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Sat Dec 23 03:48:11 2017 +0000
a4d1a6cefaa9ffa67dd78795a9cb248f98bbb5baHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1247800 - Run skipped test cases on Android. r?
10aa75f277afb22af26e5d153d2f0e555c4f0626shindli — Merge inbound to mozilla-central r=merge a=merge
45fe585acac17620a94c163f53d0008d258f3927Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1407858 part 3. Add a literal string state to DOMString. r=smaug
282695389a27575824079980f2b66cfd2d38e186Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1407858 part 2. Make DOMString's data model clearer and update various documentation. r=smaug
a229bf23450588c4548333d0e4184920b5411c80Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1407858 part 1. Give DOMString setter APIs clearer names. r=smaug
143a3674f127af0ff166cb7ed1b80a193ad178e7Jason Laster — Bug 1426462 - Update Debugger Frontend (12-20). r=jdescottes
4db35709292a0d98d67144bd5937ddd8123a24ccDão Gottwald — Bug 1425822 - Get rid of sanitizePrefs2.inContent.dialog.width and sanitizePrefs2.inContent.column.width. r=jaws
5dec62f3eeb156132be4e4b25e0c840fd8216f7eSagarB — Bug 1425724 - Fixed grid column width in Sanitize dialog in Preferences. r=dao
8882102c76405b03b8518abb1e6ee5ba24623d96Lukas Jung Bug 1370228 - "Context menu title with placeholder always shows ellipsis" [r=mixedpuppy]
29495c8b47f5b4377a78b496be6beee799c0989cSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1406662 - Remove a duplicate declaration (the first version should not have landed) r=me
e56c5099dbf6bdbc43df14dd0c2cd1b7b84897d6Andreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound r=merge a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
8f282b3c3ad40c9c7092ac024737c9e225ab447dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1418074 - Introducing a WorkerHolder to release AbortSignal on the correct thread, r=bkelly
ea5bf2a0a2ee1d20fcbfeeab03bafd04c1b98660Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1418074 - Get rid of friend classes in WorkerFetchResolver, r=bkelly
4d0e3c825e42b0b9ba5cc1ab7172c4a2a4e7dd69Jonathan Kew — Bug 1426092 - Fix the inflation of the text bounding rect to account for stroke-width correctly. r=xidorn
433caabd1b475f08feca72a9860d035fd8edfa64Jonathan Kew — Bug 1426092 - Reftest for incorrect clipping of thick text-stroke. r=xidorn
1fcbcdfba8e5e316278dff808f996eb70ab0daa1Chris Peterson — Bug 1424548 - Part 14: Regenerate HTML parser code with override specifiers. r=hsivonen
7ea2b1f67e085452228710d80ecda4f15f5b0ff3Chris Peterson — Bug 1424548 - Part 11: Regenerate HTML parser code with MOZ_FALLTHROUGH annotations. r=hsivonen
091d01097937d8a543f5bf1242533e4ac42e1c64Chris Peterson — Bug 1424548 - Part 9b: Regenerate HTML parser code to remove always-zero offset from CPPONLY code. r=hsivonen
9874df8448d800bfb874741b0c183f45b9dcfca6Chris Peterson — Bug 1424548 - Part 9a: clang-format generated HTML parser code. r=hsivonen
7516d49fc7317f7bfa60e5634cd9e381027775dbChris Peterson — Bug 1424548 - Part 1: Fix non-unified build of HTML parser code. r=hsivonen
aa4a36acacdc7965e7e9ffda0d4b3cbd907fec6fshindli — Merge autoland to mozilla-central r=merge a=merge
ba9e7b6956191e8212e5eb3dcbdc3301db10a27fMike Hommey — Bug 1426788 - Don't fall back to ccache when sccache is not enabled. r=gps
d49a1de5d569881d555e1b75250747aa58bd7ad2David Teller — Bug 1409852 - Expose an API in ChromeUtils to detect chrome JS dev errors;r=bz
0ea178ea953acb063d2581b3d2e889235a80ed71David Teller — Bug 1409852 - Expose a hook to be informed whenever an exception is thrown;r=jandem
99508707de1ed3de9010677e39416661f3d6847bDavid Teller — Bug 1409852 - nsContentUtils::ExtractErrorValues with nsAString;r=bz
8df8715e5243646943863c72020de5e4e484cd00Dão Gottwald — Bug 1426677 - Remove inset borders from the Page Info window and consolidate styling across platforms. r=ntim — Bug 1425839 Reduced requests-list-headers-wrapper z-index from 1000 to 1. r=rickychien
917173512a567ac19442db3b18afa983c93d725fYati Sagade — servo: Merge #19256 - Paint worklets: Implement timeout for worklet painter threads (from yati-sagade:master); r=asajeffrey
f41ca59052be9d0a74e3c1d03695dab446a021aeMike Hommey — Bug 1426324 - Make toolchain cache indexes vary depending on the docker image name. r=dustin
39f703c43a6b353d6525f6db4c1ad6324487b22cAndreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1422934) for failing e.g. testing/firefox-ui/tests/puppeteer/ r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
c94fb183a65fb1ce0d194797fece26fbe8447f3dDão Gottwald — Bug 1383217 - Update Ctrl+Tab preview styling to better match activity stream and photon. r=Mardak
b97013a2147601ed4464172e3fa493c33f543d50Ian Moody — Bug 1422934 - Remove unused toolbarbutton-image binding. r=Gijs
123d69b3834aca6c4b768b1d44519df2ce550bacIan Moody — Bug 1422934 - Make the tab close button an image, and remove the extends from its binding. r=Gijs
0924206014ca187c15884248ef014678b7e5e86bAndreea Pavel — Merge mozilla-central to autoland r=merge a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
61006be16563924ebe802be812a78de19da081fcMartin Stransky — Bug 1425841 - Set up nsWindow configuration for Wayland rendering, r=jhorak
b7eb10389dae2d2ad35cbf4b2f616f11e8284e39Martin Stransky — Bug 1425841 - Don't install popup_take_focus_filter on Wayland as it's X11 only, r=jhorak
b5e9d1d990501f52afa3c5e1b813b13fc2b58ec0Martin Stransky — Bug 1425841 - Handle NS_NATIVE_DISPLAY/NS_NATIVE_SHAREABLE_WINDOW request on Wayland, r=jhorak
8f0367c9a53aeca41c5eb1d03b09a2365a7a88b1Martin Stransky — Bug 1425841 - Implement GetWaylandDisplay() and GetWaylandSurface() needed by WindowSurfaceWayland, r=jhorak
6f1f9f585d3aa0b8ee83b887731798f9172fb20dMartin Stransky — Bug 1425841 - don't call gdk_x11_window_get_xid() at LOG() on Wayland, r=jhorak