c6e2e0079c07f2baf3b930eb5294b7f1Hugh Gallagher — servo: Merge #12237 - Avoid many uses of unwrap in (from hgallagher1993:servo); r=jdm
3d72d0ed4143696590799c52cc0f51697fc8f2f0Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #12241 - Don't load stylesheets in documents without browsing contexts (from jdm:multiple-stylesheets); r=notriddle
69853ecd989e9f48d88d807a724de7b1b3e1bf32Travis Dean — servo: Merge #12243 - Add style check and test for else braces (from TravisDean:else-brace-check); r=ConnorGBrewster
c766b45f3c82f917697d63eeeedd3c1427a780c3Rohit Zambre — servo: the --android flag is now needed for the package command
cdb29e0766bc6b26e1f697a747a6eca90fafe34cPer Lundberg — servo: Merge #12240 - Use if let rather than match (from perlun:fix/use-if-let); r=ConnorGBrewster
c5ea84c9e035a26fcdd4cb0d0d8d3222d0910fc8Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12224 - Remove some stuff from util (from nox:die-util-die); r=Ms2ger
70db9045abfa70e0440944258f92294eb298000cEduard Burtescu — servo: Merge #11872 - Replace return_address usage for rooting with stack guards and convenience macros (from eddyb:back-to-roots); r=Ms2ger
d5d8308847f78836c13cd2651e671e6b4ff99ffeZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11875 - Integration and improvements of File API backends (from izgzhen:file-manager-backend); r=Manishearth
0efca26cdbe9c0e4749ce2be2b21de398cacd8fbJames Raspass — servo: Merge #12218 - WebDriver: Fix POST /session/:session_id/elements to return multiple (from JRaspass:master); r=jdm
cf42313bd3642a28ce57084dd9789072dd8abcd0Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #12214 - Skip the root node in querySelectorAll (from nox:queryselector); r=Ms2ger
dc371b7acd948cb0864bf03b94c70189bec4f8c7Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12196 - Emit change event when files are selected (from izgzhen:emit-change-file-select); r=Manishearth
bbefb3e62a926cfc6b4fddc6441b91d7d695d39cAneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #12200 - Add linux dev yaml (from aneeshusa:add-linux-dev-yaml); r=larsbergstrom
46615d92583f67738218607fa0e0292211605dd3Johann Hofmann — servo: Merge #12050 - Switch to a faster Brotli crate (from johannhof:brotli); r=jdm
8fd2dbdc95ce5aa51937164f3e37e4f6d8dfa917Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #12185 - style: Do not re-expire animations (from emilio:dont-reexpire-animations); r=nox
832f74e40511cfa776bb9b0b8e4ce269cc2b48c8Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #12195 - Fix Blob URL origin when scheme is file (from izgzhen:fix-url-blob); r=Manishearth
a4aef7782594e9bcb2c131e5ffd84f9c05aff7f2Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #12190 - Minor MIME renaming and aliasing cleanup (from frewsxcv:mime-renaming); r=jdm
3a4585e4116448bf0e4f6cc877d94d30e7490663Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #12178 - Refactor `util::prefs` operations to be methods on static struct (from frewsxcv:prefs); r=emilio
48c4b6526f6048e9a26e7ae6754ace6897fa3678Andre Silva — servo: Merge #12175 - Remove unnecessary uses of unwrap in ImageCache::handle_cmd (from andrebeat:fix-handle-cmd-unwrap); r=ConnorGBrewster
86168f801ed176e94449ff1d2e4b2407419229d5Michael Howell — servo: Merge #12159 - Do not crash on partial calc interpolation (from notriddle:fix_interpolate_cleanup_regression); r=emilio
e58f9d08829d262b36dfba48e9edd6c0789b63d7Jacob Thomas — servo: Merge #12088 - Change colons to dashes in package name (from this-jacob:colon_to_dash); r=ConnorGBrewster
06bc6a420b9e2265fcb5489827482da1b957301fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11972 - Staticize CASCADE_PROPERTIES, (temporarily) fix stylo path for animations, and introduce the long-term path to follow (from emilio:style-thingies); r=bholley
b47fe3a47091e3c33f57cb856d60e46cac24fbfdConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #12136 - Send servo version in mozbrowser error (from cbrewster:servo_version_reporter); r=asajeffrey
11559a9a05784c97059cb2eb0763777135ef4c2aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #12112 - Update image (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=ConnorGBrewster
e20c9578e677382d65ce30f60341a2b3cbd13d67Jim Berlage — servo: Merge #12156 - Adds explicit mime type to (from jimberlage:12153/mime-type-s3); r=aneeshusa
0085c13d54dccdfe2516f23d75dd960ec3d62a1bPatrick Trottier — servo: Merge #12113 - Removing u8 from file (from Coder206:u8); r=mbrubeck,emilio
c06a899f00b7a16d6a1ae8cbabaab896aeba5ebaMarco Neumann — servo: Merge #12020 - Add shebang to Linux (from crepererum:fix/shebang); r=aneeshusa
8dc516fac603c00d286225609871344e8b2fd7f7Jacob Clark — servo: Merge #12004 - Add servo-latest on upload-nightly (from imjacobclark:patch-1); r=aneeshusa
8557fc94d5d6b349373ac7d0949fa85c417bd6f2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11946 - style: Remove the Mutex from new_animations_sender by moving it to the local StyleContext (from emilio:animations-sender); r=bholley
ba9bcef6e4728b847967193994ecc5d85d1edfebAlex Gaynor — servo: Merge #12035 - Disable TLS compression (from alex:patch-1); r=frewsxcv
fe4eb784daa3a3a6fcf7f913f23482f708352ff5Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12008 - Reorder code in KeyframesAnimation::from_keyframes() to avoid a panic (from servo:keyframes); r=Manishearth
3c2252eb0ffb2f58464a69e925131d9fe6ebd461Ms2ger — servo: Merge #12030 - Don't panic in LayoutThread::exit_now() if the paint thread is gone a… (from servo:exit-now); r=Manishearth
726f64025db371822c735378ef62f581e7295cdfConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #11974 - Change load blocker drop assert to debug_assert (from cbrewster:load_blocker_drop_debug_assert); r=asajeffrey
551c94d334ccb5018c5883929726807b04f3055aConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #11964 - Use proper comment syntax in servo.css (from cbrewster:fix_ua_comment); r=asajeffrey
cbc75933578b7d938a4c1b7a4ab25ba45d5e2079Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11979 - Update Glutin to pick up borderless window performance fixes on Mac (from ConnorGBrewster:glutinupupup)
46047da984f5f672858c80fc0d98f71de7947a60Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11982 - Copy resources on linux package (from ConnorGBrewster:resources_linux_package)
190abd5a589d0a72aad6fdb44bd05d852187dbf1Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11953 - Bump default resolution to 1024x768 (from Manishearth:more-res)
15eca32b4ac5d8dd4f8fd25c80a8cf809447ca2fLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11977 - Rollup of 2 pull requests (from larsbergstrom:rollup); r=larsbergstrom
0f462c04966509affeb6ec4192d20ba932c8eedeGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #11973 - Update WR for demo fixes (from glennw:demo-fix); r=ConnorGBrewster
3260e1c3fcb167d0242829848b7349cc8cdb7c03Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11971 - Commit to the correct s3 folder, not file (from larsbergstrom:s3_path)
fb24b8332975c9779d6853c17fd76ff3bcdfd530Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11959 - Change servo s3 build bucket name (from larsbergstrom:change_bucket_name); r=metajack
0c6e5c9471438632a98d11ca1c21882d305074daPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #11954 - update browserhtml (from paulrouget:bhtmlUpdate); r=Wafflespeanut
c2338bfa32991059bd59230a59a4538b6a5ccc8eNikhil Shagrithaya — servo: Merge #11952 - Creates KeyModifiers value using empty() instead of from_bits() (from cynicaldevil:master); r=Ms2ger
76708c9e8c36603bf709d7b29edf6d5853118f28Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #11951 - browerhtml update (from paulrouget:bhtmlUpdate); r=nox
138734953826b798e7e0eb5537cb8f5bbb041e75Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11949 - compositing: Only recomposite after a scroll if layers actually moved, and fix the jerky scrolling "pops" during flings on Mac (from servo:wr); r=glennw
801d504ea5dc2b6ab48744c3633a08146d412f2fZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11931 - Fix file-type input element (from izgzhen:fix-html-input-element); r=Manishearth
0bda9ee48b4165a23d0ccc1a35faedeff1b64e3bMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11801 - webrender: Don't use OpenGL round() for snapping pixels (from mbrubeck:snaptopix); r=pcwalton
4539fc919dd83fac16e578ca5445a8dac78dfaa1Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #11943 - Add a script to upload nightly packages to S3 (from aneeshusa:add-nightly-upload-script); r=larsbergstrom
817b20461b3c17b37762b4a852228d41fcc74f14Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11934 - Special-case setting location.hash to the empty string (from jdm:navigatefragment); r=emilio
dc8cc3ec4670f4842b57d095f18c02ef7d00e8bbJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11932 - Print out useful SSL-related information on SSL error page (from jdm:servoorg-cert); r=asajeffrey
dcee600d9b26c9d8993aa9f78b75c9b3d9db1045Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11930 - Remove some util stuff (from nox:die-util-die); r=SimonSapin
d3f459d197f5e26eaa73ba6954cc78472870810dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11925 - stylo: Simplify now that servo/rust-bindgen exists (from emilio:stylo-simplify-bindgen-setup); r=bholley
f5e74a4aa0d844f9a04412b99b59bf014d1051f5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11924 - style: Cleanup `Interpolate` code (from emilio:interpolate-cleanup); r=nox,Ms2ger
e1352a29facaf09d58bee679c4610dc5abb25a00Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11906 - Added checks that selection is valid, and fix set_selection_range (from asajeffrey:textinput-ok-selection); r=ConnorGBrewster
d19906b7e285f7ab3b5938484ebede5ae704d753Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11913 - Avoid stalled pages containing unreachable stylesheets (from jdm:stylesheet-error); r=Ms2ger
3ea6c218ef4144eacd7a1c3b6bd61d303fc7d4f6Cameron Paul — servo: Merge #11262 - Add `--version` flag (from campaul:add_version_flag); r=Manishearth
f4299f3601667cb2a643cdf364de22a5fbf3edacAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11909 - Use nightly feature of webrender_traits (from nox:wr-nightly); r=Ms2ger
db0b6d1ace8c78c662e74f06ca2080b933a1fa3cMs2ger — servo: Merge #11900 - Various DisplayList cleanup (from Ms2ger:displaylist-cleanup); r=nox
88f9c9e6a11c81a3e4e74df60ade498c0953580aPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #11922 - browserhtml update (from paulrouget:bhtmlUpdate); r=glennw
4394ebe6f65096f61e8dcafa7c4e2e2536df0319Michael Howell — servo: Merge #11914 - Text fragment color merge (from notriddle:text_fragment_color_merge); r=jdm
4cb9f1e5b190228c087b2e0bb610a88e18c14515Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11918 - gfx: Don't create paint threads when WebRender is in use (from pcwalton:wr-no-paint-threads); r=glennw
9741933ef78a3a61800828ffb1ab914845516198Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11911 - Fix dylib relinking issue (from cbrewster:app_packaging); r=larsbergstrom
8f8d74fcee9dfd19c71e2f97561fa52729ec5889Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11766 - Add `@keyframes` and `animation-*` support (from emilio:keyframes-parsing); r=SimonSapin,pcwalton
55c1dafe3aaffc89bfba374989343a3e35ec23d4Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11899 - Create and dmg on mac package (from cbrewster:app_packaging); r=larsbergstrom
980e9e7939b30cddb1235041979c3522dfdef51fDarin Minamoto — servo: Merge #11824 - Use get_mut instead of get-remove-set in XHR send() (from DarinM223:master); r=KiChjang
cd8093fbeab1b23c684cc3b279a048f0d0916fc9Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11892 - Use wrappers for GL IDs (from nox:webgl-wrappers); r=emilio
fed373040b37cb02bae6aac9f52d3762b2dc29c9Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #11884 - Replace usage of std::intrinsics::discriminant_value with `match` (from servo:antidiscrimination); r=nox
47c52c0c0c6198fadd7eca67ef84dff76ba14170Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11869 - add button for file-type input element (from izgzhen:button-input-file); r=Manishearth
0f9b1ea6b7231c36bfadb81a4180bdec61146701Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11883 - Some bindings improvements (from Ms2ger:bindings-refactor); r=jdm
096f7c267f4cb11e7498b81007f309faf162c543Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11834 - Add some documentation to the style crate (from servo:style-docs); r=SimonSapin
b2ed4aa1a04542eb0dca5f4dedd70c770469fbd9Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #11740 - Added detection for case-sensitive file systems (from perlun:detect-case-sensitive-file-system); r=metajack
9ee21fabd7cde98fa32345db4b88956c4d0dc129Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11871 - Update Rust to 1.11.0-nightly (ad7fe6521 2016-06-23) (from servo:rustup); r=jdm
3074cbea1d144d2249b35fc969e6f03bc3276626Pranaya Behera — servo: Merge #11877 - Fix README link (from shadow-fox:master); r=Manishearth
f55f591dd3bfa972c2ea164bab2f0b382cbf35ffDan Robertson — servo: Merge #10826 - Add webdriver commands for (Get|Add)Cookie (from danlrobertson:cookies); r=asajeffrey
454209b572ffc6e99e77359e3a6ee3544044581cMichael Howell — servo: Merge #11867 - Clean up code (from notriddle:master); r=jdm
e9b90e01824e25cc3c62c54e4ea6032ebc5f2c2fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11724 - webgl: Refactor texture validations to take advantage of rust type system (from emilio:webgl-refactor); r=jdm
737c883be6d8897f8bc0c36688f411f98b83dd64Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11852 - Move ChromeToPaintMsg to gfx_traits (from Ms2ger:ChromeToPaintMsg); r=jdm
8207a383b070baea89d6e041f649e587f9fcd054Davide Giovannini — servo: Merge #11665 - Fixed issue #11651 (Do not fire a blur event when calling .focus() on… (from davideGiovannini:master); r=KiChjang
6366f60546872b0156cdba2d5d8324225122c55eAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11695 - Removed some sources of panic from script thread (from asajeffrey:script-thread-dont-panic); r=Ms2ger
c8ae3ec07f1745a282b4222b3427aac079fc66c6Brandon Fairchild — servo: Merge #11856 - Update keyboard shortcuts (from nerith:doc); r=jdm
57b84af25bae5af4b5f407f74017319d5695d829Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #11849 - Fix preference name (from paulrouget:prefNameUpdate); r=jdm
d2102be619aa081dce4a3e5f40078472f3f067b9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11848 - Update web-platform-tests to revision 346d5b51a122f7bb1c7747064499ef281a0200f7 (from servo:wpt-20160624); r=Ms2ger
ba547265f5b3d4ee09515147adaac2bf24c06415Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11844 - Fix the Dromaeo test runner (from jdm:dromaeo-fix); r=Ms2ger
2bc0a7b175deb1e87814e9508559ffb9d5f20400Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11787 - Stop parsing style attributes during restyle in geckolib (from heycam:style-attr); r=bholley
fbc9291683849c99e9f962de2095f54e9470d319Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #11845 - Update angle and rust-mozjs to fix linking symbols for CEF (from metajack:updates-for-cef); r=jdm
3c3c0dc3ecd85fc2ea48379ff3305cb65c768783Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #11832 - Fix insert-adjacent error (from GuillaumeGomez:insert-adjacent); r=nox
2a2f779b451d24453757a8f862f655c816376e7bMs2ger — servo: Merge #11833 - Merge AuExtensionMethods and LocalToCss (from Ms2ger:LocalToCss); r=jdm
e75ed0238d63f8a30fec4b17946528b0d2484654mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11735 - add reload keyboard shortcut (from mrmiywj:reload-page-shortcut); r=jdm
2c23fd2e44fe757e3880d399b6bc58555fef758bShing Lyu — servo: Merge #11743 - Implementing Box Sizing for Stylo (from shinglyu:stylo-box-sizing); r=emilio
03247b41ab9ea8c1df78b47aee6e633ce39c345cSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #11835 - Use our copy of RefCell for style data (from servo:diy-as-unsafe-cell); r=nox
88f5e8a3a3d116ee1811d86780fc70c6b13a6113Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11831 - Make the STYLE_BLOOM global private (from Ms2ger:bloom); r=SimonSapin
06c9ad370949ff62f382acb606692aee65d1a328Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11830 - Support column-width property in geckolib (from Manishearth:stylo-column-width); r=emilio
52d6a030416ce2a0dcf4a174179bd592c6aaba75Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11822 - Avoid creating a LayoutContext in parallel::assign_inline_sizes (from Ms2ger:sharedcontext); r=nox
2ce1b591d94635ba6fdcefa604066dde60d0493cSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #11827 - Generate geckolib structs with -no-bitfield-methods (from servo:geckolib-no-const-fn); r=emilio
7b98ed8ad6fe71e2d2c77d193a2d5f362bcde447Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #11816 - Make the style crate (almost) build with a stable compiler (from servo:stable-style); r=nox
b3fa9ac83b5cf2a7407e75deb76b93bbd2e43887Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11803 - Avoid unwinding into C stack frames (from jdm:catch-unwind); r=nox
9b90ef6c003a83cf171ab3b93f4c9c4b4f0fc68aMs2ger — servo: Merge #11819 - Remove the glutin_app feature from the servo crate (from servo:glutin-feature); r=nox
1bb22d7be3d40a9b688c0d7e9325b76c5a67ea80Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11752 - Minor code cleanup in layout (from mbrubeck:cleanup); r=pcwalton
48b6d1049f449393c16e8627cf623faba317c822Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11784 - Look at nsIAtom.mHash directly rather than call Gecko_HashAtom (from heycam:atom); r=bholley
3f563215404f3efa7cb84a9d2d22391619375226Mike Blumenkrantz — servo: Merge #11817 - embedding README updates (from zmike:master); r=metajack
a70addd6bcdcfaa45dca213b7fa7a6af9e026b56Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11814 - Add a border to the logo to differentiate from background color (from jdm:fancy-logo); r=metajack
66125e5686dceeb975284d2949b976e86daff41fConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #11809 - Remove pipeline_to_frame_map (from cbrewster:remove_pipeline_to_frame_map); r=asajeffrey
36964148481864b31b627abf9f6819705dbd8818Patrick Trottier — servo: Merge #11789 - URI to URL (from Coder206:uri); r=asajeffrey
74d756311b16ca74ad4618ad30119a19d877b9cbJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11530 - Obtain backtraces automatically from segfaults (from jdm:sigsegv); r=metajack
135dda876b83910c41a4abd44917afb5ff2fb9b2Brian Grinstead — servo: Merge #11807 - Be clear in ports/cef/ about using build-cef (from bgrins:patch-1); r=jdm
06e44517d32e7e6ec4ee10abb041606143d034c1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11804 - Introduce a layout_thread crate; drop the dependency of layout on script (from Ms2ger:layout-thread-crate); r=jdm
d21431b4e2363584b5ca2aae7bbf072986545688Connor Imes — servo: Merge #11785 - Update heartbeats-simple to 0.3.0 (from connorimes:update-hbs-0.3.0); r=metajack
0e24a90fd529e68765b0904a64303d451a135474Sagar Muchhal — servo: Merge #11544 - Implement private browsing for mozbrowser (from jdm:privatebrowsing); r=asajeffrey
b60e2d7f53f7ace2d4c8117694a41f248efb2fc7Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11754 - Move ServoLayoutNode and related structs to script (from Ms2ger:wrapper-traits-prep2); r=nox
239ae4b98aa0c9752ad375b84a052605417cd461Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11757 - Implement filter for file-type input's accept attribute (from izgzhen:file-acccept-mime-filter); r=Manishearth
695182493a385e863fcb4928812e4102152b59f6Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11800 - Remove unused argument to place_float_if_applicable (from Ms2ger:place_float_if_applicable); r=nox
4457104efb112f3644d91f09984339ae843812efMs2ger — servo: Merge #11797 - Use *const AtomicUsize rather than *mut AtomicUsize in WorkQueue (from Ms2ger:workqueue-mut-atomic); r=nox
1c4aae44b09b8b6b2c21729be6f99bee8ec7f9c4Michael Howell — servo: Merge #11798 - Account for the font of empty input fields (from notriddle:input_caret); r=nox
e374e94a248128ba02fc9fb4b45488e7f6e95ae0Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #11799 - Update string_cache to v0.2.20 (from KiChjang:update-string-cache); r=Wafflespeanut
0a63d86f6bd751427e5b00e8d78be8b62d12ab6eCampbell Barton — servo: Merge #11795 - Add pkg-config dep for ArchLinux (from ideasman42:patch-1); r=jdm
58b74adf9773c889c5971f154ed35d7a63d0a23eUK992 — servo: Merge #11788 - Silent some warnings (from UK992:warnings); r=jdm
3581c6e959c3a56d352dc02e2a03c4f3f9883a0bMichael Howell — servo: Merge #11786 - Alignment is wrong (from notriddle:cleanup); r=jdm
dd290d7533eabe85c8e2c882617c350893c6112aSimon Martin — servo: Merge #11780 - Issue #11388: --debug and --browserhtml are not exclusive in 'mach run' (from simartin:issue_11388); r=metajack
871a2979c2fb236fa8184974d480e4d2f2bfbd75Achal Shah — servo: Merge #11768 - Update Blob::{new, new_inherited} to take Strings (from achals:blob-string); r=Ms2ger
5f0e2f081e4bb8e52cf16db943bac7d64b86ded4ddh — servo: Merge #11778 - Added DoubleEndedIterator for MutFlowListIterator (from avadacatavra:mutflowlistdoubleiter); r=Ms2ger
57ab04b4e1d5ebecc5292e1c4a89130065cd8f16Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11771 - Pass Ctr+C to underlying process when invoking commands through mach (from jdm:osx_gdb); r=Wafflespeanut
8741a23e5698edf84713e06bd55a590997267dc7Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11716 - Implement Blob URL's DOM interfaces (from izgzhen:impl-blob-url-dom); r=Manishearth
0bfaf96930a643e7be24851204deb6af383356e9Alexandrov Sergey — servo: Merge #11769 - Remove unused XHR method (from splav:master); r=jdm
b8c8c76a17aa915dd8e2bfa63d98ab862173db78Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11506 - Make canvas send their data themselves to other canvas (from nox:slither); r=emilio
22f916cd1fa7df071afc8a603d44dad470ae9158Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #11761 - Tidy test for ignoring attributes (from Wafflespeanut:tidy_test); r=emilio
34b7a143e50cf58712d0a5e067d794fce4eb397fjmr0 — servo: Merge #10225 - Implement non-visible pipeline and iframe visibility methods (from jmr0:visibility_api); r=jdm
73a10e84aaa215aaaa839cd11c685113964db709Ravi Shankar — servo: Merge #11755 - Removed an unused function and minor cleanup (from Wafflespeanut:tidy_fixes); r=nox
1d4eabfdbb1cdf76fc963efac9045bf70599d831Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11748 - stylo: Support the rest of the background-xxx P1 properties (from emilio:stylo-background-xxx); r=mbrubeck
11f80e2094c601be5ef4704b2d6cfd1e760a8d41Darin Minamoto — servo: Merge #11746 - Image with height defined in % resizes properly (from DarinM223:master); r=mbrubeck
4ecaccffbf97bfa8cc1a60d696f6aa5a03394ffdMaciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #11758 - Small performance improvement (from mskrzypkows:construct); r=SimonSapin
eae592d8696190767af6ec717c9b374a5b9b43e0Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11749 - Check to see if about:failure failed (from asajeffrey:constellation-failing-failure); r=glennw
8e85e0e587b579e66fe657a7d768263e5d5186d0mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11697 - indexed getter of form elements (from mrmiywj:form-index-getter); r=Ms2ger
444ce8b4f932eb240fba2ecdc3c12a7fdf079da0Saurabh Badhwar — servo: Merge #11621 - Make mach test-tidy consider ignored dirs (from h4xr:mach_fix); r=Wafflespeanut
deb7ba588bea4ce43cae8e3a465a48eb5c687411Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11745 - Update to rustc 2016-06-14 (from servo:rustup); r=mbrubeck
20f153d04211205ba7c07a174a6aefa7c8d3b8eeZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11717 - Add filepicker (from izgzhen:filepicker); r=Manishearth
627bcd5100dd04eb5d585ed05096db9ce0e5d391Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11737 - Move the initialize_data method out of the TNode trait (from Ms2ger:init-data); r=pcwalton
678829008a0dba56f7cbf343fbc60c1f82dd8ba9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11736 - Use Ref/RefMut::map rather than transmute for ServoLayoutNode (from Ms2ger:detransmute); r=jdm
12eb8c13597e85612f85715eb165ce38b7d188d0Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11715 - compositor: Rerequest scroll positions from WebRender while overscrolled layers are bouncing back (from pcwalton:wr-overscroll-event-targeting-fix); r=glennw
4c99d625f7d042c1176631351a06cc28ddb2672fDarin Minamoto — servo: Merge #11734 - Replace RefCell in SCRIPT_THREAD_ROOT with Cell (from DarinM223:master); r=Ms2ger
cfbdca3fad9d854d8594e9e4abf8fe388f680b63mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11696 - use less repetitive name (from mrmiywj:rename-to-less-repetitive); r=ConnorGBrewster
a3f72bb20af7b58e2014e03e190d627ec916ec40Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #11718 - Removed reference to update-core (from perlun:patch-3); r=metajack
27025784b670960b6673e82bd5f21ecddad57f9aNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #11720 - Fix the type of HTMLIFrameElement.sandbox (from canaltinova:sandbox); r=nox
291f43a19a85aa92d5a3bbb452ee7ac8013a915aManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11556 - Make fetch happen (from Manishearth:make-fetch-happen); r=jdm
f86bfa474c9df82dde333532fb0b53a739705847Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11700 - Remove an invalid assertion in fire_timer (from Ms2ger:assert); r=jdm
2ae6f118bbb305a1b35b8b9711a7e2c827185df8Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11680 - script: When using WebRender, keep the DOM-side scroll positions for elements with `overflow: scroll` up to date, and take them into account when doing hit testing (from pcwalton:wr-overflow-scroll-hit-testing); r=jdm
733e6072944f9a7c8e18aa00177686d165621c30Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11702 - Don't load all font faces sources (from nox:fonts); r=metajack
8387e649f303bdcd0e5aef03b212813d7199c0ebJansen Jan — servo: Merge #11214 - Support WindowProxy return values in bindings (from farodin91:windowproxy); r=jdm
1e9fee765f5fbe2a974fedc607bfbd42b6c5018eJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11707 - Avoid frequent intermittent failure in tests (from jdm:resize_warn); r=Ms2ger
6878828310df2ecfbe70be08728bfdd7887d373eBob — servo: Merge #10382 - stop client websocket close echoing server close (from bobthekingofegypt:fix-websocket-close); r=metajack
261172d1f7037d80f247732a93355ade4bcb3db5Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11692 - Add a default Accept-Language header to HTTP requests (from jdm:language); r=Manishearth
86e3ca7e08e578761feb3448930fce01975edf6fLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11691 - Add very simple Android browser page load support (from larsbergstrom:android_load); r=mbrubeck
fc43c04d381d0398286f23f8161a4820a4155cddMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11688 - Support keyword values for 'cursor' in geckolib (from mbrubeck:cursor-master); r=emilio
3f9be465a8dd91484d74e5b8aa73748f51c4c81cDaosheng Mu — servo: Merge #11168 - Implement WebGL TexSubImage2D (from daoshengmu:texSubImage2D); r=emilio
ff6c198258187ebca567112edb201a2f37dd9b57Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11552 - Improve implementation and add testing regarding file manager thread (from izgzhen:add-testing-fix-filemanager); r=Manishearth
eaa60a63e80bfe6564ecf428b37af1bbecf5b3f8Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11687 - Android basedir (from larsbergstrom:android_basedir); r=mbrubeck
f1e86432948d92fd82f637405f732dc47cd8c82fFlorian Duraffourg — servo: Merge #11513 - Add mach command to update public domain list and use a HashSet for matching (from fduraffourg:pr11216); r=jdm
b8c0b434b0f17c59e7863c2b7e073219fc4f6f4bMs2ger — servo: Merge #11684 - Avoid an index-out-of-bounds error in ScriptMemoryFailsafe (from servo:fix-failsafe); r=jdm
57c812687fa2fff552d7f91630b9e3370419ee38Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11683 - Bump Rust to 1.11.0-nightly (34505e222 2016-06-08) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
b9bef04df02b855ff9611fd5dce940ec51fd2975Kosov Eugene — servo: Merge #11548 - Make Document::DefaultView return a null value when there's no browsing context (from kevgs:default_view2); r=Ms2ger
5f15da4310f008abe6b7fb824a67276c6d99508fMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11667 - Support font-family in geckolib (from mbrubeck:font-family-master); r=heycam
3b982de13bc0b3ae90d52eba9977d10c33266c9aAdam Casey — servo: Merge #11543 - Fix ./mach --browserhtml (from UK992:browserhtml); r=metajack
73680ecaa1608664901d17136f78231571040f37Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11646 - servo: Add an `Info.plist` on the Mac and opt into integrated graphics (from pcwalton:real-info-plist); r=metajack
098ac95f94a6326dfbcf661585268b236978086aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11397 - Remove the layout trace viewer (from mbrubeck:layout-viewer); r=glennw
3719503e8d64988521c452549c6980f4db16357ezakorgyula — servo: Merge #11652 - Add blacklist check to GetIncludedService(s) functions (from szeged:blacklistfix); r=jdm
f6301dc2bd580878b70ec4b9d633382afdc83317Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11676 - Create some channels on the constellation thread (from Ms2ger:constellation-channels); r=asajeffrey
013e1611353e25b110ff1a8cfaa21c57e57b011czakorgyula — servo: Merge #11636 - Fix an incorect behavior, when converting optional services (from szeged:optservicesfix); r=jdm
4afb98ad3ad4dcd784ec251b90f03b99ce2c7f05Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11675 - Remove a spurious field from the SetFrameTree message (from Ms2ger:SetFrameTree-field); r=metajack
6759689cb99d81786fd423d76d66217727ba414dGuillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #11668 - Insert adjacent (from GuillaumeGomez:insert_adjacent); r=nox
01dc82740d907d870fc4f9ccc48fc9bf3229f4d5Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11640 - Update Rust to 1.11.0-nightly (ec872dc8a 2016-06-07) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
09f437b1b65031d26aa6b27d9b7b0291f8b7639aZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11536 - Add blob loader (from izgzhen:add-blob-loader); r=Manishearth
d7690c4f91580dcdb9cc4b607eed267ae25db4baConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #11616 - Add support for navigating by a delta (from cbrewster:navigation_delta); r=asajeffrey
6bdc93156f398894b3ca8b8d1a14cfe46547fb36Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11644 - Mozbrowser top level browsing context (from asajeffrey:mozbrowser-top-level-browsing-context); r=ConnerGBrewster
d6508e94aa8f961fc16f18200dab773af22ee09bMs2ger — servo: Merge #11656 - Reduce the amount of dom code used outside the script crate (from Ms2ger:reduce-dom-exposure); r=nox
e6d9ca572ebc3711572ac790b0e6c1954d50f072Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11620 - Implement [Unscopable] (fixes #11583) (from nox:unscopable); r=Ms2ger
4438903005b47beae9280d2f5db896487f6a1627Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11654 - Make report_pending_exception unsafe (from nox:error); r=Ms2ger
bdc56e5660c3e58e4d22a5a44a412b0376419e38Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11565 - Introduce FontFaceRules::effective_sources() (from nox:fonts); r=metajack
b266d21164c0b2541216f526b81dd6ebc87b2805Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11572 - Implement :placeholder-shown (fixes #10561) (from nox:placeholder-shown); r=SimonSapin
ce84a29c89978d33b916086bd159022ebd10df47Daniel — servo: Merge #11516 - add update-manifest command (from DDEFISHER:master); r=metajack
f7a6cff819c2c4e5c1a09ca3b40dd7b3ea42077bedunham — servo: Merge #11210 - Start on Mach package (from edunham:mach-package); r=larsbergstrom
15e4b3faa28323a5b68dcbecdf19be0b1e61ecd2Achal Shah — servo: Merge #11632 - Implement URL.domainToUnicode (from achals:master); r=KiChjang
1697b1f15654e318b7e4fb6a491ad80aca792e10Orvar Segerström — servo: Merge #11639 - Use base_url instead of url in HTMLAnchorElement::set_url (from awestroke:anchor-element-base-url); r=nox
1dea3e5570a79b669e72909e7d347ee82ad28ba8Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11641 - Correct the signature of flow_ref::deref_mut (from Ms2ger:flow-deref-mut-lifetime); r=nox
52f71a6fa20f54b4c8218833b722139a32d04794Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11635 - Use collect() for more idiomatic code in bluetooth (from Ms2ger:collect); r=nox
1f3d13d7a8cffb142956363c4756e00919f3f2d0Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11623 - Move some code out of util::str (from Ms2ger:str); r=nox
020f1fc38e5423fa5638db39cd0a7cb1d931efd7Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11593 - Make the net monitor panel in FF's devtools show meaningful output (from jdm:netmon); r=nox
b773a1c1565ca7c722c876141c6b6c4fb4012395Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11587 - Cleanup Element interface (from nox:element); r=Ms2ger
c310b4d5c4557e78dabbfc715b489d33ca87d50aDaniel Robertson — servo: Merge #11626 - Add FreeBSD to `host_triple` (from danlrobertson:freebsd-host-triple); r=larsbergstrom
99a0e1f20cc0a474e131af4c40c867de5c9b0b98Kosov Eugene — servo: Merge #11606 - Removed references to DOMSettableTokenList (from kevgs:dom_settable_token_list); r=nox
a18e490685038d757f640e2bb5a3793c60b90fa8mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11190 - add &Root<T> checker (from mrmiywj:Root-tidy-checker); r=jdm
9a423065f2713f34a9f269f014cde45721ba7ab9zakorgy — servo: Merge #11580 - Allowed services support (from szeged:allowedservices); r=jdm
8adaceafe9974d8170646dc1114bebfb736b8b35Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11619 - Some cleanup in gfx (from Ms2ger:freetype); r=nox
c81584060a7541a451022e7f3dca27bd23a6fafeAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11610 - Fix all the links to the UI Events spec (from nox:dom3events); r=emilio
09996c3f59fb1850208a0b0ec0065a7dac49bb2fMs2ger — servo: Merge #11614 - Deny unsafe code in some more modules (from Ms2ger:deny-unsafe); r=nox
8bbda02c0e630f01498655d5c39bed0b11d7e54cMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11590 - Remove unused dev-dependency on image (from mbrubeck:cleanup); r=jdm
44d5eb864a8c92a48cdafb6e2dd0f6889ded62ecMitchell Hentges — servo: Merge #11442 - Fragment debug_id u16 only exists in debug, prod will format mem address (from mitchhentges:87-debug-id); r=KiChjang
34a33f786aab45eeda4aaf63773a072c2700cd9bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11586 - Cleanup Document interface (from nox:document); r=Ms2ger
d9dfc1f50f3ac6930c51cd63d1f0cba06c6fcd1bMs2ger — servo: Merge #11607 - Remove the layout and paint shutdown channels (from Ms2ger:shutdown-channels); r=asajeffrey
7c15ae711040ee9f246187da23f45b7e4738396aRafael Quintero — servo: Merge #11605 - Rename the variants of the SubmittedFrom and ResetFrom enums to be less repetitive (from rafaqtro:local_r); r=KiChjang,emilio
edb6d55b6ead0d966d45743bfa6c58453fc6a23cGuillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #11589 - Make DOMTokenList.contains not throw anymore (from GuillaumeGomez:contains); r=nox
41bc8197689356f0e6eb414bd18ab670dc1f7b25Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11585 - Avoid deadlock when closing a pipeline (from asajeffrey:constellation-avoid-deadlock-during-pipeline-closure); r=larsbergstrom
a7ec67ad78d7cff8a54c6cc509f6952674f65a1bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11588 - Clarify some argument names in NamedNodeMap interface (from nox:namednodemap); r=Ms2ger
7c4a7714695aa1fc1f73b6cbdf7742fce10fa265Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11594 - Map glutin modifier keycodes to servo keycodes (from jdm:modifiers); r=mbrubeck
efdbf713d49fcddc25346babda224ce65e13824bMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11591 - Upgrade backtrace, byteorder, compiletest, harfbuzz, hyper, phf, serde_json, url (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=jdm
c7c11a5820873ea3a0764ee2a14b5ca2712a2fbbrwakulszowa — servo: Merge #11576 - Dropped references to RefCell (from rwakulszowa:net-filemanager-idmap-drop-refcell); r=nox
e58e2c34c6eb801be7d22a8c7af9b979c0f70287Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11534 - Add Blob URL store (from izgzhen:add-blob-url-store); r=Manishearth
d26acf4dc243fdbbf25ddbbeb66928d92895068fAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11582 - Remove some commented-out methods that were removed from spec (from nox:parentnode); r=Wafflespeanut
4fd4a57997eb51b73625e575cfd7f04bbe5acd49Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11571 - Derive Clone for DOMManipulationTaskSource, UserInteractionTaskSource (from Ms2ger:derive-clone); r=nox
cd90ea31719537b27aa31baf3ae10c3f649dbcf9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11573 - Remove some options code (from Ms2ger:opts); r=nox
a4cb10a7386f9fdeddfa2f919d23adbc7fee2302Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #11496 - Implement Range::createContextualFragment (from GuillaumeGomez:range); r=nox
7fd1d00cb1ebe8d7764893799550fffd2d65540dAndrew Shu — servo: Merge #11569 - compositing: Remove CompositorThread struct (from talklittle:remove_struct_10261); r=metajack
258b6dd147cf6779fd5230fdcf9a7e34d89868cdCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11549 - Generate debug and release Gecko bindings (from heycam:release-bindings); r=heycam
9b818629d468bc2f9afee13a8a05522257d25fafAndrew Shu — servo: Merge #11570 - mach: Introduce --all flag to run all test suites (from talklittle:mach_test_9544); r=Manishearth
69a15042eaa254065baf6c96b49b422218a974f2Rebecca — servo: Merge #11468 - Implement meta referrer policy delivery (3) (from rebstar6:refPol4); r=nox
bf725e88c2e0afbc772b6fc089ac34d28120750cPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #11537 - compositing: Don't translate points to layer space when using WebRender (from pcwalton:webrender-remove-layer-space-translation); r=glennw
a04ac887b5958366962198d760046a7981037d59Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11568 - servo: Update Glutin and WebRender to pick up performance improvements (from pcwalton:glwrup); r=metajack
6300e18b1ff57c084bbdb2a6c98a626f540f6734Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11567 - removed unused imports (from cbrewster:no_unused); r=metajack
ec0c8a04073dfdde5de35ca1758bc3081120e352Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #11564 - Clean up DOMManipulationTaskSource (from KiChjang:dom-manipulation-task-source); r=jdm
c665166b03e7876b4456ab416fd7114681e4e68dfokinv — servo: Merge #11523 - Add random Device ID generation (from szeged:random_id); r=jdm
da9a263fdd1b76fa6c2e7244bb2e93989e217e9cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11456 - stylo: Support linear-gradients as background-image (from emilio:stylo-linear-gradient); r=mbrubeck
d3451008413391065d813fe3e34efec300cd0297Tara — servo: Merge #11540 - Change the font-size property for input and textarea (from taravancil:input-text-size); r=mbrubeck
26d2b88cef81b294daf7522d39f9ba74198c0ca3Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11542 - Fire a mozbrowseropenwindow event when an html anchor has a non-self target (from asajeffrey:mozbrowser-send-opentab-event); r=paulrouget
34aafd9397e1242d671990e3a556d37a44fe5c8cPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #11554 - Support link target attribute (from paulrouget:targetProperty); r=Ms2ger
d2fca6fe03345c0e677bd14a0dfdccd495343ebfRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #11114 - implement related service worker interface and register method (from creativcoder:nav-sw); r=jdm
2647a04ad4bd0a99a81f5dc4b67f637af0866e0bAndrew Fluth — servo: Merge #11550 - Added support for additional xml types to DOMParser::parseFromString (from afluth:11505-ImplementParseFromStringXmlTypes); r=Ms2ger
7ae00803f901d065de567f97d72a259a6e190b1fMs2ger — servo: Merge #11553 - Remove spurious JS_Init call (from Ms2ger:init); r=nox
1c3053f2d8789617b1a1ca6616d9848f475f9e66Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #11035 - Do not create stacking contexts for text fragments (from mrobinson:no-stacking-contexts-for-text-fragments); r=pcwalton
9a2701f4f1cc681b5ebd30c55ff356d8c2256500Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11538 - Fix some build warnings (from Ms2ger:warnings); r=emilio
e75065a3379c629fbac7395d1b6b7d7cd3c81c46Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11533 - Don't complain about unimplemented setters in release builds (from heycam:unimpl-setters); r=mbrubeck
f3435c1e5d272176991d7755926390971c06a925Kyle Headley — servo: Merge #11443 - Remove CompositorEventListener trait (from kyleheadley:remove_trait_11339); r=asajeffrey
a531e404d2b3bf0d73d0b946cdce5ec651f08687Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11545 - script: Ensure we don't ignore reflows for queries that bail out due to the viewport size not yet present (from emilio:reddit); r=pcwalton
76c9d689f11a68934cd6ccc0c3f92c9895b1db29Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11531 - script: Use angle from the servo repo (from emilio:anglemove); r=metajack
3bb9e01e7c7b993fa829903af97c2ac16a2bc3a3Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #11525 - Provide a better error message when downloading rustc fails (from perlun:better-error-when-rustc-download-fails); r=jdm
dd747f278fc40be1e92f81225d036982fd0a5da1Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11522 - Remove all uses of &Root<T> (from nox:root-ref); r=jdm
97bab307c0ad6fab34b6c4b91efed7ec439c256aAbelardo E. Mendoza — servo: Merge #11497 - send a reply when thread is done exiting (from ab22:11467-resource-threads-race-with-shutdown-to-write-out-data); r=Ms2ger
ce3b753ff7eb73e78ad6077d77beda3b4d9e48e1Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11445 - Support line-height in geckolib (from mbrubeck:line-height); r=emilio
b867b288a8fbd4e03b3ba1c60d6ffb33afb5cd6bZhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11221 - Add file backend support for Blob and related (from izgzhen:blob-file-backend); r=Manishearth
bcb6417523f4c598af37e9db56230a226675331fGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #11428 - csstext (from g-k:csstext); r=SimonSapin
17279bc5045f3f7205964e9679f1cc70c12bc984Rafael Quintero — servo: Merge #11480 - rename (from rafaqtro:local_b); r=emilio
5e36f837a50a0ffeefba5153dc5350b60b8a8561Pu Xingyu — servo: Merge #11417 - Support remaining longhand flexbox style properties for servo (from stshine:flex-longhand-properties); r=mbrubeck
f728a22bff8d6fd27c38a952b9142db0d243005aPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #11398 - script: Keep the DOM-side viewport up to date when scrolling happens in WebRender (from pcwalton:webrender-viewport); r=glennw
b7afa397804274b71efaf09a8745c84d2a80811cfokinv — servo: Merge #11335 - Add WebBluetooth GATTBlacklist support (from szeged:blacklist); r=jdm
f316678ce66a803d2573ebd52ba0eed11501700aDaniel Robertson — servo: Merge #11193 - Add link to git-hook tips in (from danlrobertson:pr-template); r=mbrubeck
11de2153852074a8063db6a7d9afc5daae684982Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11520 - Bump rust-mozjs for the safe Runtime::new (fixes #11512) (from nox:runtime); r=tschneidereit
17ce4b8fcc4c14b5dafc72a73bcdaeec76b7a64aMs2ger — servo: Merge #11521 - Remove SharedLayoutContext::url (from Ms2ger:SharedLayoutContext-url); r=nox
71ef0ad2ee23dc1588fa76ea2274325ed93cc839Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11490 - layout: Fix display list construction of linear gradients (from emilio:linear-gradient); r=SimonSapin
5eb34c027070a2773a053403a82d338e325c48e5fokinv — servo: Merge #11503 - Add macro to match the adapter (from szeged:adapter_macro); r=jdm
0172182861f7a44e60979ba5bf949c9579d38e22Mitchell Hentges — servo: Merge #11495 - Fix 9283 - space or comma separated rect() arguments (from mitchhentges:9283-rect-no-comma); r=SimonSapin
beef64b4377f415066a2cc6fef5bb6064f86aefbAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11094 - Start implementing protocolDescription and canCurrentlyRecord in devtools (from nox:devtools); r=Ms2ger
4eeef4cbe15da562cad672bd7d2f8ae9572f90feMs2ger — servo: Merge #11511 - Add a missing JSAutoCompartment to javascript url handling (from Ms2ger:jsurl-crash); r=nox
829602361804c4d16e112c1d6975cb1d98c98527Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11504 - Update web-platform-tests to revision bda2059150dca8ab47f088b4cc619fcdc1f262fa (from servo:wpt-20160530); r=Ms2ger
ead48574485bf5c2a2b486faca8f82b5ec643f61Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11413 - Support content blocking (from nox:content-blocker); r=nox+jdm+Ms2ger
c7c5ce9de6c9a5ed3954b00acd3a528c41c5a589Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11508 - Fix permissions of mozbrowser and BrowserElementPrivileged (fixes #11498) (from nox:mozbrowser); r=Ms2ger
0df8b60edb26336d8c3ed72bfb3354078e91b6adDaniel — servo: Merge #11426 - Implement IsBuffer, IsFramebuffer and IsRenderbuffer for WebGLRenderingContext (from DDEFISHER:master); r=emilio
10afe8231857e779889fc639798915d8fe1325e2Thiago Pontes — servo: Merge #11491 - use USVStrings instead of DOMString for urls in Node and Document (from thiagopnts:master); r=Ms2ger
3d6292c3f8b0063e589f2779241bb24a37383486Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11488 - Remove the ConvertPipelineIdToWebRender trait (from Ms2ger:ConvertPipelineIdToWebRender); r=metajack
d64a2ce53a00d80fd74c85d24d34652c25762d01Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11484 - Remove LayoutControlChan (from Ms2ger:LayoutControlChan); r=nox
3768bdac857a7aa37e9be55abc1d59993976f7eeLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11474 - Remove the gonk port (from larsbergstrom:remove_gonk); r=metajack
aa2d4f0b4e286c729e0d9854f31a2fdc43893d6cJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11472 - Report blank lines that follow an open brace (from jdm:wip); r=mbrubeck
9840a1ebd38d6bf63e2113177a7fef7e3c0ac722Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11378 - Default to the same Cargo features in all build commands (from mbrubeck:debug-mozjs); r=larsbergstrom
07d783f85d7c20c7153465704943dd2f6d61b2d7Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11471 - Split up Constellation::handle_requests (from Ms2ger:handle_request); r=nox
560648bf46401fd837c41fd1f7021bd53afca9e5Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11470 - Make script origins sendable and immutable (from servo:postmessage1.5); r=Ms2ger
ae504da197f5658d1031d68c1082a53485494442Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11465 - Implement window.openURLInDefaultBrowser() (fixes #11292) (from nox:open); r=jdm
0747578611488c72d8d92e00e4698bab2533972dMs2ger — servo: Merge #11437 - Simplify and improve Pipeline creation (from Ms2ger:pipeline-creation); r=asajeffrey
8712fe1ce683e71d08757856b56cf3e0f33204f0Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11463 - Remove the LayoutChan type (from Ms2ger:LayoutChan); r=nox
ab15700a50005ed37ec8af952068bd23867559f1Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11462 - devtools: fix segfault, remove println (from Manishearth:devtools-fixes); r=Ms2ger
cfacb5b14356c164b1dc61003ac4e9f338704362Cullen Rhodes — servo: Merge #11329 - Report use statements that use {} with only one entry (from c-rhodes:11320); r=jdm
a84ca08a7217942572115896f2bbfa2f4b632ddbDirkjan Ochtman — servo: Merge #11449 - Remove Document.get_html_element() (fixes #8409) (from djc:rm-get-html-element); r=nox
51728d60025315542170a4889dca22007fc074cbBharath M R — servo: Merge #11434 - WIP: Fixes #11407: Implement Window.status (from catchmrbharath:status); r=nox
d617487b1df5e64426932a60052241015f05126dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11308 - Implement [Func] (from nox:guarded); r=jdm
29c71f8e72cd8c1709f165a60937f37f7fac19dfKosov Eugene — servo: Merge #11458 - add log2(u32) and use it to prevent casting to and from float to int (from kevgs:log2); r=Manishearth
a43c4e1dbae996dff752abe6418ce7bf498df901Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11423 - Update spec link for timers (from servo:jdm-patch-2); r=mbrubeck
66045207a206b663d3feeb38882b5f5d69191cceMs2ger — servo: Merge #11408 - Take LayoutThread::url out of its RefCell (from Ms2ger:layoutthread-url); r=Manishearth
77e96730242d9191a03ab87ad2ced38d0a84d379Aneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #11406 - Fix Android APK building (packaging) (from aneeshusa:add-missing-build-apk-semicolon); r=mbrubeck
b227f7c5b183d2b098e04cae5a4250ab86a64eddConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #11455 - Remove unused import (from cbrewster:fix_warning); r=emilio
32a676b2b68a9732bd37581ca63c8312b590dcf4Rebecca — servo: Merge #11429 - Partially enable referrer-policy tests with some modifications (from nox:unlimited-referrer-works); r=jdm
9f225ab3f0f47ad6cff315ba5ca9138e8ffa8a9bCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11433 - Don't re-parse dummy base URL every time in GeckoElement::style_attribute (from heycam:dummy-base-url); r=bholley
42bf4f7dc1e4131a060232783b08870d3f98990cAbelardo E. Mendoza — servo: Merge #11432 - 11402 implement window alert (from ab22:11402-implement-window-alert); r=KiChjang
3da155267e0143dfd0959a111d995294ae233815Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11430 - Record the frame type (IFrame or MozBrowserIFrame) in the pipeline (from asajeffrey:constellation-record-mozbrowser-parent-info); r=ConnorGBrewster
ccd7c8364211494cd4524a0aeabebcfcfac3adbfAttila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #11367 - Extend WebBluetooth with included services (from szeged:included_services); r=jdm
6c25ffa7f48152ba3b55e757a8bfed22c2515bcbAttila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #11269 - Extend WebBluetooth with discovery session and dialog (from szeged:discovery); r=jdm
8db013e426faa48fc6c4859225c31a7200434b7dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11441 - Update Rust to 1.10.0-nightly (267cde259 2016-05-25) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
625bf52d5225882666ede6918a97d43f42319844Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11394 - Reduce the size of StackingContextId (from mbrubeck:stacking-context-id); r=pcwalton
fd119bfd4abfe2fc2f7dfed6201315d73f7e09d4Dirkjan Ochtman — servo: Merge #11438 - Add dbus-devel under Fedora dependencies (from djc:readme-fedora-deps-dbus); r=jdm
74ffb4163f720d00a09055d167a7d6b49056fb83Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #11391 - mach: Redirect stderr to /dev/null when locating Python binary (from perlun:fix/be-more-quiet-when-finding-python-binary); r=mbrubeck
5dd20a97a1ccdc7b3c6484d867b607abb51906cfJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11383 - Hide unnecessary information in the rendered PR template (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=mbrubeck
5872d371e9d4b76a2cff055695d75639245554f6Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11382 - Fix unused crate warning in script_tests (from mbrubeck:warnings); r=nox
a40362d4df54c8c62e04acafc4d1bbf9ef0244c7Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #11431 - Geckolib: Add performant implementations of get_id, has_class, and each_class (from bholley:atom_traversal); r=mbrubeck
fad82218c75f230c318709a418bc52fb9b7be776Till Schneidereit — servo: Merge #11372 - Pass a parent JS runtime when creating DOM Worker runtimes (from tschneidereit:parent-js-runtime-for-workers); r=nox
aba14fcb1553caa29173de76736cdfd573e38533Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11370 - Remove the IterableContext trait (from Ms2ger:IterableContext); r=jdm
90f65b22a04be5d2cc4138f95fdb850547fd2d23Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #11374 - Don’t include microsecons when reporting build times (from servo:no-microseconds); r=Ms2ger
a35ddccda21bf7b2d5534189822fcedb4db0a5a7Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11412 - Support remaining text-decoration related properties in geckolib (from heycam:text-deco); r=mbrubeck
14fa754edf5552aca8c4a202b385cad45b93305aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11427 - Stop generating flows under display: none (from mbrubeck:under-display-none); r=pcwalton
62c17a2cab486faf8bca5b2a719c4e7c2ad78d8fMitchell Hentges — servo: Merge #11409 - Remove --faster flag from test-tidy, go fast by default. Fixes 11217 (from mitchhentges:test-tidy-faster-default); r=aneeshusa
81f634c81d624d9c5db109518b3df57e11095c0fCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11404 - Add Servo_RestyleSubtree (from heycam:restyle-subtree); r=bholley
74ca5ab1fa5c1eb2f150c125043e7949682c255eCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11399 - Look past restyle root for parent node when restyling (from heycam:parent-style); r=pcwalton
66f3d58598df75176a096046c9012ad30dab2187Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11401 - Support display:-moz-(inline-)box in geckolib (from heycam:moz-box); r=mbrubeck
9236ca7a2a858b54bf3cd767e84c538219385652Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #11393 - Fixed the build tools to handle cargo being named cargo.exe (from perlun:fix/find-cargo-exe-on-windows); r=metajack
7f043b1344dc8c214c0afd12941b04c41eee2ec2Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11379 - Update WebRender (from pcwalton:wrup4); r=mbrubeck
de6e4ef832af43120e69ad2d8929b4fbcdaca5ffRahul Sharma — servo: Merge #11376 - Bump string-cache to 0.2.18 (from creativcoder:update-string-cache); r=nox
2cb4eeaa7c00c95149a19b60d8d2891e5abba862Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11375 - Remove ScriptThread::layout_to_constellation_chan (from servo:layout_to_constellation_chan); r=mbrubeck
d91e53a6ad85cb2bd413a6766788312781e01098Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11410 - Remove the script listener thread (from Ms2ger:script-listener-thread); r=nox
86703ff970d681a416048c19ea4b287db0cc590dDavid Raifaizen — servo: Merge #11377 - Update style attributes on CSSStyleDeclaration changes (from servo:style-attr-ser-rebase); r=SimonSapin
7e9fd721ab19279b397b2fd9cf9a18a6de00c419Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11373 - Use associated types to improve LayoutThreadFactory and ScriptThreadFactory (from servo:threadfactory); r=larsbergstrom
8fadf73127dd9a884fc72b2bddd1a3ea72b6df39Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #10498 - Adding default config directories (from creativcoder:default-profile-dir); r=SimonSapin
252b3537fdc6fe3e9672efc014a97c86f59f1be5Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11381 - Make geckolib build dependencies with the same features as Servo by default (from mbrubeck:geckolib-features); r=nox
48686ac29f960a1c94b680697910fe7878dade07Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11337 - Don't block the script listener thread on window.close() (from Ms2ger:compositor-exit-wait); r=pcwalton
c62b189ef231526f1cce64a82271ca05a604050dMs2ger — servo: Merge #11366 - Stop storing CSS errors on the Document (from Ms2ger:css_errors_store); r=SimonSapin
9be1780f003c92c0a49420ea0b92f83e2975fbe7Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11368 - Fix FileManager thread panic and other misc improvements (from izgzhen:fix-filemanager-exit); r=asajeffrey
a0ba00c02be4a0497736b03cb9bf61f71e3eeecfMitchell Hentges — servo: Merge #11267 - Add --all option to `mach test-tidy`, with compatibility with --faster (from mitchhentges:test-tidy-sanic-by-default); r=aneeshusa
9732316d9178709caafe6f06b64528ff99ed096eSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #10796 - Make /dom/nodes/CharacterData-surrogates.html not panic (from servo:character-data-surrogates); r=nox
fedd9f6a982e2d15ca94286f083461eaf9d90fc8Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11287 - Support -moz-binding in geckolib (from heycam:moz-binding); r=bholley
a6e87c598f895de38888f2ae1c4ea298abfca885Mitchell Hentges — servo: Merge #11278 - Reduce 'android-18' duplication by putting it in $ANDROID_TARGET env variable (from mitchhentges:8348-reduce-duplication); r=aneeshusa
2ff17de9536b3efb3d36b7cd60f4401a589c370dMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11303 - Always include the last-resort font (from mbrubeck:last-resort); r=pcwalton
624e6af47f5f6ab9822441142192c9568435dfd4Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11371 - Avoid an unnecessary runtime check in Pipeline::create() (from Ms2ger:pipeline-create); r=asajeffrey
069b529edd2aeddf68a9e7f8b0d5ee116e3ce29eKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10962 - Parse HTMLInputElement attributes (from KiChjang:input-attr-parse); r=asajeffrey
c1f26391396ed3fcedb9b654c162a59ddcf5df83Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11364 - Move CompositorMsg to script_traits (from Ms2ger:CompositorMsg); r=nox
30769cfe07cc0ae03ac873a5b69ac4aa25356175Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11363 - Don't inherit text-transform on input elements (from Manishearth:transform-noinherit); r=SimonSapin
9ab9423a875b4c4660057eb3cdb5a2394f567731Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #11360 - Update Android build instructions in README (from mmatyas:readme_androidbuild); r=Manishearth
6849b77f49cd959b33c1bc296d4a924b9911cc47Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11326 - Move DOMString back to script (from nox:non-geckolib); r=Ms2ger
27d7258e774378c9c38ea4550474c10fbb37e3c2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11359 - Remove the unused ScriptControlChan type (from servo:ScriptControlChan); r=Manishearth
2fa06c527626ace80038fd391ca49aa5efdb64c3Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11352 - Fixed colspan not including cell spacing (from cbrewster:colspan_spacing); r=pcwalton
23b26f5c13150a12a0c4efdd9a8dcadfa2cc31aeManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11353 - Update webrender (from Manishearth:wrup); r=mbrubeck
094cedc78d98c7f1f2587dad01a9d13859c94069Daniel Robertson — servo: Merge #11147 - Impl copyTexImage2D and copyTexSubImage2D (from danlrobertson:webgl-tex); r=emilio
9099960dc6804c9a40a635aa1d9d3b4c60bac770Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11338 - Take ScriptThread::compositor out of its RefCell (from Ms2ger:compositor-refcell); r=nox
028072546dc81a7b7e0bc8ee5a66f97913766836Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11347 - Don't create HarfBuzz shaper if it isn't used (from mbrubeck:fast-shape); r=pcwalton
7a67362768d5448d6ec0c3613046501df947ad93David Zbarsky — servo: Merge #11324 - Implement SampleCoverage (from dzbarsky:sample_coverage); r=nox
991c1d1ae720faf88ed20654bcc33b8728726382Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11343 - Privatize some things in compositing (from servo:privatize-compositing); r=nox
fe405785fbd4ad0d10a67d4cb4882859ec3e138aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11346 - Update gleam, regex, byteorder, openssl, immeta (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=nox
46c14435c6113842a3de5f80a560b33a2615874eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11341 - Use a simple Vec for the animation frame list (from nox:raf); r=pcwalton
74ee2fd42688ad7a8fe83fce8aad6c15458b6b28Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11334 - Remove pub uses from (from Ms2ger:pub-use-compositor_thread); r=Manishearth
eb3103cef4dca9696fe985688f33f3b0065bbdbeKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #11331 - Update string_cache to 0.2.17 (from KiChjang:update-string-cache); r=nox
e7491fee5f0a6a60d705c0657694efe41a451226Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #11333 - Include <button type=submit> data whilst constructing the form dataset (from Manishearth:submit-submit-button); r=nox
3fcb1f86fd765ab8a56d45b44916c7a7334f250aAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11179 - Implemented webdriver SetWindowSize (from asajeffrey:webdriver-resize-window); r=jgraham
59cfdf62fdbc6984b2849555f2d10f76c5e088d2Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11225 - Implement file related functionalities in htmlinputelement and related (from izgzhen:patch-input-element-file); r=Manishearth
b5e22f4ac5c02abb3bd3ea949dde2234aa8fd8c5Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #11332 - browserhtml update (from paulrouget:bhtmlUpdate); r=Manishearth
ad6fc368d3b7170867d88b2f8dc81c81ed8197fdMs2ger — servo: Merge #11325 - Move sandboxing into the constellation crate (from servo:sandboxing); r=nox
122fa72cbd5ef0b3262e4bea132c429ba6ea0aecAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11317 - Fix the doc on inheritance and casting (from nox:castable); r=mbrubeck
4ae2759dcd0507ae03811087c4b6319c1614cf40Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11313 - Hoist channel creation out of loop in handle_is_ready_to_save_image (from nox:channel-loop); r=mbrubeck
f0670622385f47d8294f70187b9ca05c13c764a2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11301 - Move pipeline into the constellation crate (from servo:pipeline); r=nox
503c8be68a45ed3d6a6475acbf632d27f6dec194Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #10961 - adding interface for custom responses (from creativcoder:custom_response_iface); r=jdm
8f3bf3aa4cb2c70480752d0809976fdfb8c09c6fJack Moffitt — servo: Merge #11314 - Make Servo DPI aware on Windows (from metajack:window-hi-dpi); r=mbrubeck
6242d56cda2a0770e87d372d60e9f9b4e03c4346Piotr Stankiewicz — servo: Merge #11255 - 11158 - add event handlers (from s-baldrick:11158); r=ConnorGBrewster
107a34be81d695a0173dac63ab694a6fa9a28598Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11273 - Add a fast path for shaping ASCII text (from mbrubeck:fast-shape); r=pcwalton
1fe34059deb7f4041f48f59fd03e50cad79cfd6bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11312 - Bump gdi32-sys and user32-sys to 0.2 (from nox:gdi32); r=mbrubeck
b6554976828730c9fdeab7ede81883379271018cMs2ger — servo: Merge #11299 - Remove unsafe Send implementation for GlutinCompositorProxy (from servo:GlutinCompositorProxy-Send); r=nox
828a141248132a63d96b36f36b0cfb5f55a1b974Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11283 - Scheduler with fewer threads (from asajeffrey:scheduler-with-fewer-threads); r=emilio
7371f9db7e78e1fc23e9c7e4dc039dc2044b4466kilobtye — servo: Merge #11294 - Compute overflow when viewport size changed (from kilobtye:fix-resize); r=mbrubeck
f688bdbb160393ac7b33d5f2b6d3b007d4de6c8cAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10910 - Removed sources of panic from ports/glutin (from asajeffrey:remove-unwrap-from-glutin-app); r=aneeshusa
e3319c211155a2051744c181bad9aafb29125fc1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11290 - Privatize constellation (from servo:privatize-constellation); r=nox
8b90fd262a8662bc37d50c846afda62bd5ce3936Rohit Zambre — servo: Merge #11282 - Replacing CSV profiling with TSV profiling (from rzambre:csv2tsv); r=larsbergstrom
5f87dd9c12dec43847fe5087c7d2d746503f7327Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #11184 - Added info about browserhtml (from perlun:patch-1); r=mbrubeck
8cfa267b26b6c70781cd04cc5e761e9b8b08428cMs2ger — servo: Merge #11293 - Remove the pointless StorageThread alias (from Ms2ger:StorageThread); r=KiChjang
671040a7d9b7f5e25f53a7ab05bef773e4f37259Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11289 - Simplify PaintThread::create() (from Ms2ger:paintthread); r=nox
22000541a3c84bf7f9e963a6f0cea22968c695c2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11288 - Remove pointless phantom arguments to ScriptThreadFactory and LayoutThreadFactory (from Ms2ger:threadfactory); r=nox
0ba6e506b782f9ce48aced725fbd5d73199944b1Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #11277 - Stylo: Align -moz-float-edge and -moz-appearance (from KiChjang:stylo-more-keywords); r=bholley
dc7176255a8970f623e1d5f183a80b1d6b276488Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11189 - Refactor resource thread code (from izgzhen:refactor-resource-thread); r=nox
fb44b1f8a43886839ff985a11ccd0236953ecdbbMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11274 - Update hyper, serde, regex (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=KiChjang
ab04ee6462c9cef7b4792c7dfd8edcbaf46ec94aMs2ger — servo: Merge #11270 - Remove ConstellationChan (from servo:ConstellationChan); r=asajeffrey
7b8adb5dfcc59be313f81d441a1e2c390f999013Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #11264 - Fix panic from update_href in HTMLAnchorElement (from KiChjang:fix-anchor-panic); r=metajack
133e7853898969ee60e423d5952ff876e015ff3eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11263 - Update js to 3352139c1dedbdff5fe1078152f46522cd04b2f3 (from nox:forof); r=Ms2ger
a97fe4e3142716f4afe50ab6da05e63b3fe278abAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11251 - Added test that files exist to etc/ci/ (from asajeffrey:check-no-unwrap-check-for-files); r=aneeshusa
e38ce4321738d8b755d6ef40df116d109aead1d3Evrim Öztamur — servo: Merge #11209 - Remove misleading nonexistant flag hint (from evrimoztamur:patch-1); r=Ms2ger
364b5d1e1a33ac52c5a583f63c587e848795a44bMs2ger — servo: Merge #11265 - Some assorted cleanup (from Ms2ger:cleanup); r=nox
a30571ac4bd81fdb8ed8c31760b6447988e2f385Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11249 - Updated etc/ci/ for new constellation crate (from asajeffrey:check-no-unwrap-new-constellation-crate); r=KiChjang
9803f79161f44cf78ffcbf4fa822add19c844eb1Joseph P DeBartola III — servo: Merge #11257 - Make HTMLMEtaElement `name` attribute an Atom (from josephpd3:11247); r=KiChjang
2a515761e76e50a30d4ffce8f7f99d3892f96f6cBobby Holley — servo: Merge #11258 - Geckolib: Specify eStyleUnit_Enumerated instead of eStyleUnit_Integer for enumerated types (from bholley:enumerated_unit); r=mbrubeck
4300bfa51680cbdc2857161eb621a996c1fd2625David Zbarsky — servo: Merge #10776 - Implement GetVertexAttrib (from dzbarsky:getVertexAttrib); r=emilio
26ae31d16e3349a63c39e945e52dba134f7203ecMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11240 - Support font-style in geckolib (from mbrubeck:font-style); r=bholley
673631df237a63954fe7dc808168e888ec64b85eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11245 - geckolib: Support constants in classes (from emilio:geckolib-consts); r=bholley
ad573a1c9815333d750d231e8223ddd8f72c9ca8Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #11242 - Add basic support for Gecko atoms (from bholley:gecko_atoms); r=emilio
76bb17595466175cc53f708fd5043bf714f82ce8Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11252 - glutin: On the Mac, capitalize the first letter of "Servo" in the menu bar (from pcwalton:app-name); r=nox
e2c0d2224d0a7913ad09500840f5fe8abc5720d4Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11250 - Update immeta, threadpool, offscreen_gl_context (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=KiChjang
78f5e681a3662375fa9e92d01d44d3fe2e94272eAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10898 - In chaos-monkey mode, only keep the mozbrowser pipeline alive (from asajeffrey:chaotic-even-better); r=Manishearth
167cc69ba5c085851bd426e923fd4d9af637721cJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11239 - Add timeline markers for HTTP requests, JS evaluation, and HTML parsing (from jdm:time-profile); r=nox
607850d678e488bd82016ffcee871487fb1e4783Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11244 - Report panics in web worker threads (from Ms2ger:catch-panics-workers); r=nox
d829650c75bb721f2d23b1a54fa2b6a57e5c5ff1Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11232 - Update the WebIDL parser (from nox:webidl); r=Ms2ger
e95d591e75326739b259980af9fc0cbd9a6b75d4Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11243 - Move constellation into its own crate (from Ms2ger:constellation); r=nox
05a81c359201c87d7019b28dcf8cbc53431e566bmrmiywj — servo: Merge #11182 - htmlanchorelement getter work before href setting is called (from mrmiywj:add-attribute-mutated); r=KiChjang
756ab95b492970d7681d37d9e9fba24d2998085bMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11236 - Use num_traits in util (from mbrubeck:num_traits); r=jdm
f2896ba7f4233e79e5ef845dd6584c0c65df2f91Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11205 - script: Avoid needless `ChangeRunningAnimationsState` messages during typical `requestAnimationFrame()` animations (from pcwalton:avoid-needless-animation-state-changes); r=jdm
9c5927a50aa848e7b1faa72aae051efdd81e1e7dFlorian Duraffourg — servo: Merge #11196 - Add unit tests for cookies handling (from fduraffourg:master); r=jdm
710916395a4b5aa758e5afcde15afb6cd8f4594eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11191 - Update bitflags to 0.7 (from servo:bitflags); r=pcwalton
86cd364d1229ec578ced2147ca4c1c8b8beabe28Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #11222 - Add -moz-user-* CSS longhands for Gecko (from KiChjang:stylo-keywords); r=bholley
b20b968d060e8a974c5ddf53d05624a2cfe9fcc6Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11211 - Implement --pref in test-wpt (from nox:test-wpt-pref); r=jgraham
bb9c1d806c9e12e26982e251e1395940f1b01708Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10190 - Remove JS_SaveFrameChain and JS_RestoreFrameChain calls (from Ms2ger:framechain); r=jdm
6e2d1b1a83a7ba686cf850279034585d24c93ca7Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11231 - Update Rust to 1.10.0-nightly (cd6a40017 2016-05-16) (from servo:rustup); r=Ms2ger
4ec38e0d4add7af53092f24e18f6ed4fef09af9eMs2ger — servo: Merge #11230 - Remove Request handling from CallSetup (from Ms2ger:request); r=nox
49ed704ec72fe0bd9a8b557c34aec2afa5de10e2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11229 - Simplify FontContext::create_layout_font (from Ms2ger:create_layout_font); r=emilio
32ea46c64f9b44033265dee0f4b42f0592bbdfd6Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #11213 - Remove num-traits from compositing (from canaltinova:compositing); r=mbrubeck
7d068c5a211a301237417ba34b8bbc58ce12f9c3Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11215 - Do not use libc in profile on Windows (from nox:greener-than-hulk); r=mbrubeck
8e2014d5f5b06fd643953ecce53e3fdbf162eccdMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11207 - Support vertical-align in geckolib (from mbrubeck:vertical-align); r=bholley
4e359abd5e8b95d2325545184c9536e348eb2425Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11208 - Fix all Windows warnings (from nox:greener-than-hulk); r=mbrubeck
535e5f7d75938384845f38f3245cdc747c18eb56Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11206 - Fix unused item warning on 32-bit platforms (from mbrubeck:warnings); r=nox
deb284130ad49c275614b5e3c9c4ca29f3bf9d48Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11204 - Fix unused import warning in script::dom::bindings::js (from mbrubeck:warnings); r=Manishearth
c394a72b463612d24c8a6178391ac15779a640d6Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #11200 - Make quit-on-escape optional (from paulrouget:quit-on-escape-pref); r=asajeffrey
1b63ca0f9b4a1276721b50225a6a1d30f1e595afJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11201 - Suggest a faster tidy (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=KiChjang
8e0781d6874967138d6d5b8f4b06c4020f327400Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11199 - On desktop, use the same app icon we use on Android (from servo:icon); r=metajack
78dae81877fe87b2aaad4fd3065a8328bdacce58Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11188 - Use JS_NewStringCopyN for the representation of interface objects (from nox:n-better-than-z); r=Ms2ger
f01b2234daa0c2d3ec7127f26109c04fab88c79cPer Lundberg — servo: Merge #11192 - Removed unused imports (from perlun:remove-unused-imports); r=Manishearth
218463270160d3098e954a5e46cddeb58fdbc85dPer Lundberg — servo: Merge #11186 - Reformatted servo.css (from perlun:reformat-servo-css); r=Wafflespeanut
7cd05542ea3d2a9eb18ca5943e0139e78c5f1b8aAneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #11187 - Rename SVGInherited to InheritedSVG (from aneeshusa:rename-inherited-svg); r=emilio
23d6d6566544487cb023b8620536c9bc8debae66David Zbarsky — servo: Merge #10668 - Implement WebGLRenderingContextBase::readPixels() (from dzbarsky:read_pixels); r=emilio
59cc086bc468f7cbaa1f863e9ea13acb49a11333Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11183 - Update to Rust 1.10.0-nightly (2b79e05a0 2016-05-13) (from servo:rustup); r=emilio
327d24febd2e8995659dba7550b1ef41d41f7781Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11180 - Minor cleanup and optimizations in glyph/style caching (from mbrubeck:text-cleanup); r=pcwalton
918b7393243cda1b8c3c072e89e8d77d6ac00a25mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11178 - Make Node::BaseURI use the document's base URL (from mrmiywj:use-doc-base-URL); r=nox
ee8a06e24754405987f38be98c0d1ace36e339b7Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #11177 - Update Cargo to 2016-05-12 (from metajack:cargo-up); r=jdm
62a35e2daad4a2c2fdd54266df5115e3f49f52ffMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11176 - Support z-index in geckolib (from mbrubeck:stylo-zindex); r=bholley
3079e276778a6968c7334865b974fbbfbdbf3b61Connor Imes — servo: Merge #11174 - Update hbs sys dependencies (from connorimes:hbs-sys-021); r=metajack
b210701323b347c3593f7632eef7ff78c88a8109Ms2ger — servo: Merge #11173 - Stop using JSAutoRequest (from servo:requests); r=nox
4362666e6d29beb410264748f267ca729de86db4Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11155 - codegen: Fix dictionary handling and semantics (from emilio:codegen-dict-keyword); r=Ms2ger
1ccfc1c7adc300130250a5bac06cb9cf1b9b09e4Zaggy1024 — servo: Merge #11079 - Changed cursor for labels to "default" so their text doesn't use the text cursor (from Zaggy1024:label-cursor); r=pcwalton
7a56697ea1ad21bd08755876db7ffc4541329824Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11166 - gfx: Add expect messages to FontCacheThread::exit() (from emilio:fontcache-exit); r=mbrubeck
ee070d7b4ee97f55441598bb9757a95c369cf12eMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11159 - Fix warnings in unit tests (from mbrubeck:test-warnings); r=emilio
024cf852ecd84679ae02f70f88f85f76e1cb255eBobby Holley — servo: Merge #11160 - Only use zeroed memory for gecko style structs, not the wrapper servo struct (from bholley:zero_gecko_struct); r=mbrubeck
c76d155202410cb835870130d8a6e84e73d24036Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11157 - Fix unused extern crate warnings in build-cef (from mbrubeck:cef-warnings); r=metajack
2c1604e801a3727e64b0817fea4929bce9258c9dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11154 - Support GC zeal (from nox:zealot); r=Ms2ger
418ff530bd60e19fc7ad85e467afd894e3839010Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10714 - Implement user interaction task source (from KiChjang:user-interaction-task); r=Ms2ger
7e66e18aa4aa49f32103333d82c4ed1e23c9e5e8Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11156 - Remove codegen-units from cef (from larsbergstrom:more_codegen_units_removal); r=mbrubeck
c54183b5b3dbacde344884433ab984b1bfff3b07Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11006 - Implement navigation events (from cbrewster:history_events); r=asajeffrey
34f66dd23446cb43512f68ccb2a266ebf5661518Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11148 - Fix some warnings (from mbrubeck:warnings); r=metajack
631c4b4916e8c6ed523259466818d763df50f361Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11146 - Update image, hyper, gleam, flate2, threadpool, string_cache, num_cpus (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=metajack
49fb62226f2be3fe43e714cdadc640c3bc59b92aAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11141 - Reworded some of (from asajeffrey:reword-pr-template); r=jdm
9d6ece43b578a8b3109c254f9501d456cb23a533Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11140 - When webdriver is getting a pipeline id, it should wait for the pipeline document to be ready (from asajeffrey:webdriver-pipeline-wait-for-document-ready); r=jgraham
4f120d932b9fe102952bdbe038be507de685b446Ulf Nilsson — servo: Merge #11142 - Fix inline size adjustment when stripping trailing whitespace from fragments (from kaksmet:another-justify-fix); r=mbrubeck
5ec41b45a3a0f2c8f1d9762cc945dfff8cc5670dMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11132 - Fix integer overflow in next_power_of_two (from mbrubeck:workqueue-panic); r=larsbergstrom
f0577405dec276feed77cdc2937ee8e0e9eca3daKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #11129 - Use read_block in http_network_fetch (from KiChjang:fetch-read-block); r=jdm
cd91c8e1c8d17861a6a27f2fe1836709791451afCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11127 - Support text-align in geckolib (from heycam:text-align); r=bholley
a6f822ccae446fc0221a2aeff19fff99e2e6471bLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #11123 - Disable codegen-units due to performance regressions (from larsbergstrom:disable_codgen_units); r=pcwalton
cb5b56f39f3f413d6b8d81be1ef0739c24e686d1Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11044 - Combine Page into BrowsingContext (from cbrewster:page_to_browsing_context); r=jdm
d8755ecef73619f80b23b478c3edd67309ac4a9cKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10953 - Implement text/plain form encoding (from KiChjang:text-plain-encoding); r=jdm
8a6c443134eb73b1f806dbfce5792e2ce446a91cMartin Broesamle — servo: Merge #10903 - Avoid panics when using HTMLAnchorElement attribute setters (from broesamle:issue10877-HTMLAnchorElement-setter-panic); r=jdm
c3d8c8ae6ac1bfb84c2ffcab842bba35d813cb9aJack Moffitt — servo: Merge #11143 - Update skia and azure to get ccache support (from metajack:ccache-skia-azure); r=mbrubeck
5cd5b2f0abf5dbdae185ef05d94707f5e3cd43feRohit Zambre — servo: Merge #10995 - Interval + CSV time-profiling (from rzambre:master); r=larsbergstrom
d7ffda995fe8113d8834b2f950f24efd5101e9e3aeischeid — servo: Merge #10713 - add tidy test for space after ":" in stucts (from aeischeid:master); r=jdm
eee341331873e3236d72e616ddeb4b7b8cace61bBobby Holley — servo: Merge #11121 - Hoist gecko bindings into their own crate (from bholley:hoist_bindings); r=mbrubeck
93fb6486ad14cf6818e666d3f3d9380c7a66a6f0Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11134 - Explicitly list inputs to the style crate's build script (from mbrubeck:style-rerun-if-changed); r=metajack
a1cd2c033564b191190787798af9c8a803232b7eMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11122 - Use the same build environment and features for CEF, Servo, Gonk, Geckolib (from mbrubeck:unify-builds); r=larsbergstrom
6ee8f084d62d980ae39ae106b4242b6e1b0cf75cMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11135 - Override $CARGO_HOME only if cargo-home-dir is in .servobuild (from mbrubeck:cargo-home); r=larsbergstrom
8ddf38732474f6104912de3f548f2b9f88aeed50Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11076 - Implement File DOM object interface (from izgzhen:fileapi); r=Ms2ger
eca46e1da78eac8066d8cadc9d38d1a7d4614e1bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #11118 - Create pull request template (from servo:jdm-patch-1); r=metajack
60148f76041d210d5e128a44a21fe568978e5b21Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #11113 - Trace and finalize BrowsingContext (from jdm:trace_browsingcontext); r=Ms2ger
ac379c6080563556ed6e72572107c47085e171e7Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #11029 - Add FileManagerThread (from izgzhen:filemanager_thread); r=Manishearth
6d8a21766a6609b36f714c9050f789e7c5a88687Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #11125 - layout: Take margins in the inline direction into account when guessing the inline-size of block formatting contexts (from pcwalton:reddit-block-formatting-context-fix); r=mbrubeck
040894d88b0ee33fdaecf53c0a10b9dc09d7c546Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11104 - Support outline-width in geckolib (from heycam:outline-width); r=bholley
d84fa4690e3578d6cc679382cc8b8d32a60c805eShing Lyu — servo: Merge #10987 - Bug #10181 - Implement *-reverse flex-directions (from shinglyu:flex-reverse); r=shinglyu
05d2c33b8667e2e1bcad44660a10d097ef86dfd2Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11086 - Support border/outline-radius properties in geckolib (from heycam:radius); r=bholley
6b339a7f5114400f3eb9fe290856a93a9ad7e3b6Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11119 - Make --profile-trace-path work without -p (from mbrubeck:trace-path); r=jdm
4403e83bbb8e763bb0f0e8509051a286eb73ec41Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11115 - Use openssl-verify to check certificate + hostname (from mbrubeck:openssl-verify); r=jdm
18b20a707b80ee994d2b6d01f2d39fed83b2101bPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #11103 - gfx: Map CSS `normal` font weight to Regular font weight on the Mac (from pcwalton:mac-font-matching); r=metajack
bb7b9f713bf82f7dcb842c1dd587daa610372ca9Ulf Nilsson — servo: Merge #11109 - Make `text-align: justify` incremental layout safe (from kaksmet:justify-fix); r=mbrubeck
357c56149ac0650ba5085bc14460130dc0b7f88eFabrice Desré — servo: Merge #11041 - armv7 update (from fabricedesre:armv7); r=larsbergstrom
7574afddcf98b7dfeb629194f1f79852a553065fAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #11049 - Added webdriver delete session command (from asajeffrey:webdriver-delete-session); r=jgraham
e81ce033a06850ba9ad9538812b25ba5e04a5b74Tetsuharu OHZEKI — servo: Merge #11097 - Override always 'CARGO_HOME' env variable (from saneyuki:cargo_home); r=larsbergstrom
baf7772d3cee4a6d1564e4f0c27c5eb000f0fbb5Nick Fitzgerald — servo: Merge #11098 - Update `trace-dump.{js,css}` from upstream (from fitzgen:update-trace-dump); r=jdm
76319454bcd8f64d5e134f63fd637d7763fbc6b4Daniel — servo: Merge #11072 - Implement IsShader fn and IsTexture fn for WebGLRenderingContext (from DDEFISHER:master); r=emilio
178acc29f88caba6bf29f0d5dbc68c974aef1906Tetsuharu OHZEKI — servo: Merge #11090 - Move ConvertPipelineIdFromWebRender to compositing (from saneyuki:fix11082); r=jdm
db66259b442ccd5da18b195333ea5f3d1ea0f80fPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10937 - gfx: Map `sans-serif` to Helvetica on Mac and DejaVu Sans on Linux (from pcwalton:mac-helvetica); r=metajack
fb0acdbc08789afced28353b06fb0a65095b4f2fMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11096 - Profile time spent saving the screenshot image (from mbrubeck:profile-image-saving); r=metajack
0b11dc99aa3c1f30fa4e7a0a5cd2de1830de6fcbMs2ger — servo: Merge #11092 - Move some code from ServoThreadSafeLayoutNode::text_content into script (from Ms2ger:text_content); r=jdm
2199a71c039b1d17fe828db8130496833a718d6cMichael Howell — servo: Merge #11022 - Use tag names in all user-agent selectors (from notriddle:master); r=SimonSapin
033734f9ccc03c1f39fc695c2fbea2952b339028Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11093 - Update xml5ever (from cbrewster:update_xml5ever); r=Ms2ger
5fe9397042859d10a8b847310a4814a769089d1cAgostonSzepessy — servo: Merge #9890 - downloads all *.py tests from mozilla central (from AgostonSzepessy:update-webidl-tests); r=nox
cff6b77d6931beec48d40a516332258e77add0f0Kosov Eugene — servo: Merge #11084 - move trait ConvertPipelineIdToWebRender to a better place (from kevgs:layout_traits); r=Ms2ger
390d0a55f86bf213796e166c89da3233fd2c6677Kosov Eugene — servo: Merge #11083 - move struct ImageMetadata to a better place (from kevgs:image_metadata); r=Ms2ger
669c4a9586070e0f9b79b4d7aa5d3a994373faaaAdrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #11073 - Added tox.ini (from autrilla:tox); r=Ms2ger
2214dcaa07714b6a800b4dbb0ed42cbab1139fd8mrmiywj — servo: Merge #11051 - 'closeevent' argument for Document::createEvent (from mrmiywj:closeevent-argument); r=Ms2ger
338d9095b5fd57a660c5a7d2b377f280a8b15325Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #11080 - Update Rust to 2016-05-07 (from servo:rustup); r=KiChjang
08829edf19267012a54b32c51dbbee6242394d45Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #11067 - Mach now shows stderr when a virtualenv or pip call fails (fixes #11055) (from autrilla:mach-errors); r=mbrubeck
c1e7be02ea4371a119f21742ec3921accbd8d7c7Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11032 - Filter out whitespace glyphs from display list (from mbrubeck:no-whitespace); r=pcwalton
22ee6af1369b33eba099ff5ff0f519ef63ef836fUK992 — servo: Merge #11066 - Remove auto and try branch from appveyor.yml (from UK992:appveyor); r=larsbergstrom
af2e4c7ef356ac05f779b6235401b5049229475fBobby Holley — servo: Merge #11058 - Geckolib: minor robustness fixes (from bholley:minor_wikipedia_fixes); r=mbrubeck,bholley
2a005f0d9bca51286b7988b88c8bad63d8e6e822Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11054 - Update hyper, openssl, wayland, threadpool, offscreen_gl_context (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=Ms2ger
dedce28d65cdc7637e315beb82c821d5d70fa394Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11039 - Remove redundant code in whitespace stripping (from mbrubeck:strip-trailing); r=pcwalton
fe163b3c5571892d915049189f7e40073d3916eezakorgy — servo: Merge #11028 - Remove BluetoothDevice members (from szeged:webbluetooth); r=jdm
ea31e3679d867bb84f74d84c54b13827c2beaa7faskeing — servo: Merge #10821 - Checking the browsing_context before change title (from askeing:fix_10782); r=jdm
d7cb19b011c1bceb16f6a838c328185e7ca7ba66Fabrice Desré — servo: Merge #11042 - Fix a build warning in (from fabricedesre:compositing-warning); r=metajack
ed24d22767fa9779daa4bc312acff1129efa29ffMaciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #11050 - Update cssparser to fix CSS.escape test failures (from mskrzypkows:css_issue); r=Ms2ger
bb9c484eeb403b8af2485a95ff94cb77a4c214b0Olaf Buddenhagen — servo: Merge #11013 - mach run --debug: Use nicer syntax in rust-gdb/rust-lldb check (from antrik:rust-gdb-cleanup); r=Ms2ger
f266f00a81516314fdcdba3b8ed89ef5a1768a7eCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11045 - Add Servo_GetComputedValuesForOtherNonElement (from heycam:non-element); r=bholley
1ae82fe213e07da29e83dc63208e115d747e1f2aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11037 - Don't let restyle damage infect siblings (from mbrubeck:parent-damage); r=pcwalton
1b52aa917f3f2eff340021acfaa2352e4b6ad875Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11043 - Pass in string lengths to Gecko_GetAttrAsUTF8 (from heycam:attr); r=bholley
6afd460f4c86115fe57bfd1b144721e1f9520bb0Dongie Agnir — servo: Merge #11040 - Add dbus to list of Debian build deps (from dagnir:dbus-build-dep); r=mbrubeck
7ca2456892c6a56a66fe9bbf9d8f7c2f273cb26bMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11034 - Update libc, url, image, app_units (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=SimonSapin
e1ac9162c087971de3a15094972cd44a45378bf5Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #11033 - Set max log level on all platforms (from mbrubeck:max-log); r=metajack
ed43c96e2aa45b5353169af6812740e8609c83abMátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #10916 - Use NEON build flag on ARM and AArch64 (from mmatyas:useneon); r=aneeshusa
a2101857be005300ca0759f26f4d4dfd0b89f277Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #11018 - Geckolib: Implement list-style-type (from bholley:list_style_type); r=mbrubeck
df2d6fdb1fc38551aa6856cb396e6532fa41aeebCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11002 - Support text-transform in geckolib (from heycam:text-transform); r=bholley
395b89ffb40e4d9b655b13e32bd4b1c5167bce2bFabrice Desré — servo: Merge #11017 - Update to Rust nightly 2016-04-29 (from mbrubeck:rustup3); r=larsberstrom
f889c8ca1963a2a502ee8ff18ee516befdd301c9Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #11020 - Fix formsubmitter methods for buttons (from cbrewster:fix_button_formsubmitter_methods); r=KiChjang
cc7c1ad00d7b9689ddd9d182b311c5656a879cabEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #11023 - geckolib: Update bindings to unlock nsStyleAutoArray (from emilio:geckolib-up); r=bholley
1e2211611873230ce2c4818fac4fa5275e79d96cGlenn Watson — servo: Merge #11021 - Switch android GL context to ES3, now that WR has been updated (from glennw:es3-android); r=larsbergstrom
9df87948c7ed1f30b03b3959fb76c3d1fb0c4626Fabrice Desré — servo: Merge #11011 - Make build time display more human friendly (from fabricedesre:friendly-time); r=jdm
0784358db19b645e47931790b7079bada3f17ddcCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #11001 - Support most remaining length/percentage/none/auto-taking properties in geckolib (from heycam:alnp); r=bholley
92ec9c84adfe9353edc40a09f21d2fd8783119c9Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10999 - Move width and height from Box to Position (from heycam:move-width-height); r=SimonSapin
e21fd079e83bec064b5fdebd4d6bcd7fbcea894dBobby Holley — servo: Merge #10998 - Geckolib: implement font-weight and logging support (from bholley:font_weight_and_logging); r=mbrubeck
43f1e7bef546653b41f04c490b2b3f1317eaaa7fPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10993 - compositing: Perform animation-related compositing operations in WebRender (from pcwalton:fix-animations); r=glennw
6917c10a2018e5baea1929358892519ce8d7a8bePatrick Walton — servo: Merge #11000 - compositing: Send mouse events to the right pipeline when using WebRender (from pcwalton:wr-pipeline-relative-events); r=glennw
27be36601dc163c12f52ea32e5192706f57d98a7Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10691 - layout: Fix float speculation with percentage inline sizes, rewrite vertical alignment, fix inline block ascent/descent computation, and fix absolute inline-block hypothetical boxes (from pcwalton:float-fixes); r=mbrubeck
3aef3b51c575b6062b871862d3b5ffaa387655fbJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10932 - Add the requesting URL to the 401 prompt. Only show the 401 prompt wh… (from jdm:401); r=SimonSapin
c66b41e541bb8aa65322ac1465866d41aa4d9bc6Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #10840 - Implement alert dialogs (from cbrewster:window_alert); r=jdm
9476a85de2af2cc25752552739b51243b198a419Attila Dusnoki — servo: Merge #10632 - WebBluetooth impementation (from szeged:bluetooth-ipc); r=jdm
5b44e185635a871aa8f187b34cd8963995ad95a5Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10997 - Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1t on Android (from mbrubeck:openssl-1.0.1t); r=aneeshusa
dc74379ef647c825c9f31768898b1f30d464493eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10934 - style: Add infrastructure to support lazy pseudo-elements (from emilio:other-gecko-pseudos); r=bholley,mbrubeck
36634609ea90b79d84ab07a959df7644a8f40d37Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10959 - Support color-typed properties in geckolib (from heycam:color); r=bholley
523067d92392e8e0a6644cb83e68a1307f5fba9bMichael Howell — servo: Merge #10983 - Minor reduction in the amount of allocation display list building does (from notriddle:no_alloc_sort_display); r=mbrubeck
91857bb893c194954f49d2c13dd2eb747cb41133Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #8454 - Implement basic <media> infrastructure (from jdm:media); r=KiChjang
59dfd39b57c04f502a8985926302de4a92b6154bAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #10756 - Update SpiderMonkey (from servo:smup); r=Ms2ger
c2f4d8b69064ee3a81e3ad64286d5d2590215909Shing Lyu — servo: Merge #10914 - Added documents for commandline arguments (from shinglyu:docs); r=aneeshusa
32386096bf548d600cbd6a6ea429e42921597979Mátyás Mustoha — servo: Merge #10990 - Update Cargo to 2016-05-03 nightly (from mmatyas:cargoup_16may03); r=larsbergstrom
3ca7e506ce818b775e68dabe74021bc5aae5a194Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10984 - Minor python/README fixes (from frewsxcv:python-cleanup); r=metajack
85f13c916591d9bb5f8a10ccba93d38d4457f238Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10980 - Re-add TODO comment for adding referer info to LoadData (from KiChjang:referer-policy-comment); r=jdm
1d4a400f5cc6e896bba4ea51ba509df43a9aecf3Ben Striegel — servo: Merge #10979 - Fix unused mut warning (from bstrie:mutwarn); r=frewsxcv
e0e4b673eeead8be1bf21263d3a1fea5030f808bCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10957 - Support plain number-typed properties in geckolib (from heycam:number); r=bholley
046ef257ead6c0681f647530e9ce05b381909ba3Joshua Holmer — servo: Merge #10971 - Remove CacheRequestDetails (from shssoichiro:remove-cacherequestdetails); r=KiChjang
1c9fda80ca28d6d99ce59be07ee0f3febfdfaee2Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10976 - Upgrade mach to 0.6; stop vendoring mach (from frewsxcv:novendor-mach); r=mbrubeck
2afe58063bd304beb6606d369a02ae6f40bcf2d4Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10975 - Update even more dependencies (from mbrubeck:more-deps); r=KiChjang
4d1ea7de84beba98de30be9464b01aa7c0261e34Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10973 - Update x11, clipboard-win, and libz-sys (from mbrubeck:always-be-updating); r=jdm
dc2185746219de487d27b5eb7e6fcfeec7550f51Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10081 - Support controlling interface and member visibility via preferences (from jdm:interfacepref); r=nox
12be94a958467d221cb16552c8e95d1580234a1dbd339 — servo: Merge #10946 - Disable scripting for documents created without a browsing context (from bd339:iss10940); r=nox
274aa87e8fc8276a44af50a2832fff45cb41727dMs2ger — servo: Merge #10970 - Simplify load_data handling in handle_script_loaded_url_in_iframe_msg (from servo:loaddata); r=KiChjang
890a4f7cea74c61b75660387349d7f750846e45fMs2ger — servo: Merge #10969 - Iframe improvements (from servo:iframe); r=KiChjang
553c7a41ec31791144c4b8b96f62ff3ed9e117a8Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #10958 - Minor fixes to documentation (from izgzhen:fixes); r=nox
47b37dd10751427a6b693cf5848fe8c0b56a6ad9Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #10873 - Fixes related to File API (from izgzhen:blob); r=Manishearth
55be6c65da441bd073d367a346cccfcf615bf1bdBobby Holley — servo: Merge #10938 - Geckolib: Implement Margin, Padding, font-size, and has_class (from bholley:margin_padding_fontsize_hasclass); r=emilio
83ab8d50ae4f6f6dda2e25d8aa877e63c025966bPer Lundberg — servo: Merge #10809 - Fixed line-height for input and textarea + use correct font (from perlun:sendoushi-master); r=jdm
fe7e4ea3cda6c5a0dc746f55e209a0b60aeffc0dAneesh Agrawal — servo: Merge #10948 - Clean up CI bash scripts (from aneeshusa:clean-up-ci-bash-scripts); r=emilio
36bcb2b8c33441900e83fa900c0e48aaf0878b4fMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10913 - Use xi-unicode for line breaking (from mbrubeck:xi-unicode); r=pcwalton
533abbc5d1f5fed682a7362f6f906e23e65df007Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10712 - Support form submission of multipart/form-data (from KiChjang:multipart-form-data); r=jdm
99b9f896f6e0ce5509dec5154fb1ca2f316d70bcPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10936 - compositor: When WebRender is in use, only composite on new WebRender frames (from pcwalton:wr-scroll-event-handling); r=glennw
3b32f5867d4de49a8faba8e18755e8c377b70c9aMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10944 - Upgrade a bunch of dependencies (from mbrubeck:bitflags-0.6); r=frewsxcv
3d0ae0846d9c80c68c29f2d9d87e7d5e0b6d6aedSamuel Harrington — servo: Merge #10941 - Remove dead code left over from #10085 (from samlh:patch-2); r=mbrubeck
5fcdeedac844adcd2fa3185c3398baa497517b29askeing — servo: Merge #10917 - The doesn't need binary to update the manifests (from askeing:fix_10909); r=aneeshusa
35ceae5a60882e6b168e5549257c76a0e80b7930Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10931 - Send the panic reason and backtrace in mozbrowsererror (from asajeffrey:send-panic-backtrace-to-mozbrowser); r=jdm
65db4f77c0a6852aaa6c3a6f1464cf9eeb778c49Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10929 - Update libc, log, and image dependencies (from mbrubeck:version-inflation); r=frewsxcv
200256f1fb9e94651ecfc70da7231f586e283d5cSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #10928 - Fix some warnings (from servo:warnings); r=mbrubeck
488a5dcdd1da3a67ca49456f34d286f2d45899dcaskeing — servo: Merge #10923 - Remove dir by shutil.rmtree, remove file by os.remove (from askeing:fix_10922); r=jdm
33a59662930b0fb02c6cce4d877c38dee4e67ea2askeing — servo: Merge #10901 - Handle HTTP specific errors then other errors when downloading rustc (from askeing:fix_10882); r=jdm
d019852086945ca30642ccf09f099f754462b819Ramana Venkata — servo: Merge #10896 - Implement fetching file URL's (from vramana:basic_fetch_file); r=KiChjang
e371d2abb287d3bc4a089dfab67f015630eab55cCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10935 - Change OSX 'activiation policy' when running headless mode (from frewsxcv:activation-policy); r=larsbergstrom
dee3192ac5a4ec39e31f93324a1ed524560c3f2dAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10902 - Remove panic! from the compositor (from asajeffrey:remove-explicit-panic-from-compositor); r=aneeshusa
0f2c1af44a4956a40a0282a105effa47a801366aAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10899 - Added /etc/ci/ (from asajeffrey:chaos-monkey-ci); r=aneeshusa
be5d2d5fb6f1adcba0bccac5c9db2fd82ffaef12Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10815 - style: Support anonymous box pseudo-elements (from emilio:anonbox-gcs); r=SimonSapin,bholley
12016f86538dd10c321463117e8b2bec314fa7f8Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10863 - Extracted shorthands to separate files (from perlun:improve-mako-file-structure-v4); r=SimonSapin
396f911a7d1be9232afa49cc120e9725d5c991f1Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10837 - Add detail to mozbrowsererror events (from asajeffrey:add-mozbrowsererror-details); r=Manishearth
ceee6f2a1ab66537339fc1442a820b9be37462e2Yoav Alon — servo: Merge #10834 - added support for :read-only and :read-write pseudo-classes (from yoava333:master); r=SimonSapin
469552340c1654bec34dc3dc90ad4e71f6c1db70Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10918 - Avoid some clones (from Ms2ger:clones); r=SimonSapin
8c96e9b12f5356049432a471d2e003e95a088e40Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10889 - Add Servo_InsertStyleSheetBefore (from heycam:insert-sheet); r=bholley
7bd4001fa2ff6917f83f254dc6b51660ed2ee5d7cjkenned — servo: Merge #10830 - DOMImplementation::createDocument should set content type based on namespace (from cjkenn:10743); r=Ms2ger
ef94f85ba725480b8bf6908dc7f35bb51f6ac545Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10895 - Use byte indices instead of char indices for text runs (from mbrubeck:byteindex); r=pcwalton
39d0a18a46cb5ef347cae7a2bac84e14dcdd295dCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10891 - Specialize text node style resolution so geckolib can avoid inheriting non-inherited structs (from heycam:text-style); r=bholley
01dd12c29942287b4a5e2a9cfb61b8b9799b5586CorcovadoMing — servo: Merge #10892 - Pass --no-patch by default to update_css (from CorcovadoMing:patch-1); r=Wafflespeanut
7c3e985976dfda875f212d307f3b7bd4a5aaab60Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10888 - Make Servo_GetComputedValues take a node rather than an element (from heycam:computed-node); r=bholley
5c96e151fb9e73a2beb42dd396c8942ec0a80772askeing — servo: Merge #10887 - Dispatch error event when link elements get invalid response (from askeing:fix_10374); r=KiChjang
6bac9f9d8656ee19607a1a24d10c8bf872354844Daniel Robertson — servo: Merge #10867 - Fix logic for cors cache match (from danlrobertson:sandbox); r=KiChjang
9b4c283f5d48e778205955cb281a72376e8ac009Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10159 - script: Make iframes know their pipeline IDs at all times, even after navigation (from pcwalton:iframes-know-their-pipelines); r=jdm
8d84ca13b2932cb4a2b106ad33b9d5d99268e082Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10623 - layout: Reset values appropriately for floats flowing out of blocks with nonzero inline margins (from pcwalton:reddit-float-fix); r=mbrubeck
8ca048b2f6cc2ee151fc4ac825f1e676b308e60eSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #10855 - Make css-properties.json checking a proper unit test (from servo:unit); r=nox
8ae346b2cc146dfc0e5551d997443d7efdc9b9a4Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10880 - Code cleanup in gfx::text (from mbrubeck:char-at); r=nox
283b27837c58c61c6ad917abba9688d545be456bNick Fitzgerald — servo: Merge #10694 - Add a method for dumping profiles as self-contained HTML w/ timeline visualization (from fitzgen:profile-traces-to-file); r=SimonSapin
9ccf2775ea06047572036265d68efebb93c5c0e8Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10890 - Remove extraneous script_chan parameter from Trusted::new (from servo:trusted); r=nox
0f5257cca654a68a59d6ff49c715a7f29e11dafeShing Lyu — servo: Merge #10849 - Move buildbot step to yaml (from shinglyu:yaml); r=aneeshusa
ce54d7603068649a20179f13a9a58b7d9142d3f4Daosheng Mu — servo: Merge #10871 - Fix issue #10755 Canvas without contexts (from daoshengmu:canvasWithoutContexts); r=jdm
47c46eef5b677a47943186ad0a3b10f1d6d99965SunyDays — servo: Merge #10816 - Implement the errorevent argument to Document::createEvent (from SunyDays:errorevent_argument); r=frewsxcv
b5089db1871b3d7b1bd89ddd3a944280488a5bb5Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #10647 - Finish hooking up XML parser (from cbrewster:parse_xml); r=jdm
e224976d95a27691863e00936e0c997ea4ad8d6dCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10869 - DRY out `StreamedResponse::from_http_response` (from frewsxcv:dry); r=jdm
a4369f189a605a539c51065396ee0e99942bf262Martin Broesamle — servo: Merge #10866 - Move abstract parser infrastructure from to parse (from broesamle:issue10856-a); r=Ms2ger
f9e07407a68c9a523c6cf27dcc10aa93a45ff73aCameron McCormack — servo: Merge #10848 - Add Servo_GetStyleFoo functions to get style structs from GeckoComputedValues (from heycam:struct-accessor); r=bholley
b087ea82eba19cfc2a1ff519565aa965b256716eCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10868 - Add `NetworkError::LoadCancelled` variant (from frewsxcv:loadcancelled); r=Ms2ger
d4b4439e3b7cc40f39946c82be076b3638078949bd339 — servo: Merge #10838 - Implement step 3 according to spec (from bd339:iss9551); r=KiChjang
6474f545ecfb56d178f678f4b6a67eaabae1fbbdAkshit Khurana — servo: Merge #10870 - Return a Result<i64, ()> from do_parse_integer (from axitkhurana:do-parse-integer-return-value); r=KiChjang
6781eefa0c48be0ddae339b8fd024ebbb9d1e922Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #10865 - Remove the need for custom clang to generate stylo bindings, plus misc other fixes (from bholley:simplify_bindgen); r=emilio
05b17b3e36be24a043f4deb5aeac4ac99e07adaeAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10862 - Don't kill the root pipeline when randomly killing pipelines (from asajeffrey:only-the-chrome-survives); r=SimonSapin
fc5e9f3e946cfed7e044a1c1eff987793bb66f40SunyDays — servo: Merge #10820 - Implement the "focusevent" argument to Document::createEvent (from SunyDays:focusevent_argument); r=Ms2ger
6710bf1dbafec084574fd82064e1f7896091bacfSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #10857 - Simplify TOML syntax (from servo:toml); r=nox
ad878a49fcc43b074e42da2f27b88639c4edafddMs2ger — servo: Merge #10847 - Update rustc (from servo:rustup-20160424); r=nox
3a0df6e25177502d35df3afb9a6a947ecc6a852aAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10824 - Communicate a backtrace to the constellation when panicking (from asajeffrey:communicate-backtrace-on-panic); r=Manishearth
42d884c976de897eb26a224ccaf621b6ead9e58bKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10608 - Add parsing of double values in style attributes (from KiChjang:parse-double); r=nox
0aab8e15a8eebc37ac57265923053e1a9e5b0720Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10722 - layout: Add support for vertical alignment within table cells (from notriddle:table_cell_valign); r=SimonSapin
15d63d4ea03037e4a67fb2597a7d57a9452ff0f6Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #10810 - Merge DisplayListEntry into DisplayItem (from mrobinson:displayitem); r=pcwalton
b515299f42bfa9c6fe1c304688554253875c96f8Sagar Muchhal — servo: Merge #10767 - Added Store Command to ImageCache Task (from akhan7:command); r=jdm
70ebd9dedc1246fc8a5318bf439d75fdc1186f52Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10813 - Moved the rest of the longhand structs to separate files (from perlun:improve-mako-file-structure-v3); r=SimonSapin
b74c5f607961114880f75f43196e8082e87f26d8Ramana Venkata — servo: Merge #10850 - Allow setting withCredentials in synchronous XMLHttpRequest (from vramana:issue_10839); r=Ms2ger
78d5dcabf8b2790543fbb3a4d74dfc68dd9200d8askeing — servo: Merge #10818 - Put each unexpected dynamic symbols on its own line (from askeing:fix_10797); r=nox
d2acf676078007f780f8329f516ea35974525706Stephen (Ziyun) Li — servo: Merge #10844 - Implement the "progressevent" argument to Document::createEvent (from sliz1:10740); r=frewsxcv
b3acff86056dc8bb1ab737b2e4655b4e5be22011Fabrice Desré — servo: Merge #10842 - Webrender no nativewindow (from fabricedesre:webrender-no-nativewindow); r=Manishearth
2bb1042c6a46b28e76fbf2976355c1bf37cf68e6Daniel — servo: Merge #10800 - read cookie_jar, hsts_list, auth_cache, and local_data from file if profile_dir option is present (from DDEFISHER:read_profile_dir_from_file); r=frewsxcv
3662cc705cb87f0cd725b30aa49322409904ac33Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10785 - Refactor `LoadErrorType` to not require a `String` for every type (from frewsxcv:loaderrortype-nostring); r=jdm
d088446dcbc0a71d1b2cade87d0ec28deb233de1Rebecca — servo: Merge #10696 - Referer header (from rebstar6:referrerPolicy); r=jdm
7c5221f975c6fe1426731908b64d4527f4cc6d3faskeing — servo: Merge #10835 - Adding parameter to tidy for skipping print text when running tests (from askeing:fix_10832); r=Wafflespeanut
4b578fe70172c0e0b8600452e68de2c695fc76d9Bridget McErlean — servo: Merge #10833 - Use the document base url when resolving worker URLs (from zubron:use-document-base-url-worker-10577); r=Ms2ger
5032efc37fac06edc40bbb0fb38b4c6edcaec4f5Arpad Borsos — servo: Merge #10684 - do not render svg children, fixes #10646 (from Swatinem:hide_svg); r=Ms2ger
cd28a3249a6a5a876806f6d10ba8702dec6f6000David Raifaizen — servo: Merge #10825 - Adding vscode and intellij settings folders to gitignore (from craftytrickster:gitignore-update); r=Ms2ger
15dfa0b3a848b4a48a25c9e1d253979a288f6874Maciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #10831 - "storageevent" argument for Document::createEvent (from mskrzypkows:storageevent); r=Ms2ger
338b3f6d0b64202b72c1b628f4efa2f17412101eAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #10819 - Refactor the `call` hook on non-callback interface objects (fixes #10744) (from nox:call-without-new); r=Ms2ger
bd978d81d9d98c07b2fb09c1a1f44448f902611dTyler Southwick — servo: Merge #10805 - implement webglcontextevent (from tylersouthwick:webglcontextevent); r=Ms2ger
58e8f053297a5d0dadcdbab27c27207876671899Arnaud Marant — servo: Merge #10761 - Implements Node::isSameNode (from amarant:Node-isSameNode); r=Ms2ger
414a4169f2ef52fcd290b8ae031c483ca3551207Maciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #10775 - Test for tidy.check_lock function #9152 (from mskrzypkows:tidy_tests); r=Wafflespeanut
259414a1a4cfce6536fd7fcd9fb56b0084b0245bDaniel Robertson — servo: Merge #10817 - Add style property for flex-basis (from danlrobertson:flex-basis); r=mbrubeck
7bb73c2ac669f36547e10fb1dc6d0522e3822d8dSunyDays — servo: Merge #10814 - Implement the svgevents argument to Document::createEvent (from SunyDays:svgevents_argument); r=Ms2ger
94ab626eb3264784bf0545395790128bbc068480Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10670 - Implement stencil fns for WebGLRenderingContext (from KiChjang:webgl-stencils); r=emilio
6da38378a33a0b292803ee9f46fd03ed7ecd4968Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #9840 - Update to rust-url 1.0 (from servo:url-1.0); r=asajeffrey
69abf181f7e581a463bf28b33b83963b955bc60bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10823 - Squash unused import and unused crate warnings (from jdm:import); r=frewsxcv
644b3a693d804943223293e3ee1b071a4b19aab8Yoav Alon — servo: Merge #10795 - updated Blob constructor to use optional (from yoava333:master); r=Ms2ger
06c586917f9c78f9825cf12b290187e2763ddf63Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10770 - Do not render the contents of block-level replaced elements (from notriddle:canvas_placeholder_block); r=mbrubeck
6391daaeb3a2092873c6a77efa8c69a45cd96021Zbynek Winkler — servo: Merge #10786 - tidy check for vim and emacs modelines (from zwn:tidy-modelines); r=Manishearth
59610ddb2e339d6324ae4551e9207b6a13217255Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10799 - Complete 'inefficient' FIXME by remove unnecessary clone (from frewsxcv:no-clone); r=jdm
eaa44aab9ec8fd15ebf4722d9ee6794387b181a3Tyler Southwick — servo: Merge #10804 - Remove unused code and make utils private (from tylersouthwick:remove-plugins-utils-unsafe_context); r=nox
38c87c3574238694d7bb364650590392203a64f7Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10784 - Update xml5ever (from servo:xml5ever); r=KiChjang
5e3cca4c364595e7b66d5c7ac5ea4e81dcb8cccfTetsuharu OHZEKI — servo: Merge #10769 - Drop support for keyevents in Document::createEvent (from saneyuki:keyevents); r=frewsxcv
3c3ef7178171978592a34f79bf7871d51df1e82cNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #10762 - Implement Element::hasAttributes (from canaltinova:has_attributes); r=nox
6c41d95771e2993c0fd5ef71ea77e20773dda813Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10654 - compositing/script: Do not dispatch the resize event when initially l… (from notriddle:no_resize_on_initial_load); r=asajeffrey
813093ebfc37bce2b5a0d8695320ec08a2c739a8Zbynek Winkler — servo: Merge #10706 - Turn on unused-extern-crates warning (from zwn:unused-extern-crates); r=nox
973a691093973e37dfdbadb303e357a28fb94faeBobby Holley — servo: Merge #10697 - Implement enough of geckolib to cascade the first node (from bholley:need_clone); r=SimonSapin
8a207117a1d4bb3777d352ebb1d4e6cf0f681f0bLéo Stefanesco — servo: Merge #10757 - Implement Node::rootNode (from ineol:root-node); r=Ms2ger
210ee0ba28fe875b2e7d4e1df27dbaf89f5bf83bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10443 - webgl: Implement the pending texImage2D overload, and add more validation (from emilio:webgl-teximage2d-overload); r=jdm
ca063f0e8489f6b4e17f9feceb163130b23f9cc6Zbynek Winkler — servo: Merge #10751 - Report lines starting with && in tidy (from zwn:tidy-start-operator); r=Wafflespeanut
35966312824b73e6100f61c3c6eb60c115d92a82David Raifaizen — servo: Merge #10651 - Setting current color to black if canvas is not rendered in document (from craftytrickster:10601/current-color); r=Ms2ger
757e75475cd4156ebb60afd6f49ac785e3f744c1Nick Fitzgerald — servo: Merge #10729 - Add unit tests skeleton for the time profiler (from fitzgen:unit-tests-for-time-profiler); r=larsbergstrom
1e8d31cf2ea60e70c15e00718dabca434a278973Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10758 - Ensure that we aren't missing any errors in the tidy self-test (from jdm:tidy_check_completeness); r=Wafflespeanut
7fb8e8ce5f471c407925c36b93b279aebdc6545dJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10727 - Use DOM width/height for canvas display list item (from jdm:canvas_panic); r=pcwalton
afc9690e74e56a8b818fd238fe4e85bde0e75a65edunham — servo: Merge #10723 - Remove some Emacs & Vim modelines (from edunham:modelines); r=Wafflespeanut
63f1ea7ba63e75286918220376615435d4fdafb2Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #10791 - Blind attempt at fixing a Python import error on Windows (from servo:explicit-python-path); r=KiChjang
18f78fde988a32b94602e0d0137c188c37bed7e8Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10774 - Improve file structure, take 2 (from perlun:improve-mako-file-structure-v2); r=SimonSapin
f39e75d05950c4758be39e748f3ec274f39388a1Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10710 - Update js (from Ms2ger:js); r=nox
73046b7a5b8924fa5cc2c6185932b6c58f7335ddMs2ger — servo: Merge #10631 - Update wptrunner (from servo:wptrunner-20160415); r=KiChjang
75af6f5e3e2d5876694d389cfcaf04de2120ab6eSimon Sapin — servo: Merge #10749 - Prepare related files to make it easier to split up the Mako template (from servo:split-mako); r=nox
05236dcfca50666486bf1db3a2d6023bcda84a5eDaniel — servo: Merge #10661 - write cookie_jar, hsts_list, auth_cache to file if profile_dir option is present (from DDEFISHER:master); r=jdm
2a189add81597f46103fea0241da78d17c3f5e38Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #9942 - Moving the error handling out of network loader (from jdm:load_error); r=ms2ger
6796751da3346c7687e06493e7e6568978ab7191Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10750 - Use num's constituent crates (from servo:num); r=nox
57e38431b42dbbb780283fbc03ff9dac00103597Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #9968 - Implement scroll, scrollLeft, scrollTop and friends, addressing issue #9650 (from izgzhen:scroll); r=asajeffrey
792eec72ff0c6d704e6830155693663cbf351fcezakorgyula — servo: Merge #10745 - Remove extra definition of WHITESPACE under components/util/ (from zakorgy:refaktor); r=nox
002c744d3f82eb4caea674b847e5476172cd52a8Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10725 - A few minor `net` component cleanups (from frewsxcv:net-cleanup); r=KiChjang
72853ab619f1849ec56911a0a19bd38e77039812Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10718 - Lower the logging level of a really chatty fn (from mbrubeck:trace); r=jdm
45d01a9bb45040a56997391fc01c7b1d57091690Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10717 - layout: Implement support for `overflow: scroll` in WebRender (from pcwalton:wr-overflow-scroll); r=glennw
7790d9b954bf74cfa6f43fcbfd7cd371bd5648dfedunham — servo: Merge #10715 - Allow another wording of apache2/MIT (used by gaol) (from edunham:tidy-licenses); r=larsbergstrom
7f27bbd55a40415213f253333aad84a582f31526Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10708 - Fix some compile warnings (from Ms2ger:warnings); r=emilio
0d853ce6811b51361154fa6318351cf058b46aa2Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10641 - Dedicated panic channel (from asajeffrey:dedicated-panic-channel); r=Manishearth
19291e612d750f764267e6360475f4d2c58b4988Arnaud Marant — servo: Merge #10634 - Issue #10574 Use the document base url in img (from amarant:10574-image-document-base); r=metajack
b25ea0a47d14920ba4b7d2b617b23c57e2bc8e7fNazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #10592 - Use the document base url when resolving stylesheets (from canaltinova:stylesheet_with_base); r=Ms2ger
1923ddb45fe8d44f0b868a6d93e813a7e66ba33aCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10695 - Avoid unnecessary `net_traits::LoadData` clone (from frewsxcv:no-clone); r=KiChjang
5bbbd41a076eb69dc651cfa000c0d3cdea29b7a6Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #10678 - WebRender no longer needs StackingLevel information (from mrobinson:remove-stackinglevel-from-webrender); r=pcwalton
aa9b74a854d5ae7e9046d7f2ab03d4be6058b5a1David Zbarsky — servo: Merge #10652 - Prevent use of reserved names in BindAttribLocation (from dzbarsky:reserved); r=dzbarsky
59dde21cfc9a017e535cc481b6c5f45285689e3erwa — servo: Merge #10689 - Handle URLError in download() #10679 (from rwakulszowa:bootstrap-disconnected-message); r=Wafflespeanut
ea70c1cf2fb98f54650e076adcf67f236611f414Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10688 - Update Cargo to 2016-04-17 nightly (from mbrubeck:cargo-up); r=Manishearth
ab8a19ec91968cd0605eb901a6e6526443b8d4b4Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10687 - Encourage better documentation patterns (from jdm:docs); r=larsbergstrom
272dffbb3ab560069c32085786d1cf405eeb0d3fCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10672 - Improvements to network preferences, HTTP redirection limiting (from frewsxcv:net-network); r=KiChjang
af2cc6c4a97ad715b4a6a402de6c86baab23e489Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10551 - Trigger mozbrowsererror event when a pipeline fails (from asajeffrey:trigger-mozbrowsererror-event); r=jdm
e3a795622528b092c2af6a7e3c29e867d04e0382askeing — servo: Merge #10653 - Cleanup tidy for external deps (from askeing:cleanup_tidy_for_external_deps); r=edunham
4036fbc9a7134ae10955fb3aeaf2675d96f0cc18Greg Guthe — servo: Merge #10508 - Insert row (from g-k:insert-row); r=KiChjang
e32a38b3ab57dc9d4923ec2dc6eabc7c3f626559Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10640 - Cleanup code regarding mimesniff 'apache bug' (from frewsxcv:apache-flag); r=KiChjang
56ffb15c5375473f41c6cb66306cf7ea7e3a8a9dPeter — servo: Merge #10667 - Updated euclid to version 0.6.5 (from peterjoel:euclid_0.6.5); r=frewsxcv
942c4a9344ff7742ee98d34e2ddad152441a1716Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10682 - servo: Bump glutin (from emilio:glutin-update); r=Ms2ger
8a6e55212441ffb3bd42e833b0f04a04c1ccf9a0Yoav Alon — servo: Merge #10677 - update url crate (from yoava333:master); r=jdm
695dff3081c62ca8900d081a05b589b66df72adfKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10674 - Avoid generating parameter names that are Rust keywords (from KiChjang:codegen-avoid-rust-keywords); r=Manishearth
4e98e59deea7fec255ad98581060cfc1fab6d772Peter — servo: Merge #10669 - gitignore: /python/tidy/servo_tidy.egg-info/ (from peterjoel:gitignore_python); r=emilio
23d10463cddd0e2eec16e426e293981fab961548Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10666 - Refactor, cleanup HSTS related code (from frewsxcv:hsts-cleanup); r=SimonSapin
48c6a631f9f74e0236e4507cdd76089caa002df4Alberto Corona — servo: Merge #10612 - Implement HTMLTextArea.setSelectionRange (continuation of #10007) (from autrilla:textdir); r=emilio
2f208c652b0a23b249bca78646eaa5ce268512f3Zbynek Winkler — servo: Merge #10664 - Use os.path.basename instead of split('/')[-1] (from zwn:os-path-basename); r=Wafflespeanut
bf521d8ec0172c6961491bbab0a44ef10f17145bAdrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10620 - Improved readability of ensure_bootstrapped (from autrilla:mach-command-improvements); r=Wafflespeanut
b71ae63f1b7fc57011af57a37e0599a017395f50Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10662 - Make `read_resource_file` param simpler and more idiomatic (from frewsxcv:resource-param); r=jdm
4b5b3d1d1f2a2a21ede06ce1c78d1a61106db191Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10655 - Update margins when merging inline fragments (from mbrubeck:merge-margin); r=SimonSapin
6444c36ab79347eba93071afc98d7feddda6bd4cMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10643 - Fix handling of borders and padding for empty/stripped inline flows (from mbrubeck:empty-span-border); r=pcwalton
3c3aeb06c33422df9c5f97cb54be36b59df1c677Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10650 - Disable tinyfiledialogs on non-OS X and Linux platforms (from jdm:disabletfd); r=KiChjang
f8b97225106cfbec674ea7c960455cb34c36ddbaKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10628 - Add missing gecko keyword values to styles (from KiChjang:extra-gecko-values); r=bholley
171054a04d61223e4d8d931dc5fddf7b144edd19Rizky Luthfianto — servo: Merge #10649 - Fix Document#elementFromPoint no viewport available test (from rilut:fix-elementFromPoint-no-viewport-available-test); r=nox
9998484bdd4ec8c79937526b17de967f4d3b2c20Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10644 - layout: Make absolutely-positioned blocks not generate {ib} splits (from pcwalton:absolute-ib-split); r=mbrubeck
5b7a48485a8a5825e6041fccfbf7f0e69be725a3edunham — servo: Merge #10635 - Docs and cleanup after moving tidy (from edunham:tidy-cleanup); r=larsbergstrom
2687cdb0624fae55e75de6378bb65511fc637de9Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10637 - layout: Do not propagate floats in or out of absolutely positioned flows (from notriddle:absolute_float_line_height); r=pcwalton
234ab857fb555ca913dca55bfe586575177d687eManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #10572 - Replace watcher threads with panic handlers (from Manishearth:and-now-his-watch-is-ended); r=asajeffrey
2857d710dfbac7cfba89f6a015dfd31f9dbd57edMatthias Krüger — servo: Merge #10482 - readme: add build status badges (from matthiaskrgr:readme); r=jdm
4b66f7bd4d879ee6f18c6ced190244b46cbebb21Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10616 - #10614: Mach install now builds servo if it hasn't been built before (from autrilla:10614); r=edunham
f150cc5804a8005a08d2856077522a54b53a9ce7Rizky Luthfianto — servo: Merge #10426 - Fix Document#elementsFromPoint no viewport available test (from rilut:fix-elementsFromPoint-no-viewport-available-test); r=nox
11cc0b9e7ced9d12abf44b25fff16081f19730f2askeing — servo: Merge #10590 - Package tidy (from edunham:package-tidy); r=larsbergstrom
99962c6744ec037af8ad01aaa66224bb96f876eeBobby Holley — servo: Merge #10627 - Use kwargs in mako to reduce all the parameters (from bholley:mako_kwargs); r=SimonSapin
af27187e70679f2e02f01258b088735cad88c658Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10629 - Flatten a couple `net` implementations (from frewsxcv:flatten); r=Ms2ger
2dea597c321e4f238d32918ac0a4abcfab2ea2b1Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10345 - Replace side-effecting unwrap_or_else by if let in constellation (from asajeffrey:make-nox-happy); r=nox
9830d8650af0f84be65def9755baa83b9615e2b0Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #10585 - Rust upgrade to 2016-04-12 (from servo:rustup_20160414); r=Ms2ger
24888d76c52233bd32544e0964a7de472e9ec8fbJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10555 - Remove unnecessary indirection in HTTP unit tests (from jdm:http_response_refactor); r=ms2ger
3a8dca8b066318ea89cd8853b646d90051b6a28aStephen (Ziyun) Li — servo: Merge #10626 - Use the document base url when resolving iframe URLs (from sliz1:10576); r=KiChjang
34f1e3898e61f05d9c1fe77d0d77325018a230eaDaniel — servo: Merge #10328 - 401 authorization UI then restart request/save successful auth creds (from DDEFISHER:master); r=jdm
32e080debe74f88224ede6a39e656dabee6757b3Liamsi — servo: Merge #10591 - Use the document base url when resolving script URLs (from Liamsi:base_url_script_element); r=KiChjang
13f11febf68b33ed622199c3202677ee694500d8Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10458 - layout: Disallow margins from collapsing through block formatting contexts per CSS 2.1 § 8.3.1 (from pcwalton:block-formatting-context-margin-collapse); r=mbrubeck
b329d6b888c51532e773398b482b7ba028c4686fPer Lundberg — servo: Merge #10617 - Extracted Mako-based code generation invokation to separate .py files (from perlun:extract-build-properties-script-to-py-files); r=bholley
46f8474baaa78ef6e04aaa0894a0551cf8d3f3c6Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10619 - mach: Added warning for update-cargo -a (from perlun:add-update-cargo-all-packages-warning); r=Wafflespeanut
4009abd4096973da172717f13d3ef274af4a9570Nick Fitzgerald — servo: Merge #10589 - Take the stdout lock when printing profile data (from fitzgen:lock-stdout-when-printing-profile); r=larsbergstrom
0c01435837ba211168d42d6e1f485032930e6c68Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10609 - Make add_panic_object in borrow rather than own the object (from asajeffrey:add-panic-object-borrows); r=Manishearth
cc63ce19e283618328172c38719ad91a788e5c55Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #10556 - Automatically generate Gecko style struct setters for most keyword properties (from bholley:keyword_setters); r=SimonSapin
cd18e2f5c7f6ac34fc2d72788897048d1796f57bJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10610 - Replace instances of infallible unwrap with expect (from jdm:unwrap); r=SimonSapin
14e80afdf536718c1785ff674fbcb3d3dcf1dc0bAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10587 - Added panic message to failures (from asajeffrey:add-failure-panic-message); r=Manishearth
1d2d8eb7bbac5a9b59a9051e765db07ded736e41Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #10606 - Remove the url! plugin (from servo:remove-url-plugin); r=nox
244dbd6196d4099e1d85eecba38e26a6523222aaAdrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10436 - Added Uniform{2i, 2iv, 2fv, 3f, 3i, 3iv, 3fv} (from autrilla:uniform2); r=emilio
2e3d70a8bda739692b8f25587133a6986a0c0c58Stephen (Ziyun) Li — servo: Merge #10594 - Remove containing_page_pipeline_id (from sliz1:10576); r=Ms2ger
ad3b87c88fd7e0517e1f4f8b8e57d1721e11bd84Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #10582 - Avoid moves of Gecko style structs (from bholley:no_move_style_structs); r=Manishearth
7b53aa8b9152ce0edf6c0c8d3bcfb14cd64ed7ddMichael Howell — servo: Merge #10579 - Propogate transformed clipping regions to nested flows (from notriddle:overflow_premature_clip); r=pcwalton
08f8e0f87814b11bf67b484c7fe5434e30f95265Di Xu — servo: Merge #10566 - replace Fallible<()> with ErrorResult (from xudifsd:error-result); r=Ms2ger
a1ce9a2bbe1a4f8196d85f8ac8b2041f778135b5Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10573 - Do not support XHR.responseXML in worker globals. Fixes #8931 (from jdm:xhrintermittent); r=Manishearth
2ebe3d32aaf7518f2f4cbeb3eb9deeeb1ae9c589Tim van der Meij — servo: Merge #10489 - Replace use of `debug!` by `warn!` in `` (from timvandermeij:constellation-debug-warn); r=jdm
28ddad5d6dfb6d549e1cf0992d8935b1f65e5ec9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10557 - layout: Take in account max and min inline size for inline fragments (from emilio:inline-block-max-width); r=pcwalton
35eec2625e988b42ead5189ad07335f5d5cceb58Maciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #10563 - Test for check_spec function, for #9152 (from mskrzypkows:tidy_tests); r=mbrubeck
78cff180a06a6792de9c8ad93df7325741e324f3Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10189 - Implement CORS preflight fetch (from KiChjang:cors-preflight-fetch); r=jdm
80585f49bc0ff711f662fc5725f767f705582826Saurav Sachidanand — servo: Merge #10565 - Update to byteorder 0.5 (from saurvs:master); r=Ms2ger
99ef6b195fe3005b0914eecc4c148415bfebcb16Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10558 - Implement `sectionRowIndex` property on `<tr>` (from frewsxcv:tr-SectionRowIndex); r=KiChjang
38338b9e8f3b2f6fbab5f326720f377aebe2c69dKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10512 - Implement HTMLBaseElement attributes (from KiChjang:base-element-attr); r=Ms2ger
e2508ae8a5f3480c17f1d22bc58c51471def389bMs2ger — servo: Merge #10564 - Remove a pointless Url clone (from Ms2ger:url-clone); r=Manishearth
42ba3404a452f4070f1a0baeb5b7cea46230ec1bMauricio Collares — servo: Merge #10524 - Add some Gecko-supported CSS keyword properties (from mauricioc:keyword_values); r=SimonSapin
d04915d321c180ab2543bb2ea984a90afc8420dcMs2ger — servo: Merge #10562 - Update gcc (from servo:gcc); r=Manishearth
7752900f9ea1560d1ec6d0df2dac9e43b969def9Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #8658 - Implement origin concept and browsing contextless documents (from jdm:origin2); r=Ms2ger+jdm
b5efeb1185d807fb1e345b61b24e6bde19b0e2c1Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10554 - Fast fail_handle_script_loaded_url_in_iframe_msg (from asajeffrey:fast-fail-handle-script-loaded-url-in-iframe); r=Ms2ger
8f7c6a7e3672cc04d9b4eccbc8ce45f462a0caf1Ulf Nilsson — servo: Merge #10497 - Share prefs to content processes (from kaksmet:multiprocess-prefs); r=pcwalton
d3bc78ac7f3af44ec86667f24c85115263d570d0Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10486 - Take transform:translate into account when computing clipping regions (from notriddle:overflow_premature_clip); r=pcwalton
07c05028ddef859e4521536b9821eef49ff6322dStjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10546 - Fix typo: `cannot not outlive` -> `cannot outlive` (from stjepang:fix-typo-in-jsrs); r=Ms2ger
2b1045966e7712c4bc0055abd266f8fd6fd49edfCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10510 - Implement `rowIndex` property on `<tr>` (from frewsxcv:rowindex); r=KiChjang
9c7083d1c585bf48a7c1622e1c9b17711cd69565Arnaud Marant — servo: Merge #10545 - remove unreachable code in codegen (from amarant:unreachable-codegen); r=Ms2ger
64f005b0cc0406a0023ce3dff037cc68ed300197Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10488 - Removed the T prefix for the style traits (from perlun:remove-t-prefix-on-style-structs); r=SimonSapin
77c88d178004c8b7bed588d82be6bb95b3886375Zhen Zhang — servo: Merge #10538 - Improve PerformanceTiming Interface (from izgzhen:performance_timing); r=Ms2ger
aad87eb69ddb28977f9f846b268b2088fbe4f423akhan7 — servo: Merge #10543 - Implement image request concept for HTMLImageElement. Implement HTMLI… (from jdm:imageload); r=jdm
8ebe1b758ee1af13d4e9cc8a600a4d1ebe3b8402Yoav Alon — servo: Merge #9980 - Implement the table section IDL attributes for HTML tables (from yoava333:master); r=nox
b2e8ff170055ad9d1c802d6554839f51be8e3424Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10523 - Add CSSOM 'Extensions to the HTMLImageElement Interface' in WebIDL (from frewsxcv:cssom-htmlimageelement-extension); r=Ms2ger
f1bf7ef7ba23ab500bcf02e471cd345fdfd83762David Zbarsky — servo: Merge #10379 - Implement GetActiveAttrib (from dzbarsky:getActiveAttrib); r=emilio
d135e99d5d13f6bb173773e70eddd009d4f4ffccCorey Farwell — servo: Merge #10535 - Implement 'align' IDL attribute on '<hr>' (from frewsxcv:hr-align); r=mbrubeck
d3ff60403934d6a4297085282459de97f2c250cbPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10529 - layout: Make child stacking contexts of fixed position stacking contexts also fixed position (from pcwalton:nested-fixed-position-webrender); r=glennw
38744ec4387bb940b7daf0083b6710fe5b8878d0Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10534 - Re-enabled etc/ci/check_no_unwrap (from asajeffrey:reenable-check-no-unwrap); r=Manishearth
48d67a2d0e7ef082ce3c856972f607f6291b4127Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #10528 - Invalidate appveyor cache when rust or cargo rev (from larsbergstrom:invalidate_cache); r=edunham
f9dd243afa2d1827045b562026df3c66ea680708Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10522 - Various cleanups in HTMLInputElement (from KiChjang:input-cleanup); r=frewsxcv
2cfac39666687859db617ca4cf9e217de322f001Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #10527 - Work around a Mako bug on Windows (from servo:cr); r=larsbergstrom
617f797316375095e9cfc79b7acb4722993a6e9cArnaud Marant — servo: Merge #10505 - Issue #10491 add HTMLInputElement attributes that reflect content ide… (from amarant:10491-HTMLInputElement-attr); r=KiChjang
f0a2cc1f08dec0c3f6e623894d796bb5cba9d545Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10224 - webgl: Add attribute validations and other nits (from emilio:shader-type-validations); r=jdm
cc4bbd467e8dcf96cf48ac297e29a14fd3ea2b45Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10493 - gfx: Clamp the font size we supply to Core Text to 0.01pt (from pcwalton:inline-font-size-zero); r=mbrubeck
993f348880a66120f717a4cca374614f58a1a625Daniel Robertson — servo: Merge #10178 - Implement flexbox reordering (from danlrobertson:flex-order); r=SimonSapin
3f3e57e89169f4fb7fa4766d2462f711fc096b57Jack Moffitt — servo: Merge #10445 - Use better JS engine defaults (from metajack:enable-asmjs); r=jdm
f4f278bd0b2020fbcf5164e698a851fbfc43d51bMs2ger — servo: Merge #10518 - Update smallvec (from Ms2ger:smallvec); r=KiChjang
dbebb6aa5a0eb85475574dd211d3002de1ecc48dUlf Nilsson — servo: Merge #10496 - Fix sandboxing on OS X (from kaksmet:fix-sandbox); r=pcwalton
39a8bea6d01b9debe27900245827cbf1dba6ff8bDaniel Robertson — servo: Merge #10490 - Add tests and clean up `FlexFlow::(block|inline)_mode_assign_inline_sizes` (from danlrobertson:correct-size); r=SimonSapin
0bdab191226e3c458469636d459e70b84b3e3798Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #10485 - Implement stub for NavigatorPlugins (from cbrewster:navigator_plugins); r=Ms2ger
0b7a4788dea932a5e7f1c8829088afbabced7ec3Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10513 - Extract out 'is the html body element' CSSOM concept (from frewsxcv:is_the_html_body_element); r=Ms2ger
ffc7ece02cf828cea5e704dfaa03035a3e5a9b56Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10519 - Update 'Extensions to the HTMLElement Interface' CSSOM spec links (from frewsxcv:links); r=KiChjang
0a9be544718fa3a3f2043a08f286ae8359a65d1aKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10502 - Add API base url method to global objects (from KiChjang:fix-open-url-base); r=Ms2ger
989283b5ecb69d298781213c71854f995391d7ddMs2ger — servo: Merge #10516 - Various cleanup (from Ms2ger:cleanup); r=nox
e81b35c89383c52211e04e53842f52f2dc125db4Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10514 - Various '' cleanup (from frewsxcv:element-cleanup); r=KiChjang
8eb22df0b6e38a00c3a88539441c60ae9d6cb952Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #10503 - Replaced SendParam with BodyInit (from canaltinova:master); r=KiChjang
1c3e662ecb2d6a03198b69711afd715e664da892Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #10501 - Removed unused imports from (from canaltinova:master); r=KiChjang
706bafebf7c38a81cb0f8378aa580875d1f624e3shubham_jain — servo: Merge #10257 - #10141 : Document::location set null for documents without a browsing context (from slayerjain:first_bug); r=KiChjang
d07ee1178d980f2d5ff8a86d6c429eb0d3e9a82bKeith Yeung — servo: Merge #10086 - Implement HTMLTableElement#rows (from KiChjang:table-rows); r=Manishearth
cd86da741612933fa7f41e5e102f94b1039a5e3aShiroy — servo: Merge #10203 - Avoid script execution when not found (from Shiroy:script-not-found-executed); r=Ms2ger
a614fe2d45a878029c95e618929458ee754bdba8Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10495 - Removed etc/ci/ from .travis.yml (from asajeffrey:temporarily-disable-unwrap-test); r=KiChjang
1834fcc0d5e850fe448ca3e88615f2f21e2a3719Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10494 - layout: Make inner scroll wrappers acquire the overflow region of their contents (from pcwalton:overflow-scroll-nested-fixed-height); r=mbrubeck
395e0a1740ebeea295104c174e2f2b7ccb9feb37malayaleecoder — servo: Merge #10320 - Rename imm_child_iter() and child_iter() (from malayaleecoder:master); r=KiChjang
bc7e0b8097ece9c8cdf218722c1e51686e2ec72bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10484 - geckolib: reupdate bindings to allow easy union modifications (from emilio:reupdate-stylo-bindings); r=bholley
66fbbae4bf8b5708f3a2d85fb99080af280bc071Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10324 - Renamed the style structs (from perlun:rename-style-structs); r=bholley
3e830a437726c75bff889a5210a1c49bd20aa38aMatthias Krüger — servo: Merge #10448 - travis: add and run script which checks if listed files contain "unwrap". Should fix #10446 (from matthiaskrgr:travis); r=aneeshusa
09fd6b17e5e5460e0dba95580233329197a39379Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10471 - Use mime! macro in fetch methods (from KiChjang:mime-macro); r=emilio
a0c9c9dc3b04834a265c2fd1b1bcdef56db5b786Daniel Robertson — servo: Merge #10444 - Correct x and y input for origin_rect (from danlrobertson:fix9824); r=asajeffrey
9a4db2ae0cd5a3c3e7fa1efb8028ec967e3878bfBobby Holley — servo: Merge #10461 - Add some machinery to allow us to disable CSS properties/values per-product (from bholley:per_product); r=SimonSapin
bee9e1d462a155be71c8001abec88f80a2293534UK992 — servo: Merge #10466 - Silent some warnings (from UK992:fix); r=KiChjang
cdf9753c237bef4acfdd1c6badf41ecf12ebc126Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10476 - Remove str_to_string compile test (from KiChjang:remove-str-to-string); r=Ms2ger
8547bc0eebf9bcd7d6a228e4d33a5888ada3e79eArnaud Marant — servo: Merge #10463 - Issue #10456 Remove unused import warnings in HTMLLegendElement (from amarant:10456-HTMLLegendElement-warnings); r=KiChjang
7d3acdb96776647a4dfc23d9f34ccb804a900eddManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #10470 - Remove str_to_string lint (from Manishearth:kill-str-string); r=KiChjang
e48f920aff576c0c7dd9c94554c12586763cbe68Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10469 - Some minor layout cleanups (from mbrubeck:layout-misc); r=pcwalton
a58b94448aeadc68f968f056423ad68ec147499bStjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10465 - Fix rebasing error (from stjepang:rescue-jit-prefs); r=KiChjang
9f0a3eed19ee3ec08ef1d0d136ab5d2b76ce509eAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10423 - Removed sources of panic from (from asajeffrey:constellation-pipeline-hardening); r=emilio,jdm
7c7291a2d5508e193ae89eda2aca01387e99abbdMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10361 - Fixes for insertion point caret rendering (from mbrubeck:empty-caret); r=pcwalton
5073a12fbc842581ac6e7f83b906828c0fe06abdJoe Wilm — servo: Merge #9688 - Implement Worker#terminate() (fixes #4427) (from KiChjang:worker-terminate); r=jdm
c193b04409505d33b0bfcfa276166e032ecb7464Keith Yeung — servo: Merge #10438 - Properly inherit text decorations (from KiChjang:text-decoration-fix); r=mbrubeck
1b63f5cb1d901aa0fc09ded2d9551ca9ee27ef9cPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10462 - servo: Update WebRender (from pcwalton:wrup3); r=glennw
dc459cebb7d78d34ff6626d57e0fb80ef846645eMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10402 - Avoid unnecessary Arc::clone and Arc::make_mut (from mbrubeck:make_mut); r=pcwalton
ded326fddf71456f5ba99a4c8b5e49e1ef092ab0Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10450 - layout: Allow non-absolutely-positioned elements with `overflow: scroll` set to be scrolled (from pcwalton:overflow-scroll-non-positioned); r=mbrubeck
8665365e904a05fbf83b6bb0e258389b00a41036Maciej Skrzypkowski — servo: Merge #9835 - Initial tests for #9152 (from mskrzypkows:tidy_tests); r=Wafflespeanut
f445583eb05d59aea3226c877aa4798a6e730552Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10453 - Update uuid (from Ms2ger:uuid); r=KiChjang
7dec983c0b36d3b5c04b44f3ce441c409c2c495eStjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10430 - Remove URL.base (it was removed from the spec) (from stjepang:remove-url-base); r=Ms2ger
3a3e291c4b143d1f0ae8405d2a0dcd29b7360554Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10442 - Issue #10441: Added caching support to mach bootstrap (from autrilla:mach-caching); r=Wafflespeanut
2d6ee8e279b17a3cc0988b558480b2ff668be774Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10420 - Added --soft-fail option (from asajeffrey:add-soft-fail-option); r=KiChjang
87f75a67a3ae2b4964de45944af87d4b02c5edbaJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10435 - Fix warnings from old dependencies (from jdm:glgenbump); r=Ms2ger
c026ec733ec28813f9d6a5a4c7ab43d8cb8b3cacOlaf Buddenhagen — servo: Merge #10447 - Update ipc-channel for two important bug fixes (from antrik:update-ipc_channel-5); r=jdm
e0982ea8e93e42207bd4713d299a27f7dc70caaaSaurav Sachidanand — servo: Merge #10433 - Implement WebGLRenderingContext.getActiveUniform() (from saurvs:pr3); r=emilio
2f088df3c986ef9a37909ff948e740e3d62fe754Mauricio Collares — servo: Merge #10407 - Move some CSS properties to match Gecko's representation (from mauricioc:issue10403); r=bholley
d4740df2a5b7e3ae1afba1b59ef4e964d5b34da8Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10432 - Added Uniform{1iv, 2f, 2fv} (from autrilla:uniform); r=emilio
c54370f7ca558cd2d40041aed1eaf972337076eeAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10424 - Removed uses of unwrap in compositor (from asajeffrey:compositor-hardening); r=Wafflespeanut
f43138fc8c62dd40400d69215b9e6278e6afb8e4Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #10414 - Update mozjs_sys to pick up Aarch64 fix (from larsbergstrom:mozjs_aarch_update); r=KiChjang
b8c47b11e421a18b26593c1d2c6f10e95847d9e8Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #10413 - Do AppVeyor builds on the try branch (from larsbergstrom:appveyor_try); r=edunham
c80f407689fa946522680f5d320eb53b309bc029Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10410 - Update webdriver (from Ms2ger:update-webdriver); r=jdm
7010406e4f37d8eb4ce6ae90f1ede377a7a6ff75Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10173 - Bump Rust to 2016-04-06 (from servo:rustup); r=nox
138f4ffceb24cbc8df22c299d42e2c2d2d71f23dAdrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10388 - Added .form property for legend tag (from autrilla:dom-legend-form); r=emilio
89413377579dda43388c9a7366eeb066cf8c486fMs2ger — servo: Merge #10429 - Remove some unused dependencies from util (from servo:util); r=KiChjang
adfaee395308aeff6a4edf292ed4c2150588fc1bTill Schneidereit — servo: Merge #10387 - Snap scrolling to major axis of movement (from tschneidereit:snap-scroll-axis); r=paulrouget
f6846c0685a52f8986ab656aa08674e93d87dba9Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10419 - Whitespace stripping should not result in a dangling, open border (from notriddle:whitespace_border); r=mbrubeck
cf0478c6e6a65563da8e0469d6e2e48cd3c76f01Stjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10351 - Implement URL.searchParams (from stjepang:impl-url-searchparams); r=Manishearth
7bcaefec124f0cd33607b296746a307d3dcd6b11Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #10342 - Refactors some entities from script_thread into script_runtime (from creativcoder:script-runtime-module); r=Ms2ger
1420b10f59f6794e024122f9b70c90993590af54Hugo Thiessard — servo: Merge #10319 - Issue #10284 Ignore alternate stylesheets (from Mylainos:Issue-#10284); r=emilio
eac816c4a5dbfb2022cb7f92b8378c352c0df242Mauricio Collares — servo: Merge #10406 - Move CSS image-rendering property from Effects to InheritedBox (from mauricioc:issue10404); r=bholley
f6b5575dd773e0e399cfe39b8573c4416aabfb1aPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #9811 - forcetouch events (from paulrouget:forceTouch); r=mbrubeck
8b03f83679846e31610b27cc25540adb815b0d97zakorgyula — servo: Merge #10074 - Fix ./mach test-tidy --faster issue (from zakorgy:tidyfix); r=Wafflespeanut
8ace01122378880943d29138c62fb8acb92860eadhaval0603 — servo: Merge #10399 - Private browsing - Initial steps (from jdm:pb); r=jdm
13fbb44eaabc3a05b1115fed937215f70c3f8c54Arnaud Marant — servo: Merge #10362 - Issue #10348 Implement StringMozPreference, string preferences, WPT test (from amarant:10348-string-preferences); r=jdm
5dc612d32fdf7a08a0a71218c7c8c8a568aeaff6Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #10329 - Skip printing the backtrace for RecvError/SendError (from Manishearth:skip-backtrace); r=asajeffrey
b8ea5c8f422c126b816236c4f48a8d675d9e41bdAr13mis — servo: Merge #10356 - WebGL: add Uniform2f (from this-jacob:add_uniform2f); r=emilio
8d9eb015b02ada6b8373e79295473d52f1c38722Stjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10325 - Add preferences to enable/disable the JITs (from stjepang:pref-disable-jit); r=mbrubeck
1062348987d8d7284ba67b6cc30dd1da516e2c93Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10400 - Update block package to reduce warnings (from jdm:block); r=SimonSapin
d2d117e3133585e579c40dfada443b9845a8eb11Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10391 - Inlined content_changed (from autrilla:inline-content-changed); r=Ms2ger
7a995fbc234d44b2deb9ed1933c562f4747277d0Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10377 - geckolib: All bindings aligning properly! (from emilio:geckolib); r=bholley
c1bac8d5a8d52a3fb90774b6c9ce5ec9f9279f3bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10365 - servo: Clean up unused variables and imports (from emilio:warnings); r=Wafflespeanut
b90053417c8b4db524c632012439b791f93fc9e4Daniel Robertson — servo: Merge #10330 - Compute available main and cross size of flex containers (from danlrobertson:flex-axes); r=SimonSapin
381dab33710f5ba720c4453e1487870751dadb7bBobby Holley — servo: Merge #10359 - Implement construction, destruction, and copying of gecko style structs (from bholley:style_struct_management); r=SimonSapin
fbd853e3c01933fdfcb4afcbd2cc2ff4038be957David Zbarsky — servo: Merge #10372 - Implement nodeName on Attr (from dzbarsky:rmAttrNS); r=Ms2ger
db1cadac173c0704bb13db5e6599806c3785676aPer Lundberg — servo: Merge #10354 - HTMLScriptElement: Added missing DOM properties (from perlun:implement-missing-html-script-element-attributes); r=Ms2ger
cd1371a3f59874967b2d27bdc2d233e2690daebeRizky Luthfianto — servo: Merge #10034 - Implement Document#elementsFromPoint (from rilut:implement-elementsfrompoint); r=emilio
7d44c01c4fa2510762cef864d3cd5909d136108cDongie Agnir — servo: Merge #9972 - Xhr data (from dagnir:xhr-data); r=KiChjang
c912e6ab208ab52164ac321eeb6f9d5fefc2f114Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10360 - Remove unused -Z dump-display-list-optimized flag (from mbrubeck:die-opt); r=emilio
8d04c6608547de2b1cff3d4ce2e62e3a8f0e6e10Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10369 - Issue #10368: Implemented Uniform4iv and Uniform4i (from autrilla:Uniform4iv); r=emilio
7ee546ebbf9979bc8f24efef17b909b1db23bb86Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #10215 - WebGL: Finish, Flush, DetachShader, GenerateMipmap (from cbrewster:webgl_finish); r=emilio
15ce6566bd6f380afc6e18c94168a336efea9a0cAlan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10343 - Comment explaining constellation panic for recv (from asajeffrey:document-constellation-recv-panic); r=jdm
7027e78968717c11a8feb7690f34af07c4dd3bd1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10366 - style: Improve style::selector_matching documentation (from emilio:style-docs); r=SimonSapin
28324ae254839d16bbc507b4d6c00a7d19afe674Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10350 - Fix some char/byte bugs in textinput (from mbrubeck:selection-chars); r=SimonSapin
917269d04ce9045a9322476a896f83614e0c84b3Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10347 - Fix incremental reflow of text selection changes (from mbrubeck:incremental-selection); r=pcwalton
e5ae263909d12c99bc54e7db1a96ef1cebcd5c57Adrian Utrilla — servo: Merge #10363 - Issue #10357: mach run -b now passes additional params to servo (from autrilla:issue#10357); r=emilio
2694769ab4e2e4345cc34a1e6206ac7b67c04932Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10333 - Add a spec links for <textarea> magic number constants (from frewsxcv:textarea-links); r=mbrubeck
ab8aed39deb4c9c2a1f6d85206fa186bf9e9e6ffJames 'zofrex' Sanderson — servo: Merge #10332 - Change OS X 10.11 to El Capitan (from zofrex:patch-1); r=frewsxcv
577d50ba257e1d66e92a68f4c80e20cd563e5363Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10327 - Remove `get_*` on getters as per RFC 0344 (from frewsxcv:get-prefix); r=ms2ger
115ad4a8af93938feee392fba3401003a30daf37Murali Ramanujam — servo: Merge #10301 - Add git to list of packages to be installed (from muralisr:master); r=emilio
2e11cc74c6bdbf9a5f207413b45ac600728943a5Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10358 - Stylo again (from emilio:stylo-again); r=bholley
7e706a27731852c984fd0f0a29da0f055a443754Matthew Bentley — servo: Merge #10114 - Load prefs.json from profile-dir if --profile-dir is specified at launch (from matthewbentley:master); r=Manishearth
5a3733cd22baf8b1ba9c4bddf491a5d7ac2c4a5bPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10349 - servo: Update WebRender (from pcwalton:wrup2); r=glennw
05097b18271384bca0e6399c8894d9f32ea1c450Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #10336 - Make it possible to use preferences to configure webrender and titlebar (from paulrouget:morePrefs); r=KiChjang
d6fb6115f3f8d364822ec1d424eebf6ecda89ec7Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10331 - gfx: Simplify complex clipping regions as we construct them (from pcwalton:simplify-complex-clipping-regions); r=glennw
729ff86b053ff04d197067887c26fdcbe76e1297UK992 — servo: Merge #10340 - Appveyor: Cancel unnecessary builds on 'auto' branch (from UK992:win32); r=larsbergstrom
fb6b6a657543480dfb6157732bfd6ad2b9a6f599Patrick Walton — servo: Merge #10321 - compositing: Send only one mouse move event if WebRender is in use (from pcwalton:webrender-mouse-move); r=glennw
e7f64c3012ad02c76cb6e42fd2f2cb90475872baJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10312 - Report errors from ScriptPort trait methods (from servo:ScriptPort); r=Ms2ger
d7181c86f959796fb4cb4441b6159693976ca0acPaul Padier — servo: Merge #9911 - Do not use lookup tables for put_image_data (from magni-:dont_use_lookup_tables); r=michaelwu
9e6ec7fe988b0554e496f37e7ce05254afdd59b9Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10304 - Implement Document::cookie correctly for cookie-averse documents (from Ms2ger:cookie-averse); r=nox
5f53e20c49e41e84742a1172754c79edd7279db4Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10299 - Set a default ::selection style (from mbrubeck:selection-style); r=jdm
8e11990e3ad1ccd414d3d74dc2e2ef6dc00b86f9Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10295 - Miscellaneous fixes to harden the constellation (from asajeffrey:remove-constellation-misc-panic); r=nox
fd9cb158d8f0a27f40fd621eeb102a4c2f84fc17Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #10293 - Tweak gecko bindings (from bholley:tweak_bindings); r=emilio
cb1f6bb1f801d7243fae36e01bca72886b8ca375Rahul Sharma — servo: Merge #10272 - implements data-url fetching (from creativcoder:implement-data-url-fetch); r=jdm
672e5467abb9a369c5910ebe0e8edfb869df6e9fMohamed Albashir — servo: Merge #10292 - Initial steps for CSSOM (from jdm:cssom); r=jdm
e158381a4d5b911ea484cde77adb7b16b48e0450Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10082 - Removed panicking when frame or pipeline lookup fails (from asajeffrey:remove-constellation-panic); r=glennw
1ae47d8576d3cc5b737ff8d36e0285da92eec73cJan-Fabian Humann — servo: Merge #10291 - #10211: Stop re-exporting webrender_traits WebGL types from canvas_traits (from jfhumann:10211); r=emilio
1674e66b2e1c1456772c94c1752f8ebbbaf76ab5Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10288 - Enable dictionaries in WebIDL sequences. Fixes #10282 (from jdm:dictseq); r=nox
9410a6478855ae2b5cc00b217ebcabea7b84b3c9Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #10249 - Make input elements not inherit parent containers alignment (from canaltinova:master); r=jdm
4f452853bc3d132c72b2e982c5ff9e0205a7f37dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10302 - Update webrender to master (from emilio:webrender-up); r=nox
73c424e034be2083598f75ec82bc01376379119cConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #10202 - Added a mapping between nodes and stylesheets (from cbrewster:stylesheet-node-mapping); r=nox
bd477565ee83a2e17536e99a50dc53162dc8a2c7Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #10285 - Use serde in devtools (from nox:devtools-serde); r=Ms2ger
0475263dabee04d2fee38b887b18fefd79fa8df3Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #10297 - Update webrender with's offscreen_gl_context (fixes #10296) (from servo:the-offscreens); r=pcwalton
84329fe90802ff34e12d5ea2510534416ad0143cMs2ger — servo: Merge #10287 - Include square brackets for IPv6 addresses in Document::domain (from Ms2ger:domain); r=jdm
e67b57df3273afa438305a525b245313d0e998d5Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #10275 - Use more mako machinery in geckolib (and make a few small changes to style/ (from bholley:style_struct_templates); r=SimonSapin
0ddaf47f66a983366e11e5ac97045169fcbe31d2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10268 - Stop reference-counting Runtime for workers (from Ms2ger:rc-runtime); r=Manishearth
f44874fd3f4624bbf39d878ed74f117f28d1a731Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10252 - Implement ::selection pseudo-element (from emilio:selection); r=mbrubeck
b160f37cb18c51440b9571ddc580c6e54e4df8e6Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #10238 - Run unit tests on appveyor (from jdm:winunit); r=larsbergstrom
0e59301ddc6ec13c8572b3d7666cfc1733283a81Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10242 - Replace any uses of .send().unwrap() by .send().unwrap_or_else() (from asajeffrey:remove-constellation-send-panic); r=metajack
096b4338d97942fb5ba7daf04ce576e905d9b356Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10283 - Update js (fixes #10229) (from servo:js); r=nox
287ae28aaa90b1e849efb15bd18c8ef45de9b6e6Michael Howell — servo: Merge #10279 - Fix #10258 (from notriddle:issue_10258); r=mbrubeck
303b58e4db53abf07f8c032e694ba673bc1b4b8fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10276 - Update struct bindings to take alignment into account (from emilio:stylo-fixes-and-doc); r=bholley
d0a401005d69ec952213e2189764fa545100deb0Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10277 - Renamed TComputedValues to ComputedValues (from perlun:rename-tcomputedvalues-to-computedvalues); r=SimonSapin
54a6fdfdbcd2aefa3c16bc2423a1dc2bbd9f90fbJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #10269 - Fix some warnings (from jdm:cefwarn); r=Ms2ger
a8c8c83985e146697640859b99c4a53941f5c390Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10255 - Reduce size of layout::fragment::Fragment struct (from mbrubeck:box-unscanned); r=pcwalton
4a7c8433295741905016865e1915d53950f5eea2Rebecca — servo: Merge #10019 - Fix htmllabelelement click to activate correct element (from rebstar6:htmllabelclick); r=jdm
9f556c5fbc05a4e2fe7a957e47a64a41ab87e0cdMichael Howell — servo: Merge #8496 - Fix #8443 (from notriddle:master); r=jdm
a84ca5d8391644e7154ba4a1b0ffc8fa7e2f7d9bMs2ger — servo: Merge #10265 - Remove dead code that used to support the legacy reftest framework (from Ms2ger:reftest); r=jdm
a4e5e327cf2f8b014fc5ee5d7837019802369ee0Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10267 - Simplify channel usage in canvas paint threads (from Ms2ger:canvas-channels); r=jdm
c8ad31cc5d3bb28ddad00585402824bffd10b890Per Lundberg — servo: Merge #10210 - ComputedValues is now ServoComputedValues (from perlun:rename-computedvalues-to-servocomputedvalues); r=SimonSapin
eaf0e743566bb66f6222cc5e043f3736d9e7508dEduard Burtescu — servo: Merge #10247 - Use <base> in resolving url attributes (like "href") (from eddyb:document-base-url); r=Ms2ger
66be8aa0ce52934de05a672ba2e2b064582b823fPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10248 - layout: Only take nonnegative margins into account when estimating inline placement of floats (from pcwalton:float-speculation-with-negative-margins); r=mbrubeck
341d700a9ee30de432ffede6089a1c1c34bc6b62Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10246 - Restore stripped whitespace before reflowing text fragments (from mbrubeck:strip-leading); r=pcwalton
a6e10768a1579b5d96a615a0dabde66a23bf338eJussi Räsänen — servo: Merge #10208 - Generate html and json of supported css properties (from jrasanen:jr/issue10196); r=SimonSapin
4779774f36f1d2986cd8c8eba23bd1252976f498Michael Howell — servo: Merge #8641 - No more headless compositor. Just the normal one (from notriddle:no_headless); r=glennw
cdd3ba6bb508954cbe5847f8dc526c13582a49f5Eduard Burtescu — servo: Merge #10253 - Update ipc-channel to fix leaks and spurious ENOBUFS (from eddyb:ipc-update); r=pcwalton
ff92b345ce4426930a8624e54d08e0666e322dc2Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #10240 - Bump websocket to 0.16.1 (from servo:websocket); r=jdm
95ef72f1a6e7ee93eb4d6cc096da8fbf6a52d90aPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #10231 - Make selection blue instead of orange (from paulrouget:selectionColor); r=mbrubeck
b59547a778c0584bd2cd6e098646bf1291cf05faMatt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10182 - Fix delete_char when selection range is empty (from mbrubeck:delete_char); r=jdm
0538c86cee140bf6172a2a1a6dc37d9211c38c14Paul Rouget — servo: Merge #10068 - Disable cross origin check for mozbrowser-enabled top level pipelines (from paulrouget:disableXOriginCheck); r=jdm
692a17c0958ee1170be8d166abb50b725c028473Jussi Räsänen — servo: Merge #10195 - Added current url to window if no <title> specified (from jrasanen:master); r=KiChjang
5bc9ab8015180f0693d7c383f425e89e3840381dfaineance — servo: Merge #10222 - Use self.0 instead of destructuring single item tuple structs (from faineance:master); r=KiChjang
c8cd17e49be3a49c4cbedf948e5cdedee6543793Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #10219 - Add insert_adjacent methods into Element (from GuillaumeGomez:adjacent); r=nox
dd9be35a8de675caf1ab33dccefd8bdc435c8916UK992 — servo: Merge #10223 - Fix ./mach run and ./mach test-unit on Windows (from UK992:win32); r=larsbergstrom
367d93755f78d3c2c44262de860e2ceb7ef68caaEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10214 - Update angle to trunk (from emilio:angleup); r=KiChjang
cedf53c1fcef2fb686ce9950d3a38d0cf58813f3MovingtoMars — servo: Merge #10221 - Fail cleanly instead of panicking for incorrect option arguments (from MovingtoMars:opt_parse_err); r=Manishearth
fd841d5021109b3d5b7acb48d95ba2c3f18abf22Matthias Krüger — servo: Merge #10186 - fix #10183, forward navigation key should not require shift to work (from matthiaskrgr:fix_10183); r=Manishearth
2408da1cfa1ddf3397437a163ff953b0096b2089Awal Garg — servo: Merge #10204 - Allow setting preferences to false in WPT tests (from awalgarg:fix10161); r=Manishearth
d7ee15b87e5fc745eab10e87247003dc458d7becMs2ger — servo: Merge #10191 - Update xml5ever (from servo:xml); r=KiChjang
b1ff31e2c13445e5bae070d5aa59ed602ce4f790Alan Jeffrey — servo: Merge #10179 - Added ability to randomly kill pipelines to the constellation (from asajeffrey:chaotic-good); r=emilio
7357fdb0b017038407bf230d1223631ad22af12bConnor Brewster — servo: Merge #10188 - Add Http Global State Object (from cbrewster:http-global-state); r=jdm
d72511343cfb6f3e650a94bb7cc97e0151678dd2Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10176 - Highlight selected text in input fields (from mbrubeck:selection-range); r=pcwalton
f27ad4436678b42f097ebdfe152eeb14a867028dPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10085 - layout: Rewrite the block formatting context/float inline-size speculation code (from pcwalton:floats-inout-revamp); r=mbrubeck
29b09c8ebeb06b40542bb86a0eeaf178904c7e2aPatrick Walton — servo: Merge #10198 - layout: Allow floats to have negative ceilings due to negative margins (from pcwalton:negative-ceiling); r=mbrubeck
674bb86145599d54273ce987e55eaa73e0a1a756Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #10197 - Fix forced repaint on image load (from mbrubeck:force-repaint); r=pcwalton
00621a81cded4f8434252798c7f01bb58a549a70Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10194 - geckolib: Add style structs bindings and documentation (from emilio:stylo-fixes-and-doc); r=bholley
61ee4f070063215ef0f8b1994d0763c5ea3b3049Lars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #10193 - Use rustflags (from larsbergstrom:use_rustflags); r=Ms2ger
7032f1dbd640db5a6bae84243623c8430de3364bSankha Narayan Guria — servo: Merge #9353 - Implement and test DOMTokenList.replace (fixes #8511) (from nox:domtokenlist-replace); r=asajeffrey
68efcb3e099779c22cc9406a4b854fb40a46864dStjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10154 - Fix #10147: Correctly handle flag local_urls_only (from stjepang:fix-local-urls-only-10147); r=KiChjang
1074acf062ab8f8977f06d2bddfd6015935960b9Jaydeep — servo: Merge #9887 - Implement HTMLHyperlinkElementUtils for HTMLAnchorElement (from schuster:HTMLHyperlinkElementUtils); r=jdm
fdad3d1ade9a0036ddfa53d00999290d0c27599fLars Bergstrom — servo: Merge #10174 - Update servo-egl to fix CEF linkage (from larsbergstrom:update_egl); r=zmike
165013fd93b868eadb4149f5cac8bd528c083820Bobby Holley — servo: Merge #10155 - Generalize the style structs (from bholley:generalize_style_structs); r=SimonSapin
d3aac1d5b7e86f2b74f12ae037fa1304b789a167Daniel — servo: Merge #10111 - add auth cache to resources + set auth header from it if url does not have creds (from DDEFISHER:master); r=jdm
552a9c9cdb13b169bff4c50f1b97eadcdd31c474Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10171 - Move `util::str::parse_length` into 'style' component (from frewsxcv:parse-length-style); r=mbrubeck
a1d5fdc2beacb93c443247829469ccee05059270Sagar Muchhal — servo: Merge #10169 - Implement initial pieces of form validation (from jdm:formvalidation); r=jdm
a558cb0e7595a9ad3f3e54710e085e887394bab2Ms2ger — servo: Merge #10168 - Update gaol (from Ms2ger:gaol); r=nox
d53b2aacbe4bf40b5c5346c47bebc18f5ac9ca91Stjepan Glavina — servo: Merge #10167 - Fix fetching about:blank (from stjepang:fix-aboutblank-body); r=KiChjang
73407c274a16fa9a2b6b56926bf2e9e1543960beAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #10158 - Allow Firefox to be able to connect to devtools again (from nox:devtools); r=Ms2ger
00562e792f94bec284362eb890efac88f6ce30c2Ben — servo: Merge #10152 - Fix #9511. Export webidl enums using "pub use" (from jdm:9511-rebase); r=nox
15eee64040813b8c4868a92ba810cb20bd217768Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #10150 - Canvas cleanup (from emilio:canvas-cleanup); r=jdm
bbc4f808ca7670c091585e239182440574a160e7Connor Brewster — servo: Merge #10112 - Fixed jump tag issue (from cbrewster:jump-tag-fix); r=glennw
6904357519e850fe8fcd940d887a10d31afea7f9malayaleecoder — servo: Merge #10148 - Remove test-ref command from Fixes #10125 (from malayaleecoder:master); r=Manishearth
03384045c2c567254e9c8f375ee65ab0fbb19ec3Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #10122 - Support navigation keys (from Manishearth:nav-keys); r=asajeffrey
9347f0d8c29dbf3664d99c2da5fd43d822f2df5fMs2ger — servo: Merge #10135 - Cleanup (from Ms2ger:traversal); r=KiChjang
9b6017b61681ab450778b3df44ad00a4dd251fa8Corey Farwell — servo: Merge #10131 - Move appveyor env var setting our of install steps (from servo:appveyor-env); r=larsbergstrom
078cd483d0b5861475daba9fc6ab8cc0261f729bPaul Rouget — servo: Merge #10138 - browserhtml version bump (from paulrouget:browserhtmlVersionBump); r=KiChjang