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Fri Nov 24 09:13:42 2017 +0000
bc7ada8d7e9bf57f86918dda812ac2b19fbcb99dJames Teh — Bug 1419362 part 5: Clobber required for accessibility IDL changes. r?MarcoZ
c55ed6628bcd7283ad296d95c9a829ec6909b7a7James Teh — Bug 1419362 part 4: AccessibleHandler: When a caller asks for all text, cache hyperlinks and text attributes in the same call. r?MarcoZ
6ca36ba4e39e48f8a2cc48f7c02cc48f161c5096James Teh — Bug 1419362 part 3: Accessible HandlerProvider: Implement a method to retrieve all text, hyperlinks and attributes at once. r?MarcoZ, r?aklotz
1603b89a53d7089c8cbe009e5c306474becad266James Teh — Bug 1419362 part 2: Move AccessibleTextTearoff into AccessibleHandler. r?MarcoZ
e098330f9b5345db353ec6630ccdb315100ee71dJames Teh — Bug 1419362 part 1: Make IAccessibleHypertext2::hyperlinks return null and S_FALSE when there are no hyperlinks. r?MarcoZ