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Tue Jul 05 19:24:53 2016 +0000
c5214a54cbb6fdaa25cb428a3b17009f0d87bfc5Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1283123 - Reps: make it possible to pass in a component to handle object links. r=linclark,honza
0a3a72e9ecba8af5dc1063c8edb8cdb1546a4ef0Greg Tatum — Bug 1226898 - Make autoscroll distance depend on the document height r=pbro
29386385b953468a720cbd610c0713a233fb6c46Jim Chen — Bug 1280446 - Create PushService if needed; r=snorp
3db27bf874fa9e5057b7bcb96f325699bb7f1688Mark Banner — Bug 1256686 - System add-ons should have a more flexible maximum version for easier use with point releases. r=glandium
5abbfd6f277958e00df60b8118280dc24bac6377Dão Gottwald — Bug 1284482 - Remove useless parameters and variable declarations from _linkBrowserToTab and _createBrowser. r=allassopraise