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Thu Jul 06 22:35:49 2017 +0000
655330d280c2e3d923c3b93c3420f1946b15a8dfHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1374175 - Return no damage if there is no display property changes. r?heycam
40ac529f9ea07b7e75f81e214d5598dfd8a0a0aeJosh Matthews — Bug 1352669 - Address failing CSS parser error tests.
f220d8060c14a0f158ae80c0d2469c0895471a58Josh Matthews — Bug 1352669 - Hook up Stylo CSS parser to Gecko error reporter.
94e9707317f42c406c94bac51278aac894b88109Gregory Arndt — Bug 1377770 - Mac OS X Cross compiled nightly builds should be tier 1 r=Callek
037da538ff56fbccb3661c25bcaf28d9e295b32dServo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
fec394734f83102a2fdfcfaf7c8b98e0114de2d7Josh Matthews — servo: Merge #17624 - Hook up Stylo error reporter to Firefox devtools (from jdm:stylo-error-reporter); r=emilio
1d3694ee50323d6027f4646a7008f829a1fa125aPyfisch — servo: Merge #17578 - Implement the InputEvent (from pyfisch:input-event); r=jdm
db0c3c9bc5c453079590a360e10a2c0d3bcd2655Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1363521 - Extract query length only for hierarchical uris during highlights ranking r=sebastian
e7fd8b4bc0287b28932eab71a5425ed431b94da8Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1363521 - Pre: update comment describing current state of bookmark creation date r=sebastian
1857295539b2b69fe84313299c3aad28a97bbebdNico Grunbaum — Bug 1374465 - add framesDecoded to vid inbound stream stats;r=jib,smaug
8ee9914395793d0a1f8f78ce82053c3aee95ea75Kyle Machulis — Bug 1378537 - Store PerformanceEntry objects in AutoTArray; r=smaug
517fb326c6fe4ea32954af314c9c4fd72c74ff6dEd Lee — Bug 1378478 - Test AutoMigrate undo only for non-activity-stream about:newtab. r=Gijs
06ee61ade38150772fe6b8e17ed43a403c633647Marco Bonardo — Bug 1356812 - Use telemetry to report unfixable corrupt Places databases. r=bsmedberg,past
0ed555ed45fe8eec746c737f11a95adc53badd36Mark Hammond — Bug 1378669 - blank tab may be opened on FxA 'collection changed' notification. r=eoger
7b66765a28168b9401d3ee32fde395ae27578d09Dão Gottwald — Bug 1377794 - Make the identity block background darker when active/open and hide the focus outline when clicked. r=daleharvey
8d3213b771bda968d122e0c5544470c1b4f60f02Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f3fc2ea88f60 (bug 1378794) for failing browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_popup_corners.js. r=backout
adba81ed9362576c103b2ecdef047107a0cd65d2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ff995f2f71f2 (bug 1378313) for frequently failing on Linux opt. r=backout
17fb052bbd6648fabcfb1fcd93b9f82be1452221Fernando Jiménez Moreno — servo: Merge #17536 - Add cli options to write profiler output to InfluxDB (from ferjm:influxdb.profiler); r=jdm
91c446afc7e249272dcce76fdab505eb4eeecb06J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1371457 - Update animation restyle tests. r=hiro
4128cdabed05cdb331d803e5c102229e4da16bf9J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1371457 - Add restyle markers for Stylo. r=bholley,gregtatum
80679a3f29611c52abeaec375525c6970be046adJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1371457 - Change restyle marker data to animation state. r=bholley,gregtatum
aa159bad2c8fc092a4c60108b35e887af8a36b0eMark Banner — Bug 1378831 - Remove ESLint rules in that are duplicate of the global ones for satchel. r=MattN
4cc4de1e589701a48b6e8afe6fae8bb76229ab49Tom Ritter — Bug 1377605 Cast -1 to DWORD to correctly match the error return value given by SuspendThread r=aklotz
dfa186a13a3840065cd2ed79eebdca5d4fdb59fbImanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #17608 - WebVR 1.1 spec compatibility (from MortimerGoro:webvr_11); r=jdm
f3fc2ea88f607ce82ed46e329d44350bfb9c8ce2Mike de Boer — Bug 1378794 - Dispatch the 'ViewHide' event on the correct, current panelview when a temporary panel is destroyed. r=Gijs
ea6fb7712a573762c57e1cef4cd03424d732d81cAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1361972 - Add a pre-push and pre-commit mozlint hooks r=standard8
55b72ade8f20b29785db4c7fd208d39f0a3c09e7Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1361972 - [mozlint] Add ability to only lint staged changes to --workdir with git r=standard8
bca149aed818961030d56c923124803fb44df24aMike de Boer — Bug 1378790 - Remove keyboard navigation event listeners when a photonpanelmultiview instance is destroyed. r=Gijs
202262a3ddda3aebaa1ca7e723ffa23cf6282d90Ionut Goldan — Bug 1355934 - transform tpaint into a Pageloader test r=jmaher
db5209b501f06abe0690c83bf5d5abbff69b5833Jan Odvarko — Bug 1378738 - Stop using sdk/window/utils in Netmonitor; r=rickychien
6b101438c684bff925471edbfe593e500bcb3a03Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1332190 - [Mac] Enable level 3 Mac content sandbox, removing filesystem read access. r=Alex_Gaynor
ba8db0fbc00605d6d097dde0b7e034297f55c1ecMunro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1374640 - always prompt for screen sharing. r=florian,jib
dadc8c9458917ccf1f4b8a5975d366f21779d391Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1370967 - close containing popup when clicking a non-popup browser action, r=mixedpuppy