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Tue Aug 09 15:57:35 2016 +0000
a4ec1d42094e9922fd1cc759b34731cbf2c56c90Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Add test for checking that the selected content/chrome text is properly sent up to the osx service menu code (
8ebacbcaebad190e7ecdbebfd82922a67b2eeb7eJimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Add testing method GetSelectionAsPlaintext to DomWindowUtils which returns the text selection that was sent to the osx service menu
5f8566938930f0d967aab5cf9b09eff5dccdf9e6Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Only update nsClipboard::sSelectionCache in nsSelection.cpp when the selection listener is on the same process as the focused window where the selection occured or became active.
083e8da402b6a5b106d68dc8dfdea277c9acda5dJimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Update the selection cache on repaint to handle when a pre-existing selection becomes active aka the current selection.
f0ab6cccfbff75be985e54bd7415dafac82aa6f5Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Add EnsureDocument(mPresContext) to EventStateManager::GetFocusedContent() because mDocument is lazily loaded.
0c8d87ea505177dd57c55ee9dccd5a3158252c79Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - On e10s in nsChildView for OSX services, determine if there is a current selection (chrome/content). Send the selection to osx service menu.
1755bd8625d41732c56ed18de3070076dfbc3fa5Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Add method nsCopySupport::ClearSelectionTransferable() to clear the nsClipboard::sSelectionTransferable when you have no content selection.
4643b69f89a3785f7dffca9d1754373504f27416Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Add sSelectionTransferable and use in e10s to get the content selection needed for the OSX service menu.
575f6cc36d09f74a8e6af7873b8c184ae4e83aa0Jimmy Wang — Bug 1261299 - Add new clipboard kSelectionCache to cache the current selection for OSX service menu. Add a constructor to nsAutoCopyListener which sets the clipboard to copy to. Pass in kSelectionCache for OSX or kSelectionClipboard for linux.