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Mon May 02 19:42:03 2016 +0000
cb90207baaa4c6cd6d732754759aaea0d0aefdb8Rob Wood — Put results.xml failure text in own child attribute (bug 1269458); r=gps
4a9ae7dc3f1325f651476a1c217a512bd5e35268Mark Cote — docs: Suggest using VMWare as the docker-machine driver.
9eea46b1e24b14888fe62e3696997f901d999e99byron jones — testing: add hash for 'requests' package
f3148a57c62ea91c3db00fdb546364a68dad43f5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: forward vcsreplicator logs to syslog (bug 1268722)
b6ed71c3731381286e2b9bc26145161583fe3601Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: quote integers to avoid truthiness problems with 0
61ca2fda94d02c5a7b44f30bda6b91414d3014aeGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: restart vcsreplicator@*.service during deploy
b96e6899f07158e7b6307c1b30cbb8321c980c6cGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: don't prefix consumer output with time and pid (bug 1268722)
8af47e9991bf56e6fd3da377789d0e322594e765Gregory Szorc — hgserver: use proper paths to repositories
66cf52cdea52787b7192f60c17c4f84702a1a44dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: finish converting vcsreplicator to a systemd service (bug 1268722)
1232a06a77dd3dc60d3623096c5b5893e2160e9aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add a systemd service for vcsreplicator (bug 1268722)
0a6b5c48b8989dca5f18a613f0de6ddcc1ca35c8Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: explicitly define path to hg in config
19eb347c1ecd8e3f4290734f41a8928bf7ed73dcGregory Szorc — hgmo: handle binary data during json serialization (bug 1268128); r=smacleod
61320b2b8b2a9760b498171ee88baa5c0e34cb7fGregory Szorc — pushlog: convert unicode to str (bug 1268128); r=smacleod
21b9652363347834961fe063feadaca50c9b0484Mark Cote — tests: Correct comment about parent review requests being updated.
32de07e626dc19f6f15736e350f73cd65c51feb7byron jones — update hgignore to ignore all egg-info directories, add missing ignore for .testtimes
f2be82953ea1efd9485b2991587fae752682e746Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: ensure kafka and zookeeper systemd services are enabled (bug 1268665)
afd376e47aa6445093844ee947525e3f907c7934Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: remove supervisor dependency (bug 1268665)
f6b233b31c8043ed0c78d0d8fb4f07a6f8445156Gregory Szorc — ansible: finish transition of kafka and zookeeper to systemd (bug 1268665)
dee9be90c6fa41d7fd654f6c077338583933b402Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: add systemd services for kafka and zookeeper (bug 1268665)
f82b2f93d5a796ec736eb0173d83a21c6d00f955Gregory Szorc — hgserver: glob port number in test
324d7d53694ac2ca587af1264ae0d1b9805a931dGregory Szorc — docs: document systemd unit (bug 1268131)
281f47d24ccec41022f81ac8d5fdb343ec28d8e6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add AssertPathExists on all units tied to master (bug 1268131)
c547edd1e4539981959ceb5177944feda9151850Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: make hg master units WantedBy; r=fubar
0fa61a8b46e12344f0a18c576739c906daa5ee71Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create systemd unit (bug 1268131); r=fubar
eb5d8f7059d1ecc3e2fce68759946b4a5353f5e5byron jones — docs: fix path to autoland tests
8b3665fbcc32ae1b90c96d0cbc3594aae4ea79faGregory Szorc — docs: document the systemd services running on hgssh nodes
c22f493453e33a02a834d4dba15e4599ec8cea71Gregory Szorc — docs: document push data aggregator and notification services
7bc9ca6c8aecc3347402233a20fec8ce1580b2a2Gregory Szorc — misc: mass replace with
d09a58f2334e16ed6be5d1130cf75f82040ab169Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: unset push_ssl to get rid of "ssl required" message during HTTP push (bug 949153)
4f0dd294022d01942fb597dd8b3453aef5600b1eGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: ensure nslcd.service is enabled and running
fc6e2aa2c963e7fc8d60dea9627c32867423d5d6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: always run authconfig
05bd451e47ca44f8d7d4a539c812160977215ea3Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: run pushdataaggregator.service as hg-notifier user/group (bug 1267520)
325354291efaa6f48341aca8351aa6913f719436Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: run pulsenotifier as hg-notifier user/group (bug 1267520)
9f65bc35a80c5eb4ffe3a46902728d43676008baGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create hg-notifier user/group (bug 1267520)
c8a45187043a58d9ae000d0532b0b4138890632bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install mail-unit-output override as a non-specific override
02916cc0f95d39806e4c8fea5a09fcb9be18fad0Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add [Install] to hg-bundle-generate.timer
28731a7708ffffc968979097a0c9a9a896254589Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create directory for override file
d5e7089ca219ee94d392f2bac8037414c48128b6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: fix typo in filename referencing unit override path
7111b9d19232c04bc36f2c0cf81f6949134e2501Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: replace bundle generation CRON with a systemd timer unit
2699a5aeb550c655d6f93054f8f4d3cf133185f0Gregory Szorc — ansible: install systemd-mail-unit-output files
067e67ec6c6e4588816b18be2fd058518c8ca14aGregory Szorc — ansible: add a generic mechanism to email systemd unit output
15fb4eddf3c68916132f0d74441d512894b75fc1Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add a systemd service for hg bundle generation
8c34717860687a8969f43117f76fb394ea60cb3dGregory Szorc — ansible: add hgssh1 (bug 1267793)
904566f0d9e5390e333526bfc530cd050fd4f6c4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create v-c-t clone when it doesn't exist
528b2f35323195ffa56a0b20ac38540759ca9da9Gregory Szorc — docs: update pushlog docs to reference change notification services
30f52614e6af70e7829f1f6e93c12b19bc99b82dGregory Szorc — docs: fix bad link
c96ce58178da5c894297ea30f818d9c2918a51a9Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: check whether local repository exists (bug 1267619)
f57a1feaa574a5b7e61eb5ecc60e1910a5c13e9dGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: commit consumer offset when ignoring message
ed4367bf307efd209ba9db21c838eeccdd130d32Mark Cote — ansible: Add gzipped tar sha for importlib.
b4d2a6a75f38ebe9b61da103aaa5f70e0a78d39bMark Cote — tests: Add zipfile sha for mock.
850d3658143fc40dbbbeb7131ae72212c7e5ac6cGregory Szorc — bzexport: pass str to prompt_menu (bug 1183656); r=njn
836781a133a29cdd1f394faa3bdfebe3663b3233Gregory Szorc — pushlog: add parents to changeset entries (bug 1267008); r=glandium
591bf0ec1e57f31c20398abc180cedf81e4aa7adGregory Szorc — ansible: update AWS IP ranges
02d072afde48c4d5a0f9fcd8f3e5d80f56cc0ed2Hal Wine — bug 1267317 - clone m-z for b2g48-v2_6
1b3c0032b316a6fb4c7cba494a790b2c48c0ef21Gregory Szorc — pushlog: pretty print test-repo-data-full.json
a0a94c1e7ba4e3946bf7f25633a2ae6099958882Gregory Szorc — ansible: remove hgweb[1-10] from hgweb-prod hosts group
938c4647710d3cfcc548501310cb678a0f4bf623Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: ignore messages from partition that is up to date
1458a5639f878fd0e424a9835935e7c010c23fa5Mark Cote — docs: Missing back tick in MozReview install instructions.
e026ef24e7190319842f57ace1dce7c99c7be40aJustin Wood — Bug 1267300 - Add softvision LDAPs to allowed pushes for releng puppet->production. r=arich
0a2fb6bd2b358add301a76d47fe2dc22bcc426bfGregory Szorc — mozhg: don't use commands.norepo (bug 1266641); r=smacleod
bac2875f0d334bffc579cc1965bda6a76e6d56a7Axel Hecht — bug 1196915, fix link to, r=gps
84eb670cc94aa669f03597e2d4ceaf0af9d435d1Gregory Szorc — docs: link to bundles.json
e7adf9b94d647936e09e8480a2631d3fccfee4eeGregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: upload a JSON file listing all bundles (bug 1232733)
248607b2a97d14ed07400bf9c299d034b39336bbGregory Szorc — testing: add more Pillow package hashes
483f3904fd3a10f918c55221bb9e2b7ef7b767e7Gregory Szorc — testing: add more hashes for feedparser
081cf03d4d62c0f707b86306db9db9c741f91e5cGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade cffi and cryptography packages
5b2283c5e73818bc8667ebc0abfb67c6f72ba785Mark Cote — Add zip-file sha for importlib.
0a3ab8aa666fb4c396a887089c6579947ed6349aMark Cote — Add zip-file sha for PyYAML to ansible files as well.
cfe41c7da840fe9a2b8ce4af237a40b376f80f85Gregory Szorc — ansible: move S3 bundle generation CRON to UTC time
eb2a492a95aa3afa48cf09bd3858d9f5ffd37b21Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: define hg gid properly
d7dff2aec150e78ccb79e3a228eeaecc5fff3707Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create hg user with appropriate uid and gid
2d17a8b6c9b379f14e865962d6eeb4721ce4d9d0Gregory Szorc — docs: clarify when pushlog_pushes is expected to be empty
379cf77f91b868cfa9a1261a0b1f349330195405Gregory Szorc — docs: document check_pulsenotifier_lag Nagios check
2c82ffe2e85cdec2e6173d1296211cee83f98258Mark Cote — Add zip-file sha for PyYAML.
a26e5ee4f438115f45ea2313e6010beb36482c72Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: use --consumer-section, not --config-section
171289dbbc4e227c838ec0e938b8b08485d5f089Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: configure Nagios check for pulse notifier lag (bug 1196915)
13c2d2c59a3817a0397ae7735bcb8e2d2a28a207Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: allow config section to be specified
549a343ecdd30e3d1d0f29497970d6626496111dGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: use repository relative path as routing key (bug 1196915)
670a8b593b4c17f559a1fd5d06d8f4ff7c6b7ed6Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: ignore private repositories
7e09b24894579fb058a3fcded7f2087ee85c3ba9Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: replace httpd log rotate config with systemctl (bug 1265519)
e89f199149392d88a92fb998ea45cd2d4bb320b4Piotr Zalewa — mozreview: associate ldap accounts in start-local-mozreview (bug 1265972) r=smacleod
b51161a7a2ea52bfaef2d5fd9e1d185f66c65fd7Steven MacLeod — mozreviewbots: add author output to tests (Bug 1266244). r=gps
5b3056a2b496541e6792dc47c0746b2eab5cc39eSteven MacLeod — mozreviewbots: add an eslint requirement for test-eslintbot (Bug 1266244). r=gps
df188da2272659ed47c203ac6eb500ef4bcceb44Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: pass --hidden when running `hg log` to query pushlog
ba4a16960322bc091c4d43c771b25a99e814c955Gregory Szorc — docs: document Pulse notifications (bug 1196915)
d54b3ae32b7a2f2960251b05a385243ce583a994Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: handle missing pushlog data
201d84ee642487ce30c67065852c43f9bc257aa8Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: use exchange/hgpushes/v1 for Pulse exchange
53118b34f3e18a0c2ae9f3d41bb33ccf99ad9767Gregory Szorc — ansible: add missing parens
63e64894b04bd835abd51d70ec4bc43410f5cacaGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: publish Pulse notifications for Mercurial pushes (bug 1196915)
3b6233751cf70edc54146d131e206074bcc7933aGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: support for mapping local paths to "public" URLs
fadab2daf32766eac0a83204cede50d94c0d67bcGregory Szorc — testing: start Pulse container as part of hg cluster (bug 1196915); r?smacleod
f00b91b28383b86df5ab275f8efd639bf23929f0Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add a function for invoking a function forever
a0c9d911f535e4dc98ff4913bafc11f77916f03dGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: more logging in aggregation daemon
6302cf2250d1f434c4bf0d61efe2498ae0a38fa7Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: copy correct systemd service file
0c5c1ed2ca2c2ccfad957b1a6d72635fdff90e88Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: configure python logger
53fed17aa9fb0380631741be0bd8837cd3574249Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: use milliseconds for ack_timeout
a58cb053f645e0b3fb2c877de0ab250dca47dd74Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add message aggregation daemon (bug 1237811)
c0260ed947f39139082852788b942fcc13f8b900Gregory Szorc — testing: define hostnames of hgweb nodes in kafka state file
35da2c562a31a485b224ad39694ee45622a9569dGregory Szorc — scripts: make more deterministic
c6bf93eafd2bc29851c6fef574e29fb67fcd660eGregory Szorc — scripts: make deterministic
f1f7808d7bbae999e5d1b67cd0b1dbc76c4a3aedGregory Szorc — scripts: teach to filter by group owner
82a562e1779cecf99ba10276ad8c71f64acb1365Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: support Mercurial 3.8 calling convention of prepushoutgoinghook (bug 1265585); r=smacleod
49b93dda02f2c9fcfe44346fda58eba2b9d94f2fGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: use RFC 3339 dates for last modified field
eaf6405e2271847900f07e57f172967ab843a132Gregory Szorc — scripts: add script to adjust mtime of repo from pushlog times (bug 1265507)
e008c551e047c9a4cb9dc6e2050febd803e73f84Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove contact column from index list
8763ecd09d7f87be50545c24fc90a3c8a44cd206Daniel Holbert — Fix typo in reviewboard docs ("explcitly")
6cdde2db5ff356a10e9c6aa48c2dad4966ed1d7bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: rotate hg.log daily
aa074637cb1f5cb85068d8654c71a82d310066b7Gregory Szorc — testing: include deploy-requirements.txt from test-requirements.txt
1a5e56fe94e25eadc3d725de795194acea0943e0Gregory Szorc — testing: ability to create a virtualenv for doing deployments
5f0474345da98e9bd8a4151229dc13386fe08f29Gregory Szorc — testing: move get_and_write_vct_node to its own module
88751f7edfd3be3161c93a58109fe1528f268edaGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade paramiko and setuptools
4e9705c4e79d3341c991a5593542693d7a4f023dGregory Szorc — ansible: update AWS IP ranges
96bac0a812442f385d48d19a6107671616ed6903Gregory Szorc — serverlog: parse microseconds from log entries (bug 1265086)
7ea46d5485c53084e069c6ac5a81052857114e86Gregory Szorc — serverlog: parse RFC3339 log entries (bug 1265086)
3324d5454dc82819922185fffda2409045e7922dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create a generaldelta repo of mozilla-central
f8dc1b5badb434b07701d78337a9cae9ae50c29cGregory Szorc — mozreview: fix typo when logging exception (bug 1265067); r=smacleod
72af0a0f057535d8bb7bc55c804172e0b077476dSteven MacLeod — mozreview: upgrade to Review Board 2.5.4 (Bug 1264319).
7c96f21c9f701ee045d3377aa090dc4439633caeGregory Szorc — ansible: disable zookeeper/kafka on hgssh2 and hgweb{1,9,10}
308a4edbbc27b195ad17d6487933aacaca343391Gregory Szorc — ansible: add hgweb[12-14] to zookeeper/kafka
f3c75df68ad5cc664c4d37a8dd2e58a27495fd96Gregory Szorc — ansible: add hgweb11 to zookeeper/kafka
619ba98d6b28ed36bc2c53c75e1fbd2b97a8a801Gregory Szorc — ansible: fix typo in comment
05adf0151e38d62ef1ec840d52affc1334036a41Gregory Szorc — unifyrepo: add bug reference to TODO
873d0d4694f56dd90c161cdcec9a34ea4f47a30fWes Kocher — docs: typo fix in unifiedrepo.rst
a9ac973cded4d651c9b61776d27f4d4559ef0050Gregory Szorc — docs: note on interactions with firefoxtree
30823da0cc508cfaf7561e882e5e532ddcd8f345Gregory Szorc — docs: document experimental unified Firefox repositories
b87ffa603fe26c584ce0d01cc7263a1a6af070d7Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: link to experimental repos
4ad79f78991d171f8b5bbedf71b3051ae78a79ddGregory Szorc — ansible/hg: use RFC3339 for logging in more places
d80971655ff3c05b976d3f28ff423ff9824aafcfKendall Libby — ansible/hg-ssh: actually use RFC3339 format for syslog
55f7b0067c7dd5dd51323debdf3b1fa9d05abeebGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install unify config files
520084f97fd92daef05ca726ee3824c689775672Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: use proper path to v-c-t
88b4ec1b82007894e1f3507935387e692b334ca7Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: configure repo unification daemon (bug 1108729)
c506cd1c62fc7eb57fdcb798d37f1a649f96506cGregory Szorc — unifyrepo: extension to create a unified repo from pushlog data (bug 1108729)
e16d3ee9cc2efb3efca391dc73302966b4573eb2Kendall Libby — ansible/hg-ssh: use RFC3339/ISO8601 date format for syslog messages
fe6a25b1c8d301d4c811f48e454e8f629455d47bGregory Szorc — hgext/aggregate: remove extension and script (bug 1108729)
edb983b32e3ad25a94a40e78df107da7a3176937Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add bookmarks to shortlogentry in gitweb_mozilla
128dcb8b4f605f3524d816ce336df175e7123b31Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: reformat shortlogentry
b24a90e0ba5e6c034a5a5d93304455f5abbb48beGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create hg-aggregate user and group
85ea6aff18f45ea3d7b8281d1bc74e43455d9bebGregory Szorc — hghooks: add a hook that disallows pushing bookmarks (bug 1264659); r=smacleod
557e18d07e594ee6a61047536f2a3b45b022fae9Gregory Szorc — ansible: synchronize AWS IP ranges
0617f145a470cead185cdc99c3a83bacadcca037Gregory Szorc — hgwsgi: set baseurl in experimental config
edf1eea68f73a0155a68e473093d2ff945f5374cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add experimental to WSGIScriptAliasMatch
4d9e60790de89da666faa3c2dddb9157a67d66c3Gregory Szorc — hgwsgi: add an experimental directory
aa62c8f928491fb2d5cc4ac067f849b1596897d2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: write /etc/mercurial/mirrors file (bug 1262449)
7565f785019653c22a3aaa6d74f31c04ab90c2efDavid Walsh — MozReview: Fix documentation display for hacking commands (Bug 1263960). r=mcote
aa4be8c57922eb890436b94a6d939ba59b40ff66Gregory Szorc — docker/hgweb-chroot: build with CentOS 7 (bug 1263680)
8f9e700e268d91e94f94ccce5b86de1b96b8dac3Gregory Szorc — ansible: add hgweb[11-14] to hgweb-prod pool
2449f0364de18b05a4b8563807d1e78233320a97Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: reference chroot_mozbuild variable properly
5ab36dd3de40eaa0b8f52a8203f8bf2e03baac09Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: move chroot detection to deploy-hgmo.yml
5357c2ae79878276fc5946498a65f89d6a085ebcGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: support CentOS 7 (bug 1263680); r=fubar
0d9b510e2ae0bbcb09ff52649c300a4784fc3a6aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: support httpd 2.4 (bug 1263680); r=fubar
26ab2d5f91f8e493c76fb7efac30bfe9d630135dGregory Szorc — docker/hgweb-chroot: build Python with support for sqlite
9f71ba3e605f3f942a3a8ae9a233fd8d767ab42dGregory Szorc — docker/hgweb-chroot: use proper path for v-c-t
41c182c2f8199409dae36f1a0435433d7a91c9beGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: synchronize hg templates from v-c-t clone
dbbdbbdff1d8c7e308ef2206ffe4586eeccdae22Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: use a variable to hold server-status IPs
c5421a5e0f07e728a9045b92d8931b7793d79481Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove vhost_alias module
da7bbc84e9f3e0b51d48a2d9f167c4c2963a8773Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove proxy modules
eb6a7be4c24d1fdab748feac49e26346ba4e4e63Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install rsync
5ee4e556eac11266e7ea79b816b6a276a38cef3eGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: start rsyslog in supervisor
b66587e927bfcf3154c34f1d57b76a739d104eddGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: include vhost config in httpd.conf; stop including conf.d
fd87e6c089a44e31a064b40b337f97d4e13eef6cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: inline wsgi.conf into httpd.conf
990da03c924a9cc1d319cd75e3fa9c2dc8b74cb4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove mod_suexec
ae894198bbe973ea0fd4ddbf7689170e512e7913Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove mod_userdir
39237f08c6528dcd010358b6d913a5d97923497dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove IfModule directives
d7734c3181883a6814d477a70db35bc4c9b37d81Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove caching modules
ae40367947b2e1cadf7490005a4fc4a6b077bd82Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove unused auth modules
6708603574dec1a9b6dab9d4aa2d216c4393e450Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove DAV related modules
ebeca7bf849f194bc2afcfd32d29decf5dfb8f7bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove LDAP modules
c4cafb8881c2d9f918d5fe0976c8db5ee4d3c270Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove cgi support
af0cf184558ae732409b0380b73a9c844510d59cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove comments and commented code from httpd.conf
db645682c634388c694f611ed9fec1c35290f467Gregory Szorc — scripts/sync-hg-repos-from-manifest: disable clonebundles
09a4c0d8c57ac0c5b27129f1aa5898962fc8192bMark Cote — docs: Usage instructions for Autoland.
49ba5f063a12709d97723977ebd389443763e3b5David Walsh — MozReview: Update 'Trigger a Try Build' textarea for better layout (Bug 1258791). r=smacleod
0c09ec02af0779eeb8714f3238760a771db07f37David Walsh — MozReview: Change link display in 'motd' message box (Bug 1257683). r=mcote
ea4bd5b128a84f6eafb4404ef3120dd9d6bf5d8fArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Release version 0.5.0 of the pushlog_client
25e1835cf54914371088361e9429061337b864afArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1261075 - Make pushlog_client to raise exceptions properly. r=gps
fb8e1405d59349881fe2f5b1aea5280658dd6914MikeLing — Bug 1261206 - Add redo logic to pushlog_client. r=armenzg
7c4d402b278076818336f617717bf0f190989b5cDave Hunt — fixing a few typos
0c3e92313d9f58bbdbc0ccb8bc2f57d6a9844eadGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: move cleanup-parsed-logs into scripts/
70a22c8dfde920bab564f72303acbcb053bbc3d4Kendall Libby — scripts: re-enable DSA SSH keys (bug 1261212); r=me
0fb00c1de92723693fa654e0e3ec280a7ffc347cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add legacy MACs to support ancient OpenSSH clients (bug 1261212); r=kang
b7f5a292207c6fa5e1dd11596a1981b0dc1c506cGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: refactor to work around sudo issues
8d3f3d98b826c50a2ed3e1517e7cee65f672d46aGregory Szorc — ansible: switch hgmaster to CentOS 7 (bug 1261212); r=fubar, kang
f32bc8e372a32a1eda15b779c9cafbbed07ad2e5Gregory Szorc — scripts: add a standalone script for performing SSH key lookup from LDAP (bug 1261212); r=fubar, kang
94f53821e6678083f638d11d1697c102ae884c53Gregory Szorc — docker: support building Mercurial RPMs for CentOS 7 (bug 1261212); r=fubar
716b60a2e0691e335e9ee626102a9e1fba1006e3Gregory Szorc — docker: rename hgrpm builder to hgrpm-centos6 (bug 1261212); r=fubar
7e9a579ee528e15b6c4fcf717d9ba8be570ce9efGregory Szorc — docker: add base ansible image for CentOS 7 (bug 1261212); r=fubar
646bb53ec3a91cc5a62a6eda9e67ff8fa3e6b6d9Gregory Szorc — ansible: remove hgssh1 from zookeeper/kafka, replace with hgssh3
7f1f0da46a4a8c01f5c94aa95672d8187f6ef0f3Botond Ballo — reviewboard: show the commit's author for child review requests (bug 1194913); r=smacleod
d5a4d80b67e93e4a728572c99807e7ab96ab1599Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: stop creating /repo/hg/extensions (bug 1260604); r=fubar
f56e5465953d26ea0069786f3b5540cdf6fb5afeGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: remove last reference to /repo/hg/scripts (bug 1260604); r=fubar
5d3c933f982c8d5ac56b75afd3d244d185793888Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: run cleanup-parsed-hg-logs from v-c-t checkout (bug 1260604); r=fubar
638de62316ec4e193dee93ee9c081c92b385038aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg: remove hgmo-extensions.yml (bug 1260604); r=fubar
bf802ea19dfbca4d6473b693dbbf3e947019bfe6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: run outputif from v-c-t checkout (bug 1260604); r=fubar
81334783f57b6526782050dcd8e6532eaa035ed1Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo-bundle-cron: run from v-c-t checkout (bug 1260604); r=fubar
0e22d4a8ce16848b11fc534570e53d77c7abfecdGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: run from v-c-t checkout (bug 1260604); r=fubar
efb490a88e496adf3dabd854b3c8b17b4afd7041Gregory Szorc — scripts: run from v-c-t (bug 1260604); r=fubar
e32adf47c2baa62a287df86071d3cdbbdd05bc36Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: remove commented clone of hgscripts repo (bug 1260604); r=fubar
3ec5e599f6492008fbce86e5f4a525914527b2ccGregory Szorc — ansible/hgssh: move virtualenvs and v-c-t from /repo/hg to /var/hg (bug 1260604); r=fubar
f6f9f42571329b863540ff3025e097bc546758e4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove venv_* variables (bug 1260604); r=fubar
26d65bcd5c22f0aba8f1bc40b71811ca9d1a7841Gregory Szorc — ansible: create /var/hg (bug 1260604); r=fubar
acf18d5bd2f9e506beb51139f1abf208cc030813Gregory Szorc — docs: add GPG signed document containing server key and cert info
70c7f2840ea855a04df77666effdb8e256d85a4cGregory Szorc — ansible/supervisor: support CentOS 7
2b6a5a897cdd25e8eaf44a41a10ba1a9f6625397Gregory Szorc — docker: support clobbering ansible based images
4ab95a171906e6c3bb94ab997386047d3d410843Gregory Szorc — ansible/ius-repo: only perform actions on CentOS 6 or RHEL 6
298dd33914d37ef0f5aed36ae5e66c302e26bb7aGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-python-coverage: support Python 2.6 and 2.7
fe747772e2875233d569006269427db4634480baGregory Szorc — docker: rename "ma" -> "missing_ansibles"
7d186a5fa98736a2a4de0b432c4623017fc25ee1Steven MacLeod — mozreview: disable interdiff filtering (Bug 1258029). r=glob
66089abf55c8f467f71b2f5955ad5cc5de0a1605Gregory Szorc — ansible: move mozilla certificates outside of openssh-lpk role
99eec036a1ff53b24f8130864f21692c36f16953Gregory Szorc — Bug 1261127 - Copy scripts from hgscripts repo; r=fubar
0179545c60f907f4a2f219ceb3f0ce7899c37217Gregory Szorc — git-mozreview: update tests to match reality
01a92ffc2d760efeb22088a6c20fb2899d4776b7Gregory Szorc — mozreview-git: update test output to match reality
66cb0cd44d788b1281e6efc3fd8b6e0b52933c53Gregory Szorc — sripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: check for errors (bug 1260681); r=fubar
539d592e6fc796bb0bcc2142c1198815abf7dcf9Gregory Szorc — testing: don't call `docker exec` via shell
93895a683cac5aaeaaae00706013815ce9397cc4Gregory Szorc — docs: document security vulnerabilities prior to hg 3.7.3
d109b7c9b0d0fd967b42ba209b1afdff8f0c3c35Botond Ballo — reviewboard: allow disabling reviewer deduction with a config option (bug 1177944); r=glob
64c3baddebc39897f0fcbee4866a672ed378b8ccGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: switch hgssh2 to master
7b2fd2d2cfaa4409f6f53be09626393741eba5adGregory Szorc — Bug 1258158 - Mass update to Mercurial 3.7.3
54a8f919458f7eb74b38cea14f8d28cf7c1bce13Gregory Szorc — docs: update clone bundles configs to reference 3.7 config sections
a53ff77a8cf5b65244aae394808a8e849738598eGregory Szorc — ansible/aws-ip-ranges: synchronize with amazon
5ff8ffc7eaca59d03e2cbb0476844267963ba978Dan Minor — Add backedoutby to json hgtemplate (Bug 1258698) r=gps
91f4a0d24c629c38c4601be112715724a6d13298byron jones — testing: log mozreview output when a test is skipped (bug 1258957) r=gps
986b289049ac3dd41b26d5b9eabab5958759285eMark Cote — mozreview: If a carryforward r+ is missing in BMO, do not create an r? (bug 1257976). r=smacleod
0b60c968cf226def9a11f7c4727b037f2d2b364ebyron jones — testing: force a rebuild of the bmoweb image
ae733153234449b9e16b4cbbcc3e2b086d0d33aeGregory Szorc — ansible: synchronize aws ip ranges with latest version
7b823a33bc442cdbecaed7394bb4740f8f136390Gregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: skip bundles in index not having gzip archive
f7ac1a434493f08584b0bef38c8fd0799128531ebyron jones — testing: fix broken test script after bugzilla error output changes
c1d9267deb49402f6d02095d3f33c00545516434Mark Cote — mozreview: Use BMO MozReview.attachments() API (bug 1237491). r=smacleod
0555863c0d645c048c353eef1e3e36059d148dfdMark Cote — testing: Optionally set BMO API key description (bug 1237491). r=smacleod
fc1d115ff764601715b5c52f28118fa756d29227Mark Cote — testing: Set mozreview_app_id in BMO params (bug 1237491). r=smacleod
6e773a88b95586a24a8fa335a643fb0596cfcd1aMark Cote — mozreview: Do all Bugzilla attachment actions together (bug 1237491). r=smacleod
7a1d74e36ee9eee6e9483b5f7782f2295c5f616dMark Cote — mozreview: Use a single internal call for all attachment actions (bug 1237491). r=dminor,smacleod
de737936b4f18399d779327e50ddb042ac53f5c1Mark Cote — mozreview: Fix login when no redirect parameter is used (bug 1257634). r=smacleod
b489092d18015d0bb5f82f67aaf3dbff05305148Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: use mozilla-central's bundles for the try repo (bug 1257371); r=dminor
cdd5e2486ccd905248dbeddc946f185b4698a841Gregory Szorc — generate-hg-s3-bundles: support copying manifests from another repo (bug 1257371); r=dminor
1364799fca127d5abc1ea7eb4b2395dc33ddd63aGregory Szorc — generate-hg-s3-bundles: parse values from fields and uniform parsing (bug 1257371); r=dminor
415a3d6628d3426345f432eda8225f9f242a614aMark Cote — mozreview: Only accept login redirects to local paths (bug 1254241). r=glob
919039d357cc3c223e7ff47f991c8559428e25e7Gregory Szorc — hgmo: catch proper exception when looking up changeset (bug 1257152); r=dminor
d4362c9e1060f0065a25c7ea6d59c351c77dd63eGregory Szorc — hgmo: add test reproducing node lookup failure (bug 1257152); r=dminor
b8a3e7dd4f1f87f0409a3413ef5af5219f9259c0byron jones — reviewboard: expose bugzilla error to mercurial client (bug 1246294) r=gps
9fa41247b7e69be9fbd81c953df93ab3614cd0b1Gregory Szorc — qbackout: use @command for declaring commands (bug 1255931); r=dminor
16f671cc3ad6c2385eb0eeb3d9d38246d841a23fGregory Szorc — mqext: use @command for declaring commands (bug 1255931); r=dminor
9263406bc3ca2d021461f675d0b2be3b6b78d8b2Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use @command for declaring commands (bug 1255931); r=dminor
f838c187e321fc6ed5590147946380e5f558f408Gregory Szorc — mozext: don't use commands.norepo (bug 1255931); r=dminor
efecae49b46810aeadee12f193c51947c39bbbfeGregory Szorc — scripts: ignore 404 errors fetching S3 logs
b4dce37a9b06cb57f1c214098e81cc2f26e34318Gregory Szorc — docs: updates to bookmarks article
159ac64192390dd855f89aa976435b4ee4c4bb05Gregory Szorc — ansible: update aws IP ranges
7356b349ea9b1fe074b10053f9505c6984bcbc36Timothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1254249 - Provide a helpful description when Mercurial changesets can't be found, r=gps
b857cb51c8d4e421f308e01e010e47c8022711bbGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove age class from filerevision template (bug 1254670)
dda1a74a67d499e9052b950860f99df4ca62fa87Gregory Szorc — pushlog: update tests to reflect removal of "age" class
c79ed64329b966d0b4e3efbae5e91ce9687eec9dMark Cote — testing: Fix test-unicode.t by disabling autopublish.
6edc211dd089150e3e8964f858de8f846e8c2928Mark Cote — testing: Add a space after hg publish prompts.
2a4a702eb70a965c090884317cf2b2c9bb80bf3fbyron jones — mozreview: build extension static assets during deployment (bug 1255271) r=smacleod
74ea382bdae3a5d653d77a44ed0b5787d5f7c8a4Mark Cote — testing: Fix forgotten (glob) in test-push.t.
e7bd1a1bcd79c370d279e8a7e4a6805057927c5abyron jones — rbbz: add 5 lines of context to single-line reviews (bug 1255278) r=mdoglio
8b5f9f26971a44c3a78d8783704bcd3758d0aefdbyron jones — rbbz: fix flake8 issues (bug 1255278) r=mdoglio
1481845a0ee4ebf9a4069ccdcf1390b981045644Dan Minor — docs: update firefox workflow to mention autoland
9bab0d4f579f1a2e7c4550bf59ef32c5aae52e94Dan Minor — autoland: backout removal of import pullrequest table; r=glob
06e778f60ceaeb49da36d9a99abf1c6b457a8bc2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: generate bundles for version-control-tools
a519e5638bdab650eb5c17cd4cb53158703d55b0Botond Ballo — reviewboard: follow-up to fix tests in autoland/tests and pylib/mozreviewbots/tests (bug 1231397); r?gps
7fa54b454954f9ee4eeae204eeac993ebd15d6c7Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove "age" class from pushlogentry
6d36f5109c50a3920a3656c25709f85ef081fadeGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: incorporate gitweb theme changes into gitweb_mozilla (bug 1228088); r=dminor
24a1062cc93832448cc7d39623d394d5e532f796Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize templates from Mercurial 3.7.2 (bug 1228088); r=dminor
0586851d1e6dd16c550099109e1f91f03505339cGregory Szorc — pushrebase: upgrade extension
aac2644370fde517e857eaa79cd2f4e10932a59cGregory Szorc — bundleclone: make testing compatible with Mercurial 3.7 (bug 1228088); r=dminor
3f78fde149c210a797d2541fc9b5f2768009b6a3Gregory Szorc — hgmo: make automationrelevance API compatible with Mercurial 3.7 (bug 1228088); r=dminor
1d0b011a119f3c57fb7192f33300b0be5473d346Gregory Szorc — mozext: use modern revset APIs (bug 1228088); r=dminor
e082a07d44095cdea1040c8bde3ffc7dcc0dc598Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: prune output not relevant to test; r=dminor
559836f39d9a8c74aed702d7aa2c13775558d5b2Gregory Szorc — ansible: upgrade to Mercurial 3.7.2 (bug 1228088); r=fubar
be2895740fbdf17f18244da05efd8e1e18f8973aGregory Szorc — hgserver: remove test for clone bundles advertisement (bug 1228088); r=dminor
edc7cb44cd7c724bfc4810a9c52fd406c0e6ee3cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg: disable generaldelta on new repos (bug 1228088); r=dminor
80570c2b3a9dae0a9b5c84dfb42ed024bd461debGregory Szorc — testing: use Mercurial 3.7.2 in test environment (bug 1228088); r=dminor
a091ebaf6accb3601b3856da4ccf3bdd80b5eedcGregory Szorc — mozhg: use bookmarks.recordchange (bug 1228088); r=dminor
426d0e678374586ae615c6fafcf96706b5c1e3a1Gregory Szorc — mozext: use bookmarks.recordchange (bug 1228088); r=dminor
cbf63157578c1ced73301f54d513797a22de3e21Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: remove npm package
b7aa09e30141f48ad228dc95d0fb232231c6658dBotond Ballo — reviewboard: allow auto-publishing a review request without a prompt (bug 1231397); r=gps
3b666b1dea3a2d16a109e06d653bac99c5fb30b8Dan Minor — mozreview: add API endpoint to enable/disable autoland (bug 1248592) r=smacleod
3baf8cbfc0e709449830776908096cdf789c8700Dan Minor — mozreview: remove import pullrequest code (bug 1248592) r=smacleod
6cb55bd3120f94187ca5aea8ae114788b5fa4766Steve Fink — Bug 1233207 - treestatus: better error message for unknown trees, r=gps
1aaa9bfa0ce81b7ed125b1cf42a4db39d9ea2e84Gregory Szorc — testing: disable devel warnings
e256ef20789302013ffe631abe3161147858e4e1byron jones — mozreview: draw attention to review comments (bug 1101611) r=mdoglio
2a4814a92f10f733cd0b5efc57fc7789b5066fb9Gregory Szorc — hgserver: add pushlog to test output (bug 1251652)
2d9ac7fd02af81a26a5b32a50e09322b552fb689Gregory Szorc — hgmo: use json-rev URLs (bug 1251652)
b4bb92f8be386caed58eb563f70760f37bdecfe5Calixte Denizet — Bug 1251652 - Add pushdate, pushid and pushuser in json-changeset; r=gps
83ed92ddc0de9bdd7e961db836cc50aded2e1044Gregory Szorc — serverlog: more robustly parse dates to handle leap years
cc7bde07b24c9e0ce56830a2d4f2bf61be52d144Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 2d5d156dcb24 (bug 1101611)
a0c2ee2f9c71850c65f8464a8936f0ddffbd5201Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-dev: fix indentation and path reference
807656c730ee92a79308ae2c38c6abbd8164badeGregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-dev: use proper python27-devel package name
238a4f5dd46d802cb350a40d95969682481d7163Gregory Szorc — mozreview: update Django and Djblets for security releases (bug 1251969)
12e31fae88f4705036de3c657464737088ef9787Andrew Halberstadt — hghooks: allow pushing to try without a try syntax (bug 1247072), r=gps
bdb954cc31aa180a1e0b46a60629b68cfc81b8d6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: produce bundles for mozilla-esr45 (bug 1250609)
df1f27cb9bea819d4a3bc6e5f2badb7da0a2e982byron jones — testing: add hash for setuptools
08dae6a7bf9171df00a3152dace8904fc1598f08byron jones — testing: bump 'futures' version to fix requirement parsing error
df66bc766888bf7c52b57fca6cbe5de342116d0aGregory Szorc — bundleclone: watch for premature server termination in tests
1a974e3e4f236c44d6c589a81ac3edab5e2e9685Gregory Szorc — testing: add hghave checks for hg37+
b41681c581ea80620d2e7368decfffd30f2601f6Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade
79fa6ea6a9a7981a0576763e427f525e04b18936Gregory Szorc — testing: securely install Python packages
7b9b58e346dff827a146de78edf4a626725d5989Gregory Szorc — git-mozreview: treat commit messages as byte sequences (bug 1251602); r=dminor
f07e02773a0a03a4bfbd2bf41907ea55809f7dc7Mark Cote — ansible/mozreview: Install npm in virtualenv.
2d5d156dcb24ac07619745115b80a77c64b68a26byron jones — mozreview: draw attention to review comments (bug 1101611) r=mdoglio
e1c7901963e78bba147e1dcf1338c1082a049ae2byron jones — mozreview: fix indentation (bug 1101611) r=mdoglio
ae18684189a0f3c6045f5a8aa08ee579a8d715c2Gregory Szorc — docker/bmoweb: use socket for connecting to MySQL (bug 1246634)
aca609c335630243fbac9d5540bb9aa99544e3deGregory Szorc — docker/bmoweb: explicitly wait on mysqld process to exit (bug 1246634)
52aaee1436b7d4cf07bce337287600135396ea9cGregory Szorc — docker/bmoweb: start mysql after cpan module installation (bug 1246634)
8e7b9b7313633d975aff16ccd2cd9e92c0d87627Gregory Szorc — docker/bmoweb: use mysqld instead of mysqld_safe (bug 1246634)
28a39ce8a3b75a654e77ad62a0c2a40d55d249a9Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: install Python 2.7
4e7f7319a9284e5ad51be0e13222470f911ed862Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: install mod_wsgi in virtualenv
8ff9a81ce4622e01d469fe9772897e8261809859Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: virtualenv fixups to support pip 8
3be26461defa1727926b96982208bcf08ea506c1Gregory Szorc — hgweb: update system packages in chroot Dockerfile
e0f96efa0883b7743a14e7cab411e3451665eb70Gregory Szorc — hgweb: fix typo in setuptools path in chroot Dockerfile
0305a960aa02ff4aacf2bad075c2e58968721efbGregory Szorc — ansible/hg: use pip 8 (bug 1243501); r=fubar
c0389190eb41403820eea5c7595946cf66dd1508Gregory Szorc — ansible: install Ansible securely in CentOS Docker image
20f7674ee8b71faaf917579e5e03c110538fa1c4Gregory Szorc — ansible: securely install pip 8.0.3 and setuptools 20.1.1 in CentOS Docker image
5d4fcdd28be544fac0bab646f9ba8612f09cdd63Dan Minor — Disabling Autoland through hostingservice admin page does not work (bug 1250263) r=mdoglio
444f8ab38221a647e26aa9701f13569c32d461d7Gregory Szorc — ansible: upgrade to peep 3.1.1
7d3c184e2ea2bd5cf7228e8912be4c54dbef8a92Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: disable demand importer when importing pushhooks module
aa0f7f1047e75f799fd16a83f25a4d295076d6aaAlin Selagea — Bug 1250610 - update tree closure hooks for esr45 r=bhearsum
b44aa697e977645e4fc3dbfd621253de15156d5fbyron jones — testing: deploy mozautomation before mozreview to satisfy dependency (bug 1250895) r=dminor
bec21744f739531e10b6ef581c34d9983fdbc98fKendall Libby — hgwsgi: add comm-esr45, mozilla-esr45 to web view (bug 1250609)
fc3513aad180a4129c9b4e31e85a3d82713ea800byron jones — mozreview: unify irc nick parsing and disallow periods (bug 1238353) r?smacleod
894624260e8c7446fe6e4cdeca8c3ea399323886byron jones — mozreview: fix pep 8 issues in bugzilla/ (bug 1238353) r?smacleod
b5f340ea4a1c1f12e0304cc0ec5395e4078bea2fGregory Szorc — hgserver: update test output to reflect bundle upload to us-west-1 (bug 1249765)
ebec7a403590952aa8cf8ee35a58d4b8a5b7ac71Mike Conley — mozreview: Make commenting more obvious in the diffviewer (bug 1249647); r=mdoglio
0d4ebd4464bd7889ea8c28670fc2c1e9f76c8aeeGregory Szorc — ansible: install Pygments through pip (bug 1159730)
d5c462c37cdd73e79add7075086ee3f37b665876Gregory Szorc — ansible: perform yum operations before `yum localinstall`
25228abc9f46f38f109c48386fded56d56690872Gregory Szorc — docker: better pinning of older setuptools and pip releases
6d7fec6a6facd32833064b72306476d552665d1aGregory Szorc — ansible: upgrade to Pygments 2.1.1 (bug 1159730); r=smacleod
24d0f9419046d4c108685ea5d6a252545b8f0efcGregory Szorc — hgmo: upload hg bundles to us-west-1 (bug 1249765); r=hwine
f0e13471979068d093e35fd2e1fa5d61c4162aa4Gregory Szorc — mozreview: encode diffs as base64 over JSON API (bug 1249004); r=smacleod
144f62196085161b08de3418b2a96ea506a89789Mike Conley — mozreview: Backout 7014000ff305 for making it harder to copy/paste (bug 1249297).
5902ce3fad715bf48e692858188b0c831391f729Mike Conley — mozreview: backout d6d96bde19fd because we're just going to remove the double-click to comment feature
61445847516b2c360281e89826aff6e6b82bda64byron jones — docs: Update documentation/urls to point to the MozReview product.
5e7da07ff6ee24e424fe86cd4180b3c870ef3404Gregory Szorc — hgserver: pash command to associate LDAP account with MozReview (bug 1249149); r=dminor
3fe4cf126f5e792a84a3a843c38b71697b03aa14Gregory Szorc — hgmo: fixup indentation to appease PEP-8
9cd473d7247e67541b208d7a49beae5f4c3d6d99Gregory Szorc — hgmo: serve AWS clients bundles from local S3 region (bug 1249197); r=fubar, dminor
d4f71a509bacf13ca4ccdcf03ba1a161cb45200bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install ipaddress Python package (bug 1249197); r=fubar
9741cca32ff47892f7ca5e71e680fa586d1554d7Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install AWS IP ranges JSON file (bug 1249197); r=fubar
d6d96bde19fd8c353e3ba61301c7b304d70deb13Mike Conley — mozreview: make double-clicking to open a comment optional per user (bug 1246769); r=mdoglio
fbbac518215ad0a639a52f1cb9e34ce3413b7aa5Dan Minor — mozreview: make autoland selenium tests check autoland button title (bug 1243530) r=mdoglio
c6beb77d5a14994eeb1814283cd9e27ba39b0733Dan Minor — mozreview: fix title for autoland button on discarded review (bug 1243530) r=mdoglio
91efb7ecba60e4cad563fdd69d294819befa3945Dan Minor — mozreview: use new hostingservice fields to disable autoland in UI (bug 1243530) r=mdoglio
f9b4d74d9a5dc27a16ae9f512adf7a332ca81293Dan Minor — testing: fix missing import in (bug 1243530) r=mdoglio
e4808063d4521fa938f085eb5ee0ecaee966a11eDan Minor — mozreview: reject autoland requests for disabled repositories (bug 1243530) r=mdoglio
c3e58764d22c342397cb70a4609a15a1a3490773Dan Minor — mozreview: add fields to disable autoland in custom hosting service (bug 1243530) r=mdoglio
8f4dfd0518b2575239bebbbe32cfc090a4febd45Gregory Szorc — hgmo: prune some keys from the returned JSON (bug 1248850); r=dminor
09148d3c7d5a3ace7dacdd2de4cb1c1f9678128fGregory Szorc — hgmo: web command for exposing automation relevance (bug 1247802); r=dminor
407a08387e0936a2415be1ed5585c68154085b2bGregory Szorc — hgmo: add a revset to return changesets relevant to automation (bug 1247802); r=dminor
39a6434928cda7bc27db261a3f567b6c6e61ac79Mike Hommey — Bug 1247838 - Fix running git mozreview from a subdirectory. r=gps
79f7e3cb540975eeb05ddd4a7d7db083cf0d8f27byron jones — mozreview: discarded child reviews shouldn't break bmo integration (bug 1243021) r=mdoglio
e308dcce64dc4162b89e2d63c943a41b95135ff2Calixte Denizet — Bug 1247950 - Fix error when no pushlog data are available; r=gps
02aec36de661d6dd4e687e9e14fcd8663e76638ebyron jones — autoland: set a max height on the commit confirmation dialog (bug 1247569) r=dminor
58227cb3472721e6c361a692688b5c47d8b0441aMike Hommey — Bug 1247172 - Do not use an actual remote for git mozreview r=gps
a1ec4b577c092a9757d27f2d202f687de3ca262cMike Hommey — Bug 1246998 - Take worktrees into account in git mozreview r=gps
69f6e5839c4c905ad5a419ddd7660806b0caebf6Gregory Szorc — mozext: don't attempt to pull pushlog when pulling via ssh:// (bug 1242281); r=smacleod
d7f9c066d9eb296eb79a0c553f569a3d1a90363dGregory Szorc — mozext: clean up imports; r=smacleod
aac0473d2ed832d913b32b3ef76ac21d84300c26byron jones — mozreview: remove the 'New Review Request' link (bug 1247595) r=mdoglio
7de2c7e8e15265cfad9bb0330079754503168125byron jones — mozreview: make indentation changes stand out more (bug 1243788) r=mdoglio
0ba15a1bf1678f759e3754c9670b59c82cbbce53byron jones — mozreview: remove settings from admin UI (bug 1246561) r=dminor
3ac7f2de1e6bdc48cb9eb8cb7e64803b66867b83Calixte Denizet — Bug 548629 - HG web view displays push date in file revisions; r=gps
4d77f5f45fa18f6a3e7ae0fe5cb5e3f4b58d49a4Gregory Szorc — mozhg: make prompt default argument an empty string (bug 1247044); r=smacleod
312fdb6a15c5dba73bf8fee8345ed3785da7d5b7Dan Minor — mozreview: audit logging for mozreview (bug 1091806) r=gps
ed7f91d3484199ac47df1052beb4b32db7d58c18Mike Hommey — Bug 1247171 - Handle git config items with a line feed r=gps
95c4b41a5ba3859982c509d00500f9964c4bfa5cDan Minor — testing: use ip address to set docker hostname if it is localunixsocket (bug 1245931) r=gps
2c1cdef7972307aa3aac1e55e42c9a5e0e84a94fGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add commitid capability to test output (bug 1247029)
e27ab55bc81a664a2f6e85defb5c470fffb4f777Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: switch back to http:// for Review Board URLs
0b6c767691c264162aa788e7aaf80b581c3b0ee6Gregory Szorc — testing: better handling of newlines in Docker output printing
fcece6d7e38a863b96cce7fb38d7e09d236b208fGregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: download via https:// in more places (bug 1110299)
f8e719d30a6673d8008059121869028338de7607Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: download Review Board via https:// (bug 1110299)
ba932a2d029568fcf00ad9a4d5d5a466cfd7e218Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: update version-control-tools with manual hg commands
068075607319ceac6139f9e58181f9f6e7360458Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 4ed2429a5656
89e1565a0814e50f777411de29cf7f80ba5b8016Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 821f2ab5fd23
86d3be0815bc3b171d7bd3b8f2d47ed72364d6ddGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 267c22a81185
86e1f0ee1c5956405886c739ba383cb857b3db1dGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset a92ab09b266d
7072243ff15268eac4c2cdbb41aaf2ce23a58d49Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset b2ed98adc6c8
6fb34a34df998dc939bb17c6018d7eae648d954bGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 18297cb14d39
9263496d44e29d1bf9924a6c832f05a9062174f6Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 52b457f7bd44
dd9b94e11c60ab527118ce169c89cf3fbe75015aGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset a6cae387f33d
3b70974cd4e3318f422803d0515a124d975512baGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset f4f1771bd042
f4f1771bd0426c5fdbbfdcbafaf2561342640331Gregory Szorc — mozreview: add missing import of ReviewRequest
a6cae387f33da9b39a6e035c58030c97b0e583a9Gregory Szorc — mozreview: fixup errant added line from 4ed2429a5656
35bb63c24d7445984320c461f7b6e0ec57f610c8Gregory Szorc — mozreview: add client capability for MozReview-Commit-IDs (bug 1247029); r=dminor
71cdc554e08cd2c765081479a13d34504b15ca93Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: be more strict about detecting metadata lines (bug 1247012); r=dminor
48985bc8870a6fa2b6b82577519766eb9089ed9bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test demonstrating no empty line after summary (bug 1247012); r=dminor
dfb410e336b7065f19182c52abd590e8da62afc5Gregory Szorc — testing: install Mercurial 3.7.1 in test environment
cf762f6a00e62df9ed5fcb563d102d53b2ce3d17Gregory Szorc — testing: install requests from vendored sources
c43352df4e907fc0419e054a97fd71c14d1c17d3Gregory Szorc — requests: update vendored requests library from 2.7.0 to 2.9.1
0b38828d44dc40ec5606d5285b81cec03e57992fGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove CRON to normalize hgweb permissions
6600c262f3c30da491f8f247d5d052ad7d00dd36Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: set default umask of vcsreplicator consumer to 002
cbca3728a843717cdfcf5d43ffd68b582421b2ceRalph Giles — mozreview: Skip review remote in git updates. (bug 1246285) r=gps
2779f8cb9ddbd9de96ee99e002788ace3efc597fGregory Szorc — git-mozreview: put full path to git-mozreview in hook (bug 1246820); r=dminor
627313f97bd1be09ee38bc1f1ee3633b007f7294Gregory Szorc — git-mozreview: do not symlink hook; r=dminor
52b457f7bd449a29e38dd5df500157443a240f59Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix flake8 errors (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
18297cb14d39d6485d9c90213eeba962950147c4Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix pep8 error for blank lines at end of file (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
b2ed98adc6c834dcdbf77f6f2227c74085ee61b7Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix pep8 error for use of semicolon (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
a92ab09b266dba843821494135618e35aa22f691Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix pep8 white space errors (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
267c22a81185070ebb88dc04f786abf73362dbdfMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix pep8 indentation errors (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
821f2ab5fd236ce4dd761e2eb6d0a847eb2458acMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix pep8 blank line errors (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
4ed2429a5656b1d9c5df53b1218c0748377ceb0eMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix pep8 `line too long` error (bug 1232700); r=smacleod
49fbe7ba8efbf50fb1383896125e7dc4deaa829fDan Minor — testing: remove 'activity-indicator' check from autoland selenium tests
90cc5a43f1336118144d3917d2822b80b26b6934Dan Minor — testing: do not create autoland database in createdb.sql script
654bb0748ba382e02a7e7b8539de4953428443a3Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: refuse to operate on repos without a path mapping (bug 1240194); r=dminor
673527af15bdcfd426840a536a1f68ecb29485d5Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: remove unused import; r=dminor
7737e110fd90a70ee52f22869bbff6fea817e22aGregory Szorc — mozreview: map commits to review requests based on commit ID (bug 1245589); r=dminor
09518d2261c53c2d6cb9578445ddcf8e1c576a55Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use parse_commit_id (bug 1245589); r=dminor
28bd62e8782097f1e0dc8b174853db1be5584156Gregory Szorc — mozautomation: establish API for parsing out commit IDs (bug 1245589); r=dminor
8dc282df5d249bab7e115b44dad1cc54bcca68adGregory Szorc — mozreview: don't reuse review requests if commit is new (bug 1242246); r=dminor
f67021092ae3b8fcc868f5883f181f649853f86eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: report whether obsolescence is enabled (bug 1242246); r=dminor
4cc663863fcb00870bc217e4d9d5c9ee61ea19b7Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for review request recycling (bug 1242246); r=dminor
ffbf1414099edc45ce7d74390204ba1d2ee5254eGregory Szorc — testing: update .t tests to reflect CommitData (bug 1246308); r=smacleod
2d45fee4fa913f79d7eb3959db55134095fae1c1Gregory Szorc — mozreview: fix logging of commit count (bug 1246297); r=glob
0a92949c536631f98a969f6e02f7ebe2c30154c7Gregory Szorc — testing: decompress xz archives locally
9c3f1dd2eaf18f50a30d933b8d6561af54f2c2ffDan Minor — testing: remove screenshot and log from
f101eefdb703105c7e3538e7332cb3a596679504Dan Minor — mozreview: Move settings out of the MozReviewExtension.settings object into a custom dict (bug 1245524) r=gps
dba9648638d5ec2afa1ed6c32df7778fc5014ae0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: store commit ID in commit messages instead of extras (bug 1243486); r=dminor
eef5eefc3b2c015a517e1f9e7b53159ac15a2524Gregory Szorc — mozreview: strip commit metadata from Bugzilla descriptions (bug 1243486); r=dminor
1af421167a356a8d008529139ad791dd00a3655aGregory Szorc — mozautomation: function to strip commit metadata from string (bug 1243486); r=dminor
eb9e43ce04570bc08cfb4bd08f0b9ddbe0fe79c9Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: move commit message rewriting function into library (bug 1243486); r=dminor
7a58b51b386c82e76304ff9bba093b7ec86e3bd9Mauro Doglio — mozreview: add migration script for review request extra_data (bug 1244448). r=smacleod
d24bbd4c73035eed3f9152aea81917d658cc93a2Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move MOZREVIEW_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=mcote
8ea15f064e6ab0f943be5060cb01167da451b716Steven MacLeod — mozreview: use standard is_pushed function in isPush template filter (Bug 1244448). r=gps
5b146b119ee0bc1cd47b7360a59d5f98b6308da4Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move DISCARD_ON_PUBLISH_KEY and UNPUBLISHED_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
98501d7f4a175b73538caa6f91e148cb80679237Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move COMMITS_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
014c467c87200b03fac84706182e234be31e93aeSteven MacLeod — mozreview: move SQUASHED_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
ba65b6e0f2b58bf6bbb55e684046b9473277fd23Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move BASE_COMMIT_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
cef3a7274b5df0ba9605943207892eb24940b50eSteven MacLeod — mozreview: move COMMIT_ID_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
601c5edf9f98b51579cb238c89a77e29a42c23d6Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move FIRST_PUBLIC_ANCESTOR_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
2fbcf9bf2a99435df0644385d334186050dc9c20Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move IDENTIFIER_KEY to CommitData from extra_data (Bug 1244448). r=gps
bc172352ab426c0579f139e99cdb5a7f5ac58478Steven MacLeod — mozreview: remove direct extra_data key usage from rbbz (Bug 1244448). r=mcote
bb937917ebd0daa9b98078f62ce3b57a110d7036Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move review_request_closed signal handlers into MozReview from rbbz (Bug 1244448). r=mcote
7ed0a2d2486ae7893c6e8ae3036a4e48f6db03e5Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move on_review_request_reopened into MozReview from rbbz (Bug 1244448). r=mcote
57ec870d176e8175156172a3b425a8accd9942a0Steven MacLeod — mozreview: copy draft_extra_data to extra_data for drafted CommitData (Bug 1244448). r=gps
eda2c378c2dd1a8def8a95f138b692700a0f9a0fSteven MacLeod — mozreview: copy commit extra_data to draft_extra_data on draft creation (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=mcote r=gps
09910a4073a75db18ace5932b79d1863121ee0edSteven MacLeod — mozreview: move on_draft_pre_delete into MozReview from rbbz (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=gps
c69c4c9453d1b2618c22e3d2d48dc228062294e8Steven MacLeod — mozreview: print CommitData during tests (Bug 1244448). r=gps r=mdoglio
bd5cadc40e39b0b286a046f70be9b3a23ee0c97dSteven MacLeod — mozreview: cleanup extra_data key use (Bug 1244448). r=mcote r=mdoglio r=gps
dca33aff6e84f21d3110d567b4b8e1640af8dbb5Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add model to replace extra_data use (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio
cb10b621c65981d5ffa05b8d1f71035df9d8ee72Steven MacLeod — mozreview: prevent publishing of unverified DiffSets (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=gps
8af4660232ca9033a741a559c3b0c006500ca137Steven MacLeod — mozreview: move on_review_request_publishing into MozReview from rbbz (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=mcote
4f9ad400ee1112454038cc0d89b8005aa4511271Steven MacLeod — mozreview: create a (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=gps
585842f64d5a62f7f33627b965e02c11703850bfSteven MacLeod — mozreview: verify DiffSets during batch creation (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=gps
665c70716cd07ba585244538cd60653d673be3b1Steven MacLeod — mozreview: require special permission to access `BatchReviewRequestResource.create` (Bug 1244448). r=mcote r=mdoglio r=gps
f98ba96d0b86ccffe8a38e001da82a043b303bd1Steven MacLeod — mozreview: refactor API key verification into standalone function (Bug 1244448). r=mcote r=gps
e75f01eb757cbd479009beb7e60d49f4dead7313Steven MacLeod — mozreview: grant the mozreview user the verify_diffset permission (Bug 1244448). r=dminor r=gps
a9ee69a2ce8f4a4742731d02147f0cc34a1c8fd9Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add model to track DiffSets from the hg server (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=dminor r=gps
e17837a9b0490f1a86ac1dab8d0a8ed9df4e1233Steven MacLeod — mozreview: switch import style (Bug 1244448). r=mdoglio r=gps
1ff0c6cfaa6ea77dc38d0ad773d71b1d20e55ff0Gregory Szorc — docs: note that bundleclone isn't required if running Mercurial 3.7+
056012f6f31d61b207ff531f8e0b4ac11081675bGregory Szorc — hghooks: update commit SHA-1 for failing test
efa891880f4a5594a5b3ad950f09aec731f54164Gregory Szorc — testing: run MySQL within bmoweb container
6d78c3c8da9f0b8cbac11dbc8d2d6c7adc06ec79Gregory Szorc — testing: support "sha256:" prefixes on images
69bd60d95e86bb0fcfb261dadd5eecc9a743eb10Gregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 2a64294718d1
dd85192c07046824ec2b05c51e7a976c867ca424Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade MySQL to 5.6.28 from 5.6.20
243e49ba9f1b26978053e0f6ddc8da7fe228accdGregory Szorc — testing: remove bmodb builder
2a64294718d14b85691e80eeb5d7504b4a151e1bGregory Szorc — testing: check bmofetch clobber file when determining if bootstrap needed
111ec2bb061d31ed5295a45c211d0152de6bca2fGregory Szorc — mozreviewbots: update test output
77860597587a6b2cd5b961657b0e75f2befce065Gregory Szorc — git-mozreview: git command for interacting with MozReview (bug 1153053); r=glandium, dminor
6b2aaa096dc5a0c9bc17f64d454be2b13068db94Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: allow fake ids file path to be passed in; r=dminor
6e94ce75c07f112ddc605e8f7a8fcab114b24fd9Gregory Szorc — testing: install git-cinnabar in testing environment; r=smacleod
e6b7002791d62f96d7cbc50a6c24795aaae1891cGregory Szorc — mozreview: more logging for batch review request API (bug 1243630); r=dminor
258e7ae1a885f29417f9496b577eb5657e5323fdDavid Burns — Bug 1244738: Upgrade Bugsy to v0.7.0 r=gps
82c4760e61a825796657af0af9e93d9f2c9174deGregory Szorc — Backed out changeset 79284f382e6b (bug 1243501)
006ab4f3e6d25218a2d9bf8c9ab03fcb0bd35c5bGregory Szorc — mozext: use (bug 1244786); r=dminor
79284f382e6bb2a2558a22338a1b23f02e158475Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg: use pip 8 (bug 1243501); r=fubar
a03c4d9228d8e3f6c948f0c5e2819ebd46172518Gregory Szorc — testing: replace Docker IP in test output with DOCKER_HOSTNAME (bug 1244588); r=dminor
2c487b8be40d4d5454ba620637eea68fb9d24bd4Dan Minor — autoland: prevent partial and incorrect landings (bug 1243276) r=gps
1cdd965ae5e31f6faddf67795d6b36950718433eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: print more context from server error messages (bug 1169664); r=smacleod
6eb8571fb352f42705c6d488763dfcb087f0c19eGregory Szorc — mozreview: return errors as lists (bug 1169664); r=smacleod
0803c4c5dd7e851f571a2965a27c7b62cd592a06Gregory Szorc — mozreview: return proper error during batch submission processing (bug 1169664); r=smacleod
28947d9bff3a0244347333bb1755f257ad633eeeGregory Szorc — reviewboard: report HTTP 500 errors without a stack (bug 1169664); r=smacleod
d37c7c1223a48995e25a7951b8937feb68f4a5a6Gregory Szorc — pushlog: mark extensions as compatible with 3.6; r=smacleod
ccf46af1d79db8e22b1aee931036288145e91cf7Dan Minor — autoland: make treestatus handle full tree urls properly (bug 1243365) r=glob
7fed7c2123e19f596c8440c12820cca11098dc51Gregory Szorc — docs: rewrite article on commits and review requests
59fde7ac2a042cea5c70c79d6eb01124c015337dMatthew Noorenberghe — reviewboard: handle kwargs more robustly in `commit` (bug 1243161); r=gps
42bc974b4ff28935909f48f7ddb457ceebb0227aDan Minor — mozreview: warn when autolanding commits that have changed since last review(Bug 1239798) r=smacleod
1dbed82c69df27ad89019a21f3480f1d5e44b726Dan Minor — mozreview: carry forward approval for autolanding (Bug 1239798) r=smacleod
b7c7a1dd6cd8a9eeea2d148dfaae93e6fff29064Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: handle kwargs more robustly (bug 1235213); r=dminor
be9a7fa2f79ae6b4eb0f4ba8ba17a9a15106249cDan Minor — testing: add missing globs in test-autoland-merge.t
81e0194cb5edd3533f0e9023b26a454a435831c2Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-dev: make HG SSH server resemble production
b58b88c0c163147b5870b6732dd39b1df64cb17bGregory Szorc — mozext: don't load pushlog twice (bug 1242653); r=dminor
585cd0b89f912e337460733ea0850e403226a598Gregory Szorc — mozext: disable demand importer when importing mozautomation (bug 1242653); r=dminor
5d5a5ea80e992180acf502657a5d91232cb08e62Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add JSON web API exposing capabilities; r=smacleod
50be23cc68f0bc1c5366c75f4a8010ee8519c1e0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: extract review capabilities into own function; r=smacleod
979ddce35e92397a9a6b0c697adadf99f14c48a6Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: expose web command for listing review repos; r=smacleod
4bf2a961fb6f35aae309eecaf37afe134059f8bdGregory Szorc — reviewboard: expose web command for publishing review requests; r=smacleod
1c9841c9a25e6a11b86ddb9363e40cf7e3268e40Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor publishing into standalone function; r=smacleod
7cc7b575ad500a7fc2d07c7cee0100afc0e59901Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: expose web command for submitting changesets for review; r=smacleod
b3aa3aa05433d79dc04850606295cdddc8075935Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: pass ui into calljsoncommand; r=smacleod
97e8b5884fb0d9ac9cbe978e9d10958bf2dfa009Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: move LDAP user extraction into wire protocol command; r=smacleod
619da3919753e0fdc9aaf9bea7c1e317738e44e3Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor review submission processing into standalone function; r=smacleod
b8f3e70ea207eaa7977f3d0fcc5bbeed27161c39Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: convert pushreview command to JSON (bug 1234413); r=smacleod
c8b8abeaeeb97e48128cc5f82aaa299bbaa71be9Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor warning recording into protocol command; r=smacleod
8b60b42ad424d7ba9b477ea524e3966a07c138bdGregory Szorc — testing: remove bad imports test; r=smacleod
94190786b1815dae4654df25a4f7743d322eafbeGregory Szorc — reviewboard: convert pullreviews command to JSON (bug 1234413); r=smacleod
78c4668e2ff1ed475e3129d0af424aed576e9fc9Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: convert publishreviewrequests command to JSON (bug 1234413); r=smacleod
692e15330b112da03acd3e16946703ce038c02cfGregory Szorc — reviewboard: convert reviewrepos command to JSON (bug 1234413); r=smacleod
284499891983f91c8af8634e5f96ad1075be2606Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: declare jsonproto capability (bug 1234413); r=smacleod
606fc555aa716dc1a76fd525c219d6c587e682a4Gregory Szorc — mozhg: access active bookmark properly (bug 1241615); r=dminor
f8f880b536482ef6499795c083301a40f5d7fc88Gregory Szorc — docs: note that autoland will rewrite "r?"
5410683439c56c0e21e874cddfde159df2e5ba18Gregory Szorc — mozext: obtain pushlog data via wire protocol (bug 1236618); r=nalexander
8d42409d9ac6a095634c750d03ee18e82bcd3004Gregory Szorc — mozautomation: add function to insert pushes from raw data; r=nalexander
42600363b831a3c588331541f1807f05a42ea81dGregory Szorc — mozautomation: extract last_push_id to its own function; r=nalexander
22c12053bfd3c1dbce25223d738e48c59c49f681Xidorn Quan — Bug 1135788 - Collapse whitespaces in idl file before comparison. r=gps
4f6d9526acd475c50ee502916757a0a77e277973Gregory Szorc — docs: minor wording changes on MozReview user guide main page
d719a0a2052c9151a2677f3afb9381b0006e7c7cGregory Szorc — docs: remove outdated MozReview docs
76d5652f67b57e6de6b951cf00d6d2096c1c0302Gregory Szorc — docs: update MozReview paths section
7ac2e541c2c08f50f7b878f28634af85cb94a04cGregory Szorc — docs: major updates to MozReview install document
d157da87ae89ae3836de508bf4af49ac3d9c58beGregory Szorc — docs: extract Mercurial MozReview install docs to own page
630a877e789fa41f704c7b45b81bd15b65bdacfaGregory Szorc — docs: tweak wording on MozReview install
4b953dc90fa0e586b98a188d64d224d3dac3fc26Shane Caraveo — Bug 1241219 use requests module instead of urllib2 to fix cacert, r=gps
aff02a474ead1f2af509073176a74510abc355ffDan Minor — testing: update autolanddb container
c0ffa0aacf2b1aa3cc9b8c4e121ec4813e3113a3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Release pushlog_client 0.4.0
c502bfbcb17c2dd57362a69226d8c07708e56591MikeLing — Bug 1238623 - Allow calling pushlog_client functions with tipsonly=False. r=armenzg
47891e9686e30122297174d5a1666cd6c8e54c90Gregory Szorc — ansible: disable UseRoaming on (bug 1240150); r=fubar
7d68f83dc8d1f2f23d9ea6ddc843b52d2a18e9deDan Minor — mozreview: prevent pushing commits with multiple bugs (bug 1135941) r=gps
085533c92e7afa07d5349bfa21790c44b7a50103Dan Minor — backout 365aee704600
c13d172f7ddb0fdeb688635b1affb30bde5802d2Dan Minor — testing: fix mozreviewbot tests
365aee704600a83465d9d272c7251dd24b1f92a6Dan Minor — mozreview: prevent pushing commits with multiple bugs (bug 1135941) r?gps
e085a8725612aefca2a8c80e1d01c63f2348d33fGregory Szorc — mozreview: add default reviewers the first time we add a diffset (bug 1239524); r=smacleod
f322a2a99918a830904be58cb676aa57b4038764Gregory Szorc — hgserver: fix TypeError in "edit the description" action (bug 1239272)
c071b9f563acbc683c69ff033fc561f703b5ca5cMauro Doglio — mozreview: define approval bg and border as less variables; r=smacleod
ccb5b3af1e209d665df1b8f1ae8c9005cd046143Mauro Doglio — mozreview: show reviewer status in commit list (bug 1214614); r=smacleod
ae98f3b686e4db0c227fa2332afdb299aef70b9eMauro Doglio — mozreview: add reviewers status to review request summary (bug 1214614); r=mcote,smacleod
88936b566874b7ca92f6a283c7d7f99bb88a3397Gregory Szorc — mozreview: use transaction context manager properly (bug 1239452); r=smacleod
b7979b2c6de6dc090479b3d7c310489f3005a746Gregory Szorc — mozreview: use transaction.atomic to recover from IntegrityError (bug 1239452); r=smacleod
b84ebb1cd00a7dc6994af833fd8241fbbbe8fbcaGregory Szorc — mozreview: refactor updating of usernames (bug 1239452); r=smacleod
68171052f808a382d1a6b212e30c96d34dac1ca8Gregory Szorc — mozreview: add more logging around creation of users; r=smacleod
711e22b2055b9626dde846bc73b10cd916bc9f16Gregory Szorc — rbbz: format user list properly; r=smacleod
beab308418a9e9071f26ffbaa41d62507adf641bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use demandimport.deactivated; r=smacleod
4dfd481dc75751c34b7f8ce54ab3cd5dccdd29b9Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: don't use ReviewBoardClient as a context manager; r=smacleod
8e78085c5add6a463cccd0195793b3d9e65999deGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use built-in mechanism to not save cookies; r=smacleod
b2c6575364a1d60da085d8e90595f883451b4656Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use built-in mechanism to disable caching; r=smacleod
2055f60e3d4c31169ba49b0e4e64122beb9add26Gregory Szorc — mozreview: use RBTools 0.7.5 everywhere; r=smacleod
16bc1f7bef615ba3d5e6060848ebfbe9efb60a0bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: move review submission logic out of; r=smacleod
1cc42ef4b24f5b9e25f737ceba51ddc0ef588ea1Gregory Szorc — mozreview: cache reviewer to User lookups (bug 1229468); r=smacleod
252a96904fba6c1d1bc11caf6a40bf6d09dfe3d7Gregory Szorc — mozreview: create child review requests from batch API (bug 1229468); r=smacleod, dminor
64bc74f4b91a7730c7d03c4fcbe9f4a723813a75Gregory Szorc — mozreview: copy more read-only processing code (bug 1229468); r=smacleod, dminor
44901a8bbcd8e06252578b171b2c6c5271b6023aGregory Szorc — mozreview: add web API to submit an entire series of commits (bug 1229468); r=smacleod, dminor
4521cdc7a1d79470c90f3a912d0fb9682d3810a1Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for pushing to a discarded series; r=smacleod
da72429dca189827af3b3135210314617bcff287Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for pushing to submitted review request; r=smacleod
05e92374b355c8d288c122856a67c7aef9f1b4f7Gregory Szorc — mozreview: log user events; r=smacleod
db08a2e7c5e89e3bcdacb4c4ffb2dc66fb881f5cGregory Szorc — mozreview: print more diff info; r=smacleod
2b1fc9fc244165bebde9be74889beeb9686c101dGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use privileged RBTools client when setting LDAP association; r=smacleod
ef8435864f8c0aa53342fa5c82db161e539a416dDan Minor — mozreview: Autoland-in-progress message should include target branch (bug 1238166) r=mdoglio
db4401543437ffdad6c4d7fe35af008f49b1b6b2Gregory Szorc — testing: pin Ansible to 1.9
7c551b82a49953f7c2f63e6e121758bf0c52c4aeGregory Szorc — reviewboard: mark server extension as compatible with 3.6
cb01b0d61153146a1e42cf80fa9afa9c4f60be38Gregory Szorc — docs: link to SSH host key fingerprints
3661a0782bc36939b710729023f67e4a38b3cafbGregory Szorc — docs: document MD5 host key fingerprints
0dabe93e9ddfb41ba3c46fc0dd418a2a961bd6feBryce Van Dyk — docs: correct typo in Mercurial for Mozillians (bug 1239181)
89b0c07dc6753b25677e62cc4bd816f5889be2e0Gregory Szorc — docs: remove section about hg host fingerprints
87167c3b8e6cf67ef0feb3786819d23e2f466d48Gregory Szorc — docs: add SHA-256 host keys for (bug 1239049)
2e54125275cb93926026301f40091cc0ea442ba9Mauro Doglio — mozreview: don't render filediff buttons on drafts (bug 1234161); r=smacleod
2248273cff1c9789e941b14cb0a303dbfca0ff98Dan Minor — mozreview: people besides review requesters should be able autoland (bug 1205018) r=mdoglio
2ab3575259951b0de52c06924533aa2993252d0eDan Minor — testing: make it possible to specify repo name in create_basic_repo r=mdoglio
1279676979808a6a4bfd04d17263e55b0165246cbyron jones — testing: stop patching bmo when deploying to test (bug 1225836) r=gps
05e8212f9aad03d5e2400357807448b306c99584byron jones — mozhginfo: add pushlog_client.egg-info to .hgignore
36bf901845b9ac084a5bd9d6de73b727f5bb3a11Gregory Szorc — testing: don't create pushlog Kafka topic
04fe92f9ec0c4dec280b5bb9cf06c0778bebe000Steven MacLeod — mozreview: test security of ldap assocations (Bug 1237702). r=gps
96657fb045a9a38fa63342d249c02315d50a0575Gregory Szorc — mozreview: update model when adding reviewers to trigger draft banner display (bug 1236999); r=smacleod
fba5aff085482be39febe8f7b851eb2bc1a853e7Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: don't track try repos (bug 1237339); r=dminor
de4852e08d137ebc2a908e993e774a0267ac20c2Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: check for attribute presence properly
be629f390dcecf7f7f9851564bffdbc4ec3e4a2eDan Minor — mozreview: only post diffset comment if diffset changes (bug 1229789) r=mcote
01efb008d1f2d3c76c61d654de808348bb6be38fMikeLing — Bug 1236857 - Fix valid_revision function + release pushlog_client 0.3.2. r=armenzg
30dab86c2248f9e9438e0248bb76bc67280b1d39Gregory Szorc — mozreview: change password of privileged mozreview account
2f4d7c427eb986bb2c7b015057c626fcd8338f38Gregory Szorc — mozreview: unauthenticated users can search now (bug 1237105); r=smacleod
687901fbd7719679c9d5cc9a01cb0d8e0926608eGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: block AhrefsBot via User-Agent
ae826dd424eba5fcd8f6ec26353e96ecc3183166Gregory Szorc — docs: remove ancient paragraph about replication
3d8fdbfea78aeb70db88a9fe3309908824a063dfGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: fixup errant #
0aee001565c8e8112898249017e4c8f526d11456Gregory Szorc — docs: document modern replication mechanisms
fd5d34a50a45972919e8ace0cbf7e8eae50b6b62Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: merge hgrc-vcsreplicator into hgrc (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
954c87148af9b9b6d612fa73dc11da919beaffc2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: convert hgrc to a template (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
96a798e859cd171721c02930b725841e11d4d200Gregory Szorc — hgserver: inline do_repo_push; r=smacleod
71d2509445b53550bb3f4da3b742d46d0bb2c90bGregory Szorc — hgserver: don't explicitly replicate when creating empty user repo (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
5478db0f544849ca5ea3f268877ca1d3eea7788eGregory Szorc — hgserver: replicate cloning via vcsreplicator (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
47cda311bd29550eca5bad017eeadaa0c37790b5Gregory Szorc — hgserver: replicate hgrc changes via vcsreplicator (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
6bbefc64099255fa79fac79031ca25c65addee19Gregory Szorc — hghooks: remove legacy replication hook (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
dccd6cc30713047212d8cb55b82dceaa54c8a8f7Gregory Szorc — hgserver: remove activate-vcsreplicator script (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
428601fef782a763f2227b47545febae5637ea71Gregory Szorc — hgserver: remove legacy test for vcsreplicator interaction (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
cf1e9668ea7055d3b869b1f2ec305aedf4e6dbd2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: remove hgrc-all (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
4dc4d58314ce9b8de9aa08737fd8de887c54e0bfGregory Szorc — hgserver: enable vcsreplicator by default (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
f5b16e3c35931f8ecbe781e274961b61e838c6bbGregory Szorc — hghooks: don't write message about legacy replication being disabled (bug 1126153); r=smacleod
f1e1b526e19dff79b1bdf7bdbc596c4e2f09350fSteven MacLeod — mozreview: only include ship-it reviews in rewritten commit messages (Bug 1236725). r=dminor
4f8c2aaec170ddab28623f2cc9e03f9c3fcb6ba3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1236857 - Fix valid revision + 0.3.1 release
b591bbe447b253d3d5d7666bc2ef64df57fa1043Gregory Szorc — hgserver: wait for replication consumers to avoid race conditions
5f79d14b6d60b77517c701efe158b8c85398df72Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add a consumer mode to wait for all messages to be consumed
1d541843e4a09b3be8bd6f766ecf516f6339d7dfGregory Szorc — hgserver: fix typo creating syntax error
92a329fb49959d07a6214e6d2318340a6f9e4566Gregory Szorc — hgserver: use repo-permissions to adjust user repo permissions
0f15412c7319330b18a6fa378832a069e7174bf3Gregory Szorc — hgserver: remove unused symbol import
394231882116cc24d18b0c31796291c62a15e8c4Gregory Szorc — hgserver: remove verbose code paths
711d065521a885559780ff36bb4998503047521fGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: update comment about pushkey behavior
afd6c036a4b6ada8c82c199687df17c313d151ccGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: don't call lower() on path before comparison
177bde347ba43a10796e4a418d9453186236c620Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: don't pass unused config option
8881949252dde1552ff44d03076227d71847aa06Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: pull explicit revisions when syncing
bb0cd878c3249803bf0d653da4a6464eaff1d5e0Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: verify return code from failed pushkey operations
d7e945b7ae7ad7b68424e4df19dc8497d50aed8dGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: preserve generaldelta during repository creation
ce192b056a148525e01f14382ac4fde2f82e48faGregory Szorc — testing: support creating repositories with generaldelta
daaf1305f641dab34099e98cef38cb4a0bf01fa3Gregory Szorc — ansible: allow basic robots.txt indexing (bug 1234971)
3ae14cdbabf3e771ac7ca5a0896b6f8cf97b2f4bSteven MacLeod — mozreview: disable autopublish in selenium tests (Bug 1231159). r=gps
7c045be0008475204f9cde64952b1d64ab65219cSteven MacLeod — mozreview: fixup tests for RB 2.5.2 (Bug 1231159). r=gps
f79b251db6d4fb9f06583445fcd8703da6bcc1d5Steven MacLeod — mozreview: upgrade to RB 2.5.2 (Bug 1231159). r=gps
6621bd075be45c5c42b83886e95f998caae999b6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: render git diffs (bug 1235254); r=smacleod
d6a1e14868f98e6381db85941fba0251d1616159Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: check for firefoxtree attribute before accessing (bug 1234396); r=smacleod
8e1fc3cd3668fa084f6c2996dccfcb6b8c4b8851Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: fix typo
c8b6fba8c40eed8a9d0e5fbf7807ac058e1cb989Gregory Szorc — docs: fix typo
ac87b427e57cfbe79d617eb3ee7e08397e211786Mark Cote — rbbz: Include full commit message when posting attachments (bug 1232894); r=smacleod
a6cba09c935e694588bb619e40c73b69bbd16073Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1228358 - Release version pushlog_client 0.3.0
1fe80bd2bd583a6407f6cbb021766a1f9fa32bbdGregory Szorc — hghooks: use underscores in verify css image only approvals hook
acb5c03328a4c04b66087e4525c76decea264d58Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: enable ExtendedStatus
c3bddd76912f81dc5e21a256d3c57ce14d9ed078Gregory Szorc — check_kafka_hg_heartbeat: rewrite to not use `hg sendheartbeat`
a90496b82b78450c94c8fa67cf4d9a4e242d359aGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: mark as compatible against Mercurial 3.6
525d1a8751c8868c0751c698714d10c2948590c8Gregory Szorc — check_zookeeper: catch ZookeeperUnavailable
834cf197846c11e655bd06b7144e2897ae0f6afaGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1231768 - add hook for css-image-only-approvals, r=gps
c1fa09f2886de8f435cce2575c392b21efe8b9f0Gregory Szorc — testing: refactor Review Board user creation order (bug 1228002)
2814ab81d93873829a25c1f839bd571b8bb46d72Gregory Szorc — testing: make query argument to `reviewboard get-users` optional
dd3a6f0eab5b54ac8b0bd9e123ede7a6b8b2974bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: drop support for Mercurial 3.1 and 3.2
c1713e8b39809dc715556dda04e9bde3cf153bedGregory Szorc — ansible: install Mercurial 3.6.2 RPM
74bb74670e75824ba26c6a5628cb28d5216009b2Gregory Szorc — testing: generate RPM for Mercurial 3.6.2
ce8f6c19a62bee4fd986825d4ccdefbc2924525cGregory Szorc — testing: use centos image for hg rpm builder
47076a1d5b794ce72c2381f07cac0889de6d1029Gregory Szorc — ansible: use zxtmpool to manage load balancer during mozreview deplo (bug 1217433)
4092c234bf8c9957f41fb4ca38014a43407dd3f6Gregory Szorc — scripts: call append() properly
287fd5985aa2ce6722337b15a24c6e43b55551cbGregory Szorc — hgwsgi: don't enable demandimport; r=smacleod
94f4566b28d1b7d8fb52422449675b9276ca8958Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: don't try to syntax highlight for unknown file types; r=smacleod
696db7e6797b2412403921533bf4cd760c8e0b1eGregory Szorc — testing: don't install Mercurial 3.1 and 3.2; r=smacleod
fed4de0666fde558788caba8b4d2710d23f5e957Gregory Szorc — generate-hg-s3-bundles: only generate bzip2 bundles for release repos; r=smacleod
c6589010098a35d013d611ad06313aa945cddb41Gregory Szorc — generate-hg-s3-bundles: support for optionally generating bzip2 bundles; r=smacleod
bec41fd9c65562f7cffb2cbe44bd1e1cb29d3967Gregory Szorc — generate-hg-s3-bundles: specify bundle version type; r=smacleod
7448ab4b3bcc3677a7dade701a40b805646b086dGregory Szorc — generate-hg-s3-bundles: use hg from virtualenv; r=smacleod
3c4c7484e63e3f263b9c0798a120a8e9ad7f821bGregory Szorc — hgserver: fix tests for Mercurial 3.6 changes; r=smacleod
ef5aa90c13ba0ff688b242b01f09a167cc6bf766Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize with gitweb (bug 1228086); r=smacleod
8d6dfca23b7e478012401446220d9ee69740a6aeGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize templates with Mercurial 3.6.2; r=smacleod
97124f51dc3cbb20851c380624f5d536711b51a1Gregory Szorc — serverlog: make compatible with Mercurial 3.6; r=smacleod
9eda363ec9deba16820f55f3db4313edfc0c6222Gregory Szorc — ansible: use built-in clonebundles extension; r=smacleod
55ad3f1ad5a177ee0f7223e27186b04803e42c07Gregory Szorc — ansible: mass upgrade to Mercurial 3.6.2 (bug 1228086); r=smacleod
7a647671937e5ace6cf7ecb524441a95365dcf74Gregory Szorc — serverlog: tidy serverlog variable references; r=smacleod
74587d38834faa5bb8763166fdcafcf28f4c3e3cGregory Szorc — serverlog: remove localrepository wrapping; r=smacleod
edf6c1f6f89f27681f00aa31a0a645e6d9f494c5Gregory Szorc — serverlog: remove syslogmixin; r=smacleod
72ba1a1069c6c6a9251cf0bd00c84ce97c569f1cGregory Szorc — serverlog: stop calling _syslog from syslogmixin; r=smacleod
630f801ddb0d2e0ed70f58885cb482f721fde213Gregory Szorc — serverlog: extract syslog logging to own function; r=smacleod
4b8658144ba5e9357330070aae537afd404cb360Gregory Szorc — serverlog: record syslog attributes on serverlog dict; r=smacleod
553fef07f852f33453902d868bb4c62b6b9718bfGregory Szorc — serverlog: refactor repo path logic into standalone function; r=smacleod
8a64336dede1f9467ef8fb7a8c6344a12eb3c74bGregory Szorc — serverlog: use absolute_import; r=smacleod
a286c5e1e1f59ec91a4ac8949d1f572da7a8d580Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove gitweb_mozilla_pvt; r=smacleod
8a0940aacdb60fadf27d29c81101423fd19fcdfeArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1228358 - Add query_pushes_by_specified_revision_range() to pushlog client. r=armenzg
52c3507f958fc55dce1d78c308fc21af810ecf35Dan Minor — Rotate autoland logs and stop truncating them on startup (Bug 1230537) r=mdoglio
0ad688fdd138d2e19b09c2e653532b7bb5224d70Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: automatically share tree labels with `hg share` (bug 1115188); r=smacleod
022db204be4afceaa186b7980a6817b8053150dfGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: prune entries from localtags file; r=smacleod
6ac0bd4d5fc058afa060266cea55b91f24f62e14Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: don't write local tags; r=smacleod
400ef0fe35302cf8bb947ccadaac496b3491e54cGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: don't test contents of localtags file; r=smacleod
4e02150132a9be6b5f83dc686c49fd5a5a001cb6Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: implement `hg fxheads` using new APIs; r=smacleod
9592ff0102b1572689e8a4418ccaf2f3a01c2535Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: move localtags sanitization into writefirefoxtrees; r=smacleod
a5d6c264c5f791a30a699c6663c162e3c1958616Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: read old tags using internal API; r=smacleod
065ee80813af2afed14e8ab4c7771af9765bc12cGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: update firefoxtrees file when processing wire protocol command; r=smacleod
d1c002c5db58faa42c498f6a42ea986c51f4d09bGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: define fxtrees namespace; r=smacleod
281e8b3a899dfb0ccfaf3a7a7119adf18d269acdGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: obtain firefox tree tags from the firefoxtrees file; r=smacleod
7acd4a8f994fdf9582629c6f6918c957ead97ddeGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: store firefox tree labels in a dedicated file; r=smacleod
d33ea41720528acd30dbb0034734e472a04b8e4bGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: stop warning when unable to determine lag time
6794cb59ea784f390a13166c633122f2dd35b566Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: increase get message timeout
8545d9ae585f95f53abcf42d632bc119e6f96705Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: increase log level for requests log
66fdca91821cc3ae8a93f7ff2193dc9043615283Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: rename request log file
6e6fc39f1ce092d348c8a20e4b1af4136cd6b4fcGregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: rename server appender
d66c58191d74565fcac35dd122fb6f8438b8b056Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: increase number of network threads from 2 to 8
f879e533347324721f1ac31c73d541c188deee74Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1228358 - Pushlog client to manage objects and minor refactoring. r=armenzg
c2207cc37d0e900ef12ec4c340c5d0ed5ade5b5aGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: handle message fetch errors more gracefully
2c660efe42dadec6866bf6d2612c20e61a7edf14Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1232982 - don't break the build when docker's initialization fails, r=gps
ca599e845a2f802a0f7b5fa576291f27fb462d0bMark Cote — mozreview: Match against old-style Bugzilla attachment URLs (bug 1232924); r=mdoglio
9ff5bb96024d3e16a624536c2f5186a203c4f852Dan Minor — autoland: use internal:merge (bug 1232738) r=gps
1ea6e037e09d8ac31158028fd36808f142c89297Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: lower timeout to 2s when checking message lag
9fd71b876df26c6883f7955c33737411a2a3204fGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: more robustly fetch message when checking lag
46b0df5546f3102b3daf33114e6805cd1ad8b21cGregory Szorc — hgserver: don't require LDAP attribute update (bug 1232400); r=fubar
7002854282497bc78495f0a5ea27960d2f5d0920Gregory Szorc — testing: catch exceptions when discovering Docker version
ef8f397d0c420dc5cd9bd013381f661f40a70568Gregory Szorc — testing: check whether Docker is alive
025fc014f7b486dd32cbb90ca199ebce50b47ab2Gregory Szorc — testing: remove volumes from containers
2f9c398d659bb307b8a4d5ad9a0690d09e50c42fGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: change nagios check output when fetching offsets fails
a6fa0772a26b95dd99ca10bb8a90424380b9f5a9Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: turn exception into critical failure
1b4df429689278e0ebe995815636096819c011a5Gregory Szorc — ansible: lower priority of bundle generation CRON
e521975dab1c0695a6f921657ccd234db143a3b5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: lower priority of some expensive CRON jobs
ee1135ffa246e1b8391527f116eaca59eda21be8Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: don't nice to negative values
e632eedaac18c4308f842ea5fdea20c7a18536dcMike Conley — Bug 1229106 - mozreviewbots: add some tests for ESLintBot (bug 1229106) r=dminor
a310bc7e684236f90954ab7e9293fa3813cabaacMike Conley — Bug 1229106 - mozreviewbots: add ESLintBot (bug 1229106) r=dminor
1392e684ae70dec54e4705147019e7659553eff6Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: increase priority of Kafka and Zookeeper
d34c25360eb14189a599540f7f36c1ae2159ad5fGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: increase HTTP header max length (bug 1232492); r=fubar
0fbb4a1bdac88bc1679e87c9bc7051f529757245Gregory Szorc — check_zookeeper: avoid TypeError during string formatting
c9f5ffc714329f6eb04d58a842e56ba677641757Mark Cote — mozreview: Add clear links to BMO comments when posting attachment (bug 1224631). r=dminor
a7d391e01c4a3efd1154261bebdec1d7c6598771Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: give consumer processes more time to shut down gracefully
4f14979a72f2e5c08644f06b068be2b057ae16ebGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: update test output for failure
13dc7c163222965dbb8e9e65efba36956137ad5dMauro Doglio — mozreview: better message when push not found on treeherder (bug 1230576); r=mcote
a0ccb6514510965135b460d5ffc0b8034458ea57Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade docker-py and websocket-client to latest available
4971ab84b63237509e5558159149a788e000ad37Gregory Szorc — ignore mozhginfo files
0562c53ce1f33d79032ddea844f05db7aedd89a3Gregory Szorc — testing: install mozhginfo into virtualenv
c1dd04c59364770c0c54e1d6517086389341f02bGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade various packages in testing environment
5c5903854a15e28a562ceb9b0b384f5cc6e2c28cMauro Doglio — mozreview: add ldap_username to autoland to try requests (bug 1232653); r=dminor
86e7a1a9b486eba0f0244d7ae6c6c9cb54bc5040Gregory Szorc — testing: validate Python 2.7.9+ is being used (bug 1201424)
16f3099db03ba50a8ee2af59b827049a068f2508Gregory Szorc — testing: use `hgmo clean`
a96f93a0579d83c6f5cfc7f0a8cb60bd067aaec3Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade pytz to latest
2d735488417ecedbd173e0419294a665c89abbf8Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade kombu and amqp
6101c777fac296c2a2568a842d328fd47df7442aGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade Sphinx packages
ee885db8ee6ce54e41b9e208624f86cd3ce4b754Gregory Szorc — scripts: fixup imports
ac846c5fca2cbb09865647372ca038c66645bddaGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: rotate /var/log/vcsreplicator/consumer.log
2b1913fc5a6be8053b7dfcfc13a3dfc74e5e8eceGregory Szorc — ansible: use compress and delaycompress in logrotate configs
8c18beec7cc5d608a17bde548d8493b84f0e8470Botond Ballo — Auto-detect the docker API version when creating a test environment (bug 1230689); r=gps
897337515cb0e23174a3e7e02bf5e83b58ccc6b9Dan Minor — mozreview: restore review summary link (bug 1231663) r=smacleod
b038cb50aa2866ae2366aeb5cf6105194cf03805Gregory Szorc — docs: document host RSA key for
90c933115b4127d0571256e010475d9a35123a8dDan Minor — autoland: use autoland request user when pushing (bug 1210038) r=gps
ba341fc639d84ac1415ce6d4a30753fd2d680c98Dan Minor — mozreview: send autoland request user to autoland in requests (bug 1210038) r=gps
c6b4403de8a3f2c83a0fd420b418d6895c926190Dan Minor — hgserver: allow AUTOLAND_REQUEST_USER to be set in ssh connection (bug 1210038) r=gps
56e4be6d1a39cdd7b8ddd59e7d691e93a9e62882Dan Minor — pushlog: use AUTOLAND_REQUEST_USER when autolanding (bug 1210038) r=gps
3c90ef7f102e151dfb83f3b93b3f5827dac23617Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: download Kafka and ZooKeeper from S3
fcfa34d0387be90fbd9086b5566ba439a40d882fDan Minor — mozreview: use repository name when displaying treeherder results (bug 1230548) r=mcote
ab7ef9952a97f07f6066ec99e36b8f1531baadb6Gregory Szorc — checkpystyle: extension to perform Python static ananlysis checking
2709eeaead4048d66ed149b96917280cbf21da8bGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: mark compatible with Mercurial 3.6
35e7de5aea8b1f2586a57822d0c50cf7bd03e4d9Gregory Szorc — docs: document various permissions of API keys
352615ce6ad1b51e5c9112a0e3bf3037c0f72d18Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: mark as compatible with 3.6
da201e92682b855c323b73ac2e5c381fdd12733eGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: review fixups from dminor
bf22f4b47d5adaf92f2cc8932784037505913f9eDan Minor — ansible: copy autoland_hgrc to .hgrc when deploying
714e37c5151f4a0d7b46203034099c942e73bd34Dan Minor — ansible: fix production autoland deploy
f1428b034a1b3e71229bc139a7cc777d09ad69faDan Minor — autoland: add rewritecommitdescriptions extension to autoland_hgrc
be49b99edb04f267f742d93c297fa87dde68d454Gregory Szorc — mozreview: upgrade to Django (bug 1229551)
a7dd4207b7205516d267cea271a226516a2e08eaGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: ensure hgrc has proper permissions
a2d805bdf9a5d20cfa7e34baac9fee53f43f1bcebyron jones — mozreview: actually send rewritten commit descriptions to autoland (bug 1229756) r=dminor
58ef7b67c571637c4fb7b303f30b8e73adc2ba5fDan Minor — autoland: handle long sha1s in rewritecommitdescriptions
148381f363066aa387cd8422c90db730edba54abMauro Doglio — mozreview: remove trailing slashes from autoland repository url (bug 1229733); r=dminor
cf6d76db8964fec4831fbc576ce928e61c503059Mauro Doglio — mozreview: add cedar to the list of treeherder repositories; r=dminor
31048315dec8ba4986c440bbb846b31367f1fd15Dan Minor — autoland: ensure we have a base_revision if trysyntax not specified
97f8cfdbeb84e3699b8b686d1e7b09e39ee82ad0Dan Minor — autoland: pass logger into transplant
4918f6af176f4d689321a5bc078f476924b9f274byron jones — mozreview: install mozautomation when installing mozreview (bug 1228483) r=gps
b8b9cbf560edad01d5396ef92a45ed1230b1f727Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: make check_kafka_hg_heartbeat work with vcsreplicator disabled
3e32b686e6edd7cbdf4067dc38ca494ba7477788Dan Minor — testing: skip
1887a828e8ef161b4f0b9f7dafeef6f13453646dMauro Doglio — testing: disable logs capturing by default; r=dminor
69b73d350d11686d0085c706be76e86a7a075755Dan Minor — autoland: only push reviewed commits to landing repositories (bug 1228007) r=gps
60c3b5c4b999b750a6854cacebd647068eb9eb78Dan Minor — autoland: make rewritecommitdescriptions return base node for rebases (bug 1228007) r=gps
1863033ba506221dc58b10fa5f675418e4d20e61Mauro Doglio — testing: rename test_autoland_try_concurrent; r=dminor
95bb6a2ed895ff7febd85c91f94cdfbba9456a22Mauro Doglio — mozreview: split autoland and treeherder results (bug 1224208); r=dminor
05e6acacb6db568656b0c1ce3d1d63dd722871c8Mauro Doglio — testing: fix test-autoland-concurrent; r=glob
a7fa806f72c692e4c676981421dbc1b13449fa4eMauro Doglio — testing: improve coverage of FileDiffReviewerTest (bug 1227508); r=mcote
119e6cbc90d60694f1f0f0b900f7e5dbfd0359bfMauro Doglio — mozreview: add title attr to file review buttons (bug 1227508); r=mcote
50f156940ba1d6e612d00bd4a3bafe25ee9f7c57Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix filediff review button rendering (bug 1227508); r=mcote
8c037a229a15c86adcc4bc1e0c545ebb6a184370Mauro Doglio — mozreview: render diff review buttons for all the diffs (bug 1227508); r=mcote
2330db44272f87a35516c07f16bfea57ca2a3badMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix rendering of file diff review button (bug 1227508); r=mcote
f8e0617ba1cc30dddb34bb6d3d78a53b8db41ee5Mauro Doglio — mozreview: allow authenticated users to track file review (bug 1227508); r=mcote
7714a1c1be5ece54fb463626e7778b63516eeb38byron jones — mozreviewbots: add mozreviewbots.egg-info to .hgignore
48e5dc3503268e919c3058f83a1a2ceb9a9a6071Gregory Szorc — mozautomation: fix syntax error
8bd43cdb55ad0c77b99b579b832a44001b25a9adWes Kocher — Add b2g-ota to list of repositories (bug 1229247) r?gps
8b5bb3efb9da34f69f62177cfc90329272fcf0afGregory Szorc — docs: document vcsreplicator data loss
e22f1b79c31662b3ad78e1f5c04725f31df5fa68Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add inline documentation
4047fb506969b2c92430a7a581b928d6e8336c2dGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: create a unified log of producer events
909d761cd9c5cef70929c5fd42c5a28025a16821Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add a context manager for performing kafka interactions
f13128e6753d1fb0deffd6a83ea4c6deb1aba15fGregory Szorc — serverlog: always configure syslog
ada7eb15287284e60b9e37c750c30ae81f889f21Mark Cote — ansible/docker-rbweb: Install Mercurial first (bug 1227715); r=gps
cc7ec937c459bc01eee2325592c939c5c4879cbbSteven MacLeod — mozreview: prevent RB from generating etags for review request pages (Bug 1221989). r=mdoglio
37823fff02e073159ddb84453f41a9a7ec872a4cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: lower number of httpd and wsgi processes
14b4fd0e4dbc98b9d12de2313084ba895c3f68ecMark Cote — tests: Add a few forgotten (glob)s.
cd157770811b60b6a4e0d81ef19fc62846d6fd51Dan Minor — autoland: pass commit descriptions to transplant and improve tests
c2620e01e208e9b8332020ebf1326699d963c65ebyron jones — mozreview: add confirmation dialog to autoland with commit rewriting (bug 1220232); r=mdoglio
5b0cc2971f258b301a3117da6d55a57137b0dd5abyron jones — mozreview: add commit_rewrite api resource (bug 1220232); r=dminor
f61035162306c003b200381fff4536ffaa33705fbyron jones — mozreview: move review helper methods out of (bug 1220232); r=gps
c94a76673d3c560bad2c5997622f01992f328dfdbyron jones — mozautomation: add and add to reviewboard deployment (Bug 1220232). r=gps
ff5286dd10b3b867eed45c9e30ea644e7554f597byron jones — mozautomation: add reviewer replacing (bug 1220232); r=dminor
055e012c067f443df7dfa760dd1ec7baacd3b756Dan Minor — testing: fix test-bugzilla-review-flag-cleared.t (bug 1226617) r=glob
c5cb8f52e45a6ebb50c7b4399a8c63f420b4d76fDan Minor — autoland: Improve error message when rebase fails in an autoland push (bug 1227123) r=mdoglio
6021c9031bc398c54d3f5471e372b9ebd1c8cc25MikeLing — Bug 1203621 - Initial release of mozhginfo (pushlog client) from mozci. r=armenzg,gps
fa97317be812911f2e60644f05398ebeb0368a07Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: disable upgrade advertisement (bug 1221827)
034c727fb5851eb0c35eb38f24e702a8dfb59620Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: print more output from `hg sendheartbeat`
ac3f8d6d58d631360147c78169b6b465e493a0a2Gregory Szorc — docs: update vcsreplication config docs
92fe0745339fc194cd30c247211777b1e3868af1Dan Minor — autoland: ansibilize autoland provisioning and deployment (bug 1175529) r=gps
47dc3368e886337877e7bb856bfae59e37843b67Gregory Szorc — docs: expand installation docs
82e1cf3f88ec487945c5e86ee4dffdb0c368e83dGregory Szorc — docs: move reasons to upgrade section
70dcf5ba4414eb112775fc25f62636a4d7b4abccGregory Szorc — docs: expand section on reasons to upgrade
cf207fbd3a7f644cfc8d4b607a0c3572000ee525Dan Minor — autoland: add autoland global .hgrc file
739dcabba6dcedfcd26ff1f4d54ad557dd9a482cDan Minor — mozreviewbots: add python static analysis bot (bug 1196263) r=gps
8b1b3788ad296f28fd7ab9483b56c4cc501ce63aDan Minor — mozreviewbots: add SnarkBot (bug 1196263) r=gps
5728e56248cce965b27b238648e4e5a3517b4130Dan Minor — mozreviewbots: add a library for writing static analysis bots (bug 1196263) r=gps
39266689dc1a5c2b8202993cd8d243eb86bbbe86Dan Minor — mozreview: publish landing repository to pulse (bug 1196263) r=gps
2e919a653f6726b288ef1276f5d64692a1b092e9byron jones — reviewboard: fix test-specify-reviewers.t (bug 1227871) r=dminor
044353792af53cfbcb9b1012ff86b87425d177f5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1210953 - don't fetch pushlog for try, r=gps
1d028a022755310f46459e277f2a1dc7c0aa3b89byron jones — testing: replace bmodata.patch with --without-feature (bug 1225830); r=gps
bea6998f398fc79839bc5961e4757a5a13e85a72Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: enable upgrade advertisement (bug 1221827)
dd2396952834a8ced58f41ac9f2f5d3c4c40c5d6Hal Wine — bug 1227319 - add b2g-ota repo
e2eb99e1e77a38ef8216607c8ec6414049e201b5Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix error errors on autoland failure notifications (bug 1227551); r=dminor
2cd75b5c33cf329973bec07b3d88f011c404767dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: install our custom Pygments distribution; r=mcote
dc34365bdebb834026cdbeafceb22e8a9095e406Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: don't be so strict about verifying configuration settings (bug 1227715); r=mcote
bb5dc700812cc686fcec8a1f2ce81d3a2d95c66bDan Minor — autoland: set encoding when creating 'try' message
5043251c15a512908d7624c6780b1c13553590d3Dan Minor — autoland: add permissions for mozreviewupdate_id_seq
900d06ff20868e08c0ada5e9f3ef3f038de168caMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix rendering of interdiffs (bug 1227365); r=dminor
1bf62581a350452564653e67d498734554ff9d07Gregory Szorc — ansible: install custom Pygments distribution (bug 1157502)
41031caa7506739194b867c28829306ad322f277Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-prod: don't gather facts to post IRC message
0257d23bf12d07c5512f91f9a782ffb453fc91d5Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-virtualenv: replace shebang in peep
e80e653482c56f2290428b75a8486c6afaf0f488Dan Minor — autoland: remove code paths for importing pull requests
7014000ff3059ea38f1fc41b0893fb619842c5b6Mike Conley — mozreview: make double-clicks open review comments on diffviewer (bug 1101601); r=mdoglio
f06d6a463f66787ab51924162c1cdfa6c559317dDan Minor — autoland: report failed attempts to land due to tree closures to MozReview (Bug 1182585) r=smacleod
1de17d1fb561a4394f5200ad3d4a3e1e45afa0cdDan Minor — autoland: normalize mozreviewupdate table (bug 1225793) r=mdoglio
f1fb13116f934a407a4bb7de5c0bf334b33ecf15Dan Minor — autoland: pin requirements and add peep hashes
323c9bc3c3c0188afb0ed32eb6eaab96d9249961Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: add port to check_zookeeper hostname argument
34a3ab55eb76ed2eff46d70e75d98be4e1df03f5Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: configure check arguments in NRPE
3400564e52a6f1a8601efdea0d12c00d2da6849aGregory Szorc — scripts/sync-hg-repos-from-manifest
f86dc8faccdb33a7b58a6f5d99084cf9bf93f268Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: fix typo that introduced space
64288a5e1aeb16b1f5eb2446f4d96b9e1eb3a885Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add mozhghooks to tools virtualenv
a2ecc6a78d95c622753827a267fab0504eab6681Gregory Szorc — docker: make bmoweb work with upstream changes
98b988d5834f59e725a580e252a6dbaed973ed34byron jones — docs: Fix broken DXR link
4f13e00b8143e793f4ac4ef5068612b77dcc050bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove extra white space
68ca5d141eb9ee4889012c88beb239b9005d2169Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: start httpd later
5cf66cbc874ff25a06e27297bb90c7f31be7d809Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: support for skipping over a message in the log
06c97854f928d52d6384867e4b20175ee7825925Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: use regexp in tests to defend against timing issues
699ff4625402df69708770c3e7a1330c891c71aaGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: use console script for launching consumer
f473f70786ca2d9cd33ede3267c3bda8cb7ac021Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: remove redundant sys import
9581a06e614181f8285b8795609ab949c70ac332Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: factor offset printing into own function
b58c72730b5b7825087f5605b49cbda847c7237aGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: perform a full install of vcsreplicator in virtualenv
b1f18b5485c6bf0c419659e8d2314f954b68448eGregory Szorc — docs: lots more docs about replication system
4174d2b9b8510760ee8dd1a232e73e4a10c719fbGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add tabulate to more virtualenvs
9a73245c4062fd235ce9743aeeca797e3756199aGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add Nagios check for consumer lag
16283dbede288f25c68129c25eed53d96f32cef5Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add ability to fetch and display consumer offsets
e708a63ad015894067bbc4578d1415cd2ced0a93Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add tabulate to virtualenv
d8161f070b6d47c76b4bdf54ac78b88016965720Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo-strip-repo: quote shell argument
3ed0714b476b9123d5890a1d97d7f73bb2c2da9dGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo-strip-repo: don't gather facts
648776fdc476051b17e17cb32d85fa2f5442d9f7Dan Minor — mozreview: r= warning should not be displayed if r+ would be carried forward (bug 1192958) r=gps
bea04a60ab1819993cdeb97224e63d02b6fe17d1Dan Minor — mozreview: add function to parse r? reviewers (bug 1192958) r=glob
bf0f019f41aa771eba368f1ff7520f19a6dfb7c7Dan Minor — testing: make mozautomation.commitparser importable from test_commitparser (bug 1192958) r=glob
0c9fb9e611cdacb6da3d121e6a5446f625297713Dan Minor — mozreview: remove warning when pushing with r= (bug 1192958) r=gps
9e00f388bf10a691709e5d734ed2a07a4f0569fcSteven MacLeod — mozreview: display status update messages from autoland if they are present (Bug 1217096). r=dminor
447df986bd9921e768a0f0f8e874abea8edf5eafSteven MacLeod — mozreview: accept autoland updates which are neither failures, or successful landings (Bug 1217096). r=dminor
943ac75a9567bd46e5b26be8b2e7d4707dce5cbbMauro Doglio — testing: fix running tests with --use-last-images (bug 1225539);r=gps
44ff57cc57ad8059a6d7e5f0f0e45d9481b0847bGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: store created time in message
979b91b6672957ee4a3c6f0863a815b7012a549bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: log to /var/log/vcsreplicator
29663732afe82f17ddfa6798a9e4d9212f754792Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: change process name for vcsreplicator daemon
79198e8f6650a476b2eddfe07e6a59f38acafd0bGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add test for consumer daemon restart behavior
64a3c33478a3228df2d6f9eef761dc5f4fc450b1Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: make signal and exit handling more robust
5ff62dc10b39f9781cd99eeb3566d51d3011a94eGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: set Kafka client id and group at container start time
a179faa89f228d7d513324290ceb9fd80c020025Dan Minor — autoland: log elapsed time when transplanting (bug 1216948) r=glob
2da6a9e94a82c47b8f6f09dbf842368cc09e617aDan Minor — autoland: add upstart script for autoland
756ab7083e58b14237a97a2467fb9dc05d438cadMauro Doglio — mozreview: add test for concurrent autoland requests (bug 1220231); r=dminor
2c109fc762a75adf798901b6217e6dd2581da663Mauro Doglio — mozreview: remove outdated comment; r=dminor
b38becae1d116bc3a1ec587f18c593a76fc8e20eMauro Doglio — mozreview: prevent concurrent autoland requests (bug 1220231); r=glob
76e0ef8d06142a68c229d1a5a1ef61f3a9d5dc09Dan Minor — mozreview: r+ should be carried forward regardless of review requester scm level (Bug 1224167) r=mcote
6ae3d6931699f9e01ab8673ff38a6a0a460a347bMauro Doglio — testing: better describe webdriver tests skip reason; r=gps
1d12cbc55232ec2bf3d1e175d170377dc01b32adMauro Doglio — testing: upgrade selenium to 2.48.0 (bug 1225200); r=gps
3c63d6a31a13e1f2ad8ef794d363855dbd4916fdGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add test for Unicode in hgrc
a96848b96c0c68dff9bbf0ea1ed08d2414ad7879Gregory Szorc — testing: export container IDs to environment variables
f09a41cbf18ee09b0daf30b549488959a46a2234Gregory Szorc — hgserver: remove expected output from author hook
c0c6165a47a1b27e1fe8e150d1c74ab46533f1d2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: check for writing events into Kakfa (bug 1126619); r=fubar
a8eac2fb5c1a6e5c0cacf8afdb2f06287a1a87beGregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: add Nagios check for ZooKeeper (bug 1126619); r=fubar
98ecadd559393c481ae0c879626926c3bdca1c04Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: ignore errors when rereading supervisor
0f3fb6b6047f118bf83b29cefb592fcc85e0e98cMauro Doglio — testing: add -v option to nose run script (bug 1224637); r=gps
58edcfb38f6ed88e0274ef47c1ea07d2453c7297Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: preserve unicode from decoded hgrc content
a6f8f3801d1aef4e61f8ae94c02d072d9c0a1345Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: implement `hg replicatesync` to force replication of repo
d5aec0720bdff91c5db0392dc80adffc01eb7cf3Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add commented line to enable new replication system
0d073b6b7b0172b6715adba553ce56f92d98ca94Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: disable author format hook (bug 787620)
da8132e5f5ab87bb951bf90078962702962ff905Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: for reference to topic in YAML
99ca51fa8da6f442a2f26b784c8e4f0cb2f4555bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: reread supervisor config when config file updated
796ae34b09122a97b5c59134422a803cab78996eGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: remove [replication] role and multi section support
cf8355c32ee70005207b6da1c84075c47e4d91f3Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: remove explicit partition option
f4b7bcc81107cc17f2730e1fc6d3b49c596bd588Gregory Szorc — pushlog: back out writing to unified Kafka-based pushlog
13d7bc67998193d742683c55d33790da8a06dfebGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: declare mapping of repo path to partition to write to
9de11f486fdd07d76e650f25aaa353c1db4ae715Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: pass partition when sending replication messages
0fc80fc91680e7b0fff575d7256c824f5ad4e14fGregory Szorc — hg-web: create pool of 8 consumers/partitions for replication data
d9cebf4ae83356acb499df2fc4967263c59dd0c7Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add sleep after cluster restart
6adce593c577beb59d864ac1e32d3a4042aecd8fGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: record start of consumer daemon in log
493e861421fb9b4f49b524ed7762a51c015ee1d6Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: ability to specify partition to consume
14735f38bd2962c0e7cc527bdf430fcf6d7d6835Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: return and use partition when consuming messages
eb7945eb287a5c2888d68378473a89347a262296Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: move consumer creation logic out of Config class
c8915dfc199e315918ac47a7be59ef1ad7701b82Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: move "wait for topic" logic into own function
0df426f3b6a14648d7588c2735d0696c1e8d7acaGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: move client connect retry logic into get_client_from_section
0d080e6a1c3fbd4c74d15f0b6594145a6282be98Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: rename _get_client_from_section
6d3446c13c77ea56df509be27e02a254aff2d0a2Gregory Szorc — pushlog: don't perform string formatting when nothing to format
b390a3dc949545ceb06a10f72bb3f41f193b15e8Dan Minor — autoland: test unicode support (bug 1222481)
6f2906f440ebcbf5dfb01b3ed1239cdc52bc1c90Hal Wine — Bug 1223542 - add gaia-l10n/v2_5 wsgi files
455e87d3aa62f7fd8616e95522f95a17dbc15f97Hal Wine — Bug 1223542 - add gaia gaia-l10n/v2_5 link to index template; r=fubar
ff203d8247983c67d02af4aaad1af0c3513e4375Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: list all kafka servers in vcsreplicator config file
0d3127e15a942d4773a3364c30a39c56053901b7Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: fix test for full cluster restart
37bb9ad5303bf03b72351922d810dc6161013ab8Gregory Szorc — hghooks: glob backup bundle output
202691a951d79239873e8dbd52076a9269acd35bDan Minor — autoland: improve error messages when rewriting descriptions (bug 1224169) r=gps
14ad1643b498c158c950228423eb9841518301c0Gregory Szorc — docs: add section comparing vcsreplicator to legacy system
85323d5a9d32288e9f7e50f57b18d7333df98065Gregory Szorc — docs: refactor operational docs
7f1fe5e063de0be0aed7949a61e6c6c61c450b38Gregory Szorc — docs: move server.rst to hgmo/ops.rst
bc51ba8767f2b2b209744507f6fae8523e6f5d1cDan Minor — autoland: skip
197ccb3ad5854340c7d5e22e6a278f1fe8663062Gregory Szorc — hgmo: disable code coverage when testing mozbuildinfo (bug 1224320)
cb57b7e54485eb4d0e871366e2f1743b3915209fMauro Doglio — mozreview: add tests for review file tracking (bug 1147393); r=dminor
942bdb0b8439b4128dfd0a2332e148a2d75980eaMauro Doglio — mozreview: add ui bits to track file review status; r=dminor
1c89461a9a82ef2c1c17f74ebe14073a04263dadMauro Doglio — mozreview: add review request field for FileDiffReviewer; r=dminor
5f20aa8e6723704454558f1112b86726d21d6ae4Mauro Doglio — mozreview: add resource for FillDiffReviewer model; r=dminor
949f7d5da4bfea41a2d799e1597e80551835a966Mauro Doglio — mozreview: add FileDiffReviewer model (bug 1147393); r=dminor
8b925dc22962bd75e3bab981706e8fb47c042360Mauro Doglio — mozreview: render autoland results on child review (bug 1222406); r=dminor
2aeecd9d65c5dffce66b810b88ee20a1f0fed73aGregory Szorc — docs: remove outdated docs about upgrades
7b407473f80e5008d26486309d3b4f8f7b1049e5Gregory Szorc — docs: remove another mrepo reference
75ed4abc0578645c839a91164adef93d89272c98Gregory Szorc — docs: remove outdated docs about RPM interaction
2fe180cf2f189abb534fad69aa3ca960c04c2a38Gregory Szorc — docs: fix Sphinx warnings
54fa2f76be6449c47fee9a8c3651acf20de5692fGregory Szorc — mozhg.rewrite: no-op if no nodes are requested for rewriting
71b557790878ad1bfdb982604e380d84c08d594bGregory Szorc — ansible: use consistent name for prod MozReview deployments
08203fea9360922d0b3ca3df46e155810e6b4213Gregory Szorc — ansible: use consistent names for deploying to MozReview dev
185a307b7bd54edb4b782e49c10757c4c1c30716Gregory Szorc — ansible: use consistent naming for hgmo deployment files and actions
44f5d8fae4d3e0b845f723306389f3ac573d2b91Gregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: don't recursively adjust permissions
5783c3bf6b9f93ffa9e7c05a2762c05172282b1bGregory Szorc — ansible: run from v-c-t
5587fd72eb5b92c919e4d58833f91470fba5bc52Gregory Szorc — ansible: run from v-c-t
df4337bed3421d720695de63f81e557dde48388bGregory Szorc — ansible: run pushlog extension from v-c-t
c261fb0ff1bc7fc8d8cdfd00aff03dc9dcef6b74Gregory Szorc — ansible: run serverlog extension from v-c-t
2ff956f95d1d5f600026b211b2030654ddeb0c09Gregory Szorc — ansible: run pushrebase extension from v-c-t
d072c9b06f7e029255cdfda52cfc0242a87421d0Gregory Szorc — hgserver: add explicit test for bundleclone serving
06b83d1fac58fb8eeffa5aeb0f3465a828682e90Gregory Szorc — ansible: run bundleclone extension from v-c-t
c89eda1e00c873359d61c910c6245ca8231a809fGregory Szorc — bundleclone: reference existing hg in test
b185da8afe6b8513153587453fd2730894b00219Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add command for sending a heartbeat message
5af7f804b12ff8b43fb954ef297e849c860031bfGregory Szorc — jenkins: more packaging fixes
30b2f3081b0b7fc5346a1dbf1464b9084aa61ecdGregory Szorc — testing: install Mercurial 3.6.1 in testing environment
8313adb491715b4e868791dff055f67b70b97d05Gregory Szorc — jenkins: install modern Python in virtual machine
3068dfe6ad5fd260a6f0c18ec202a790a9460e4aGregory Szorc — docs: start documenting vcsreplicator
4bb53a96dcce8e183db92559a7afef10b41b469dGregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: lower zookeeper timeouts to default of 3s
bbf24abe9c15650336c9148d43116f75ebfb6815Gregory Szorc — ansible/supervisor: configure supervisord to run at system startup (bug 1075822); r=fubar
d055ee6e64535dfc647d0ea13e2f6f7366ffd196Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: configure cgconfig to run at system start (bug 1075822)
3ae92a099fd5a12f8fc5b8668fdcbb317f1bfea8Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: configure httpd to run at system startup (bug 1075822); r=fubar
9c4a836398709fcdbf188f4e15818c5b8b7de31eGregory Szorc — docs: update bundleclone docs to reference clonebundles
97ee1baebdbd119e0472016fb336ba2dbc8dba40Dan Minor — autoland: add test for rewritecommitdescriptions extension
5664a3843a13418a5cd6e7304d1e2fb96bd7a088Dan Minor — autoland: rewrite commit descriptions (bug 1160479) r=glob
7510c7b6b2691e86987947e1af85a29fc0ce9205Dan Minor — autoland: add hg extension to rewrite commit descriptions based on json file (bug 1160479) r=gps
05002d975535b181259eda38804b408c79cf33b5Dan Minor — autoland: accept commit_descriptions as part of autoland request (bug 1160479) r=glob
ef8dbb079f6292bf53aae484f72445eaec2b9eb8Gregory Szorc — hgserver: re-enable clonebundles advertisement (bug 1221268)
b7b13993be5bb8695c13343369864fc50f538a6cGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: fix syntax when checking for kafka topics
7947f312cf84cf700ce93b93b8855cd48af3a682Gregory Szorc — pushlog: try to write to a unified, Kafka-backed push log
f0c203b86151532ebfc9c6162a6d45f376a5d84dGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: record more details about what is being pulled
54fa58913fe9812983a5b9ef506e083bb884ff66Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: record event time and process in consumer log
f4c29f34c7163076f8378a69786de06f03dec228Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add test for cluster availability
937bdff4504f8f200e5ca437c223f07460f700e3Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add NullHandler to kafka logger
e890bef0c1a1ce96f879dcba0103956be28c6963Gregory Szorc — qimportbz: accept dict return from patch.extract() (bug 1222508); r=dminor
5bde640cae41e7e97000b14351d38a5e60bbb9b2Gregory Szorc — qimportbz: support URLs in qimportbz.bugzilla config option; r=dminor
2cde4008d6bed1fe018bc5b2d2df5c4abc8e2894Gregory Szorc — qimportbz: add test; r=dminor
f253e2cf4df9212c349cf1f812c751a988b4f754Gregory Szorc — qbackout: mark compatible with Mercurial 3.6
7f956c0f763ad6c7889e2a9387b3b5d262e79ad8Gregory Szorc — push-to-try: mark compatible with Mercurial 3.6
0b12f37b334b76af2777fd37a6f1acff0c19986aGregory Szorc — mozext: mark compatible with Mercurial 3.6
0f21c8749b4362f6a0e8b8648086fd010c273cb9Gregory Szorc — bzpost: mark compatible with Mercurial 3.6
d4325891b00400502867ed3f2591575ea859b5b2Gregory Szorc — bzexport: mark compatible with Mercurial 3.6
a6a814c9cdd6c6270e95ec3c9734c3d73bc04db0Mauro Doglio — testing: fix path to (bug 1223005); r=glob
361c7d0f6a40f0f58ed3b4c99a64bd771585305ebyron jones — mozautomation: Rework parse_reviewers to improve logic (Bug 1221999); r=gps
2aa9da78e0154d048fbe40995afd7c67c67a8c9fGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: increase max buffer size
4b0359e9f71517b9d2a99273cdb589f8043104fbGregory Szorc — pushlog: ignore pushlog entries for unknown changesets (bug 1222574); r=dminor
f639fe3838dbf1a94273048efc28e59a99d970b9Gregory Szorc — pushlog: add test demonstrating bad behavior when pulling old changeset (bug 1222574); r=dminor
c573defca95f2bceb16283435c1a81bb005516a1Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: use context manager for hglib client
1646423726b9a18b7082fd6f5aa9f2ddd3fcc813Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: don't print changes since it isn't working
8cfe48294a4ba06c361ef546524d0520ca4715bfGregory Szorc — mozhghooks: print changeset in prevent_uuid_changes hook (bug 1157917); r=RyanVM
84010b088e13c90c23d1c91ffb8fee2dd0c8e326Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add virtualenv to PATH when running vcsreplicator consumer
e3a061d259d79f2138ac6a8ea02facfb8a0d19b1Gregory Szorc — hgserver: add test output for replication log
d67bf89167eebf55d3513ecb585c55f3838914c8Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: tests for phases replication in a lagging client
b9e93cb0b265c0751084181a05a3a62ca56dc7c5Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: tests for bookmark replication in a lagging client
9eef798bfa640dc57aab9e9bdbf985b6ea5a7d9aGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: record pushkey changes
ffe60820179f28280a683ecaf5ef4740733ca7cbGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: record more precision for replication log insertion
0107297b07d2d83588acacf34ca525a21f09df76Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: pull repositories when a changegroup message is received
2a2fa3b8a21d34b3d01d7cccbcdb6d72eaa97035Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: add a mechanism to map repo paths to pull URLs
eed8d79d6ebadb443a26eeb61d16a8ca133bec65Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: record changegroup addition
29f096692788a8213e1af20ca878a0d8e9f3dc4eGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: teach the consumer CLI how to skip records
d9ff61236215ec68d84b03e84cca3a1a66472406Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: forbid local commits
5964e5b73353fa1d6dc68b93c0fe9ef2e1b2d3ecGregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: ability to replicate hgrc files
0d3d1f5c753ef084edc976706eae68d0b26ff2c8Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: move consumer alias into helper script
2d05b5ffaf9862d42b31c5b3dac624b738638f64Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: create new repositories when init message is received
df1cd450dbd32ef04eca05024939072c375b0cf5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: run vcsreplicator consumer from supervisor
4436e98056b9d0b14175a8d0055af22674a3e0a5Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: support normalizing wire paths to local paths
195d6908b50a84fe7dd8ce15791e655a9ef0e8e2Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: implement basic consuming logic
d3316c47ccb5e02b17b7475620568cc8f0c9a0a0Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: send a message when a repository is created
23fa09ba1752ee65e796753f2ee27c1de4286019Gregory Szorc — hghooks: disable replication hook when vcsreplicator is loaded
bb6f7357d8de9ab0464c244d12781e43a52a0e1cGregory Szorc — testing: change mod_perl memory adjustment to work with upstream changes
8a699456d83c57da602a1e3a63219b4da527f174Gregory Szorc — testing: add vcsreplicator to test environment virtualenv
492ed50f74bc44344ca9cb2acc341dcd512bc039Gregory Szorc — testing: store zookeeper connect string in a variable
a9000ac7d2fb3aa74f63e86a317b5b30deb32ffeGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: add support script to activate vcsreplicator
4aa04c6c58501d131bf1ee875f712ac510963359Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: make vcsreplicator available
6c5762fcda7f35531ab5feb014a9f4826ed806b5Gregory Szorc — vcsreplicator: create project
412471a6fccf686e4eb2961555f542ce0835c15aGregory Szorc — hgserver: remove expected advertisement from test output
d7c73d40d9bc5f13142f7b53a8f3c108ebb85f58Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: use hg from virtualenv
eeb5768b74853e3ce87cc323aba2847c091f32ecGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: additional checks during deploying
54be6cdc4b1efbd6f88068e3cd050d7d3fac5a7eGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: disable upgrade advertisement (bug 1221827)
716d392db2c4bef2526eb3c91edcf5535a3c4e27Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: use variables when configuring topic config options
3ebde5a4a02f7300f6803201295ff1524dc9f1b4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: create kafka topic during deploy
1694a30d2b2842af04f8ba40d6f4b351d0489cfdGregory Szorc — ansible/kafka-broker: have zookeeper user parameters match puppet
14932269710d143d74556b383cfa793834deb10bGregory Szorc — ansible: run a kafka broker on hgweb1 as well
b7c15a98dc9276a8e408c98d4e7bca5df566936bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg: install Python packages necessary to support kafka and replication
20bc2443365d758fbbe65f38455db37faa8cb8feGregory Szorc — docs: indicate 3.6 is latest stable release
0d15bcc4c1cf0e8343e85ce0927a6d40b701f91dGregory Szorc — docs: reference Mercurial 3.5 and 3.6 improvements on installing page
6ca962d189a4d2aef16ea646addf24e886c2a22eGregory Szorc — ansible: do not attempt to create zookeeper user on hgssh prod machines
11de299080e6bc83f44f000f7107fd1765d83f2aGregory Szorc — ansible: update zookeeper server IDs for hgweb9 and 10
9d794a8851bc7ab1ba66d6e680912c73ac7d4400Gregory Szorc — ansible: run a Kafka cluster on Mercurial servers
7149fd378d07e8d8026f9ef6b0e3a31c7b7665a7Gregory Szorc — scripts: update BMO fingerprint
ec44b4376b0e7a9ebf283e079a82eae7db73307cGregory Szorc — hgserver: use well-formed user in tests
83f3f15251fc2ef15957b0f927e428d2757a6609Wes Kocher — mozautomation: Add support for b2g44 (bug 1220212)
d139607fdeb96b79c9583ed389ce9d10ec54108dGregory Szorc — hghooks: ignore "tbirdbld" and "seabld" users as well
59a88940e89aea9917e20cc9b4650ed643219fe1Gregory Szorc — docs: document how to mark repositories as read-only
7460c4e4fd944ac081c19d9c30ac3295d4077010Gregory Szorc — hghooks: allow "ffxbld" user
9fc7baa9630c07c7d703480e42d352bae6dd2b4eGregory Szorc — testing: install Mercurial 3.6 in testing environment
cea5afe7fc33df263e1a59fb0b00214b33ce03e0Gregory Szorc — hghooks: make author format hook non-fatal on l10n repos
e432136e2cee8815a740b99fe07cface7b36cdbeGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install readonly extension (bug 1183282); r=dminor
214cb38e233178c32deec08a5514b10ee018df8bGregory Szorc — readonly: add an extension that marks repositories as read-only (bug 1183282); r=dminor
6ae119571ea15b7e7c08a490db2c7e2657ceac80Dan Minor — mozreview: Do not allow autolanding from closed review requests (bug 1086645) r=mdoglio
81dc14e7ae6df7e8cdae3879960fbf73a0b71264Dan Minor — mozreview: Auto close review requests when they are autolanded (bug 1086645) r=mdoglio
9721f3f74db77a49b884cb57a72b899a2a6831d3Gregory Szorc — hghooks: add hook to validate author field well-formedness (bug 787620); r=glandium
715d92aa3882ad5127efd05dd801366afbecd973Gregory Szorc — docs: rewrite many URLs from to
f2a7fa602ab4eef4b5ea34c0d13b58f50d01e159Gregory Szorc — hghooks: advertise mercurial upgrade to non-bundle2 clients (bug 1221827); r=dminor
8b55d332556621c3e168e34c2373f7c94456cb7aGregory Szorc — hgserver: properly capture available repos list (bug 891318)
927df3bcd9cf5c78be0984824d1980e396dc71f1Gregory Szorc — hgserver: detect invalid source repository (bug 758608)
b4116cca84f7c3bb220ed646ae6894bf46233dc0Gregory Szorc — hgserver: properly print user repo exists error message (bug 1178802)
63366c8be634f85db2709bafbec70ea32a604e51Birunthan Mohanathas — hghooks: Tighten regex for IDL attribute list matching (bug 1171721); r=gps
ff661fd7a040d3b139a06c3f738d25bc362cc0b6Gregory Szorc — hgmo: replace bookmarks when replicating (bug 1139056); r=dminor
22455b8d0980d091aaaa7bc8b0172bf2b2a2b160Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: normalize repo permissions during creation (bug 1188433); r=fubar
1efd6d5743749fc65256cd518b6309e897b30fd5Gregory Szorc — scripts/repo-permissions: ignore ENOENT (bug 1189828); r=fubar
5685133c102fab561db6e885f4ca2beeb5b9f8cfGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: only show first line of commit message in pushlog view (bug 666750)
0dbd1cc40eaf4f7c26dcf84c86c5c4b86643fad5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove unused locking code
5bb75a76d58fca5fd5e29d4b99539ca6d42e470eGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: show ages in repos' Last modified column; r=dminor
1ad1dcabac526664b70227977172ec37744916dbGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: fix help pages title; r=dminor
fcb1d4f219aa5ec2dda0b40367f023790f2f818fGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: link to revision by node hash; r=dminor
d96789266a055b62ea133d9a4681813fecee0ce4Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: don't dereference symbolic revision; r=dminor
ed07b1c0fbee62b4248067e9980c28b4e757cc7dGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: don't point file links at hash where it doesn't make sense; r=dminor
dd7cc63e9d0f18f62d1d19d60ed940001ff962c2Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: show branches/bookmarks/tags in filelog entries; r=dminor
fd0236abd67c0d81d10985450cdf4cba25838a6aGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: graft 30f449378f64 from upstream gitweb; r=dminor
5ac454484067ca50f649b5924e9ea644e3c06c15Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize templates with 3.5.2 (bug 1200769); r=dminor
23491462d0edabab96636602309bd0ea8a1015a4Gregory Szorc — ansible: globally update to Mercurial 3.5.2 (bug 1200769); r=dminor
843d4e42554f42e4292d3cde5bbd88c436cf2020Mark Cote — mozreview: Rename squashed-diff link; remove "Review summary" link (bug 1221225) r=dminor
aa86b7f9e406ea59082a3f2ae2f77d0e24abc1f5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: don't advertise clone bundles feature (bug 1221268); r=fubar
7acd5b50a2f75d4046ecd04fde38ef67e26dbd08Dan Minor — testing: add autoland to inbound selenium test
cf1e7635f2882602c30be2634032264876ef5d44Dan Minor — testing: remove screenshot from
e4919c3f174d31143481a327a288f15e15119404Dan Minor — testing: fixup
b3b46f996d193d22200d9f9f7a6b4cc62d568b3aMauro Doglio — mozreview: remove treeherder iframe in autoland changedesc (bug 1186503); r=dminor
56ff7c18ee08be8333bc41d0c896859a93ac5dc0Mauro Doglio — mozreview: convert nl to br in try error message (bug 1175759); r=dminor
e8489053aa1fe0855b013269ad08f93959f1c587Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix typo in TryField; r=dminor
0501143b46644a1571d62281f1d0b2bd25f7dabcMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix treeherder revision link (bug 1218814); r=dminor
c828c887635418df897e5fce374b9ad09d5f6b29Mark Cote — mozreview: Add warning to main view and review dialog for parent requests (bug 1205488). r=mdoglio
eaa98dd31dc3178329e9512c28e76bef84b9dac7Dan Minor — docs: Document creating a custom hosting service for local testing (bug 1218921) r=mdoglio
f806f4aec2381ef5cb93d753131b43664dbbed68Kendall Libby — ansible/hg-ssh: generate bundle for +releases/mozilla-b2g44_v2_5
97cc14c26d2775dc83324b068537297b4cad4838Kendall Libby — hgwsgi: add mozilla-b2g44_v2_5 to web view (bug 1218047)
ea1760f17be14bb6831f4f95c846310acee4464aDan Minor — autoland: wait between retries if we hit an error posting to mozreview (bug 1217068) r=mdoglio
9f4e6a2eafa1a1ea5ddbc3a6bbc99de662b1e31eGregory Szorc — hgserver: print better message when no or unknown command is attempted (bug 1217964); r=hwine
f19958cd8fdc4c036d1e40578d4d847dfa91f8ccGregory Szorc — hgserver: print helpful message when no HG account is configured (bug 1217964); r=hwine
f59e85c5ef3de302c8e7c7ad54721e87e1e42875Gregory Szorc — testing: ability to create LDAP accounts without hgAccount object class; r=hwine
fd8f2df5ffe1cf043a7ae51f26672a749a595b0eGregory Szorc — pushlog: don't use weakref to repo (bug 1217569); r=smacleod
4246ddb54f526958e1cfa40a0d4c6dff8882e9a3Gregory Szorc — pushlog: optionally perform dockeywords manipulation (bug 1217569); r=smacleod
ca2878733e98e6ef188f3ed589b38526304ea42eGregory Szorc — clonebundles: make advertisement work with <3.6 servers (bug 1217155); r=smacleod
fece840df94511da1672e27d897f942672b647d9Gregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: support not uploading bundles; r=smacleod
608df44d9ff308b1f39675f014654e449e0bcff7Dan Minor — mozreview: only mirror full commit description to bugzilla when first publishing (bug 1216078) r=mcote
f023f0c5f29ca2a568b9d12e61b0e5ca13b2b425Mauro Doglio — testing: pin treestatus version (bug 1217394); r=dminor
980b6857cebc391bf390b4f2821b6c9d230fea93Dan Minor — autoland: fix test failures
5778aa6fcc5e00ed4b830bfd8f6986af7f409684Gregory Szorc — testing: only start a single httpd process in bmoweb
7adc32fd1e9dbfe226c4744c5bfe2bb2d9fa658fGregory Szorc — testing: calculate port offsets correctly
b2f2b1623fa3a8e4bc9d7fa69557c2c682d058adGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: don't run kafka and zookeeper in solo mode
2e0ab2a46b2d773cd0db8e12361caaec80c2f555Gregory Szorc — testing: use initial API key
a6870ca949dcd8a37b904ff87f8113b2bdadfc6bGregory Szorc — testing: wait for service starts concurrently
ea34b4b9cc1616a173ff27aebb4e46a9fc8516f0byron jones — Bug 1217148 - Hide the Reviewers fieldset. r=smacleod
99c0682d95d1f62236263ea34990197725f8532aGregory Szorc — testing: increase thread pool size when starting MozReview
74d36ced3a6706639e8c5c50931365a7143091bdGregory Szorc — testing: stop all containers concurrently
0dfab5b7cbd54b691c93ca65bbcb49cf630981f8Gregory Szorc — testing: remove old print message
1ec27be13257d7f8ac8976c16832651b890b0a7dGregory Szorc — testing: support building just BMO
b705ae473e42ee44f7e19e37ac675d20e13bdd22Gregory Szorc — testing: extract BMO image building to own function
a8f5b0f17c18592c7e4fa520e343826dc51e6fb3Gregory Szorc — testing: support only building subset of images
48159baf770d82d98664863a240c51f048c16690Dan Minor — Allow publishing from commandline regardless of whether or not the commit message has a reviewer (bug 1211564) r=gps
e56c9dbc6d7d812ab52226ffc1204b99432659ffDan Minor — autoland: retry transplants that lose a push race (bug 1217108) r?smacleod
e1e79af97151c96b51abcc6b56fe5964d67507f8Steven MacLeod — mozreview: allow configuring a push bookmark and send it to autoland (Bug 1217122). r=dminor
bfe526a00e62b595f2dd2b852b014a040210989abyron jones — Bug 1217060 - the r? not-reviewed div shouldn't look like a button. r=smacleod
71a92dd5d93a8fa50324f93cdcbfaf4a57a3da03Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: add missing trailing paren
80040a4143e15fe2a42114dfe0e57367c3e1a368Dan Minor — autoland: fixup 0006-store-request-json.sql
00d93992bb1652a30ac9a63773bb2fac2084fb6aDan Minor — autoland: store autoland request json directly (bug 1216947) r=glob
92b200c887fc1e02d5aa7b31f3fa2f38854906b7Steven MacLeod — mozreview: provide the correct repo argument when generating the treeherder url. r=dminor
800ccc3eb4356e8c3ccbffa554b962d1d8536fa5Gregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: add entries to proper manifest (bug 1216216)
eda317f4cee4ac2ef6f80a1de0446edddd953c56Gregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: fix errors in index formatting (bug 1216216)
c0052bbdd6b85da4a879639ca994438f542c57bdGregory Szorc — ansible: activate clonebundles extension on hg-web and hg-ssh (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
b061823cf73323b6ef725be2b60cf9523a7f0731Gregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: create clonebundles.manifest (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
3534691840f06c036b335c7014a1c1c931fa8523Gregory Szorc — scripts/generate-hg-s3-bundles: refactor to better support abstraction; r=smacleod
8e374504c9ed457d2626b3502d5b8562195827ecGregory Szorc — bundleclone: support pulling clonebundles.manifest (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
f9a129d2caec42fd4c6ffe78f6ddc87ee4173177Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: support producing clone bundle compatible stream bundles (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
e9fd484a51a08751dce8dccc1d94d2d25e5b8bcbGregory Szorc — bundleclone: disable bundleclone when clone bundles feature detected (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
145c83c1849464369e35ebd8a5532db73fa8470dGregory Szorc — bundleclone: vendor clonebundles extension (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
4400a8b6a5d05f05c102c60e6bdeb21fc017485dGregory Szorc — bundleclone: only advertise bundles capability if manifest present; r=smacleod
79145fc8602657b2d29f238da0936880cf077e10Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: refactor capabilities(); r=smacleod
ca6db63ecd9282bd8720aa21c0a50fd976726386Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: make compatible with Mercurial 3.6 (bug 1216216); r=smacleod
10a98e0ed46d43d211610e12dbcd584e5086783dGregory Szorc — bundleclone: import from upstream; r=smacleod
54f6eb16c3d15ef9ca4b7318ccdd5f8b65a94df4Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: make tests pass on old Mercurial versions; r=smacleod
eabea382c01bdc21486f7c631f9d80998e15f580Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: make test-sni.t work on older Mercurial versions; r=smacleod
fee362f9fcd41330ed6fbddfad59879c570fae90Dan Minor — autoland: remove use of mercurial queues (bug 1216297) r=gps
d48c97b3a94f819897973f2b1ca8f643aa75e31bbyron jones — Bug 1216696 - fix removal of the reviewers field breaking reviewer updates. r=dminor
b0bd5f598d08e0701edf63cf69a51e6605d24b52Gregory Szorc — push-to-try: always release transaction object (bug 1216436); r=chmanchester
c2c29ee971f2e8088c3f74a3cf62e5a2047bf043Gregory Szorc — testing: use cryptography 1.0.2 (bug 1216547)
69dfc17d06e5c6d573f2ea56a561c6d15a7cd8edGregory Szorc — testing: add more hgXX+ tests
72befe0dfc868b5d47ae405031f4cab86e00796fSteven MacLeod — mozreview: allow ci action boxes to expand by changing to a min-height. r=dminor
c3c52832de5d559a69ad462d49d193e5819474ffDan Minor — autoland: fixup exception handler for hg identify in transplant (again)
3a38faf2fa970c2ee039e48a065dc03dcdb1a25eDan Minor — autoland: fixup exception handler for hg indentify in transplant
6495f5d050a7723e4724a90cd3023c43a5f3ae49Dan Minor — autoland: add rebase --abort to clean up steps when transplanting
92bae92569cff1625a88903a58f945d52a27f7bcDan Minor — autoland: add exception handler for hg identify
c03711a75fcadfe8996f91d87f6ac1e6ff28d058byron jones — Bug 1216172 - Hide redundant and useless information in review-request right-hand column. r=smacleod
f516c4cb280fb4cca7b1d8be6f92247e7312477aSteven MacLeod — mozreview: fix status character for CI box. r=dminor
b1ee3d799eeae8056eedd7c2c3efa1b121a14ce6Steven MacLeod — mozreview: properly enable land commits button. r=dminor
bf5748178ed2703290448e071ec9635d3868490bSteven MacLeod — mozreview: fix review request approval. r=dminor
8bbdc9f046d1330d6bc9c3a9a037177adf28d6dfSteven MacLeod — mozreview: send autoland the repository url when requesting landing. r=dminor
8fb99ae62c97af72c5d64b99bd4b002da1c3a416Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add UI handler for triggering landing (Bug 1198915) r=dminor r=mdoglio
d86ac6367417492e98b2ac20019eb13050a4f034Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Disable the try button for unconfigured repositories (Bug 1198915) r=dminor r=mdoglio
87d55bbdde410235785a03a650f6e4171399d1beSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Render the latest autoland request for each repository (Bug 1198915). r=mdoglio r=dminor
e38d2f7a864bea4c41361e1d70f4b098131b178cSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add landing repository url to hosting service (Bug 1198915) r=dminor
0dd60705d503473ec4cea59d7c33cac72d1c55f2Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Fix approval check for no children (Bug 1198915) r=dminor r=mdoglio
da9be32c49fac6a5506f3bdd3f9f64bb62e041eaSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add the automation button for autolanding (Bug 1198915) r=mdoglio r=dminor
b4bc00fb14365468edca77448eebd5e69376cf59Steven MacLeod — mozreview: always display try button but disable it with tooltip when appropriate (Bug 1198915) r=mdoglio r=dminor
f511f9e3cfa3bfb94ff32812fb6b61ee990a7805Steven MacLeod — mozreview: rename try.js to generic autoland.js (Bug 1198915) r=dminor
6c9e98d152f2b2a196ad13bdc723a2be6639795fbyron jones — Bug 1216123 - remove IP addresses from test-specify-reviewers.t. r=dminor
c8d4484db6f611ba9d62dc044e25249c6dab7502Gregory Szorc — bzpost: document excludetrees option
a72ea86b3a1270c5a442804c8e823de3c5bafed7Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: disallow pushing and pulling discovery repos (bug 1189575); r=smacleod
8772dc578d8868a011f9ba828d7ff346995418bcGregory Szorc — docs/mozreview: document HTTP push configuration (bug 1195856); r=smacleod
749088606c347f2b802ab515ed9a89726bb9e3faGregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor repository discovery to facilitate HTTP pushing; r=smacleod
dfd0ceb48204e724e8b132c37caa35e408069891Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: automatically use Bugzilla credentials from hgrc; r=smacleod, kang
23ab0c6249777671f739d5e9e65a69b1be27dca1Gregory Szorc — mozreview: support pushing via HTTP using Bugzilla credentials (bug 1195856); r=fubar, smacleod
cd54cad68e086a35707be5a072009562c08f6d24Gregory Szorc — mozreview: add a script that validates Bugzilla API Keys (bug 1195856); r=smacleod, kang
4c984230a5becc109839ecbcec03f10d3ed831a0Gregory Szorc — pushlog: support obtaining user from alternate sources; r=smacleod
40471e2799fbc487c3e86e94b3c670e48ee8e8afGregory Szorc — reviewboard: preserve Unicode in commit messages (bug 1213884); r=dminor
ccedd121684edd43557ab05952f1b3abb95460f1Mauro Doglio — mozreview: always pass the current user when getting a draft (bug 1213456); r?smacleod
8da20dd5750db0065fa2b27597365576c8c298b2Gregory Szorc — ansible: don't restart memcached when deploying MozReview
01ecad724f27e1487f02b3aee49218953104a90eMauro Doglio — mozreview: add ellipses to `finish review` (bug 1212197); r=gps
783405fe84cb77c7b3a5ef10564620a075b94f0aGregory Szorc — hghooks: update treeclosure tests to work with releng api (bug 1181153)
6c9b6024110a6f2d3d41836526c02a48b92f8150David Burns — Upgrade Bugsy to v0.6.0 (Bug 1212856) r=gps
af5244cf4817336d90a2c2780b0fac3dd54aa10eDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1181153: use the new RelengAPI-based tree status; r=gps
285f2f4d180f5ef4a233c3a8fef761124e78852cDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1207690: update URLs and response format for new treeherder; r=gps
a634afb9e7145c955fe58374774739408e2a2758Gregory Szorc — docs: use 3.5.2 as example version
54261b29a54f4e1db5c4c40b7c3d9f5eda0a4d3dGregory Szorc — docs/mozreview: rewrite install docs
36f9b8f4a63c81b7961fce98130d6a0a0c426fa5Dan Minor — testing: allowing testing with local reviewboard checkout (bug 1174805) r=gps
c6068a658c081fe48e0f6310087692e3e9aba348Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: conditionally update templatekw.dockeywords
61c2874d4356cfebe609e73897b2e5c69594b42fMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix typo in commits.js (bug 1211492); r?dminor
b3457ca6accdce4c21eea718a67b1cbc51c27e7aMauro Doglio — mozreview: fix treeherder links (bug 1211463); r?dminor
060ef94d27b1fd855e7612451ad13872fca92a6cDan Minor — testing: remove 'set -e' from start-local-mozreview so we can safely source it
aa460b6812a0a4687962e106efe663edb68737b5Dan Minor — mozreview: make commit syntax for specifying reviewers case-insensitive (bug 1201853) r=gps
46a03de8e9a86be40f2fbc4b2870c5d5a187b415Dan Minor — autoland: stop quoting try syntax (bug 1209561) r=gps
017cc6346f0abc1bad8321aa3c28eaae35e1e1feDan Minor — testing: fix mozreview name in start-local-mozreview; r=smacleod
9ebbc8756de76eecca02ba686b8ce61c4a762ec0Mauro Doglio — mozreview: add autoland results panel (Bug 1184121) r?smacleod
60c367cf9e4f91ef5f83212957e23ce6bb4f344dDan Minor — mozreview: fix diff display when hostingservice is added to a repo (bug 1208213) r=mcote
26f459206c9c0b321abfa263c1e62a4bdbc8b91aGregory Szorc — mozreview: upgrade ReviewBoard to 2.0.20 (bug 1200460); r=smacleod
d41a65872dc175ce978d8b9515e9879512039a5bGregory Szorc — scripts/s3-daily-totals: handle 304 HTTP responses
b1dcdbd87406c66cefb8ee41e6630606957d0c95Dan Minor — autoland: add test case for autolanding with a closed tree r=mcote
0fc33ab59cb89203ae27fd66f85303f5287db3efDan Minor — testing: add treestatus mach commands r=mcote
1a8ea26b8d14ceeae2915671bdf76549f26567cbDan Minor — testing: add treestatus docker image r=gps
a73290873e39fba5b8e4bd202ca9c2ce4c61f5c4Dan Minor — autoland: Autoland should not retry immediately when a tree is closed (bug 1203100) r=mcote
d1e664f1dc8d88a958bc25d9aaad26714ab17a77Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: use templates from version-control-tools
4b90c2825ae087fbd0fe34ca1aabcbcd6e0ba9feGregory Szorc — testing/http-request: support passing arbitrary HTTP request headers
83a81dd0f44d426cf805f2e24bb53ca4343b280dGregory Szorc — testing/http-request: support passing HTTP Basic auth credentials
6fe1caaf2bfac7a106a92b7829fc62f7c5eab705Gregory Szorc — testing/http-request: support specifying method; sort headers
bf0625687392f94af32a6d3f4bcca8b29aed2098Gregory Szorc — testing: add ability to create Bugzilla API Keys via d0cker
ba432f038ee3ec8d62d07f1c346ab1a5b9f8c662Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: update test to reflect bugs saved on draft review request (bug 1170155)
818f56b04e100746c297dcf6bca4709a9cae5d9cGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-reviewboard: use supervisor
86a89d88ff4fbe22572ad42c6441ff32a141d29cGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: use supervisor
1f6afac4c0cc4f5b5695dce13feb9af91eb5ff6fGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: use supervisor role
686b69ce32b937c36f044aff09356512ee1137edGregory Szorc — ansible: add a supervisor role
2e26e966d68c57fee433c8957836223c959fb72cGregory Szorc — docs: document --headless and --no-docker run-tests flags
6d46f464a41df5920d0e42af07b43ea303ba02aeGregory Szorc — testing: add --no-docker flag to run-tests
42a89e219d15b9f59e055d8a7eff8acf0c6d5d98Gregory Szorc — testing: add --headless option to skip Selenium tests (bug 1191759)
bd5cab47cd3d2986e9403d9f3401a14799123c59Dan Minor — mozreview: remove check for try repository due to bustage r=gps
bee47be139073598510868fa3d86756ac081ccb4Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: re-upgrade to Mercurial 3.5
243946ba5ffe855230549d52187050821f3b7896Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: downgrade Mercurial on rbweb to 3.4.1
bdf199773bac2c530192505b3341837061043f19Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview: avoid variable name reuse
589a312f02274ade3819676359971cef2cf1ee09Dan Minor — mozreview: Mozreview should only display the 'try' button for repositories that have a try server (bug 1159272) r=mcote
e5f9124f99bdb9165bf7b4f5a6ef598b53926354Dan Minor — testing: move add_hostingservice to base class (bug 1159272) r=mcote
1d0c546f7a4388f9483980f698e659e621377a46Mark Cote — docs: Update for docker-machine and that 1024 MB of RAM is insufficient.
0507d61f76d61b3518f22c31bfb95dce29e1bfb4Dan Minor — mozreview: Commit table overflows when window size is not "large enough" (bug 1203794) r=mcote
798a50d8826bb68aec449c8152869d7897277139Gregory Szorc — hghooks: remove hg_require_single_head hook (bug 963571)
af429b42a045b68f85e9d0e60ee905707552c564Gregory Szorc — hgmo: web command for info about repo divergence (bug 1199459); r=smacleod
a6874922690bc2aff953bc2d1799f254be6c26e4Gregory Szorc — mozreview: record first public ancestor in review metadata (bug 1199459); r=smacleod
8e0e035cc387cfaa73446d6b7ed6d57f6f95722aGregory Szorc — testing: print output when creating repos
511b822ce794aff5238bf116b8722d29c7985b16Gregory Szorc — hgserver: add test demonstrating bookmarks replication
36fdc26f8b0a19606939b5a363708260a51124b1Gregory Szorc — hgserver: update tests for Mercurial 3.5
8fb3b1ed4be6c8a34f910e20900b0452785988f5Gregory Szorc — ansible: upgrade to Mercurial 3.5.1 (bug 1200769); r=fubar
3803caa6634c0857103818386489b8bfaa3875c1Dan Minor — mozreview: Add testing environment startup script for MozReview (bug 1200260) r=mdoglio,smacleod,mcote,gps
da475b356209ea6ca1a1f6ba92810a17eb4cd010Dan Minor — mozreview: add div containing repository information (bug 1168486) r=smacleod
301453c27d6b1cfbae2ea3219ca717c5450a4705Dan Minor — mozreview: add custom hosting service (bug 1168486) r=smacleod
e93d6e07ba3318cad889ccb05cd52f5778bb03ecGregory Szorc — bundleclone: filter SNI URLs on Mercurial < 3.3 (bug 1201993); r=smacleod
efe490db29c2b3cf4a462a2833d9cbbe0e5a281eBotond Ballo — reviewboardmods: populate the 'Bugs' field in review drafts (bug 1170155). r=smacleod
9fd196f65914e7f42f57c2aae0ccc0d2e05341f0Dan Minor — mozreview: Provide a link to browse the entire code tree at a given commit (bug 1190895) r=mcote
e5d581f2fcc1b7ade972770e16642c1b0ddc26a1Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg: run daemons from supervisord
74b5834820c59ddc6696f56769c99b505208841aDan Minor — mozreview: import command in UI is incorrect (Bug 1201599) r=gps
fafe5cfff585483f65a0b991919eef3148066584Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: be more greedy in test globbing
66aea7feb4280ca968c3619f87f96c3294257444Gregory Szorc — ansible: bring hgssh2.dmz.scl3 under Ansible control
35edcee4c73415fa45ff95ed07bb8129d41821f9Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use hg executable in virtualenv
f26ccfdad271e9845b63bfea1cf285c9cf929f05Gregory Szorc — bzexport: add Bugzilla API key support
9c8b8187f21b12da3bedeec4a91dced132c47064Gregory Szorc — bzpost: add Bugzilla API key support (bug 1200449)
5d2431f11d23a355483ede7cec8458a0112c6dd9Gregory Szorc — Bugsy: synchronize with upstream
aacb829e9ade1f25ca98ce45591a78d25c62a41bGregory Szorc — testing: inherit hgweb image from environment
f50cc83aaf2bf024124555708e564e6ecee580f8Gregory Szorc — ansible: install first
03183c709134dccae3b316b6885fcfcf03153e3aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: fix typo in httpd.conf filename
b56011d42aa554816c27c1a38d3d7f9be5be56bcGregory Szorc — ansible/reviewboard: use hg-reviewboard role for reviewboard-hg1 (bug 1192338)
5aa216813b7024200dd4414c621632bdb9f3c014Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: run hgweb from a virtualenv
d935f7aeddbb5127e2f222ecc6e0b95858739b11Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: define more parameters in hgrc
1528c2692ec5c07fb6f33f5afb6ab37d69d4132dGregory Szorc — deploy: define vct variable for MozReview deployments
9012df1a03fc2b30214bc412907781c3d9f90e3bGregory Szorc — scripts: set hgAccessDate on all entries
eb76c0fec83a335fd60f742e78b496a06764f843Mark Cote — mozreview: Convert review-request IDs in p2rb.commits to ints when sorting children for summaries (bug 1201662). r=smacleod
a33863181ea9f3dcc90f129539159d4a5dba295bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: switch to hgserver's pash
e7b5ce9d1488aa4c3e1a45a2b53d8af944e230b9Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: create virtualenv for pash
26321a32872b9c62feb4e1803c0ec5b30156d3cdGregory Szorc — pash: add feature flags for various commands
ec40f90318bed3bb628caad1b4768d428803df10Gregory Szorc — pash: read pash settings from JSON config file
c17d9008c30cb649142153347c0b965f320442b9Gregory Szorc — pash: remove pushlog command
0c5b4fe3052d7536c5a569cbfa23522611d97e6bGregory Szorc — pash: fix style nits
4363c1079c670b69c4c039c178045248c055f4dcGregory Szorc — pash: use replace loop instead of chaining function calls
c00810da924894bf00cc0db7771999d660c35c69Gregory Szorc — pash: use some early returns to simplify control flow
b241ee9ca5d5a559bb602527085f22165b1c6729Gregory Szorc — pash: use 4 space indent everywhere
8ddc0aa72f8862f4e1d8ccdc5671b17d4a705ba4Gregory Szorc — pash: use early return in make_repo_clone
488873c372086449d3aa12b885537b534ea6c0b5Gregory Szorc — pash: fixup indenting
76c1124272fd75e4026488927ceea1ed1f7114cfGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: use hgserver's
8dc214879475f70f022a7de9a322875328df74c0Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-reviewboard: define write_url in LDAP settings file
86458ed6d1eb58c318bd41f57d367a4b228cea54Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: support cname argument in hg_helper.serve()
bf2ae35d7cce2722019e4d1a45683c7d6b80b9bbGregory Szorc — pash: remove unused cname arguments
7145bfe36b4d32791769feda8dff3cf882fd73a8Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: install pash_wrapper from hgserver
fac5a566d1a8451c1133757ee962361414136da8Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: install hgserver's file
919e6a7033f8d8b405369cd7d5b0eb74145131eeGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: install hgserver's version of
d21f233856957752996d07a4be5930ff849bec4aGregory Szorc — pash: fix style nits
ee0c24ed894d4712291b16f7175fcb911c4d616cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove repo-group (bug 1201283); r=fubar
f7b6a0e264aeca7e846f54d2d8a5a583613c4933Mark Cote — mozreview: Don't return summaries of discarded review requests (bug 1200881). r=smacleod
4c7472495c1a5021e3fdce0cf44e064817617f63Gregory Szorc — scripts: add script to update hgAccessDate LDAP attribute from pushlog (bug 1200847)
43ef21e20fd80d383cf34e9835bef6768dd947a9Gregory Szorc — pash: make LDAP access date updating actually work (bug 1200847); r=fubar
3238aa409afa1d3e0346fcd20ab2fb0f0d547a42Gregory Szorc — pash: formatting fixups (bug 1200847); r=fubar
7a419c67c92cde101b41bda0111b18ea99fa8befGregory Szorc — pash: use early return (bug 1200847); r=fubar
d5d2a449dbf3f3a827f765c9e04c02e13a3779d4Gregory Szorc — pash: use proper API for retrieving LDAP settings (bug 1200847); r=fubar
4bd0df385555c950211cc37f0d3a2c4e5d3f364aGregory Szorc — docker: refresh elasticsearch bmoweb patch
2408a9bc26bf8ff57480d95c01fbd91c521a2a49Gregory Szorc — scripts: advertise CDN URLs first (bug 1185261); r=RyanVM
a59f3598a9cb35657e0600b1e37dd449e2c30a49Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1199733 - Reviewboard extension strips positional argument 6 from commit. If you have both mq and reviewboard enabled this causes all commits to happen without an editor. r=gps
cbde2f1faf36e50923cb74c584fd1a0c13486e24Mark Cote — mozreview: Customize rbmotd extension (bug 1141584). r=smacleod
21b6c6580e3098a790e585c53916c0ce0ff5e155Mark Cote — mozreview: Import rbmotd extension (bug 1141584). r?smacleod
edbc6c683e1c0f15085725fb7c2b1c58d30f0875Dan Minor — testing: display name of image of that failed to build
a54f568577dfee9fe52a8c0d0ff5b5e04a71d6b4Dan Minor — testing: use python-pip package to build autoland docker image
9918621281d14a3cd3c798297a1e7ab31b531bcbDan Minor — mozreview: remove extraneous information from description (bug 1123139); r=smacleod,gps
af0d46a0f0d08952074d46a1bad4beb54be3a3c7Mark Cote — mozreview: Sort summarized review requests properly (bug 1164682). r=smacleod
9fb2c93c844289114cef70e4e6a7453a542f09b5Gregory Szorc — testing: support `mozreview exec hgweb`
3bdeba6272978312b0ff995ff97fa5ee13d5cc32Gregory Szorc — testing: remove accidental trailing comma
f4661432e7c2ed689102f3fdc871e9304ab6ed11Dan Minor — mozreview: fix selenium test
e9ab86e2daac2725a75c635ac5d675853614efcaDan Minor — mozreview: add AutolandTrigger resource (bug 1198086) r=mdoglio,smacleod
9e32a3bd09d1cb42b345f83c74ecb4f831f58756Gregory Szorc — testing: run an hgweb container as part of the MozReview cluster (bug 1199421); r=smacleod
8fb994ef7a0b492465cd4d83f7e004cf2cd2687bSteven MacLeod — mozreview: fixup try syntax error node id. r=mdoglio
f359a2a1301971027376312e7c7aefe122667194Gregory Szorc — testing: reserve another port in Mercurial test runner
fa1a9510a84e6293a34dfa119a9cab3835fd7518Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: move try trigger button to the automation menu (Bug 1177846); r=smacleod r=gps
21f54a8409f37d30bfbcb51795ff3ce5f03dee7bMauro Doglio — Mozreview: require a non-empty string for try syntax (Bug 1198207); r=smacleod r=gps
6f5dc31beb0294e3cd59d16c3cd6359d6050d62fSteven MacLeod — mozreview: link issue counts in the commit table to issue summary (Bug 1198254). r=mdoglio
df94ce32c5b0d267b474f39cbd9d8bc58bfcf621Gregory Szorc — mozreview: consolidate buttons for publishing reviews (bug 1195860); r=mdoglio
3b3cbdf4eb5cad88722cedc8cc652b75ddf48ef5Gregory Szorc — testing: removing debug prints around bootstrapping images
52b537226ab4778a59ca2388f65cb1dc7f6fe5fcGregory Szorc — testing: bootstrap BMO containers as soon as possible
7d7bd1effa4fb536c1197613efe532c9baa8df0bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: look for vct dir during refresh
0e0c9ab0297058fe7c224bd4cb8cc6abd06527f2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: wrap rebase command so commitid is preserved (bug 1197830); r=smacleod
2a096edd7086fff7d95637d90e9e72d7e50ad554Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add tests for commitid (bug 1197830); r=smacleod
251109998266654848cbe9e6d5c5ad216e97073cGregory Szorc — testing: run Mercurial commands in non-interactive mode; r=smacleod
6dbcbf06ec9d49b8e88d2ef61ac06716f13d39c9Gregory Szorc — mozreview: remove server support for passwords and cookies (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
4354c49dd30034661272699aae4b7fede7305468Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: modify test-auth.t to work in a API key world (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
8c4fb2c3991dcd41961938c13dc208af17ef7181Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use API keys instead of passwords throughout tests (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
7d30e50718a9d18bd0d3dee8cfdc0488c9296beaGregory Szorc — mozreview: support API keys in Mercurial extension (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
ec2f41a6f07e433730c4ae04fed20fede78bc94cGregory Szorc — mozhg: support and prefer Bugzilla API keys (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
4a196871692332689a518462fc6b16eb499b9fe7Gregory Szorc — mozreview: support logging in with Bugzilla API keys (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
befbf48ea8fdc0cb7955a878d407c044d2bddb0aGregory Szorc — testing: mozreview command to create a Bugzilla API key (bug 1198087); r=smacleod
09de89803d2d0c167ba3453df414fc4a0c0d1191Dan Minor — autoland: make deployment script restart Apache
d588b602f3e0faae03933f9f2cab30f0b6265dfaGregory Szorc — reviewboard: change wording around review publishing (bug 1189574); r=mcote
ade76ddb26fa492b05ba1b3da9c8a04602a10329Steven MacLeod — mozreview: display approval information in the commits table (Bug 1176321). r=dminor r=mdoglio
a4829943623cb52de76929f6b7f7c91b59ef3440Steven MacLeod — mozreview: implement autoland criteria as an approval hook (Bug 1176321). r=dminor r=gps r=mdoglio
b01905e972c118f6001257472076399d5bee78bdSteven MacLeod — mozreview: add mach command for associating ldap emails (Bug 1176321). r=dminor
d47503e7db7896e125563688609272b611cb6e80Steven MacLeod — mozreview: include approval in review request dump (Bug 1176321). r=dminor
4a370dc3fec86d236bd0b17d3c4f369803a3defcMark Cote — mozreview: Stop storing Bugzilla cookies (bug 993233). r=smacleod
caf5861bf537881e99a5ae31b6f749c1b78f64d0Mark Cote — mozreview: Override login page to use Bugzilla auth delegation (bug 993233). r=smacleod
79325f01fc5012ca55297d6674cc82bc0b317323Mark Cote — mozreview: Rename common.js to init_rr.js and clean it up (bug 993233). r=smacleod
8fd986fa58733573c50f74783b748485f4e284c7Mark Cote — mozreview: Authenticate to BMO with API key (bug 993233). r=smacleod
2af905e3dfef7edc26817cffd1984f5d82fcb2d4Mark Cote — mozreview: Use "mozreview" instead of "adminbugzilla" when creating users (bug 993233). r=gps
b3492a5daedf6e304bd2e00506ff3f8e9dd3a87cMark Cote — mozreview: Add function to Bugzilla client to validate api keys (bug 993233). r=smacleod
7dc2df9f73874abd6c77aae58fa6f36373343c38Mark Cote — mozreview: Add function to store Bugzilla API keys (bug 993233). r=smacleod
ee7747552bece69a1a82e59f83349152c0aca0fcMark Cote — mozreview: Add api_key field to BugzillaUserMap (bug 993233). r=smacleod
1fc3bd36d415c364479112a0b1eb593a80784d58Mark Cote — mozreview: Move Bugzilla client code over to mozreview extension (bug 993233). r=dminor
1676d03eb402892af67e7da886fef9ab27f63a9aMark Cote — mozreview: Enable auth delegation in bmoweb (bug 993233). r=gps
6a8be31971d408978db185e29dfd0fd97e2e13c0Mark Cote — mozreview: Use Bugzilla's public URL in the rbweb container (bug 993233). r=gps
9e927e51392f165df8d096839d8cc10a4bdb8a70Mark Cote — mozreview: SQL database migrations for BMO API keys (bug 1198490). r=smacleod
a84f886ead3614c21344bcf53f7e09425155e1e0Gregory Szorc — jenkins: remove Docker from VM
89174e201e61390bf5c9342e6c6535f1903419e5Dan Minor — autoland: fixup testing environment (bug 1198573) r=gps
fce79bd5e2d4f77cdae518f0501575eb85ca311dGregory Szorc — testing: define external Autoland URL on container start; r=dminor
049e31d7b85aa9efeadd68c57cbe9e7854e8133bGregory Szorc — mzoreview: add missing import
b863df6da309f99349052802e8f42874b5adca31Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: substitute BAD_UPDATE_CREDENTIALS with PERMISSION_DENIED; r?smacleod
a4ff72851b27a7f1c4db8d4d0e598c2bc2e89c7aMauro Doglio — Mozreview: Add new WebAPIError AUTOLAND_CONFIGURATION_ERROR; r?smacleod
beed7e36d0a7d8d9375a9297d2f83ec311145f26Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: WebAPIError codes greater than 1000 (Bug 1191808); r?smacleod
c9d6fe5ba771fef3a73cc8afdbe6608eb92fdc03Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: cleanup of the autoland resource module (bug 1191817); r?smacleod
d0128bb840bb670ec7e606b4a7a676d2b23ec1e8Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: remove GET access to TryAutolandTriggerResource (bug 1191817); r?smacleod
86da30045a59161c23a6277fc755b0bee2bdce92Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: fix autoland resources docstrings (bug 1191817); r?smacleod
142f5e2a13519fe37c59a0b23d13298a049e8fabMauro Doglio — Mozreview: fix import order (bug 1191817); r?smacleod
d02c4a76e04729534310fcefd3e6458e9658b69cDan Minor — mozreview: stop hard coding try autoland tree (bug 1188542) r=mdoglio
d2ab23a48c57295a1b537be183fbe699a8072996Gregory Szorc — testing: use consistent names for Docker state file
86dfcbd16def4623bac2a180d9bd8ba62661fc8fGregory Szorc — testing: use .dockerstate file from run-tests
6eb26136ef0a27de70564e6acf1cd432e06fb1a9Gregory Szorc — hgext: bump compatible versions to 3.5
e06ca4b766f457d12ad42fc3b1574bcc81a85444Gregory Szorc — autoland: use hglib (bug 1174799); r=dminor
b865ee76ba32e7c3c1af27c5f300727c741e4962Gregory Szorc — autoland: install python-hglib in virtualenv; r=dminor
fc03741b21e43729eb16ffcb56de6915b11c0105Gregory Szorc — autoland: change how revisions are used; r=dminor
9419b5c82aaedca403482a233a6ae46710916e10Gregory Szorc — autoland: more Dockerfile ordering improvements; r=dminor
6a0451e0a9ab78cc5bd49e814baf418bf389127cGregory Szorc — testing: s/-cpanfile/--cpanfile/
7eb5129e30fb58175508aed002648dc654c1d448Gregory Szorc — testing: use cpanminus to build bmo
b1222f0e736871d4efad59075f9c11659999386fGregory Szorc — hgserver: report what type of data is replicated (bug 1197462); r=fubar
6332d042b6eac600accd5b947f9322c2ff0338ccGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: use yum localinstall
4c4cdc5dba4209ea21d97cc5f4d585c8d09248deGregory Szorc — pushlog: change printed messages (bug 1197466); r=smacleod
8c3ea928852149d497c35d60216762cad793cd27Dan Minor — autoland: stop including all of pylib when building docker image; r=gps
b3057e57f7e9e1e1945649f0709a0c1932c31de4Gregory Szorc — docker: support detaching from executed processes
ceb1c2f5bbdcbefa38aea9eb8ebee750d5bc7f6aGregory Szorc — testing: support executing processes in pulse container
dfeab101180acca798a340e9083490df41a2ba74Gregory Szorc — testing: acknowledge message after processing
b21e237d6b5ec962898a999df305dd1bcd49bee3Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: normalize v-c-t permissions in Docker
c6cb387f865b9229ef056dbffdff36817bcfe8baGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: configure mozhghooks.pth in tools virtualenv
65c6c9b387b1a954194661e8745c062968224e4aGregory Szorc — hgserver: convert replication hook to a Python hook (bug 1196869); r=fubar
38e5a18c791c4f2421c636e811d167beae137f59Dan Minor — mozreview: log ldap associations (bug 1176009) r=smacleod
b1405bd00aef9ec0a957ef829280988fa49d5326Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: remove old CRON entries
c1f1084402e49e8db3b88aa237ad78c8299eaa2bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: activate highlight extension (bug 1196835); r=fubar
0d66d66c06790b2bc4f961d126b58f7e1f9a5553Gregory Szorc — ansible: remove references to /repo/hg/libraries; r=fubar
4e5b82c1dd52dec8974529f6b3dffa2cd4c5e0d5Gregory Szorc — ansible: use virtualenv hg executables in strip repo playbook; r=fubar
390e20221df99f90523ae8af65584abd5942a256Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: run hg from virtualenv in mirror-pull (bug 1196612); r=fubar
15dcf12cab2b7b0039619e8d53829598ce446879Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add mozhghooks to replication virtualenv; r=fubar
bfaf6e22428511d5f9a0e743867fba5fbada626aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create a virtualenv for replication; r=fubar
d56a738953c1f145f5072cdc5b436b53e7498148Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: paramaterize hg executable; r=fubar
6bef5b432eecc5dfe4ae1df2078f1ad7d9b46403Gregory Szorc — hgssh: reference mozhghooks from version-control-tools (bug 1196612); r=fubar
971b92d0e8cea93feaf5afe6676bacdd600d484dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install version-control-tools; r=fubar
f3f1a42c067d05bd23c12fdbca43022e3d554c2eGregory Szorc — hgserver: add test verifying hooks work; r=fubar
a7c0409592bbf6963791e90c9bf9a1c74d7c374dGregory Szorc — pushlog: drop support for Mercurial 3.2 (bug 1196611); r=smacleod
01d8654be13f85e9fcdf0211b301c59e15f4ef0aGregory Szorc — hgserver: run hg from Python 2.7 virtualenv in pash (bug 1078442); r=fubar
7cfe318555c24effe4d4fc9cced4a27dd75e3774Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add a virtualenv for pash; r=fubar
df89d6bd2faca0ce0a9fa5430b15cb89615644c0Gregory Szorc — hgserver: parameterize hg binary; r=fubar
c90a539bc5ba7046fb7aa403e4da7651bf68c9f5Gregory Szorc — hgserver: fix up formatting of; r=fubar
484d357f4107578d790a93a1345a66b501ceab86Gregory Szorc — hgserver: move pash to hgserver/; r=fubar
1ae8089c9835809eb6ed0c2a2cf00081966b8ef9Gregory Szorc — hgserver: add test for pushlog replication
4f729e92298f1e4a7287bef458f7ecfe01f33a72Gregory Szorc — hgserver: work around apparent Mercurial bug around locking
83e1d898ee99d23b76574eda0030374beacb5e75Gregory Szorc — pash: remove remnants of pash testing infrastructure
7f3a5c87545c7570f5be731b41a96720e71db4b1Gregory Szorc — hgserver: move test-obsolescence.t from pash
a2e19d3cab98468db33d03a83e8a59ebf287c1f8Gregory Szorc — hgserver: move test-hg-serve.t from pash
b32e8856f86b34e68ca95ea0ff672758cd8918b2Gregory Szorc — hgserver: move test-clone-command.t from pash to hgserver
dbf82150794867494d81aadaa5af04625f605b3aGregory Szorc — hgserver: move test-auth.t from pash to hgserver tests
6826f587815eed335faa804d9985d326fba1436bGregory Szorc — hgserver: stop cluster properly
075cf2f747cce2cb218e714375812ec9fe3ba5d2Gregory Szorc — hgserver: add push tests
0fbe72e2675b51f6f2e2e61bf50756c10fdc153cGregory Szorc — testing: capture hgssh host key in hgmo state
ac9290fd2afd62ce5e9b43a204e59eb4064a6d23Gregory Szorc — testing: add `hgmo exec` command
2932f5154ef9e57faa36d8cec72716d6d8db0b4fGregory Szorc — testing: export variables with hgweb URLs
14db6aa16e424b86d34892fdaf67b8e13d595db7Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: don't install custom WSGI files
7b19a1a3ddbc85c1edc94c7ace59a6479759eaa7Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: replicate repo creation to mirrors
f84a9080fcd172dfad1b25394be70213930f28cfGregory Szorc — testing: create known_hosts file on hgweb containers
a5e1d66d1258924c3a96af01bbd891e2bb8514d9Gregory Szorc — testing: install mirror host keys on master server
08a5a76f4c078816bbd963b4f0a3d97fd96990dcGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use unofficial Django release (bug 1195989); r=smacleod
77004d513c66c41872917fbb0f42a6ecff35ad32Gregory Szorc — testing: move directory variables to module scope
d3c443f160604b5a8c8b4d1537734c2c07b8c6d7Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade cffi and cryptography
3eec0fdef5ca521c9f3911318255ca2f27d4c71eGregory Szorc — testing: install Review Board via requirements file
7f68be78132839ba05c58d0b07d32ed49368e2a6Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: don't use named attributes in sys.version_info
9a69dfb505513d5711bf6883376912fabae9723eGregory Szorc — scripts: use proper remote path in CDN URLs
5f815f4dad6615fff60ad1c8757b4b75f1e76a7aGregory Szorc — hgmo: remove tbbuild from web view (bug 1192006); r=hwine
e9660edc09ea9341375be4d05a7ad51d184d667fGregory Szorc — ansible: use correct service name for rsyslog
d103bf3d77928aa0697dfb41abe60c645d429c7eGregory Szorc — bzpost: make comments less verbose (bug 1186933); r=smacleod
1de7b45326e24be00566a093ac972ebc324f0b93Gregory Szorc — mozreview: screen all reviewed changesets for being empty (bug 1193496); r=smacleod
694fc9bb0ef0861ebd3f96672fad490fef1655edGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test demonstrating failure to detect empty commit (bug 1193496); r=smacleod
349247293001b2fd127011654f60ee4508927e8dGregory Szorc — scripts: advertise CDN in bundle manifests (bug 1185261); r=fubar
3a23ee3de50a5df6c4080c52986bc8fc3b9b4709Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: filter URLs that require SNI (bug 1185261); r=smacleod
1dfb35c3cd0d7b0899fabc5db55e3478c2b94e5fGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add json template (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
aa9c71d9b9251a5aa933b0eeacf91d5d51f7389bGregory Szorc — pushlog: move "info" web command to hgmo extension (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
dab75cd11c6dfe4767433d65d92a4f2be5a37f43Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove unused JSON code (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
22031500436f702f72c082d596bb013459e0c550Gregory Szorc — pushlog: use native templates for "pushes" web command (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
840272cb0b027bf2ef902b15274a106470a937ccGregory Szorc — pushlog: use native templates for json-info command (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
32b05d1f3e5085769aa277c66b657d28ce3c41edGregory Szorc — pushlog: use "json" filter on "error" template; (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
fb32d9201f8b964aa6134fca9233c1aaa938f960Gregory Szorc — pushlog: proper arguments order to jsoncompare (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
cc6615c5acca197f39c63688df5bc8f06db4228bGregory Szorc — pushlog: pretty format JSON in tests; (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
f1bf6cb3f0c305f4e64afda99109854e0bd08c3eGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove "default" entry from JSON template; (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
a6f3d0ed4605e7dda4df8ebe366367166e1be71aGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: move json map file to own directory (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
ed7d2c20d229fdae736824c508167f2277419559Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove demandimport hack (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
1a566a750bfea6389a10a23011f546f82dfcfcd1Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove "printjson" command (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
40b78d85308a81a05db972f7c3c149efbd561bdcGregory Szorc — pushlog: add tests for json-info endpoint (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
6090374b05188e5867fb1aaf0720585bf5f6c750Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove "webheads" web command (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
39b0979c892295e543f481fe6899a232263475d9Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove "webtags" web command (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
a6a339d754bece250cbc85acbb3b31f31f15c175Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove "family" web command (bug 1171250); r=smacleod
43d47377b008c770109aeda87797dee48848da28Gregory Szorc — docs: major updates to Mercurial docs (bug 1187751)
55ce4c3acb0982bd1ce572d5a89392e60fd1f8e5Gregory Szorc — docs: document `hg help scripting`
298759a425db51f96ee6bd5d5b4c517858a96b16Gregory Szorc — ansible: ignore errors when restarting rsyslogd
f86c2e3f6f72e66a47f13be44fd35c0dc337e19bGregory Szorc — add with bug components
835dbd9444dbed0cdc2ca27e23839f05a58e1dc1Gregory Szorc — ansible: s/trigger/notify
797237e6e06d69cf62527adf6ad2e186c5dc41c1Gregory Szorc — docs: document host fingerprint for reviewboard-hg (bug 1168595)
0cc332f25318380ed62ed682839644fddfdf178aGregory Szorc — docs: add warning about pushing to autoreview repo
1af450383ad064d9b07ba0f6b9d27307e4b5338dGregory Szorc — ansible: restart rsyslogd when modifying config files (bug 1193037); r=fubar
18427d4f33dc48e18957e7a44cee710881ed9486Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: convert pash from templates to regular files (bug 1192388); r=fubar
a0d3fce51aa8930f3eb0a00f6d303ac3d3b29c0cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: grab LDAP settings from a file (bug 1192388); r=fubar
8f9f32ec31285555ca8a3ccfbee22605f8637ca5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: more minor formatting changes (bug 1192388); r=fubar
4fb6656f1d9d25a21284bd6ab2fcb70a0872aaaeGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: remove executability of pash files (bug 1192338); r=fubar
931e452672790ffc34a692581f4faddf29caa5f2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: fix many style nits (bug 1192338); r=fubar
657bb56cac549a8a9af03683f0c752cb168ee9dbGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: use standard environment variable fetching (bug 1192338); r=fubar
305089a773754f891683c9f7e364a1c4646d8020Gregory Szorc — pash: remove unused variable; r=fubar
eff01ca68c17fc6ddc0e4834ee4a558849051520Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: move non-root handling to own function (bug 1192338); r=fubar
ae60916d30dc095c0ba4a3416c7656578dc0be97Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: remove server port handling (bug 1192338); r=fubar
de1d6f6647703398750f901cec96678bae376da9Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: move QuoteForPOSIX into (bug 1192338); r=fubar
26f3a48c663ca5b2e1cbf0a4e7c1d8628a5e0413Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: clean up (bug 1192338); r=fubar
196fc327b33c7e9c9bc59a39e1115e9e447870eeGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: remove unused pash features (bug 1192338); r=fubar
be13a2a84e69770bd8937fca372c04f0d348563cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: drop maximum requests in WSGI processes (bug 1192388); r=fubar
5240becf3191df26b2e53f79d2661e441f2cee30Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: install v-c-t from public server (bug 1192338); r=fubar
50ed4a74bfb5a112df4a7fd43d8b36e990000ac3Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: configure IUS repo (bug 1192338); r=fubar
4b8550503d1801b540ffa8567535626aa0bb99c5Gregory Szorc — rbbz: sort comments by file and line number (bug 1183935); r=smacleod
07bfdf492c6e62b9eeefc3b88e0e139cd7e75d8eGregory Szorc — pushlog: backout 3912cb415898 (bug 1114843) for breaking TaskCluster
25c1a9a295ac9a457db60109f2ec2931235b5515Gregory Szorc — pash: support enabling obsolescence on repositories (bug 925383); r=bkero
e25916b7b24adfbfd024c297a1d9c2388bec2c08Gregory Szorc — pash: adjust test output to reflect push_urls hook
3912cb415898ee50999630f2b8f2231573abb40bGregory Szorc — pushlog: return an error if startID is too large (bug 1114843); r=edmorley
eb03ee6cd5c2c055983674742d62f19747f2ffbaGregory Szorc — docker: adjust permissions of file inside LDAP container
6535b540863821926f26ec12701ba18efedb735fGregory Szorc — docker: adjust permissions of RabbitMQ config file
b208d030ecdaddbb215e0c9973378ac1ef7948c9Gregory Szorc — docker: make added files owned by root:root
750e446144349a502196d80e2a759756b16217d2Dan Minor — testing: fixup test-autoland-try and test-import-pullrequest (bug 1180818) r=mdoglio
0482431406ba118b8c2c5ffc2022018b8c0a864bDan Minor — autoland: ensure repository directory exists (bug 1180818) r=mdoglio
86b9275db32ab9a61f3f42140873ec75344f9c60Dan Minor — testing: add to scm_level_* groups (bug 1180818) r=gps
35b96b6321c60141a5cfe1585881bb752e5e4a07Dan Minor — testing: set autoland user in hgrc when cloning repositories (bug 1180818) r=gps
39a06c92a47364155be9e15c86958dc84f462713Dan Minor — testing: move assign-reviewer to base class (bug 1180818) r=gps
edff6d9fd7f6ac0a49ecaee0de5fcba8d774eb39Dan Minor — testing: remove old autoland UI tests (bug 1180818) r=mdoglio
2b82f5549fad6e0cbe67ce5eb767fbf81c4a2d70Gregory Szorc — scripts: fix formatting of HTML index
780eddbf6a16a6febcb30f464d21423ef29424ecGregory Szorc — scripts: set cache-control header on index page
206f6ced75a8d9d69ecaedbb3155d7e23e3dd28dGregory Szorc — scripts: add some CSS to bundles table
0b7935ce4b35aedda1727c9eb2535747e8a1e808Gregory Szorc — scripts: don't include bucket name in relative path
1fdc85213ddf724e3905a6e4cc3a429273d96a63Dan Minor — testing: fix race condition in reviewboard_login (bug 1191416) r=gps
60cd962db46baee91a849a505b610c12eb3cac2dGregory Szorc — scripts: fix indentation of bundle generation block
6dce8ac8597f5725fb3a169d7f430c7e92f90f8eGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: fix typo (owne -> owner)
e0d6de7da48a1d70524c4959bda671c8a1252fd6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: fix YAML syntax errors
270815304c94a433f9e987dd90a14f9c63fe0bd7Gregory Szorc — scripts: create HTML index listing all bundles (bug 1191128); r=fubar
946bda3ac215594cdd9b593a33a0cfb6c9b81e3aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: use a single CRON entry for bundle generation (bug 1191128); r=fubar
3920001130bfa20ee43acbb06077520ddd0ca9e4Gregory Szorc — scripts: support reading list of repos from a file (bug 1191128); r=fubar
d76306c367d58185f0224c6de5df1ffd8bfa5438Gregory Szorc — scripts: use concurrent threads to generate bundles (bug 1191128); r=fubar
dee8f1805657ad5e5170c3632cb41fbe92c00a9eGregory Szorc — scripts: extract code for producing bundle file into function (bug 1191128); r=fubar
1f991f40f21ab64a49cbd94ded4266e3f2be4b2cGregory Szorc — scripts: remove subprocess.check_output polyfill (bug 1191128); r=fubar
28303cb5293a4d2ffebbc80b565aaf937fd1e979Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: run S3 bundle generation out of virtualenv (bug 1191128); r=fubar
1e504004d485eb788022fc06c0b2341c782b5f8eGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: create a Python 2.7 virtualenv (bug 1191128); r=fubar
7227bfc2c530f58658b0946c2ba4752a2f5f6ea3Dan Minor — testing: add globs to test-bugzilla-review-flag-cleared.t r=mcote
aeda5803eaa30ea1a903fcb6a642e242b171a0e1Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: write out known_hosts file with hgweb host keys (bug 1191095); r=fubar
5c1e2083533ed911a4e20bfa32ae3e600b77d27cGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add link to gaia-l10n (bug 1190952); r=hwine
3d99cc43dbd21497fa42e9e46f3b99dad60f9c35Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-reviewboard: fetch RPMs from S3 (bug 1191078); r=fubar
83b3d1a139f6aa4f60467165273553135df541e4Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-rbweb: fetch Mercurial package from S3 (bug 1191078); r=fubar
2e8f84b82904f63e7cbb3c6137170f56452c4bc0Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: fetch Mercurial RPM from S3 (bug 1191078); r=fubar
09396718ad0c57f648d324dc7709601c79237b30Gregory Szorc — ansible/openssh-lpk: fetch RPMs from S3 (bug 1191078); r=fubar
02e3530379965811442599652762a94017390ccbGregory Szorc — scripts: add script to obtain daily totals from S3
906f0d5958136b9cec9675a681c94b1beae7fff7Gregory Szorc — ansible/openssh-lpk: handle undefined variables properly
68c75155b6e16934b87078a7492f7bd18c986857Gregory Szorc — ansible/openssh-lpk: create directory for CA certs
85540e486f0ff96f26868faae7ba019da7b768d4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: use fakeHome LDAP attribute from home directory
2213ff6b3510f5a5b2440fb70c8bb91d1f0ba912Gregory Szorc — ansible/openssh-lpk: install Mozilla root certificate services cert
10252c2f4bbc9e5d75f46c6eabcf6b20ff4e5bf8Gregory Szorc — ansible/openssh-lpk: install Mozilla root CA certificate
05be1b88610b797b15b2457803dec745a8e4a59bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: pass v-c-t node as a role variable instead of using a lookup
5763da320e1b29e4ea16d0b2eb24cfc69a53cd48Gregory Szorc — ansible: add hgssh stage host to inventory
702fb438f276953535f1e0ffeb1e110c246076a2Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: don't gather facts in first play
8d504e20ef39bdf30ab8d1fe582754696a76659dGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: use proper YAML syntax
0fcf1779935f905fd9b871c4adce87ea461afba9Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: remove hgrc install from hgmo play (bug 1190515); r=fubar
33708c39f96d6b31799e8adbcc531355396a2dc3Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: use hg-ssh role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
f5b5120cce4e0b1ca55c29d339fee66ca9a77b7aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: add logrotate config for hg (bug 1190515); r=fubar
334e8ccfef56be6648b9e841113796e1b64875f1Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install rsyslog config for hg (bug 1190515); r=fubar
3ed1833d98e038a5a6d672f32f8ad52d29b6db4bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: increase SSH MaxStartups and MaxSessions (bug 1190515); r=fubar
1570877cd23de988a4295d97b342a0f0b1d18991Gregory Szorc — pash: use new tinyurl (bug 1190515); r=fubar
a84cc2ae06e06ef48e7c4eda833e08dfa5f09f50Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install pash_wrapper (bug 1190515); r=fubar
c58cf936e83641591c5523f124479abf738996e6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: include hgmo-extensions.yml from roles (bug 1190515); r=fubar
064320676ea391bcd0d501b3524d0f22b0639b3dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: move push scripts into hg-ssh role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
1dc47f2cba81fd82881bf795ea7e8ecf3ed89ea0Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install pash in hg-ssh role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
036be26c82a77dbe7cb419c2ad2f80b549ad5b3aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: move /usr/local/bin creation task (bug 1190515); r=fubar
2e169c6b9834075c8ae7b9b1e079b1c11549ae42Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create scripts directory (bug 1190515); r=fubar
0979836ecdad24a87a1dc7e3f0d8c575aab431b3Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: remove duplicate content (bug 1190515); r=fubar
7e083c3e1f9365e7c74bdab696efff7e714fe5e6Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hgmaster: include hgmo-extensions.yml tasks file (bug 1190515); r=fubar
1c3f586017cb5d84f9c32c22439e4007d3ba2e45Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: format hgmo-extensions.yml (bug 1190515); r=fubar
7d13080b2f56cd36a7a8498771823e2efdcc2415Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: don't create wsgi directory from shared tasks (bug 1190515); r=fubar
3d74b0621551b7cffa2b0e3f0fe7f50f8a04cba4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: remove web references from hgrc (bug 1190515); r=fubar
8a759239d01de456e333c03581a5f3359499c69aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: move pushlog web files to hg-web role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
193b62b94293240eeced1df5045543c8d3afa35aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: move templates modification to hg-web role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
d684a65f06b62f003bf54f7b8e752bcba32e143eGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: use rsyslog (bug 1190515); r=fubar
aa68bdc469a603593aa718e0ab64dfb79707ed9dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: move replication SSH key from docker-hg-ssh to hg-ssh role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
d56ca3f52cbca486d88e75b35ffdfccfebe3073cGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: install Python 2.7 (bug 1190515); r=fubar
fc46f44709f95439c89263b66408291167717091Gregory Szorc — ansible: extract IUS repository configuration to own role (bug 1190515); r=fubar
2b7276ed597e636b2676f10b079f2509953abdafGregory Szorc — pash: grab URLs from config file (bug 1190516); r=fubar
f1df217276bf72db3558427c3a706f9b079c0676Gregory Szorc — pash: grab LDAP URI from settings file (bug 1190516); r=fubar
3b0e729bc3d9f04e5c1bb70c5eba71cd5077a3ecGregory Szorc — pash: reformat imports in (bug 1190516); r=fubar
7e95ce41fc207f37b5350f72c3642933c3ee8412Gregory Szorc — pash: grab LDAP credentials from a file (bug 1190516); r=fubar
4bddc6bde009d850afd9810f9cce2b6dd23ceb4bGregory Szorc — pash: remove executability of (bug 1190516); r=fubar
bb8550e36ca3d8a0193a44f902f228caf87fb3d1Gregory Szorc — pash: remove verbose users support (bug 1190516); r=fubar
5e4eff738e1f70024191bffdbb524a57c6f973beGregory Szorc — pash: reformat (bug 1190516); r=fubar
4c86dfa216787caed08c6f4daa2f62d084932e75Gregory Szorc — pash: add MPL license header (bug 1190516); r=fubar
48b1c62b2e01385eb0b35aa4d37d0fc2a599f923Gregory Szorc — pash: remove execute bit from (bug 1190516); r=fubar
ffed96be1576ab3ee5dbde5ff5ce40fa628da4a9Gregory Szorc — hghooks: deduce repository path from filesystem path (bug 1190494); r=RyanVM
1878866a25a2809a56cff9571492689763836278Gregory Szorc — scripts: configure PYTHONPATH when pulling repos
a502fb4b12f77cd340387cf115096a164d3f26b8Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: globally install push_printurls hook (bug 1189566); r=fubar
0379ead6bb3dba9f8ee10f7ecdf6b14153dd6827Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove hooks overrides when pulling (bug 1189938); r=fubar
ab6c39a6dc72bfcbd0542b2be27b77340acc5ae5Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: install file in mozhghooks directory (bug 1189938); r=fubar
704a3d3f4f75c550ffaf3316719e2a8074cf0330Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: compress and remove old parsed Mercurial logs (bug 1189938); r=fubar
2b8157e0d0d49a17462a864c721e83ddc7cc1313Gregory Szorc — testing: add Mercurial 3.5 to test environment
4f34ad87ec408991cd3f8564b58e507ff4f892bcGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: fix typo in mirror-pull script
3b725cad11ec59dd034f68f3dadd1e8fcd4aed65Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install rsyslog policy for hg (bug 1189449); r=fubar
fd1d6c334aa532c00fc5c98bfa9ad50f8072f944Gregory Szorc — scripts: add script to efficiently sync hg repos from a manifest (bug 1189449); r=fubar
9c2e16406c066b61d9c773b396f8b33d1543e2d9Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: add futures to tools virtualenv (bug 1189449); r=fubar
2a76ba261246b7d810346eab0ae1bab6d724d59cGregory Szorc — scripts: script to create a manifest of available repositories (bug 1189449); r=fubar
a06266682b3c7daf26f1a4b2f79eb8b56ff0d00aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create a virtualenv for tools (bug 1189449); r=fubar
a925e797adade1f06042255229d7037456966814Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: rename requirements.txt to requirements-hgweb.txt (bug 1189449); r=fubar
372b0d077662f051577b967216feb802a543d804Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install SSH known_hosts file for hg user (bug 1189449); r=fubar
1a396014b8fae0f84a327d89dd3594884bb1e725Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg: install mirror SSH key in hg-web role (bug 1189449); r=fubar
0e166000f3cabd5b2768194da7180dc775a67ae4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: ensure httpd service is started (bug 1189449); r=fubar
c7a5d6cac5872fadcbae3d36047cd273dea69c5fGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install WSGI files from version-control-tools (bug 1189449); r=fubar
3f2e9146fab4e9a56a91388f95dff5199bc7603bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install other system packages (bug 1189449); r=fubar
35ffd92a1f9d9fc5b117b809d4090dc888f651dfGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: don't update httpd configs in entrypoint script (bug 1189449); r=fubar
c27a8761d336cd201321a22948d41e960f00fdffGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: make all httpd prefork settings configurable (bug 1189449); r=fubar
b2aacc18c9c920427f6fa02b04dcee6b6c2cefdaGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: move lockfile and repo-group to hg-web role (bug 1189449); r=fubar
b97c01ad3676340f2f10395d3fbf44f0d5b2e7feGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: move and refactor mirror-pull to hg-web (bug 1189449); r=fubar
727682187aef808e98ca5ee88b7d9064ec69a837Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: clean up package dependencies (bug 1189449); r=fubar
853ac18f5a38776577f7c7e4e3c8698f0067bab1Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: adjust mode of mozbuild-eval sudoers file
383a7a0815710421a03c8f4c84d0eb05d4c64d2fGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create users wsgi directory
3b2343bcd8d926bb43c1f2f861f01925ef45698dGregory Szorc — hgweb-bundle: remove
daf3d23de42d9470889b27f582587e0f2c5c1c2fHal Wine — ansible/hgmo: Add bundles for vcs-sync
6396e57d89cf18ed09d02adbf385bddc02c8c492Hal Wine — Add download URLs for ease of use.
ee22f958c905a19642be2bfd8e918d846a675ad4Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: define host fingerprint for
6ea3d500da28553e05925a7241485873f7a5f877Gregory Szorc — docs: document evaluation (bug 1139218)
74b3e81cbc7c7723fe92fd7166516d8755014776Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: configure chroot environment (bug 1139218); r=fubar, kang
22d810d602d467d9b1023689b430c51936184d0fGregory Szorc — hgweb-chroot: generation of chroot environment (bug 1139218); r=smacleod
8dacf729ffd4ffad738dd3945b1b386530177f9aGregory Szorc — hgweb-chroot: create a C program to containerize evaluation (bug 1139218); r=kang
bd05215b99fe6de7e027bc95552ab63927d67e60Gregory Szorc — hgmo: web command for retrieving info; r=smacleod
142431d76639dae1d570a4a7c4f8131bd5bec86dGregory Szorc — hgmo: support querying file info (bug 1139218); r=smacleod
c9820e18a120901a3d53b48c96f5f5deec6834f0Gregory Szorc — testing: capture output when refreshing
f686e2cf6c6c87dcb569a4fd57bd6a1922a6a26bGregory Szorc — testing: remove
a7e3f98f9983f9e46d94f2b2f82d1623308a8c91Gregory Szorc — testing: normalize references to docker-control
d0009342ec979e6b57204b89fd9dec76017e8cffGregory Szorc — testing: default to using .dockerstate for state tracking
8cd648f3a4e1fb191cb464d8d4b5c5170bec50a6Gregory Szorc — testing: establish a `d0cker` helper script
73a00efc1b2ebf8eb169a43a6278ed9948ce3abfGregory Szorc — testing: unset HGRCPATH when done with Mercurial installs
ab80b4989c28d8eb0372d63293937d2cccbbf971Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: remove unused dockercontrol alias
4ad132de74f76ea184543591056ab72a875c5217William Lachance — Bug 1185676 - Fix for python 2.6 compatibility
fb04f45a10c6b8d6d63cb62f92188327838fe56dWilliam Lachance — Bug 1185676 - Link to perfherder for revisions pushed to try with talos jobs enabled
337bcfa0c44a62d5529a85db9151ad27548dd51bDan Minor — autoland: test non-Try destinations (bug 1183295) r=mdoglio
8e194fe2f4f4d130d3362d447233e858a020040dDan Minor — autoland: support longer tree and destination names (bug 1183295) r=mdoglio
25a3c29b27c88af1e35d2d70a6254b74d29428ccDan Minor — autoland: handle unrecognized trees in treestatus (bug 1183295) r=mdoglio
5f76e4f2e3c794209c0f60b7eec32226221e0158Dan Minor — autoland: support push_bookmark in REST endpoints (bug 1183295) r=mdoglio
fd27dad30a0159479b105eba929c4b4e26f168bcDan Minor — autoland: support transplanting to non-Try destinations (bug 1183295) r=gps
5e23360cd4f7223a2958c9d0577bb5849fbf609dDan Minor — testing: add sleep prior to cloning repos to autoland to work around hgrb test issue (bug 1184602)
7b34222b10fa0da751a575cdd83cca5d7dbe7357Dan Minor — testing: pin autolanddb postgres version to 9.4.3
b21a891ca0076ced7aab75a0e43d1b927f369700Gregory Szorc — bzexport: guard against empty description (bug 1187939); r=smacleod
1654d4b899042bd16a36f581d8f10b07cb313626Gregory Szorc — docs: establish page for Docker
d008cc3e17ed397b3a3e0e3a15e9f643db1e29c6Gregory Szorc — docker: secure pulling of Docker base images (bug 1187544); r=smacleod
770ec8dbe3d14eaa57f95161a71f514f267b02deGregory Szorc — docs: misc updates to extensions page
6d49d10d86919f4d1ba95182355bce643bc4cf9eGregory Szorc — docs: use https:// URL, update version tag
1e79b0994d9338c524a2b1c6a94eb2d0eb481a10Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: use local v-c-t repo when running in Docker (bug 1187981)
cfef7f25bc53bed66fd9a4ec5a930c0112eea189Steven MacLeod — mozreview: carry forward r+s for L3 request authors (Bug 1175166). r=mcote
b52eb8b75687094e36f7610d3760d7b8c92f4608Steven MacLeod — mozreview: refactor post_bugzilla_attachment to allow setting r+ (Bug 1175166). r=mcote
a57982fbbfbe46b51d8573ebf6c60070b278cbabGregory Szorc — bzpost: properly handle unicode in user and description fields (bug 1187522); r=smacleod
d9bc6f6917952ca2f9741b21d8f6e5a4a57905a6Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: self host IUS RPMs (bug 1187981)
db22998099579954b8bcb7355c877ef145904f71Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: fix another typo
43b5bc8aea224f5873652fbb11cf04222a3adc0dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: fix typo in previous commit
57013335aac2dde93bc9b3a6e0e2703ba4527fe0Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: ensure /repo and /repo_local are owned by root
a79bed57d61cfef714a064ddbe5f58dbb41502fdGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: don't redundantly install packages (bug 1187090); r=fubar
9ab6db56c1ec6bfbdf8e9276868f1e34ee0ad5f7Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: remove httpd configs (bug 1187090); r=fubar
60f16695ca2edff174cefc0cf637c3293d669695Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create webroot_wsgi directory (bug 1187090); r=fubar
72dd1270b971fda59d79fbc4d228e9bc697b485dGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install cronie (bug 1187090); r=fubar
b18f712a10680fd1547b3d602dcbcaa456951744Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install an older version of virtualenv (bug 1187090); r=fubar
8c7a8ba2e73e817c88fe3f0dd9dedbfc4ac7b0beGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install mercurial package (bug 1187090); r=fubar
ccd5ee0e9412bc8c1c4b0b416258bb31e3232281Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: remove hgrc from role (bug 1187090); r=fubar
668edc7c1662e5ce9de406f24518d8833d3f8d75Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create hg user and group consistently with production (bug 1187090); r=fubar
ae9be2160fea312655b7e84755549f46a307776aGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: configure hg user's ssh settings (bug 1187090); r=fubar
f7cc48945bc496d35234674e99d9bfa6fba68167Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: create /repo and /repo_local directories and symlinks (bug 1187090); r=fubar
7db3c72ae432ff595db5415ea37f55dca8438351Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-web: make hg-web a role dependency (bug 1187090); r=fubar
245a29a22322dda2b01d3474175e7f935f8dc854Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: configure IUS Community repository (bug 1187090); r=fubar
ef7d31bcabd3a619cac02f5d32c35d2c5a917554Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: don't install python-pygments package (bug 1187090); r=fubar
262fad606d6b360ada4bf456e4ce1c39db3fa5d5Gregory Szorc — scripts: use proper variable when adjusting repo root permissions (bug 1186992)
1178cbd906a6d1909dc9b6af6be4ecd06a7ada33Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1186284 - Remove EOL B2G branches from the printurls commit hook. r=catlee
cba501d98a9a100523f68594ccf09b9d05d4d39aGregory Szorc — scripts: ensure repo root has proper permissions (bug 1186992); r=fubar
9f5db4742f2fd3e6bf35a52585aac07cab8a7337Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: remove outputif from permissions cron (bug 1186992); r=fubar
8e86cbe99820973530d701321801f9d9f941e846Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install CRON to normalize repository permissions (bug 1186256); r=fubar
fc1c07f18570def20ab35e52622d8f92331c26a1Gregory Szorc — scripts: add a script to adjust repository permissions (bug 1186256); r=fubar
5fb72f958a6bbe5c6534eff163ff81b1dbfc6b2cSteven MacLeod — Fixup python syntax error from previous commit.
7ed8fd035bbcca98cd5556340a3b2be5d6b90e75Steven MacLeod — mozreview: start passing cookie authentication when auto publishing (Bug 1184079). r=gps
e7d868fc353b4f040f2d66bf798358535ce302c9Gregory Szorc — hgmo: use modern import syntax; r=smacleod
abbf64f697d8f35284d1e3e04d8284d1031006c3Gregory Szorc — hghooks: obtain Treeherder repo name from hgrc (bug 1185131); r=smacleod
9e500bd59fe0b7c88d1c73cde41e05796a30aa06Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1186021 - Add the mozilla-b2g37_v2_2r branch to the printurls hook and clean up some obsolete branches. r=gps
8e57a7a589dbc4e1b98e47d6e110d76f448b1741Dan Minor — testing: fix docker hostname logic on linux
acf22a729906c3c27d36d2162d7f2bec3267b837Dan Minor — mozreview: Change waiting for Autoland message to include information about tree closures (bug 1182583) r=smacleod
f08dc013e3d82d78d018d5ad67f36ce97d4c3ebbGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add sleep to patch over test failure (bug 1184602)
52807622f946c97c437c1d5aa02048d9bc443bfaGregory Szorc — hgmo: link to Treeherder when possible (bug 1185023); r=bkero
9803b2c286d371f8f0383aa30d58b8ffc0579637Gregory Szorc — requests: upgrade to requests 2.7.0 (bug 1184593); rs=smacleod
f94766a5b64e040fd175feb957e4e86a017f1709Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: filter remote output on local ui instance (bug 1184599); r=smacleod
be3a76fc00ddcaa4c39a93bb4b865ddf1ab9b654Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: detect special output as single string; r=smacleod
8726ead2297a0a381490ebe06e568b7ff7a7b617Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor filter logic; r=smacleod
6efc3b349d2af01df8f39f6fc7197b275a6e23e4Mauro Doglio — mozreview: fix commit table borders (Bug 1178025); r?smacleod
0bec35a8229ec6798f1a242aa69c4ca041079c70Gregory Szorc — testing: don't adjust sys.path when invoking nose tests
31036700daaebf745a214fc9240c438900a3ab7bGregory Szorc — testing: do not retrieve stdout and stderr from executed commands by default
f1d00568d5464d72f54e8858faaf07a4629f0928Gregory Szorc — testing: don't use nose multi process mode unless count > 1
3856ef54b81268d81560b84d2f32a79d8cc4a757Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade some packages in the testing virtualenv
ef0e2a6d1727edea1ff26b4a4df4504923be4c90Gregory Szorc — testing: discover last images in ensure_images_built
9ccb46dc08154fa982a8fadcf3af434749125a52Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade to docker-py 1.3.0
cd5b3d3d31273a7e36ac6c16fc9d3bb2d605fd77Mark Cote — docs: Add Docker installation instructions to Hacking MozReview (bug 1181773).
9eeeeab4ebb3e9a95129d4952cd12c58532a4bfcDan Minor — testing: disable failing autoland selenium tests
d558ddea8f6f0873b0bdf084423198b78f8e814dGregory Szorc — scripts: remote copy S3 object to reset lifecycle expiration (bug 1182739); r=bkero
7e25a04481f0070938bd622018a9792ab6026debDan Minor — testing: Update autoland tests to use clone of hgrb repositories (bug 1174752) r=mdoglio
ae57f2d7d12fef8c26035ee0bd8b3ae0c97a71f1Dan Minor — testing: clone created repos in autoland container (bug 1174752) r=gps
e1f8f363a9dfe0d4f9325d6747fb99e377b4a1b1Dan Minor — autoland: provide better default for missing repo path (bug 1174752) r=mdoglio
b85fdcfd0a8156a59e597a983521f794803fe39dDan Minor — testing: add autoland startup test (bug 1174752) r=mcote
39523daa511f353cef0b311526da1b5ca0ba836dDan Minor — testing: add poll option to mach autoland status commands (bug 1174752) r=mcote
37762e7798edba06fff3b472f89aca8cfe2752c6Dan Minor — testing: create autoland ldap user for testing (bug 1174752) r=gps
67410b38baba9117f7a21aa00a48da726f630fa7Dan Minor — testing: link autoland container to hgrb (bug 1174752) r=gps
45f5a094da6201c7a08762bb01dca39a6b14cae1Dan Minor — autoland: remove testrun monitoring code (bug 1181139) r=mdoglio
8684c0cbdd13f0c528401cd647d68fa1d03c49d5Gregory Szorc — docs: document impact of bundle clone on
2a066f303af541216a7f160803f0ae6df7591069Gregory Szorc — docs: add article on architecture
3cc77a4359bf8f8fcfe9ab363b6ac7bc131e75a6Gregory Szorc — mozext: restore compatibility with Mercurial 3.1 (bug 1182177)
5399dcd53f3b57228d9fd081ef1c4da0ddd96e34Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: generate S3 bundles for cedar
52f4ade3ec722b3415b8091948001b196d265642Mike Conley — mozreview: make reviews and reviewers columns in commits table more flex-y (bug 1178025); r=mdoglio
3d2281b5ceb76b943f6ac4e39fa9a7ebd4891238Dan Minor — mozreview: change waiting for autoland message to be more specific (bug 1180366) r=mdoglio
55a5c504be06fd8d0ea940a8ff946fff187faeeaGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: fix path to daily log processing script
fcbc77ee784efc133a910290b879e13a18901793Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: produce bundles for more repositories
3b434f336e52683069793bfb0eebbb5eaffaeef6Gregory Szorc — serverlog: teach repo-totals-by-day to print per-command stats
9cbdf0e00a7013fda2170025cd45066163487078Gregory Szorc — serverlog: parse additional hgweb commands from URLs
4877c008c730c42efc291d83dc156609efb82c1eGregory Szorc — serverlog: generate hourly daily aggregates
4e97660da01e76165a90308d979cc08a9c124245Gregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: remove CRON to aggregate S3 logs
e16fffddfd36b3add42df8381f6080ae9b427f8bGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: fix typo in CRON definition
b4e90a985e1be887e0158b8a3bfadc69bc330c49Gregory Szorc — serverlog: write daily logs with periods as delimiter
1592cdaaa677e2fd7da52150538c8415463c72b8Gregory Szorc — serverlog: parse hgweb commands out of URL
903c12ba77c82c62134aac654688d796209bf7acGregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: install CRON to generate daily hg logs
fce1db104487b0f4ccbb4568e2adfb1cbc3d5926Nick Alexander — Bug 1173441 - Optimize pushhead(tree) revset. r=gps
32e3f6f8a94fae7f626b3588eeb136ddb6e32546Nick Alexander — Bug 1173441 - Pre: Add |hg pushlogsync --reset| to wipe local pushlog and start fresh. r=gps
f581b31665954888bdd7732cd8bbb8c5935d186bGregory Szorc — serverlog: add script to writing parsed logs into daily files
603b7a47c0a7985f0fba7db54071ef09b3ba0076Gregory Szorc — serverlog: add ability to filter dates from
af11dc45fc0e343029daea2944262a39c391a712Gregory Szorc — serverlog: don't parse values unless necessary
15d55fa09cc9c1f29e7f1c305d468c272cf29a16Gregory Szorc — docs: document how to create new review repositories
d7af1f2c0dd5c9852af6486b6afb5b2faabfcb3fMark Cote — mozreview: Use a more comprehensible error message when the Bugzilla cookie has expired (bug 1178811). r=smacleod
91fc0a7dc8ba99542201d6f13e7ba287ad0e13e2Gregory Szorc — deploy: support for creating review repositories
4da2bcfbfdf1b199dc11214736bb3514b2eeb4b8Gregory Szorc — testing: ability to add Review Board repositories via CLI
69d394514f5cb743c3dc6dc263272903b951898cGregory Szorc — testing: make username and password configurable
35c5204a721da9f1a799bc4883b2ab777d05bbd7Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: prevent reviews with public changesets (bug 1178957); r=smacleod
cd3c4b18f6a2a83d5fc4d4cc88e8486107612697Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: don't drop revs argument when redirecting (bug 1178957); r=smacleod
166a4edb819600ce134354559f4aa96445fe6577Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: support for publishing review requests (bug 1177945); r=smacleod
c3d765303983f30dff6e4745664062e44dde52b8Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: send reviewer info to client (bug 1177945); r=smacleod
6198afa21ddaf27a3e5043d060b2bcc783aa914aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: consider draft review requests for public state; r=smacleod
3844a8f4b6588395153e4b3103055d3b7ce64af2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: return review data as dicts, capture reviewers; r=smacleod
3673ef4c77dc248a126048e73a42a95d79e70201Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: remove duplicate code around review request updating; r=smacleod
ac73c5bffeb407cbfa4c6fe215d6ee57908c908fGregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor update_review_request; r=smacleod
73c38bf5132b93875d4f3f1e8254d00a1dd49be4Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: require client to advertise capability knowledge; r=smacleod
12181608f87bb922d5891fcb34dcfa3b47963b3eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor response parsing into common function; r=smacleod
747d69bca2dda2bc4b37ab70b73960e68edffa90Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: refactor common protocol formulation logic into function; r=smacleod
aee6fa3dd6055f7cd1bae622e28a210d8c8c978aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: check capabilities on client; r=smacleod
ed6ebe22cc58322f0c5c831149de8b6d0c263e06Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: verify capabilities when pulling review metadata; r=smacleod
2d94298ca29fe3ffede89efb6ba2730eb03be2f3Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: look for capabilities in mozreview capability; r=smacleod
b04b53fb5e533968915b687af437c4a7eafdac20Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: advertise features in mozreview capability; r=smacleod
76cc05a0d6dbf90bb5f798eb0985e5012e996e8cGregory Szorc — reviewboard: properly send error responses; r=smacleod
12e3f7f6d58300a1fbaeecbdcaf93a6d8f51742bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: clean up imports; r=smacleod
8cf5bf25580b9a53b6debab84414bd227e5d9dcdGregory Szorc — ansible/hgmo: periodically aggregate S3 logs
62dfcd2ca7bf3686aaa7e00e866d83364437b45aGregory Szorc — ansible: download RPMs and install from local disk
6318a3c3a7946aa49a90299928ef3867f2ff6417Steven MacLeod — mozreview: delete MozReviewUserProfile objects when pruning users. r=gps
f7e9cbae80354888112791db1b5d0b6883dbfc24Steven MacLeod — mozreview: workaround mysql when pruning users. r=gps
5cbe65b797ec3ea45195b69d6333e6ce70d938b7Steven MacLeod — mozreview: add function to prune inactive users (bug 1171274). r=gps
5bf625387f7b2b2059747b39d7508fe7dcf54b87Gregory Szorc — mozreview: limit which users are auto populated (bug 1171274); r=smacleod
268bdfaa7ac19981648729c502cc4cfbda80ecb2Ben Kero — Bug 1171704: ansible/hgweb: switch hgweb wsgi to venv
14754f05d688174eca791f51c6f3e49f2cb8e776Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: ensure /repo/hg/webroot_wsgi files are owned by hg (bug 1118267)
eee760f91a94826ba2a2dcb1b86a58afab1c01faGregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: touch mozhghooks file
d1452ce985f5068c908d380a78eb0ad4725441a6Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-prod: manage reviewboard-hg1
02b9fba1545b790c6c0f40a0554760b073f7a423Gregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-prod: advertise deployed revision
ca7e015cc95f55e53222e35860c038b6656a1b93Steven MacLeod — mozreview: display rebases in parent changedescriptions (Bug 1177585). r=mdoglio
438ce97190d6e98337573f3dadeae497f5f230fdMark Cote — mozreview: Further improve documentation about Bugzilla flag integration (bug 1172938). r=smacleod
cdf3e49374890a0885c779840ba8451e7e4f6425Botond Ballo — mozreview: fix review reply links posted to bugzilla (bug 1152903); r=smacleod
4d6865755492e57e6e64e69d4231c91bb1eedbc4Mark Cote — mozreview: Always record cookies in session when logging in (bug 1177454). r=dminor
114cb4c8b5b67a8495ae17b910d4ee32337f5534Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-hg-ssh: install pushrebase extension
d47907078cd7c53b02b325689db0b80dc1e1f4e9Gregory Szorc — push-to-try: change test to not use `stat`; r=smacleod
ca9f7d9556fd3d36dcf8e9b7e1fc4a1bbeb95461Gregory Szorc — testing: restore MOZREVIEW_SSH environment variable support; r=smacleod
dee36498fadf8451145bc8f31e595f05564c9b3eMauro Doglio — Mozreview: fix shipit counts on drafts (Bug 1176972)
52e8c797f981a0cfc4a960f9d2ebabeb7113ed02Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: don't create a changedescription on first push (Bug 1176990)
b99a9d632225cec47f6bc329d3fcf8fc4342e08cGregory Szorc — bzpost: print full changeset data (bug 1177022); r=smacleod
9820b017459e8f1e6bac2c2cdd22aafde2f344eaGregory Szorc — bzpost: introduce multiple line commit messages; r=smacleod
3797e61a3b90e6f98b67ec9d2e049240e65b1a3eGregory Szorc — testing: more clearly format bug comments in YAML; r=smacleod
c90d5dab7ec1007844a1951bc1695b2c7b5016c1Mark Cote — mozreview: Update docs to reflect per-commit ship-its (bug 1172938).
329df390ddbc0fdd156618a579ebcf186f2b37c7Dan Minor — autoland: mock out treestatus check during testing (bug 1175146) r=mdoglio
b9fed90821eb9deecd1cc5adf34c76f4b67a6e82Dan Minor — autoland: add module to handle configuration
e0129d27ef88222b7ea87cc76db4ff8993452314Dan Minor — Remove operating system specific errors from test-clone.t (bug 1176302) r=gps
b99d75db6e83fe1cd8ea59556b1613801679cf9fSteven MacLeod — mozreview: restrict try pushes to scm_level_1 (Bug 1160520). r=dminor r=mdoglio
3fe7eeddbe13dd674729b1f570b953b432b905fbSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add webapi decorator to check scm groups (Bug 1160520). r=dminor r=mdoglio
a86dae0bd124c3200430ee31e75a2ce738b9a947Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add method to query scm level group membership (Bug 1160520). r=gps r=dminor
cd02b1304775a50099a3d374a6fa5db345c308dbSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Install python-ldap in the mozreview-virtualenv (Bug 1160520). r=gps
f01d30ec2204af71e95fc0b418cd7f268ab50e1dSteven MacLeod — mozreview: add extension settings for ldap (Bug 1160520). r=gps
59f861b3114016248c683970505259e5e2c32cc5Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add a bind-mozreview account to ldap container (Bug 1160520). r=gps
2a38d1180615b9db65815a15f968994663f19c24Dan Minor — autoland: remove unused mozdef code
b80548b5e8b8366a5428403e50f5acd44a0d9c29Dan Minor — autoland: remove unused ldap code
00f6eb339357a53571bbc7ace0f4bb8bcb9a59fbGregory Szorc — mozautomation: parse "back out changesets" syntax (bug 1176949); r=smacleod
c91e7871fb1732f5a6dcc37d1b819ab14d5b27a2Gregory Szorc — mozreview: ensure displayed text is str; r=dminor, smacleod
9b6298098072ae8eb3f490a67f5af88609470469Steven MacLeod — mozreview: fixup reference to now non-existent rootReviewRequest; r=mconley
643f6eda43052107fdc46983489e4b41af50e511Mauro Doglio — Mozreview: reduce commit message truncation (Bug 1176103)
2b8696c306e47b42fda87c28e4975c5b28cc9e2eDan Minor — autoland: fold imported pullrequests (bug 1171981) r=gps
ba0d3e130bdc930fb5ffd2ea64e44a50eeca13d6Dan Minor — mozreview: fix extracting bugid from pullrequest response r=mdoglio
c4ee5436e47830a884cfa7244ce44ce06f60c071Gregory Szorc — mozreview: add some images to work around Review Board collectstatic issue; r=smacleod
81f2e9f64239c3782b06166e9fa0c67565188560Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: update test output to reflect added instructions
6f6d28dbba2c6e152f9104974bc135090f3eda89Gregory Szorc — ansible/docker-rbweb: use mozreview-virtualenv role (bug 1176044); r=smacleod
97da2a201e230d7fe9b3026d007e5d18262e9b02Gregory Szorc — ansible/reviewboard-dev: use the mozreview-virtualenv role (bug 1176044); r=smacleod
470dbc0cea5d3c2a3f29e2f406e19d451ebf61ceGregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-virtualenv: install Review Board via pip; r=smacleod
79ac68d94438d7bbe3865539e1b4d389cea7ecbeGregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-virtualenv: install peep from local copy; r=smacleod
eec3cb91ccb0703da2a87c080f1b07884d5d9cabGregory Szorc — ansible/mozreview-virtualenv: work without Mozilla Yum repo; r=smacleod
55eea0294ae1340bee03cf06230160ab277429ebGregory Szorc — ansible: extract MozReview virtualenv creation to own role (bug 1176044); r=smacleod
0167607d5ee7526bf3964722b78b4738e4b83528Gregory Szorc — ansible/reviewboard-admin: don't install Djblets through easy_install; r=smacleod
d44573800306c22a82262830d419ac7784081ddeGregory Szorc — testing: easily create configured clones of review repositories; r=smacleod
d4512ded0fce8bb81fb126121789475a8cbd7967Gregory Szorc — testing: store credentials for created users; r=smacleod
cf6c2e65c5d6a54ed8bc877682a2f99565a383ceGregory Szorc — testing: rewrite mozreview-ssh as a Python script; r=smacleod
214085ca8419905bf783890ceb11add623185533Gregory Szorc — testing: use `mozreview create-user` to create users; r=smacleod
a306027041efc6205addaaecc576e84af5e85938Gregory Szorc — testing: add Bugzilla group support to `mozreview create-user`; r=smacleod
83cee78bea9b0c9adcbd296b73a930726c2239f9Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Test ldap association (Bug 1160517). r=gps
9a386b03cdb4af769760356ae2c2921be21eb47dSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Update ldap username when posting to Review Board (Bug 1160517). r=gps r=dminor
d88dbe12eef0dd4e142d77b9ab0aa04358dc790bSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add function to update ldap association (Bug 1160517). r=gps r=dminor
716cb1879a6e898e987cbb3c787ecf5214bf0ffcSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add mach command for dumping ldap association (Bug 1160517). r=gps r=dminor
75e4089be65ecaed981578b019ed728357fca056Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add user for hg server to talk to Review Board (Bug 1160517). r=gps r=dminor
5340d4a8f35577d386f0ea924984d63a1262ae09Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add resource for retrieving and modifying ldap associations (Bug 1160517). r=dminor r=mcote r=mdoglio
d94adcc206df14c3667df9585143c6dc947b4fe3Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Add middleware to attach MozReviewUserProfile to request (Bug 1160517). r=mcote
bf6bc79067973fe78a2e9ce7233ba782230a03f3Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Create model for storing MozReview user information (Bug 1160517). r=mcote
7f42763f612b8a82f57afd525cf2ed3b7bebf943mdoglio — mozreview: server-side rendering of the commit list (Bug 1135396)
084da1c1e4edaa2eb492df7fc843d1c39cd9091eDan Minor — mozreview: autoland url should point to root of Autoland REST API (bug 1175593) r=mdoglio
12f67a8595ab0b9718a6bb9a87c1ff5af072b250Dan Minor — autoland: read default database dsn from config.json
2607c650897b65f3d89b16c9624795fa87c40989Dan Minor — autoland: only log exception in main loop if it is different than previous one
16efae4deeaa48234ccea9297b580a5e3f1340c3Dan Minor — autoland: fix get_dbconn
a22e9ec9831d4d37f3afb68eccb3407b1ce3355aDan Minor — autoland: attempt to reconnect if database connection drops
ffb93c5840e9a9afc29baf4fb25e99a505b5799bDan Minor — mozreview: fix test failure; r=smacleod
48da04d37b7184ecd87c7b37054b2b3be1d67ee0Gregory Szorc — mozautomation: detect "backout XXX" syntax (bug 1175584); r=smacleod
d5577e638dc8541c30ffebf5f7cdda48381f09feDan Minor — mozreview: add import page for github pullrequests (bug 1148297); r=smacleod,r=mdoglio
2c7e9049081fe77e2a201fad5671f59be1c334ddBen Kero — Backed out changeset c857db59c4b2
c857db59c4b28069e187f5b888025b80393f27f2Ben Kero — ansible: hg-web: switch hgweb to use py27 and venv
200339bf36557117e5e1e71bfa0bf54289836d43Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-ssh: activate pushrebase extension (bug 1117857); r=smacleod
205aa5ca29181893b973449405d3177dd47640f2Gregory Szorc — pushrebase: add smoke test (bug 1117857); r=smacleod
269b27fdf656fb425f006470bd1bbe91ae69fd97Gregory Szorc — pushrebase: mark compatibility with 3.4 (bug 1117857); r=smacleod
9ffb886c84a3eaac2aaa533e19026c9efe5f8f6fGregory Szorc — pushrebase: add README (bug 1117857); r=smacleod
3033ad4d0a19ffe982617a81e892aa086bce7b7bGregory Szorc — pushrebase: add extension (bug 1117857); r=smacleod
2090de68937da9ef3a50a6566a8a55036a4bacccSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Upgrade to Review Board 2.0.17; r=me
28d25cb015fb4a6d078c0f54ee351ff69170d98dGregory Szorc — testing: remove handling of Python 2.7.9 breakage
970f3ea71c76f77265c73d95f2c1f926cf6b1ad5Gregory Szorc — testing: explicitly list packages needed for requests[security]
1cbece0488a5dd3d29162ebfa607fa0203b49c5aSteven MacLeod — testing: Installs requests with [security]; r=me
6804a727ec8db8082093407d31c86a031953be59Dan Minor — reviewboard: Add expanded error messages for APIErrors when looking up reviewers (bug 1174884)
f74490b89b2fe021d009611e76c60c1b79289269Gregory Szorc — mozreview: remove egg building functionality
8e44ceee409e4a7155c8d24d20f8e66454591e05Gregory Szorc — pushlog: restore pushlog info on changelist pages (bug 1171673)
d923f5508e555004c08106303d8c07b78a515240Steven MacLeod — mozreview: upgrade Djblets to 0.8.20 (Bug 1174353); r=me
9e9ddb067fce0976e31f387949fc7f6943075b58Botond Ballo — testing: bump the 'requests' version to 2.7.0 (bug 1173532); r=mcote
73cdd012d8ef4ada4d615f1a8f45c98d83be4e22Botond Ballo — testing: avoid timing out while waiting for containers to bootstrap (bug 1173528); r=mcote
24ab764db8f1c61e33c55dd1b874e1809f11a533Gregory Szorc — hgmo: don't resolve milestone when only cheap attributes are wanted (bug 1174554); r=smacleod
364e671fcbe3d224c93877e0f0090c775810b6c6Dan Minor — docs: add details on how to work with patches (bug 1098265)
ef0bddc481c716ce4ed00a9dffaed986ee707d97Dan Minor — autoland: retry autoland requests if the destination tree is closed (bug 1174256) r=mdoglio
9791e5bf2c0bf87d689fd986687d6a4a7e4dd246Dan Minor — autoland: stop retriggering failed jobs (bug 1163751) r=mdoglio
4fe650ba54887797fdb579622fadbe41d98cd837Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Generate git style diffs (Bug 1161791); r=gps
2cf30004652a99a39a637ba8eab4120b178b7456Dan Minor — autoland: fix broken import path
ff30f02f8b6c19455888242702a93acec785ed97Gregory Szorc — ansible/reviewboard-admin: specify SHA-1 of wheel packages
eec99226460af544746a799650011dd8683acbd0Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Upgrade Review Board to 2.0.16 (Bug 1161792). r=gps
f74a7a7f5e86105b8429b33822529e2231e7c8d1Birunthan Mohanathas — hghooks: Reject commit messages with 'r?' (bug 1173881). r=gps
8542fdeeb5963c0832e912a99224c7e7a7881ed7Gregory Szorc — testing: detect stopped Docker containers when waiting for servers (bug 1173880)
ae4f313eab828e2780cd215a99ea41e71994dc5dGregory Szorc — mozautomation: be more strict about what constitutes reviewer syntax (bug 1173605); r=dminor
0ac18a3c3443c78ca0a28aa705951fb738275235Wes Kocher — Bug 1173560 - Remove duplicates from the list of bugs shown in hg.m.o's metadata r=gps
da434d554b4fc6115738caeb843f92038f20a727Gregory Szorc — testing: pin pip and setuptools versions
62327fdb5b35359d24f04cbc4a492a13c464bf81Gregory Szorc — mozreview: properly detect multiple heads (bug 1173186); r=smacleod
91e0ca68582ba2cba38d9edd7b705e804df5af13Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: define WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL} (bug 1172739)
d1ad55d938c653a563d1cc108fa3a90550ea6dbbGregory Szorc — testing: make bmoweb compatible with upstream
bb733c114e9bf6dcb6b223e3fec2b201f24282e8Gregory Szorc — hgmo: add --hgmo flag to hg serve (bug 1172677); r=smacleod
699ad37d7b67a92ce90609490b599e7fa499e480Gregory Szorc — ansible/hg-web: use wsgi_processes variable in vhost.conf
8f1a26f2f40db28865b31dc0f33461a60c27ad1bGregory Szorc — testing: refresh bmoweb ElasticSearch patch
f927643f755526f3ec6bca4ede183d759c94c62cGregory Szorc — hgmo: use proper mercurial error symbols
1e055522318ee421c9f3775b1ef3f88f2a3eb621Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: correct logrotate file source
1c53c6e8c44b4d9081974611e70a0cc27fc3d64eBen Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: add logrotate .d file for /var/log/hg.log
63e4063994b4e2f16abe49169be0d87b62977677Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: bugfix wsgi user cronjob
b17087de00a00f0fd2eb0ff10923ff818708dd0eGregory Szorc — ansible: pin pip version until peep is compatible
95b01d7a3913a0924831cf558a338e7530b79c12Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: add script and associated cronjob
cd29abfad8beee4576268b46775fd1046bf4a45cBen Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: add hg user ssh pubkey for mirroring
c5de893cfb7d5049d49f1f28cf6aebdad914ac89Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: remove logdir owner/group as they default to correct
69fdf0795acd8d9bc32db414626b05d3fef41192Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: rebase vhost.conf template off production version
bf2cf01690e9e9941758708e6e7f3e0bdccabc3bBen Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: fix missing template extension in vhost module
222ab01b3bdf09d8cae07a65c72cbea96327f822Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: fix templates missing '_'s in some variable names
5ef2b23385b278a66287e7dd2283cc5b858ea830Ben Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: replace mistaken copy command for template command for httpd.conf and vhost.conf modules
d971fb4c77ad7d8a3340fc9c976c8fc7753c400aBen Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web remove uid from hg user module as it is different on hgweb hosts
ecd97c63ce95c84d16069a3fbef00a2252dd6d5cBen Kero — ansible: roles/hg-web: default vars using other vars need quotes
f95ef3ee11d28a7f25ec945945250684769e1aa3Dan Minor — reviewboard: add warning for unrecognized review (bug 1164127); r=gps
e92f7ca44c35eb9c575da6a6cbb30a7235a2891eBen Kero — Bug 1171714: ansible/hg-web: add logrotate config file
0020e8d6f4f11c06d48560078e93a5af7812b932Ben Kero — Bug 1171714: ansible/hg-web: add mod_wsgi resource to mirror puppet
665b371a383091c65c8c306714c7c775aa393aabBen Kero — Bug 1171714: ansible/hg-web add httpd config
e133b2e437f58415a3af603ae3bd4c5aaf842d46Ben Kero — Bug 1171714: ansible/hg-web add resource to create hg user
272dc139076386ba81395e019261cebef2408074Ben Kero — Bug 1171714: ansible/hg-web: add logrotate resources to ansible
f745a3129f4524305f77213f0a06b75ac61e8e39Ben Kero — Bug 1171714: ansible/hg-web: add python library system packages
b35e63b8512b4f4cc232b16c0b7cb190f0efb7e4Gregory Szorc — hgmo: use colspan=2 for backed out message; r=glandium
bf66b82bd431b8bb0815e460721329425bf29134Gregory Szorc — pushlog: don't add pushlog info to changelists (bug 1171673); r=smacleod
23419994cdc556e7936bd6814d043e678e9fd12fGregory Szorc — mozautomation: avoid IndexError on empty input
855c108c6d16267feaa9f571409fa5f6c119d78bGregory Szorc — mozautomation: better handle newlines when parsing reviewers; r=smacleod
87cabc8985cb1de81f9010787a59c02926c7c5caGregory Szorc — ansible: activate hgmo extension on hgweb machines (bug 1171321); r=bkero
081f4808b593d9de0292f49d37012899ffb693b6Gregory Szorc — hgmo: show that a commit was backed out (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
68752046218fde9174b1eca32480f8b96ecdbf6eGregory Szorc — hgmo: link to backed out changesets on per-changeset page (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
eb454545b4dfa291ae6bd5bcdfab3163d5228d80Gregory Szorc — mozautomation: support for parsing backouts from commit messages (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
129ffe82c2d9d7846a8743e055bede3a2e78f78fGregory Szorc — hgmo: expose and hyperlink revset for reviewers (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
57bda639f3facdc852240fa3191b9c7927b86d21Gregory Szorc — hgmo: add milestone to changeset output (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
f39448d0b95bf08142e7caa413a140947826bb89Gregory Szorc — hgmo: render reviewer and bug list in hgweb (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
8e5585e70cf3f8fd831d27a2c1df71a9857ab140Gregory Szorc — pushlog: render pushlog info in more places in hgweb (bug 1171321); r=smacleod
3bd9ec28453ffb4f3b38254d0ff0988db934afdbGregory Szorc — pushlog: defer imports; r=smacleod
bfc0189cf15b5556982f97bd078f701509d7b136Gregory Szorc — ansible: purge ignored files from version-control-tools checkout
3e65e4b31b86c10d23d9f6318ea55bf583a0f263Gregory Szorc — ansible: fix lookup up version-control-tools node
f5c483089feb74f77161da5ef0a92487444e3c61Gregory Szorc — ansible: create version-control-tools repo on hgweb machines (bug 1171321); r=bkero
a2738b2d31cc894da153a5197541941c1dca7beeGregory Szorc — ansible: don't install Mercurial from local clone
8e8e4b7281303087fcd93f5955fc30b194b618d1Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: merge gitweb style changes to gitweb_mozilla (bug 1169656); r=bkero
db47f71dbc15ba9959540ce98d8108e370fac5b2Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize with Mercurial 3.4.1 (bug 1169656); r=bkero
8dbd331c5a37ccd09f711a3392539eac7bbedd44Gregory Szorc — ansible: upgrade to Mercurial 3.4.1 (bug 1169656); r=bkero
5e4fc4d81b17fc979f63a44c905287f940756568Gregory Szorc — testing: use Mercurial 3.4.1
d30d4e0bac8e154f7cfd391de334a4de95711f48Gregory Szorc — ansible: install single_root hook in docker-hg-ssh role
e93b3e22d43720eaff210cd806d363b7e315bbe3Gregory Szorc — ansible: install bundleclone extension in docker hgssh role
e88937e4783df698d6a69e023ad8b524401b92b7Gregory Szorc — testing: use TLS for
fbe2c3357bf905d72935057a3f840f6f71ef8822Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: make compatible with Mercurial 2.6 (bug 1170838); r=smacleod
5fb2f86a6d54a5f86a802cf86a014da2f1f14ed2Gregory Szorc — ansible: globally install single root hook on hgssh (bug 1168887); r=smacleod
946634287746b7395dfb7a1fcbabda5e08f31f26Gregory Szorc — mozhghooks: implement hook to prevent pushing multiple roots (bug 1168887); r=smacleod
f96ac49e3bd48a19df26a273239d6fe110f154b7Chris Manchester — Bug 1162093 - Add a mercurial extension to push any uncommited changes with a particular commit message. r=gps
75d94258ef115592faf499fbab790d97a5771063Dan Minor — testing: set default logging location for reviewboard; r=gps
d05b514e8b71146b7b2aaf9618bdd66d67b283c3Dan Minor — mozreview: disable 'Try' button unless review has been published (bug 1169898); r=mdoglio
04688f7ff035b5e4e0fb7716954c2e515983332dDan Minor — mozreview: disable 'Try' button unless review has been published (bug 1169898); r=mdoglio
7c72bf7befbe0adb04e1c9df870e64527a5f45dbMark Cote — mozreview: Include request submitter's BMO id in review-request summary API (bug 1170544). r=dminor
207c06dff6940235b69d41247faa1b205f550399Dan Minor — autoland: add capability to autofile bug if no bug id is specified
281da957477e6f93cac0cbe31b452dd38aee7d98Dan Minor — testing: add some test cases with different spacing for parse_reviewers
665dfb80447a3dce6831482100fc3c1c02caafb6Dan Minor — reviewboard: we should not reset reviewers if none are specified in commit summary (bug 1169499); r=gps
ab987198243b006b3c308841535c5a815213caf7Gregory Szorc — mozhg: properly compute status when rewriting impacted changesets
bdf66df17f6ae7fe00ce89f74820873df0e95357Gregory Szorc — mozhg: expand rewrite test to demonstrate that file changes are lost
136cd784e4d52aee9192d612723d23b4f6f84eeaGregory Szorc — mozreview: don't call doreview inside the push transaction; r=smacleod
dc0c3c04b8bc130da46d906a04071e117f7f7f0bGregory Szorc — mozreview: update reviews after all data has been read; r=smacleod
e510b2d935e6900adea965c296c9c52ba2e15f1eGregory Szorc — mozreview: abort push when working directory is dirty; r=smacleod
7644daad0b5cdc35430e0713f970eb6c1806fd08Gregory Szorc — mozreview: generate commit IDs when pushing to review repo (bug 1160266); r=smacleod
2bde56e5987929baf74febaa247ef1cd1f6dc09bGregory Szorc — mozreview: refactor code for determining what to review; r=smacleod
3415e7f63d597b1219921b77fb1d378b2aaed84aGregory Szorc — mozhg: implement changeset rewriting API; r=smacleod, dminor
69f8fd87863166e6a10510da67a3c12a523801eaGregory Szorc — mozreview: create per-commit identifiers (bug 1160266); r=smacleod
d5126fc552a0d4db462acb767c0b320981ef2394Hal Wine — docs: how to use ansible for operations
1e3dc51ce00a43894056c554c8e2d2ddd94f54f8Gregory Szorc — ansible: create /repo/hg/scripts directory
0c98ce3ff66bf6ee0cefd4e2460b2dbcd4f92947Hal Wine — bug 1159915 - update whitelist_releng; r=dustin
10e8c5ca90dd84d92947b9c2b8bde96d285446da'Ben Kero' — ansible: rename remaining hgmo-deploy-extensions to simply 'hgmo'
69ead7c679fad11b24458ee0b20f2b907337511e'Ben Kero' — ansible: move deploy-hgmo-extensions.yml to hgmo.yml
0ff433d376f8a75c1a1dde058366fc93099b6832Gregory Szorc — docs: document differences between "stream" and "compression" bundle attributes
5931931b91cc77a4f785b857349ec9b840ab6a8aGregory Szorc — ansible: clone Mercurial repo over https://
761d4ebba151f586ad928eed1e6c395b5930edb3Gregory Szorc — ansible: create a virtualenv for running hgweb; r=bkero
04cf1627fc6d3fe1351701187923061fd4ea980bGregory Szorc — hghooks: use env in shebang (bug 1166065); r=bkero
a27642caa21231521c181101e119bc9c178a9f97Gregory Szorc — ansible: add copy of peep 2.4.1; r=bkero
91dcb3ecf1dd204133cbd9581807ecec73472ff6Gregory Szorc — scripts: don't chown bundle manifest file; r=bkero
03582f902ffe45c7ca690edb3dddaa2399072280Gregory Szorc — docs: emphasize benefits of bundle clone
4c72bdb9213111c80efbb3147cf72687eb5c0549Gregory Szorc — ansible: don't use cronvar module since it isn't available yet
a454a3112d7c58f6b2613c6847c2112126d69c39Gregory Szorc — ansible: install CRON to periodically generate repository bundles (bug 1041173); r=bkero
61df3653b571d86ad414d75149cfb38d3a9bec26Gregory Szorc — hgmo: create a script for writing hg bundles to s3 (bug 1041173); r=bkero
8f6f616a78fdcc304845cf2cbc6266789de6a5acMark Cote — mozreview: Prevent ship-its in the UI from parent review requests (Bug 1055021). r=smacleod
3f29681798d5313ac98a5c12b5f539f0e21e6bbaMark Cote — mozreview: Create attachments for all children (Bug 1055021). r=smacleod
cc2890137dd435281f48c2eed3b160efa402135aGregory Szorc — docs: refactor MozReview review requests page
a26d3f66e1b1ebb33d75348a8af46356e7ff3cdaGregory Szorc — ansible: update v-c-t repo when deploying to reviewboard dev
002eb5fdb996c061dbe4d6e230eae878a69564f0Gregory Szorc — ansible: disable interaction with reviewboard-hg1 due to ansible bustage
e2961331f3795065b3ec0f6a2a651dbfba6fd215Gregory Szorc — ansible: update v-c-t repo on reviewboard-hg during deployment
66b77483f951b62709ef0b1ab22eebef2a15a61cMark Cote — mozreview: Fix BMO ids in summary API (Bug 1055021). r=smacleod
e2aa9e4182acbb9f41d88d026c34f9feb140364aDan Minor — hgext: Deduce reviewers from the "r?<nick>" string in the commit summary (bug 1142251); r=gps, r=smacleod
fc10070d3b23a16fdc0a8aa9232bb64ce3cf1a5bMark Cote — mozreview: Include reviewer BMO ids in summary API (Bug 1055021). r=smacleod
3c3bf3dca15a188c98b90e5d413d7d65e25168ceDan Minor — Do not serialize rid's to strings until necessary (bug 1056849); r=gps
6cb928a6dbf1844e9107290bbc45996ec888d03bMark Cote — mozreview: Ignore orphans in review-request-summary API (Bug 1168119). r=smacleod
cac762cbcab41e088582a37158e4e581ebe81c01Gregory Szorc — testing: add a mechanism to force BMO refresh
91983a82c521b192b9cfad1c63af8b699115f056Gregory Szorc — testing: prettify docker state file
5bf9118cc7d0620aa2bec56ae1ab033c439cbfd3Dan Minor — autoland: change sleep on main loop from 30 to 0.25 seconds
b66851c42d09aa08234f704c49c4a802d9404baaGregory Szorc — testing: update bmoweb patch to work with upstream
392be0afcb49d6ba306a7b3f2b4e042a114774a7Gregory Szorc — docs: document how pre-generated bundles work; r=smacleod
7fd53f81bc94be050db40d2548d092fa8275479dGregory Szorc — bundleclone: do not fall back to regular clone by default (bug 1041173); r=smacleod
8718384306be6eb76f098243dbae738b703603fdGregory Szorc — bundleclone: do not do bundle cloning when stream is requested; r=smacleod
5f3c1b6af8d72f77953d6f0bad133fc972184661Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: support stream bundles (bug 1041173); r=smacleod
94abd3993785d845e43fa1120352bd19a7a2eac2Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: copy stream clone handling code from Mercurial; r=smacleod
adf6779a4ea7582ec553c2630da3c77229ae1ba8Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: support client-side preferences for choosing bundles (bug 1041173); r=smacleod
d83f1eaad53e83139bcb5edfcbc7355b1433a1bbDan Minor — autoland: add mock github3 implementation for testing
98446156a17c4143d5da3557e45da3ea244d7ce2Gregory Szorc — testing: more exactly search for built Docker images
9d77b4a41c0454027a7d24e71a341e0f5c6bd232Dan Minor — autoland: create separate table for mozreview updates
8257f81110110042bc59076792051a4987ed9ecfDan Minor — autoland: share request id sequence between pullrequest and transplant tables
f70d51d1eae3f5542f634e130eefc7e4af65f576mdoglio — autoland: accept try syntax without 'try: ' prefix (Bug 1167172)
52c1c20dfea261d06410bfa37bd6d580d1433e18Gregory Szorc — ansible: remove hgmo-create-s3-bundle playbook
b39ca738d2fed5878286d74e93b2955a3c592f18Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: refactor http server starting into a shared script
05979eb88772507c499ade3c36a4c10a0ac2f13dGregory Szorc — ansible: fix bugs in bundle generation
05ae23aed01cbdb889d9ad41049cab30f71d8017mdoglio — mozreview: catch tryfield render error (Bug 1164965)
e9dc0952f8a53cf74979bde68153a6b0c8e0b189Gregory Szorc — ansible: generate bundles on hgssh machine
de3a89f85f5c836d6dee00a03b86577a9841dc2eGregory Szorc — ansible: pull bundleclone manifests on hgweb machines
f362ffdc344299e7c05aa5933d2fdb4ae578042bGregory Szorc — ansible: enable bundleclone on hgssh
adf8dd89b8af4b96e26a2419c019757491ca2968Gregory Szorc — ansible: playbook to upload a repository bundle to s3
a1671fc9613c6d80d60258d559ffa47c89dc214aGregory Szorc — ansible: activate bundleclone extension on hgweb machines
3fb5e4321eec87c2308aca8f4b85c70514e15939Gregory Szorc — ansible: install bundleclone extension
db6d9e536e800c257ce818d86895a8a61696081cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1166393 - Compare DOM authors case insensitively; r=gps
78412c355e596ad9fc6b62092979970a632d79f4Dan Minor — autoland: initial support for landing github patches (bug 1148297)
da1ae7c0523d73c147cb1f83191091708fa90d89Dan Minor — autoland: always use 'try' revision as result of autolanding to try (bug 1160141); r=gps
1ff226db3a7b6a0bd0e74c03274651a668b590c6Gregory Szorc — ansible: remove some old, commented lines from hgrc files
940ba8a90163cb837d3b1f941b504c170e9fc838Gregory Szorc — ansible: report revision being deployed in IRC message
61514e29364121373abb12b4731ee25781dcaad0Gregory Szorc — ansible: install /etc/mercurial/hgrc on hgweb machines
934bfd06a2b849c71af9ffcf2ad27ddc49e3cf02Gregory Szorc — ansible: add /etc/mercurial/hgrc to Ansible control on hgssh
df623616c0857ee1556bcb86b7495a5f5e928715Gregory Szorc — scripts: add script to count pushes to repositories
58298b34d99184cccdc916f0eeade9545e00c0ceMark Cote — Bug 1139661 - mozreview: Fix link to BMO in error report. r=smacleod
b13a2fe9629426d599f9f1f09eae5b653cf1faa8Gregory Szorc — testing: log in newly-created Bugzilla users (bug 1164688); r=smacleod
59613029d885395890ee7b2ec46d24197d809786Gregory Szorc — ansible: add variable for djblets and review board package versions
35943d03d552850615996491439094ff84c3c423Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Upgrade to Review Board 2.0.15 (Bug 1160176)
9c9ca67d516e13d563811b5b41ca37a477674f72Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Disable RBTools API caching to avoid errors (Bug 1160176)
ff62918a290ef6cb216f97b089d549c941e9287aGregory Szorc — testing: add a decorator to restart MozReview between test methods
3e2bcf0d8fd5a4024df497228f529382943bddefGregory Szorc — testing: add --use-last-tests to run-tests to make tests run faster
e586fce43a3ec4f528eb39ae2cf24ac386902bb2Mark Cote — Reverting accidental checkin.
e971c9bbe39dcc555e4a0327ae723aa756f78bcdMark Cote — Bug 1055021 - mozreview: Prevent ship-its in the UI from parent review requests. r?smacleod
648c6c611469e3bf284511fc33f81fee03227158Mark Cote — Bug 1055021 - mozreview: Create attachments for all children. r?smacleod
3f8db281d1c63c5a55c4811efb4fe1f5b4027635Mark Cote — Bug 1055021 - mozreview: Include reviewer BMO ids in summary API. r?smacleod
1b71828c5e1e13f34bbd252e21d6d2673b422fa6Xidorn Quan — mqext: make 'reviewers' and 'components' accept revisions (bug 1160440) r=gps
d8c81dea6ffa1191f336120d95005205426320ceGregory Szorc — testing: support Ubuntu Ansible containers
bf7af9ac79d59ea2b5970dc9d1b5b7d36fef5d4eDan Minor — autoland: autoland should strip draft revisions after pushing to try (bug 1159822) r=gps
06a663b3df63043c87ee2fa6b042e4ba7cd14937Gregory Szorc — testing: properly unicode handling when writing xunit report (bug 1141720)
268c7489b8ff94ac36ad68ec3812746b1ef0f306Gregory Szorc — add explicit support for Mercurial 3.4 (bug 1162304); r=smacleod
3a5abff4a80b20fc9f34c7aea2fb6a1ab3f09238Gregory Szorc — drop explicit support for Mercurial 3.0 (bug 1162304); r=smacleod
bbf29965c039a9da99e63a1a44561a90db0943c8Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Stop generating parent diffs (Bug 1159860); r?gps
be64a5962d6e4d49617778ec12fb176c85f443f7Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Allow specifying base_commit_id and make parent_diff optional (Bug 1159860). r?gps
8494b9b8e5206c5b96318b10f7d649239471ab18Gregory Szorc — docs: document dependencies on Ubuntu (bug 1162354)
2626181ab759947ca0d1b4df2e4938ae6f4b5a0cSteven MacLeod — MozReview: Add test for preventing publish on commit requests; r=gps
d9dc7ac365f9ab7eb2fc52adb536e3f85e4c0ae9Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Hide problematic actions; r=mdoglio
1e000ccc249f6d0f69174122d3f210ab771b1263Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Stop allowing publish to commit requests (Bug 1162111); r=mdoglio
f76ac55bb0e3283e21c5c67406bbe38207d7b33eSteven MacLeod — MozReview: Hide draft banner buttons on commit requests (Bug 1162111); r=mcote r=mdoglio
de13426b7bc73918cf8fcef8a20fa67fe0a97d07Steven MacLeod — MozReview: Cleanup unused CSS file (Bug 1162111); r=mcote r=mdoglio
c37438d008bc3ca9bababc22e3ca96dfdc71d2ecGregory Szorc — testing: filter out files deleted from source control
a659bd39ace75832166f745a0ce327ece2957e35Benjamin Bouvier — docs: update recommended Mercurial's version.
5631da01aaca33c729c8b21555f8a85e5543ee6fGregory Szorc — docs: more docs around Mercurial versions
6527d2c4c7796d2aed98622d96cee0c9f3ae2656mdoglio — mozreview: use error_msg to report autoland failures (Bug 1158162)
ddc98a1abd9665d3bde0d69aaf09feb1c140072aGregory Szorc — docs: fix links
b7768499ce893bf14ebe32c22ce228218365ed0eGregory Szorc — docs: expand Mercurial issues page
7783167a3db63157dfc3d6425ffd8b3286256441Gregory Szorc — docs: add page about reporting issues with Mercurial
b01d9d92d2033c97e4469ef018bb463747a3feeeGregory Szorc — testing: re-enable supervisor in bmoweb container (bug 1160029)
096a4b09c88c00f6263c0db75d7e1d8a9e2afa54Gregory Szorc — testing: don't use supervisor in bmoweb
cc0bd5af947eca8372062ccb399a601d47ff5ff4Mark Cote — Bug 1055021 - mozreview: Get all review-request summaries for a given bug. r=smacleod
811e4b081af0f72e3d4da1cbe5e5ff4f24d3c51dMark Cote — Bug 1055021 - mozreview: Move extra-data-related functions from rbbz to mozreview. r=smacleod
142b2fe2f15cbccedefa933709337f09a54e05f6Gregory Szorc — ansible: improvements to reviewboard deployment
5ba5c10aeb11a0355d9d85b000fee031746d430fGregory Szorc — ansible: change how mozreview and rbbz are installed
1c7c9b4b7d6f3d5eda185a681f88fdd9c66fda9eMark Cote — Bug 1158908 - mozreview: Switch BugzillaUserMap usage from rbbz to mozreview. r=smacleod
77bd81d5e92f5a0dee29045f7fad7e5c75cee14eMark Cote — Bug 1158908 - mozreview: Add BugzillaUserMap model to mozreview extension. r=smacleod
3807a686f703b847365fc9f5e616c1f198a50fbcGregory Szorc — docs: update documentation to reflect auto-review repository; r=smacleod
0b02cd3885902580f8d956b6b0530f4b231deb58Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: implement automatic repository discovery (bug 1045736); r=smacleod
3e2d3a7ccd73257b7d55839e286e61431e268b41Gregory Szorc — testing: support refreshing bmoweb container (bug 1160029)
869c0940d0306ba2c83b53b7be543ee991250352Gregory Szorc — docker: avoid Docker image depth limits
5e7496099decc61bdc0746a3899daad8895729efGregory Szorc — mozreview: add label for pulse enabled field (bug 1159808); r=smacleod
5f1a18ec85475c613f3afe4247f76c080ea208e1Gregory Szorc — ansible: don't use mirror-pull for clone
651b09c1f89ae55f5f43c9915c421286a2446d58Gregory Szorc — ansible: convert repository re-cloning to a module
2eee039df4c0a94c39e067d61ae398fd51e5c973Gregory Szorc — deploy: support defining list of re-clone repos via file
38ebc7cd4cbfd533f1e258aa54a22a681bfb31b0Rail Aliiev — Bug 1159325 - Tree closure hooks for esr38. r=gps
f3dd894c2ed0a6cdd941b596c5dd9ea05b0a41bfGregory Szorc — ansible: remove references to library_overrides (bug 1159099); r=bkero
a4f976601849dafed6cd901dd17f6d7f3a646ec7Gregory Szorc — hghooks: no-op during pulls (bug 1159099); r=bkero
98ead11582b7c2b7b24a8beeeff4faab97a5c2b6Gregory Szorc — testing: support refreshing hgrb container
f4a4e5223fc9c39b627f457f513792301ed02b68Gregory Szorc — testing: deactivate extensions when installing Review Board
d986c2b51175cca458aff08510e5286e7477eb56Gregory Szorc — testing: copy install-reviewboard as part of refreshing rbweb
4198c323a6a3b6d29757d8922fd0f4255600fe87mdoglio — mozreview: fix generate login cookie (Bug 1159271)
62506e33b3f8f28fe93eefaca7e5a273da13d7a1Gregory Szorc — testing: print output from failed Ansible run
b3865d6d37b9f81b32b63bc157160bb7c5b35459Gregory Szorc — docker: print name of failed Ansible
c66fef8d3eab55a402d4e399c9de318720116eb1Gregory Szorc — ansible: fix typo preventing cleanup of backup repos
1323274cc924378ae2f748861e8104c8a268aefbGregory Szorc — mozreview: don't hide links to child reviews when there is a single review (bug 1141588); r=smacleod
93d6087733f22548da274bde27a00c1f1a4ff54aGregory Szorc — scripts: don't print path prefix
787c7c281b31efd679029ea01360d53e76424938Gregory Szorc — ansible: add a playbook for re-cloning repos on webheads
0987e591ee3d6c2cf9c68bcb20588877b71412e0Gregory Szorc — ansible: support locking in stingray_node module
dddf4bef1f8ae283a17c9eac40a4866fd1002f76Steve Fink — Bug 1157930 - [bzexport] unified should default to [diff] unified, r=gps
1976ba40869815c54b8d809c8617731f25f7a385Steve Fink — Bug 1157928 - bzexport: Too easy to have a title be misinterpreted as a bug, r=gps
2cee96dc08d48a69003fd0efb36dc1819f9d5b72Steve Fink — Bug 1157921 - Backwards compatibility and extension dependencies, r=gps
03f88529057cd212c8bd8b3f213bf512cbf5b700Steve Fink — qbackout: hg 3.4 requires prefix option in commands.import (bug 1156805); r=gps
34f2e7ee2dffe90e1711c8e70c6fe42066e59a4bAndrew Halberstadt — bzpost: add ability to exclude trees (bug 1157693); r=gps
002c9c5b51aae4ba12051c3547e3a8f33d0e5eb9Dan Minor — testing: add test to ensure re-review of revisions does not create a new draft (bug 1096761) r=gps
0836c824371fd154d22a10c3ee505a0abee8d56cGregory Szorc — testing: perform post-start actions concurrently
d672f1030b704314bbb8be32fa61b884bd3efd37Gregory Szorc — testing: populate attributes during start
1662418220adac35bdece9cee488bdad67dfd4f8Gregory Szorc — testing: advertise existence of `mozreview shell`
308d0ba0e89deae2fe533848cdc3f82c4fc0df50Gregory Szorc — testing: set Review Board URL in Bugzilla
4f8c93e418c7bfa89636d423824b038e73958acfGregory Szorc — hgweb: report deploy date on hgweb
b289eb470ad4ed25a251c1ed38c5e5556a23e293Gregory Szorc — hgweb: report v-c-t changeset in page footer
d16c9567b6ac211843f89a0e728d9e11b8e72091Gregory Szorc — ansible: ensuree templates are owned by hg user
0e94f3a17bb3a9847ed3847d5e02eb8c514d3a24Gregory Szorc — buglink: synchronize regex from
e0298f3624f8090a79e266e5e7b3c02d850e4a2aGregory Szorc — ansible: deploy to hgweb nodes as well
c8c30a63390542ec9bafe2e932dab4ff6b2cc87cGregory Szorc — ansible: remove redundant synchronization of templates
0628ba778abc88537865660ad67e976b26b8c73aGregory Szorc — ansible: use shared task for installing Mercurial files
ed1edf686b72e0b5cb2d1258a8f5c9abcd8ab3cdGregory Szorc — buglink: revert regular expression consolidation
c113ead3f472c21d0b6c078c83b8c2a5e5975d69Gregory Szorc — ansible: convert Docker hgweb to Ansible
de4a971a6bee65a7881d6729d4deb1d396e2a564Gregory Szorc — mozhgweb: establish an extension for hgweb customizations
ca5c3dbb889057f53be36101d25474beeeaf8106Gregory Szorc — mozautomation: add test coverage for bug number parsing
b955712115ce6b4a58ae15b0216003b153d636e9Gregory Szorc — ansible: convert hgmaster Docker image to Ansible
d526e69430e88ee8a2193bf6517df008bc7b693eDan Minor — hgext: use public field rather than status field to indicate drafts (bug 1144085) r=gps
4c6e1495213e4f0766acd1ab7ba7566222628912Mike Hommey — Bug 1157547 - Consolidate bug-finding regexp. r=gps
5d177a41b602a3b88a612b64f9274f705ab07688Gregory Szorc — testing: catch Docker not available errors in unittest tests
90d556f4de18f663295abe637ee025488b93681dGregory Szorc — testing: always yield from a generator (bug 1157545)
a7461996f6dfb693b66204f8a2d23974fefaa004Gregory Szorc — ansible: playbook to deploy hooks and extensions to
a9284aa2f3c061aaa08514741300eec4e533c6edGregory Szorc — testing: add deprecation message to
cd2d3f2254b52992d8e750989c4b4566768192c2Gregory Szorc — ansible: print success message after refreshing rbweb
37c6168022ee2ff29467925eb781d1278eeef436Gregory Szorc — ansible: use GPL v3
647dbc860b667d4784de497b18c490015ee2d9b4Gregory Szorc — ansible: wait for Apache workers to drain instead of network connections
45c2e342cd74fece0cbf533f09a791767f968b75Gregory Szorc — ansible: add module to wait for apache workers to drain
628efbeb4f1566176bde4f4cb4e74923da064670Ehsan Akhgari — Add htsai as an alias to hsinyi
8b89e133ab01c08a65755550fdb1fb4a7f98a975Gregory Szorc — testing: activate logging in rbweb container
3aaf712849f462a34a66c0a6abc90223abec1377Gregory Szorc — ansible: interact with load balancer with doing MozReview deployments
e40c78e67098b464d7f1e3a38780b5f7ac5ed323Gregory Szorc — ansible: add module for controlling Stingray Traffic Managers
573156744d5cd37d25de7db1b5c21b2d36c13c27Gregory Szorc — ansible: bump up default fork level
28de316ad21bbe6972d9e2101b0b62921867caa6Gregory Szorc — ansible: functionality to strip repos on
6dca471e8019229cd132572566f1934eea13f286Gregory Szorc — testing: don't use peep to populate testing environment
ca8dcd3e662fb230d6d7b92f9a6429485bcd521aGregory Szorc — ansible: consolidate common code for installing MozReview packages
9d3f4147f2943856c4f9be791b41525215cfc706Gregory Szorc — ansible: finish implementing production MozReview deployment playbook
9ad67ad5c642e6ecd3d4391f00b06a424e296651Gregory Szorc — docker: update BMO patch file to work with latest BMO code
a7389a53e79babeddf0169ecbbea1c3b4efeb2fdGregory Szorc — testing: unpin Bugzilla Git commit (bug 1155833)
e73ddc6910b40eae33b6d215bd1a72e052223b56Gregory Szorc — ansible: playbook for deploying MozReview to production
77fec00acbf6ce64a49b941ea39470b747a8cd29Gregory Szorc — testing: use peep to install packages
1e85a23c4175afd1287aaa0a0bdac32f6b221b8bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: actually fix test output
53995a89b932a875cfc9d526e643a851c3f08d1dGregory Szorc — reviewboard: backout d496cb3c2f8d because it was wrong
a796e3aa0c4d6879049947cc9381d3258027ec96Gregory Szorc — testing: fix Mercurial's to accept single backslash
ab5806e3930176208f795a51e1ef7ddf89173d3aGregory Szorc — testing: kill wsgi processes when new repos created
51d0a34031a64032bff5c82dccd189aeddccb882Gregory Szorc — docker: work around breakage (bug 1155833)
f562ddad34bc1a5c567b74d1171ce8e23904efa4Gregory Szorc — docker: install File::Slurp in bmoweb container
d496cb3c2f8deb4038403c4b8f710c52d53680f4Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: properly escape '\' in test output
561a26e437bb6febb5faed8a10e43547536cbe67Gregory Szorc — testing: don't double add tests to arguments
bf7d5b81119042c96a83cab33207ba36a338ee1fGregory Szorc — testing: manually remove .err files
b2f42c234e8a43c5eef617ce61aff58fcc88fb41Gregory Szorc — testing: create and use a context manager for auto cleaning Docker orphans
8ec44711e94991f456db752fda7b2e3191d9b584Gregory Szorc — testing: update references to to run-tests
cd41e0a9bb725a8531d9b4874632c74c4e83d0fbGregory Szorc — tests: rename to run-tests
63d4ce315bc087b3e711f7c2a5d5faa20e158f50Gregory Szorc — bootstrap: prevent infinite loop
cc7c295bab0b82b38224cf9cf643c4a07dd572ffGregory Szorc — testing: relicense to MPL
8a8ade308c41484593be458903b0bb25d22b5543Gregory Szorc — testing: consolidate hg version logic
1200147014ca60bdf8e8ed80d4e207c7c0c13d4aGregory Szorc — testing: invoke Mercurial test harness via sub process
2166c8247e50f04a69029fde16b22afea91c0f46Gregory Szorc — testing: refactor Docker state management into
6eb2f478707fc4eb83a401adee6e7b61896487d1Gregory Szorc — testing: move nose test invocation into
85cc347ee76bbc45d6aca1a5f3efa8c92bfd585dGregory Szorc — testing: move code coverage code into
c97d049232224216dbbcd4f52b1a7b8c06c2ecfeGregory Szorc — testing: move docker pruning into testing module
6883eb24cabbe7d6f733a4e5cd3fd4ee1e80ca20Gregory Szorc — testing: activate virtualenv automatically
091243b7bb5e0c32ce9b0df62188f5f0c0b04fdaGregory Szorc — testing: move test discovery functions into module
49c4472806ea10a87e3034f778834c32b9515284Gregory Szorc — testing: overhaul the testing environment (bug 1149782)
d2c1862d8c18455f9ac16fc7e30f401f743a4e20Dan Minor — rbbz: include line numbers for issues in bugzilla comments (bug 1144653); r=smacleod
a6dc54687ced769af749d07b04ec431c9d43b9eeMark Cote — Bug 1149176 - mozreview: Don't sandbox errors in hooks that talk to Bugzilla. r=smacleod
637b9299e2c52c3abdc252a9db8a6140b74f1319Dan Minor — mozreview: add get_change_entry_sections_html for CombinedReviewersField (bug 1142615); r=smacleod
111fc3434a1ffed25b199c7caf1b364ef8ed9ef2Dan Minor — rbmozui: make p2rb.commits a proper field (bug 1142615); r=smacleod
b1d9e9814cde1b8124433b9fdca428b1bbffe1eb'Ben Kero' — Bug 992368: docs: update server documentation
f6e0093acc93969c5e48afa61bf111ac73784f6fDan Minor — testing: add mock github3 import for autoland testing
4bb8712b779eae73f26efa1018d64c6a36f752cfDan Minor — testing: remove from test-requirements.txt
1656d385bcea057107cacc3462e0e8f24ec80fefGregory Szorc — docker: work around bug in fresh database creation in BMO (bug 1152616)
90b092433e6e59d12d35c1fae62b7e6cf1e9c846Gregory Szorc — jenkins: install extra development packages
78fe21f9ac2f2487eef1ddbd4bf9a274e873b79dGregory Szorc — jenkins: upgrade all of the packages
49f63506794c1a4aa778f09eb3f494027cf60971Gregory Szorc — jenkins: be more resilient about stopping Vagrant VM
dbd4bb3052e60458164a4fd261df949435b4db7aGregory Szorc — deploy: support specifying repo and rev to deploy from
8bbac22f6b7c8fafdb86dc956ce51f9af50b2766Gregory Szorc — deploy: implement deploy driver
c55a9ab5c80f11179384e3e0197dc8e9bbef2228Gregory Szorc — ansible: create ansible playbook for updating dev mozreview server
7d64c58ddd6682d87c4bfb6048e8d46327cd6246Dan Minor — autoland: add missing test-data/patch.txt file
27d404ad8b7176dbabe761ecdf94e28d7e97a909Dan Minor — autoland: update documentation
ea8fe9d7e615d69765fd2e0b9e98523d51f272c8Dan Minor — autoland: add support for transplanting from github to mozreview
32da8ffd1198dc0243564ffaa6f87cc5bd7cf993Gregory Szorc — pash: rename test-clone.t to test-clone-command.t
807c6545a11d261f8c85cec579ca0cb958cf2ee0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: change error generation to avoid deprecation warning
ba65f393c70fdd742f1e1297f69165b358104875Gregory Szorc — rbbz: use reviewboard setup function
3268f8000965d9b00168d4a391c9acdbcb40f257Gregory Szorc — mozreview: publish reviews before running fetchreviews
688bd714c2dc8515a24eb314f0423e3b0e04990fGregory Szorc — docker: wait longer when checking if Docker is available
3e0950fa784788203deb82654f17f1d912a457a7Gregory Szorc — bzexport: update test output to reflect Bugzilla changes
c6ef7f1666454892c8fc88b999f379b8343b6db4Gregory Szorc — testing: test with Mercurial 3.3.3
13074e4dcf1122e1df25991680b9df8ea5034100Kendall Libby — bug 1150329 - add top level seamonkey link
b52359db490584b7330d7323b0e551a3136784ecTed Mielczarek — bug 1120538 - mozauth: prefer cookies from profile, use prompting as last resort. r=gps
5cec541a75ce0a2cbb70afe6c51a497a5946e911mdoglio — Import AutolandEventLogEntry within mozreview models
a4ab6246523d9bdd3441df2dbe37db1f73b9177emdoglio — Fix AutolandRequest status detection (Bug 1149546)
3f81bc466db5f6fe3f381433dc30e509248ec984Gregory Szorc — hghooks: use glob output in backup bundle reference
017c12dd1b153f04fd3cecda7f593c67ffdf4157Gregory Szorc — mozreview: use an explicit and temporary file for cookie storage (bug 1115045); r=smacleod
819a2f07c285005919a8fc5d0d8073089b8899b8mdoglio — Update css selector in MozReviewTest
8d0eb86f6aacc3ed3c4a6624764f243a3404b581mdoglio — Refresh the page content after triggering autoland
5aeb2aa3d787f6e1dbf372e8517817d53f1d595cmdoglio — Fix mozreview ext failing tests (Bug 1148493)
cb106ffda2834a610385a345f204f709c281712emdoglio — Change the autoland update permission name (Bug 1148493)
cc11fb157cd24449ca32d89462ef9000ec1098c6Dan Minor — autoland: ensure result and error_msg fields are in mozreview pingback json
5c1de8542e51f38056dfc1b1612db92b0e09caaeDan Minor — autoland: make docker configuration to match server
d7c0c1d5799dc2a62dc9057413f2ba70f6832135Dan Minor — testing: update selenium to 2.45.0
fda03d4daad11fc0c2010897ba17d39302f6b026Ted Mielczarek — bzpost: support cookie auth (bug 1122513); r=gps
b4e4ce8cc35d89addbaea505ac8291972d9ada2dGregory Szorc — bzpost: add test demonstrating bzpost doesn't work with cookies (bug 1122513)
4d5d24cb38087618666c9a36827a0677380e76e2mdoglio — Move rbmozui to mozreview (Bug 1109721) r=gps
08df074080636a744b5c6881ca394fb97c7063ccGregory Szorc — docker: limit the set of files that cause bmodb and bmoweb image invalidation
16e7e8b523fa04bfb308862871a76117a9a3cffdDan Minor — hgext: add check for empty changesets to hg client (bug 1089959); r=gps
d7b3def94e813cbcb7e6e587ff145300d62bd0bfGregory Szorc — docker: don't leak non-bootstrapped autoland containers
7001fd88aae6b1bdeccb2209685d1575d2537c51Dan Minor — hgext: update test-store.t results to include public field (bug 1144085)
12df0c1d818485ca59821377793d14eb6c895130Dan Minor — hgext: add public field to reviewdata (bug 1144085); r=gps
b2e156a63909456df233a9b649dc381adaa8b533Gregory Szorc — serverlog: allow to filter repo totals by requests count
cc186e2937732c9af84e0d0fdd86d47b62e41793Wes Kocher — Bug 1143896 - Clean up 'releases' repository group r=gps
885e5e2bb6ae1637a8dcc983488592acf0a0cc2bBirunthan Mohanathas — hghooks: Avoid slow `ctx.status(ctx.p1())` call in IDL hook (bug 1140191). r=gps
4c687d5732c8a8b9062aac216a1090dac2eb1d88Birunthan Mohanathas — hghooks: Ignore merge changesets in IDL hook (bug 1140191). r=gps
916cedf97b59d26c8078a0628eab51549ed54aa6Gregory Szorc — serverlog: rename aggregate-repo-totals-by-day
672c05c1db2db77d87eb52eff53cd6cc05b0a08bGregory Szorc — serverlog: capture request count in repo-totals scripts
4cf797566c54b52d8d6f363a8b333fc1bfe2bcbaGregory Szorc — serverlog: add a script to extract hourly per-repo totals
b31baf5ce72279528f73ea1626b028fe18995773Gregory Szorc — serverlog: fixup totals-by-minute
11cbe94b5903a4ff4c22bdaee40f4b0ba312dea2Gregory Szorc — serverlog: rename aggregate-totals-by-day to aggregate-totals
762a64b6f8597e11b8c1e2a2acd2c1115a551f45Gregory Szorc — serverlog: capture counts in totals-* scripts
00c37783ff0c234c8d771fd0425f4ef5d86a0faaGregory Szorc — serverlog: add a totals-by-minute script
c6357bfdab768a76acd6dec92ef44577028323ddGregory Szorc — serverlog: add a totals-by-hour script
0f74b8350f1caceb0672b913d16770d683250202Gregory Szorc — serverlog: more robustly parse output in script
12fd52d4779c3c08f8beab14cdb0243653bc47a5Gregory Szorc — serverlog: normalize year in parsed dates
e7c221c909fbe0b348f88a2e700eb77c81a474bfGregory Szorc — serverlog: parse hg.log files more robustly
7e2924825f1acf79cf2f4ac41a870c71c6912aa8Gregory Szorc — serverlog: ignore failures when parsing dates
fecb1c2c6f5f98a231dc11edf70dfe3a97f6b21cEd Morley — bzexport: remove unused import
513b0c301a7c45b3997359b55a87c2e37b5b5fb4Ed Morley — qimportbz: use ui.status() rather than ui.write() when appropriate (bug 980986)
4ca0f73b40c352df7e149daaaa38242b8697c297Ed Morley — qimportbz: exit gracefully if there are no patches to import (bug 561306)
5c3aa12de69b22602ed39b9686a8cfd1740fda34Ed Morley — qimportbz: cleanup the "rename patch" prompt message (bug 980986)
8043dea8a1af40a4f8c342446c01bffa7586313cEd Morley — qimportbz: don't rename patches to 'y' if no filename entered (bug 980986)
5d7f5b1eb7271108a7f7f1a0f490fbd8a890de09Ed Morley — qimportbz: avoid filename collisions with the temporary patch file (bug 980986)
98eeed7a40ad1107057a725112f838dae6cd9ea5Ed Morley — qimportbz: pyflakes, pep8, comment & whitespace cleanup
39a2e8248e8ac5be7c1f4aac0d506c65ed782354Ed Morley — qimportbz: Remove support for Python older than v2.6
1212e433a461e890b315da533102cf68fa17bb78Ed Morley — qimportbz: Remove support for Mercurial older than v1.9
3f82a2eceeea1552a07e0d5f6106478f1299653bGregory Szorc — docker: support building with nocache
f60e275cc9af4e6ac5d7be0183db662f3a5c1d71Gregory Szorc — docker: allow %include /
83f107c3a8c82d90cd756ca73cdb1739e93fe512Gregory Szorc — hgmo: factor ldap code into generic and reusable module
ff64f5d5fbb3dc7537b58a5cf9b877fcd45310e0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: always push via ssh://
af75edd642f7e6ec8a7b40e810a252b7b924601aGregory Szorc — docker: remove references to scan_includes
65ea7e79670d4351e5fde87241c6bad4095865c1Gregory Szorc — testing: start an LDAP server as part of MozReview
ee099c5c42ad382a917cabbbe3f3bd24b2468831'Ben Kero' — hghooks: remove old hook
d0f2337f16fd061cb672ccfd32d2ca8261bc4a15Gregory Szorc — testing: build all Docker images during create-test-environment
4f789aa86966c766bd28d5e1a97b9aaaab902752Gregory Szorc — testing: allocate more ports to the Mercurial test runner
352fcef6c2593896184b17a363e4b7886800e162Gregory Szorc — testing: return a dict from build_mozreview
6f39af8570a73ac9b5b6d3f186c2f232d1505b41Gregory Szorc — testing: build all images concurrently
372a2a643c750d80362ef17f7a5ee24f5b929efcGregory Szorc — testing: remove add_vct and scan_includes from image building
77679c09f2d3f284f4d3ea46ca3fa9c2e1848d0aGregory Szorc — autoland: convert Docker images to use scan_includes
aea1000a3a993bdda0daa8f1641f3ba637b1f419Gregory Szorc — testing: use scan_includes instead of add_vct for eggbuild
2182c9abb0c14e15808a8077ca2ae28aca967f14Gregory Szorc — testing: add an API for building multiple Docker images at once
41a08f5e167e5c0cbb11dafb2458bc5874497c5eGregory Szorc — testing: rename variable to make intentions clearer
e30b2b540e63484883496931b482da51a87ce0e3Gregory Szorc — testing: use less ambiguous variables to refer to BMO containers
12f571f7cc3c1edf04a461ec6f859662ec7f4770Gregory Szorc — hgmo: wait for SSH server to start before proceeding
be1280f779c52331610b6f4b546eac3ab66c4c00Gregory Szorc — hgmo: synchronize scm_* gids with production
037fa1767f003e3a149ccad3faeb96ed9af0c03fGregory Szorc — docs: document ui.debug and ui.verbose
2e5999314d6c68e1d2c4f255e207cead069783f3Gregory Szorc — docs: article on using Mercurial in automation
dd4752b68393517d29bd3f79d11709c7a0243450Gregory Szorc — hgmo: start to replace hgmaster Docker code with ansible
bd0d3e8dd3db8a9e7f6ca0aef171b3372fadccc2Gregory Szorc — hgmo: add a special syntax to Dockerfiles to declare context files
9178c8e2f223bf45f92f0d01169ac37e60ecfedfGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade setuptools to 14.0
c0951328a1e8c81e8608b56813c7200efdf34e63Mike Conley — mozreview: Properly shut down MozReview extension; rs=smacleod.
bbc43e531d3dd3db560b79f1986236fac8e43ce1Dan Minor — autoland: change startup sleep from 5 to 0.1 seconds
3e31ce75baf0d3a8e2df17076c7985c1cd90cdd9Dan Minor — autoland: add deployment script
462b8a7c5eb08e7f1fe21afd605a4517eff59fcdDan Minor — autoland: update apache config
280994b1267cf486e148f3b3b72d8fbd3287127bDan Minor — autoland: add mach command to wait for pingback
7c88a78390b19412e256dcab5bdc5b26e03ccf35Ed Morley — qimportbz: improve readability of the list of patches (bug 1001463)
d1700df411615504b9dc2979b396a102f328fdb8Ed Morley — qimportbz: allow sorting the patch list by patch description (bug 1001463)
db2ec6c995558b632d883dca8367ef0c1a55c553Ed Morley — qimportbz: the 'checked-in' flag is now called 'checkin' (bug 1001463)
2ff83dc3b6805cd47698ba46b817ff98db7e7c91Ed Morley — qimportbz: remove unnecessary conditional (bug 1001463)
fc8f40fad6d91f8aa82dd16a629be6cd0848cdd7Ed Morley — qimportbz: support descending patch selection ranges (bug 1001463)
a4c6585800feb136aa96921b5de74e62c7bec88fEd Morley — qimportbz: explictly validate the range start and end numbers (bug 1001463)
73c756cee994e0c307464b9a4827ed0fe0495f33Ed Morley — qimportbz: only allow comma delimiters for patch selection (bug 1001463)
aa81c2502fdfb2ec4612021fe711b7daa90bafe3Ed Morley — qimportbz: re-prompt if the patch choice wasn't valid (bug 1001463)
253b786c66ad6d8aff15df0f7c3261f3dc02a6e0Ed Morley — qimportbz: return early if autoChoose is enabled (bug 1001463)
c4d78750236ef90a595296bcf7233254dcd1cdf1Ed Morley — qimportbz: break out patch selection to its own function (bug 1001463)
a7c46c4515b44036c2e192692aa624e84e9bf042Ed Morley — qimportbz: clean up logic for falling back to obsoleted patches (bug 1001463)
4f8db5c52e2199b6f8106a971b54a58e61e8ac5fEd Morley — qimportbz: default to importing all patches & improve prompt text (bug 1001463)
0f5e80bf56597a06ee7c60264ce63493a2fdd28cGregory Szorc — pash: add tests for specifying the repo to clone from
aa673e16c74b7905f8584a475a627b76708b3cc1Gregory Szorc — hgmo: use an apache configuration that better resembles production
606c30a7666d16c27d117101a48f1951ce1cb65eGregory Szorc — jenkins: add ldap and sasl development headers
8464a05a57e6b883cf566ed7b91a955802af1ae6Gregory Szorc — hgmo: collect Python code coverage from inside Docker containers
b29edf64da5c6ef3ff81a8223c7f51ece3a21065Dan Minor — autoland: add mock psycopg2 directory
39f8641b9ad1076d6a4561d8658e8a4975776309Dan Minor — autoland: remove psycopg2 from test-requirements.txt
9036f553e6c8e32137cbd4cd3608cbd816753621Gregory Szorc — jenkins: increase amount of storage available to Docker
e4c06a825f0d53d7fa9e1072e21594626be7ad61Gregory Szorc — testing: install setuptools in virtualenv
de57169c336f5a10bcc26e5c546cfcd228420ba5Mark Cote — Fix type in installation docs.
5ab640243d79d9e4c66546596a7b000099cf54d8Dan Minor — autoland: fix autoland startup
e3ddc67db5b204bbdbfd35b679b11e6f8fe2e131Gregory Szorc — hgmo: fix gid mismatch for scm_level_3
1c5c0436a4e097f02927f251bb6a92b4b722b76cGregory Szorc — hgmo: lower process count in hgweb servers
ef380598784658425ff6c52ef1a188001dc24127Gregory Szorc — hgmo: make replication work
88e22022baee9701947aaed2432b0f8df67adf30Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade to Django 1.6.10
44e671012352b93a9fc4547c378622cd6910965eGregory Szorc — hgmo: install openssh clients on hgweb
06ba2fd268e111d19c2d18ba2e589392bba676c2Gregory Szorc — hgmo: install missing extensions in hgweb image
0cd4fb52274b5a4c092dbfab8098cb5a12e4d4eeGregory Szorc — hgmo: make some files owned by hg user
9b772f80166ed3023a2d6d9a0bf2031ce434a70cGregory Szorc — testing: install python-ldap package
afb63de862f218f2100d5a37b07fd61dc4f82123Gregory Szorc — hgmo: add user to multiple scm_level_N groups if necessary
ad83f76b2cff8a5ce0b2d30cb08ece335ff30264Gregory Szorc — hgmo: remove usage of Mozilla's internal yum repo
8497238371b99087f0575523e5c38d53cb324365Gregory Szorc — pash: add test showing that cloning from public repos works
6a0d3aaf8c1571b78d797a96df4416495a73f1f5Gregory Szorc — pash: add a test verifying push works
c59472058d1b24da22392f8d435548a32d78334bGregory Szorc — hgmo: working sudo configuration
2f0508f95c8ad6f8da587b6cef7bfced0e7afe3fGregory Szorc — pash: use absolute path to SSH known hosts file in tests
b1ea0e4de46dc2c69e11ae06c8789f0200bb25d0Gregory Szorc — hgmo: make hgrc on hgmaster more in sync with production
2038117805812e9708f0573a0021180976bdc721Gregory Szorc — hgmo: ensure created repositories have proper permissions
e3977329d0ae851f395003bf132654050654d486Gregory Szorc — pash: create test user as a member of scm_level_1
96df1451937213b691e05adfa696688bdd28c60cGregory Szorc — hgmo: support adding users to SCM groups
b59ab7a699941a704340ae74c032ea4a6745d1afGregory Szorc — pash: add a test for saying "no" to cloning a repo
f456abae25954a11f82023b83b71089fc45a6421Gregory Szorc — pash: add more tests for clone command
17454b627b0e1c3fbae39c9a9b0b5362ee581badGregory Szorc — pash: properly format "make repo" message
fe2c0bba8fa52adc0ad682020e89b917af967a2fGregory Szorc — pash: add a basic test for clone
cccdde2d9f45aff35ac583701de64f8567c0adfcGregory Szorc — hgmo: optimize Docker image generation
2931ea56d7c4b5a4fc901d87ff3a181d3633196cGregory Szorc — docker: support adding a subset of files to the tar archive
b35135180867b933cbad788600bda52607a95afcGregory Szorc — testing: suppress stderr from hg invocation
ac4845c73decbc81c892207a33e13760fdb61194Gregory Szorc — hgmo: add create-repo script
1d67fcbc3561343faf71ea33b50092a2a7ecc712Gregory Szorc — pash: add a test verifying that `hg serve` is handled
299fd047cb119c765c407331fb579c850ca32a4dGregory Szorc — hgmo: ability to create repositories on the cluster
bf268031a889c770e3d47e3ba7074f65a17e8b63Gregory Szorc — hgmaster: add missing extension files to Docker image
9e587707cc03ffa979b0a17541322f18019bb79aGregory Szorc — hgmo: fix creating SSH keys when creating LDAP users
7671c97d9d96e48316a92eba2dea3ebd01d89a59Gregory Szorc — hgmaster: add vct files towards the end of the Dockerfile
c55e7bb85db0a0ecc7fe29fa6297c5db51bb20bdGregory Szorc — pash: add basic tests for pash using hgmo Docker cluster
730b73fe730425ff5c016c73fdad98dc69d38cbaGregory Szorc — hgmo: forcefully shut down containers during clean()
c37c95c6f29ce399dae9705be5be1f9139e0d543Gregory Szorc — hgmo: grab Docker images from environment
1f913281068e233bbde3a8b49c21ecbd855438edGregory Szorc — testing: build all Docker images when running tests
6945fa3be1f1596146bae266123cc2d471b43babGregory Szorc — docker: add an API to build all images for all projects
f4acefded15df7555086cc703f3efdc0b9db48acGregory Szorc — hgmo: ability to specify which port the master SSH server listens on
b6aded8e5fada0248b593d2e6de65ca3daf935cdGregory Szorc — testing: vastly improve support for running clusters
d65b53c26da2d2663a97608f720b65dfbbf5fbe8Gregory Szorc — pash: replace doc_root with DOC_ROOT; r=bkero
530e3df7c659f8fb0d3c994d22670162ea030197Gregory Szorc — pash: remove support; r=bkero
a61eb8576df98cc86b4f12d581ceeedaa097778fGregory Szorc — pash: move non-root login code path to isolated function (bug 1140214); r=bkero
ec8d27a40f2d89444a86923acd6682dc2b0f3f85Gregory Szorc — pash: move QuoteForPOSIX into; r=bkero
779cf88d244327cf8dadbe15aa8b31f5281704b4Gregory Szorc — pash: store user in a variable; r=bkero
1fafbc32e07e46d5641eea23f6a91b4eac9b8674Gregory Szorc — pash: consistently format; r=bkero
15b68772db7e0e2ed78a3243fef4f69e0f9fe80aGregory Szorc — mozreview: add links in page header (bug 1139744); r=mconley
4001eacdaacaacea6d100dec5e08ab8dda269d3fGregory Szorc — pash: import and from sysadmins
c6328c0b978a9f1f51d04db1e361cfdf06249169Gregory Szorc — docker: generate ldap image as part of building hgmo
d2350e6e7e399fce507b1499e07218c4695fbc22Gregory Szorc — docker: add a Docker image that resembles Mozilla's LDAP server
6effcc0047e7b7a9e1df61210db4b3f4d16cd315Gregory Szorc — hgmaster: remove legacy path normalization
30fe2d69feab359ba1e2585477d3a19cf688f359Gregory Szorc — testing: establish vcttesting.util module
9f041e2cf97da5bb8fb8241ba998c687bf52b452Gregory Szorc — testing: make the admin user an admin in Review Board; r=smacleod
8e3ce6b000aeb70a865a9085ec9f5ab12681ea22Gregory Szorc — bzpost: don't use admin user in tests; r=smacleod
0a76fa261ef36cc98d224208a5e2d10280101d8dGregory Szorc — bzexport: don't use admin user in tests; r=smacleod
720e1c3779b3bcc3191e70130cd30b7e1a4418f9Gregory Szorc — mozreview: create a default user as part of commonenv; r=smacleod
3e8890f6b3fde6aa5fd0ead7ebaada5c1d4a2c03Gregory Szorc — mozreview: convert test-auth.t to have default user; r=smacleod
ac7786f8952d54242cacfdc5c6f2941014bca7baGregory Szorc — testing: remove "reviewboard create" command; r=smacleod
ef1074da77259bf5809f5bcbd119a99910c70492Gregory Szorc — mozreview: create and use adminbugzilla alias; r=smacleod
284cc44767f7f9a802178f57a530dbe87a7385e3Gregory Szorc — mozreview: eliminate NO_BUGZILLA_AUTH variable; r=smacleod
59aadbfdf529b9b528f44d6476900b09a2fb1751Gregory Szorc — mozreview: print submitter username in dumpreview output; r=smacleod
24f8668e52f2246378af2b0f3a7d8eaf077803e6Gregory Szorc — testing: move make_admin into MozReviewBoard class; r=smacleod
eb65e00a415aca2d28ee3c0f57df0e527a63e3dcGregory Szorc — mozreview: add target_people to dumpreview output; r=smacleod
634af10201748bba5c4d9206d1d4a59e3cf20719Gregory Szorc — mozreview: don't create excessive bugs during tests; r=smacleod
8758b8bce90a853b97a23a026a42032fe4c0a886Gregory Szorc — docs: use internal link instead of absolute URL
3b8a10644a71ffe21fc02b21c1baaab7c1bd2b56Dan Minor — autoland: create .t style tests for autoland (bug 1140155); r=gps
333d86874a6e810891106e1ce51fdb803ad4fec0Michael Comella — docs: add information on submitting changesets
aa4f74279f072665a0fee334c21474831e46334bGregory Szorc — testing: prune old autoland images
d6bc1f4e63372aeb81b8075543c12d29e6272c7eGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade ecdsa and paramiko packages
62e751dcaf84fe732f7700bf5ac52437513ef890Gregory Szorc — testing: use autoland images from unittest fixture
13287eb8684dcbc9ff50f2e6ec28b9e2329858d6Dan Minor — autoland: move autoland docker images to vcttesting framework (bug 1138989); r=gps
afdb5bbfe5d12893cb686f58506dd7940e2fedceGregory Szorc — testing: ensure repository name is populated
b31570a0920808079bc87f1f79a8daa35090b66bGregory Szorc — testing: configure tracker_url when creating repositories
9e0d279bfdd7a501e3abb10c607f81f57495220dGregory Szorc — testing: remove `reviewboard repo` command
000d45f79a4cfe9eba08d26e5888814b1d906f78Gregory Szorc — testing: don't invoke Mercurial test runner unless there are tests to run
5e5a47704d16f0c435a1e9af53ba5017d19ab90fGregory Szorc — testing: refactor logic for selecting which tests to run
e4ce788b85d0824a00e784b39f09e0d947d1144bGregory Szorc — testing: only print the not running tests optimally running if running multiple tests
a43ee007f41dfe84d7dc05c3ef2e62b57acb1a0cGregory Szorc — testing: support running unit tests in parallel
c4b1420f26a273f034a549a30f2fed469b15ae7dGregory Szorc — testing: make strip output quiet
55f2442bd9c8017656b5768e39ce84aaf1cfc9d8Gregory Szorc — jenkins: don't generate Mercurial RPMs as part of Jenkins
4df470e525fb294435073bf23332577a6bdeb324Gregory Szorc — testing: clean up when failures occur during setUpClass
9e59e4a12d0f8dcb9e895d9b3b41c4c62d0cb5e0Gregory Szorc — rbmozui: add a more thorough test of reviewer autocomplete behavior
0533d06ddbbfd2abe2d45b554e4e850520f64390Gregory Szorc — rbmozui: add tests for login processing
beae0925b33e8c53802d2940cbdbdf1474da4079Gregory Szorc — rbbz: ensure cookies are stored per instance (bug 1139214); r=smacleod
73bd35b317b0f972391bcf386058b06ef9ccefc2Gregory Szorc — Bugsy: import Bugsy from upstream
f5ddde0ae86c8b042c9db9284a18ad2337fdaf97Gregory Szorc — testing: recycle cookies when creating Bugsy instance
71258bb33ce98293580a8d16884edba2b56e16c2Gregory Szorc — testing: only run unit tests that were requested
315d8cbf305bc851f9081dac7c9d7de1f5bfbbccGregory Szorc — testing: skip WebDriver tests if Firefox could not be loaded
2a660e97b55f4e5bdceea13583645ccfc360bb5bGregory Szorc — testing: downgrade to Review Board 2.0.12
1c27abbab8e037d9d72737624557b1ed46da8f66Gregory Szorc — rbmozui: test for reviewer selection
b872845c2e3e2a6b46ace8013ef212990b93f6eeGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade to Mercurial 3.3.2 in virtualenv
ed63549c26b13c9d99cb2dcce731cc76cee676beGregory Szorc — testing: adjust tests to be compatible with Mercurial 3.3
eaba75784c0441f583eae36651ca5ca0e48f06c9Ed Morley — hghooks: make the push_printurls URLs stand out more (bug 1136282)
6a620280410a388e5fb704585a37906b75296cfcEd Morley — hghooks: make try_mandatory less chatty when the syntax is correct (bug 1136277)
2489d98e28daa629c4235fb8179463cfd34add5bEd Morley — hghooks: remove unnecessary try-except (bug 1138089)
086f82ed581c46a93226a2b5954acc0c4851b5a6Ed Morley — hghooks: remove duplicated logic in comm-central treeclosure hook (bug 1138089)
622688e2165a25fceecd26a9026644738ff7de5bEd Morley — hghooks: move tree closure checks into a reusable function (bug 1138089)
75468e4012db043707fcc6e5006a4ef1c54aadb5Ed Morley — hghooks: correct mocked treestatus json in treeclosure tests (bug 1138089)
950015d9e7683539c6bfc3d082263661a468b677Ed Morley — hghooks: remove unnecessary returns in (bug 1138089)
5f2c90efe62ac2507969de975400c9ca0c2a6d24Ed Morley — hghooks: make the tree closure reason clearer in the console (bug 1136272)
6ec621c60130280c7bbfc1b0da6aa933ff5bd545Gregory Szorc — testing: install Mercurial 3.3.2
42db9d2661ed3a91b5af5396b49d2faaa9468bbaMark Cote — Fix typo in p2rb.is_squashed docs.
abe45dae458c57684d17743d6d33cb84fd9bcb6eGregory Szorc — docs: document extra_data properties for review requests
ec7bf9685bab71eeaad0ec3959858a47495d86d0Gregory Szorc — testing: install mozreview as part of building eggs
8cc2dc500346ae03cadaf67a095623c6bd601a2fGregory Szorc — mozreview: disable tests failing in automation
e7bf0267fe4f85bc61db9e2a5aeea15089b06911Gregory Szorc — docs: fix bad link in rst
ce2b093c735fd084bbdcc5a55331ac30c80bc4c5Gregory Szorc — testing: add pulse packages to eggbuild Docker environment
8ddf4773c59acd8bd7b9e99a29aab41244edce8fGregory Szorc — testing: add requests to eggbuild Docker environment
61a2722bd7de6aa4ae0c176c3aea5f7770302c02Gregory Szorc — mozreview: use modern methods for starting and stopping Docker containers
5f82e932f30ee0b62cabc5cdbf6d4462ab029d1eGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade Review Board to 2.0.13
e073c396c6fdd45182dd79c4b1a3ca623e3bf35bMark Cote — Bug 1124445 - WebAPI to return basic data on parent and child review requests. r=smacleod
0e4388f9063610a54a3a44c343a4a3b268ce4df8Ed Morley — hghooks: output a Treeherder URL for non-try pushes too (bug 1062620)
cfc38d38cec4dbdfe5625aba502f28c70b1e7431Ed Morley — hghooks: stop linking to TBPL in Try push responses (bug 1072162)
b466c86050b51e921cfde6a9280a84288b4e4183Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: implement support for remote repository stripping (bug 1134382); r=smacleod
6d2637486d854d4fb40582ddb1f6181a97e53c4bMark Cote — Bug 1135671 - Fix redefined WebAPI resources in mozreview extension. r=mconley
5cbcd94a3995a35e4cc7fa8cab85ba717371f9fcMatthew Noorenberghe — rbmozui: Hide the reviews/diff links on the child review request if there is only one. (bug 1134285); r=mconley
e4b216aa71320ca81ecb362aea1b25d9c754c022Gregory Szorc — docs: document Mozilla centric Mercurial extensions
1927427a46a04630ed685f96980b8939f2370ca1Dan Minor — rbbz: set is_private to true when creating the user (bug 1132636); r=mconley
8a07371eafc11e92c3f30742ce7c5f76823bde01Dan Minor — vcttesting: add mach command to dump reviewboard account profile; r=gps
2b3ead5a152debffaffce0094a119d04e87d1063mdoglio — Embed treeherder iframe to show try results (Bug 1109218)
56047d826f1fd68c354d8971d75290f44d95f0f7mdoglio — use .last() instead of .all()[0] (bug 1109218)
cda002cd8fa1e186373f8fd35604dd0dd27e1410mdoglio — Use DOES_NOT_EXIST when a AutolandRequest is missing (Bug 1109218)
e031155bef205c3ec7287b8e2a9174e656be495amdoglio — Update description of rev field on AutolandRequestUpdateResource
189982b9d236e245d55dc71219fad49111ba0a18mdoglio — Use separate fields for result and error_msg on AutolandRequestUpdateResource
a7843d43b22cbaed05c105701b88db5b7f7049b0mdoglio — Use max id instead of event_time to retrieve the last AutolandEventLogEntry
79205a8500b9eb6a85856e3819d739ddc1e4360bmdoglio — Rename endpoint attribute to pingback_url
5b5aee187b8d4957243c3510874fd130c0023667mdoglio — Rename testing setting to autoland_testing
582d5f37cffa3c2552f5c6d64781a9241d12302bmdoglio — Rename autoland_host setting to autoland_url
62dd91b00cea17c6ec84ca6502e3d3789933ef42Steven MacLeod — rbmozui: Render changedescriptions for autoland requests.
8d28936a0aea56af289688f0201e1b6c4ef5c580Mike Conley — mozreview: Add API endpoint for Autoland status updates.
069fd335d5b02403b3bc5d0ffa44eaab65a1a2b7Mike Conley — mozreview: Test the TryAutolandTriggerResource. (Bug 1109218) r=?
0521758ed49b71fad7c0b34bb5c906f03d927882Mike Conley — rbmozui / mozreview: Initial work to expose UI and WebAPI for Try Autoland. (Bug 1109218) r=smacleod,brennie.
453f3494d33cd4deb709a713a9b2b28aa481c5b9Gregory Szorc — pash: clean up some formatting (bug 1132085); r=bkero
431288a17679556b3f2c51a22c8a0a882201393eGregory Szorc — pash: don't show trailing period after repository list; r=bkero
0e63b4afe01b264a344eab961cba02e75a4213a0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add -c to push to allow single changesets to be reviewed (bug 1097213); r=smacleod
12e9b8ceb49ee50f6291f7800c493f2b4fd6a293Mike Conley — rbmozui: Release 0.2.13beta.
d92bde3f8b591027e19b34b109d6338da1feda30Mike Conley — rbmozui: Escape review request summary and description in commit list view (bug 1133088); r=smacleod.
8e18efe92b20db3fc9926b27ebc63634585165c8Nick Alexander — bzpost: print public bug URL rather than bug number (bug 1132736). r=gps
0dfbdacd7a451cb670bac26f2f2ede68eff5db9bGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: implement {fxheads} template keyword (bug 1122188); r=ted
cdef7fa67221c08126838a2417c75bc484e77a02Birunthan Mohanathas — hghooks: Show changesets in IDL hook error message (bug 1128518). r=gps
482a2313672f35869c0a32c667e5937e8495b381Gregory Szorc — docs: add section on who has access and how to configure URLs
f4e549215a09ba9546bc5f03c11c46a84e3bffd2Gregory Szorc — docs: add section on managing user repos on
cb06bd5a1a9626f9a1c047b62129c97c84301f2bGregory Szorc — docs: move SSH configuration into own, shared section
8438883d8b2774a6b896f4689d028fd92ff77469Gregory Szorc — scripts: delete mirror-pull
6170be263a0d0bbb7772d30973c8fad2638bf8e4Dan Minor — hgrb: Create functions for code that is shared between pushing reviews and reserving review ids (bug 1128977); r=gps
f4e3d26189c3a4ae091c823a233e3db87aeb6eddGregory Szorc — mozext: return original response code
563e7746c455ecc57bf21409599701d054562841Gregory Szorc — mozext: fetch pushlog automatically during pull
4a9f6cab82d0b370a824ab8c0bbe5ff612549474Gregory Szorc — pash: don't create pushlog2.db on newly created repos; r=bkero
db66aa9c55720b9c2274a150a18e487904029692Gregory Szorc — pash: sort repo list; r=bkero
c7c8785ae0cff1a15536107637e7151b1db9ba95Gregory Szorc — hghooks: request hg 3.2+ for prevent-idl-change-without-uuid-bump test
6c2e6cfdfa2177a56031f28bffb189760037853fGregory Szorc — docs: update state of replication and publishing
e26da89b63a6622ad7c0c0bc770314b98d329163Gregory Szorc — pash: remove references to; r=bkero
eebd7c38ecbfba3f6b20040d4c918c0da878ff8dGregory Szorc — pash: make new user repositories non-publishing by default (bug 1089385); r=bkero
444fd0b0a1a40bcdfe6897f5efab18b46ea4cbd8Gregory Szorc — pash: replicate hgrc file after it changes; r=bkero
e8e476287bb58997fcd2b70c23dda5b02dbed01eGregory Szorc — pash: create a wrapper function to run; r=bkero
72dacc6df94b2d4a91c31e73d0b22a09d7904172Gregory Szorc — pash: add a command to pash to print the hgrc; r=bkero
9adb1f287ca2b4602543e41ceaf0e0e3289cfbc1Gregory Szorc — pash: reconcile changes with upstream (bug 1089385); r=bkero
33a0fa9dc70db5c8cdedc582653ef8e6641e34afGregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips from whitelist_* hooks (bug 1128698); r=bkero
af986f96758cbad09ebcbf7ab450b40246297b57Gregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips from try_mandatory hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
7e279c598404691585f884fbf5e404fe3e10b5c8Gregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips in treeclosure_comm_central hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
6c21c639b89639faf635aa054bc800a268790601Gregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips from treeclosure hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
4b9b07df10c068d10d886b8efdeda40c43fa1f49Gregory Szorc — hghooks: add test showing that treeclosure prevents stripping; r=bkero
791340bd0fb0f94e1a9d9905c8f5e01934901092Gregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips in prevent_webidl_changes hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
b2ab98409a0cb99c7b031e9a061de269997df03eGregory Szorc — hghooks: add test showing prevent_webidl_changes prevents strips; r=bkero
5b5df02b6e0c73302759018d69d67ec122f149f4Gregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips in prevent_uuid_changes hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
c0e045f412173f4595b0fd9bdbc6d62a054b61e8Gregory Szorc — hghooks: add test showing that prevent_uuid_changes disallows strip; r=bkero
5c43150148c0e95c10d4feaeef287dd0a10ab70fGregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips from prevent_string_changes hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
27e7ffebbfed52f73f64e3e78cfc11b7d4a462c1Gregory Szorc — hghooks: add test showing prevent_string_changes exhibits wrong stripping behavior; r=bkero
4816d9611b081b444a830564dbda32b8cee1e1dbGregory Szorc — hghooks: don't process strips from commit-message hook (bug 1128698); r=bkero
002c1562a56f33ad97456950bce0c8c4737e417aGregory Szorc — hghooks: test bad strip behavior in hook; r=bkero
a1729f81ac6fb78f88d122e36cddae16104aea93Gregory Szorc — pushlog: don't save backup from strip (bug 1118619); r=glandium
f300b6d0a6db3d065b1ed06837ceabd7a0b2dde9Gregory Szorc — pushlog: port transaction monkeypatching to Mercurial 3.3 (bug 1118619); r=glandium
b1fbfc11f837e2edfc9a9e8eb0d45b4e07d47ba7Dan Minor — Autoland: add separate result and error_msg status fields
a1cb9b5dd2e87eafacdf04e58fc5e0b514997beaDan Minor — Autoland: rename mozreview endpoint to pingback_url
3bdf0c6be4b594e88f520cb1506a219ab33beb72Birunthan Mohanathas — docs: Document
09a443476930f153f3b2d95c6961dc9841b3cbc8Birunthan Mohanathas — hghooks: Add hook to reject non-comment IDL interface changes without corresponding UUID bump (bug 1128518). r=gps f=Ms2ger,RyanVM
09e4cdaa0f9d0fd35c93e7cc2ec0ecd6bf39e0afGregory Szorc — docs: document hook development standards
0c5072b2cd2767e94e659eafdef3979186e42b8dGregory Szorc — docs: document available Mercurial hooks
4b911272f0c6403851c90b0a1b4cc1dd614913a6Gregory Szorc — pash: fix typo in make repos non-publishing workflow
53f4f444050ec31fc29fd668d68370573ffc6e1cGregory Szorc — hghooks: delete
5470d58c6fa0675121e2f1ad34a72b739efc1ed9Gregory Szorc — scripts: document mirror-pull
f98ee2e45fc85c8ab50c7ff00a13c04adca87147Gregory Szorc — scripts: move mirror-pull from hooks into scripts directory
371265e5993902e046e5e10988ca3a5fd32acf2bGregory Szorc — hghooks: remove unused mirroring daemon
828609d1ce1775752a95aef1c05dbe0d8c6b2054Gregory Szorc — scripts: document
3e97c026f5f8fee5c49d10dc70fc6306f8bf2e96Gregory Szorc — scripts: clarify how is used
ad75c5c34f4a57542e0a2afad32e749956478329Gregory Szorc — testing: install Mercurial 3.3 in testing environment
c4eb94b52327d28d6588242b93ef1cdb7a599d5bGregory Szorc — aggregate: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
c412721fbf1964fe7b680d9dd7fb2447685dda4dGregory Szorc — bundleclone: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
2f24732e75e77a9f0a3f4744544d4825109960dfGregory Szorc — qbackout: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
949401cf9d6f1bdda91e6bdfdfecfa6efd5fb0a2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
5acdffc67c994ad92601f5b933cabe21bf687634Gregory Szorc — bzexport: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
91e3eff94b88fa13481f59fa122bdd30217ae1b4Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
ce223ba45b85bee431b606c60236f9f83c77f18dGregory Szorc — bzpost: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.3
7f9142c47ddc0a110427aaca82611f6642022316Gregory Szorc — docs: fix typo
81803edd317430275db43af8d0bd7d3e9bab2c53Gregory Szorc — docs: document recommended 3rd party extensions
566790cd59c34651fd9d937ef7e903b66b782d6fGregory Szorc — docs: give Mercurial 3.3 as example version in installation docs
003189d237463f640fdcd172e9ca29d220d78e0fGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: automatically define the "review" path (bug 1129903); r=ted
c0346ea1502d883f687a37a32d337e1577769f49Gregory Szorc — docs: document bookmark sharing support in Mercurial 3.3
9472f1335f19aabd41031b10ce631886b4f4d34dMatthew Noorenberghe — docs: Update "Publishing Commits" section to reflect the new UI. (bug 1064111)
d37d94e4f5fecdf2a28ab3118fd07637de2531e6Dan Minor — Bug 1128555 - Propagate Reviewboard BadRequestError to user; r=gps
a888ce7015aebd44be25b81652b78fed2f70ac35Gregory Szorc — pushlog: add wildcard around username in tests
adef761338812ca505d022df2d90093a76c03891Gregory Szorc — testing: API to restart Review Board
913748c6bf8ce0742b3e81969c5b49fb10a4100fGregory Szorc — testing: return PID from MozReviewBoard.start()
d03dc46cb6ea68534aaf4b6ef496a10a8df9a74aGregory Szorc — testing: ability to restart Review Board servers
080fee669cb554d3382002f3547c6d7de6c80462Gregory Szorc — pushlog: handle empty pushes from web API (bug 1127676); r=edmorley
c89f6df7ae64c1defc8fd3774dd4b11c8c6e15bdGregory Szorc — hghooks: search entire commit message for try syntax (bug 1127316); r=edmorley
96063414bd6dccba06e7a04e1055c12ee67df386Gregory Szorc — docs: update copyright year
e94b0c8050f09515b1e506bcf17f7142d4c9047eGregory Szorc — docs: document how to mirror repositories
fe8fae1a7e68aecca92a573a4ca7bfc797e646bfMike Conley — Version bump rbbz to 0.2.8
ececc1779ad78f14f86ad9e7fb1cb3a0a65f5f9eDan Minor — Bug 1127478 - Fix publish prevention by stopping sandboxing from catching exceptions; r=smacleod
2a7a797f7f5a751378a5223e32d75992af6ffb4cGregory Szorc — pushlog: handle stripping (bug 1127480); r=ted
c07487656b1cf08b38bc1992e968cb83ac3e8d0eDan Minor — Add smaller dataset for test_autoland_pulse
8e091ac4f8a173fc9cdda4ce67f0c54982e0efe6Dan Minor — flake8
6c341288dd63334acd431c327595a3c8ff02788cDan Minor — fig -> docker-compose
794d534e30eab7845d0d567464dafaaf7021c094Dan Minor — Fix up docs
040baebdf0ca1388242e26d29d69ee3e91ae752eDan Minor — Fix up docs
1f0e741fd8c733a234bd3caf4f14bbe159b0bfe5Dan Minor — Update docs
32ca5abcff4c947beadb9df012587acfa45fad7bDan Minor — pep8
da4a226ea0af9a980c32d272e832c9a58db54e88Dan Minor — Fix mozreview update query
62cf1a5949f32c7f463911577137b1d67b473a25Dan Minor — Validate endpoint urls
b755eb7cb23affc1d09fddf9f75150168ac0e633Dan Minor — Add endpoint
d3d7a52b472467b32e3fb3e702bd6360a666e135Dan Minor — Add mock
50449934cc4beb64fa660d72d0ba8ad99331626aDan Minor — Use jsonify
eff4a45168c559595ee7e1fd422b01de0b289c17Dan Minor — Add code to post to mozreview
c9a462213abad5df4b521157b24e9ef2435502e4Dan Minor — Add script to post a job
39f33825688d6b6b62d69570971a71aa8b432580Dan Minor — Rework unit tests
57c2b61b9229993f398cef98797dff73cbd19644Dan Minor — Add basic auth for autoland post
eff48d8f0eacf08f14153f616ab84ab799efd7d5Dan Minor — Fix handling bad request id. Force bookmarking during transplant. Remove standalone flask
07d81b9e52a1a2cf8e33b0905b4bf55295f7127fDan Minor — Add integration tests. Fix handling bad request id. Force bookmarking during transplant
f92367288c8cdf1a7a1cb1b71e9c07f60ddd652cDan Minor — Remove old config files
ea113212774a58908850414c74f6458a1507a77aDan Minor — Update docker to use config.json
269ebe021333341ee41e6afe7c774467a0514a31Dan Minor — Fix config.json path
14355bc65e760052a57d8f33a9d6e848992ddec7Dan Minor — Fix config.json path and make double digit request_ids work
1f610cabb7682159ab8c647388a3499486dc433cDan Minor — Centralize config
0e37c7758d32a3c6fa629debdd90ae5eaee54b74Dan Minor — Add docker support
e85069538c07fc0007721e4877af259ce3508a0bDan Minor — Remove review-request-id
daea60f18ea4949f844baa4d3afec3e078b827b0Dan Minor — Fix running locally
1949b247bae90ad71c67a8c0d4d0f4d47b58962bDan Minor — Add support for running rest listener through apache
4f4e2ffcf23d690d7c58e1d7223391a93f9824beDan Minor — Fixup writing to mozreview
ebc05dcd9d455fc629cdf4622283b2f04e6cef72Dan Minor — Initial work for mozreview -> try
24a3ee8d22708f288b2204f062bb4bd72405c66eDan Minor — Fix buildername for failures
6e643cb3f026f1879e7de235fdc6f053baa7dfbdDan Minor — Fix mozdef timestamp
64ce9c22191d0175e18db7f0df2114af8422d267Dan Minor — Update transplant test server. Start logging to mozdef
9318f893cc3e53eb7ecaa811046eed4c81a57a61Dan Minor — pep8
dd6d3f01b536e391d5a37a7f9e4232f691431e15Dan Minor — More readme
b7e98165a939b90c2437c08cb6fc015442e434bfDan Minor — Automatically detect bug id
4cebc6dc5210c1cb1cd3ecddbc4fce560594036eDan Minor — Bug 1083923 - Autoland should stop squashing changesets when transplanting
dc528e0b3a88dbae19ab0ac6321c48cbee29d3b0Dan Minor — Simplify failure handling
7a774c97d85dcc8d58da4a71afac02cdd62f4291Dan Minor — Staring using pulse credentials
350f3bc9cb271c60253716c6c3db700634f54a6dDan Minor — Fix scope bug in actions closure
36a04dc4ade0cbb923332ba6a0478de5146a52c7Dan Minor — Catch and log exceptions
2bb2ae737359cf5aaf528c4777bcfa42a8c6c9dcDan Minor — Fix credentials bug
adc5d393eb0468f6cc58e6c2dc48eaf71b7c0c2bDan Minor — Update ldap for aws
81613031bd3865549c925755c8642df5073bc9e8Dan Minor — Add pulse applabel to log
d39901be5d7c329da9bd03eb746c155bb5c7988eDan Minor — Add new tip to bugzilla comment on successful transplant
06b0a01f44beef2196e5ddb8edbcfac76c5b8733Dan Minor — Transplant fixes
ed1a1fda40d9e532f070231eda03fa319cd1f626Dan Minor — Move credentials files to separate directory
90676145273832c0a8bc6bca642dd07d5c00fa0cDan Minor — Add some unit tests
871627d86a1d9a087bb201dcec676cec4c76a847Dan Minor — Add install instructions
9a21d2afbf2ebaa88414c9be6076ea318239b71dDan Minor — Add ldap group check. Update transplant to use new api
29f2fb3ac8162b134a6602ba4a6e61283a9718f1Dan Minor — Fix check for known job to use substring
d694c23f1681656be224bc139d490e8b77a52e17Dan Minor — Use BuildConsumer instead of NormalizedBuildConsumer
22339e80146003947767048e160562eda5ad0d99Dan Minor — Initial bugzilla work
b16de543b8b0c24bdb60654ee0dd599ac2a9399eDan Minor — Subscribe only to try, initial transplant
d7d44c4b998ca579db59cec4dddd57306b90c04eDan Minor — Initial work for pulse and rebuilding
f2dbabc22e9b16e567f4036a2d593f7e983feca7Dan Minor — Initial commit
abf4e15f80f4e98c17042ed88c8141dc492d5791Gregory Szorc — testing: remove old print command when building images
9ae0bd111d7cceaeb0e5c8fab0c7e1f3f3865871Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove {rev} from shortlog link on pushlog (bug 1123973)
9ff47c25ba41a24a0ce2f27ae2cf32a67d67c71bGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove websub where buglink is used (bug 1123992)
52b7dd6bdfa27d87c024497951d478b27bf7a9c8Gregory Szorc — testing: add more convenience methods to unittest classes
b2218a091711d876d835752c6f7ed1d6d6a95e56Gregory Szorc — testing: API to interact with local Mercurial repositories
33799991092434c77e5a93a2e721080e256ad407Gregory Szorc — testing: implement unittest class for running MozReview tests
7653fdefb38a409ba4e8ea8bd54dd5823643f419Gregory Szorc — testing: use psutil to monitor Review Board process
7db4622ae530570abaf69b6ce2ffc6b08bdaa3d8Gregory Szorc — testing: add vcttesting to virtualenv
30df20d5c0a149faa8341a9dcdd41bfd52bf8c57Gregory Szorc — testing: add Selenium to virtualenv
382c5ebb77cf4e19733e85ef10d6da247932503cGregory Szorc — docs: rewrite testing article to include more detail
bde5884244acc6f6fa7b6951b3d334c3f2b9ff0dGregory Szorc — docs: fix broken links
cfd80e6558d97e694a47eb8216f025856833e71dGregory Szorc — docs: generate API docs for vcttesting package
cb71dc680c64c59dcdfb8e732f2bdbfa892af929Gregory Szorc — testing: start Review Board and Mercurial concurrently
7f7e4a61ad947ff772153147e51bd2e7662f7c2bGregory Szorc — testing: don't sleep so long in bmoweb entrypoint
ff0663cf3063c63bf25d2ae9f1354b769f5ce446Gregory Szorc — testing: remove legacy Puppet-based configs
3b4173f2b034d7d85a1f0e308dcb1c566f47411eGregory Szorc — testing: record how long it took to generate Docker images
c345a8394df0635f0e219ea26f07a3841d2c837dGregory Szorc — testing: wait for xmlrpc.cgi instead of root URL
cc2b7e6331c08baea791907224a212fac5723dd6Gregory Szorc — testing: decrease size of some thread pools
01871f1d5d7a1171dbd7270be321541097c90fadGregory Szorc — testing: decrease sleep time in wait_for_amqp
9b036799bfb4ce3fcf35ee84f8a47c2e645a5fe5Gregory Szorc — testing: stop mozreview concurrently
50a41d40170ed7077be6b1312912de16efc78b60Gregory Szorc — testing: start Pulse container sooner
b3aecda99a54ff28d6cbe18dfbf3cb57dd0d5f35Gregory Szorc — testing: decrease polling interval waiting for HTTP
4927dee27bcfde7773e15c400e0105153688fee7Gregory Szorc — testing: concurrently prune Docker images
d87bc62a3e6d4270b4e2e39f9c997db4f66ecb50Gregory Szorc — testing: create review board concurrently with Docker containers
bd38fd09860d682fae78bb1b7006a4d25da43cc4Gregory Szorc — testing: defer some Review Board configuration to start time
1d023ff27f18a23a0ac62b99f69e72009ea02947Gregory Szorc — testing: use concurrent.futures to clean Docker state after test run
1188bab9b7cc8e7d96ae6840e21b3429bd517fd7Gregory Szorc — testing: use mozreview from tests
17f4091a1f7b876e4d3a4f50ef06e3886ba80e03Gregory Szorc — testing: prevent double virtualenv activation
88e99df69400b7a6cbe4b1cb2f947c5dd239ba54Gregory Szorc — testing: search PATH for hg binary
f0b48c38689d655918eed57955b681d05258669bGregory Szorc — testing: force hgwebdir to refresh on every request
f6dfc05658939c27cc83618d151b8b13a0a40e5bGregory Szorc — testing: properly daemonize Review Board server process
f75448bbdd0a38a92a42904ad0777ac440185fefGregory Szorc — testing: serve multiple repositories from commonenv test server
3f3ebf296c08789a3e076b693002894d382c492bGregory Szorc — testing: ability to replace HGRCPATH in dummyssh
4ce900443d4b6b2160760c2faa1b59162826aaf2Gregory Szorc — testing: separate global config in MozReview Mercurial server
b6b821618fe13e819c8bef4c2c1c09655a33c5e0Gregory Szorc — testing: grab mercurial URL from state, not file
03af105e5b4ebb3be533244e7c67cd0174074a0aGregory Szorc — testing: support grabbing Docker images from environment
3667a2edcb6cbefeab091fc010305598f6f9eb6dSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Include the Review Board url in commits.published Pulse message (Bug 1125468). r=gps
533a56e6df185dd72434a47bf62c4cddb2d4805eSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Properly setup the Site domain when starting Review Board (Bug 1125468). r=gps
a3ea41a2e3628f50ec1e0e96c1ea015110dd4589Gregory Szorc — docs: document boot2docker memory
e08ca2467e6d3d19036ece45ad9c98efab1884daGregory Szorc — docs: refactor docs around contributing into a Developer Guide
3b3bee82135cf1f1caeab2cf2339b5ee51b244f9Gregory Szorc — testing: restore http:// downloading of Review Board packages
f22c1828238c11368c8f121e69a79627dbc7d17bGregory Szorc — testing: issue warning when Docker cert error is encountered
856aa5bfc5b8e1775c820af2629a590f55fc3bccGregory Szorc — testing: dump review info from review requests; r=smacleod
f8a98dd80c63db9bfe957158be96de7554d48057Gregory Szorc — testing: convert output of rbmanage dumpreview to YAML (bug 1124764); r=smacleod
f103ed0e8f00b35a7e25d16e0c2925ff2f4072a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1124253. Go back to the old annotateline behavior that links to the file diff, not to the blame for the last revision that changed the line, since the latter is not as useful. r=gps
dc49b2109bf73a0d44824c3716549b1d261616a2Gregory Szorc — testing: rbmanage command to make a user an admin user
7ef52d25d8dcc532aa7fe3c72942813b20257361Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Include more data in mozreview.commits.published Pulse message (Bug 1124759). r=gps
7de0d66da8d5ed25484e8a2bf4190ee1eee00a96Gregory Szorc — testing: prefix docker build output with container name
5bd940851798cbbad34eca77d1621e072bc42bceGregory Szorc — testing: fix reference to possibly undefined variable
b93aebf1d9dd63c1d7688762bd1b77d711bc39c3Gregory Szorc — testing: remove containers faster
fefd66a8f20a99384efe919b9cef0e33ec75c66dGregory Szorc — testing: use concurrent.futures to start containers
2bb02abd5361b41ceab37ebb32ad97a51704adb1Gregory Szorc — testing: use concurrent.futures to build Docker containers
84b927109557f5cd22228526e81e00870c47dd3cGregory Szorc — testing: use concurrent.futures when bootstrapping MozReview containers
ca08dda0872a9d3dfbfbbc72c645d2d1d02da85eGregory Szorc — testing: use concurrent.futures to shut down containers concurrently
c59dab804313cc807c7a3a9000b818fe998b57b1Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Introduce an API to create reviews in one request (Bug 1124502). r=gps r=mcote
15d50a9c0dd62425de03d79a920ab7f67ad423f2Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Properly publish to Pulse on first publish. r=gps
268346f68f58f067c8441384c549d07fd3ccdf80Gregory Szorc — testing: restore previous RabbitMQ config
77d9bc53bece826dcb20b510f193bd73243d7da3Gregory Szorc — testing: wait for AMQP server when starting MozReview
d41d6ad9997a5e64df6199c7d628ced10a855146Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for Pulse message creation; r=smacleod
9c14353e60fa24498f6d3dff05a762cb910d3bbcGregory Szorc — testing: catch timeout when no Pulse messages available
8ef347c86eb58d30b0cc4e6074597d47cd020d54Gregory Szorc — testing: implement Pulse message dumping
b1524c4a11645db30824beacb8af95e10938f8b8Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Send a useful message when new commits are published (Bug 1124259). r=gps
80f31221477fd2a6ad58416f10e58a872ece5a7cSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Only send published messages for parent review requests (Bug 1124259). r=gps
ce11bf8a9d978c4e3122c1c12bcd5c12a0f69663Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Style fixup (Bug 1124259). r=gps
7c69dc97aa533d08e2a19a8d1c29a553fe6bc280Gregory Szorc — docker: log more in RabbitMQ server
aa434290b95fd6026c5f88fee143fe5674cc0de5Gregory Szorc — testing: create AMQP exchange
e098a6e0fd0b2c7bc029a912106a9b7d3445124bGregory Szorc — testing: actually enable mozreview extension
47ba7a351ab726f4a0138f28bebfd6cf25a24cadGregory Szorc — testing: configure Pulse in local MozReview environments
4530df2b8727c9155cb7cd00a837dd0a854d2bc8Gregory Szorc — testing: configure mozreview extension to talk to Pulse
02f5e55415d74d1e0fe152bc642f3a180945d5a8Gregory Szorc — testing: default to not connecting to Pulse via SSL
b3a37df7b34455e1fb2463e182d49d53bd780c2bSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Introduce pulse settings for ssl and port. r=gps
d7e762f814b422b3a726efcb8ad6b5cd2fae6ce6Gregory Szorc — testing: create MozReview exchange as part of reviewboard tests
2080078907df4889619ab6071e9eada17dfda0ecGregory Szorc — testing: add CLI for interacting with Pulse
5fcf702c2193b810ed8ac037e8104ea1a4991975Gregory Szorc — testing: add "(glob)" to test-case-only-rename.t
54f7807919f4b2688ce62f2bd65f465712812965Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Fix packaging error.
e181ee62360b61a66624791f8869b9b31090eb00Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Publish review_request_published to Pulse. r=gps r=mcote
f9be2937b00c1d996fa8560c810c2f6cbe6758deSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Only execute signal handlers if settings.enabled is True. r=gps r=mconley
cd9aa11b6d6c0a617bed374f7aa78ea2f518cdadSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add form to configure Mozilla Pulse settings. r=gps r=mcote
c2df5a21ad291702e1b019b3e99f7ab648fdabbfSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Introduce module for listening to signals. r=gps r=mconley
b92cd183053f4d04481e8eb37eef5c6ee807ff28Steven MacLeod — mozreview: Integrate mozreview into the testing and development machinery. r=gps
dd4bb87ceb1ecf52c9b9f113ed6ed915def3a89fSteven MacLeod — mozreview: Add barebones extension and packaging (Bug 1091381) r=gps
17b437d39d1bc5b7886c22a7f3726f537fed7d1aGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: move "age" class in shortlogentry; r=bkero
90c6a91c402fa5853224ebdb6b9c5bcf0b547635Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize rss style with upstream; r=bkero
3606fb87c35c11c8be573091ff7d84f6d76ede40Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize atom changelogentry.tmpl with upstream; r=bkero
2b5a1894dba6b262b5c194f977b8840df00408b4Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add missing atom files; r=bkero
0aeb5144ee4cf59a1e56e8118fd74a27d8c8bfaeGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: URL escape {url} in atom style; r=bkero
d4300aa4197e1cc2467644c41df0d3898b0ff6beGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize gitweb; r=bkero
a060bbbf087ed80e2873ced90e3bc44abebce4e0Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize hg icon and logo with upstream; r=bkero
62069cc85b0ef90cf59c092a01f9f7fbdc79dc28Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: make navigation header consistent with upstream; r=bkero
35f17eebb58574c356ed2358b5a4b5e41778e3f9Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove filelogentry_old; r=bkero
b67393a3202f48f069c78102eb1559ee12edaa3cGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: make branchentry consistent with upstream; r=bkero
d8df836228fb08a86fe8d59d10de63264cf89b51Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: render age in tagentry consistent with upstream; r=bkero
43aec565607efe3b2a7756c582cacf812b78551eGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: make filelogrename consistent with upstream; r=bkero
78abfa7cbd9e856e00e1ec8614d9c691da1fa68bGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: make template formatting consistent with upstream; r=bkero
6ff7107316e31e91b41232ebe852d553bc8659d2Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize diff and annotate line entries; r=bkero
1050f3ca5267b31040d520c14260848942d7d94aGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add comparison link in file links; r=bkero
20d19b2a4084d8e4c288288184456b5c22813a7fGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize shortlog.tmpl; r=bkero
0b345f15a1c72e51a8ef363517fb5e54bce528f4Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize filerevision.tmpl; r=bkero
132a36fcd074c3ce1b86855f4eef9aed5878286eGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize fileannotate.tmpl; r=bkero
a31e6ca46d09e7915230cba1292bfd6a0e547790Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize changeset.tmpl; r=bkero
5708af75dddddd86b8ee2c3b05e7627ad46aebdaGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize style.css; r=bkero
ece104775614d6d9437ad51f2d67656016fd0b04Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize some CSS rules; r=bkero
9bd4949521009c233943d821edb8a032e380cb0dGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize excanvas.js; r=bkero
bc39b8a495f94b3979a1dfc28d1c2ace9213574eGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: display bookmarks in manifest; r=hwine
9ebdad0bfc9ebe6ad7d588a02eace5cee5ac3856Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add bookmarks to summary / fix branches link; r=bkero
3e80d5af6f007b7bcbf516a85a4ba25795333b01Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add bookmarktag; r=bkero
c7e80a5e70c00f9d14649a3b348b4c761d1f279dGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: escape some values; r=bkero
8a5aa2e0fe0817afc3a494c8e671c3f7a31c550aGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: move graph and pushlog; r=bkero
6befab58db4b2c58e9171a699d5219328d669a08Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: escape some values; r=bkero
0f314728082aafd93ca4c6a0561c369dac4595e2Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: expand map entries into multiple lines; r=bkero
a2a0bb53976d970d67071fb3e9210c3303c1914aGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: clean up navigation headers; r=bkero
bc648d60ad99d42bfb37aea043a0cb9eba8d4715Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: refresh graph from upstream; r=bkero
b4bd32c7a1a72ff2701359edcf72d0047959077cGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add file comparison; r=bkero
ef1f90cda68f4bfbf0693f24ac372510ccd7a2d8Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: link to latest file revision; r=bkero
9f4bc24f5372a489e49eee3e651005cfad9fc94bGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: use {logourl}; r=bkero
42bd932c798e71bb13567528d9bc6a39dd6db678Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add missing branches, bookmarks, and help sections; r=bkero
b8fcc582d4fdf1b18494abaab97167ded00760f3Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: URL escape {url}; r=bkero
e9dd121c1f9ceb555d80f094c7a81af92d5b2132Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove gitweb_ecma style; r=bkero
9c3abddd49ab2b69e681200e950d834a56a09ad4Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize command line map files; r=bkero
cdb25b943b396bb40180e6f1e500121305960f24Gregory Szorc — docker: integrate pulse image into mozreview environment
360635aa5dddaf049f3e9a9f35b1b982cb548a60Gregory Szorc — docker: add builder for Pulse
ad160e8e1d8932d2dfd46edcb5fc0d3cca37ac96Gregory Szorc — docker: don't build rbweb Docker image
f12e2a1bc5b0d912c9050aa2bb8ae1b09075b5b3Gregory Szorc — testing: use MozillaPulse 1.0.1
c672af88ed120e831c7eda803a8cf9617ed3de52Mark Cote — Bug 1123728 - rbbz: When in DEBUG mode, add an open CORS header. r=smacleod
a18edeb5d74c838c2ece4bbb7cfd2dac22dcb6cfGregory Szorc — testing: install mozillapulse Python package
a9a80fef602b64e17838cb74899e93f809527536Gregory Szorc — testing: reserve more ports in Mercurial test runner
4abcbd7f9963b2de3e4d16d68bdac501cdae1e31Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade Mercurial's; r=mconley
1c73f00d0baa8b63331fe514720edaf942b3689fMike Conley — rbmozui: bump to 0.2.12beta.
5fc7a5f16fec32adfbf48e2d5d2e04715f63c141Mike Conley — rbmozui: properly bump the p2rb.reviewer_epoch on the root review request. r=smacleod.
afa2d161abb798687a7205b3aae5e9628716ecb2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: compatibility fixes for Review Board 2.0.12; r=mconley
a3beb1080feec09814af1cc74a9306d4c760e7b5Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade Review Board to 2.0.12 in Docker container
c94c7807978b77fda59ec31b13ee44f82605fa85Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade to Review Board 2.0.12
e5b2b7611927d10ae2130215bb0bba9e0dc4b95cGregory Szorc — testing: drop 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.2.2; add 3.2.4
29ead5f151afbe528908991ca49204d4dc1ff13bGregory Szorc — testing: write reviewboard devserver output to log file
0d7b06decf3c04d2d569643c46baa73f3e1692ddGregory Szorc — testing: assign variable before access
5ec8aa1e605312902dcff70481108476a09c8fe4Gregory Szorc — testing: talk to Bugzilla from MozReview instance if available
54e830743de97f1cbeb1a249df9bb5378b090622Gregory Szorc — testing: store state file with MozReview instance state
a01c43122597e5e6e82880902c1f91e4a5a8329bGregory Szorc — testing: give hint to set MOZREVIEW_HOME
29dc3db8c9229817ba893832cbf15e88f31d5ac9Gregory Szorc — testing: rename MOZREVIEW_PATH to MOZREVIEW_HOME
6ff7dbe1ad9be21c2ddba189ba80dfa5ccbb57dfGregory Szorc — testing: fix --mercurial-port option to use hypthen
4b09e9cff8e451244cfccdfd4f0006d1f3646f62Gregory Szorc — docs: link to Contributing article from Hacking MozReview
e35a4331701146fd88557e97b0e95272556ba732Mike Conley — rbmozui: bump version to 0.2.11beta
618d85165b6d65d9b4ab5068f73339ff659735ecMike Conley — rbmozui: Remove Review Board dependency in rbmozui r=gps.
930f51df09dbdeced9a3377efd63b255535beb9fGregory Szorc — testing: only build Docker images when running tests involving Docker
a5e0a61de3303b4f9793099f9073866761608012Gregory Szorc — docker: rename build-bmo to build-mozreview
eaabb8842f5c19b6bb49418e43bd1f1bf2e731f7Gregory Szorc — docker: integrate Review Board Docker container
34ad8f031c21d6ced09b6f2e1570b365335005bdGregory Szorc — testing: docker builder for Review Board web container
c232176aac87d753a5209dda7316039d47f0094aMike Conley — Bug 1123144 - Make MozReview's testing infrastructure properly set up the Mercurial repository. r=gps.
e1c64ba5b940799fd9a9dc4a9904cfb549bdf651Gregory Szorc — testing: detect additional Mercurial versions properly
166b0ef2505e192b6cd6d1e9508be421b1a82ecaGregory Szorc — testing: hghave support for Mercurial 3.3+
8d4397a14eddf29d4845539b1213f575aa838d2dGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade to docker-py 0.7.1
b660b4a7dea055ba123f1c1c2e84e5e5a9aaece5Gregory Szorc — qbackout: only run tests in Mercurial 3.2 (bug 1122982)
4c9a624b63cae6699f1babdfd74fe759463cf2ddGregory Szorc — testing: add hghave tests for additional Mercurial versions
701f590cb6ca3b226621e571b7bfa47cfdda19aaMike Conley — rbmozui: bump version to 0.2.10beta
81deeb133a976d486cf71dff305463deaed69060Mike Conley — rbmozui: More accounting for p2rb.is_squashed sometimes being a boolean. r=smacleod.
827387ee710809054ff3ffe424e15bee662b6c84Mike Conley — rbmozui: bump version to 0.2.9beta
7363616d4db0343e9b15578b858bcbf29a6d2d6bMike Conley — rbmozui: Account for p2rb.is_squashed sometimes being a boolean. r=smacleod.
c5177f16177856219e6f22fc655d0f08c7c42456Mike Conley — rbmozui: bump version to 0.2.8beta
f850cd7ac225ec571e1e93ee50c9ed9a760e3c20Mike Conley — Bug 1122925 - Fork Review Board's ui.autocomplete.js so that it can account for a colon search prefix. r=smacleod.
2cf80a9660f37e900d57264b0e270d2c7639c783Mike Conley — rbmozui: bump version to 0.2.7beta.
4e5f1b6479031e07bc7b40f47ee3128db803fb41Mike Conley — Bug 1064111 - rbmozui: Move contents of "Commits" tab to the main review request page. r=smacleod.
6a520ba69fa42d7f7e09b1f21ddf2ae4645e1728Gregory Szorc — docs: fix grammar
77a69aeb499f70aaaeffff928cfe5d5bd6784edbGregory Szorc — docs: add section on collaborating / sharing bookmarks
bc9bc2d1782d004f9a3fa3e9abc74b6e4a4c17ffEd Morley — bzpost: pep8 fixes
f796b24af370d70dcdcaf795a91017a03fed4a76Ed Morley — qbackout: pep8 fixes
e1bdf12c6f3204f37a1de7600736c5dbe5e942c3Ed Morley — qimportbz: pyflakes and pep8 fixes
8c0a84b378f0a8fb849651162b8b3f3ac677bafcEd Morley — reviewboard: add buglink attribute
c91b3ec4647880759e5739414fda5907315134b3Ed Morley — qimportbz: add buglink attribute
0a4d1142fb5f26a6eed6c36c20e2e8448f0a6dfbEd Morley — qbackout: add buglink attribute and update testedwith versions
77e7d8bba60ad08c3bfa92827cd790257c2eaa37Ed Morley — pushlog: add buglink attribute
22b6e62fd607c88224f8a86070752aff1a906e72Ed Morley — mqext: add buglink attribute
3ae5c844951f59943368e9c02fac5d17e052b411Ed Morley — mozext: url encode the colon in the buglink attribute
1107f7f4d9117980052377ba208dd344d88203b7Ed Morley — firefoxtree: url encode the colon in the buglink attribute
56d330e6670203118ee9f8b3989380eb7434684bEd Morley — bzpost: url encode the colon in the buglink attribute
07ce5e77014ddb6b4c16b6f33557a4bc5999beffEd Morley — bundleclone: url encode the colon in the buglink attribute
c9a0e57823df60930689cbcd0abacea206935be0Gregory Szorc — bzexport: add testedwith and buglink attributes
66f9cac9dcab1fc9bbb4e0e3b6bf153ea279832fGregory Szorc — bzexport: use API token from cookie values and use REST API again (bug 1121764); r=sfink
88437c2b7881c891df051aff414e86623ed7ffd8Gregory Szorc — bzexport: revert back to bzAPI for resolving the user name (bug 1121764); r=sfink
7caee4d19271a97374fce573afb3882c7245535dGregory Szorc — bzexport: tests for invalid cookie; r=sfink
98de753ecd4a06de9852e1cf30061671981c349aTed Mielczarek — bug 1121598 - firefoxtree: add a fxheads() revset symbol. r=gps
f845e31131dff8bba9d6024a382fbe092cd72074Ted Mielczarek — firefoxtree: Add a generator function to get firefox trees existing in a repository. r=gps
8ccee2abd50bd268b26d47031b0b1cb46368dd09Gregory Szorc — testing: strip test arguments from sys.argv properly
de45a9c027d4c89346871ba6810fb6ac7fecc9efSteve Fink — hg oops --apply is wholly redundant with hg graft -f
0a3eab63e4244fca09e08ed9e2053e0b32e1e879Gregory Szorc — docs: provide info on how to revive a commit
7cae51b9c0c2a89ef6405c973b8071a2426f9292Steve Fink — Bug 1121211 - Add an "oops" command to do the same thing as qbackout with real commits, r=edmorley
d62f10bb020912aa21d99dd04edca631fde2a3c3Gregory Szorc — mozhg.auth: support explicit listing of profiles (bug 1121328); r=sfink
194c89c088b384537b08af6fd25ec48ee58131afGregory Szorc — mozhg.auth: support specifying which Firefox profile to grab cookies from (bug 1121328); r=sfink
00a659f286523729027fc46109c30216b3b50610Gregory Szorc — docker: rename start_bmo API
8507df9b4dc5f586f54e165ada086fef88efd742Gregory Szorc — docker: rename the API for building bootstrapped Docker images
5bc5766ad465a87b7c205639e6e63da7ef354174Gregory Szorc — docker: add a context manager for running containers
6bb9209a4c88fd55c3bcdb5269a88d90cdad7b25Gregory Szorc — docker: remove Fig configuration for running BMO
da57021846e621543ea3cdcab1f50c7fef5c0a5aGregory Szorc — docker: don't reference undefined variable in bmodb-volatile
ddbaeef9b1444c69470cd470df2f294a7a6a5bb3Gregory Szorc — testing: support specifying directories to run tests
a0dcea3853b35a3a294dd093e74a945c9de147c8Gregory Szorc — testing: mark django-evolution as unverified
4e7ab9638cf0c735008ae317bf5b8727f946740cGregory Szorc — bzexport: use glob in place of hard-coded IP
f3b00cd1ea334ff044019600361e3e069e3c67a6Gregory Szorc — bzexport: switch to new bzapi endpoint (bug 1121247); r=sfink
711ac7644396b7619ca254e1f21e384b99489a8bGregory Szorc — bzexport: send proper parameters when updating bugs (bug 1121254); r=sfink
fcc5bb1b97a12f0c7476e72aa887946d930c3c6dGregory Szorc — bzexport: test reassigning a bug (bug 1121254); r=sfink
4343276176a13894002dc1648ecca086e26a74c4Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use a better variable name than aid; r=sfink
c90f316ceb9a428adfca97498af1d1b81aee5cefGregory Szorc — bzexport: search for users using REST API; r=sfink
dceb4a157dd9df9c5fe75384b1b5edfde08d8c41Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use REST to obtain information about a user; r=edmorley, sfink
9138223c973a0de2fc09d430c473030eb3e24556Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use REST API for getting and updating bugs; r=sfink
387a277008cb32cc41d8282ed5136799796b13beGregory Szorc — bzexport: use REST API for attachment creation; r=sfink
a5fde5213a2ae951b6aad84ea415edaba0cac7a9Gregory Szorc — bzexport: fetch attachments via REST API; r=sfink
950eadd32bd08d040c43db494614bc45c08efb89Gregory Szorc — bzexport: add test for reviewing feedback; r=edmorley
6b28c849383a65ff4ea33f5cf12609875dce3ce9Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use REST for creating bugs; r=edmorley, sfink
4ce6cd818ba9c56f3bce7f3d580873d4be4e399fGregory Szorc — bzexport: add an API for performing REST requests; r=edmorley, sfink
c8a372020f3d11a8c6a6f2bb7be96929b945d407Gregory Szorc — bzexport: test for setting bug dependencies with newbug; r=edmorley
87bb3e1e3b02954501716933ed182fdbddebbb31Gregory Szorc — bzexport: test for CC list on newbug; r=edmorley
dfaa05de369503a1208dca158840ac0ff8e68a23Gregory Szorc — bzexport: test for assigning a bug; r=sfink
15bdb2bba24790b0a253fdc4310fe1e5a14fcba3Gregory Szorc — bzexport: deprecate bzexport.username and bzexport.password; r=sfink
b3c1fc01d4932d0623df3992d526cc6803ea2dd9Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use REST API to obsolete attachments (bug 1033394); r=sfink
689d5e36b7e2f52cff7ee091cb255e3caa8e51e2Gregory Szorc — bzexport: support for using a requests.Session for making requests; r=sfink
e546f996f49aa5e94b878bad4f1fc88b8bd0064aGregory Szorc — bzexport: use mozhg.auth.getbugzillaauth; r=sfink
e75c5083c5740e3356940d9ea225df9b8b2401c0Gregory Szorc — docs: add page about auth credentials and Mercurial
cb963a8edc433e666ab6730dfc7c095a596ce575Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use mozhg.auth for finding cookies from profile; r=sfink
3e1e5893a7f863b3041fb9fc450c9dd4b5daabb6Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use profiles loading code from mozhg.auth; r=sfink
11d7993e868df2343cc5e1d8a83c88beb43c9bbaGregory Szorc — bzexport: use profile path finding from mozhg.auth; r=sfink
05d7889459fefc9ec6ec57ef7b6f2bbed09c6683Gregory Szorc — bzexport: use win_get_folder_path from mozhg.auth; r=sfink
7f63c673d8f4fb719b4bb8c17b82f53db9e410eeGregory Szorc — bzexport: enable loading modules from version-control-tools; r=sfink
11abf3861fc4f86e11208604e931812393ec445bGregory Szorc — bzexport: partially implement reviewer switching test; r=sfink
52ff4817d5be25169a5e90fc64e54a5e27f14be7Gregory Szorc — bzexport: add test for reviewer selection; r=sfink
2cb2450907543107527bd4e8e959aa52cd0b3775Gregory Szorc — bzexport: test that uploading a replacement patch works; r=sfink
7a0f787a44a97b3c04715b270d2bc397a40b261fGregory Szorc — testing: add cc, blocks, and depends_on to bug dump; r=edmorley
e126df0ea2ee9a3c14ceed709781918ffd3f718bGregory Szorc — bugzilla: do not use Bugsy for fetching bugs
aafe56b1155c31db78a4bd8fb7ccc44ce012e263Gregory Szorc — tests: dump more bug state; r=sfink
91670f7df87b449dea446ee6d40577f05b282a99Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1120731 - Fix typo in b2g37 branch name and clean up some obsolete entries in the push_printurls hghook. r=rail
7ffe22a01aaf046199a6dd6bc39556d01c1da878Gregory Szorc — testing: use secure download site for Review Board files
92b363d80480d5d658950383a2b671f90efbdbf9Gregory Szorc — docker: use upstream script for generating BMO data (bug 1119069); r=mconley
8c36430488c8824bdaef86ac4a815d78922e29deGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: add mercurial.js
008c8d7eb2d5082c6b907c023fcb6f85f7b36910Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: synchronize raw style; r=hwine
877f08c0f59e68f5490028b1db89d73c7f4a02adGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: import paper style
553d37a7b35fb466037b552dd4ee237b338a3961Gregory Szorc — hgtemplates: remove old .hgtags file
a876eeaf5912972f5afaf5424d4a067c446dcb7cGregory Szorc — gitweb_mozilla: link to pushlog in header (bug 461061); r=bkero
5092f20392c21607fdee29b6716852f23923cf89Gregory Szorc — pushlog: render line breaks with <br /> (bug 453162); r=bkero
f7ba7ce1addacf2179747f34162a42048b3203d3Rail Aliiev — Bug 1116781 - Tracking bug for 12-Jan-2015 migration work. Add mozilla-b2g37_v2_2 repo. r=gps
10c4f302edb2c49ac9b1c8788d9c936b3b77733fGregory Szorc — testing: support adding users to groups
93e239de7a22401888c0e63ee3e80e2c7f2032ebGregory Szorc — docker: remove fkpatch.patch
6e9786a12b459daca69253774e2416731e64e380Gregory Szorc — testing: change how bug range creation works
67fd05027a559205da7bff5f009780658d1d91e4Gregory Szorc — bzexport: fix typo in test
434e5c9f14b2cffe91c6139335d93d9c59835ad0Gregory Szorc — bzexport: add basic .t tests
1beec926758dbb13b7d2012cdda4050d00566568Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade Django
59e3e46116ee2efb43d1f4dae0a42d0058193750Gregory Szorc — docker: build Mercurial 3.2.3 and 3.2.4 RPMs
6399f98563eda6adcbd37312b4b518fe52fe071cGregory Szorc — reviewboard: update tests to reflect Bugzilla DB changes; r=smacleod
750ca067f0a7b7d5922302f56f8a0561fa2941cbGregory Szorc — docker: unpin Bugzilla commit and remove workarounds; r=smacleod
f0b99278baa32166349304bb5a9ff259c1f7c045Gregory Szorc — rbbz: call appropriate API for parsing xmlrpc response (bug 1118650); r=smacleod
33d60d5e4095298306513698c6e6ee7f69aad4f5Gregory Szorc — pushlog: wrap exchange._pullobsolete (bug 1118619)
1deaf4753df1b7114e60e4843acda9016088debbGregory Szorc — pushlog: remove some unused variables
72429fe8dc51b46f900a84ed0f05061cef4dc64aGregory Szorc — pushlog: implement template keywords for showing pushlog data (bug 1116886); r=glandium
62a6caf5d03c195aa6d97a4b138bece84ae422b0Gregory Szorc — pushlog: implement revsets to query pushlog data (bug 1116886); r=glandium
aed72cfb536aa0611cb5f4fa4ac00faeaf74ee5fGregory Szorc — testing: allow db and web image to be passed into MozReview.start()
a65cdcddb86d9e30f925fca84231ea87cf46301fGregory Szorc — testing: remove extra build_bmo() call from MozReview.start()
cd83295d7965c7b8f45bbadf0503b7d4c637f501Gregory Szorc — scripts: add script to audit user wsgi directories for problems
ce06bafaaa879248777016a5baba57e6cbe35c73Gregory Szorc — docs: update Mercurial installation docs
ec56399bb1c86d1ffed064ff08bd8e2f1b70f3b0Gregory Szorc — docs: document new firefoxtree path resolution features
5237fe3253cf3aeea3ec6150673132e75c879f2cGregory Szorc — mozautomation: remove services-central and build-system from integration list (bug 1118334); r=edmorley
1b9e2b8fccb3fa182d0d874e5aca9936790c1d6bGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: limit heads during outgoing against a Firefox repo (bug 1116869); r=edmorley
861343c548ef372f3221aa733f946f3135bbcef7Gregory Szorc — mozext: remove unused import
71eababb3be64cd47116de1ad6e115366e816deaGregory Szorc — mozext: remove functionality for pulling from aliases
435f3e909575a467b5201c4a01d9bd4010418739Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: allow pulling from aliases that map to multiple trees (bug 1116861); r=edmorley
0b384be2ce9b7726e8ad38fb243802342c4b2bcdGregory Szorc — docs: clarify how to write new tests
186e7ed2f8682643c778a471827d001867b34fc7Gregory Szorc — pushlog-feed: don't error when interacting with empty database (bug 1116899)
e07b4eb537b3e6bfe2ddd2c102cc32ddd8ae1bb7Gregory Szorc — docs: document how to install pushlog (bug 672321)
588abca63d93929202d898c88098cf461743ed04Gregory Szorc — pushlog: do not attempt to create pushlog for read-only operation (bug 1116328); r=sfink
2771273acd0bf9e3930770c0798d93280d8195c6Gregory Szorc — pushlog: properly display server errors (bug 1116328); r=sfink
388c13276eb08db92081476e5c575ae9d1e643adGregory Szorc — pushlog: add test verifying empty/missing pushlog2.db clones; r=sfink
352d7399713c63fdc471a59ce3c0662afae3bbcfGregory Szorc — mozext: remove pushtree command (bug 1111807)
f2f5f0added5ca2189acfd0c3b59baca191f97cfGregory Szorc — jenkins: install SQLite
8e7f7772ca5ac80ed7638e5d24e6e52dd7a58c1bGregory Szorc — pushlog: ensure usernames are UTF-8; r=glandium
5a81c0bcb9ff014ab2614dd0a02eb44d5a46abd4Gregory Szorc — pushlog: remove message about interrupting pushlog; r=glandium
fea1154cf8a11d2c7f002667461e0228fa16298eGregory Szorc — pushlog: handle transaction rollback (bug 966545); r=glandium
41bcde4be282faea3da27142aa6d267ebdce0e15Gregory Szorc — pushlog: refactor connection logic; r=glandium
b4d4debe17ad4ef781a43368d21347a3e884cc0eGregory Szorc — pushlog: add verifypushlog command; r=glandium
09ddcc9f884218f1cd6e922c2de7d69d6634fceeGregory Szorc — testing: reorder test-requirements.txt
8da7bde40fecdc2a2c9a6b4cbc6ffa763e4c96f6Gregory Szorc — testing: downgrade requests to 2.4.3 to work around server validation bug
976c623aaf24241d05792cea530b964e33208bd3Gregory Szorc — testing: use Mercurial 3.2.3 in virtualenv
2c6ca3f093f617adda7c73c1558feb6d35b1162eGregory Szorc — docs: document SSH fingerprint for
263a686f854a12f7bb2ff721dfc0fbef9c8608adGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: allow pushing multiple heads to non-canonical repos (bug 1115199); r=glandium
56cf093e516b7285c9c44be42ee392d54d58b62fGregory Szorc — scripts: add a script to find hg repos efficiently
66e4e215fcea90984ba30c917644565bd7ee53c2Gregory Szorc — docs: document pushlog
e5016985d11095e2d3fd91a9ee598c02c8ae13ceGregory Szorc — pushlog: optimize retrieval of pushlog data (bug 1113458); r=glandium
c24dc3ecaf002831382f72f83de4530987f40bbbHal Wine — Readme contains URL to CI results.
9eb6e333ba723be2d1e3db40a099b005715dd7d6Hal Wine — Bug 1107616 - Set up b2g 2.1s branch for build farm usage; r=me
077f318c29c2d33cd481e7a6c32faf3359a51864Gregory Szorc — testing: add Mercurial 3.2.3
fb1d506b83aefcdfb9ea7fb761876eae39dd3253Gregory Szorc — docs: document how to uplift commits using graft
a7732c976e574595c5fa70fc94252ea38d89179eGregory Szorc — pushlog: add last push ID to pushlog response (bug 1065771); r=edmorley
08b76bc1754a6a99400ba99c5e264c9b9ad1dbf8Gregory Szorc — pushlog: implement format version 2; r=edmorley
9bfebeb2b313822dd771f7945ff16dd22140af18Gregory Szorc — pushlog: add a version query string flag to control output format; r=edmorley
589711a43d85045994ea5bb23ee0d7d818a9ea52Gregory Szorc — pushlog: sort keys during JSON serialization; r=edmorley
138a9f6d26b90ff583e4790557fdb080885b49bdGregory Szorc — pushlog: test that querying a changeset that doesn't exist results in 404; r=edmorley
402c7da0ccae43f58a298a71e1f1be55385412a4Gregory Szorc — pushlog: port tests for querying specific changesets; r=edmorley
cce54a4ac2b96b491a18fa043af3dc910c49813aGregory Szorc — pushlog: port test with changeset and id boundaries; r=edmorley
1e7a77c3afb3914be49045cc9a9fe4958d3633beGregory Szorc — pushlog: port json-pushes tests to .t tests; r=edmorley
f572ed6691ca6ea990bd609853c2e36c1cfe968eGregory Szorc — pushlog: port empty repo tests to .t tests; r=edmorley
0b6a9e9b447e41f728f19a306a6b766dfef30bb4Gregory Szorc — pushlog: use new-style class definition; r=edmorley
eb7f2be31e7110928fa56d5c03ffef2a3dce9923Gregory Szorc — pushlog: testing support for comparing JSON files
0a1146946c977db157b5407a8d923dec6c6e61c2Gregory Szorc — testing: support query strings in
ce19db92507b66c377012158b738537ad213cee2Gregory Szorc — Bug 1104390 - Remove printpushlog command; r=bkero
f2f46eeff8f1e9c2c098844ea18ef625c4bbd856Gregory Szorc — Bug 1104390 - Remove legacy web-based repository visualizer; r=bkero
7abcc9e6647d63710981c5b235a4e27e92be933eMike Conley — rbmozui - bump to 0.2.6beta.
fbc1ef7b7483d8787e6ae4576f73268081778cb9Mike Conley — Backout 37c50bcdcd11 (bug 1064111) because of some pretty awful bugs.
7753a800d787b1b916aaeeaeeb08f576da7b7365Mike Conley — rbbz: version bump to 0.2.7
45e5685980df873b494cb3c41141406aa0dd1dbfEd Morley — reviewboard: perform bug comment & flag update as a single action (bug 1098093)
d5a03dd13672497ebf11a08baacb0b97997769efEd Morley — docs: fix a few typos in hacking-mozreview.rst
273ab70b567f2315c585efc298c8c49c31052977Ben Kero — docs: add server operational guide (bug 992368)
67dbcc9855261132b59f8d71105366d5c84190b5Gregory Szorc — reviewboardmods: fox Sphinx docs errors
0eab8eee9e1cddc827137fd9a29855b26e0fae7cGregory Szorc — testing: stop testing on Mercurial <3.0
31a1c81758b966ef4518177c404e186ac19f1ea2Gregory Szorc — docker: increase timeout for HTTP server
e13e124485d18046edcb1c678407ef577e202b27Gregory Szorc — testing: generate Mercurial RPMs
1f84b9539f09ae4c575f2f0669776df8dbad5dfaGregory Szorc — aggregate: add script to perform repository aggregation; r=bkero
47af0188a2c3900fe610862bf9b672a85cf6d7a4Gregory Szorc — aggregate: Mercurial extension to aggregate repositories (bug 1108729); r=bkero
44965a661e7b20af54fa28d1c2e05ca2908730bcGregory Szorc — testing: load mozautomation when sys.path isn't hacked up; r=bkero
a15f9fd168276da62bc7c8edd229843a76de99a9Gregory Szorc — pushlog: drop compatibility with 3.0 and 3.1
dd18f39d4584b94f14edec81c8322e6071329a08Gregory Szorc — bzpost: fix tests to reference Treeherder (bug 1085719)
3ff16dd37e804be872d04786bcc2dcfa04c5a348Ed Morley — bzpost: use treeherder_url() for Try URLs generation (bug 1085719)
05e9443a0c3ea99c983af0ea165aaf383c1e7106Ed Morley — mozautomation: Generate Treeherder not TBPL URLs (bug 1085723)
a4ecb1df7b42521bcc3812ed8b6a6670b49f6a98Gregory Szorc — pushlog: support pulling pushlog data over wire protocol; r=glandium
ca266b32ce4f20ee7814bfb0963ff53dae7e9387Gregory Szorc — pushlog: use a context manager for sqlite connection; r=glandium, r=bkero
3e9eb247d497171860a5db6175c9cd3927d3f02bGregory Szorc — pushlog: don't record changes in pushlog unless they came from a push; r=glandium, r=bkero
03b850aa2d3649057e542802b046aae5252316feGregory Szorc — pushlog: add a test for rollback behavior; r=glandium
aeac1dbb25ce31c4c845259e793b1e7a2aa64179Gregory Szorc — pushlog: add a test for `hg strip`; r=glandium
fb7ae88597d3cfac9a366068a188ad047d39d202Gregory Szorc — Bug 1065050 - Move pushlog tests into extension; r=bkero
c5ebeb06e31628ef6bd248ef77e921127ebae3e2Gregory Szorc — Bug 1065050 - Move the pretxnchangegroup hook into the extension; r=glandium
bb7668ee6c02e1b2390d63636e1ed2e3bb41d2a5Gregory Szorc — Bug 1065050 - Write to pushlog through extension API; r=glandium
922960bf733ab84db81f95da914b9a5069628ed6Gregory Szorc — Bug 1065050 - Rewrite pushlog as an extension; r=glandium
11b0ae516977a818dc493063650fae4a696d957bEd Morley — hghooks: update Treeherder URL to shorter version now bug 1063411 is fixed
37c50bcdcd11ec277de58c666b78550ebdd6439cMike Conley — Bug 1064111 - rbmozui: Move contents of "Commits" tab to the main review request page. r=smacleod.
c111794ad63b36af1b0e12c5432b0f4f33471d3fGregory Szorc — testing: upgrade Python packages
3c1e0024a0a95cccc041463b09dc37204e0d3355Gregory Szorc — rbbz: handle unicode in review comments (bug 1096964); r=smacleod
b7afcd4287c3704b5b5d096989f6f9df1bac8ea6Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: create commands for interacting with reviews; r=smacleod
21c93bad927a748f09643817884261d6df3fbcd5Patrick Cloke — mozautomation: Add support for comm-* repositories (bug 1107067). r=gps
25fcef050f4f7cb43d27b9ce7617053cccb8d7c7Gregory Szorc — testing: install and test Mercurial 3.2.2
59c3ad791da18760441c8bc6cee6270bc08372feGregory Szorc — docker: pin Python packages to ensure reproducibility
5e55885b4ab2a2c4211789be4acc2071869d186aGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: fix test regression
a54f89d9cb979b1410edbd64ede1a8fd296879b4Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: normalize URLs
da9e9691cc909e594df09f3ed58569ee598ddcacGregory Szorc — docker: work around buggy SOAP::Lite 1.12
4eefe1a553d870a8decbcb12485cf8876df41780Gregory Szorc — docker: don't install Perl packages through Apt
8d5e83acd3b07ddf507a07cad2efc858c480c9c9Ehsan Akhgari — Add myself to the list of WebIDL reviewers
978593041f2c0ad53533d8702d51c691e5112b79Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: allow aliases to work on push (bug 1105833); r=bkero
0f56266905374001bd09c5db745f05aca5d4e5d6Gregory Szorc — rbbz: make review flag interaction deterministic (bug 1088432)
3ce8c80a613dd06769d6376b97431b2863284372Gregory Szorc — jenkins: install build dependencies for Python lxml
cce5fef89c642de45b06a81a1dbfff8e75adedcdGregory Szorc — Bug 1104403 - Remove unused extension; r=bsmedberg
7f3fb8d535106d3d95932403b4290e9b24e2e8a4Gregory Szorc — pushlog: unbust branch display (bug 1071296); r=glandium, bkero
b3d154e22d9e689728d2d5cc091cddc3b98abe88Gregory Szorc — pushlog: add better tests for HTML output; r=glandium, bkero
d340711f1e5abff86232bfade4368e4f29c0f9f7Ben Kero — Bug 1102962: update Dockerfile with MPL header and s/RUN/ADD/
8809fe3fdfa3d11f18b61a47906da397031495f8Ben Kero — Updates scripts to include MPL header and purpose for bugzilla #1102962
94dcd30af62be66c35783ccb689fb10eda5bbebeBen Kero — add builder-hgmaster, Dockerfile, accompanying hgrc
b7e400f721919ea21a34ea0e771c7cb2c6c54488Ben Kero — add scripts with correct perms as per bug 1102962
fd3d283843ad2bc696399b568398e959072ae012Gregory Szorc — pash: ability to change publishing state of repositories (bug 1089385); r=bkero
e0305927f9fa803cd890e7bcbf83615ea527f87bGregory Szorc — pash: move config reading code into function; r=bkero
71714b10feb8bcc5a28beb28cf481f88f016f92fGregory Szorc — pash: clean up code in edit_repo_description; r=bkero
3ede38a729c1e0c1eee4e061c30411b1a0104c68Gregory Szorc — pash: new user path api; r=bkero
22bbbdf0ab5683e246c2843fa5e9a3ca30148a31Patrick Cloke — firefoxtree: Add support for comm-central (bug 1100692). r=gps
7c531185d69d39f25e9ead7f9be310d4f15ac3eeGregory Szorc — serverlog: parse SSH sessions
eead312e5440f2bf57e83237623f5434986d2bbbGregory Szorc — serverlog: make executable
48137ffb7d003ac5c8ad84058947f5b455e96c0fGregory Szorc — docs: add some docs on working with unified Firefox repos
b3d096e1c9d143927a44069a77971e348a440350Gregory Szorc — hghooks: filter closed branch heads (bug 1100027)
ad4baaa3ecb7f34db2a79ddbe5fce06cf137bd42Gregory Szorc — hghooks: add explicit test verifying that pushing a merge is allowed
376a74578ad47d18824cd14b8ff7d467397f6e86Gregory Szorc — hghooks: explicitly test pushing a head forward is allowed
1776eb7d1f6aa1af53c2f0ba43196a209e961617Gregory Szorc — hghooks: clean up test-single_head_per_branch.t
21deb18b33896e17229a1a37bdbf8e9ebf076d02Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: clear r? when publishing a review (bug 1096758); r=smacleod
e9db102ccb9f7917220c543357e491cc9c8d5253Gregory Szorc — pash: normalize whitespace
1359dd1e8563865537065bb060f827e59141e1a5Ben Kero — pash: import (bug 1089775)
8e4ac3d395bd439e365ae24d6a7eccd48b8f4415Gregory Szorc — Bug 1098369 - Pushing to a Firefox tree should update remote ref; r=ahal
a8b9f825d606301cdda876725f07ed668666cf9bGregory Szorc — jenkins: unbuffer stdout in
2086ef6975fca224e6fb04ed3c294b61650dde1aGregory Szorc — jenkins: produce Review Board eggs as part of build
42391d73caef8c7bd0317c3db3003461303a5232Gregory Szorc — serverlog: script to aggregate repo totals by day output
430ff7bbe2894481780a77b6df84ff39280c65d6Ed Morley — hghooks: make output hgweb URLs for Try pushes too (bug 1096917)
f5629e13834a3ee01b8e1553e755d846763817bdGregory Szorc — serverlog: fix script error in repo-totals-by-day
23e0918f4868d4f245e43e93bbc2fdce9e4b37b8Gregory Szorc — serverlog: script to obtain per-repository per-day totals
5f841eec2a879f32c2c41eb670fc76873240b5ddGregory Szorc — serverlog: add script to aggregate the output of totals-by-day
7cc7072c0ad8eefeaa9dcc082e2f134d3d7810afGregory Szorc — reviewboard: print full repo URL when telling how to pull (bug 1091318); r=smacleod
d44b256ba3af136862a7b3df90265359a941622eMike Conley — [rbmozui] Bump version to 0.2.4beta0.
d104b911689140715d99b33ed7040783445b8578Mike Conley — Bug 1097736 - rbmozui: Can't assign reviewers to a review request. r=smacleod.
b36ef50ba135f325c5a614b37e2b232fcd91c45aGregory Szorc — serverlog: script to print totals by day
2232e0a9bea3e8d9444a8832d41ceb5c521fde4dPeter Moore — Bug 1095593 - Morgan Phillips (mrrrgn) needs production commiter rights on puppet again,r=mgerva
48f97656f51cd274c4eea68f7d508cb25d1d762ePeter Moore — Bug 1095593 - Morgan Phillips (mrrrgn) needs production commiter rights on puppet again,r=mgerva
220f22694a45caf12bd86fc781877f7746ad0c3fGregory Szorc — serverlog: remove assertion in parser that was seen in the wild
c13fbd8e5f81546f5f6349c011bf8d2d46b12056Gregory Szorc — testing: run tests against Mercurial 3.2.1
3ba7235c8b66a75f962d8473e7c33a5548e8b90fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1097104 - mozautomation: update lists of b2g release trees. r=gps
4b9468da55d0cc660a4b830745c312517bbd12fcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1097104 - mozautomation: add better aliases for b2g-inbound. r=gps
2a2910d56e9db22d3af580e3a5df785e9a5dee69Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: support specifying base revision for review (bug 1089685); r=smacleod
240e817d3c0cb04959374de9e2788b21e3f3c28eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: change multiple head detection; r=smacleod
89a42f911ee97c776f999d7797a2daeffd1d7460Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: test that specifying a revision range for reviews work; r=smacleod
a7462aae407b160032c86c0c63d5c694c30e5158Gregory Szorc — serverlog: script to print repository totals
c8247eed4efb80e08c4e163be3ecc237b449155bGregory Szorc — firefoxtree: mark as compatible with 3.2; r=smacleod
62424da0c13f102f1d4259a10a5c7c701c79976eGregory Szorc — bzpost: mark as compatible with 3.2; r=smacleod
f51519beedd3debb87b741e6d887344e04300308Gregory Szorc — bundleclone: mark as compatible with 3.2; r=smacleod
50b456254c7d0fd6679baa8411faf9e1a0218957Gregory Szorc — testing: test with Mercurial 3.2 by default; r=smacleod
a0999d82158b46051ce00176aeb86c0a13f7a3ccGregory Szorc — testing: update Mercurial versions to reflect release of 3.2 (bug 1095676); r=smacleod
8a57a8571048df604e7f410cd5b147e4c2026bdfGregory Szorc — reviewboard: suppress output from hg up; r=smacleod
596bd8c90120c3832e0b0fd3469e5dd24b556d56Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: reuse obsoleted attachments; r=smacleod
4dcf5d9d6767e15d4047ceec580a0140b7614623Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: obsolete review attachments when discarding review request (bug 1004835); r=smacleod
883f3e9caf4c675eb44f0f48a8716895733dc8f3Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: print is_obsolete flag for attachments; r=smacleod
6d6e6aa880ee366d25a9ad2addc325aadf12500cGregory Szorc — reviewboard: verify state of Bugzilla when discarding review requests; r=smacleod
84e20bbb2dedb4159549d8e8afa2d14844849a64Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: soften mq usage warning (bug 1091230); r=smacleod
3576256848df75c460175c40c0f99a23df4c584eMike Conley — Backing out 8dd9e623f9a4 (Bug 1095722) for breaking tests.
54cd3ca90d5da38687764f5284950ecdc3f88ff1Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: don't always import json (bug 1092476); r=mconley
f3dc4b79722e804debf10eddc8bc2298def751c5Gregory Szorc — serverlog: scripts to parse serverlog log data
2950230d729d38024445c3edfae39ec50a791683Gregory Szorc — docs: start of bookmark workflow docs
8306da26e997ffdb816d88a7a3b0c543f8920aa2Gregory Szorc — mozext: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.2
bd484c690a68569c37a1c625317b9a3746eb707fGregory Szorc — mozext: remove ability to store refs as bookmarks
ae5e5fb8729da3ff7ed79076a1982908f9daa3dfGregory Szorc — mozext: don't import remote refs into repository tags
a8986825088509f752e30ecd703eceea45486becGregory Szorc — docs: document firefoxtree
8dd9e623f9a4ae858d6152b92931b4a8a8d25857Mike Conley — Bug 1095722 - reviewboard / vcttesting: Create a default Review Board admin for vcttesting. r=gps.
dbdcef8198e9a4bff54918d10f837b1cbd0367faMike Conley — Bug 1095750 - vcttesting: Make Docker use TLS_v1 protocol for TLSConfig. r=gps.
4f8f083f7f0ce393d1d282ba07af79c0e8aa2e56Francois Marier — Bug 1094597 - Fix typo in the manual; r=gps
4056a46cb4afa04a6a859780fd0b1ed4191609e1Mark Cote — Link to Google Group in MozReview hacking doc.
4a7444b8e597c8ad9575cafb2b6c0075611a4653Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: prevent unknown reference to _updateremoterefs (bug 1085066)
b5293af9f9768bec32e6f4335aa29eb661e309e3Gregory Szorc — hghooks: don't match try syntax in subwords (bug 1087328); r=edmorley
04196843789b27bbdee4870cbd2ef3b55f599a9cGregory Szorc — hghooks: test for failed try syntax detection; r=edmorley
aee8e8e95f3c3e5ed3509b9aba9947a1ffaa3467Gregory Szorc — docs: start Mercurial for Mozillians guide
28a6edd1966fc00b0557430b0a58f941c43cd5caGregory Szorc — docker: work around CPAN installation error with DateTime and DateTime::TimeZone
f0e8583577c72ee823151cc5566b850af1a68b7bGregory Szorc — docs: clarify SSH configuration
c3a9ed12ab3d7c0aece52dd3feeda5221be028f7Gregory Szorc — hghooks: remove prevent_broken_csets hook (bug 1075275); r=glandium
83ee534dfb466feb9fe94cb18bc8ce2feb4c27e5Gregory Szorc — docs: documenting advanced diff tool
c84facd720c61cbfa9767643e826e9cdb7c47005Gregory Szorc — docs: more info on conducting reviews
53f677f1970b322275b78651886e6384a0aaf7e7Gregory Szorc — docs: add documentation (with images) on how to publish commits
1a650ce120dbde75d500232be72aac72cbe3ac21Gregory Szorc — docs: section on adding review repositories
d175fd5070e025e4e19a9ab5332e10e6fab67291Gregory Szorc — docs: link to bug lists
0c1d71b6aae72366da667c9a10a100f389617028Gregory Szorc — docs: update status
c652448a6e43ce1ba4056bd696854b30822bebecGregory Szorc — docs: more notes on status
962b8d43c218498e0ec21ec48cdb8fbbcd336137Gregory Szorc — docs: add docs for the impatient
f18799ce4990a3cc71b63d3dede958263a183020Gregory Szorc — docs: split mozreview user guide into multiple pages
83efa7b100b76ff045d3d6c15fdaf02428e444dbGregory Szorc — docs: reflect changed IRC channel name
bbba2747865c3596d7417fd1acdbb9c3c79f964bGregory Szorc — docs: note where to file bugs and get help for MozReview
f437ef077292e39a711e63af227f0c00f41c53c3Gregory Szorc — docs: document need to visit Review Board to publish review requests
797a5a169c43ae91b256e2d899bbe1523ad4769aGregory Szorc — docs: add quick blurb about MozReview status, known issues, planned features
030eb9ed89532fa5fdddf65f58880eec808e11dfGregory Szorc — reviewboard: verify bugs before reviews are created (bug 1034178); r=smacleod
da2ef7487c70d191f6ed5185e053b09d3cc6d91aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: create bugs in test-fetchreviews.t; r=smacleod
3d5a239fe0e12b3fcabc208b1a9ddc8fb5741c5bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: create bugs in test-multiple-parents.t; r=smacleod
6fc8061cb2c1d786135badd909055c03e3c7a9c2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: create bugs in test-commits-added.t; r=smacleod
b3b69da7a03a332471a6e7193fc13898055e5c1aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: create bugs in test-store.t; r=smacleod
3b329d74f30acc2d252332ffe614a1aba6a4791cGregory Szorc — reviewboard: create bugs in test-push.t; r=smacleod
44238a7e2ca08c3b2d06513010563f4843c74f81Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: save logs from Mercurial server; r=smacleod
9b121cd4b1551e0701f168cf9d94433c966bf100Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: require a Bugzilla URL in server configuration; r=smacleod
e9784e4ef5937fce7e3542e3dcf7f598c62f37ebGregory Szorc — reviewboard: perform multiple passes when checking changesets; r=smacleod
2a4885e4c068dfb5f6ce34463a20f69ef302431eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: move ReviewID class to shared module; r=smacleod
726876d363090865dea817de6f7304672135cb2eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: mark as compatible with Mercurial 3.1 and 3.2; r=smacleod
bf282b34008f9072f45eea0993ac76528e9ffe61Gregory Szorc — docs: make installation docs accurate
c7b27a972c398b5d6158b26a02f74cc16e3ff101Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a hint to publish the review (bug 1089909)
39e9ad976c5aac2247a334c12c9fbc5e146e3b82Gregory Szorc — testing: add Docker build environment for eggs (bug 1090575); r=mconley
cebe01ed33e53fd356ece7ad3aceba744a76253eGregory Szorc — docs: ignore reviewboard import error
0a5c0ee80ece650c08f6e3cc8989b00000dead9dGregory Szorc — docs: add page on contributing
d197aae43e1a7d0a6bd7f52c31890f99a066655eGregory Szorc — docs: add blurb about intent and goals of repository
93ae88f6b7e5ec5b0c5ecc230c57d3c607eba5ebGregory Szorc — docs: fix typo
679c8c80bb5cc13ef8187518bef456d15efa9367Gregory Szorc — docs: create toc hierarchy for MozReview
54387132cf0ba618457118ba2da5e7f402de6babGregory Szorc — docs: more info in README.rst
13a3f68d07d6bc57b133117105a200844021c9ddGregory Szorc — docs: refactor Mercurial docs into a doc tree
7f22c9f346893c71201e3ea6cca89a7f30c82357Gregory Szorc — docs: move Jenkins documentation to Sphinx
d541b04a6416546a5b50795c9be9cdb76066e493Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade ReviewBoard to 2.0.11
ede0ef10cdb0c110f050410fa2ecfd314eb7f0b9Gregory Szorc — hghooks: remove; sr=bkero
405921c96ee942ddaa83e3468a93f1b80565addfMark Cote — Bump rbbz to 0.2.6.
b93beffe770f3a98f3b6566da3df1a8dbd82c675Mark Cote — Bug 1089936 - Remove login-group restriction. r=gps
89f12dc59e95239f293734ad994f4cc494bb2fedGregory Szorc — docs: update RB user docs
4be28ad7c9a99075c316c839db305fecc459afe4Gregory Szorc — mozreview: don't show the commits tab to non-submitters (bug 1047468); r=mconley
4c4cbd58691a6f1d615c62f2bb2f23cac32266c2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: move hgext/reviewboard/tests/ reviewboard
ed05413a04c2ef673c2bb0123d2d38d974ae3f23Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: move testing/ to bugzilla
7f1dd03aa08d9cdee4e9152ce0fdaa52f51af29aGregory Szorc — mozreview: make instance path argument optional
31fe6451e47b073382498d4fb226a4b880194344Gregory Szorc — testing: rename mach -> mozreview
bdb0577080a35a50665dac05501df015e66b1ddfMark Cote — [rbmozui] Bump version to 0.2.3beta0.
5ce956fd54c532ac5640dace8aac5e171d1467f7Mark Cote — [rbbz] Bump version to 0.2.5.
0a01e17941a6e4104cc1a77dda55396fdef5223fGregory Szorc — reviewboard: make reviewer processing order deterministic (bug 1088432); r=mcote
b230040ef4612b135ffd954514c8cb0f4ee84f8aGregory Szorc — scripts: add a script to analyze hgrc configs
647820f5aed41bddca015c91026e5a5e32866ffeGregory Szorc — rbmozui: update reviewers when we have an autocomplete result (bug 1087491); r=mconley
65e394ef9cc727ab31896f4cdd5723e676fce6bbGregory Szorc — reviewboard: rename hg pullreviews to hg fetchreviews (bug 1068371); r=mcote
d6a61616aed01fdf10a0e19fd3b758701b8c86deGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for ship-it reviews from non-requested reviewer; r=mcote
a8cfe4ca51ac9e4d1cd5c0a6e066e2309a4a3905Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use email address for requestee when updating review flags (bug 1087617); r=mcote
4da27ee0c6e6663f0b0a9c73cad21a1600875a77Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for multiple reviewers with granting review (bug 1087617); r=mcote
3a6d87ca330f3ecc459eb80f051b3b4f0b393d2aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: test that removing all reviewers works properly; r=mcote
30c14880e5b5c683e980ab3eb199df92668935c5Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: test that removing a reviewer removes review flag; r=mcote
7dc93fde8694f6b57b657a319edfda60091b52ddGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a command for removing reviewers; r=mcote
75fd1667bff5e0bda9a705861db2caa2367d3977Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for multiple reviewers on a bug; r=mcote
c202646b7987f9d45522fc7441cd21a5420e6627Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: show author and tags when dumping bugs; r=mcote
b93289fc7d61ca0f378211d554a0967ec72e2e4eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for review reply publishing (bug 1087050); r=mcote
bc075da385ea84b780d98e29ec0cacf42690f90eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add create-review-reply mach command; r=mcote
4383b5eb7d1a7b3db34b8044e354e65a9dc9b5a0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test around deleting draft review requests (bug 1087049); r=mcote
e0ecb0ca7c682ecd3d26f2e730495452fdb348d5Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a command for discarding a draft review request; r=mcote
76e1f0c44f90be9b84e1606df0f34a0bace4b0cdGregory Szorc — reviewboard: reject merge commits (bug 1040173); r=mcote
37e8b39353dfa05a41eac9db8acfe619652c974bGregory Szorc — jenkins: do not destroy VM if last build failed
d82ba3e81b6a2de453eb05eda015e9b0774adaacGregory Szorc — docker: properly use per-test state files
5be2c6a49640d38aaa21749624f4e377b9d4d20bGregory Szorc — docs: add Python API docs to Sphinx
4001e44585e312ada4c798da2a1dc1cdc16a3bd8Gregory Szorc — docs: use Read The Docs Sphinx theme
2db51c110af4c36b8b620fc49496314906867990Gregory Szorc — docs: trim Sphinx config file
47fcb4ff6b0fab7ea1a3c2bc8266613f1f3a4446Gregory Szorc — docs: add article on headless repositories
f289c95070f16967e03302983dab6844a619b2eeBen Kero — hghooks: update single_head_per_branch hook to match tests
462231de4b4557130963832f70279a2512366522Ben Kero — hghooks: add test for single_head_per_branch
da694ed2e2711a0df382dcf31a778bd5798a0727Gregory Szorc — docs: update hacking-mozreview.rst
292cd94a1767436f2990d3cb20b9853c4f930b9aMark Cote — Bug 1083954 - Doc edits. r=gps
c11b7a337103d9e26d600d6d371cf38fbd1a616aGregory Szorc — rbmozui: restore target_people field (bug 1086986); r=mconley
0cdca38d2db1ad61d245a658ee87b4dc5f1ec159Gregory Szorc — docs: add a "Hacking MozReview" article
db29857ebbd26a8f2bcbb7399095f64d10bffd69Gregory Szorc — mozreview: add high-level APIs and tools for controlling MozReview instances
1d2463a25b6423b3b08f5d8b870ad2c66bfbc121Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: port Review Board APIs into reusable class
0d2ce75ce7cc47c49d1a8dea23f6e4026d468a35Gregory Szorc — docker: return BMO params from start_bmo()
c6603f93d25eb23028c62263fb3c4ed798f2699dGregory Szorc — bugzilla: move remaining APIs into Bugzilla class
ef2b59871a6476df9b1b979292d0b218f5e90dd4Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: establish reusable class for Bugzilla interaction
fdcf0e528201685c9912191da0b9a1e44444113eGregory Szorc — jenkins: generate Sphinx docs during build
244a217608e6dd8f0117156c2bdb0743162f42f3Gregory Szorc — docker: convert to mach
87e0183194d00c727be739e00106f35a997ea952Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: port start to a mach command
37a8e4a594f1ef2f4eb01dfa2f466c16fd80fe9dGregory Szorc — reviewboard: port stop to a mach command
9ae81eb3c9cbc5b4d50e62a89dd8308a3694844fGregory Szorc — reviewboard: port dump-user to a mach command
06dbdcc49bf7b4c8e24c78a1b8ca4c8282668e98Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: port reopen to a mach command
03e58229b1eb71cc6658a32279cce37ebfea0f3aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: port closesubmitted to a mach command
d72fed6c8736d1ad5b1bf46a3f3a2cca1b2dd29eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: port closediscarded to a mach command
9c288622455898fbbd7c26485a7fe7d4d6615103Mark Cote — [rbbz] Bump version to 0.2.4.
8ddd139904492a542058af087082ed11f04da4d3Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: properly set review flag requestee (bug 1085698); r=smacleod
455d2168da3052fa932d898292953214108064f4Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add an add-reviewer mach command; r=smacleod
cca0f89cc20031b7f7b8cd6090edb269150a2f1fGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test that verifies Bugzilla review interaction; r=smacleod
8f4af21fe8726de1650c3dd4624a9d88a48550feGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a create-review command; r=smacleod
a4658714ecbf92db3b687dfd4607476328e0f6bdGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for publishing against an invalid bug; r=smacleod
868cd8820864ad2780b82ff8d77272187e0ceeb5Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: add flags to dump-bugs output; r=smacleod
d182a86c57eb4b681302e2c064b4f61ba6e53298Mark Cote — [rbbz] Bump version to 0.2.3.
d8d096f817477019064f6497cb6be7042ab10fe6Ben Kero — Add the first pass of hgweb bundle serving code
954124a72ed4135b10ed8582a1bba44ad0b2e2cbGregory Szorc — bugzilla: port dump-bug to a mach command
21dac3deeaa2133a0c6da2b38382f73d53a60524Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: port update-user-login-denied-text to a mach command
784884dbede5858cf7edeedd9162a0dc923da8b6Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: port update-user-email to a mach command
261a2068992171b5ca89f5af10a617c55316fc46Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: port update-user-fullname to a mach command
6bf1e69a762879d460dc23774b280ac438a3482aGregory Szorc — bugzilla: port create-user to a mach command
3e489d808a8872404230cddda03fc1f214cf5dfdGregory Szorc — bugzilla: port create-group to a mach command
184da64a155d4e9bf08e551ea7f5d548ef50094aGregory Szorc — bugzilla: port create-login-cookie to mach command
fb970dfeb3c4285bcf86ec8df8692a3ead1ca59aGregory Szorc — bugzilla: port create-bug-range to a mach command
71601757b43bd0ca5c5f51b62683c32ae76b01a0Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: start converting to use mach
93b17d07d91781c1a905a54a45ed9403d2cb20dfGregory Szorc — bugzilla: switch to Test mail delivery method
bb1b4c80679732c9dcd41cd0bdd43112a0c4db8eGregory Szorc — bugzilla: create "review" flag in database
66ec32ebac136bc00d735bcf71f840f78bf817acGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add tests for user searching (bug 1085615); r=smacleod
0c0d2a0d8bdc74f566ae185edbde49c747f414b7Gregory Szorc — rbbz: create profiles if necessary; r=smacleod
eb5402e8f307497d284adc0a6145ae5fefdae9f0Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: move publish action to mach command
53c631913b17d31301c62107abd52e79ac04d365Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: convert dumpreview action to mach command
37de55f2255d536a59a5bb9fa5e42201cd884169Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: port repo action to mach command
48cf749804ea532dc146b91d452e8406b5b20fdeGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use mach in
48a32c176236c2bcd8e00c63667114af08c8cf00Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: don't require credentials to use rbbz
e4da00fa7633bb90e27c56c8392ce2eadf2b9d58Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: convert functions to aliases
177e99ac2cc24a850eebbce084bda7f2ebea099dGregory Szorc — testing: add mach and dependencies to virtualenv
e0539992d9c7a77f2e2ae2eb17fb5b65632eee99Steven MacLeod — Bug 1085417 - Stop using 'Review' in RB summaries. r=gps
0a204e96f1c0b378b7e411b5c38693e89a5430eeGregory Szorc — bundleclone: support Mercurial 3.2
d682dbb04e39d3836645d1abdea4ba37284543dbGregory Szorc — bundleclone: drop support for Mercurial <3.0
27f1c4776f068df45c7deb27b0a5288089425ea2Gregory Szorc — mqobs: delete experimental extension
ede56cc14d4335a788be04751f9e3be849f045afGregory Szorc — mozext: refactor to support Mercurial 3.2
6b51eb72e4c30ecbb38f8eb16328bb31ec4b1789Gregory Szorc — mozext: drop support for Mercurial <3.0
5711fa3ab92a213151b37c9391b2d06bf86cbac2Gregory Szorc — testing: use new Docker connection code path in
482bd7a6dfd0481bd2b40f8d68be0f4178db1958Gregory Szorc — testing: use new Docker connection code path in hghave
edc4d061ba895bbcfd92849d98a11fa7a6bb8e01Gregory Szorc — testing: detect Docker TLS settings from environment
02c077fa6e13052c6dc4de1b61d5852c52a4c895Gregory Szorc — testing: bump docker-py from 0.5.0 to 0.5.3
688d7ab047b383ab6676ffc28df30cc91cf4da90Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: support Mercurial 3.2 version of pull() (bug 1082937); r=glandium
2bf88266a19a749ec21d645e443d1c5a39647250Gregory Szorc — firefoxtree: support Mercurial 3.2 version of exchange.push (bug 1082937); r=glandium
c58005cc94d8b002654407f2973bb8960148dec6Gregory Szorc — bzpost: make compatible with mercurial 3.2 (bug 1082927); r=glandium
dbbd7d37d79af3bae9c4af41fb2d23d020d40306Dan Glastonbury — bzpost: do not update user repos by default (bug 1043074); r=gps
d0afe3c0695bb2dc8e28321f66323afb5d5dc005Gregory Szorc — docs: reviewboard docs
c31184c5874e11725f3ede3d625cd66cd542109eGregory Szorc — docs: start writing usage docs for Review Board
2901bf0f55367a6951d05b48aaeb541345ce913eGregory Szorc — docs: move testing documentation to Sphinx
2224825bc2d2b779b8b2b85de1f8ec02e4fef97cGregory Szorc — docs: add Sphinx auto-generated skeleton
0cb4faa4c9f637d47f27f892ef2d4bd6f3554e47Gregory Szorc — docs: add Sphinx and dependencies to virtualenv
77c9ee75117e0c34fcd3869d0f24f8b5600e070aGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for existing users using a conflicting username; r=smacleod
5d66fdb13c81e0f2e62157fef8221a79522d4af4Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for conflicting IRC nicknames; r=smacleod
47bb9390f573faae0b94f6ac356a905abd429adeGregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test that re-enabling a disabled user works; r=smacleod
790bb5dd605db45ddf9ecfdaa8c7c34812c287a3Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test that verifies a disabled user can't use Review Board; r=smacleod
046913c7cfc3792d7c972dfae349b0c309676f0bGregory Szorc — bugzilla: add a command to update a Bugzilla user's login denied text; r=smacleod
7dd5a896b4ed452577d5eebd3e5f1d3a4393e1b2Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test for changing of a Bugzilla user's email; r=smacleod
1bbc3290d7c56203b32d1496d25ef53a099c93fdGregory Szorc — bugzilla: add command for updating a user's email; r=smacleod
c814bde39a0b38266f76cd21f42a47e8a020aea4Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for change in IRC nickname; r=smacleod
0369fc7f23e0f98fde75b02b89fdcada1f6bf1bdGregory Szorc — bugzilla: add a command to update a user's full name; r=smacleod
918cda17c7c690f5c6ed71aa583b9b824afea3cdGregory Szorc — reviewboard: tests for automatic creation of users in Review Board; r=smacleod
e3ae91b54a701ed7e578cb856e5df529d2670728Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a dump-user command to; r=smacleod
ba467c8f36229cce6820dd5ca86b9ee24a5bdcf1Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use shell syntax that works in bourne shell
3257005cabc96761442bbc9a0c97383754b3a883Gregory Szorc — bugzilla: command to create new Bugzilla users; r=smacleod
a83f780472c0e8251b7bcf8a56fdacb29bcc7716Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a helper function to export Bugzilla credentials; r=smacleod
4d8940d85453add6df51b231b448b5d404b6f427Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: support cookie auth (bug 1067525); r=smacleod
f96b1e3a6b63816df418a92524e1c5f69d11dd3bGregory Szorc — bugzilla: add a command to obtain a login cookie; r=smacleod
c8334d2e4d6e2534ac0085acec9c92ed62816bfdGregory Szorc — mozhg: ability to define Bugzilla cookie in hgrc; r=smacleod
be4fe155d7ad231588818b2eab0969c63838a6e3Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: handle auth errors gracefully; r=smacleod
b71228b492e762847d143f4415fe3bbba5b5be44Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: provide a backdoor to not define Bugzilla credentials; r=smacleod
c2f3a8a8005600d11b590161792e7ae2702266d9Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: mercurial 3.2 compatibility; r=smacleod
fb838a7f722df682b6ae0ba75c7fadfd75bbe547Steven MacLeod — rbbz: Add missing license header to
d841b6c7ca65d8aae43fd6eee145d0bd19a2cb17Steven MacLeod — Add egg-info dirs and test error files to .hgignore
a845c3ebaf81cb8da24badc570c23140c3a6af7bGregory Szorc — jenkins: always fetch BMO Git repo
00f86edf6247b17e76e5276cc59bbf83d468b60cGregory Szorc — docker: pass FETCH_BMO down into bmoweb container
cb8b78c83a3ee15ee7a36735abccafc8b28feae6Gregory Szorc — docker: refactor image pruning
55dfd571af7aa578b0a8883fcd1e5f7679a212b8Gregory Szorc — docker: tag created images with a UUID
17b975ed4795ef7358c71e3728e8f168053083a0Gregory Szorc — docker: store the IDs of the last used bootstrapped images
bb2757778ca68d34666859eac855036b322a099fGregory Szorc — docker: remove intermediate containers when building images
f1ddf1059bceee7c1117c2a6514aa5f0ea767911Gregory Szorc — docker: tag bootstrapped BMO images
d33faaa6bbc5961513a1b579b52149786e4966a7Gregory Szorc — docker: remove hg working directory calculations from bootstrap invalidation
3ad0f620aa304186b48d808dd743a0aa45eca3adGregory Szorc — docker: invalidate bmoweb and bmodb-volatile images by adding bootstrap context
d88bf62abe79400d076b3179671fed9899bad902Gregory Szorc — docker: add our Docker support code to Docker build context
833844ab16e75e04069cf1abc235d7f83d91ca3cGregory Szorc — docker: create Docker build context manually
a15c08c2fac1e3f2c45f5b36aa97180f7dbd0b48Gregory Szorc — hghooks: delete unused prevent_unlabelled_australis_changes hook (bug 1075318); rs=jaws, edmorley
de405f7e07cdc40cf300d12c51cd20d544999e8aGregory Szorc — testing: pin BMO commit again until bootstrapping is unbusted
3c4a9a7e3af23f72f842c1c5b89492a20323cd61Gregory Szorc — testing: upgrade test environment to ReviewBoard 2.0.8; r=smacleod
c3d8aa9dcbcfb25915934d775f042ab95b5450fcGregory Szorc — mozhg: add Mercurial tests for Bugzilla credential searching; r=smacleod
e434ddcaaee9e68cdbd796c5e0b042480fb649aeGregory Szorc — mozhg: move cookie creation functions into module scope; r=smacleod
52a70dceb394e08e81f959dd42725fb1a5c3f384Gregory Szorc — mozhg: ignore profiles with no files; r=smacleod
a833750056eb2f94537eb815f1a8d8e866287c9fGregory Szorc — mozhg: add extra space in Bugzilla password prompt; r=smacleod
6c3088ce4c94fdb04d13b719622a615af6e4ee10Gregory Szorc — mozhg: try to fetch Bugzilla cookies in mozhg.auth.getbugzillaauth(); r=smacleod
cfbcd715a5934c24b98cf4591518aeacbd6f546eGregory Szorc — mozhg: add a testing backdoor for finding the Firefox profiles dir; r=smacleod
80415a7d65244b718b350efeafe5e94572530d9aGregory Szorc — mozhg: tests for extracting cookies from profiles; r=smacleod
8b4161437c753d4e69df59a823d4117a41229bc7Gregory Szorc — mozhg: further refactor get cookie from profile logic; r=smacleod
6d4ca02426dd519e87d2d29fda514513f60f73f9Gregory Szorc — mozhg: fix style in Bugzilla login cookie fetching; r=smacleod
2d437ebfcbbfd426bc7e9f3b5879d161fcc1c4b2Gregory Szorc — mozhg: copy get_cookies_from_profile into mozhg.auth; r=smacleod
9ee5651b67437ed82b20a9cc6b5a2131e68e0b04Gregory Szorc — mozhg: remove find_profile(); r=smacleod
7a241f9d9567a408345461b86492137022f2b104Gregory Szorc — mozhg: refactor profiles API to return list of profiles; r=smacleod
019e5361ff4e79d76e761c2947046b6456f39155Gregory Szorc — mozhg: split profile directory finding code into own function; r=smacleod
ae2ef6bfee4c47fc3ca81de7a9318e8be38fada3Gregory Szorc — mozhg: clean up profile finding code; r=smacleod
8372d22b807ec48da20648d93d204840dabfc206Gregory Szorc — mozhg: copy profile finding functions from bzexport into mozhg.auth; r=smacleod
573db71cdb79059e3cccc4e4e592798f17741673Mark Cote — [rbbz] Bump version to 0.2.2.
669991cb8243abacdea2e526fc93e9ff9f83878fMark Cote — Bug 1058786 - Fix ircnick regex for proper username support. r=smacleod
96535e603704fc39f3350726fb84b053aad349b5Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1053002 - Disallow "b=N" and "Bug #N" in commit message hook. r=edmorley
2571437fb159748005b6f1c41d0ae4a25292345fGregory Szorc — hgtemplates: use proper CDATA syntax; r=bkero
2380f9506cf7d73709643988a1f33509f38bff1fGregory Szorc — pushlog: update tests to work in Mercurial testing mode (bug 1074491); r=bkero
0f3b94bef457505c00bc3a0be543c1239e098350Gregory Szorc — pushlog: move tests file into tests/ subdirectory (bug 1074491); r=bkero
fa5a5ef55b3257ad8e4fd062cff26b2ece260c0dGregory Szorc — pushlog: don't use simplejson; r=bkero
92fa6ac042cbc7a3664aedf440308613d9d8bc66Gregory Szorc — pushlog: use templates from local repository; r=bkero
63274edfb8e65a967bba160f5520471482c9621dGregory Szorc — docker: unpin Bugzilla commit
4dd47410bc396b0888e7db0078c4a2262cd5f380Gregory Szorc — testing: support running .t tests from pylib directory
db965113b04c8bc7f9b01074040f45a50250dfe6Gregory Szorc — testing: add an hghave test for running Mercurial 3.0+
43fe66b9e091af9c106ab7861e89e678a6cbac3eGregory Szorc — testing: honor requested tests in --all-versions
3538c9ee309a8d439d6534a11fcd0dcfd3f9db61Gregory Szorc — docker: temporarily pin Bugzilla Git commit to work around upstream breakage
56dd70ee2be2fa4036e70f1a004821e4c5bc78caGregory Szorc — docker: update Bugzilla Git repository during container startup
8573dbf07a81a9bcf50313dbb5d0f5b643c4a8f1Gregory Szorc — testing: fix hooks_tests missing variable
320502250737d807ce9419b5c8756a596a8f774dMark Cote — [rbbz] Bump version to 0.2.1.
41eeec4d14230788a34ab3a0461f2a8332d8a80aSteven MacLeod — Bug 1067525 - Allow authenticating with Bugzilla Cookie when anonymous access is disabled. r=mconley
17cfc35791fa571128dba4708ceb430876fe6febSteven MacLeod — Bug 1067525 - Use the bugzilla cookie login resource in post_reviews if a cookie is provided. r=gps
f94dfcf37dafea00ea1b83be178913a2cc5bc324Steven MacLeod — Bug 1067525 - Add support to rbbz for logging in with a bugzilla cookie. r=gps
34c2658480685e3eb654f919c4d5e00b98bfa6faGregory Szorc — testing: support running Python unit tests via nose
3e2c0365ced9b46d99efa1fcdc411d9780493d92Mark Cote — Bug 1058786 - [rbbz] Set meaningful username. Bump version. r=smacleod
0c82510c18fb830cbad507cfc9e7a93cb5f9ed11Gregory Szorc — testing: allow dirty bootstrapped BMO images
494614661684de1d4f663359976f903a036d2d5eGregory Szorc — testing: don't abort if Docker isn't available (bug 1080955)
2ff98ad062e5a87fa2faa147173a080e0a6a43b7Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: remove code that supported not running with rbbz
b595906a4c989991fc110d75f660531fec8fcd56Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-store.t
74857988d114c3cbe0b98d28adb364d1fdccc8c7Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-push.t
948faf608bfaeded4a9bc1af207e002e2ad4835eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-obsolescence.t
ba6cb0bf998c2664524d549bc453c806dcd3cd66Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-multiple-parents.t
28336e80513f4a09206a13e2b31184194662d621Gregory Szorc — bzpost: remove old logging of bug activity (bug 1078659); r=glandium
41a4ffcd64e0d380fe8a2cce14fee8098cf6541dGregory Szorc — bzpost: convert tests to docker (bug 1078659); r=glandium
a049f6de04dc25ef067b27382c7b21349763b0b1Gregory Szorc — bzpost: set up Dockerized BMO during tests
dd3a917668324a12cca7662a7912d595b0c9b402Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: remove conditional branch from commonenv helper
41f2c6ae854c662ca6a74ef500e3d6638cec3441Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-review-request-closed-submitted
2f652e20d383b97a350984dd07caf10155f9134bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-review-request-closed-discarded.t
b31c03182eea1f3d288ae00b8322558e93191e8eGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-pullreviews.t
f3ac769460c0f80a00d0eea0482233d9e7715bb8Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-multiple-precursors.t
1eb7b4f36b309b4dd217440e0be86397df605b2bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-folding-obsolescence.t
80d707964a996f1aa8a067242d4f141c875d2938Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-commits-deleted-no-obsolescence.t
f9102b16de4c4047c3b5dfea29131212ff0fe4beGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-commits-deleted-obsolescence.t
42795617c9132e6fa7bd982bea3a1e38e613680bGregory Szorc — reviewboard: use Docker in test-commits-added.t
c443f2ef16a8b574f037133df15583fe44d23a2bGregory Szorc — jenkins: restart Docker to ensure it is using btrfs
89a7ea8a479214d7e984e3a33109336a2156d1e2Gregory Szorc — testing: create bootstrapped BMO images during create-test-environment
1ae5c5dde8f81540936c406d772562034e683ab6Gregory Szorc — docker: abort if Docker is not available
a888253d4a906ce43e025658fa9f88e436b51332Gregory Szorc — testing: unbuffer stdout in
0995b218689b261c10526864deeba149f063da05Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add a test for Bugzilla integration
8b96a954a26c6edec8f6dfc2e18cd63949f22d36Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add test helpers to make running tests from Docker easier
04bf35cb8874d32ac7cc6d6cdaabcf06ec68a3beGregory Szorc — reviewboard: allow Bugzilla credentials to come from environment
c71a5c91eb2eb1522681a349a68f541a1fc1a9a6Gregory Szorc — reviewboard: add environment variable to enable Bugzilla auth
5bbaf28f4bd6cba87bf42002f80db81ad08fe844Gregory Szorc — testing: construct bugzilla REST URL properly
a9bd0cdbd4ed703e2df4a54a9c97920d1e873ff7Gregory Szorc — docker: stop containers in reverse order they were created
7f5d86ac3c303efa7f14e6fa269161db25cc8ed4Gregory Szorc — docker: gracefully try to stop container before killing it
ba0694562dfba409a7952bd220c3d310d7bf9cd7Gregory Szorc — docker: wait for HTTP response, not socket
fa6985c9dea533c2a64608c067e5d9669a314e0bGregory Szorc — docker: improve database connect message
9f6875f09b2570ddd67fcbac0fd630c911213273Gregory Szorc — docker: unbuffer stdout and send all output to stdout
0165f4da6300e1c2b94a44d7fb2b172de267d191Gregory Szorc — docker: wait on MySQL (not just socket) during bootstrap
86b4cdfa7a4b00966f85660f1cc7e646e867120aGregory Szorc — docker: stop containers before committing
93e0b1b9d1e7d618daa3964d835f9033ce4b335aGregory Szorc — docker: enable more logging in MySQL
e31ddc7a10f2ef07a816d2e0db840ab0ee440ac3Gregory Szorc — docker: force mysql to listen on IPv4 and disable name resolution
8500377d40c3400768c4b20fff181dc7fdae9478Gregory Szorc — docker: use ADD instead of COPY in Dockerfiles
7dfd87083d961c84499db0a6f8328d3f6a183a95Gregory Szorc — jenkins: reduce concurrency of tests from 4 to 2 due to memory constraints
61310898b42f8783cec8b75b395d708d62f12b00Gregory Szorc — testing: properly install old Mercurial versions
9a4ce2959efed5917c6fc402d0ef33e9c4a06bbeGregory Szorc — jenkins: use btrfs for Docker
ef7933eba711a9d1e0dcabdfde445613a7b84a52Gregory Szorc — testing: build bootstrapped BMO Docker images in test runner
f66776fcfdb1912e4a320f224080a897daf1d7eaGregory Szorc — docker: print message when BMO finished bootstrapping
eca2447eb6619674cd161093d0d64108412f18faGregory Szorc — docker: build-bmo now builds in verbose mode
9b2b4e2471923d97d9ce1a40c0d245efcc6bf13dGregory Szorc — testing: remove orphaned Docker containers after running tests
74604643328e255e672811b63eb82425db8e0b34Gregory Szorc — docker: use a Docker state file inside test environment
ffd94d1ce59871e32d29e78e273452af351546b7Gregory Szorc — testing: do not set DOCKER_STATE_FILE in testing environment
8f9c3c62c24999af90ff6c220a3716a998d343adGregory Szorc — testing: delete old mercurial installs
ef9d631fdc7b1d1587a5241d785a8c2ad47ed762Gregory Szorc — docker: tag image when building
6f7f43d4ca9d0acf4e8fc25c34965861d73db38bGregory Szorc — docker: do not delete images when stopping BMO
aa3a03b9cb036772bc7cf7aaaec6315a562cfbd2Gregory Szorc — docker: do not cache docker image build results
bccf7ddf47b9aa1ccf87149428a80d6d828574abGregory Szorc — docker: allow BMO images to come from environment variables
b892fd3d484cda4b6c9ea8eaf55dcc3f39e6384bGregory Szorc — docker: fix invocation of `hg identify`
94236f1848b7d335bd60aedc5ce6867ae2502f72Gregory Szorc — docker: add verbose flag to image building
852a64a0127b60aa73c20385ea104135b798c2f0Gregory Szorc — testing: don't set Docker environment variables unless Docker is present
9b2229beb14d4c2834c1f8a8945b5b7754e2f280Gregory Szorc — docker: add is_alive()
8ac36e5e0ac15a343231f94c42c17e404b27f592Gregory Szorc — testing: add a script for performing Bugzilla interaction
76daa650b1b1217bc6c5c0c1b2262994bbf02db0Gregory Szorc — docker: turn off performance schema in mysql
60d9753bf9787a485237be172111c6c4029dd9fcGregory Szorc — docker: reduce number of allowed connections to mysql
830e01d3638665e501198f2668c9e82258356c70Gregory Szorc — docker: reduce max binlog size in bmodb-volatile
d9b4b3fbf006e2746ad82e907de8b7e3d0e2c01aGregory Szorc — docker: reduce max allowed packet size in bmodb-volatile
7797a224f551f895c8c7b6c47eb401d1a1e6d57aGregory Szorc — docker: reduce size of innodb fulltext caches in bmodb-volatile
d2e5e04b8a39070c4aa47925d1afb38e2f8e99b5Gregory Szorc — docker: start fewer Apache servers