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Sat Jun 23 12:17:51 2018 +0000
8c81fbed6dff2dec0458148b1846dcbaf4ea15ccAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1408509 - Turn some WebDriver client assertions into errors. r?whimboo
36b7045989e4b3948ccf48e26eff0396c8e065eaAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1408509 - Add initial support for web frame and web window to WPT WebDriver client. r?whimboo
caafce36bbbfe1b3c0035743267790090dc93e9cAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 1408509 - Add web frame, web window, and chrome element support to Marionette client. r?whimboo
df99c2671e5741e9209f68768006fbd1d293f7b9Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 1408509 - Support web elements, frames, and windows in geckodriver. r?whimboo
368ae05266bd2fefd96e6a1bd7b7e478749fcec3arthur.iakab — Merge inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
4789a350ec7ff9ed4d6f300bcecdde771f54cc77Petr Sumbera — Bug 1452130 - nsHttpConnection.cpp should compare time intervals in the same units r=dragana
176d8c0698f3488c6033dc1076dc4e3f80c3a4c1Bob Clary — Bug 1426586 - Add android hardware test platforms for android-hw, r=gbrown,jmaher
8ddc31e62cce95304bbb77ad6e48239e56fc3286Bob Clary — Bug 1426586 - Add job transforms for android hardware tests, r=jonasfj
7f5be9c3698ef7280e498a7eedc393ad153785efBob Clary — Bug 1426586 - Add android-hw unittests to taskcluster/ci/test/{test-platforms,test-sets}.yml, r=jmaher
13c99a5c12fffe8a32d73d2ca43bb76d5628bc75Bob Clary — Bug 1426586 - Add mozharness script and config for android hardware tests, r=gbrown
baace08171da87195d064a7d543488bb75bda956Bob Clary — Bug 1426586 - Rename android emulator test platforms to android-em, r=gbrown
2986d907ac768eb075f2f536389105dcbe9ca1dbMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1469804 - Disable Rust incremental compilation when code coverage is enabled. r=ted
5d8675a47738275ab4603f5a883c6c468cd165ceAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
0c2fc5ab4511f9f2c0a9dc7c4606ad8911daec8bEric Rahm — Bug 1395540 - Part 6: Fix missing whitespace. r=me
98bac674e9bc6346b4d3253771e98846782dbeebBas Schouten — Bug 1467363: Protect access to mTransparentSurface with a lock. r=rhunt
9253a827f52d262efee2f659095d38cf0b44fd0fEric Rahm — Bug 1442361 - Track explicit memory usage in the base content memory test. r=mccr8
fd922f7c07965ee775d8abb73b19df310dc261ebEric Rahm — Bug 1395540 - Part 5: Enable DMD in automation. r=bc
3b8204a5fa3ab24e1d06db75a5748cb5c47a8475Eric Rahm — Bug 1470268 - Add allocation filter to r=njn
b04c3943f7b29472223bc78c29a43a28ad94f558Julian Seward — Bug 1469410 - UBSan false positive at tools/profiler/lul/LulMain.cpp:910:57. r=froydnj.
b92e2898ab18c5087924488be1b21de53db06b12David Major — Bug 1470488 - don't instrument win32's xptcall SharedStub; r=froydnj
a93c47f5147fa912d39230c580066fcc45b26b7fNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1470053 - Double-check the allocation sizes of LifoAlloc::BumpChunk. r=jandem
74c53ad34b8a4b8b05305002dd4082ea2fdd4786Yusuf Sermet — Bug 1465936 - Follow-up: Fix reftests to have LF line endings and to end with a newline. r=dholbert
9f789b5cdc1dabd0986b552b44804cf91585e93earthur.iakab — Merge autoland to mozilla-central a=merge
a538fcc4c12492ccd7ab9f20dcf217d65647bc5fMichael Kelly — Bug 1461439: Enable browser error telemetry on non-Nightly channels. r=Gijs
f63604ec72d12f32ba0691c3f05ba40bdf533b82Brad Werth — Bug 1468416 Part 2: Update a grid API test to check fieldsets and buttons. r=mats
ad40d4b300a6d0b152d7ca7db2eae4bda2b352c0Brad Werth — Bug 1468416 Part 1: Make nsGridContainerFrame::GetGridFrameWithComputedInfo use the same code to find the grid container frame as used by the layout algorithm itself. r=mats
0d4eda5546ddd0317e305d42280c58fb8773a66dMark Striemer — Bug 1446101 - Part 4: Remove old alltabs code, rename alltabs-popup to newtab-popup r=dao
acbf751ec508a139f73c778c720ebf6f016cc5ffMark Striemer — Bug 1446101 - Part 3: Make History > Hidden Tabs deep link to Hidden Tabs menu r=mak
b5c365e6f133c66e4b3b1e71f1343ba553a277ecMark Striemer — Bug 1446101 - Part 2: Convert the all tabs panel to photon styles r=dao
399aa49547430e12d78b9be37007b4aae04a0b0bMark Striemer — bug 1446101 - Part 1: Extract a common TabsListBase class from TabsPopup r=dao
37c19e77f78dc0d5958daae526006f87a3765630Kashav Madan — Bug 1470251 - Split test_group_touchevents into multiple files. r=botond
38d06add95db681806db375045f17dd73e37c63cBotond Ballo — Bug 1470494 - Configure 'mark occurrences' preferences in generated Eclipse CDT project. r=kats
009ea74a5c3eda210220614f59359e5feef65c46Botond Ballo — Bug 1470494 - Configure indexer in generated Eclipse CDT project to automatically update the index. r=kats