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Mon Apr 17 02:50:52 2017 +0000
9e25c2bb04be5e9170160f5280db4ed7d26589b2Cameron McCormack — Bug 1356510 - stylo: Update test expectations. r=Manishearth
d0936696a1a0b3c3e42f0fe1ec3daf9a294c0d4bCameron McCormack — style: Make text-orientation:sideways-right an alias.
0a03c3c7652871b31a82d9901d0bb44a21eb5d4fCameron McCormack — style: Add Gecko-only support for the deprecated SVG 1.1 writing-mode aliases.
de13784f6c9b618c14abf8ca0ad00b7308d40487Cameron McCormack — style: Add Gecko-only support for writing-mode:sideways-{lr,rl}.