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Wed Aug 23 10:06:20 2017 +0000
35c577196c80443f5062e57e416f5d379a3d1810Mark Banner — Bug 1388687 - Change the recent bookmarks object to only update the menu items when really necessary, and only do a database query when the recent bookmarks need updating. r?mak
12d07725d0453c63d927865bb5aacdb0109d116fMark Banner — Bug 1388687 - Split out inline functions into members of RecentBookmarksMenuUI to make testing/updates easier. r?mak
5e39204635bc3bee003fb47c9a1092b6a3cdb06dMark Banner — Bug 1388687 - Add tests for the recently bookmarked menu items. r?mak
043c3b72b9717c7435f9501824c792f44c0a84afMark Banner — Bug 1388687 - Separate out the recent bookmarks menu code into its own object. r?mak