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Thu Mar 09 19:30:51 2017 +0000
2b6205ac822c79eaaba56a41f8d938aebcaae393Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Use gcc intrinsic for return address on MinGW
5732bd44616c876672dc98e2b367d0bf24dc1565Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Replace GetExceptionCode() with a constant choice of EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.
d55b025d1cbacd503674842ac2de52fe52c738f1Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Change ERROR_INVALID_TOKEN to GetLastError()
acff88cfc746297784c823a060cefcea94b3a10eTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Obliterate SmartStub FIXME TODO
55cb2b746303809d334ca9c8acae8225fdbebd58Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Ignore comment-based gcc warnings
e625f8e7090222263dfb642cad6c98bad69fa9aeTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Cast address of function to void*
5287dbbf6068e95461b1aba72fb64162fe311373Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix 'error: narrowing conversion of '2148073472u' from 'unsigned int' to 'int' inside { }'
249491dbdc3d6161ebb963ed6fa302499c407ccaTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Port complicated __try blocks to __try1
efe15068d562a4e1dd6133f17d08bea6efe0513eTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Port simple __try blocks to __try1
3fcd6c24bd15bcd433aa3a4196bff7aef4f16e4fTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Declare operator new [](size_t, sandbox::AllocationType, void*)
f3eee0c07af4ab42cb20909d2565824321b42e7fTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Map _Copy_s to copy for basic_string compatibility on MinGW
7178262520294cc232825e500b6e9dec8731de22Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 interception.h declares InterceptorId, but in some cases it is used without interceptors.h being included.
3c955dc5ef762b0a2751eb96cb116418f447c7f8Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Add interceptors.h as an include in interception_internal.h TODO - WHY?
f34b617d41f893eb917e6fe6716cd533cccc9aa9Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Create a universal exception handler filter for mingw
4b5f0764277f6788f6978fb282ea472c3c6be94cTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Cast GetProcAddress to (void*)
4a5417371651ea8a2e7fd6d82fd9b6ae4ca14d7eTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Remove some __try blocks and crash immediately
1717c3f547c7ef28db2e75f27ec991718cff27cbTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix 'error: stray '\' in program'
6982aa4cd3e05b22a39750755310383b04f4f99aTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix constants so MinGW can compile
ba608486cd0e9ad48388e8db4249249b621408dbTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix casing of include files so MinGW can compile
75e210bf94466b32a4e009d9206335a44c214fb6Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Remove some __try blocks that are unneeded in our use case
7d1aeb930578fd5409e1e22a89295111319f074aTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Don't declare duplicate instantiations.