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Wed Aug 09 07:04:05 2017 +0000
230e2c8e03dad1ea4a80d9493b1ba474db2f540dBrad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 6: Add a test of media query list serialization of valid, invalid, and malformed types.
657e0817f3b3a89e92915b803dabb2db235f7bb1Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 5: Test media emulation of an unsupported type.
10f193be223f49c3415e99035aa430f3300abef0Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 4: Servo: Add string_cache crate.
89146ea3fa041a0e8fb0d1104262fb74fba18d1dBrad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 3: Servo: MediaType usages updated to use statics.
6eece567249d2d6b5716415e332273d594cff979Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 2: Servo: Allow emulation of supported media types.
65c902bb4611ed0a3c5931945d7d634d13dd1473Brad Werth — Bug 1371395 Part 1: Servo: Create a method for cheaply getting an ascii lowercase converted string.
9b1a8fe1cb7144f3e859af6b5ddc04f37d4332f6Brad Werth — Bug 1382857 Part 1: Move FontInfoData constructor out of inline, creating a vtable needed for clang compilation.